Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 14
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JTuiuteMi Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-' New Tension Is Indicated In Mid East Israeli Government Showing Growing Concern Over Egypt's Acquisition of Soviet Submarines Israel expressed growing concern today at Egypts acquisition of three Soviet submarines, and informed sources said an attack on Israeli shipping meant war. The Israeli cabinet met in emergency session Tuesday night and early today to discuss the Soviet move which once again shifted the Middle East balance of power. Jerusalem dispatches said the atmosphere in Israel resembled that of the days just before the Sinai invasion when a swift Israeli drive captured much of the Soviet equipment lurried over to Egypt in the 1955 Czech arms deal. A series of now incidents along the Gaza Strip heightened tension in that area, and some Israeli sources said Cairo might be planning new actions to force Israel to attack. A double mine explosion Tuesday killed one member of a.U.N. Emergency Force patrol and'seri- ously wounded four others. Earlier, TJNEF troops shot and killed two Arabs trying to cross the border into Israel. Yugoslav troops were the victims, and UNEF officers said it appeared that some mines had been laid deliberately to harm UNEF troops. Two Indian soldiers were killed in a mine explosion earlier this year. Relations between Egypt and Jordan steadily deteriorated, and there were indications relations might worsen between Jordan and Syria, Egypts chief partner hi the Arab neutralist camp. Jordan recalled its charge daf- fairs from Damascus Tuesday and there was no indication today in Amman that he would be replaced. TWENTY-SEVEN IN ST. JOSEPH PAROCHIAL SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS Wednesday Evening, June Iff, 1957. Court Rulings Conflict With Executive Branch By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP) — Twenty years have passed and the U. S. Supreme Court again is buying into a bitter contorversy with ruled here Tuesday in defense of Girard's rights as an American citizen. Called Constitutional Violation "The threatened aclion do permit the Japanese to try Girard) another branch of the govern-.j s illegal and in violation of the ment. [Constitution and laws of the Unit- Moreover, (he court is remodel!- j e d Stales," McGarraghy said in ing the social contours of the Unit- his or( jer forbidding the governed States and stating dynamically jment to deliver Hie soldier to the new ground rules for the conduct Japanese. or big business. On its present course, the court I is headed for controversy with boll) the oilier branches of the U. S. government—the execulive and the legislative. The conlrover- That case will go io the Supremo Court where, on the basis of the record to dale, Uie justices will rule againsl President Eisenhower and the Sla'.e and Defense De- parlmenls who would permit the sy with Congress was well joined I Japanese to try Girard. •this week in decisions slating ab- i That should arouse the adminis- Name For Folfon Judges mg Home Economic Demonstrations Will Continue Through Summer Months ROCHESTER — Judges of 4-H Home Economics displays this summer were announced today by HD agent Annabel J. Rupcl and county 4-H leader Grace Burton. Mrs. Arthur Pullen, of Walton, a vocational homemaking teacher, will judge Junior and Senior 4-H demonstration contests Friday. An experienced judge and 4-H leader, Mrs. Pullen judged Fulton county exhibils in 1954 and judged & dress revue in 1953, Mrs. Ruth Anderson of WSBT-TV and Mrs. Mary Belle Clar, clothing instructor at Purdue will judge tho dress revue July 26. Community judging will be done July 29 through Aug. 2. Mrs. Gen. eva Hollingsworth, of Flora, will judge exhibits in each local club that week. She will choose division winners and state fair entries at the county fair. She is a vocational homemaking teacher and experienced 4-H leader. Local dress revues will be held July 22 and 23. Miss Esther Rupel of Walkerton will select club representatives from the three divisions. She will advise members in higher divisions about costuming for county competition. Miss Ilupel received her Master of Science degree in Clothing and Textiles from Purdue June 2. A committee of local leaders select the judges each year for the local dress revue. Members of the committee- are Mrs. Don Douglass, Mrs. Robert Herrold, Mrs. Dayid Hill, and Mrs. Jesse Shively. The county 4-H committee delegates the job of selecting other phases of the 4-H