Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (Alt Listing Canira.j DayUfirn.t Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 News Bell-aira 6:15 is'ews—SportuNews 6:30 News Sports 8:45 Man's Family Anderson News-Weather Weather News News News Sports Heatter Hennessey 7:00 News Anderson News .Vews 7:15 -People-PunnyAnderson llu.sic Serenade 7:30 NIehtllne Scot. Yard bate News Mystery 7:45 NJjfhtlJne Scot- Yard Jke News Mystery 8:00 News Newa Dance Time Bob & Ray 8:15 NiRhtMn* World Jjance Time Bob & Ray 8:30 Xig-htHne Sports News Eob & Ray S:*5 NIghtline Arrms n' Andy Mantovanl Big Bands 9:00 News 9:15 Chan »:30 Chan d:45 Chan News Anderson Lew la Lewis News Flshts Ffchts News Nlphtwatcn 2-Star Final 10:00 News News , Nexvs 10;15 NiKht DeHk MercJer Music 10:30 Niffht Desk Town Crier Rudy 10;43 Sports Weltxel Rudy >JIphtwatch NlBht.watch Nlffhtwatch NJgrhtwatch THURSDAY MORNING 8:00 News Newa-Harringion UreaKtasi Club News I:l& Ch] Calllngr Jim Conway Breakfast Club Rise and Shine 8:30 Chi Calling: Gold Coast Breakfast Club Ada 8:45 News Breakfast Breakfast Oub flfoe and ffhlno 9:00 News Arthur Godfrey Aty True Htorj Klso and Shine 9:15 Truth-Cons. Arthur Godfrey My Tru» Story Iti»e and Hhino 9;30 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey News News-Melodic; &:45 Bandstand 10:00 News 10:15 Bandstand 10:30 Bandstand 10:45 Bandstand 11:00 News 11:15 Record! 11 :2C Records I IMS Duchess Arthuj Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Elolfio-JoKh Howard Miller Wenay Warren Backstage Wif» Helen Trent Gal Sunday Girl Marries Whisp. Sts. ToIIo-Test News Martha Crane News M, Con.iidlne Markets Weather Mf!iml]o» Woman's Wor Woman's Wor Queen-Day Quoen-Day Words Tiecnrt! Shop Carroll Co. CarroJj Co. THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 News 12:15 Merryfleld 12:30 Merryfleld 12M5 MerryCleld 1:00 NewH 1:15 Confen.Mons 1:30 Worn, fn fls» 1:45 Dr Gentry 2:00 Nown 2:15 Mailneo 2:30 HH1 Top 2-45 Pfip, Yuung Nora Drake Ma Perkins Burnley News Road of Life Mrn. liurtoa Striko-Rich Kntertalnmont Jriouse Party ITou»e Party Dr. Malone L.uckv Ludiea News Markets Dinner Bfill Dinner Eoll Markets Happiness Road Queen-Day NHWS- Weathor J.'ich Paur Nftws Wayne Kinj? Co. Extension Farm Corner Farm Corner Play Ball Play Ball Basnliall iJu.soball Bafir:lmll BiiHcl.all J:00 Newn Anderson News BiiH<:b»H Craig Did Not Suspect Road Deals INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Ex-Gov., -Said again that he "had no George N. Craig said Tuesday he! suspicion" of questionable trans- "never heard of Arthur J. Mogil-1 actons and if he' had he would ner or the "Glo" engine additive [have investigated them promptly. However, he refused comment on news matters "as a matter of propriety" until after the jury heard him. Back outside the Two Drivers Fined, Lose Right To Drive PERU, Ind.—Two drivers charged I children of Sou 1 !) Bend were \veek- with driving while under the in- end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clar- Wednesday Evening, June 19, 1957. Mr. and Mrs. Don Hagenbush. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis and Mogilner sold the stite until the! -Criticized "present leaders inl sec ^ et chamber, Craig distributed Indiana highway scandal stories the state government" for defeat- j ^L^Lll P ™1?"™. 5tatement broke two months ago. Craig also said he "never knew" that his former administrative assistant, William E. Sayer, was employed by Mogilncr in selling $133,000 worth of the ing his recommendation to tte 1953 Legislature for a "change in the highway administrativ eset- up. —Blasted Indianapolis newspaper writers for "fanatical devo- engine additive lo the Indiana tion .. .Cor Sen. (William E.) Jen- State Highway Department — a product which Mogilner bought for SI.50 gallon and sold the state for $8. Craig made the denials when he met with newsmen to issue a 7- page typewritten statement after spending 2% hours testifyin b be- ner and their long hostility toward me." Craig "legitimate, said they . dignified turned a inquiry' into "a political vendetta aimed at me personally." Accompanied- by his son John and William O'Connell, a Chicago public relations man who repre- fore a Marion County grand jury sented him during his administra- investigating reports of irregular!