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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

A Aprils. f. wk. tb? frame of a building was railed this town, in which the manufacture ot duck and faiUdoth is to be carried on. This building is 100 feet long, and 26 feet wide. A bounty is given by this commonwealth on duck and faiUdoth manufaftured within thefame 1 rt. I Vt fTIrtWtn which is in fact an indirect ooumy upwu of flax, which we hope our country brethren will take the advantage of, and put that money into their own pockets, which mud otherwtfe be fent abroad for flax to fupply the feveral riflng manufactories. A T. A Y. Aoril 8. The worihipful corporation have ordained, that from and after the 'i5th inft. no bell, of any of the churches in this city, (hall be tolled or rung in the evening, on any occafion whatever, except tor public worfhip, or an alarm 01 nre. VV April 13. We learn from Savannah, that the Grand Lodge oftheflate of Georgia, at their Quarterly commu nication of the 6th March lafr, appointed the Right Wormipful Jackfon and Stephens, and the Wormipful Brother Edward Lloyd, a committee to communicate with the different Grand Lodges on the continent, and to aflent to a mafomc convention, for the purpoie ot eitanmning a su preme Grand Lodge of the United States. We are informed, that Mr. Lee and Mr. Gun, Senators of the United State's, arrived in this city on Sunday evening lafl. Ext rail of a later from Mr. Bennet Ballrw, to a gentleman ojtots cuyt aaiea lucamonu, March 31. After a tedious journey, I fafcly arrived in the Indhn country, and delivered the metlages lent from the Hon. Commtflioners to the dinerent nan ons. hey received tnem wun creai aian ny. After introducing to them the lituation of the Uni ted States, they proceeded to form fomething (imi lar to the federal ronltttution, and have pauea lome acts; alfo have appointed the 30th day of June next to holrt their General Council, at the month able, warK of the Tenefce. on the Ohio. I nope i uniiDcao after fome time, to bring about th glorious w3 of civilization. Nothing is wanting, as I amceii but a and true cultivation, which I alw; of the Tenefee. on the Ohio. I hope I (hill be conceive, cent and trite cultivation, wmcn i aiways fhall do my endeavour to promote. MONITOR, FLATTERY is like the homage paid by difloyal fubjccls to an ufurper; of thefalfhood of which the receiver mud beconfeious. But praife truly defer red is like the payment of legal demands: we take it without blufhing. As punctuality in me nucnargc of debts encourages further credit, the beftowingof merited encomiums promotes the exertions of thole virtues, of which they are the Wary and recom pence. Extras from the Log book of the floop Mary, Urian, from Norfolk in Virginia to St. John's, New Brunlwick Left the Cares of Virginia on the 29th ot January, fell in with Nantucket February 9 and 10, the wind N. N. W. a heavy gale, in which Edwards a feaman was loft overboard the decks loaded with ice jib and mainfail froze fo as was impoflible to get them clear; 10th, concluded to run for tome ot the weit maia Ifhnds. From this time to the ioh of March, the moft tempeftuous weather imaginable, our fails and rigging almoft mattered to pieces, and nearly perifhing with cold; the 10th, in lat. 30. fpoke a brig from S. Carolina, bound to the Ifle of Wight, J. Pattulow, mafier, who lupplyed us with bread, water and fait the 12th of March, in lat. 34. 54. hove out a quantity of corn 14th, hove overboard more of the cargo 3a. 50. windN.W. 26th, lat. 37. 52. at 1 P. M. a high crofs fea carried awy two of the flarboird fhrouds, immediately wore in order to fave the mart, but before we could do any thing to fecure itthe maft was carried away in the partners immediately let about fectiring what rigging we could, and throwing overboard the remainder of the cargo, in order to fave our lives. At A. M. a Heht breeze, fet the bonnet of thejib, on an oar and handfpikes, (hipped in the windlafs. From this time to the aoth. in lat. 38 30 Ion. 71. drawing a wreck on the ocean, when at 1 P. M. law a tail on the N. t. itanuing to uie louinwaru, and bore away to fpeak her. At 3 P. M. got ahead of the fail. The