Daily News from New York, New York on June 25, 1921 · 14
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Daily News from New York, New York · 14

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1921
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ImoW.ANKTCHI OtTSSBf - dTSn WN6 0O UKSTtUtr! wmv'it ! ? Sae - T vt- j wsni at uit - 211?.. I - - - x JT3JWOtWOtO rVtV FIFTV ..... .VeM HARRY CAREY NO CLEFT - CHINNED SCREEN ADONIS -DESPERATE TRAILS." - Produced by Vniveraal. Preaeuted w euilyina theatre, a . THE CAST. Bart Carson Harry Carey Nrt Walter Irene Rich Dannie Boy tfeorrte Stone Carrie HtHeu Field Walter A. Walker . . Kd. Coxmx Lady Lou Barbara LaMar Surifl Price George Seitrmao Iw; Hifglue Char lea .Lualey By MeELLIOTT. Those who sniff at movie heroes may put their several packets of - pride in their various pockets and view Mr. Harry Carey in "Desperate Trails." Mr. Carey is no ladies ftian, no smooth-chinned Adonis of - the canned drama. He has no effete marcel wave undulating from his alabaster brow. His duds are fough and ready ones. His manlier careless and masculine. A likable chap. Courtney Ryley Cooper's magazine story, "Christina Eve at Pilot . Butte," furnished sound material for a picture in which Harry can - be all the things I have listed in the foregoing paragraph. So chivalrous, so innately sound and gravely fine is he that he tramps Sturdily off to jail when he be-ieves the brother of the girl he oves is in danger of his life. It Js the nutty sort of thing movie j Jieroes have a way of doimj- They are not often given to it in life, I Lelieve. Anyway, poor Harry spends his time in the garment shop of a prison, eating his noble heart out for lave, of- the faithless creature . . . .until word comes to him of her treachery and then. . . .well, the lady might've looked out for squalls ! Is he annoyed? He is, indubitably. When he sets forth, a homely Nemesis, .his enemies may well tremble and quake.' "Desperate Trails' is excellent western stuff. " It is further and . suitably adorned by that decora-Jive young woman, Irene Rich. I CLOSE-UPS Allen Holubar will start casting . 1 for his new picture next Monday. ; Dorothy Phillips will be the star. The story is not named, but is a ' Tuodern one discussing . a social theme. Mary Anderson, formerly a Vita-graph star, has formed her own . company, known as Mary Artder- Son- Productions. Scotty Dnnlap is to direct her. , , . Theodore KoslofT. who has been " playing . in pictures 'with Cecil de ; Kille, is to take .several wneka; va-: : cation 'this fai to produce an elaU-' prate and -K;ta5ular ballet double ; program. A notable feature will : be the ballet?' and pantomime 0n- tar," a symphonic poem by J. Rimsky Korsakoff. '"OnUt"' calls j for sixty people. - Tom Moore -is 'about to "start " work on a new Godwyn production-,- -Tbe Man with Two Mothers,"; by 'Alice Duer ' Miller. Richard ' Dix has been suffering frbrh -eye trouble caused by a piece of steel lodgingijv ; his eye while making scenes for a Goldwyn picture aw a local iron Works. He finally underwent an operation on his eye. He "has gone to Catair i Island for a vacation. DAILY KERNE! COOTIE Kernel Cootie appears also in the SUNDAY NEWS tomorrow. AGAIN! Harry Carer Plays Part of . .. a Good Bad Man. - PLAYING A GOOD bad man is one of the best little things Harry Carey does, and when Courtney Ryley Cooper wrote "Christmas Eve at Pilot Butte" he gave him another chance to do it- - ANSWERS L. C; Rudolph