Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 20, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1957
Page 19
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Friday Evening, December 20, 1957. Disarm Talks Highlight Of Week's World News By CHARLES M. McCANNf United Press Staff Correspondent The week's good and bad news on the international balance sheet: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization decided this week to seek new disarmament negotiations with Soviet Russia. But it decided also thai, pending a possible agreement with Russia to reduce the threat of a ca!a- ment continued with its speeded- lip testing of missiles in its at- temp to catch up with Russia. An inercontinemai ballistic mis- silo, the Atlas, with a potential range of 5,000 miles, was tested successfully at the test center of Cape Canaveral on the Florida coast. Next, an intermediate range Jupiter missile was launched. It failed to complete its full flight strophic war. bases for launching of 1,500 miles because of tecl-.ni- nuclear missiles should be set up | cal difficulties. But the test was in Allied countries in Europe. |at leas: partly a success because The four-day meeting of the 15 ; it brought perfection of a potent Allies ir Paris, with President' weapon nearer. Eisenhower leading the United i States delegation, was one of the French Premier Felix Gaillarri most critical since NATO was went directly from the NATO formed in April, 1949. meeting 1.3 face his parliament It found member coimlrics cli- and seek a vole of confidence on vided on some big diplomatic an "austerity" budget of S12.600,- issues and fearful of the implica- 000,000 for 1(158. Expenditure was lions of Russia's sensational sue- slashed lo the minimum in hope cesses with its earth satellites and that confidence in France's finan- its development of an interconti- : cial position would be strengtli- nenlal ballistic missile. ened and Gaillard could seek a In advance of the meeting, the foreign loan. United Stale program called for the urgent establishment — and ROCHESTER SSS. -W ql " oStia"' A ,ot1 of «75 damage to two lions wih Russia would have been I «>»»cles resulted from a ruck-auto agreement with Russia lo ease:<•">-* early Thursday. The am- world tension was possible. Thej <*ent occurred wnen Phil Butts 61, missile question, lo them, was' of route 2, Akron, made a lei. turn secondary at tlle intersection of highways 14 . and 25 east of the city. His car was The result was a shift of empha-: struck on the right Jront fender sis from missiles lo ncgotialion. by a l«j ton truck driven by Robert Curtis, 18. The truck, a milk truck, was The actual establishment of missile bases is to bet he subject of future talks among the countries; owned by Harvey Packard, 1401 concerned. i College, and received $75 damage. ! Mr. Butts was cited for improper Just as the NATO meeting was Burning and will appear Saturday ending, the Supreme Soviet —j in Justice of the'Peace Ault's court parliament — met in Moscow to! in Athens. State police John Hatch give ils rubber-stamp approval lo j investigated. Ihe 1958 budget and plans for economic development. The meeting opened on a boastful note. Josef I. Kuzmin, head of Russia's top economic planning board, said that the country's production had expanded s greatly Rochester school children were lo begin their annual Christmas vacation today at 3 p.m. Classes will reconvene Monday morning, Jan. 6. Elementary pupils of both Columbia and R'iddie schools climaxed CROSSWORD PUZZLE Aniwir to ACROSS V 1—HiKh mountain •J—^Jore cfippjod y—Headgear 1-—Irish sea Rod I::—Old womanish •1—Number M—Sl^ii of zodlao :<i—Bny 17—.Burmese demon 3S— Kcliblc fish 20—Improve rJ—Blood 2-1— Prelix: thre« -~i—Slippery 2S—Period oT time -!1—Vror.oim 3D—1'ltico llrmly :!I—Oruy-roicred n.'l—Kor this reason o4—Placft for worship S5—Nod iitj—Abstract beinff 28—One who Inherits property it—Cot 40—I-landlB 4:—At no Llmo 4:1—^Voo'len pin <11—Tho urial 4fi—Dropsy 48—Possesalv* pronoun 51—Stroke K!—Ventilated lij—Prefix: nelT 54—Devoured fin—HndurPH 5C—Ship channel DOWN 1—Kveryonfi . 