Daily News from New York, New York on April 9, 1924 · 26
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Daily News from New York, New York · 26

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1924
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2$ MRS. FISKE INDULGES CIDER JAG FOR CAUSE "Helena Boys" Points the Moral. She (Be printed from yesterday's final tdU'.on.) By UL'KNS MANTLE. Beintr middle ag'i and reactionary you should like Mrs. Fiske's '"Helena's I'.oy because it puts the young- upstarts re p r e-sontir.jr the new peneratio n in the wrong. Being a youthful soul and earer. you should take to it because it offers proof that every forty - year - old in the world is quite as big an i.iiot as you think him. Which should frtve the new comedy at the Henry M:ller Mrs. Fike theatre chance for a sprir.ir run. It was written bv Lubienski Ehrlich. a new comer among the playwrights, from a story by Mary Brecht Iu!ver, a comparative old timer among the fictionits. And if it follows a conventional form in offering the familiar comedy contrast of having mother do the things her progressive sons stand for, thereby disgusting them, it has a balancing advantage in offering the first actress another chance to exercise her gifts as the most intelligent of our comediennes. Mrs. Fiske. for instance, playing widowed mother to a couple of un-licked cubs, is given opportunity to substitute cider for Scouh and pre tend to get boiled while at dinner with her eldest and most exacting offspring. Having lived with the boy's father, who had accepted life as "one glad, sweet, alcohoiiday," she knows the technique down to the AMUSEMENTS WINTER GARDENS" 15 Artists -Models .f l-l II V rHTItl living nf ThoKa-iii Sntnn. r K 1. A Ki Y Tarnish T Artbur Hsmmtnt, t Mhtutal Trtums-. MARY JANE - KI HAY a HAL f"vELLY IMPERIAL T.- -. e Mti Tjc a Sat Jolson'. 59th SLlt?-Tj:S V : i5 Pai :i emr In M -i TK N T E Rchlffon Girl APOLLO W ; ? Ft. i 39. Kti TU a Sal. MADGE KENNEDY witlW.C Fields tm l3OPPY tT B.it Mancjl C.n) KmfYtir The Shame Woman rnvi rnY Ttwatr. '. r of b a 33 WUJlLU 1 V?ul TOMW A SAT. a: J 15 181 v - V . . i CASINO, B'way & 39th St. Mats. Today & Sat., 2:15 r XRl E CARLTON'S BIGOF.8T MI1CAI. COMEDY HIT! PARADISE ALLEY -sreers A4 C.RFT A IKrMT INK". UK. HKLTllN S PRIIHUS n ti ti: HI MO MISTER EON OMKI NATIONAL THEA. llt, W. of R'waj. lAt. Trtmorrair anil Curiidvy at HAMPDEN ItTTLE w 4 -it K' 'ti T Ui .,. LlTTLE-JESSIE JAMES WITH THE 1FS BOYS gfV M..I. (A PAUL WHITEWAM BWD) HI OHM DTPITRI IP ,"u TiiniT a sat 1:1S Ann AbKsJrisliRose PRINCESS la.K. SUNUP at B , Enin it S sr ? 45 ait tat itl L Vrw THIS GOOSE HANGS HIGH wrt ) Trnv. Hri. WkiWn kttk. Srqp Rllilll Ta 43a St.. w. at B. Ana J TOO AT SAT. u I IS THE GOLDEN DOZEN 4'arreat attrartloaa la n Yark theatres that have recorded Ion;, eat t. Dramatic. Prrfnrm- -Abies Irish llot-f" -Seventh Heave"...... -Rain" .4.... "Sun l'p" "Tarnish" "Nervous Wreck ...... 