Valentin 'is whh Metro, and his home address is 12 Valencia street, Los Angeles, Cal. Asia: Richard Tra vers was born in Canada. Ye3, that was he in "The White Moll." G. F.: Hugh Huntley is the man you mean. Frances Ring is married to Thomas Meighan. Gloria Swanson has one little daughter. A. L. D.: Matt moore i3 Tom and Owen's brother. He's quite a lot taller than the others, but has a distinct family resemblance. I'm sorry you didn't like that picture. TRAVEL A TRANSPORTATION. . - TAKE " Dyckman St. Ferry to ENGLE WOOD ," . . " and Vic the . HUDSON RIVER ROWING REGATTA TO-DAY . Boatinr. Hikini and Cm va C m alt Outdoor Sparta . Fall C Oil BOATS JK VERT 10 MISCTE9. Beat Ruuta iur Autoa to N. ! C V'' " ' mmm fVPt SATURDAY ; AFTERNOON x&l Staam-r HIGHLANDERS i Lea. Fe . W v Stra." CLEKMONT "X GRAND REPUBLIC '.. m-- . r.vvf Sty 0NTE6RA 129tk m 9:S - M- . .. R01 NO TRIP FARE! WekdBy: AiH 73e Cbllren. SDri'' - e rUgondaya and Holidays: Adulta, ljUCkUuren. SOe (larludtut War Tat MUSIC DANCINGr REFRESHMENTS -"'-"---.--. JJalisaliw. interstate 5arfe Contrntfisiion f ! Ttl.aa.aae: Jolua 33t BUa Groem 767S, . 7 mW k "NEWS; SATURDAY; JUNE WHY GOLF'S A MEMORY TEASERS Ware Aro tht Antteert to tho Quettion on Preceding Pago CIVICS. LA body of men (not less than twelve nor more than twenty-three), selected from the citizens of a given district. 2. It considers cases in secret session and decides whether the evidence is sufficient to warrant accusation. 3. A petit jury consists of twelve persons impaneled to try cases at the bar of a eourt. 4. A jury consists of twelve men, impartially selected; who must concur in the guilt of the accused before he ean be convicted. 5. All crimes, except impeachment. 6. When the case is of such a nature that the oourt may try it for the first time. 7. A court has appellate jurisdiction when a case which has been decided by a lower court is appealed to this eourt for further trial. 8. In all cases affecting ambassadors, other publie ministers and consuls, and those in which, a state shall be party- 9. The chief justice and eight associate justices. 10. For life unless impeached; TRAVEL A TRANSPORTATION. SUNDAY OUTING KEWBDRGH and BEACON $1.25 n Lt -T- rougG.ccjjsic gr! 1 cn ts ay I ,vw Round Trip Taka the ride- up Mt. Beacon or viait beautiful Orange Lake Park. STR. "BENJ. B. CDELL" Keataurant. Lunchroom, Music Leave KBANkLlN ST.. A. 11.: W. 130th St.. 8:45 A. M. RAIN OR SHINE. CENTRAL HUDSON LINE 31 ron Steamboat Co CONEY ISLAND Speriat Schedule, for Saturday. June 95 Ly. W. lt St.) Iter 1, N. K. I Coaey Inland. 3:30 1 10:-5 4:la WlI:-S 'SiSS I:30 4:13 11:13 S.OO lilSS 8:10 11:13 0:13 1;:M) : t:l 7:10 1-:13 :30 1:M t40 -ftzt 7:B 1:13 ?: 1:13 3:1 ftitH S: :3 :43 :13 8:53 : 3:43 P.M. S:SO 4:33 10:S Trios marked 4 not k to l'Mitli H(. Tri marked t da tint atap at Pier 1. K. R. Telephone Whitehall 1279. Tfc Peoples' Ptaygraund DAILY SERVICE Steamer "ONTEORA" TRIP A. -ararjr. l iSO; W. ! at.. . ), f M. m.T '' a ' if . - 25, 192L WONDERFUL CAME but they have the privilege of re tiring at the age of seventy, provided they have served in the court ten years. Veteran Encampment The annual encampment of the New York State Department, Veterans of Foreign Wars, opened at the Thirteenth Regiment Armory, Sumner and Jefferson avenues, Brooklyn, yesterday. TRAVEL A TRANSPORTATION. Hudson River by Daylight DAILY, INCLrnmo sixbay. "WaohlDttan Irvine" "Ilendrlek Hda, "OeWItt canton." -Robert Fnltoa." "Albany." , Direct Rail ConnecUona. All