Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania on September 8, 1913 · Page 12
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1913
Page 12
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NEWSBOY A WAILING WARRANT Accused of Stealing at Both and S««bury Yesterday Morping. TRIED WRONG PAKTY WHEN REACHKU HERE Aroused. Suspicions Which to Inquiries »"d Later to Arr" Led When Paul ~?ai · laon, son of Stationmaster Jo*"» Garrison, of the Philadelphia and Reading railroad, attempted to sen a Sunday paper to a passenger who hfd just aUgStwl from the passenger train due at the Pine street ttatkm. at t,tt o'clock yesterday trornlng. a red-he»d.»d, straggley looking Union newsboy' ran up to him, grabbed a handful of Capers and thrust twenty cents- Into his hands. The trick was witnessed by the boy's father and some ouier men who were funding nearby. It aroused 'their suspicions and also tiWh xyuipathy for the lad. Mr. Garrison quickly n««Je an Inventory of his floo's papers and money and found "that the newsboy had given film twenty cents when he - " der age It behooves every Christian citizen to protest to the Judge to some Another d""«er that tjstiaUy threatens ta celebrations like th(» tj gambling. WUllamsport doesn't need any of the gambling brood. They will sorely come and it behooves the Caris- Uon spirit of the community to be alive to the danger. Th»nV God, 8 «ld the preacher, we hare a Christian mayor and Vhier of police ready I be- doty. Let nj uphold their w a s said bat a whoH lot was thought. Aroused 8u«plcion. The next move the red -headed newsboy made was to go Into the restaurant at the station and attempt to., sell large quantities of caraly and cigarettes. He a'"O was free in handing out cigars and tobacco to the tele- rrapii men and railroad employes. His actions aroused the auspicious of Mr. Garrison. When the train polled out of Wil- Hamsport Mr. Garrison and one of the railroad police, J. M. Pchlogel, were on the train. At Newberry the boy got off the train and went Into the lunch room near the station where he again tried to sell some of hie wares in wholesale lots. Telegraphed Sunbury. Mr. Garrison and tfce officer discovered that the newsboy ren ont of Sun- bur)-. They Immediately telegraphed to Sunbury and received the reply that a basket filled with articles -which are ^generally soj1 by newsboys -had been stolen early in the juOruing. Later it was made certain that the red-h«w}ed chap wad the lad wanted. He was placed under arest and brought bask to this city. A telegram was ret-olved froui Rend log where an inquiry had been made, stating that a *a*ket -hart been Stolen from the station in that cjtj, Both baskets were valued at $25' eachl Among the boy's effects were found a number of -akes of Eoap. . They wef9 the property of a~ Philadelphia hotel. The boy gave his 'tame as "Clarence Lundy, of Northumberland. He was locked in a cell at tbe police station Ueve, to do their fan stand by them and b a n dfl. Stand by Them. We have been guaranteed by the sponsors and m«n»g ert of rbi» enterprise that there will be no r"nblbg. Let us stand by them BO f h c t It will b« easier for them to preveat Let not the disgraceful scen«s of Old Home Week in a nearby tows be repeated here. I f«'I upon any Christian rn»« or woman who sees gambling anywhere these days In our city to give tha Information to the chief or the mayor or if there Is a timidity about getting into the case personally I beg of yon to '·-all up tha study of this church and we will find a man who win make the information. It lies within the power el the Christian people of fhl« city- to TM»lre this week one of the finest influences Late Ne*ns Flnshts By Associated Ptess , Germ*ny, Sept The funeral of ten of tie t. the school t*arher of clty of the warrant awaiting the arrival from Suubury. SPECIAL SERMONS USHFRFH IN friends meet frienoa and the proves itself an ideal home. ^ In Oth£r Churches. Among the other churches In which special Old Home Week sermons were pr?acb«d woro H5t.