774 63 5S5 357 224 219 Musical Comedies. "Little Jessie- James...... "Artists and Models' "Poppy "Music Box Revue....... "Mr. Battling Buttler "Ziegfeld Follies" 334 276 251 227 210 195 last slurred sibilant. And she revels in it, Not only does she get drunk, but she takes occasion to announce her forthcoming debut as the mistress of the tovn"s most popular umbrella manufacturer. If they are for freedom and self-expression let them watch her. They know something less than the half of it. But the play fortunately has something more than this one fairly ancient laugh-raiser to commend it. There is good home comedy in the first section, with the pending arrival home of the yotmg progressives. And there is some smartly written dialogue couched in the current lingo of freedom's outriders. So smartly written that much of it sounds more convincing than anything the reactionary elders have to offer in rebuttaL Mrs. Fiske. looking well, is de- liciouslv droll as the wise mother and gorgeously irresponsible a; the sauiffy one. Her words of acknowledgement before the curtain intimated that she feels a little apologetic because her play does not amount to more. But she need not worry. It amounts to as much as most of AMUSEMENTS CUTIRtPT of B rnt. l4 9 -'' ?at cely. 1 13 Sr VOGUES ODETTE MYRT1L IlaPtS-i Murray an,: s rit Sat Srllinc for iffial Mr-iniitni rrrfonnanr Tomorrow. & 7th Heaven nnnru THEATRE. W 4StB SL Krea . BUU In Vm.,.m TOD Y 3 AT St i r MATINEE TODAY Si.. An . GO TO THE SWEET nfVJT, mNrT LITTLE rruTD A 1 Tata. B a 4:tu Cfcrl I VAi- iui,. TOBAT a SAT St i 15 AMBASSADOR STitl Lionel Atwill in "THE OUTSIDER" Good Sau Si l p RITZ WE.-T 44 ST. BOUND nn MATS TOPAT A SAT.. 2 W AND TANGKR- H 1 r." J tt. ria '. PITT 45th St.. W. ot B wat- EVES. AT 8-30. TOPAT A SAT a MATS - CYRANO 13-TTH TIMK TOMC.HT WgSKS AH SAD. oroaaBorsi u.. mu v sat . u lBeggar - Horseback ROLAND YOUNG EXTRA MAT. EASTT.lt. MOV,in.?I. PI YMOUTH sa w of B -THF BFST AMKRHAN fOMLBV 4r THfc K Vm)." Heivcoo Broun, Wor d. POTTERS &. AI L ABOTT THE FOLKS NEXT POOR 1L0NGACRE L1 MSt JULIA SANDERSON i-tt jrc sat S Mi M. .IL 1 ! Da?'" MOONLIGHT fOMKPT CKJf It MOSIH DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL them and she personally makes up for the rest. - Refrinald Sheffield is splendidly serious as the older son, Irene Pur-cell bubbles engagingly as a representative flapper, Ralph Shirley is exrentionallv true to the intellectu al agitator type, and there are good supporting performances by Will-1 iam Courtleigh and Louie Emery, t Charles Waener is the producer: and Harrison Gray Fiske did the! directing. Friends present last evening were much