The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1730 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 5, 1730
Page 4
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vj H I S is to inform one John Morgan, (fixth Son of ohn Morgan of Milneloufes in the County 3of Durham in OA England) w ho left England about Twenty four Years fincc That he is next Heir to the Eftatcof Jtw- lotifcs v Brethren being 311 dcad.withou? I(Tue;arid that ' he 1? defired fy his Father to return to -'England aflbon as', polfcblc that he may be puj in Poflcflion of the (aid Elhtc. ' 1 lift: imported: i pre(h Parcel, of fine 'Reel Clover Sped iu oqvioiu , py ; iron auu 'iwi. 'V X L Perlbns jthat have any Demands on f the(rate otElitab:th league, late of the City of Phi-; 1adslpbiaf dcccafcd,re defired to ; ajpply to Henry Hodge or Francis KnowleS; anohofe that aie indebted are defired to pay thc fameor ellc tly maycxpe& further Trouble. -'. he Stable of the iW- ::yjnn in Marhtjtreet dxAfcnday Night lad, a young -1 Hack Horfe about 5 Years bld branded with IK upon the f V y near Buttock a Star in the Forehead ind a Snip upon the s , Kofev if anvv Ear-feirk a Haltpenny in the far Ear, his - - : Jvlairi trinVd. half hanging down, Jic is fliod before. t : " ,' he ,farnc Time was . taken a v breaded Saddle, almoft new, " . with double iumpt Houfens bound j:ound with white, the r", $weat-flaps fmgle, 'one of the forembft ijrafs Nails is loft ; . ; alio Btidle vaboiit half worn, with Curbits, Price y $. bT. whea -new.' 5 Whoever" fecures the faid Hbrfe and Sad'' : die, and givcS'Nbtice (q thatihey may be had again,: lhall havcTaos. Reward, and reafonable Charges paid y A - -f -s wf CI uizju lounryj' an irtp servant vv aman,' ', tumed AmifMac VxtieL arrd about 'ix Yearsv fhe fpeaks clear Englim is of middle Stature fiTthy (xapkxioh black Hah and black Eye and fome-thing roiipd-lhoulder;- She" has on a Gown Yellow and Green ftripeda Petticoat cf -Yellow and Red 'pripedand dn: eld brcn Gown end Petticost. and new teather-heel'd ' Shoes. '5he has irolcn her Indenture,- end wcriaway with V cne Getrge IPelstyf who latdy.maftiid her of which they V have a (!rtificate with, them. lie hfa inWFcllow with j a dowtr roguifli Look, pale Complexion, grey litdc Eyes, end thin brown Hair,- if cut off he wears a Cap. He has, trlth lim a; lightfcolburVl clofe- made Cloath Coat, and . . -Breaches of the farnc ;; art old dark-colour'd Coat with red : ' Lining, a dark-oloar"d Great Coat, Leather Breeches with Silvci; vtwo Felt Hats one'old the :l y'i pthcr iiewv a eckledjShirt and other Shirts. He has a ' i 'iLrfciPaft with him, fignft, CbtrUs Markbatd; .'arid they -Jl fayc tateti a long Pine Canob, with an Iron Chain. ' Who iiccures tT Servants .lhall. have tfwenty SbJllingsR 1719-30. ' ' JohnQarh r - ; the Houfe formerly 7(7 Cbalklefs. v xrLLiiHtA Court, near Blackbcrfe Alley. are Tau2htX WRIT I NG, ARITHMET I C K, with the true. Grounds of the FRENCH TONGUE, at !7crj per Quarter, by ; HO MAS BALL. ' Pi. For the more Ipeedy In(trurion of his Scholars, he has calculated the following Tables, 'viz. 1. A Table ibr the knowing the Genders of Nouns by their Terminations. 2. A Tabic for the Forming of Tenfes. 5. rA Table of all the irregular Verbs.. 