- tion, Craig appeared jovially in ties in the buying of land and sup-1 the Marion County Courthouse at plies for the highway department, j 10 a.m. and chatted with newsmen Craig also: I before his Jong jury session. ie did not know Maurice or Frank Chapman, two top officers of the international carpenters union who invoked the 5th Amendment in a U.S. Senate hearing on the ' scandals when asked if they profited from land sales in Lake County. ' He said Virgil W. (Red) Smith iiad Craig's "absolute confidence" ' or the ex-governor wouldn't have made, him state highway chairman. Smitli is .under indictment on charges of embezzlement am! conspiracy to embezzle and steal state funds. Craig said he would .not comment on "the guilt or innocence" of Smith or the other three indicted men. fluence of intoxicants were/ fined S38.75 apiece and lost their drivers' licenses' for a year in justice of the peace court. The two were William Moore, 34, Ft. Wayne, and Dudley R. Epling, 20, of the. Bunker Hill air base. Jerry Ireland, 19, also of the air base, was fined $15.75 in justice court for following too closely. Mocy Willing Worker's Class of the ME church met Thursday evening with Mrs. Milton Bashan as hos- ence Ellis Sunday. Mrs. Charles Bickel of Akron was guest Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith. Guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Van DaLsen were Mr. and Mrs. Graham Challenged By Catholic Editor HUNTINGTON, Ind. (UPl-An editorial columnist in Our Sunday Visitor, Roman Catholic weekly magazine, today challenged evangelist Billy Graham to name any Catholic leader who lias endorsed his revival movement. Pat Hoppas and sons of South j In its June 23 issue, a column Bend Mr. and Mrs. Don Nichols; by Father Richard Ginder said the and family of Ft. Wayne, and Mr. Cincinnati Enquirer May 23 car- and Mrs. Barley Zolman of Ro- ried a letter from Graham saying Chester. 'hat " 'Catholic. Protestant and George M. "Bashan son of Mr. Jewish leaders have spoken out in less. Mrs. Cora Heckerthorn gave.son and Mrs. Anatla Wildermulh devotions and Mrs. Ed Fincher are attending class at the North had charge of the program; 25 Manchester College, attended. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and Mrs. Milton Bashan arrived favor of^ this coming spiritual home Tuesday after getting his crusade.' " discharge in Baltimore. Md. Mrs. Hazel Savage, Ruth Robin- 3:15 Jim Mills 3:30 .Mm Mills 3:45 Jim Milln Woman Vlawi (Julrl JcaHt Take a Break Off accord *:00 N<WH I'aul Gihijon N'ewn 1:15 Jim Mills 'Paul Gibnon Polka Party 4:30 Sports f'«ul Gfb«on N<;W.H 1:4r, Jim MIllB Jnnh Brady Polka Party Oil docord Record*, Nowi Tee i Tunes Tnrtn Tuncn 6:00 News Newa Wolk 6:15 Wed Howard loh . Harrington Wt'llc 6:30 Wed Howard Kporln IV oik G:45 Geo. Stcne Low«l Thoman Nc;vva T.uno Time Want Ada Still ciolf Wondcrn TV Programs WEDNESDAY EVENING 00—Channel 4 Rascals Weather News News News O'Connell TEA News News Baseball Mask Party Channel C Channel 8 : 15—Channel fi Channel 8 i:30—Channel fi Channel 3 :45—Channel 4 Channel 6 :00—Channel 4 Channel G Channel 8 Godfrey 7:30—Channel € Dad Knows 3est 9: 10 10; 10: II: 11: :00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 :30—Channel 4 Channel 8 :00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 30—Channel 6 00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel H 30—Channel 4 Channel G Channel 8 43—Channel 4 Channel a ftO-Channe! 6 30—Channel 6 Baseball TV Theater Millionaire Basebalyl I Have Secret Baseball Your Life Fox Hour Hawkeye Federal Men Ox-Harriet Hiway Patrol News Theater News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight 12 12: 12 1 I.