through rail ucketa between New York and Albauj accepted. Music. Restaurant. Daylight Bavbg- Time, Throusli P'k'eitsb) ISatur-i Sun- Sorrtce Service day I day 1 Pally IX lly Only r Only A.M. I A.M. (fTM. A.M. .0 1.3 .M .t MM 1.50 to ie.s ti ...v I 1 15 10.M 1.40 .... tll.3 t4.W tl3.S .... etl 89 t4.5 .... H.3 tl.ot t5.4 tl.W tl.M ii.30 .... m 115 t. .M 4 SO North Bound. Nw York lbroaae St.. WM 42(1 St.. w lKRa st. Yotikera Bear MauHtalA. Wear Point N'wbursn ..... roUiChkeeBtfe . . Klnsalea lotnt. ck,:i Htldflnn ....... A1tau:y t Return ateamer aame day from points marked t. e Daily except Sunday. NOTE 0 A. M. ateamer from Deahroasea St. does net attm at Hear Nt or Weat Point. Take 10 A. M. ateamer from Weat tni Kt. h Oa Aundaya Nteomer "OrWitt Clinton" UKea tne lw or lock ran rrom neat 43Bd et. IUKAI. 0K-0. OITINOS, Telephoue Caual DHudion V River ay Line DESBROSSES ST. PIKR. NEW YORK. SUNDAY mm c a ii q oJaTXLJLjkJ UP THE HUDSON S. S. I RENSSELAER"! to Nevrburg-h uid Hew York' most popular o u t in sc. Mnstr and Tnh!e $1.00 - Ala Servhe la Carte. Leara Pier 32. K. R.. foot Canal St.. (: A.' M.: West lSPM St. Pier. J0:0) A. M. Arrtvea Newbaryh at 3 P. M. ieavios Xewburch at 4 P.-M.-harp, 2 mm UU11U 4J Tnp PHOFriCAlfALMM Mlddleton 9. It ei land I , Jaanea A. Knaaraoa f Kaeoloars. OHT BOATS TO ALBANT ft TWO- TRAVEL A TRANSPORTATION. Old Glory Is now on the Seven AMERICAN SHIPS ARC ATA1XABZA OK YOIK OCEAN TOYAGB Skip. Fast. JLvxvrtou Steamers. y number bemde mhip name indicate operator ehown bottom of column. Ciom i5W IOTE Jill ay 1 9 A nari.t M tL.ntamkna 9r Old iorto State (1&9). jnne zs Aurust a September 0 fan. handle State (169). ttremea and Bnnzlc .... From New Tor July IS Auiruat at) Hudson (159). 23 September 7 Suauueuaona (15a). Ja!y 28 September 14 Ocauehaaaa Kpl and fieaoa From New Tnrk Juno 30 Aucuat 13 September S4 Pocahontaa 1150). July 20 -Au. 31. Oct. z Prloceaa Matoika (158. riymoutB, Cherboanr ad Bremen From New York - July S3 Auiuat 24 Sentemher OA- America 1169). July Aurnat 27 September 24 Geormi Wasbinrton (130, FAR EAST. Bonolnla. Tekooaaaa. Kobe, 8baadml. Ma-nUa, Haaa-keac - . om Kan Franelsea July 23 Empire State 105). Tokohama. Kebo, SBaBchai, Hneckaaa. Manila From Seattle Aug-. 87 Wenatchee (10). July 8 Sllrer State (108. July 30 Keystone State (108). HAWAII, PHILIPPINES, FAST INDIA. Honolulu, Manila, Haigoa, ainsapare. Co. lomba, Calentta Worn Saa Franc loco -July 14 Granite Stats (105). 80 Maraea Navigation Co . 120 Market Street. San' Franclaco. Cal. ' 26 South Oay Street. Baltimore, Hd. 1 Munsea Steomphlp Line. 87 Wall Street. N. T. Tel. Hanover 6130. 13 ParMe Mai) 8. 8. Cn 10 a an over Square. N. T. Tel. Bowlltiff Green 4630. 621 Market Street Saa 1'rauciaco. Cal. 106 Jhe Admiral Line, IT State Street. N. T. L. C. Smith BklK.. Seattle. Wash. 150 t. S. Mail 8. 8. Co., Ine.. 4S Broadway. N. T. Tel. Rector 6300. U.S. SHIPPINC BOAR3 STEAMER To Allasttc Highland. New teraey , Leayuiff from Battery Leading. COOL. DANCING GOOD MCSIO KKr RESHMtNTS. Schedule, Week Days and Sundays (DayHt-ht Savlae Time) From r :SO AMI From I Ml AM Battery i 1 :8 PM All tk- i 5 Pli I.auditur1 8:00 PMI Hirhkie0:46 PM Morning Trie omitted on Mondays, FARE M CENTS- EACH WAV. Telephone Bread A34 aad 73S. r MIDLAND Q n J OC BEACH tmOC IDEAL AMUSEMENT PARK Steamer leaves Battery daily 9 :30 A.M. .. 2:0O. 5:30 and 8:00 P. M. Very latest news pictures in the SUNDAY NEWS. tmnBALav

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