Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 4, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1957
Page 6
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Six Logansport, Ihdtana, Pharos-Tribune NEWS OUTLOOK Allies Wont U. S. irt in Attack Suppoi Mary Margaret moved Friday !rom their home on Narrow street .0 Rochester. Mr. France has been employed in the Winamac Soil Conservation office for the past two years and has been: l NEWS OUTLOOK By CHARLES M. MCCANN United Press Staff Correspondent President Eisenhower has a big objective in his plan to attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting in Paris next month. He wants to spike the increasing suspicion of some allied countries that the United States, in this nuclear age, might no 1 , go to their defense if Russia attacked them. Allied spokesmen have frequently asked Eisenhower, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and other leaders such questions as: "Would you really risk atomic retaliation WINAMAC— L. Nice on State Board Lamoin Nice, superintendent ol the Monroe Winamac school has been appointed to serve on a state study board. Five school superintendents and five school board members will study the relationship of functions of the school board, school superintendents and the community. Other on cities like New York, Detroit superintendents serving are i'rom and Chicago just to help us out?" Washington says Eisenhower's answer will be given in Paris — a solemn and unmistakeable "yes." THE RUG PULLERS Allied intelligence agencies are trying to find out just which members of the Soviet high command helped Nikita S. Khrushchev to pull the rug out from under Defense Minister Georgi K. Zhukov. Zhukov was supposed to have personal control of the armed forces. The intelligence men figure that South Bend, Columbus, Mitchell and Connersville. They were chosen from various size schools and areas of the state. The research and study is in co-operation with the Indiana School Board Association and thu Indiana City and Town School Superintendents Association. Thi; work is expected to take at least a year and at the completion of study a handbook is to be published of the findings. This boolc will serve as a guide in determin- Mrs. Eisenhower's New Beaver Coat Stirs Comment By MERRIMAN SMITH |was recently in Washington. Said .ransferred to the Rochester of-| United Press W hite House Writer i w jf e , according to the gossips, WASHINGTON (0P) — Back- swept into the designer's salon stairs at the White House: Mrs. John Hoch has gone to Gary to spend the winter in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, John Sabo. The Sabos came last Sunday and took her to their home. jthe gummy al . guraents Capt. Dorothy Ewing, daughter time, of Mrs. Anna Ewing of Winamac The President's wife, a grogari- '• P^s two other dresses, ous and talented party guest, has. The designer was reported last walked, with her sparkling shoes' seen reading a copy of Democratic and matching hose, into one of I Digest. ler, who was standing in her yard near the shooting scene. . Majcra's four companions were captured and admitted stealing three cars since leaving Chicago last Tuesday. Mrs. Jessup's condition -was reported critical shortly after the and'left with three evening gowns,'shooting. But it has improved of our! has recently been assigned as a nurse at Brooke Army Hospital, Sam Houston, Texas. Capt. Ewing returned from a tour of duty in Europe in September. She had been a member o£ the Army Nurse Corps since 1945. Kenneth Strong, three ar.d one- Maj. Gen. Howard McC, Snyder, The recent flare-up in the gov- the President's doctor, says that cast contrary, (hat he, half year old son of Mr. and Mr, I vehe n iu icuciJL itdLc-uy 111 tuc &uv- ;, ..,1 i • c , • » r „ ernment over the propriety of ac- despite the chief executive s toe^ r * _(. &„ *!,„ f,nntt"\I^J ihnf ho cepting gifts seemed to be quieting when Mrs. Eisenhower accepted, with benefit of news cameras and in apparent delight, an $1,800 beaver coat from an association of Maine trappers. True, Mrs. since. Traffic Toll Shows Drop At Monday