The Maryland Gazette from Annapolis, Maryland on September 14, 1752 · Page 3
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The Maryland Gazette from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 3

Annapolis, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1752
Page 3
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11 s. to purfge and apprehend, or caufe to he ur , - fued arid apprehended: the above defcribed P and them to fccure, fo (hat (hey may beexamin'd jDd dealt wun according to LZWi ; - . GIVEN under my Hand, and the lejfer Seal ; of toe jaia trovmce, at Philadelphia, the " : eighteenth - Day of Auguft, in the Tear of our lord On thoujaud fcven hundred and fifty tint, find in the Twenty fixth Tear of bis Maje fly's I ' By his Honour b command, Richard Peters, Secretary . . ;. GODfave the KING. U MmW, the lh Day of the Month called . . Auguft, 1752. " Refolvtd, . - , - ' ' - 7hat ONE HUNDRED' and FIR. TY POUND S Current Money of this Pro - " vince,' be paid out of the Public Treafury, as a '.. " Reward to any Peifon: or. Perfons, . who . fhall 'Apprehend and fecurethe three Murdcrcis of Eleantr. Pawls, and John J bomas, fo that they : " may be brought to Juitice ; or FjFTy, Pounds " per Head for any oi them." Copy from tbe Minutes, ' , William Franklin, CI. of the AJfembly. The Frierds. of the Perfons murder'd the fiift ,Irftant, in Chrjler Coiinty, have by Advertifement offer 'd a Reward ot t UK 1 if OUNDSfor apprehending the Murderers. . v . ANNAPOLI S. .. On Monday Morning lait, died, at his Houfe near Well River, Mr. Jfcib Galloway; a Gen tleman jufily efteem'd by all his Acquaintance, as he was a very fair Dealer, and an honelt Mai. This Day, by the lateNAft of Parliament for altering and regulating the Stile (which was pub lifted at Length in our Gazette, N. 349), is to be reckoned throughout all his Mijeity's Do 0111110ns, as the Fourteenth Dzy Of September, lal though Yeflerday was the Second and a 1 fucceeuing lime is to be reikoncu in the lame Urder as formerly; only that the Year is ever hereafter to begin abfolutely on the Firlt Day of January ye arly, and the ablurd Method ot. Dcginmng it on the.i wenty - fifth Day of a Month exploded ; and that Month, January, is for ever to be called the Firft Month, Februaiy the Second, and the reft in .their Order. All the fixed reaits ot the Church are to be oblcr yed on their proper nominal Days, which will make them fall Eleven Days earlier than heretofore: But all Biah Days, Apprentices 'and Servants Times, Periods for Payment of Money Principal or Intereft, or Expiration cf Leafts, l$c. 13c. are to hare their 1a ural Days, which feemingly will move them Eleven Days foiward. And, there is this further Alteration by the . faid Adt, relating to Leap Years, every Fourth Year, that is, the Year of our Lold 1756, 1760; 1764, 1768, and fo on, every fourta, Year, is to be a L.e3p Year, as ulual, and contain 366. Days ; except the even Hundredth Years, and of them only tvery Fourth Hundredth Year (whereof the Year 2000 is to be the firft) is to .he a Leap Year; the other Hundredth Years are to be common Years and confift of 365 Days that is, the Years 180c, icjpo, 2100, 2200, 2300 2500, and fo on, are to be common Years of 365 Days each; but the Year. 2000, 2400, 2800, andfo on, every Fourth Hundredth Year (from the Year 2000 irc'mfive) arc to be Leap .Years, and contain ?66 Das cat - h. Reader, If the Dif tance ef lime lu ft vienti tied ( voken you and I Jhall certainly have ret u n d to our Mother H.irtb, ana be forgotten here, as the we bad t ever been) to )ou f ern Long; cotifider the Coniraft, and you will find, Vis far left than a Moment, when compared to that ETliRN I T Y to which we are b.!ening. IX A N a wa,y from the Subfcriber, AV on the 28t1i oT Auguft laff, ; a Servant Man,. nnmea jopn ooxe, about 18 Years of Age, and came in Jaft Spring with Capt. Coolidge, indented a ukiuciih ; tic nau on wnen he went away a blue frcarnothing Fea Jacket, a green Ditto without Sleeves, ; an old Hat daub'd on the