Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 19, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1897
Page 24
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OMLYPHABOS FRIDAY, NOV. 19, 1897. OITY Beat hams, Tic lb.— Trant, Bankrupt shoes at Walden's. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Henry Eberle ia ou the sick list. Pure sugar candles at Strecker's. Dr. Allen la down from Chicago. Fine mantle clocks — Ben Martin. Opening of fine furs— Golden Rule. Ten bars Royal soap for 25 c — Traut. Plenty dressed chickens, Keystone. Bananas, 5c per dozen — McCaffrey. Fur opening tomorrow— At Golden Rule. Men's 12 felt boots 11.68.— Ella Winter. The St. Bridget's bazaar opens neit Tuesday. Concord grapes, 12*c per basket— McCaffrey. A. Levering and wife of Lafayette are In the city. Ben Martin for up-to-date novel ties for Christmas. Mrs. George Ott Is confined to her home by sickness. Plenty dressed chickens and rabbits.— McCaffrey. Saturday our best tomatoes at 7Jc per can— Keystone. Millinery at your own price — Chicago Bargain Store. Attend the fur opening tomorrow at the Golden Rule. New hickory nuts, 25c peck, or 65c per bushel.— Trant. Mrs. Henry Bruner of Harrison township is critically 111. The very latest in lootwear at Ellas Winter's, 510 Broadway. Tomorrow, 115 blouse jacket, lined throughout, »10— Trade Palace. "~ 23 of these sample plush cloaks for tomonow's trade, at ** 98.— Trade Palace. Our celery is the finest in the city. We do not handle trashy stock,— Keystone. Miss Mabel Kent of Chicago is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Benjamin Martin. A neat cottage is being erected on the old Tutt property, on west Market street. Messrs. Frank and Grant Gottshall, of Fords crossing, have returned from a fishing expedition. Don't miss the fur opening; tonight and tomorrow If you are in need of any furs.— Golden Rule. Children's caps, lOc; men's 50c caps, 24c; ladles', men's and children's mitts, lOc pair.— Chicago Bargain Store. T. H. Simpson, of the Pullman Palace Car company, running between Chicago and Denver, is here on a few days' vacation. William Hankee of this city and O. J. Eddy of Younkersburg, O., are enrolled as new students at Michaels' Business college. Messrs. Edward Gates and Law rence Durtha, of this city, will assist the Apollo quartette Monday at a •ocial gathering in Peru. The young ladies of Walton will iflve a flag drill at the K. P. hall on next Thursday evening. Refreshments will be served after the drill. The residents of Young America are trying to secure the Hoosler poet, James Whitcomb Rlley, for an evenings entertainment in the near tuture. After the day's werk is over, one of our flannelette night shirts will add much to the comfort of your slumber. — Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, Plenty rabbits, country sausage, Kosher sausage, chickens to fry and and stew, radishes, onions, lettuce, largest celery in town, new dates and flgs, and Malaga grapes — Traut. Helvle and Se'lers, the clothiers, carry the newest, neatest, nicest, nobbiest line of suits and overcoats ever showen in tne city of Logansport. Call and see them at their establishment before buying. 426 Broadway. We are showing the largest and best selected line of upholstered goods in the city, also cobbler and saddler seat rockers. Sseour gondola couches. Everything new and up- to-date — Cummings & Morgan, city building, corner Third and Broadway, Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FA»R, CHICAGO, 1893 GREAT FIRE IN LONDON. Huge Blocks of Bnlldlngs are Blazing Fiercely. Fifteen Large Warehouses Destroyed «od tne Great London Postoffice in Danger ot Dee traction. Special to the Pharo*. London, Nov. 19th.—The most serious fire In recent, years Is now raging la several streets adjacent the general postofflce: the huge blocks of buildings are blazing fiercely and many houses have collapsed, fifteen warehouses being already de stroyed. Buildings are ablaze on both sides of the streets, preventing the firemen from reaching the burn Ing buildings. The fire has extended to wlthia 400 yards of the general postofflce, A northwesterly wind i? blowing, which tends to carry th flames In that direction. A serious panic prevails in the district sur rounding the burning section. SCRAPS OF JSEVYS Relating to tbe Railroads and Tbeir Employes. THE SAFETY APPLIANCE LAAT. On Dec. 1 the Interestate-com- merce Commission will give a hearing to the railroads that have petitioned for an extension of the time in which to equip their freight c»rs and locomotives with automatic brakes and car couplers under the law of 1893. The law with its penalties and fines Is to become operative Jan. 1, 1898, unless the commission excerises the authority granted to it by the law to give an extension of time. Monday was the last day for tbe reception