economic work, Read the Classified Ads Harrington Studio. Shown above arc the 27 members of the graduating class of the St. Joseph school. First row, left to right, Dorothy Klein, Jo Lynn Szewczyk, Mary Bonnie Frutlhiger, Susan Rittenhousc, Mary Hoover, Suzanne Scagnoli, Anne Chisholm, Nancy Wilcr, Rl. Rev. Msgr. Maurice Foley. Second row, Donald Logan, Frances Gagliano, Wnnda Snyder, Jane Koons, Sandra Snyder, Connie Oldham, Mary Ann Horney, Mary Barr and Stephen Folio. Third row, John Mcllwaln, Gene King, Robert Berndl, James Passerini Thomas Smith, John Arvln, Michael BernUt, Robert Koons, Robert Jacobs and James Vance. rupt limits on the conduct and authority of congressional committees. Still More Controversy The controversy wi'.li the executive is just around the corner. In its decisions Monday the court boro down hard on 'Jie rights of individuals and againsl the authority of congressional committees and government prosecutors. It ruled thai congressional committees, on demand, must tell witnesses that the questions it asks are pertinent lo spcific purposes and must specify lhe purpose. 11 did so in throwing oul a contempt conviction against Illinois union eader John T. Watkins, who had refused to name persons he'had known in the Communist movement. Far from all congressmen will object to that ruling and many wi'.l applaud it. There is a hard core of senators and representatives, however, closely Identified with and well informed about the effort to expose Communism in the United Slates from whom lhe (Pharos-Tribune Engraving.) Mao Tse-Tung Champions Independent Communism MAO Tse4ung, the Red Chinese leader, is establishing himself as the No. 1 spokesman on Communist doctrine. In doing so, Mao is making limself increasingly popular with ;hose who favor the independent Communism which President Tito has established in Yugoslavia and parts of the speech in Warsaw newspapers. The speech was importanl to Polish Communists because Mao gave strong encouragement to the desire of people in Red - ruled countries for some measure of independent thought and action. Mao also indirectly repeated his which Red Leadar Wladyslaw, previous criticisms of Russian Gomulka has been able to estab-1 hrula i suppression of the Hungar- lish to a lesser extent in Poland. • Consequently, Mao is making himself, increasingly unpopular in Soviet Russia, which realizes that independent Communism is a threat to its own long-dominant position as the fountainhead of Marxian wisdom. Maos latest exposition of his views was broadcast Tuesday by the Peiping Radio—17,000 words of it. The exposition was given in a speech which Mao made in Peip- ing on Fob. 27. Nothing was known about it abroad for two months. Still Contradictions One of Maos chief points was ian revolt. It has long been known that Mao and his premier, Cou EnJlai, openly supported the Polish revolt Yanks Claim Pitchers Throwing at Mantle To Injure Legs, Feet NEW YORK (UP)—Angered by charges that Ihey are Irying to "bully" Uie rest of the American League, the -New York Yankees Comden Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Pippenger and two sons, of Muncie, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Judy. A fried chicken supper will be served at the Methodist church June 2C, starting at 5:30 p.m. oday accused rival pitchers of j Guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. II. "throwing at Mickey Man'.le" in Lane was Iheir daughter, Mrs. tration considerably in view of the fact that the trial of Girard by a Japanese court evidently has become a major issue of foreign policy bearing on U, S. relations with the Asiatic nations. The Girard case is a sensitivo nerve macy. end of American diplo- presumi'bly much in Uie protests already are flowing. The controversy with the executive is headed for til high court in the case of William S. Girard, Die U. S. soldier who was ordered Mrs. Alta Bohammon illustrated a!' tur ned over to Ihe Japanese gov- President's mind. Tiie courts trend, of lale. and its challenge to Ihe other branches recalls Franklin D. RooseyelU notable dispute with the justices. They had held great areas ol his first term New Deal to be unconstitutional. On Feb. 2, 1937, FDR sent to Congress a bill to reform or to re-organize or to pack Uie Supreme Court. Roosevelt wanted (o name some additional justices to assure a more friendly reception to his idea of a flexible constitution. Months of controversy ended in July, 1937, by Senate refusal lo act on the Roosevelt court bill. FDR lost that baltie, but he won the war. Todays Supreme Court