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The Maryland Gazette from Annapolis, Maryland • Page 2

Annapolis, Maryland
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A Committee of the Town are proceeding in a legal to take tlie Tellimonies ot great Numbers re Outing what preceded, as alfo what is relative to the hue lion id Mall'acre Plenty of Evidence will prove the Soldiery to have been wholly the Aggrelibrs, and. th the Inhabitant have been treated by them with mi unexampled Barbarity A Number of Evidence are taken to prove a Firing from the Cultora Houfe at the Time cf the Maflacre, and a Track is purfuing, which, ifis thought, will illucidate the intended Af faiiinatioa of Mr. Otis the Firing of the perjured Richardfbn, after a MciFage received from thence by the vile Wilmot, by which young Snider was killed, and others wounded i It will then clearly appear, that there never was a more bafe and abandoned Crew, than has been encouraged and employed by our Revenue and Cultom Houle Officers. The Imaginations of People are at Work to form a Conjecture of what the Commiffioners and their Partisans can have to write home againft us The Cuf tom Houfe, their Dwellings, their Property and Periods have been wholly untouched and what fhows the Humanity of this People in the ftrongelt Point of Light, is this, that even their infamous1 and detefted Richardlon, and their vile Wilmot, tho' taken and difarmed by Two young Men, immediately after the Fall of young Snider, at the Rilkof their own Lives, yet lpared the Lives of thole Wretches and the People incenfed as they were againft: them, defilted, and were retrained from making them the immediate Example of their Vengeance, and only delivered them into the Hands of Jultice. His has been often feen going into the Houfe of James Boutincau, Efq; fince the late Mailacre, and the Honourable "John Robinfon a Commiilioner always following orfbeing with him what has been the fubject Matter cf his Confalt with him and the reforming Magiltrate, we know not; but it feems Robinfon lias left behind, all his Profecutions, criminal and civil, begun and defigned againft him, having very privately convey'd himlelf on board Capt.

Robin fon, who failed on Friday Morning, for London. How aftonilhing muft it be to the Senfibleof our Nation, that notwithftanding all the Charge and Uneafi neU occalioned bvthe Commiffioners and their numerous Train, aJilted by an Army and Fleet for 1 8 Months pail, and their Report to Admimltration ot a prejudicial contraband Trade's being carried on in America it is notorious that net one Article has been feized on the Seas or on Shore, in the lealt interfering with the Manufactures of Great Britain. ANNAPOLIS, April 19. We hear that a Parcel of Goods has been lately received from Virginia, by a Houfe at Baltimore Town, contrary to the Aflbciation of this Province, were immediately delivered up by the Gentlemen to whom lAArr CTrA antl ftnred hv the Committee of Inflection for Baltimore. On Thurfday the 5th Inftant, Mr.

Robert Chriftie, of Baltimore Town, Merchant, was married to Mil's Polly Lawjon, a young Lady pofl'efled of every Qualification to render the Married State happy. To the PRINTERS. Baltimore County, April 16, 1770. A PAMPHLET having lately made its Appearance, addrefl'ed to the Inhabitants of Amie Arundel, Baltimore, and PrinceGeorge't Counties, entitled, The Proceedings of the Committee appointed to examine into the Importation of Goods by the Brigantine Good Intent, Capt. Errington, from London, in February 1770." In Jullification of our own Chai.

rafters, we utterly difclaim that Publication, as being the Proceedings of the Committee, and beg Leave to lay before the Public, fuch Abftracts of the Proceedings, as we apprehend necelTary to let our Conduct on that Occafion in a propsr Light, without drawing Con clufions, or carting any ungenerous and unjuft Reflections on the Gentlemen concerned in the Importation, who, in our Opinion, acted with Honour and Candour, and without any apparent Dclign of fubverting the Allbciation 5 and, Satisfied in our own Confciences, we leave the reft to Fate" When the Gentlemen from the different Counties, at the Requeft of the Parties concerned, met at Anna pclis, we were of Opinion, that it was our fole Bulinefs to enquire, whether the Goods imported were agreeable to the true Intent and Spirit of the Allbciation, or not And we fliould have been very well fatisfied our Deliberations on that Subject had appeared with a plain Narrative of Facts, agreeable to the State they were left in when the Committee broke up notwithftanding MelTrs. Wefi, Poem, and Mackie were appointed to ftay in Town, it was exprefsiy determined that they were only to revile and correct for the Prefs, what was then wrote, without altering the Senl'e in any Part. The following Queftions were feverally put, and Votes pafled on each Cargo 1 Fir, Whether the Goods configned to the feveral Gentlemen, were imported agreeable to the true Intent and Meaning of the Aflbciation Refolved unanimoully in the Negative. Seeomdy, Whether fuch of the above Goods as are allowed to be imported by the Aflbciation, and which are blended and packed v. ith the Goods be permitted to be landed Refblved in the Negative.