fhip homed out her yawl, and took the owner and marter on board fhe proved to be the Indian Chief, from London, bound to Philadel phia, took the floop in. tow, and took oft allthepeo. pie. The 1 ime evening parrea me nawicr in a irein gale from the N. E. April 2, anived here, after beating the ocean, and differing every thing but death, tor the tpacc 01 00 uays, ana in wmcn wc muft have perifhed, had it not been for this providential deliverance. Congress of the United States, At the fecondfeffion. Begun and held at the city of New York, on Monday the fourth of January, one thoufand fe ven hundred and ninety. An ACT to prevent the exportation of goods not duly infpe6ted according to the laws of the feveral dates. B1 it enacled by the Senate and oufe of Re prefentatives ot the United States of America, in CongreisailemDiea, lnattne collectors ana ther officers of the cuftoms in the feveral ports of the United States, be, and they are hereby direcV ed to pay due regard to the inlpeftion laws ot the nates in which they may refpeclively at, in fuch manner, that no vefleVhaving On board goods liable to infpecVion, fhall be cleared out until the master or other proper perfon (hall have produced fuch certificate "that all fuch goods have been duly in fpefled as the laws of the refpeclive flates do, or may require to be produced to collector! or other ofUccr of the cuftoms. Frederick A. Muhlenberg, Speaker of the Houfeof Reprefentatives. John Adams, Vice Prefident of the Uni ted States, and Prenaent 01 wc ozu Approver Aprn WAsmNGTON Prefident (True Copy) of the United States JL for feveral years, had for the laft twelve months confined him chiefly to his bed and during the extreme painful paroxyfms, he was obliged to take large dofes of laudanum to mitigate his tortures ftill, in the intervals of pain, he not only amufed himfelf with reading and converfing chcarfully with his fa mily and a few friends, who vifited him, but was often employed in doing buiinefs of a public as well as private nature, with various pcrfons, who waited on him for that purpofe and in every inUance dtfplayed, not only that readinefs and difpofition of doing good; which was the diftinguifliing characteriftic of nis life, but the fulled and cleareft pouelfion of his uncommon mental abilities and not unfrequently indulged himfelf in thofc Jeux D'efprit and entertaining anecdotes, which were the delight of all who heard him. About fixteen days before his death, he was feized with a feveriih indifpofition, without any particular fymptoms attending it till the third or fourth day, when he complained of a pain in his left breaft, which increafed till it became extremely acute, attended with a cough and laborious breathing. During this ftate, when the feverity of his pains fometimes drew forth a groan of complaint, he would ob ferve that he was afraid he did not bear them as he ought acknowledged his grateful fenfe of the many bleflings he had received from that Supreme Being, who had railed him, from imall and low beginnings, to fuch nigh rank and confideration among men and made no doubt his prefent afflictions were kindly intended to wean him from a world, in which he was no longer fit to aft the part afligned him. In this frame of body and mind he continued till five days before his death, when his pain and difficulty of breathing entirely left him, and his family were flattering themfelves with the hopes of his recovery, when an impofthumation, which had formed it felf in his lungs, fuddenly burft, anddifcharg ed a great quantity of matter, which he continued to throw up while he had fufficicnt llrength to do it, but, as that failed, the organs of refpiration became gradually opprefTed a calm lethargic ftate fucceeded and on the 17th lnftant, about eleven o'clock at night, he quietly expired, clofing a long and ufeful life of eighty four years and three months. It may not be amifs to add to the above account, that Dr. Franklin, in the year 1735, had a fevere pleurify, which terminated in an abfeefs of the left lobe of his lungs, and he was then almoft fuffocated with the quantity and fuddennefs of the difcharge. A fecond attack of a fimilar nature happened fome years