Crown with red Paint; Ofnabrigs Trowfers, and a Pair of pnoes, out no stocKings, - , Whoever takes up and brings the faid Servant to nis m alter at upper Marlborough, fhall have Twen - tjr Shillings Reward, befides what the Law - alldw5. i V James Wardroy. RAN the Atl away from the Suhfcriber, 4th of jfupuft laft, a Servant Man, na med Michael Kervan, about 1 8 Years of Age, of miacue Mature, freckled in - the rat?,, and were inort brown Hair. Had on when he went away, a white Cotton Tacket. with Buttons on the left Side; a Tow Linnen Shirt, "pfnabrigs Breed and a Felt Hat tore in the Brim ; and his Shir ftained in the Sleeve with Tanner's Bark. Whoever fecures the faid Servant fo that his Mailer who lives near William Pertins's Fesry, on Sufquehanna, may have him again, fhall have a nuoie Keward, paid by flfatiJ mlltdm Hughs. Auguft 26, 1752. v tl ti tmblcnber nereoy gives . public Notice to all Matters of Ships, and other Sea VeiTels, bound to the Northern Parts of Lhefapeak Bay, and purpofing to Trade, or take in their ladine. in any of the rortk or Rivers thereof) within the Limits sffign'd to his Charge; that he is appointed by the Honourable the Com' milJioners of the Luitoms ui London, Collector of his Majcfty's Duties, in the following Diiliic? ; iix. From the River of CheJIer on the Eaftern Shore, and round the Head of the faid Bay, to the River of Patajfco, inclufive on the Weflern ihore : And being duly quahhed. according to uw, to execute his Umce, requires all luch fwalters or Commanders, to make due Entry arid Clearance of their refpeaive Ships, or Sea Veffels, and per form all .other legal Requifites, at his Office in New Town on CbTfter Rivef ; or with his Deputy, Mr. Wtliiam Lux. at Patattcoi where conllant and regular Attendance fhall be given. 2 - c Janes sterling. To be ScJd Jby Public Vendue, At Mr. Thomas Chitham',' at Bladenfburg, on the laft Saturday in September next, for food Bills of hxebange, Lu rent Money, or Tobacco. To be Difpofed of, v : , , ' ' J - - - 4 HP H E Time of an extraordinary . A ; good Gardener (who Jerved Four Years wnh Edmund Jeningt, Efq;), is a thorough Matter of his Bufinefs, and well underftands laying oat of new Work, or any Thing belonging to a Garden.' Enquire of the Printer hereof. ; O A N away from the Sublcribers - V of Clefter - Town, Maryland, two ServanfMen; one named Richard Barrett, an Iiijbman, has a little of the Brogue, is a complaifant pallavering Fellow, about 6 Feet high, fpare, but large boned, long Vifage,. Pock Frettpn, between 50 ar d 60 Years of Age, dark grey Head and Beard; and ia by Trade a Houfe Carpenter. Had on when he, went awav. a Check Shirt. Ofnabrit's Trowfers' j . O Yarn Stocking', and a Pair of Shoes new foled. He has been in the Army in Flanders, and .talks much on the SubjecX . . . V; The other named William nSelvan, mEngliJh - man, a fhort tjck Fellow, of a fwarthy Complexion, has a large Scar upon his left Jaw, and mother near his left Eye, which have occafioncd a very great Twill of his Face to that Side; is very talkative, but foolifh. Had on and took wi h him a light Country Cloth Coat, a brown Whit' net Waiftcoat with white Sleeves, a white Waift - coat with' flafh Sleeves, a Pair of Leather Breeches," a Pair of. white Fuftian Breeches, a Pair of Ofna brigs Trowfers, a Pair of white Cotton Stockings, two Ofnabrigs Shirts, and a very fmall Caitor Hat. Whoever fhall take up the faid Runaways, and bring them to either of the Subfcribers, fhall have Four Pounds Reward, befides what the Law allows, if taken in Maryland 1 and Five Piftoles, if taken out of the Province; or one half of the above Reward, , for cither of them, paid by , ' . John ordleyy . r ' 'Kinvln lFrotb. "I Annapolis, Auvnft 27, 1752 - WHEREAS furidry Perlons within rh!a Piiv Vinv onH flill rnnrinnf ' not only, frequently to deal with, cutrjo daily employ my Houfe Negro Fellows, in any Work they will undertake, without my Licenfe for fo doing, to the great Detriment and Nfglodt of my Bufinel! : This is therefore to forewarn all