is just about what lie had in mind. a deliberate attempt to injure him. The accusation was made by Yankee General Manager G-eorge Weiss after American League President Will Harridge had fined three members of the Yanks and two White Sox players sums ranging from $100 to $150 for their Thursday brawl at Chicago._ against Soviet domination and! Weiss pointed out that the'pitch- Were re9 P° nslble Ior lts iers weren't throwing at Mantle's head but they were trying to hurt Auto Hits Utility him by a:ming " at his legs and Pole East of City Damage estimated at $140 was caused when a car struck a telephone pole five miles east of Logansport on the High street road at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning. Earl Ken Kenworthy, 52, of the Lazy K-Bar ranch, Tucson, Ariz., who has been visiting in Peru, was enroute oast. After ho had nego- Uiat after more than seven years liatod two curvcs lhc 1950 motle] of Communist rule in Olv.na, there. ctmvcr uble slid off the right side are still contradictions between, of the road and t))e right side o[ the people and. the government. lhe car strack the po]e Damage Everybody in both the Communist and lhe free worlds has known this all along, of course, and has known lhat the contradictions exist not only in China but in all Red-ruled countries. But Moas admission of this obvious fact has caused a big sensation in Communist counlries whose governments do not dare admit that anybody but an ovil-rr.inded "diversionist or "counlor-revolu- tionary ever disagrees with the parly line. Mao made his speech at a secret meeting of a "supreme slate conference. Speech Leaks Out Parts of it starled to load out in Poland at the end of April after Polish Premier Jose-f Cyran- kiowicz v L 3 i I o d Poiping. Polisih newspaper correspondents who accompanied Cyrankiowicz published was estimated at $100 to the car and $40 to the pole. Special Deputy Don Armstrong, who investigated, charged Kenworthy with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor. He was fined $25 and costs and his riglil lo drive a motor vehicle was suspended for a year on his plea of guilty in the local justice court. nUKAL YOUTH MOVIE A movie on local industry will be shown to the Cass county Rural Youth at the meeting Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at lhe National Guard Armory. Joetta Joyce and Ed Bauman will be in charge of recreation, and Charles Chumney will serve refreshments. Plans will be made and commillees named for the hamburger fry and treasure hunt to be held in July. HONOR THREE MINISTERS REASSIGNED Weiss was not the only member of lhe Yankees' front office lo rally to the defense of the world champions. Edith Winnetl of Chicago. Women's Missionary Sociely of the Baptist church, will convene Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Pearl Doyle. Mrs. WiJdredj Allen will be assistant hostess. Mesdames Doris Sieber and Ida; Lloyd and Goldio Peltiner will be hostesses Thursday evening to the WSCS to be held at the Methodist church. About 40 attended the Fidelisl class ice cream social Thursday! evening that was given for the Sen- j ior Bible class. Devotional period was in charge of Truman Doyle and group singing was enjoyed. Committee in charge was Fred Wagoner and wife, Mr.' project lesson, "Freezing". Mrs. Lucille Myers announced a trip would be taken Thursday. The bus will leave the home of Mrs. Inah Caldwell at (i a.m. Mrs. Martha Sanderson was picked queen in a "Queen for the Day" contest. The hostess was assisled in serving refreshment by Roxie Wagoner, Stella Johnson and Margaret Graves. ernment for trial on charges of sliooting and killing a Japanese woman. The Constitution says U. S. citizens are entitled to a trial by certain stipulated processes. Federal Judge Joseph C. Mc- Garraghy may have taken due note of this week's Supreme Court urgency to protect the rights of individuals in lhe area of Communism. However that may be, he Now Open FLOYD'S DRIVE-IN \V. Linden and 2-1 11 A. M.-12 P. M. Weekdays 5:00 to 12:00 P. M. Sundays Your patronage will be appreciated. —Mrs. Floyd Kecver. iduipioii!,. . i and Mrs. Frank Smith and Mr. and Yankee President Dan Topping L,,, T , nvfl Y . rk ., said he intended to refund the fines levied against his players — Enos Slaughter, Billy Martin and Art Dilmar—'by Harridge. "Our players did not start the fight," Topping said, "and we certainly would not expect them to run when the Sox players started the brawl." Jo'hn Rigney, vice president of lhe White Sox, was equally as quick coming to the defense of the two Chicago players who were fined, Larry Doby and Walt Dropo. "I am glad our players stood up and foughl for their rights," Rigney declared. 