The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1931
Page 5
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MAY 7, 1931 CLASSIFIED ADS I'K'O cents a word /or flrsi iBM-ruon and uae cent A wrd (or each lubsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less thau OOc. Uutuii the words aud send ine oaso. I'hone 306 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ImEY^DVES: PAGE FTV1 FOU BALK FOR SALE—Baby chicks, ray till* Mil. sec us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. uC-Tt 1-OK SALE-Coltou Seed—Crooks Improved Hall i; Half. Koss Stevens, Phones No. 627 or 04u. GP-K9 i'Oit RENT FOR RENT—Apartment in Ineram building. Sec Parkliurst Com- liauy. 8C-TF FOU KENT — Beautiful English bungalow on terraced lot. siude liecs, yarages, Kervfint house, chicken yard and house. Bain, sewer, water, lights. One of Uie most attractive homes arcunl Blylhe- ville. Rent cheap to party who will take hare of it. Thomas Laud Co. 6C-KU IIMKVI. linilDMN. .riTi'llr In tnv Mllb TOM II V WII.SUV, Jl«- cuii-rn lli:il hr l» illuming 10 *li iir «lth lirr li:il!-hktrr. IICI-INM j; \iiii ;:•!•(•, s., ,i, r m ,,i i, L . r "smiis" kidnap Tommy mill t.tlic him Incn llle cuuulry %rbrrr ktif iirsc* lilnl 1u oiinlrnir In t-ollr^r IIIH] iiul l>u-:ik rt:i- lirlirl nt M« :n:ii| uliu I* Ijllilllt'Ill^ Illfjl. l-'ElllEjl^- III Olll- vlurr hint. Ili^ryl ICEA Tc.nimr it- lurn la kcr ftMrr. lrciu>, cnr:ipi-i] ill llir hint; luill. rrfnsrn in Mill » lii III* JiK'nx nail iioatlicnri (Lr NrM ilnr Tiiiilinj- riir« Ikhlti,; nllU hi* unrlf nnil liMt].^ llrr>l :inil bvr &nne un Itir hi-iicli. llnt> nl ibi< Ij) ^ho llUv. 'fiinini)- r<-»<'ur him untl t-nh [i fi.rv inklijj; htm lii>ini- nua Mi >i Eur lir- flmlx WANTED POULTUX WA.N'JL'U1>— Alai'ltei tea, ajiy Quantity, Maruyu cu«y, 210 b. IXjunn jit. tK l>n- WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora 2207 lath at. POULTRY WANTED — Market. prices paid ai c. L. Benueu Co. Feed Co, 210 M. Railroad St., w of courthouse, J. K Usher, pnuuc <S4. MC-TJF WANTED TO RENT — Furnished apartment. Call 505. C-K-1^ 1'KKSONAL •. CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main \& Lake Sts. CC-TP % 1 STOCKHOLDERS MEETING ! of The Blythevillc Cotton Oil Company ": The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of the itove company will be held Thurs|ay, June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in }ie oHiccs of W. A. Gage & Co., : Jills Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. I 4C-K6-3 Mll!>. jll-:KI> unit brr fninlly nn (lit 1 HUrk'ri. tit livr lv;i:oii>, >lsler. « tit-ti TIIIIIIII; llUilin ljfc« Iri-no lit uirirrj lihti. i.lji- 1.11.1% h ln> ulll i.tit Id iLinrrlLi^i- Inu-rlr.-i- \viili J.t-r varrcr {mil IlifurLii^ Mm ih:il »lu- (•» lo U:uu u rjiJIn iiiijlilnu. >;ow co ox WITH Tin: s'louv CMAI'TEK VIII '41 THINK." Mrs. Rverctt Faiil to llsryl In Ihe voice ot one who copes wliti a hopeless situation, "that ll would be more coushkrate ot you to go to your sister and see | If there Isn't something you can do j for her. You know nettor thnn I anyone else what an ordeal she lias boen through and with this audi- j tlon ahead ol her tomorrow she is really under a great strain." All the women looked at lleryl For a moment defiance was plainly expressed In the (lush that spread over her cheeks and in the pronounced lilt of Her chin, bul com- mou sense came to her re-scne and saved her from inaUiny a scene. "And someono must couk dinner." her mother added suggestively. "Heaven knows 1 can't dr. "I migJi! be able \o do a lot /or you sonic day," Irene coaxed. when she made the crust she forgot ru!c for mixing it and slcotl lion of asking Tleryl to accompany lier to (he broadcasting sliuiio, but injured fcclliiGB com-jwhat by dill- Cl'in;; the food "i)li well." lleryl (iiiswcrcrt llsl- Icsfly, "I (ihlii't feel like couklni;."' "Miwnltii; over someone?" Iru-:io o-'kiil maliciously. lleryl nodtled. "Someone I feoJ '•orry for," sho said sweetly, and lii'iK-'s tulultlon waiiu-il her !