Evening, November 4, IWf. late November at Augusta, Ga. Doctor Snyder thinks the President's basic health improves when he is hitting a golf ball. The doc. however. » , , , partcularty ™^^~«^ brought to his-home on .Wednes- wh j ch tMe garment wasn't Khrushchev must have secretly j ng the duties and limitations of solicited, and obtained, the support of some of Zhukov's highest colleagues , before he engineered the delicate and dangerous ouster operation. TROUBLE AHEAD It's still under the surface. But the biggest labor crisis since World War II is shaping up in Great Britain. The labor unions are furious over the government's stiff hold-the-line policy on prices and wages. They began talking day from Starkc Memorial, hospital at Knox, where he had been since last Saturday because of pneumonia. He is improving. Mrs. Martha Leslin of Winamac has received word that her daughter SP/3 Evonne Leslin will leave Heidelberg, Germany on November 24. Sp. Leslin has spent two of her three years enlistment in Germany and will receive her discharge after she reaches the United States. She will go from Germany to Italy and sail for the U. S. Mrs, Lutie Parish is 'spending two weeks at Gary in the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Parish. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Curtis left for Key West, Fla., where they will spend the winter. school officials and the community in conducting the business of public schools. The first of the meetings was held at Indianapolis last Friday and another will be held on November 30. Wise Minix of Hamlet appeared in circuit court Thursday ami pleaded guilty to a charge of malicious tresspass, which had bcen|Medaryville Methodist church on fi _ _i • _ _L »_>___ i L T...-I_- i.i_ I Tiioc/lmr TY»/\t»nincf "VnAfomHrvT* £ gether, and they said the finished production was worth $1,800. who think that 1 troops into Little Rock, Ark. By UNITED PRESS least three persons were traffic during the weekend, of recent This was far below the 16 and 14 totals compiled in the past two weekends. An elderly woman was killed idents were killed in an Illinois crash and an elderly Michigan couple died in an Anderson hospital from injuries sustained earlier in the week. Robert J. Ginzinger, 22, Cincinnati, Ohio, and John Murphy. 24, Naperville, 111., were killed Sunday in a head-on crasli on the outskirts oC Versailles- on U.S. 50. State police said a car driven by Jess Whisman, 27, Madison, was on the wrong side of the highway. State police said Whisman would be charged with reckless homicide. . GREEKS TO CHARGE SAILOR NICOSIA (UP) — Nicosia police prepared today to file a formal action against. U.S. Navy scainim William Anton Becker charging that his car struck and killed a 27-year-old Greek Cypriot cyclist Saturday night. Becker of 13212 East Lombard ~t.) Baltimore, Md., is alcaciied to the L'.S. Consulate here as a wireless operator. Police alleged he failed to stop after the accident. Mrs. Mary Kelley, 64, St. Croix, .iiumim ii am*; UUHIIB me was killed in a jeep-truck collision i^eir a far cry from the tolls I on Ind. 62 near Cannclton Friday' sympathy extended ut in weekends. ! ™ght. Mrs. Kelley was riding in a in g ° f our loved ° ne - . . .1 ., .. _ ,.;„ ...u: _i. i- :L i _ * ..... i_ Tim fl aiin A Rni i* Card of Thanks We wish to sincerely thank our friends, neighbors and relatives for kind expressions <>t the jjass- Friday night. more traffic jeep which was hit by a truck driven bp Herman Kintner, Corydon, section. Perry County inter- —The Claude Bair family. Read the Classified Ads Boy, Who Fled State Trooper, Dies of Wounds The President's wife did not have to refer the matter to the State Department legal division. She has plenty of fur coats and stoles as it is, and she certainly! LAFAYETTE (UP)—A 15-year- did not need the beaver coat, but old Chicago boy died Sunday from accepted .it to. help along the i gunshot wounds suffered when an fatality crasli Sunday afternoon. However, three Indianapolis res- Tran«parenl Plactlc Maine fur industry. However altruist!? her action may have been, it came on the heels of the now famous