- THURSDAY 00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel n IS—Chanm;! (i Channel « 30—Channel 4 Channel G Channel B 00—Channel <1 Channel 8 30—Channel 4 Channel G Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4 Channel 0 Channel n 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel fl Channel I! 3:15—Channel 3 3:30—Channel 4 Channel B S:15_Chnnnel r, 4:00—Channel li 4:15—Channel 8 4:30—Channel « Channel 4 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel B 5:30—Channel 6 AFTERNOON 4 Sight Markets News-Weather F;irm News Farm-Home flFD 4 Club W) World Turns 4 Sight Miss Brooks Beulah Tenn. Ernie House Party Film Malinee 1'ayoff Crosby Queen Brighter Day Secret Storm Movietime Edge of Night Romances Movie Time Life of Christ Stu Erwln Cartoons Churchman Mickey Mouse Early Show Cartoon Time Kin Tin Tin Judge Won't Drop Charges WASHINGTON (UP) — Federal Judge John J. Sirica Tuesday refused to drop contempt charges against Teamster leader Frank W. Brewsler in the first test of a controversial new Supreme Court decision. Sirica ruled lhat the high court's G-l .opinion Monday reversing the contempt of Congress conviction of Illinois labor organi/.er John T. Watkins did not apply in Brewster's case. Meanwhile, two other quick challenges to congressional committee authority shaped up in the wake of the court's action. Legal observers believed that at leasl one of thorn might succeed. Attorneys for playwright Arlh'jr Miller, husband of actress Marilyn Monroe, asked a federal court to throw oul his contempt conviction on grounds that the Watkins decision fitted his case "like a glove." Bids For Peru School Project Exceed Funds VKHU, Ind.—Bids for construction of two new school rooms al the Victory school in Peru township exceed the funds available for tin: project by $17,500, school officials I'.ave announced. • Arthur Gothard, Peru township trustee, said bids totaled $52,500, while only $:i5,ooo is Kvuilahle, School officials will meet to discuss the financial shortage for the project. Treasury Head Charges Critics Inflationists 7 Humphrey Denounces Dem- cralic Critics Of Tiffht Money Program Before Senate Group WASHINGTON (UP)—Treasury Secretary George M. Humphrey Tuesday denounced Democratic critics of his tight money program as "inflationists" whose credit policies would rob the pocketbooks of nearly all Americans. Humphrey was Uic lead-off witness as the Senate Finance Committee opened a broad investigation of government economic policies. Chairman Harry F. Byrd (D- Va.) said the committee wanls to know why taxes, interest rates, debt, living cost,? and the budget are so high. Humphrey said the Eisenhower administration's tight money policy is the only practical way to block a new round of inflation. Even so, ho said, the threat of renewed inflation "is perhaps our most serious domestic economic problem." Humphrey replied to some committee Democrats who have charged that the light money policy and accompanying high interest rales have held back economic expansion. Humphrey charged lhat these Democrats arc, "whether unwittingly or by intention, inflation- ists." "Their projwsals for further credit expansion arc proposals lo further reduce Ihc purchasing power of the dollar, to rob every housewife, every fanner, every pensioner, every wage earner and every family with savings," he said. Woman Badly Hurt By Bomb ROCKFORD, 111. (UP)—A hidden bomb exploded directly under a Rockford alderman's wife in the broe/.away of her home Tuesday, blasting away her right arm and leg. Mrs. Alma Anderson, 01, was in extremely critical condition Tuesday night after more than five hours of surgery. Fire doctors worked desperately to save her life, but their hopes were not high. FBI explosives experts were called into the case to determine the type of bomb placed at the home of Alderman Eric A. Anderson. Anderson himself was in a state of shock. He said "I believe the bomb was meant for me." "It is one of the most revolting crimes in Rockford in many years," Police Sgt. Howard Brewer said. Police could find no immediate motive for the blast. Anderson had been away from home for hours, attending a meeting two miles away wiien the bomb wenl off directly under his wife. Reject Flood Program Funds WASHINGTON (UP) — The House, with its economy bloc holding firm, Tuesday rejected a Senate-approved plan to provide funds for launching a federa'Jy- subsidined flood insurance program. In approving a $85,(jl!9,!)25 supplemental appropriations bill, tiie House also lurned thumbs down on a proposal lo put the government ba-ck into the business of buying tungsten from U.S. producers at above-market prices. Special Judge At Peru Takes Motion For New Trial Under Advisement