2—ConfLMlr:ratd penfiral S—heluy 4—Plftc-id 5—Glrl'a name 6—DSManca runners 7—Fragrant oleoresin S—Nerve network f)—StoopfriK 10—Collection of 1nc Li 11—>'ondle 13—Fnrou Island* whirlwind 21—(Jiiseoiis filement 22— .Earth Ko<l<1ess HI!—J?ope's collar 2-1—Metnl 26—1-fold* on S roperLy ymbol for yttrium 3D—Pronoun ;tn—Chnroli bench 32—Jtabhit 3:!—In what manner? 34—Kxc I situation IIS—Jiisect.s 37—A i-ontlnent (ahbr.) 39—MeHMH 40—Three-toed ninth 42— .Meat of calf 4',\ —NovelUea 4-1—Resort 4?> —Chapean 47—Encoiinmred 49—Afternoon. party 50—Drunkard that "the Americans are now try-j Lheir ce i e bration of Christmas pro- inff to^ catch up with the Soviet ; grams provided by the PTA. Each Union- ! child participated in various musi- mu * • ^T <• ^ , 'cal and dramatic numbers. All un- The American Defense Depart- dpr ^ direction of Miss Ed ith | Thomson. Capacity crowds attend- i ed each function. I Twenty-two women 1 were processed Thursday morning at the Woodlawn hospital Cancer Detection Center. Dr. Dean K. Stinson was Church Services Brood way Evangelical United Brethren Wilbur C. Wilson, Minister Sunday— Divine "Worship 9:30 n. m, Chriwtmas music by the choir ' Tor All the examining physician and Mrs. _ Pe S op r u? ?IIf " A i!eSHilBe Cor A1I jRuth Bammerlin and Mrs. EHie church School, following Divine i Suddith were the assisting nurses. "Worship .Raymond M?rtin. Gnn. Supt. Children's Christmas p i • M g r a during* Church School prriofi Youth Fellowship, 6:30 p. m. K v P n i n % Worship, 7:30 p . m "Companionship with God" Mock Creek Lutheran Parish T-tev. Robert Oherkehr, Pastor MT. P7SGAH — ^Mornlnw: Worship 9:00 a. m. 3-1 oly Communion Sunday School jl):00 a. m. JIT. OT..IVE— Sunday School 0:30 a. m. Jlobert Herr, Supt. JrornlnK Worship 10:30 a. m. Holy Communion Christmas Eve Services at Mt. Olive and Christmas Mnrnliiw Services at Mt. rl.sgah at 9:30 Center personnel assisting were Mrs. Ira Goss, chairman, and Mrs. Don Metzger. Mrs. Elaine Tilman, Mrs. Dale Shaw. Mrs. Harrison Hallerman, Mrs. Charles Richhart, and Mrs. Robert Marten. The La Casera Home Demonstration club provided fruit juice. I A marriage license was issued : Thursday in Fulton circuit court to • l '">'"at ? c p°m Pr °' Robert J. Haney and Geneva Howard, both or LaPorte. Justice James Walton Thursday fined each of four out-of-county men a total of $29 and suspended their hunting licenses. Jerry Beebout, Charles Beebout, and Ernest Depoy, all of Logansport, and Keith E. P^mery, of Onward, were arrested by Conservation Officer Ray Reker for hunting furbearing animals on Sunday. Walton also fined Melvin Eatmon, Rochester, $15, after Eatmon pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and battery filed by J. C. Eatmon on Nov. 29. A damage suit for'$20,000 was venued to Fulton circuit court from Miami Co., Thursday. The suit, filed by Glen Arnett against Ralph Myers, is the result of an auto accident on July 28 near the Howard-Miami Co. line. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pickens, route 2, are the parents of a daughter, born in Woodlawn hospital. Mrs. Kenneth Hall, Rochester, and Mrs. Dean Zellers, Silver Lake, have been admitted to Woodlawn hospital. Mrs. Baul Myers was hostess to the annual Christmas parly of the Twelvette Club recently. She was assisted by a hostess committee composed of Mrs. Dean Ault and Mrs. F. Kip.dig. Each member received a gift from her mystery sister, and new "sisters" were cleverly revealed in the Christmas packages. The out-going president, Mrs. Wayne Hittle, was given a gift from the club. Refreshments were served at the close of a social evening from a table gaily decorated in the Christmas motif. Twenty-seven member of the Green Oak Community Club enjoyed a carry-in dinner and Christmas party Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Dan Sommers. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Dcloise Severns, Mrs. Effie Wayward, Mrs. Guy McMillan, Mrs. Don Rans, Mrs. Robert Wagoner, and Mrs. Roy Czapansky. "A Stary That Xever Grows Old" was read by the president, Mrs. Harold Lease, In opening the business meeting. Mrs. H. W. Sher- Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Three rard, Jr. led the group in singing Christmas carols, and Mrs. Homer Sampsel, chaplain, gave devotions on '"God's Gift To Us," closing with prayer. A leller of lhanks was red from the Fulton County school for Handicapped Children for the club's donation. Mrs. Gerald Neff conducted initiation of two new members, Mrs. Czaponsky and Mrs. Harold Lowe. Mrs. Satnpsel, program chairman, read an anecdote entitled "Mow the Grinch Stole Christmas," followed by a grab bag gift exchange. The birthdays of Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Robert Keim were honored, and 1958 programs were distributed at the close of the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gene DeWitt, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ysbcrg, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hood and family altended a Christmas party and dinner Thursday evening near Kewanna at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elston Sayres. Guests present were members of the Kewanna Saddle Club. Santa distributed gifts and games and contests were enjoyed. The spacious new Steer Inn was •the scene of the annual Christmas party of the employees of the Fulton County Farm Bureau. Guests were wives or husbands of the employees. A fried chicken dinner served family style opened the evening's festivities. The employees presented Don Metzger, manager, a gift, and Mr. and Mrs. Melzger also gave each family a gift. The employees of the Fulton Branch and their manager, Harold Chapman, also exchanged gifts. The evening was spent playing bingo and various card games, with prizes going to the winners. Those attending were the Mcsdames and Messrs. Keith Hisey, Harold Stockberger, Roger Kent, Ralph Kistler, Tom Rhodes, Don Metzger, Clarence Jackson, Jim Gundurm, George Weidner, Kenneth Hood, Albert Bowen, Dale Shaw, Jim Little. Walter Holloway, and John Nicodemus, and Messrs. Harold Chapman and Tom Gundrum. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Daniels, oE Howard County Wednesday filed two damage suits of $25,000 each against Donald E, Herendeen of Rochester. The suit is the result of an auto accident on May 30 in which tho Daniel's each received personal injuries. In olher court action, Jack N. Guthier was granted a divorce [rom Nancy B Guthier and cus- lody of their five-year-old son. Also in Circuit. Court Harold Bowyer pled not guilty to a charge of desertion. A unique Christmas CARE party was staged Tuesday evening by the Tri Kappa sorority at the home of Mrs. James Zimmerman, A ham dinner was served. Funds were collected for CARE packages, replacing the usual personal Christmas gift exchange. Members also brought canned goods and gifts for distribution to local needy families. Mrs. Richard Helm and Mrs. Harvey Clary, Jr., were prize winners at bridge and court whist. The hostess committee for the party was composed of Mrs. Robert Stocking and Mrs. Dave Strig- g!e, co-chairmen, and Mrs. Jerry Smith, Miss Annetle Sharpe, Mrs. Harold Wallace, Mrs. Hal Hammel, and Mrs. Ned Bemenderter. A lesson on gift wrapping was presented to members of the Rochester Junior Woman's club by Mrs. John Reed at their recent December meeting, held in the Edison Room. Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Ned Bemenderfer, Mrs. Pete Terpstra, and Mrs. Reed. A Christmas gift exchange followed the program, and the club received Mrs. Harrison Partridge, Mrs. Kenneth Jones, Mrs. Arnold Snipes, and Mrs. Jack Lowe as new members. Mrs. Don Thompson was a guest of the group. . Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, Mr. j and Mrs. Joe Carciona, Mr. and! Mrs. John Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Crabill, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Clinger, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Metzger enjoyed a get-together recently at the Methodist 'church. Mrs. Harvey Thousand of Barneveld, Wisconsin, arrived Thursday to spend the holidays with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Thousand and family. A Foster and Good ambulance removed Junior Kern from his residence at 1222 Monroe to the Woodlawn hospital Wednesday morning, and returned Dell Daggy from the hospital to his home at 122 W. Bth St. Earl Frye was taken to Woodlawn hospital Wednesday in a Zimmerman Brothers ambulance. A son was born lo Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Bahney, R. R. 2, Macy, in Woodlawn hospital. 