pleased. THEATRE NOTES Mary Hay of "Mary Jane Mc-Kane" is out of the cast with a slight indisposition. Her part is being taken by Dorothy Appleby, her understudy, who is a member of the chorus and who played the part Monday night for the first time after four rehearsals. Miss Appleby understudied Helen Ford in "Helen of Troy, N. Y." On account of the midnight performance of Vogues at the Shubert tomorrow night this afternoon's matinee will be omitted. Louis Calhern is the sole member of the cast of "Cobra," who will be seen with the play when it opens in New York the week of April 21. Judith Anderson will replace Wanda Lyon, Ralph Morgan will have Donald Gallahers part, John Wray will succeed Jose Ales- sandro and Paula Shay and Kay Laurell will be replaced by other actresses. J. J. Shubert returned from Europe yesterday on the Olympic. He has been abroad six weeKs contracting for new plays, new material and foreign stars. He will im mediately take up the production of a new operetta by Victor Her bert and Rida Johnson Young and i another play with music. Both are scheduled to open Easter week. Later Mr. Shubert will stage a new revue for the Winter Garden. A benefit performance of "Run-nin' Wild" will be given Wednesday, April 30, in aid of the Tuske-gee institute. AMUSEMENTS BATTLING PIT 111 CD Gwrn Cioi' 8cr?aja-OUIILLA fcJ Mas.ri t omrdj. SELWYN - ? I POPULAR MATINEE TODAY - F. BAY COVSTOCK and MORRIS SEST P-went WORLD-! Bl,t.Kr PKOUllTION The Miracle Stiff! br MAX REIHiHARDT rermazj at TM W1IX NOT BK PRESENTED IN ANY OTHrR CITY IN AMERICA. SM Scats SI 51 Seats Si. 50 560 Seats $2. AT EVERY PERFORMANCE rFKTIIBY -J -l L'fcUL Fart VNt tn a 1 EXTRA POP. MATINEES. TOMORROW AT 2 f R I DAY. APRIL IS A MONDAY. APRIL 21 PLAYH0US8.W 5? set. Ks : Mta Tj A Sat. FOPILAR MATINEE TODAY AT i:30 THE SHOW-OFF A Cfpe4v Gem bv Gtvraa Kll EXTK.A MAT. EASTER MONS. APRIL 11 LAST 14 -HODGE "For All of Us" TIMES THF C.RE AT IEC.H TE R COMEPT 1 VOIP The, 4-d W. ot B ut. E 3i a. a iuv ' Itj4ir Mix Tiay Sal. al 4 39 TIMES SQ. Tfcea.. n Hi St Eiea 131 Mas. TOPAT A SAT. i! 34 rPHARLOT'S JmSm m aitk BEATRICE LILLIt. btKIKUUt LAWRENCE and JACH BUCHANAN FI TITF TA.. W 4iJ St- E'. at g:30 lLllllUtMllJ TOPAV ar!-1 SAT at ItS FREDERICK LONSDALE'S COMEDY HIT. CPRING CLEANING a wita vrct rt-atoa. Est(t Wia E. Matthews. GREENWICH VILLAGE Tao Bros. 8:30. Mas. Tkbnt ti:?-FASHION FRANCINE LARRIMORE UrTrr"S:.ancyAiin jDtL CT TNEA-. at B war K 70 4911 Ol. Va TOPAT arj SAT it J:3 MOVES tI22r?