• 'hi>|i I lie subject. When lleryl KpAi li^- that sho nan liolny lo lio ci^' llaaly sarcastic, ami Ircno didn'l want u lose tier lumper tn llic point of (llscloslni! lo lieryl what ^lie k:::l In mind for lit 1 ! 1 . when sbo did apoak ol II. the i next LiornhiK ul brc.ikfast, alu- met wilh o;ii:iisiilon ftoni an unexpected !l !'i.uter. Heryl wu.i nway nitii'lliiK 'll.c fioic while Mr. Uverelt —who j K-ii Hie houi'o before Ills wlfo nr livnc wcio mi—lelurncd lo break- fan with them. On Hits occasion lie seemed lo ho In a Ir.ivry. "lieryl tella me slie's unii!;: in N'e-w Y«il; wilh you." ho rai'l to Irene, "(llvo mo KOlllo inoro c''!:ie- 1C you've gul aomo not, V"!!'.cr. 1 want to gel back• inn! .;h Uic vceelalilo lack boloro I ; i'yl k-.ives- If yon'd cnmc over '•'-••\ licip," ho Iwsau siit'Kestlvoiy. :iy:iin adilrcs^lng hlmseif lo hli v,;i;n^er tlaujiiiteT. only tu bo Inlcr- rujileil by his wife's honllicd: "i'a! Can't you ever realize IIEIV Ihosc newspaper ln(orvlc\scra would make it Bound if they found out Ircno had worked In a grocery store!" "Wlul newspaper inlcrvlowera?" Mr. Kvcrett nskcil hazily. "QH. you'ro a& Lad as IJoiyl!" ^Jlra. Kvcrett exclaimed. "Can't you sen wlial's ahead o! your daughter? liui of courbe, you wouldn't know," she added with i )UK BOARDING HOUSE r zras-f-fet.i- MRS. \A GSEA-T speep; v ABOUT T?<JCM srie "REM-rep ME, SOUMPS ALL I rfbCK IM SPOOKS BEFORE WHAT-:"- J>''1» MQli GOSH, MV ROOM IS ACROSS -tH' rlALu -iftAf OSiE (F SPOOKS GO THAT OR SOMET(-(lM6 ["'"T6U.L •To -REM-f If OUT TOR -Tfc 4S A HERMIT" SPOOK <505r( F I GOES THE- SPOQKS rub'oing Hie shortening ami l!yur the haleil w;;shir.f; and ironini,', and lo a fineness Ihal would rob the- pie of all flakiness. RENE cnn'.e in while she mused studio. lieryl conlj do It beautifully. 01 course, she couliln'l sing . . . Iiul Ireue knew she'd love to go lo Ihe over the pastry bov;l. lo ;;et a "If you're able to jio uustalrs and (etch It ilown lievc I'll w.ish ll." weary sigh. "Kama menus nothing lo you. All you'vo ever known la lurnSr.s ami callings. Why. I ilon't believe you've ever sold an alllialnr pi-ar in your life!" flio ailiieu, uarmlng lo her subject. "Mother," Irene broke In Ellffly. "After nil, even alligator pears have nothing lo do wltli me ,i::d my Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T. 180 7-8 Anaconda Copper 26 5-8 Auburn 2W 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 27 1-2 Chrysler 19 3-4 Citie.i Service 15 Continental ''General Electric 44 General Motors 42-5-1 Montgomery Ward 18 1-2 Ntw York Central .". 98 1-4 Packard 7 3-4 Radio Corp 18 Simmons 121-'Texas Corp 21 U. S. Steel 1U New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 7". (UP)—Col ton closed steady. Open High Low Close . 910 074 969 971 . 995 937 . 1031 1034 . 1054 1056 . 1085 1067 . 1085 1087 everytliins anJ I'm sure Mrs. Uee'l | glass of ice water. She s'.'.iiliod ; , , , ,, , , needs mo Here Soireono mas' Ujrvl for a r.ionient with s'.v :=i;cc,i- "">'' compvoiiil-'od '1 ivou,..ln career. I sbould like lo^et nectb mo Here, i.m ^^^ T|;cn ^ ^ M n . Mj ., , !lls:i your audition for anything." i;rccor i C3 (or n wh | lc . r , n 6kk lo make up to her for . "Whar's the IronWe?" Charlie Reed's voice cut in as lie made his "I've Irene was gone. ;u;il when shu re- nlainlive , ^ »^ u v- .., , , , ,, , h-Witful hcadnche." \* a "** Beryl ««•« Blin,mer ot "Thai's too had." Beryl said willi T<nk ar.'.->n.; the folds ol the yellow simply as sho could what had hap-! do." i ..I peucd. neither accusing nor sparing bcrEelf.