after this, from which he foon recovered, and did not appear to fuffcr any inconvenience in his refpiration from thefe difeafes. Proceedings of Congrefs. Houfc Reprefentatives cf the United States. A Afrilj, X79 Several petitions were leid. In committee of the whole oh the bill providing for the pa. nifSment of eertiin ctimci aeiinft the United States. Mr. Li. vermore in the cbtir. Several of the bill were difeuued. The claufe which emcli thit counterfeiting the ftcuntiei of THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary lhe United Statei, or uttering counterfeit! knowingly, (hall offtate. punifhed with death, by being hanged, it wu moved ihould be lmenied. bvflrikinf out the wordi punifhed with death by be Philadelphia, April 21. On Saturday night laft departed this life, in the 85 th year of his age, Dr. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, of this City. His Remains interred this afternoon, at four o'clock, Jn Chrift Church burial ground. We are favored nvib the following Jhort Ac count of odor Franklin's laft lllntft, bj bis Attending Pbyjteian HPHE ftone. with which he had been af irig hanged to admit a left punifliment for uttering or pafli. than for counterfeiting. The degreei of criminality in the two cafei were accurately defined by Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sedgwick obferved, that he thought the degreei of pu mflient ought to be proportioned to the malignity of the of. fence. He enlarged on the pernicious coniequences of counterfeiting He conGdered it aa a crime againtl the mod important intereAt of fociety and of a peculiarly malignant tendency In the prefen and probable fituation of the United Statei. Perfona addicted to forgery are fcldom. if ever, reclaimed the fecurity of the fociety therefore appears to depend on a capital punifliment The idea it flrengthened when we reflect on the mifchief and ruin which have already enfued from forgery. Mr. Sedgwick afterwards conceded to the claufe at it Hood. Mr. Fitt fiaioni waa oppofed to the motion He advened the practice and experience of Great Britain the injunoui anc fatal confequencei to credit which refult from forgery, are confi dered in England in fo ferloui a point of light, that the DinL paya notea which they know to be counterreir. nence me niei orable rigor of the laws of that country in cafei of forgery. H( could not fee fo clearly, at fome gentlemen appear to the lifter, ence between forging, and fimply utteiing what ii known to counterfeit the mifchief ia not completed till the forgery it uttered. He enlarged on the idea of guarding public paper by every pof fible expedient. Mr. White obferred, that he wai oppofed in general to infliP ing Death, except for murder, or crimes which might terminate in murder but in the prefent cafe, he thought there were le grees of guilt, and the punifhment ought to be proportioned. He was moreover oppofed to a capital punifliment in this cafe, i he conceived it would tend to prevent convictions. Mr. Sherman faid he had known perfona who had been con vicled of this crime, that had afterwards reformed. Mr. Smith and Mr. Burke were oppofed to the motion They feverally dilated on the injuries which fociety was liable to, from the ingenuity of thefe unprincipled peifons the ct treme difficulty of guarding againfl their depredations rendered i. highly expedient they fhouid be cut off. The vote being taken on the motion, it was negatived anr the claufe retained. Further progrefs was made in the difcufiion but the commit teerofe without goicg through the bill. Adjourned. AY April 1790. Sindry petitions were read and referred. In committee of. the wholes The bill on crimes and punishments was further difcufTed but not finlfoed it 3 o'clcck when the committee rofe and the Houfe adjourned. FRIDAY, Atrl 0, 1700. Mr. Gilman, of the committee of enrolment, informed the Houfe, that the Act for the encouragement of ufeful arts wa laid before the President for his afTent. the 8th inft. Mr. Goodhue prefented a memorial from the merchants and traders of the diftricl of Newbury port, refpeding the duties on tonnage which was read and referred to the Secretary of the Treafury. Alfo a petition from the