Oldsmobile which King Saud of Arabia presented to the family of Victor Purse of the State Department, an event which led to his removal as deputy chief of protocol. Because this town just now is acutely gift conscious, Mamie's acceptance of the coat set tongues a-wagging" in some Washington Association is meet at about direct action when it wasj co3ts> filed against him last July, the charges having been signed by Ira Hyatt, He was fined $10 and announced in the House of Commons last week that even wase awards approved by arbitration tribunals would be rejected if the government thought them inflationary. The big three railroad unions threaten a strike like that o:" 1955 when Queen Elizabeth H proclaimed a nationwide state of emergency in face of threatened economio disaster. SPLIT TICKET Philippines political experts are Haying odds of three to two that President Carlos Garcia's vice presidential running mate, Jose B. Laurel Jr., will be defeated in the. Nov. 12 national election. Under Philippines election laws, the president and vice president are elected independently, as they were in the early days of the United States. Garcia, heading the Nationalist ticket, is believed to be in the bag. But the Liberal Party's Diosdado M. Macapagal is the strong favorite in the vice presidential race. SPOUTS OUTLOOK The National Football League, long noted for frequent coaching changes, faces the likelihood of one of its biggest shakeups before the 1958 season'. Six of the 12 present bejid coaches are on the hot seat. They are Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers, Hugh Devore of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sid Gillman of the Los Angeles Bams, Paddy Driscoll of the Chicago Bears, George Wilson of the Detroit Lions and Weeb Ewbank of the Baltimore Colts. The Town of Winamac dismissed its case against Richard 0. Cramer, after he paid the zoning clearance permit. The case against Emil Cupak was also cfc Tuesday morning, November 5 from 9:30 to 11:30. The Mary Martha Circle of the Methodist church will meet Monday evening, November 4 at the home of Mrs. Richard Strasser. The Willing Workers class of the i Winamac church of the Nazarene will meet Monday evening, No- ... . . . . ""!!? t6r ,^I circles. One story going the rounds was that a famous dress designer offered the wife of a prominent government figure one . formal dress to wear to a party given by Queen Elizabeth li when she Indiana state trooper shot at a group of five teen-agers -fleeing' _ from a wrecked stolen automobile.! 'Nicholas Majera, one of two per- • sons wounded by Trooper Glen Hosier's shotgun charge, died inj; St. Elizabeth's Hospital three days after the shooting on a Fowler street. The boy and four .companions were pursued Thursday by Hosier when he recognized an automobile they were driving as one reported stolen a few hours earlier. The car rammed a fire hydrant in Fowler STORM WINDOW KIT SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. and Hosier fired five shots when the boys ran from the wreckage. One of the slugs ricocheted andr str.uck Mrs. Edna Jessup, 5'J. Fow- , 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 WINDOW MATERIALS FLEXIBLE, SHATTERPROOF MADE BETTER. LAST LONGER Branded on Edge Moans Satisfaction Guaranteed SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington -Phone 2319 V- missed. He paid the penalty the Bomber 4 at the home of Mr. Town had sought in violation of a parking meter ordinance. Joe A. Rabella dismissed his divorce suit against Shirley Arm Rabella. Mrs. Marion Evans and . children have moved from the Logan property to the Earl Reinholt .house on No. Monticello St. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin France and daughters Elizabeth Ann and and Mrs. Daniel Neff. ELECT LAY HEAD SOUTH BEMD (UP ^Raymond Reiff, New York City, has been elected president of the University of Notre Dame's associate board of lay trustees. The manufacturer succeeds John P. Murphy, Cleveland department store executive. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery "«4M*i/'*!