Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 16
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•fttteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Not All Teachers "Neurotic Old Witches/' Reader Proves Dear Ann: You had a letter in your column recently about a school teacher. The complaining mother referred to her as a "neurotic old witch". I hope you'll . print these brief remarks to illustrate another type of school teacher. A teenage boy borrowed an result of a misunderstanding that might be resolved in an honest two-way conversation. Sending gifts and thank-you notes back and forth in a mechanical way, with no warmth attached to the giving, is a mockery. Bring the whole thing out into the open and clear the air. Life is too short for such shenanigens. aunt's car, without permission. She had him arrested and he did time; _ n _..„..-. T „. in a reform school. When the lad ! £££0 Thanlu for' finished his sentence he returned ^ u ft died ' some to high school. The day before (!ma orrn Vnln . lh(icio nn , ho nnn _ SIGMUND the letter. he was due to arrive, the homeroom teacher had a talk with the time ago. Your thesis on the conscious vesus the subconscious was fascinating. What did it mean? (Ann Landers will be glad to class. She pointed out that the boy would need friendship. She urged the students to help hirni ith vour problem3 . Send get a fresh start by forgetting the ^> * £ w past and g.vmg him a warm wel- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. come.' The results were marvelous. The students made the boy feel wanted. He was invited to join everything. He did far better work than ever before and developed into a happy, well-adjusted person. Today he is a successful attorney. Some teachers are like angels, Ann I often wonder how many individuals who've made a sue- Friday evening, June 21. by the cess of their lives roalize the im- Burnettsville Band Announces Concerts BURNETTSVILLE—A twilight concert will be given at 8 o'clock Mix, Match Your Separates portant part played by a wonderful teacher along the way.-S. E. Dear Ann: I'm 43, never been married but have been plenty. I spent 20 years around in the service and am tending bar at present. I met this woman who told me her husband was no good. Inside of a month she left him and we were living as man and wife. From what I can see now, she's no bargain. This was her third husband and I'm wondering how t I can get along with her if the* other two guys couldn't. Living this way doesn't cost any more than living alone. The only trouble is, she's pretty loose with money and has started to charge things under my name in several stores. She claims she loves me, Ann, and I am really undecided as to what I should do. Shall I take a chance on her or shall I run?FREDDY What do you mean SKAliL you take a chance? You ABE taking 3. chance, Buster. You're living with a married woman. My advice is break up this light house-keeping set-up. Judging from her past record and willingness to ^."M go lor this immoral arrangement,j^ n , <ir ' she doesn't sound like the kind of! a girl you'd bring home to mother. But don't go way-there's more. This girl may not be a "bargain" but neither are you. This is no way to live and you know it. So why don't YOU straighten up and fly right? Burnettsville and Idaville band at the Burnettsville Park. Donations will be accepted to help defray the expenses of a band trip to Chicago in August. Two concerts will be given in July, one at Burnettsville, and the olher at Idaville. In all of the concerts, the band will perform ''under the baton of Director Harold Parks. .Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Mrs. Grace Edwards, 1800 Wright street; Mrs. Lenora Miller, 81)1 Wheatland • avenue; Mrs. Nora Lake, 710 Washington Josephine Lowmon Get Best Results With a Gradual Loss of Weight 8106 9-18 "WITH THE NEW 1 PATT-0-RAMA This youthful blouse and skirt pair is ideal lor year 'round wear. And it can interchange 1 with similar wardrobe items. No. 8106 with PATT-0-RAMA in- street; Mason Coleman, Justice. dllded is in sizcs 9] u _ 12, 13, 14, nursing home. Dismissed: Mrs. Sandra Hartman, Terre Haute; Miss Wynonia Rogers, route 4, Fred Bauman, G01 Bartletl street; Mrs. Homer Woodruff and son, 1417 Balsam street. MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. ar.d Mrs. Robert Spaulding, 218 East Miami • avenue, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beall, 711 Spencer street, a son. 10, 18. Size 11 bust, blouse, Admitted: Miss route 1, Lucerne; ' ' Linda Master Dear Ann: My son has been married 10 years. • Except for a •couple of visits the first year of Day Clary, David Miss Miss Lynn Miller, 'Camden; Master Paul Snyder, route 4; James Justice, route 4; Mrs. Estella Burks, 1518 John .son street. Dismissed; Master Danny Garrison, Flora; Miss Sharon Smith, route 4; Master Norman Newell, route 1, Lucerne; Mrs. Jane Ellington, 512 West Broadway; Mrs. Wantla Coslello, 220 West Main street; Mrs. Carolyn Hammon, .,,-,.., .... Forest, Ind.; Mrs. Muriel Long, strictly alone as his wife made it fils East Market streel . Mr& Bj _ plain she wanted it that way. At first I was hurt, but now don't pay them any attention. They have four children, the last one born in April I'm never told when a baby is expected or when it arrives. Like Will Rogers, I only know what I read in the papers. Their third child is tws and I've never seen him. My daughter-in-law Is polite. She sends 'me a gift on Mother's Day and Christmas. I always respond with a thank you note. I remember them on holidays and send the babies gifts when I hear they have arrived. The whole thing is'getting to be a joke and I'm sick of it. Shall I ignore this last child? I haven't heard from them that it is born yeU-M'RS. xxx Enough of this cat and mouse stuff. Why don't you sit down with your son and daughter-in-law and find out what goes on? ThLs whole thing could be the leen Berkshire, 214 Burlington avenue; Mrs. Hardin Christison and daughter, 117 Seventh .street. Show Starti At Duik Gatai Open Half Hour Earli«r THURSDAY-FRIDAY "RUN FOR THE SUN" (Color— Firs! Run) Richard Widmark-Jana Groor SATURDAY "THE INDIAN FIGHTER" (color) Kirk Douglas - Elia Martimlli 1% yards of 35-inch; skirt, 3'A yards. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desire, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, III. Basic FASHION, Spring & Summer '57 will delight you wilh its wealth of smart, easy to sew styles; special features; gift pattern printed inside the book. Send for it now—just 25 cents. Human nature is like that! A woman may lake 20 ^ears to ac-, cumulate her extra pounds, but once she makes up her mind to lose'them she is apt to want to see results" immediately. We all have seen the unattractive effects of losing a great deal of weight too rapidly. The skin did not have time to shrink to its flew proportions and"often the arms and neck are baggy. Wrinkles may appear which would have been avoided if the reduction had been more gradual. If you have only a few pounds to lose you can do so rapidly without these unhappy by-products. You can lose 10 pounds in a short time and look 10 years younger. However, if you have many extra pounds, you should be contented with a loss of two' to two-and-a- half pounds a week. Lose on Inside You should remember that when you lose weight on the outside you also lose on the inside. You should not lose loo much supporting flesh without giving internal organs time for adjustmen You wiH not have to cut your calorie intake drastically if you aim at a loss of two-and-a-half pounds weekly. You can follow these simple rules. 1. Take smaller helpings. Never eat until you feel stuffed. 2.. Cut down on fats. This means that you leave off rich desserts, fried foods, gravy, cream sauces, drink skim, or dried, fat-free miik, and decrease the amount of butter and salad oils. 3. Build up on the vitamin rich foods such a fresh vegetables and fruits. These are low in calorie count and high in health value. They are' also filling. , . 5. You need some carbohydrate foods but control them. You won't starve on 12 to 1400 calories a day arid you will lose two to two-and-a-half pounds~a week. Remember, too, that exercise will be a great ally in firming you up while you lose poundage. IE you have only a few pounds lo lose you may want my 9-Day Reducing Diet. This gives you, a loss of from five to 10 pounds in nine days time. II you would like Women "Poisoned" By Bathing Suits NEW YORK (UP)—Two cases of women being "poisoned" by their bathing suits in the current heat wave have been reported to the New York City Health Department. A department spokesman said the Health Department's poison control center had been asked for advice by doctors treating the /omen. He said the women had been wearing the suits to keep cool at home and had broken out in rashes soon after they put them on. The rashes were traced to allergies to moth balls in which the suits had 'been stored during the Wednesday Evening, June 19, I95Z Denounces Attacks On Court Decisions WASHINGTON (UP)—Sen. Ja- Uiat the questions are pertinent to .winter, the_ spokesman said. He ;, tion ^ whatever legislation needs making them out of storage. to have that booklet send 10 cents | advised rins j ng bathing suits after and a stamped, self-addresed envelope with your request to Josephine Lowman in care ol this newspaper. Tomorrow: "You Can Cure Small Health Defects by Daily Exercise." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) cob K. Javits (R-N.Y.) called today for a halt to "berating" the Supreme Court for its recent decisions against the government in Communist cases. The decisions have drawn strong criticism from some members of Congress, principally from among those serving on congressional committees investigating Communist activities. But olher members praised the court for ruling against what it found to be abuses of individual rights in the drive against subversives. "Acceptance and consideration of the decisions are far more constructive than berating the court for doing what it considers its duty in interpreting the Constitution," Javits said. The court "lias given us the guidelines," he said. "Now Congress should give fullest considcr- AMVET HEAD NAMED ANDBRSRON (UP) - Preston Dudleton, Hartford City, Sunday (was elected commander of the Indiana Amvets at the closing session of their 10th annual convention here. Wayne Wishert of Connersville was elected senior vice- commander and Clarence Carter o£ Gary, junior vice-commander BANDIT SHOOTS SELF INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Charles D. Asa, 22, Indianapolis, was captured by police here late Saturday night when he accidentally shot himself in the leg as he fled the scene of an attempted holdup. Asa was captured as he attempted to change his blood-soaked trousers ;n a car. Elephants like pedicures and an occasional snort of gin, says Dr. William M, Mann, former director of the National Zoological Park at Washington, D. C. changing (in the light of the court's rulings) to protect our internal security." The court on Monday held that witnesses before congressional committees are within their rights in refusing to answer questions unless the committees establish specific purpose. It was this decision, plus an earlier one, that the government must provide defendants in criminal cases with certain material from hitherto secret FBI files, that brought the strongest objections from congressional critics. Rep. Morgan M. Moulder <D- Mo.), a member of the committee on unAmcrican activities, said "Congressional action will be necessary to overcome Ihc effect" of the court's decision putting limits on congressional questioning of witnesses. 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Box Office Open 7:00-10:00 CHILDREN Admitted FREE FINAL TONIGHT Whole car load 1 Dollar $ Buck Nile $ THE BACHELOR PART .u..»» DON MURRAY CcorgB rflrlp j! £p u « Dud Montt'omcrylPfctk in DurangO THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY 2-FIRST RUN FEATURES-2 A story of today! misunderstood teenagers and their too busy par- THE YOUNG STRANGER MacARTHUR-KIM HUNTER DOUBLE HORROR AT M1DNITE! FRIDAY, JUNE 21 AT MIDNITE 1ST TIME IN TOWN - 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES WHO TURNED, TO STONE 70c — Separate Show) Separate Admission — 70c TALENT WANTED! Apply'Logansport Drive-In Theater BIG AMATEUR NIGHT SOON Do you sing, dance, impersonate, play an instrument? REGISTER FOR AUDITION NOW BOB WILLIAMSON WSAL DISC JOCKEY will conduct the contest on the theater patio and have the winners on his NIGHT WATCH SHOW. 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