of petitions for extension. The commission estimates that something less than 5 per cent, of ths railroads have complied fully with the provisions of the law. Tne New York Central and tbe Chicago, Burlington & Quincy are the only prominent systems thoroughly equipped, about 30 per cent of the other roads have applied tor an extension, and the remainder, probably 600 or more, have taken no action whatever. Several of the individual branches of the various railroad orders have protested against an exten- iion, and probably they will be given L hearing in connection with the roads. None of the railroad organi- sations as a whole have entered pro- testsuagainst an extension. There seems to be little doubt that the commission will extend toe time. JRAILKOAD NEWS. Panhandle Engineer Carroll, who was recently Injured in a wreck, has so far recovered as to be able to be on the streets again. The Panhandle statement for October will show gruss earnings aggregating $1,400,000, the largest earnings in the history of the company In any one month. The Wabash now operates 2,381 miles of main line. Tbe western division comprises 762. miles, the middle division 709.8, the eastern division 652.1 and tbe Buffalo division 256.3. It is exciting some comment that the Pennsylvania continues to carry a larger tonnage from Chicago than any of its competitors. For four consecutive weeks the Panhandle has led all other lines. Train 11, on the Wabasb, east bound, now makes close connection with the Lake Erie & Western at Peru for Indianapolis, and In case the Wabash train - rt late the Lake Erie & Western train Is held ten minutes for the passengers oil the Wabash. Mr. C. D. Collins Is in the city In the interest of tbe Chicago Correspondence School of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen. The school has an enrollment of 3,200 students and is intended to give engineers and firemen a thorough, theoretic knowledge of their calling. Vice President Brooks, of the Pennsylvania company, yesterday delivered an address before the students of Purdue on "Problems In the Management of Railway Systems." A number of railroad men from here went to Lafayette to listen to the address and look over tbe mechanical department at the university. Anotncr Eagle Killed. Louie Wandrei had a handsome eagle presented to him by a farmer, who killed it near Georgetown, which he has had mounted and placed on exhibition In his restaurant. Major McFadin claims the bird to be of the rock variety, a species at ooe time very numerous, but now almost extinct. Printing ef All Kinds, Letter beads, envelopes, cards, pro- grammes and Invitations.—Longwell 0 Cummings, Masonic temple. The Weather. Warmer and partly cloudy tonight; Saturday threatening and probably showers In northern portion. ALMOST SUFFOCATED By the Cartag in ot a Water Work* Trench. While working in a ditch, making some repairs to water mains on Smead street, near Fourteenth, yesterday afternoon, the embankment caved in on Thomas Fenwick, water works Inspector, and almost suffocated him, but fortunately he escaped with a few slight injuries. Workmen experienced considerable diffl culty in extricating him. CODRT Will be the Resting Place of the Big Purrott Gun. The 100-pound Parrott gun. recently donated by the government to the city of Logansport, arrived from Rock Island, Ills., via the Panhandle, and Is being conspicuously located this afternoon in Court park. The weight of the gun is said to be 11,200 pounds. MelSTOSB'S TRIAL Has Been Set For January Tenln, 1808. Yesterday, by agreement of the attorneys, the trial of John Mclntosh, for the murder of Frank Pottmeyer, was set for January 10th, in ttie Cass Circuit court. HOME FOB THE FRIENDLESS. Annial Report of the Secretary and Treasurer. The home has been very tenderly dealt with by the hand of Providence during the past year. To be sure there have been some aches and pains; but He has spared their lives ind restored each one again to health and activity, and not allowed the angel of death to enter and claim acy of its members, as bas been in the one of Mr. Wise, who was so closely connected with it, for in which tbe Master had need of in another home, and so called him hence. Hot only has the household been blessed with life and health, but with an abundance of everything to make a home comfortable. At times the larder has been seemingly nearing the point of becoming _ow, but just at that time something would appeal to the mluds and hearts of the good people of this city and surrounding country, and through their generosity it would again be replenished. Every month all the past year there has been a long list of donations which have been very gracefully received. The members o( the "Home family" somewhat resemble the members of some of our private families. One of the marked characteristics of the last days of the nineteenth century. Some of them become- restless, impatient and discontented and go out in other places to find, a home. So at times, the family is greater in numbers than at other times. Ten is the largest number itTias had at any one time and the number to stay only for a-short time, say a day or two, or perhaps a month or a few days, 22. The number of meals that have been prepared during the year for both transient and permanent members was 9,212. 