« VV-^fe/^ ON THE WAY Finds Healing Substance That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids H*» York, N. Y. (Special) - For fhfl first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery, In case after casd while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were w> thorough that suffetera made "Piles astonishing statements like have ceased to be a problem!" The secret Is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*) —discovery of m world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H,* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •iu«. r. B. Pat, oo. Flu Deaths Beyond 500 . By UNITED PRESS The fatality toll from flu and its complicatons climbed beyond the 500 mark, with most of the new deaths reported in hard-hit Pennsylvania. The United Press counted at least 508 flu-caused deaths since the first outbreak of Asian flu in the United States last summer. Seven of the latest deaths occurred in Pennsylvania, four of them in Philadelphia. New York had the highest death toll with 126, followed by Pennsylvania with 91 fatalities. The count in other states showed California with 40, Michigan 29, Ohio 28, Iowa 24, Illinois and Louisiana 21 each, Wisconsin 18, Washington 15, Utah 11, Colorado 10, Hawaii 9, Indiana and Kentucky 8 each, Connecticut 7, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Tennessee 5 each, New Jersey 4, Nebraska, •Maryland and Oregon 3 each, and 1 each in Arizona, Maine, Missouri and the District of Columbia. TO TAXI'AYHHS OF .ADDITIONAL APPIIOFIUA.TIONS . Notice is hereby given the .taxpayers of Clinton Township. Cass County, Indiana, that the .proper leiial officers of snld .municipality, at a special me*t- •in^ in the office of the Trustee -In said townHhlp at 7:30 P. M. on the 18th day of November, •1957. will consider the following ^addition.'!.] approjjrlatJon^j whiefh •said officers consider necessary •to meet the extraordinary em- ertfency cxlstinpr at this time: TOWNSHIP FUND: • 3. Trustee's Salary .... J120.00 SPECIAL SCHOOL, FUND: •22. Janitor's Salary $150.00 TUITION FUND: •2S. Teacher's Salarv .... ?260.-50 ' Taxpayers appearing at such ireetlns shall have a right to be -lioard thereon. The additional appropriation as finally made 'will be automatically referred to ,'tho State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing within fifteen days at the County Audi- tnr's office of Cass County. Indiana, or at such other place as may be designated. At such hearing. taxpayers objecting- to any of such additional appropriations may bo heard and interested taxpayers may Inquire of tho County Auditor irhen and where such hearing will be held. JOHN PORTER, JR. Trustee Glenn L. Miller Attorney - ^ p T 5-12 Press MAKI , YOUR OWN • ITOHM DOOM • ITOKM WINDOWS POICH INClOiOMS Don't let cold weather catcb you unprepared. Tick up one of Warp's Low-cost, Shatterproof Window Materials HOW, Eliminate dangerous drafts. Keep your bouse warm and comfortable all winter long,. CMIAPIIt TlHAN OLASS f n O«r*B«. tarn. Ptvllrp F*» Slerm D>*rl *n« Sltrm Wn4«wl f*' FB'fh intl«,vr«| «nrf H*g Heull Wi»4>wl LIT IN JUNSHINI VITAMIN D (H>ellh.0lvll>< Ultra Vlol.t Royi) I 33 y«on I hove barrUd my produeh vllh thii (Irani*•—ond will coMtnu* to do to. Only th» Gwwlnt li braided "Worfi'i" along tf* *d B «. Look for rhat nom* ,.. It'i thtr* for your protfc- lion. Wpra't handy dliplay rock !d*nKA«t your local 4«aUr a* h»odquort«tt for Wwji't Top Ouoflfy Hoiffc Window Mof*rfol<. „ OZV SO ADVANCED IT LEAVES TBS REST BEHIND! Rarely **» a new car appear em the scene so advanced that it has no counterpart. Soch a car is now on diepiay—**>e Swept-Wing 58 by Dodge. It is very low, very daring, beawtifoJly proportioned. Biding and handling quafitieft aw-iemariwble. See tbe Swept- 66 by Dodtpeaoon. 1b«w. it »aow«r ad^obM. - W>«-*»n-1 58 Read the Classified Ads THOMAS & EVERM AN CO., Ph. 4811517-519 North St. kAII WE HAVE THE GENUINE TbpQuatity WINDOW MATERIALS FLEX-O-GLASS LASS-O-NET ^PLASTIGLASS IMYR-O-GLASS GREEN-GLASS 24* UJun.Ft. xzmsm& »WAJtrS* IRANDID ON THE EDOE MEANS SATISFACTION «tfAKA-MTf*0 DAVIDS 516-518 East Broadway

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