PERU, Ind. —Special Judge Alvin C. Marsh took under advisement Tuesday a motion for a new trial in Miami circuit court by the counsel for Ray Warren, Peru. Warren, sentenced to two-to-14 years at the stale prison last December for sodomy, has been free since his trial pending the outcome of the motion for a new trial. His niece by marriage, Miss Flora Maxine Barnett, who allegedly strangled three of four babies of which Warren was allegedly the father, is serving a life term at the slale women's prison. Judge Marsh gave the defendant until July to file briefs, and. continued the case until Monday,! July 29. Richard Rhodes was op- pointed to represent Warren as a pauper attorney, since Warren said he had no funds. The "Here'rs and Do'ers" class of the Christian church met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Verl Sowers after regular business. Time was spent socially. Five members attended. Ladies Aid of the Christian Elected Officials church did not meet Wednesday because of funeral cervices for Miss Mary Ault. WCTU met Tuesday at the ME parsonage with Mrs. Jack Pavoy as hostess. r\rt- Mrs. Ben Wiltshire has returned] Bar Elected Officers home after visiting her brother from Insurance Plan Sam in South Bend. | i. VDIANA1JOLIS , UP )_, nd j ana Word has been received here by I Ally. Gen. EdiVin K. Sieers loday relatives that George Savage, for- ru | ed that clccled 'officials cannot have received daughter-in-law word Mrs. that their Orner IT. Smith, is now bedfast in poor health. Her address is Box 4202, W-End station, Corpus Chrisli. Tex. Mr. and Mrs. r.ce A.<iiby attended a family reunion Sunday a! the Hyman Homestead in Deer Creek lownship Cass county. NEW YORK (UP) - A spokesman for evangelist Billy Graham said loday that several Roman Catholic leaders have spoken out in favor of Graham's New York crusade "but it would be doing them a great injustice if we mentioned it." Read the Classified Ads Fractures Arm In Fall At Eastend Residence Gorald Layman Jr., i'lve-ycar- oid son of Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Layman Sr., 2021 East Broadway, was admitted to St. Joseph's hospital-Tuesday nlghl with a broken right arm, suffered in a fall al his home. The boy was reportedly walking on a porch railing about 1 p.m. when he fell, fracturing the arm. He was taken to the hospital, where he is confined, by his parents. merly of Macy now of Orlando, Fla., is visiting friends here and in Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Evans of Pleasant Mills were guests Fa'.her's Day of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Smith.. Miss Ellen Dainks has returned to her home a.fter spending Ihe week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elgie Ham. Mr. and Mrs. Verl Sowers, Mr. and Mrs. Wessley Weller were supper guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Weller near Chili, in honor of their daughter's birthday. Mrs. Glen Clark, David, and Carol of Park Forest, III. Mrs. Pearl Clar and Judy of Oak Park. 1)1. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neel and children of Logan.sport were guests Sunday of Mrs. Edna Palmer and IIERI1ERT LINDEN DIES MONTICELLO, Ind. — Herbert Linden of San Francisco, husband of Iho former Jsabuilc Clingan, who • formerly resided here, died sudenly Sunday m California from a heart attack. Services will be held Thursday at Daly City, Calif. take part in hospitalixation insur- Colonial Hotel and Ballroom Are Open i ROCHESTER. Ind.—The Colonial Holel on Lake Manilou, has opened its j9. r >7 season of musical en- tvrlainmcnt. Appearing nightly in Ihe hotel's dining room is Lcs Strand, orfinn i stylist from Chicago, who has ;ip- : puarcd at (he Streamliner and London House supper clubs in thai city. He has been employed for an extended engagement. Dances are being held in Colonial's open-air ballroom Saturday ance authorized for slate employes j and Sunday nights during Ihe rest by the 1!)37 Legislature. Steers also ruled "that govern- of June. Beginning July 3, there will be nightly dancing. Tuen-agers mental units may participate in [again are being admitted to the paying for the insurance lo any | ballroom. Among Ihe bands schcd- extent ffiorl of full payment so ,uled