Proprietors of the Cotton Manufactory in Beverly praying a reduction of the impoft on Cotton which was referred to a committee of Fie Members, viz. Mr. Goodhue, Mr. Wadfwortb, Mr. Sylvefler, Mr. Civ mer, and Mr. Gale. The committee, to whom was referred the accounta of the Printera for newfpapers, reported, That thofe accounts be paid out of the appropriation for contingent expencei and that in future no more newfpapers be fupplied the Houfe on the public account. The committee to whom the accounts of the Treafurer of the United States were referred, brought in a report, which is, that the accounts are properly flated, and the expenditures agreeable to appropriations made by law. In committee of the whole. The bill on crimes and punifh ments under confideration. The difcufiion was finifhed thii day The committee rofe and reported the bill with fundry amendments. It waa then moved, that the bill with the amend, menu be referred to a felecl committee. This motion was loft. The amendments were taken up by the Houfe. and fome of then greed to others rejected and to morrow affigned for the third reading of the bill. A mefTiee was received from the Senate with the Mil (nr Ae ther fufpending part of the Collection Law, paffed with amendments, in which they requeft the concurrence of the Mr. Smith, (S. moved, that a joint committee be appointed to confiderand determine at what time the commifSonsof the Members of the two Houfes fhall expire motion laid on the table. Mr. Ames, of the committee of conference, on the difigree ment between the two Houfes, refpecling a claufe in the bill for the mitigation or remiffion cf fines, penalties and forfeitures in certain cafes, reported that the committee had attended that fcr vice but had come to no agreement. The amendments of the Senate to the hill fnr frt, ing part of the Colledion Law were read, and agreed to by the Houfe, Adjourned till Monday next. It is recommended to the Citizens who propofe to MONDAY, April 12, i7g0 attend the Funeral of Dr. FRANKLIN, as members A meffcge was received from the Senate, with the bill for the of any public or private inftifution, to meet at the State, mitigation of fines and forfeitures, propofing an amendment, houfe this afternoon, at three o'clock, to form them fter fome debate, waa agreed to. lelves their proper order. ia oute then went into a committee ofthe whole on the The The Members of the Cincinnati are requeued to meet at the State houfe this afternoon, at three o'clock (with their order, and a black crape round the arm) and from thence proceed to the FUNERAL of Dr. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, late of their Society, R. Fullerton, Secretary. Pbilad. April 21, 1790. The ufeful arts are conftantly encrcafing amoncfl us. A the laboratory of Mefllrs. MarfhalL we are informed, that uiisiummcrooooio. 01 cruae ui ammoniac will De exported to England and. Holland, the very countries from which we have hitherto imported this article. Glauber fait, of an excellent quality, is made cheaper than if can be report lie credit. Mr. Li vermore in the chair. vi.tuuiiu rciBiuuon, wun Mr. Madilon After fome debate, Mr. Sherman mored to have the queflion ividcd, fo as to take the fenfe of the Houfe upon the orieinal refolution fed. one near wimout tne amendment, in place of which he propo irly as follows and that any further provifiori that bngle manufacturer in the Northern Liberties makes annu may be thought neccOary for a final fettlement of the ther I 01 tne secretary of the Treafury for the fupport of pub ol The bufinefs under confideration being the afTumption of the accounts on uuu prtu wuuicu, touun anu inrcaa itoCKingsj UI inB iauai aiaies with the United States, oueht at the the laft fnnerior in annearanrp and tmnAnrC ir ttmf fame time to he made i mwiw tttab win ivuic tonnoe ration, was it imuuiicu iiuui uniiuiiu ai a iiuilii wsncr nr re. hrnm mr. wcrry, aner an explanatory introduQion, propofed ano amendment. That effectual trovifioa be mids fnr jtt i m. mr V.a MIUBkllil I 1(1 Infill in thm wpenouurea 01 me states, durine the 5 Ven 1011 was negatived so or 7 appearing tor, and 31 againfl it

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