4. A Table 'reprcfenting the Termination? of the (implc Tenfes of Verbs. Which Ta- WcS, together with a -nice Explanation of all the French Bartxks (now in the Prcfs)-.will be of great Ufe to thofe who vhaye a Dcfirc to learn a Language fo ncceflary and polite. ; . , f K B. His Wife teaches Writing-and French. Likcwife Singing, Playjng on the Sc!net, Dancing, and all forts of Nee'dlcTWflTk arc taught by his Sifter lately arrived from Jxndon. r IV y E k Y gopd Livc-Geefe Feather?, to be fold at Evan PoweWs in Chfnut(heetf next Door but one to A. Hamilton Efq; - NtTivydd ei Jrgraphu ac ar wertbjyiiyr j4r- graphdy Newydd, gyfcrbyn a'r Farcbiiad yn Philadelphia. : s ' 4 (A'N yn dangos Truenus hanes, Ma'b a Merch, y modd y darfu i'rFcrch Dorri ei Haddcwid ag ef, yr hyn a barodd iddo adcl ei Dylwydi, a myncd ' ymmaitn: a i doll Alar o achos ei Rhleni hi;; ; ( ' . Fe a wnaeth y Gan ei hun ac ai gadawodd with fyncd Ymmaith gyda ,ci hen Gyfcillion, cr Cyngor iddynt hwy ac craill i befdio a rhoddi eu Bryd ar bcthau r Byd hwn: Mac yn dangos drwy r yfan ci bur Gariad at y Ferch; x-ai faWrBarch a gobaith yn ei Jachawdwr, ai wir Gariad ir Grcfydd GriflianogolV Pris 3d. . - Yn yr vn Fan y mae ar Wckh Cyfraith- yr Iar aV'My-nawyd, rhwng Sim ac Eynien, o Waith Dajydd Manuel. Pus 4d. Yn yr vn Lie y gall y neb a chwenhycho, gacl Argra .phu, y;n Gymraeg neu baefneg yn Dda, 39 o weddol Brlss Ac hctyd Rhwymo hen Lyfrau yn Dda ac irTBrisGweddol. JjAtcly. imported from London J y John Lcy and arc to be Ibid by him at the lowtft Prices, 'cither by Whplefale or Retail, latVhis 'Shop in Market-firett over againft the Presbyterian Mceting-houfc, nekt JDoor to William Stabler y Tin mail, in Philadelphia, thefc' Goods fol-lowing, viz. y ' . ; . 'v Silver Watches. Callicoes, divers,Sorts. Holbnds, ind fcvcral Sbrts of Sheeting Linen. Several forts of Diapers ana aDjc-cioinf. ocvcrai ions or iamoncES, xviantua oiikst and Graffcts. Bcrvllan. and nlain Cdlimanco Craoes and Stufisi Men'sdyed lhammic Gloves,: Wonrdfidiyt, Lamb. Stitching Silk, Thread and Silk, ; Twift for VVprncn. Silfc4 Perfiari. Ribbons, and double (paniih Ribbons. ' Jboublc xuiuu uiutiuuga icvcrm juris. xxca 9 Tnxrc(. uiammJC for WmcnV Several forts of Penknives Plain x VBut-tons forlens Coats and Jackets. - Ivory Cafckm.,f and fevcral Urts 'of Pocket-kniycs. DowlaiTcsVicYeral forts. Huckabagsnd RufHaXinens. Owiaburghs. Several (brtt " of LookingIafTcs.v Garlicky and brown Holland, Bag- holland, ''ditto. Several Ibrts of Druggets, fine JCcrfcys, lu-perfine double-miird DrabfupcrfineBroad-cidths, London. Shalloons, Scotch Plads. ' Fine and 'coarfc H jts.', tch and, Women's, Englifti Shoes. Stockings; ieveral forts for lcn, Women and Children, (carlet with Clocks, Several forts or Caps, Women's Bonnets. , Several forts of Horn, and Ivory Combs." G uni-powder, "Shotand Flints. Bibles bf (e veral , forts, Tcftaments1, Pfalters and Primers, Large Paper-books and fmdll ones, with Pocket-books, and other Stationary Ware. Several forts bf ChecqueVd Linens Flannels and Duroys. Scots-Snufl., With fundry ions of Goods not here mentioned, tfo le LE$ by the above Peron cne half of the Hcufebe now foJfeeth, or two or tbrezvery good Rooms, Enquire of him and know, further. " JglBLES, Tcftaments, Pfalters, Pfalm- Books, Accompt-Books, Pockei-Booksj i Bills of La ding bound and unbound, Common Blank Bonds For Mo-ncy,Bonds witli JudgmcntjCountctbonds, Arbitratioi) Bonds, Arbitration Bonds with Umpirage, Bail Bonds, Coun-terbonds to five Bail harmlefs, Bills of Sale, Powers of Attorney, Writs, Summons, A pprcnticesilndenturcs, Servants Indentures,' Penal Bills; Proniilory Notes, &c. all the Blanks in the moft authentick Forms, and'COrrcSly printed ; may be had at the Publifhcrs of this Ppcr; who pciform all outlier Sorts of "Printing at reafonable Rates. X Lately fublijbed and Juki by the inters hereof) A Short DISCO U R S E, Proving that the Jevjijb ox Seventh-Day SMkvh is Abrogated and Repealed. By cfohn Meredith. Price Six-Pence. Pkiladsfylia: Printed hy . Franlilm tnd H. Meredith, at the New Printin-OfHcc near the Market, v. here Advertifements arctakemn and all Pcrtbns may be fupplicdwith this Paper, at Uen Stillirgs a Year. V- f . -Si: Friday Jftenmny 4 o' Ccck The New-York Poll not yet come in. t-. r i i 'I - K

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