- NEXT MONDAY 49tk SL Op'g Tae$Apr.l5 CHEAPER-MARRY" Sanreel Sirtaaa 9 New Pla. W:Ji RKrt Wanaica. Allan Oiathart. Ber-taa Ckunklll. ClaikarM Faitrr. Flaraaat Elaridta. Rat OraavllY. SEATS OX SALE TtMORROW- Maxine Elliott's 8AM H. HARRIS Prrsrat SU JEANNE EAGELS - 'RAIN' , 1S24. AMUSEMENTS FULTON iJL!?iJ-7 T. ftjy ("onufo't f itnrrit Gr't aar Baltaa. WriXrao ana Ktra'k Unlit Matical Caawdy. SITTING PRETTY with QUEENIE SMITH " S?USUAI- RW.tXAR M.4TIXEK VKTNBSTAT U.. M;I. Thea..Ii4W.43St. Era. 9 39 MRS. FISKE In New American Cnmrriy "HELENA'S BOYS" Hx THEAT&E G 'LLD Preeau S? SAINT JOAN FMPIRF and lath. Brea al i LH" " Matinee. TUr Sat. at S:2i Ert Vajda'i FATA MORGANA at 8:3d Malt Twn'w & Sal at 2 3 ' LYCEUM Seats Tnere Now SSfiii f NERVOUS WRECK By Owm Paris . . Xow At with Otta Hrur and Jaaa "'"! st" HARRIS J: ETM. III!! FRED STONE wih IMIKIITHY STflNt MUSIC BOX THEATRE w sail a HARius the WORLD'S GREATEST CAST MUSIC BOX REVUE? Stared by HASSARD SHOUT n.- Rt Musical Show rrk Tinner. John Serl. Florem-f liJr. SaSVa. Kbrrt G T rvirhVyT Ix.r ihJitZ tnbnl IterothT UillcT. VuvUs7atJSW'hrevr You Con . : . - i .. ii'ikMi.h.ii. Hum ixmnnn. on CT THEATRE. . Vkt ol h Avf. " "'tCvjl. g SO M'J Ttmr & Su. THE MAIN LINE PAVrTVO HiwtKN Ai-ra. betkeshmknts smokino. white washed:: SSaS. Aiar- MtS-Ti-diJ i S 3 ! A SaL riV.UL.lVs a Theatre K'n W Si I A AT K TIMES PETROVA HI RRICANF." KLAW V 4". St Bi S " SlJ Twlaj. Sal 2.1 KaV.i:E TODAY 229. OUT AT M MEET the WIFE The Latih Hit with MART BOLAVP MUUJUn Mat.n.-f5 T.vlaj A Sat 2:3 OLIVER MrRVg NPjr ACROSS THE STREET ".yiu pi:(ht FMvrrr kkanb PUNCH & JUDY Two Strangers 15S West 4s"i ! rrom nownere Al ATS. ft with FRITZ LEIBER KNICKERBOCKER n w.t 38 Pt. Evs at 8:25 FEW SAVAGES PAN-rlNO MVSICAL HIT LOLLIPOP " . . aa . a. TD 1." U?ANDMENTSCrEl D at vt. i wvoe - " Botk ?rUUJNO ! METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE iLTtk MONDAY EVIL. APR. 21 i0""' s TI1KOK. INC.. PtMlU A N N A land HER BALLET RUSSE with Symphony Orchestra FIRST WEEK ,-T,. una FVE.. APR. 21 AMARILLA ORIENTAL IMPRESSIONS m4 Jmm r,lln" I TUES EVE.. APR. 12 CHOPINIANA j RUSSIAN FOLK LORE ua JM ';,lt.I?,. ' WED EVE.. APR. 23 SNOWFLAKES TBURS T APR. 24- VISIONS- FAIRY DOLL aa SrrMl Orrtrtmitv THUS. EVE APR. 24-POLISH WEDDING AMARILLA and Sa DnertmfmMtA. FRU APR. 25 VISIONS FAIRY 0LL aad Sma Dlrtrstl. SAT MAT APR- 26 MAGIC FLUTE SNOW- ' FLAKES aa Sere D nertiwafirtl SAT EVE.. APR. 2 CHOPINIANA ORIENTAL IMPRESSIONS ana 7 D n,-t,stlR-TKH.O il-IB t. tiS t t B 0c Ta-aamw. (Baldia. RAE SAMUELS 1 Arttiar Deaaaa. 6uy A j Pearl. Maaley Rtm, A . Frima ia Nf. Otr? A ! Phoux'.aj. Dambtera af i Tda." b. r. Ktuvi STREET B j A 81 9L Scaurlar 81 Uatt Baacaar. Oliva Wya. J osat. V ivlat Kamkla Caapar A Harry C. Brawoa in "Araniacnt to 1' Td ; A Uftxr Utaij. J Keitr '- ! aaav F. K.ita FflVERSIDE L A B-wa; aK. BUnrxtda 914. ai v ra it n a ll w i e r? nni i v DDrccDDCri' iXJMaiui. I AVJmI. JUlVlVLiiy t yTith GENCTIKTE TOBtNT B. F. Keith'a New York HIPPODROME Keith' Pax cant MAT. TODAY, 2 I Seats 25c 50c EVERY NITE. S . $1 1.004 Orek. of World Noveluaa f-eata i MARTA