The Maryland Gazette from Annapolis, Maryland on December 21, 1752 · Page 2
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The Maryland Gazette from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 2

Annapolis, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1752
Page 2
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- They write from Bayonne, that upon ths Re - .teipt of the News of the Dauphin' IHnefs, the ' . Jews there very Angularly diitinguifh'd themfelves, by immediately fhuttiog up their Shop s, appointing k Fait of 24 Hours, and offering up the moft.ear - . pelt Prayers for the Prince't Recovery. " . ' S Hague, September 7. The Scheme' of oar late generotti Stadiholder for a free Port, is now given ' over, as in.the lait Meeting of the States it did not come upon the Carpet; befiies the known Oppo - . Jition of Zealand, there is icarce a 1 own m mo uther Provinces, which has not had a Flirt at it even the ftudioiis Leyden, with which much Trade did not 'feem to compa - t, has opened againft it. The City of Dort trembled for it's Wine Trade. The whole Province of Overyffcl clannur'd, that the free PdiTage of the Silefia Linnens configned to Spain, is of great Prejudice to the Manufacture of Zwoll; and there is more , than enough to over ' throw the bell Intentions. Genoa, Augujl 10. The Members of the Go - . vernment feem to have a great deal of Bufinefs upon their Hands, and ti pretended that molt of then; Conferences and Deliberations relate to the Affairs of Cornea, whkh are ftill in great Confu - fion. We are informed by Letters from Baflii, that the French Squadron which was fent to Tri , poli, has fince put into the Port of Ajaccio, where it aiiually lies, and does not feem to be in halte to return to Toulon. . Modena, Auyifl 14,. The Duke, our . Sovereign, being informed 01 the Acceflion of the Kings of Sardinia and the two Sicilies to the Treaty of Madrid, has refolved to accede to it likewife, 00 Condition that his Dominion be guarantied in (he fame man tipr a it ftinniafrrl for the Territories of thcf - iun - j - " Princes, and the States of the Infant Duke of Parma. - Vienna, AuguH 16. ' The' Emprefs Queen has confented that the Proteftants of tbe Upper Auftria may remove out of that Province, puriuant to their Requeft, but upon Condition that they go and fettle in Hungary ; which Condition a great Number v of them have accepted. P 'arii, Augujl 21. It is worthy to be noted, as an Example of conjugal Tendcrnefs to Perfons of ' til Rai.k. that the Dauphinefs, during the Illnefs ' of - her auguft Confort, laid a fide all Ceremonies, and, regardlcfs of her Dignity, performed the fame nen Apron ; And when the Diltemper was at the molt dangerous Crifis, being warned of the Rifque fhe run by her Attendance, fhe heroically anfwer'd, " It is not about me that you ought to be uneafyj a Wife for a Dauphin may be had at any Time, . but another Dauphin is not fo eafy to be found. " Dublin, - Augujl 4. On Saturday laft the Corpfe of Sir PETER WARREN, which had been before embalm'd, and laid in a Lead Coffin, was put into another covered with black Velvet, finely . adorned with Silver gilt Plates ; his Arms, Sup. porters and Crcft, and the following Infcription ; Sir:P ETER WARRE N, Knight of the Bath, and Rear Admiral of tbe Red, died tbe 29th of July, 1 7? 7.. aped 48, and afterwards depofited in a Vault under St. Mary's Church, till fuch Time as an Order for the Funeral fhall come from London, whither his Nephew, Capt. Johnfon, went Exprefs for that Purpofe. LONDON. Augujl 10. - By Advices from Paris we find that the Court has refolved to enlarge the Hiruour of Rochelle, and to defend the Entrance of it by fome new Work : Upwards of 2000 Men have already , fet about it, and the Court has appropriated four Millions of Livres to this Woik .They continue building Men of War in that Port with all Doffiale Diligence, and were going to launch two new Ships of 70 Guns each. By the fime Advices we learn, that tne isritun ana rrench comruiiiaries at Paris make no Progrefs in their Bufinefs, becaufe the latter Hill demand Impoffibilitiei ; i. e. the Re flitution of French Ships taken by the Englifh du ring the Spanfh War, before the Declaration of War between Great Britain and France. Friday abont Ninety Women of different Kinds and Ages, who have fold themfelves for four Years to a Captain bound to Philadelphia, were carried from the Bolt and Tun, in Fleet ftreet, and put on board a Lighter at Black - friars, in order to be flipped for that Colony. Augujl 11, , According to. the frefheft Advices from Rochelle, that Port is to be made fpacious enough for a Fleet of 60 Men of War to ride in it : Bcfides the two Men of War of 70 Guns, before mentioned, they were going to launch fix Frigates of a new Conftruction. . Yeflerday about Noon, upwards of 