For the A I T. Lowndes, WorthingtontU Sim, Weems, J. Sprigg, 7 Paca, Wefl. For the AFFIRMATIVE, Steveujon, Smith, Plowman, Mackie. Upon comparing the above Queftions that were actually put, with thofe pubiijbed in the Pamphlet, and which are inferted belovy, the Public will be able to form fome Judgment of the Candour of the Author 1 As we agree in the Firlt it is needlefs to repeat it the SeconJ is grofsly mifreprefented, and is as follows Secondly, As to the Articles jwed to be import ed, they being blended and packed up with the prohibited Articles, the Landing and ftoring of which being exprefsiy contradictory to the very Words of the Allocution, and therefore not practi cable upon any fair Conlli v.

Jon of it and the laid Committee being fuily convinced, by a Multitude of Proofs and concurring Cirtumftances, of the ungenerous Principle wliiJi apparently actuated Mr. Buchanan, in trumping up oid Ordsrs to colour a premiditated Befign to'ert the Allbciation. Refol ved, That it is the Opinion of the Commit tee, thofe Goods ought not to be landed." Againft Landing, as on the Second Qeltion above. For Landing, as on the Second Queltinn above. As we are unwilling to deprive the Author of any Merit he may have acquired by the Publication and his Remarks on the King's Speech to the Parliament fo we are inclinable to overlook the daring I.nfu't offered us in the above Mil'reprefentation and Attempt to make us appear incontinent and ridiculous as well as the conitituting him (elf a ftanding Committee Annapolis, for Six Weeks after the other was dif folved.

We fliould have publifhed our Difavowal fooner, but being engaged in Buiinefs prevented our doing it 'til aJjiow the lame Rcafon will prevertt our replying to any Thing the Author of the abovementioned Pamphlet, or any other Perfon, may think proper to publifli on the foregoing Subject; and we requeit, that fliould the Author chnofe to continue himfelf a ftanding Committee, he may publilh his Proceedings in his own Name. JOHN STEVENSON, JONATHAN PLOWMAN, JOHN SMITH, EBENEZER MACKIE. Are Nails, Hoes, Steel, German Oi'nabrigs, Brown Rolls, Sail Duck, Matcbcoat Blankets, coarfe' Rugs and Blankettf coarfi oolUH Clotl)esT4ilr undiffivt Sbil lings Sterling per Yard, Wool Cards, Gunpowder, Lead and Shot, Grind Stones, iic. Sec. generally fo blended and packed up with the other Goods, that they cannot be feparated, Mr.

Mackie, the Perfon appointed from Baltimore, for the Revifal of the Proceedings, left Annapolis Two Days after the general Committee was broke up, when ht apprehended every Thing was ready for Publication, without any material Alteration of the Setife, and that only a fair Copy for the Prefs remained to be made out. JuJI as this Paper was ready for the Prefs, We were favoured with London Prints to the $tb of February, from which we have extracled the following Intelligence. Jan. 31. We are allured that Yefterda'y his Grace the Duke of Grafton reflgned his Place, as Fir 11 Lord of the Treafury which unexpected Refignation muft occafion a great Change in the Miniftry.

Confiderable Bets are laid, that either Sir will be in the Tower, or the Miniftry changed, before the Middle of next Month Should the former Event take Place, it is expected a Proceflion of Coaches will attend, fuch as were never feen in the City of London. The adjufting the Accounts of late Paymafter, will, it is faid, in a few Days, be the Bulinefs of an auguft Aflembly. Ycfterday Morning the Market at Smithfield was as follows, vizk Beef at Twopence Three Farthings per Pound 5 Mutton from Twopence to Twopence Farthing; Veal from Fourpence Three Farthings to Five pence and Pork from Two Shillings and Fourpence to Two Shillings and Sixpenee per Stone. Feb. 1.

We have the Pleafure to allure the public, that there is now great Hopes of a thorough Reconciliation between the Mother Country and her Colonies. Yefterday there was a very full 'and it was expected that they would lit late the Object of the Debates was, the further Confideration of the State of the Nation. Accounts are faid to be preparing of the Value of Exports to the Continent of North. America, from Chriftmas 1767, to Chriftraas 1769, diftinguiftiing each Colony. Feb.