FARRA "A Sensatiaa" Saa. LOEWS (jCTATE Tmbkoadwat "aiFAT 45TH ST LaawswUian's Surpraa Pictu The Great White Way' LOLA SIRLJE. Ihikc TeUmaa and Irere Oartla OrchesTra. Ml m Eead the SUNDAY NEWS. AMUSEMENTS New Amsterdam "tgj-; W. 43d St. KTcr Kreaina Usui POP. PRICE MATS. TODAY A SAT. NFW RFVISCQ SPRING EDITION ZIEGFELD FOLLIES Hew Fntum New Paraaaalitiaa NIGHTLY ti SEATS AT al.OQ EDDIE CAHTOB'X pop p5ce MATtMEES .TiUii, SAT MARY EATON EARL CARROLL Prase! n white! 183th CARGO 1 i, PltlU l.'ui A.L S.I f7l Ar TIME U la'kina About. 1 DALY'S 63d St. MATS. SATl RL'AY. i M MOLN AB S TBR MVH.VNT COMKUY OF LOV t: nt J.SWAIf Rf Y -VUTl rriOT THEATUB W. 4th St- Huiirn TODAY n! SAT. " POPULAR KATIWEE TODAY 230 I VPFIIM THKA.. W. tith St. KM. i SMncs Nut Mcittfiy t tk Gtitttg , weet Seventeen Witb Marian Mrra Jos. Drakfw COMING 'FXT MONDAY . m FATA MORGANA? f.Votr at the G-trrieki w SFT AT I.YfKI M TI.T 5r.!,KET MATS. TODAY & SAT. IX IRVING BERLIN S al r.RD i.VNl AL r Ever Made in America with Moore. wpli Pantlrr. vt rver. olIT F'hil luLar Mme. ' Sonder-,n. Brux Sister. Nrl.n XS Mahaa. Hrl. n Lxou, and tile MOM You Can at the Box Office f- jOiL CT THEATRE. K of B . B 3 J Laai Ma:ln Saturday HSf WEEK JAS. K. HACKETT in "Macbeth r..u xf ( Ti: H FD EVE.. APRIL EaXprcssirig nuue i-rotue Sears ale Thory-day. April 10th. -1 , Last Week fi CcitJI . J Mvstrry-Mfladrama VF month' i SeNEXT room irivncDRII T s-. '-"- I lAmLW"' a v, HELL-BENT FER HEAVE -. i .,n,-- Cirsii AtiJe:. AySU"U' OO nut it -1 fth Month. with ADA-MA' Popular Mat. TixLf Sti 50c z.cp Jnd Year! Last W AGOlf B'way. at 41Ui tr TVI.-r IailT, :30-8 Plawtrt-Lank; Corp. I FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEK MADISOH SO. GARDE Twice Daiir. 2 A Doors Oix'n One Hoar Earlipr vHNGUNG BX&ad BARNUM 5" BAIL' THIS YEAR MORE THAN EVER 5v EMPHASIZING US lllLfc III ,lr THE GORILLA JOHN DANIEL 21 an W'ntid-Famaaa Arrobatn. Gn C istv Eaneatriana ana Arrialit7- kj Hrrd ot I'erformint t.lrpltant Ne Traiard Wili Animal Acta Git-ant TI M canzrroa at t rnaka. Adnussii y? o everythine. incluilui? seals. -o f3 accordine to location (tax i lutted) Children uaoer 1J atreuuei -io $1.10 Mia-and over. "ItratM-h ticket office (no adTanee nc t.hnhel Broa. R. H. Mct A ( 'Where the cnwd3 s ALL THIS WE I PITtHlLl G0R1NNE GRIFFITHS i CONWAY TEARLE A TlRAMA OP NEW TPSK'S PLEASlTt tLhl.NG WOMKN, FAITHFI'L WlTEl AND FTRATINU HlSiWlUS. oro a ret HToT - B.FKEfTH ACTaj, pl-L, burleMiLM, Tinws,1tce itly. VWI It AAA aMa. s.iuan .i 4:m su ;8 15 Pod. BILLY WATSON and Bttr m His BEAUTIES ts. To'.ay A Sat. 2 il rrti nKIAI ThfA.. B"r. 62J S Etv 5 I 181ST TIME H OEOROB WHITE PrrsecU Si.4 RUNNIN' WILU MIONIGHT HOW TH 1 RSDAY combined) I - V j tc IE IT I HAS MADE AMERICA LAUGH FOR 25 YE;

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