1 must say, in regard to the persons who have had charge of the Home the past year, that they have had the work truly at heart, and I think it could be justly said of them, 'They looketh well to the ways of their household and eateth not the bread of idleaess." A great amount of time and strength has been spent. As our day is, so is the strength given us. And He who gives the strength also gives the command. "Show your love to these." And so the wnrk has been and continues to he done in H<s name." Balance in treasury Dot, 1.1896- t 120 50 .Receipts for year ending Oct. 1,1S97 489 *g Total receipts —» 810 3S Expenditures for 5" ear - - 514 79 Balance in treasury Oct. 1,1897 __* 95 58 MRS. J. F. TROTJTMAN, Sec. MRS. CHAS. KNATJSS, Treas. It is Different Then. "It is funny how people discover the real importance of a newspaper when they get into a scrape or do something they are ashamed of," said an old editor. "They live for years without subscribing, and when asked to advertise, say 'it does not pay.' But the minute they get into_ a scrape they run to a newspaper and request it not to say anything about it; and in case of trouble in which their names happen to be mentioned they realiie immediately that the paper ha§ a circulation, and they do not want their names spread all over creation." A Card of Thank. We wish to return onr sincere thanks to the neighbors and friends who so kindly assited us in oar late sad bereavement, and especially to th* companions of my ion. MM, EMMA PARIBR tnd SONS ATTEND THE Fur Opening Tonight & Tomorrow BY Mr. Representing Walter Buhl & Oo, One of the largest and best Fur Manufacturers in the country at THE GOLDEN RULE. Patrolman Skeltoa Married. Officer V. A. Shelton and Mini Bessie M. Brinkerhoff, of Ohio, were united in marriage last evening by Rer. Dr. Putnam. Tbe bride has been making her home with an aunt in the Eastend for some time. The couple left this morning for Indianapolis to visit an uncle of the bride, Mr. D. L. Metzger, who is connected with the state library. Tbe Pharos joins in congratulations. Death of an Old Pioneer. AbelS. Chase died at 2 o'clock this morning at the residence of George Havel of CalH street, aged 76 years. The deceased was a member of the 24th Indiana Light Artillery. Two daughters, Mrs. Gslloway of Ho. 5 Bank street, Southside, and Mrs. George Helvie, survive him. Time of funeral will be announced tomorrow. Another Slaughter —IN— Shoes. 97c for Men's §1.50 Dress Shoes. 98c " '• Heavy Shoes. 69c •>' " Satin Calf Shoes. " low cut Rubbers. 98c " Ladies' Dress Shoes. 96c " old Ladies' solid comfort Shoes. 64c for old Ladies' "Wool lined Shoes. 93c for " " Button Shoes. 92c " Boy's lace Shoes, 86c " Youth's lace Shoes. 10 c •'• Ladies' Slipper. Everything as [low in -proportion, uvn & MIR 403 Broadway. ite AS Snow Is your linen when it comes home fromj Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110. Wagoa will call for your work. Give us a trial. If Jou Want Io be in the Swim Tou had better le HOOLEY —Make Tour— Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit To* When all often foil. THE BIGGEST MAN and the'smallest in town, will gM equal satisfaction in the fit of fcto clothes if our tape line baa be«* around him. We have a sort of prld* in fitting men that other tallow can't please. It's the know-how that tells the taste, and our experience and observation has given M that. Come in and look orer our stock of Fall Goods, and try not to bt amazed at the prices we quote. 409 Tailwr, Market Street. «+* »»»»»»»»•»»«»+••»» »»•»*••»»»»»»•»•»*»»» • • • • • • » • • • • « » • » • !» FALL AND WINTER Goods On Exhibition. ; I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at pricw that will astonish you. Such High Grade Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, RadUtors, etc. Cooks and Ranges In endless varieties. CALL AND EXAMINE AND LEARN PEICES. Pi J. GRISMOND 312 Market Street. »•»»•»«»»•••»••«••»•••»»«»••«»»»««•*»«••••«»•»»•»»» FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John F>- Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is tbe time to provide your* self with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing mschint n the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSRTT Fall winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 Market Street

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