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Stop by your Chevrolet dealer's. * Optional at extra cost CHEVROLET Tfis new Biscoyne 2-Door Sedan. Read the Classified Ads Program Held Onward Grange Members of the Onward Grange held their annual Christmas program Thursday night at the Grange hall. The eigh'. gr^de chorus of Tipton township school sang Christmas carols and a modern version of the Ten Commandments was presented by ten Grange members. Gladys Bowyer read the Christmas Slory from St. Luke. Another reading was given by Roger Kunkle. Biblical scenes were portrayed by the children, who later were treated by Santa Claus. Jane Mays and Howard Woods won surprise p&ckages. At the business meeting, Helen Wilson, reported that Grange members had dor.ated a number of household items for the Max Craw family of Pipe Creek Falls, whose home was destroyed by fire last week. Jane Mays received a gift for her work with degree learns during the year. Members were told liiat reservations for' a special school at the Tipawa Grange Jan. 4 should be made al once, and that Jan. 1 is the deadline for discounts on fertilizer orders. The next meeting will be Jan, 2 Calvin Alver will be in charge of ritualistic instruction. Members of the commillee for (hat meeting are Mr. and Mrs. : Floyd Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 'llcrrick, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Spencer, Douglas Lake and Jack Williams. Nancy Kunklis and Gcra'.d Bowyer are on '.he surprise package committee. • The Grange also will have a party New Years Eve at the hall. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Glassburn will be in charge. Third Street E. U. B. | Sets Yule Program i Christmas will be observed at the Third street Evangelical Uni- led Brethren church with special Chri.slma.s music Sunday morning and a Christinas porgram by the Sunday school classes that evening, according lo the Rev. J. E. Campbell, pastor. Rev. Campbell said the special music will be presented during the regular Sunday morning vices. The program at 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening will include more Christmas music, showing of a film, a play on a Christmas theme, and recitations by the Sunday school clashes. Helm Street Church Holding Yule Services Third in a series of three Christmas program by Ihe Helm street Church of God will be held Sunday evening, according lo the Rev. Eusene Grater, pastor. The first program included showing of a Christmas film, "The Greatest Gift." and the second was a Sunday school service with [he children jjre.serlhg skits and plays, songs and rccii-ations on Christmas. The final program at 7:30 p.m. Sunday will follow a Christmas parly'at the local stale hospilal for palienLs there in the afternoon. Adul'.s of Cue church will present a Christmas p'.ay, "The Faithful Pioneer," Sunday evening, af- ler which the young people will sing carols. McGue Named to Miami Election Board PERU — Daniel E. McGue, 304 W. Second street, has been appointed as (he Democratic member of lh<j Miami County Election Board. McGue will replace Richard F. McEIheny. County chairman Arthur Goidard recommended tha appointment. There are three election commissioners. One is a Republican, One a Democrat, and the third is Ihe county clerk, by virtue of his office. County Clerk Louis DeLawler appoints the olher two on recom- mendalions of the county chair- WYOMING COLDEST SPOT NEW YORK (UP) — The coldest spot in the nation today was Big Treats will be presented lo the|Piney. Wyo., where the tempera- chiklren, Rev. Campbell said. j Lure dipped to 2 degrees below zero, according to the U.S. Spring Creek Yule Program A Christmas program will be presented at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Spring Creek Christian Church. Weather Bureau. Tuesday's high temperature was B2 degrees, recorded at Kingsville, Tex. 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