70 Tranf - ports were conveyed from Newgate to Black - friars, and v ere put on board a clofe Lighter, - in order to be Clipped for hit Maje&ys Plantations in America. Augujl t i, - The Mafief 'cf a Veflel lately arrived at St. Malo from Martinico brings Advice, that a . few Days before he failed from that Ifland there had been a great IrJurrcclion of the iNegroesi but the Governor took his Meafures fo well, that the Mutiny was quelled, before any confidcrable Milchiet was done. . AuvuH 11. Letters by the laft French Mail in timate, that the Provinces in the South of France are not a little diftreffed by the Want of Bread, and the Lois of - man? Thoufand mdultrious Manuiac - turers, notwithftanding tKe Cordon of Troops polled in order to prevent it. They alfo infinuate, that by feveral Orders hTued for the marching Forces on that Side, the Rumour that fome Thoufands of Proteftants, rendered defperate through an endlefs Perfecutionj are affembled in the Neighbourhood of Montpelier, is not altogether without foundation. Aur. 27. They write from Italy, that though the Government at Genoa fet as good a Face upon the Matter as thev can. the btay ct tne Jfrencn Fleet at Aiaccio is very untafy to them. The Pre tence is the Confufions at Tunis, where the French M milter has been ill treated, and the Neceffity of obfervmz how well the Treaty lately concluded with the Bafhaw of Tripoli will be complied with. But it is reported thefe Strangers take Pains in viewing the feveral Ports in the ifland, are exceedingly complarfant to the Natives, and exprefs mighty Concern that 10 plentiful and wellutuate a Country mould be to little improv d. Extrafl of a Letter from Gqfport, Aug. Z7 " Tuefbay Night we had a violent Storm of Wind, which b'ew very hard from the S, E. in which Stoim his Majelty's Sloop Wafp was drove afhore, and was cblig d .to cut away her Mafts to lave the People, which was effected without lofing a Man. Ytfterday fhe - failed into the Harbour with Jury malts, to be refilled. "' Aug. 29. They write fiom Cadiz, that from certain Circumllanccs they colled, the Court has not loll Sight of the Deflgn againft Algiers, which was only poftponed 'til tbe Treaty was concluded for fecuring the Tranquility of Italy. Some very experienced Officers and Engineers have been invited from Malta, who are well acquainted with the Place, and with the Moors Manner of fortifying and fighting, and others who have had Opportunity of getting Intelligence on that Head are encouraged to give in Memorials, notwithftanding that it is thought nothing will be actually undertaken before next Summer. September i. They write from Stockholm, that in his Swedifh Majelly't Tour into Finland, the Magiftrate of Terneo told the King, they had no thing in their Country to make him any Amends for the Fatigues of coming to fee them ; but if his Majelty's Affairs required it, he would bring his Townfmen to Stockholm, there to hazard their Live; in his Majelty's Defence. The following it an Account of the Veffels loft in Briltol Channel ; viz. Napps and Jefferys foun - derd, but the Men faved, Mary and Sufannah, Gwinthews, loft. - Two Friends, Cunningham, loft, and all drowned. Endeavour, Lany, branded, iut got off' all drowned but the Captain. Lilly, , with Tobacco, loft, two Men drowned. Friendfhip, Wilcox, loft, the Men faved. Two Veffels with Grocery loft, all the Men faved. A Veffel with Coals, bound from Wales to Penzance, loft. Satisfaction, Hammit, foun dered, the Men faved. A Brig, Webber, and $ Sloop, Staverly, loft. Seven or eight other Coafters are milling, and fuppofed to have foun - dered. - p. The B'and, Englifh, from London to North Shields and New - England, is loft at North Shields. And a Snow, Name unknown, from Carolina to Leith, it loft to the Northward of shields. fhe Judith, Robinfon, from Lynn to I Lotdon, with Corn, it lolt, but tbe People faved. Yeflerday it waa reported, that a Veflel bound for America, with indentur'd Servant! on board, was loft off the Lizard, and that all the People on board perifh'd. , By fome Advices from Spain we hear, that the Court being intent on encouraging the Manufactory of Prin ed Linnens, lately fet up in that Kingdom, hat forbid the Importation of all foreign Manufactures of this Kind in the Port of Alicant. They l.kewife tell us, that the faid Court, to prove how defirous it is to keep np a good Uoderftanding with Great Britain, hat fent Orders to his molt Catholic Mjefty's Governors in America, to pay in Money the Value of the Captures which (hall be proved to have been illegally made. We alfo hear, that the Spanifh Miniftrjrjtave lately fent 0 - ver a Memorial to the Regency here, relative to divers Privileges which they pretend his Catholic Majelty's Subjects are intitled to in the Ports of England; and that the faid Memorial. has been fince