to appear this summer is Thu long as requirements regarding ' Five Stems, a rock 'n roll combo, the appropriation of funds are who will open an engagement at met." Mhe Colonial July 3. HOME KIUED MEATS STONY PIKE MARKET East Main Freo Parking Phone 2316 THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. « 479 Adams Ave. Peru* Ind. PORK BACKBONE PORK STEAK ROUND & SIRLOIN STEAK RiB STEAK CHUCK ROAST BEEF LIVER GROUND BEEF Ib. 25C ••• Ib. 43c •••Ib. 69c •• Ib. 59c • Ib. 39c ••• Ib. 29c 3 Ibs. 99c WE SELL BEEF BY WHOLE-HAIF-QUARTER Custom Butchering and Curing—Small Shop—Big Values WHOLESALE 8:00-5:30 RETAIL Open Monday thru Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Back Seat Of Auro Damaged By Flames Fire exlensively damaged the back seat of a IfiSI model car driven by George Thomas, route <1, cily, near Small's bakery, Eel Hiver ami Melbourne avenues, at 4:30 p.m. Firemen, who said the blaze was caused by a short in the wiring, quickly extinguished Ihe flames, which burned up the back sent. COOL OFF!! With Our Refreshing Mint Ice Cream "Ask Your Dealer For Our Ice Cream" Watts Bro. ke Cream Co. 113 - 5th St. Phone 4504 Monricello Resident Lodged In Cass Jail William K. Tineher, 2<t, of Mon- tlcollo, charged with assault with intent to kill, was brought lo the Cnss county jail here late Tuesday for detention. White county authorities said the charges were filed as a result of tin altercation early Sunday nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Ivey, half a mile north of Monticello. Tincher, they said, was a- monx Ihe quests there ^iml was sent away after grabbing a rifle and pointing it nt others, following an argument. Ho allegedly returned later Sunday morning ,-irnl again threatened two couples with the gun, apparently not loaded. He was then arrested and lodged In the cell at Monliccllo. Read the Classified Ads Now Is The Time To buy thai Cadillac you havo always wanted. 1946 to 1956 models at prices so low you can't afford not to buy, Powlen Sales & Serv. •roadway At Third FANSLER LUMBER CO. SAYS:More Cars of Lumber in Transit + BUY RIGHT OFF THE CARS AND SAVE * A CAR OF 2x4 and 2x6 KILN DRIED $90.00 per M A CAR OF 6", 8", 10" KILN DRIED BOARDS for roof sheathing, sub-floors etc. $90 per M CEMENT $1.30 per bag. ORDER YOUR CEMENT NOW. Beat the shortage this year. 8" BEVEL SIDING $175.00 per M ALUMINUM COMB. DOORS - including hardware $31.75 BEAUTIFUL OAK FLOORING SHORTS No. 1 Com. & Better $146.50 per M GALV. METAL ROOFING-corr. or channel drain $ 10.50 per sq. SEVERAL SQUARES OF 210 No. 3 in 1 SQUARE TAB ROOFING $7.75 per sq. FLUSH DOORS - AS LOW AS ' $ 5.95 CERTAIN-KOTE OUTSIDE WHITE PAINT $4.35 per gal. SEVERAL COLORS OF SNO-SHEEN LEFT at $2.95 per gal. WE CAN SAVE YOU $ $ $ $ $ ON ALL OF YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS • FENCING • STEEL POST • PLYWOOD • VITRIFIED TILE • CEMENT TILE • CLAY TILE • ORANGEBURG PIPE • INSULATION • RUEEROID ROOFING • INSULATED OR ASBESTOS SIDINGS • FACE BRICK • COMMON BRICK • NAILS • PLASTER • MORTAR • PAINTS • HARDWARE • MILLWORK • FLUSH DOORS • OUTSIDE DOORS • CEILING TILE • GARAGE DOORS • KITCHEN CABINETS Custom-Built. Our Summer Sale is now on. Bargains galoro. Low Overhead. FANSLER LUMBER CO., T mile East of Rochester on State Road 14. IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A NEW HOME-BARN-OUT-BUILDINGS-REMODBL-CUCKLER STEEL SPAN BUILDINGS-See FANSLER LUMBER CO., FOR A F.REE ESTIMATE. If you want a new roof or new siding-Let Fansler Lumber Co. apply it for you. All employees insured. Genuine Ruberoid roofing and aluminum siding. Be sure to ask for Ruberoid DOUBLE-COVERAGE Roofing. We can save you $ $ $ $ $ $. (Fulton County Dealer) WE SELL QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS. YOU CAN'T GET BETTER SERVICE ANYWHERE. No Money Down—36 Months To Pay FANSLER LUMBER CO Phone CA 3-2151 "ONE STOP BUILDERS SERWCE" Rochester, Indiana BEAT THE HEAT WITH THESE HOT WEATHER COOLER OFFERS AIR CONDITIONERS Mi tonmnd up Cool-Dehumitify-Filter 10% Down! 24 Months to pay! WINDOW AND DESK FANS BY VORNADO AND UNIVERSAL Window Fans as low as . «p*>*t« / J Desk Fans, from •(> I HT. / J EASY TERMS ON FANS $20.00 OR OVER

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