A Hint was thrown out on Wednefday Night, that if the Queftion then depending was carried againft the Miniftry, it muft of Cotfrf be attend I a Diflolution of Parliament. Wednefday his Grace the Duke of Grafton the Office 0 Lord Privy Seal, the Toom 'i Earl of Briftol, made Groom of the Rt ni. 01 Charles Townfend, Efqs is appointed a LorlofJ Treafury. The Queftion debated on Wednefday was m'fJ a Man wlio was qualified by the Law. of thecal uc ivicuiuci, was niciigiDie TO lit Qn the Divifion on the above Qiieftion.

the 6 and 186. Among the letter, tl, r. 1" iter. wer wards of who were not in the former uff that the Minority may be juftly faid to beencttlrJ about or 36 within thefe few Days. The following Particulars arewell authft.j .1 us 8 On Monday after the Levee the Duke of rrf ton had a priijate Conference, when he told 1 Perfonaire.

that "as he fniiml greal the increaling Minority vi in the thought it moft natural as well as advifesble to'n minate a Premier there, in the Scene of Action hi Place for a Prime Minifter, and that there wa nl pole, Pelham, and Pitts and that he faw if practicable to Item the Tide of Dppoiition from aKn linage ai mc lame Time hn lie wuuiu kuuiniuc iu mpuuri tiicmeaiuresot AdmlnlH mi t. n. ml an ui iiiicica, inougn ne mould declh taking the Lead any longer, for the Reafon abovi mentioned." Notwithftanding the Refignation of the Duke vjrarron, wc are wcu inrormea, tnat every Thinjell is to remain for the prelent as before that ih, Syftem of Meafures is to be purfued, in theSupport which, and of nearly the fame Men, a great Perfona ha engaged for the co operating Affiitance of all tnenas in tne wonu. me JExpreiTion of the tr 11 on jucp.i lumc.wji wtUKiiig in ivioni, uetornetil Garden at the Hague, when the News of his Bmtlw Death came to him. He concealed it from his Excel lency, no is minuter rrom tne Elector FaUine, only laid I have no good News from England." Private Enquiries are making into the real Vilut all the Church Lands, Chapters, throughoi iimnu giiiu iiciauu.

Feb. 5. Friday the Right Hon Welbore kiiTed his Majefty's Hand, for the Office of JointVicJ i reaiurer ot Ireland, 111 tne Koom ot the RiehtHon ocorge orenvnie, rengnea. Alfo the' Hon. Charles James Fox, kilTed jetty's Hand, on being appointed a Lord of the Admit ratty.

Saturday Morning feveral of the Colony Agents a Conference with the hart or Hilllborough, at Lordfhip's Houfe in Berkeley Square. It is faid Lordfhip will be continued in Office, whatever Re moves jnay take Place in other Departments. Yefterday the Duke of Northumberland, the Marl quis or Kockingham, the Marquis ot Oranby, Earl Chatham, Shelburne, and Coventry, Lords Camde and Milton, Right Hon. George Grenville, the Righl Hon. the Lord Mayor, Sec.

dined with Earl Tempi: at his Houfe in Pali Mall. It is talked, that certain Perfons are much in Opinion, whether they lhall again otter the peal Seal to Lord or not. At the lame lime, Frinds of the Noble Lord differ very much in dci Sentiments as to the Propriety of his Acceptance of if it fhould be offered. St. Mary's County.

March 20, Tobt fold, to the hlgbefi Bidder, on Tuifdry the Day ef May, at the flantation ej tot miimi Cheiley, Ejq A PARCEL of likely NEGROES a Van of valuable Houfhold Furniture; a cm Onantitv of Horfes. Cattle, and ShJ The above to be fold for ready Macey, Bills of 4 change, or Crop I obacco. li ANN CHESLEY. Executrix, WILLIAM FITZHUGH, Execaj 'JtriI6, NOTICE is hereby given, that the Subfd has nurchafed fomaLands from acertaio Ha'Jiug of Baltimore County, and has paid the cj Part ot the Monoj, but Hill has Two Notes offi Pounds each, on Conditions that he tne law nj is not able to comply with together with other I ficiencies on faid Lands, fo that it is fuppofcd til will be little or none doe. I therefore torewan Perfons from taking Alignments on faid Bond, anv Rat.

for uill not nav them and, if MJ taken Alignments on any of they aredeM fiiA UnrAintr for thir Money, a determined to pay none until the Afttir is JOHN CRHii Frederick County, taken up as a Ssay, brown MARE, with a Bell on, arui eld, paces, trots, and has no perceivable.

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