- "1TI never let him jn away alone "Take an aspirin and lie down." "1 don't mean about my head. Ico bad yon didn't bring the JIou- I've dnni> every Hi I lit; for that, but I "ay wash aloiis loo." £ol [0 pc( n , Qt yellow "Uon't LD mean." Irene c.iaxcd. dcalli of llic Iboimht of Ihem " Mr. Evevett grunted, and looked at ilio two epss and hncon on her plate, tho slack o[ toast and jar ot 1:1:11. "it's not for Ibis family to rio- =r.lce grcccrlc?," he said ie=tlly. "And I'd like some more cnifeo It anyone around Ueio has llnio to liiink of me." "You needn't hurry." Ircno in- formeil hiiu. "IJeryl is nut colnij \vliii me." BOOTS AN1D HER BUDDIES By Martin TOO MUCH FOU W1U.IE! . - again.' Mrs. lieeii sobbed, her eyes! washed and i can hardly staaJ on | "I might be able to <!o a loi for Her niolher looked at l;n iminii- heseechtnsly upon her husband'^ | my ttet." face. "What?" lie Eald, surprised- for?" •V.'l:at do you want Ilia blouse I "lop a voice." yon some day — i£ you sliould de- Then: "1 stiess \vliat tiiat yoi:[i~ felloe needs is a lesson in spori:;- lleryl laughed. "Anylhing can iajipen," slie said. "Kvcu tliat." "Didn't mother tell yon?" !!>? "Tetl mo wiiat?" | ... Biansl-.ip. It wasn't playiu; fair] "Tiiat I'm si;:gius for H.KC lo i flinxi 1 ! v.-as seized with a mag- to go in by himself while the otiie'rs morrov,-?" .-^ i;m.i::ioiis impulse. ".Maybe if were busy." tin added and strode! " At "- you must sin.; in a ycllovr I you'd cut out that crazy 'taiJi-ins' aw.iy upslnlrs. i blouse. I scs—a yc.lljw linen blouse; ^s ynu call it, you'd discover that .Mrs. Itced sosneil. and I!eryl e\- , tint's been waiting a week for you j y cu juvu something to work witb peric-nccd a blessed feeling ot re- i° ia;;i:<^r it." j anyway/' lief. At least there was :us a.lult! "»'3 Hie only liccent one I've got [ -'Vuii mean a real TJ;CU?" Heryl -May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 980 1022 1013 1050 1073 995 1033 105G 1066 1085 Sjjots closed steady at 985, nil 5. A'eit? Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 7 tUP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Mny 071 911 973 017 Jill 988 038 987 997 Oct 1027 1034 1021 1030 Dec 1050 1055 1041 1053 Jan 10S1 1001 1050 1001 Mar 1084 1084 107S lOS'.b b|K)l3 closed quiet at 952, up 7. Gosnell in the world who wos not eager to j to go with ny gray suit." Ire::e pillory her. ' pouted. "I'm cot bzy. It's not my "I'll cook dinner." the saic! j fa«H if 1 can't set things done, pleasanlly lo ber motlier and liur Toicniy's liaitiiy uiveu mo a rieJ away. I ment lo myself for wool:"." One among the women, realizing S!ie watched, but lieryl showed! "You would he sacrilegious," that they bad been outdone in gen- no si[:n of feeling the blade. Irene- fiery! retorted and left the room, erosily by a man. remarked conhl never be quite sure when ber appeared lo l:c deeply imprc^td. "A soprano—like yours?" Irene simpered. "Well, ;ou could 1IJ °-1 hardly expect to have a voice like I mine," she said pityingly. vaguely: "Beryl's a good cook. Isn't the?" Mrs. Ivverelt sighed. "When I can net her into the kitchen, admitted. she tbrnsls hnd gone home. "1 c!o:i't GCcin to have so much lirr.e layseH somehow," Uoryl .=aicl coiilidenlially. "Well, if yon aren't Interested Irene w;;s EO insulted that she decided Boryl should not accom pnny her to the slinlio after all. ll'.i* she did not jro near lleryl to tell her this while tho latter washed am! ironed the lingerie and Hut lodp.y Beryl's mind was not enough in my career to help me i cooked the. ['.inner, on cooking. She caw tho apjiles, I when I'm sick I doa't suppose you'd | y\ fi'.ct, the. said nolhisig during ingly and .Mr. Evorell ejaculated: "Eh?" "1 won't have her." Irene burst out. "She's impossible; you should have hearil tho things she said to me ycslcrday!" "Probably nolhlng