fent to Hanover, for further Coafideration. ' September 14. , The laft Amflerc'im Gssctte telly' us, that the Reports of the French Enterprises in the Eaft Indies are groundlefs ; That they have committed no Hoililities egainit our Settlement, neither at Surat nor Tellicheiry : That the Trou ble our Company had, was with the Natives of the Country, who 'erldeavoure,dr to expel the Englifh from thofe two Places j but after feme fmart Skir - , mifhes, they abandoned the Enterprize, and Tranquility was immediately reftored. JThe fame Ga.s' zette likewife informs us, that there is no more to be faid about the Conferences at Paris between our Commiffaries and the French, the Demands made by the latter having entirely fufpended them. . The Lords of the Admiralty have been pleafed to order two Men of War of forty Guns,, and one of twenty, to be got ready for the Sea with all Ex pedition. " Sept. e. Amonglt other ctrotes or iatiri ; le velled againft the too Ktalous Clergy in France, or,t ' is a frint, in the front or wnicn is a Repreienta - tion of St. JPeter, labouring to pacify fome epifco - pal Sbepberdi, who with their Crocks, force the bbeep to beat their Heads one againlt another, with this Sentence coming out of his Mcuth, Brethren tbe Command to me was, Feed tbe. Flock, not make them Fight I At a Diftance there arefmall Num - . ber of religious Perfons, their Eyes fixed on the Ground, and with one Hand on their Breads, on which Js inferibed, Have Mercy oh us Sinners! Againft them march a Body of Priefl's with Swords drawn, and behind them a Corps of Jefuits, drawing a Train of Spiritual Artillery. Beyond ihcfe a large Church in Ruins,, with this L fiription on v - orner atone, A tloufe divided agatnjt ttfelf can - - a a 1 r - n 1. i 1 11 t nor jiana. xa unc turner iiajibi lcvcrai rrciatct looking upwards with this Label formed from their Mouths, Let Fire come down from Heaven and confume them! Above is a Lamb repofed on a Croft, frcm whence thefe Words feem to be let - fall,'.? inciVy not of what Spirit yt are. This Print is not publicly iold, but as yet it has not been cenfured. Sept. 27. They write from Montgomery," that Tradefman of that Place had lately ablconded, ' through a Dread of being brought to Juflice for poifoning his Servant Maid. The Man had had too famiiliar Convention with her, and the let him know fhe was with Child by him; which made, him uncafy, for fear it fhould come to the Knowlege of his Wife ; to prevent which he con futed with two idle Fellows of the Town, and they procured him an Herb, which they faid would , caufe an Abortion. He adminifter'd the Dofe, but it proved ineffectual. - He then applied to a Perfon whofe Reputation in Phytic wat more fa med ; from him he got a Potion which did it effectually ; for the Girl wanting but two Months of her Time, the Morning after fhe had taken it - went to milk the Cows, and was ftized fo violently that fhe could not return : She found Means of acquainting her M after with it, he fetched her, but fhe was not brought home many Hours before n j - J r - r - i , 1 - l 1 ..1 . ins uhui j 11c VJ111 was uuiicu wiiuuui y, VI but little Sufpicion ; but the Matter could not reft fatisfied, told his Wife of ir, and of the whole Proceedings, and endeavoured to deftroy himfelf. but fhe prevented him ; be then abfented himfelf : When the Wife found he had left her, fhe declared the Reafon of it to the World, and difcovered the Peifons concern'd with her Hufband in the Crime j they were apprehended and committed to Prifon : The Body was taken up out of tbe Grave and examined by a fkilful Surgeon, and it appeared that fhe had been poifbned, which the Man who made it up has conteffed to be yellow AHenic, mixt with fome other Ingredient. CHARLES - TOWN, in South Carolina. vaober ib. Since oar laft, the Sloop Indultry, Capt. Davit, of and for Rhode Ifland, and four Schooners,, that were put afhore in tbe Hurrane, on the 15 th of September laft, have been got off. ine veiiels of Captains Mills and Colcock, that put into Ediflo ; and of Captains Boyd and Harvie, that put into Georgia, are arrived here. On Thurfoay lait arrived here, the Sloop Sarah and Anne, Capt. Nicholfon, from Barbadoes ; who loft hit Bowfprit, and received fome other Damsge, in the Hurricane on the 30th of September. OBober 23.Since our laft, the Sloop Sufannah, Amot Minot, and fix Schooners, that were put afhore in the Hurricane of the icth ult. have been got off. . OBober 30. His Majefty't Ship Mermaid, commanded by Capt. Holwell, the Snow Charming Nancy, of Hull, Capt. Charles Cookfon, the Brig Peggy and Betfey, of Briflol, Capt. William Jamet, three Schooners, and fome fmall Craft, put afhore n the Hurricane on the 1 cth of SeDtember laft. hare been got off fince our lait. The Ship . Upton

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