'The Yankees have been bullying their opponents long enough. Maybe the incidents of Thursday will put an end to the rough tactics." Two Men Die In Collision INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Two men were killed and another injured Tuesday night in a truck-car crash on Ind. 100 just north of here. Dead were Wesley Randall, 23, and Forrest L. Stone, 40, both of Norwood, Ohio. The third passenger in the death car, Roy N. Stone, Norwood, was taken to General Hospital in serious condition. State police said the car ran off the highway and swerved back into the path of a big truck driven by Edward Findly Sr., 52 Clarks Hill, Ind. Forest Stone was thrown under a truck wheel. The truck was jacked up to remove Uie body. Randall was thrown 50 feet at impact. Members ot the Cass Couniy Ministerial Association honored Him: Logansporl and Cass county ministers who have been assigned to other churches during a luncheon at Lindcsmith's restaurant. The reassigned ministers arc the Rev. Ernest Carroll of the Pilgrim Holiness church, the Rev. Cecil Smith, Young America EUU Circuit; and (lie Rev. J. J. Saalwaeclilcr of the West Broailwny Presbyterian church. Shown In the photo are, left to right, scaled, Rev, Carroll, Rev. Smith, Rev. Snnhvaeohtcr, Rev, Raymond Echols, ncwly-clectcd vice-president of the group; and Rev. Kenneth Brady, president of the association. Standing, left to right. Revs. Harold King, M. L. Robinson, Glenn Campion, Wilbur C. Wilson, H. U. Hashbergcr, Gerald Claudius and Charles S. File. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) Personal Mr, and Mrs. Harold Rife and family of 1214 North street are vacationing in Orlando, Florida, with the former's brother, Donald Rife, and family. [Mrs. Lloyd Yerkes. Worship service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at the Lower Deer Creek Church of the Broth-1 ren. Rev. Willard Dulabaum will preach. Served ice cream and cake Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jr. Barnard and family, were Mr. and 'Mrs. Joe Barnard Sr. and son, Jack, Jim Miller and family of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. John Herdon and family, Robert Scott and family, all of Flora, and Mrs. Elsie Sink. ' Aim-Hi Demonstration club will hoid its June meeting Thursday with Mrs. Betty Lou Nelson. She will be assisted by Mrs. Josephine Wyalt. Members will cite "wedding incidents" in answer to roll cull. Guests oE Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Zook and her mother, Mrs. V. D. Reynolds and her sisler, Mrs. Charles Craver and two children of Dallas, Texas. Guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Leslie were Ivan Roher and wife of Kokomo and Carl Leslie and family of New Haven. ] Mrs. Ada Fincher has moved, from Rockfield to Camden. j Mr. and Mrs. Harold Neher andj son of Detroit have been guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Neher o! Peru to Kenneth Townscnd. Mr. and Mrs. Graver Hunter have moved to their farm and Donald DeWItt and family have moved onto the Hunter property. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson and family were guests Sunday • of Garth Johnson and family at Valparaiso, Jackson Township Demonstration club met June 12 at the home of the president, Mrs. Eva Jones. Mrs. Mary Wilson, vice president opened the mealing and presided at lhe business session; 20 members were present. Mrs. Ruby Martin gave devotions on the subject, "Blessings through God's Love", Mrs. Myra Gardner reviewed the history of "Tell Me Why", song of the month. Mrs. Bernicce Wise and Mrs. Geneva Fultz sang a duet, "Always". Mrs. Lula Sanderson gave n j .1 ft -t-iit the safety lesson on "common driv- Kead Hie Classified AdSling jobs". Mrs. Esther Hadde and PUBLIC SALE of Household Goods at my home, 113 W. Walnut St., Flora, on Saturday, June 22, 1957 at 12:30 P. M., Sharp. MRS. ROSE COLVIN KELLER'S MONEY SAVER JUST RECEIVED A HARD TO GET ITEM Work Pants Grey with black stripe — sometimes called a light weight moleskin — these were made special and will not be carried regularly in stock. WHILE 72 PAIR LAST EXTRA SPECIAL...ONLY A $3.98 VALUE CASEY JONES HICKORY STRIPE BIB OVERALLS ONLY $2.98 THIS WEEK . . . BROADCLOTH SHORTS Men's fancy undershorts, sanforized. Vital parti of these garments stitched with Nylon thread. THIS WEEK SKCKl 2 "*« '1 THE KELLER co "The Store For Values" 503-S05 Broadway

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