btil Hie truth," ber falhcr lelorted. Ho was In an irritable mocd tills morning; due very likely 10 bis badly cooked ilin- ucr of Ihe night before. "If yen women wouiii stop arguing ar,d lieliting all (he UEIIC ami [iay moiu attention to—" 'Your meals." his wife adtlcd for him. "You're just like all men— thinking ot your stomach all the lime. You used to lie difierenl." (That usually cot him.) "I declare." sho began to cry, "I don'l know what lo do," ami her hos- band's habitual meekness was quickly restored. "There, there. Mother, I know you have a liaril time," ho soothed, "but Beryl's a great belli lo me; you aren'i going lo let Irene dtsap- Mr. Mcrvin Potter siKnt Sunday wilh Mr. It. C. Mnraun. Miss Thelma Ricliardson spent Siniciay with Miss Alvie Necdliam. Miss Delia HaHmark was tlic guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Marcum, Sunday. Miss Alma Ncedliam of Lone Oak spent Friday night with Thelmr. Hichardson. There was a program at the Gos- r.cll scliool Friday night. Misses Gertrude Loll and Jessie Crawford s|x?ni Saturday night with Miss Mary oracy at Bur- cictte. The following pupils had perfect attendance at. Hie Gosnci school for llic past month: 9th trade—Bella Hallmark and Ihcima Hichardson; 8th grade — t'rankie Tucker. Doliie Blake and Bealrice Cook; 7ih grade—Inex Bevili, Mar- g.ucl I'ruilt; 6lh grade—Ivon lie- vili. Anita liryeans, Woodrow Cook, Kmma Godwin. C. D. Ing. Marvin Lloyd. Caranza Mcody, Volorn Itcece: 5th grade—J. C. Eubanks, raid Hcmphill, Marvin McGhce, JJKC Middlcton. Garland Mocidy, irliccd and spicei, knd guessed that care to £o wilh me loniorro^," i r^'j :r.*s! ot her new decision. Mrs. point her .Ilia that, arc yon? 1 tt*J w«» intended (or a jolo but Irene bailed. Shc'ii had 110 iulei-licvcrilt cticousciouslv aoccaied lierl .(To n* ContinnrdV James Webster, Virginia Rii-h.i'd- son, Bill Perkins; 4lh grade-I'm Chitman, Willis Ingram. Obin Mosley. John Smith. Eugene Wndiey, Beola Brown. Bessie Hcmphiil. Jnanita Mitidlclon, Cornelia Smith. Beatrice Webster. Frank 1'erkins; 3rd grade — Scnia Long, G. W. Pruilt, JeA'el Crawford. Luclla Gordon, Mildred Richardson; lind grade—S. P. Cook. John I-ewis. Raymond Mcdlin, Tommy Raynor. ncwilt Vanckve. Robbie Lee lic- vill. Virginia Cook. Tennio Drum- moncl, Icna Inj, Stella Kirk. Carmen Pot'er. Tcssie I'ottc-r: :s; gr —James Hart. Ciiarics Havt. Helen Ingram. liitymond Lc^is, Jch:i:iy McBride. Wilburn Morlsy. Patey Raspberry and Bessie Lee Vernon. VOORE YOU VKV DOCTOR .. 'S W DOCTOR ? TW'j ••- TO SHOW MY APPRECIKIICS 1 fv/ME HY AC-V.UT: AT TrE. TO H_\CE K YOUR WSPOSfxL AS A. TOT?. VXSOHNG MY SISTE.R. TIVE SUM. 01 ••:•• Mormon Mantle Shelves Ornament Parish House AUBURN. N. Y. (UPi-Two mantle shelves carved by Jlri.-'h.ui Voting. Mormon leader, wili dceo- ratc a Presbylerlan pariMi l-.ouu-. The mantle "shelves are of raar hie. neatly chiseled. Tocetl'.cr wit! itero from Ihe house Ir. wliicl tlioy were place;! r,ra:ly a hu drcd years ago, they will bcccnie parl of the I'rcsbyteriai parish, now under construe lion. Brighnm Young's hnyhco;! da were spent in Port Byron, in I heart of llic Finger Lake region o New York. WASHED GRFASEDi EATON AND SON I'hone 7CO FaM Freight Srls Urcord PHILADELPHIA. 1'env... lUPl The Pennsylvania railroad i'.as i' aiiguralcd llic fastcsl mrrchand: freight ilycr ever operated lriv:e-r Bo<lon and Philnrielphiii. nccordii lo an. announcement by Ihe :v.i road. The train is called tl Sp:c<l Wilch which Is in In-.i(he raliroarl's i>olicy of iminti Jl.lin <t 51H St.llhcii cvack freight trains. -XfJ faii; THAT uoox.€> SoGP:Ciou&, JuST f,\£ AT MA'U OO21 -.. MS£R_ WGv'£l3 i-ST \_ OM THAT VDe/EE UOOHl|J(S WHM1? T«6V ^E FOUMO W WE SCO4E Of WOW CCiJLD T«&>i EVER PRO\JE THEIR W NO CEMCf?

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