Perfons from having any Manner of Dealings, or to any Waya employ, harbour, or fuffer the faid Negio Fellows in their Houfes, without Leave of the Subfcriber or they may depend, on being detefled,' that they will be crOceeded apainft 31 the Law ciiefts. - ' . - - o . - r Z r Ln . Tj mi It m CORN P. LTUS HOW AR D. A Choice Parcel of Land,, being TT A V I N G fet up the Bufinefs art l Tral, ?alIed 1 CMe"? ?urchZfe JO of a Blackfmith and WhitefmithNn the City aming zoo Acres, jymg on ikocr L,reex in art - It County'; about 60 Acres whereof is cleared, and under a good Fence; with a younc Orchard. and other Impiovements. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Lbnjlopher Ltwndcs at Bladenfbure, or the bublctibcr on the rremiiics. Charles Clagett. TEN P I S T O LES Reward. RA N away from the Subfcriber, on the (6th.of this Inftant Auguft, a Convidt A L L Perlons who have any De - msnds aeainft' the Efhte of Vadel Denton, late of Anne Arundil County, Gentleman, decea - fed, are defired to bring in thei - Accounts to the Subfcriber, at Mr. Biice'i in Annapolis, in order to nave them aHjufted and paid : And thole who are indebted to the fiJ Ettate, are rtquefted to pay oh their fcveral Ballanccs to Jane Denton, Executrix. C TOLEN or Strayed from Ktngf - y bury Fumace, in Baltimore County, - on Saturday the 15th of this Inftant, a middle fiz'd bright Bay Cart Horfc, fhod all round, has a long Tail, is low in Flifh. and branded en the near Buttock G K, or C K ; he is aUo branded on the Shoulder, but the Brand forgot. Whoever brings him to the faid Furnace, fliaH have Twenty Shillings., " 3rd - slutbony Rhodes. " ' - . - Servant Man, named Jofeph Ratnbiid, a Joyner and Cabinet Maker by irade, about 5. feet 9 Inches high, fair Complexion, well proportioned, little Ditted with the Small Pox, fmooth tongued. and has a very fly infinuating Manner of exprefTing himfelf; and wiites a very legible Hand. He is the fame Fellow who formerly ran away from me, with a Bricklayer, and were apprehended on Kent Ifland, and committid to 2ueen Anni't County Goal. He had on when he went away, a b!ack Cloth Jacket, an Ofnabrigs Shirt, a Pair of Buck - fkin Breeches, a Pair of grey.Worlted blockings, . . - n 1 j r .!:. ..,!,li k.A.,1 T..Ii. a Whit In COIOUrCQ I Uiuan mn uium jj,iu Metal Buttons, which has a imall round Cuff, and freafy about the Breafl, a Holland Waiftcoat, a ,innen Handkerchief, a Pair of Pumps, and a Pair of Silver Sleeve Buttons. Whoever apprehends the laid servant, nd: de livers him to his MaKer, at the mvai uthce in Charles County, Maryland, fhall ieive T E N PISTOLES Reward from Rtchard Lee. N B. 'Tis fuppofed he will endeavour to get of Annapolis, at the Shop where Mr. Iton liamfon lately carried on the faid Bufinefs, herebj gives Notice, that all Perfons, who fhall be pleafed to employ him, may have' any Sort of Work done in the cheapeft ar.d bed Manner, and with the greater! Expedition." - 1 - . He alfo carries on the Farrler'a Bufinefs, havine . engaged John Miles, late Foreman of Mt.'Roberts, Shop : AU Gentlemen who have uccanon to nave any Thine done in that Way, may depend on being faithfully ferved by 'Ibetr bumble Servant, . .. Cornelius Howard. N. B. The faid Howard keeps, the Standard Weights and Meafures belonging to this County. Auguft 17, 1752.' PR INCE GEORGE'S Conn - . lifted as the Law direfts, to ferve as Matter therein, may apply to the, Vifitors, who have appointed the firft I uelday in uttober next, to meet at me faid School. ' Signed per Order, . . James Beck, Reg IHER E A Sphere h a Va - ' cancy for a Mafter, in Queen Anne's Coun ty School : Any Ferlon profeliing himieu a Member of the Church of England, and capable of teaching Grammar. Mathematics, - Aiitfcmetic, and good Writing, applying to the Vihto - s of laid School, will meet with ss much Encouragement as the Law relating to Free Schools will fupport them in. Signed per Order, Nathan Wright, Reg. ;. . ' r TO . 10 Philadelphia, Ot the Jtrfeyi. ' :

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