-Jo5jm's LiiUieraB- where the pastor, the Rev. WflHam F.' Renlz. spoke on It in « general way; St. Marfa Lutheran, where the Rev. H. Douglas Spaeth touched "on its value; the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, fn which the Rer. Herbert Ure spoke on "The "Value of Old Home Week to the City"; Pins Street M. E. church, where the Rev. Edwin A. Pyles, Ph. D., preached on "Burly Home Memories," and the First Presbyterian in -which the Rev. William Charles Hogg spoke generally on the week. The Rev. Robert F. Gibson, rector of Trinity Episcopal church, also touched strongly on the week la his sermon yesterday toe* Place fhl, afternoon «4\d attrartwl the pe«»»ntry of the conntrygide In large numbers. The proc* -fton morefl dvui house to boose, collecting the tx*«« aa It proceeded, New York, Sept. 7. -- Another part of the dismembered body of the- found In the Hudson Hver . N. J, last Friday, wa» up today by fishermen several miles twslow cilffRi«ie, w^pped ta aeavy brown paper. Porthtnd, Me, Sept. 7.-- The speaking c^mpagtn preceding Um election of a consresjmiRn from th» Third Mutna district to fiD the vacancy caused by th» death of Ftmest Goodwin Hspuwican) was concluded last night and tomorrow the voters of the district will go to Uie polls and register their choice. New York. Sept 7.-- The Honest Ballot association In a statement o- nlght announced that 3.000 college graduates are bein r"p«ged by the association in an effort to eliminate floaters and repeaters from the registration rolls tbis fall The students are to stand guard at the polls on registration and election days. Bristol. R- J_ Sept J,-- Tha candidates Tor' fhe~Am erica's cup defense honors ' against Sir Thomas Upton's challenger, to be buflt by "NaF* Herreshoff for a New Ynrk - «yndlca*«. will be 75 feet on the water line, . Sept 7.-- Vetem"- of the Mexican war, the Civil war and the Spanish- American conflict, as well as those who saw service in China and the Island possessions, are arriving to att^Tid the sixteenth annual encampment of the Army and Navy Union, which begins tomorrow with 5,000 vetr expected, F.IGH1 PERSONS WKRE INJUKFD (Continued From First Page). the Aflentown hospital for treatmeat Mrs. Charles Heinly, 'of 8"*4ngton, had her face bruised. Dispatcher vvnHar" Edwards collapsed wheu be re»l»7-ed bis error and has been prostrated TWO KILLED, FOUR HURT. IN CROSSING COLLISION ,Bj Ansoclntwl J'rbTM Fremont. Ohio, 'Sept 7. -- TTTO perr sons were instantly, killed and four others- of the same party were seriously injured today when the automobile in wnlch they were riding was struck by a Wheeling and T-tlte Erie passenger train at a grade.. cro.SfHng east of (Continued from flrsfpage). the city win keep "open house." Strangers and friends as well as members will find a quiet place in them- to rest and worship, and has been announced in. the chapel of St. Paul's there will be tables where lunches may be eaten in comfort, and there will be yonngr wo*"*" to take care of little children who are too young to enjoy the parades but whose mothers would be prevented rmtegs t h| » provision be made. Their Native Pfae* In speaking of wnUameport M a home town Mr. Bftle Rnld^be often envied the people who could can this city- their native place. F^w cities are mere beautifully located, .nestHng at the foot of the great And beautiful surrounding with a beautiful , river running through her very heart and the day la coming swiftly when the people will do their share to make it the Ideal city. The preacher t»x* occasion to commend the Clrlc club for their plan to provide a Written welcome for erery new fajniiy that mores Into the city and said it was worthy of the .Jie spirit »bat hR* animated this organization in Its relation to the city life. Ponlble Dangers. Mr. Bikle took occasion to sound some warnings agnmst the possible dangers of the week. ' The legalized saloon will be a large Beneflciery from the crowds trh«t congregate In our city this week. If included in their patrons are some of the boys of this and other "Who -are un- INFORMATION,F,OR VOTERS. September 13-- Th« last day the elector, of Winiam*port can reflla- ter and enroll *a member* o f parties in third clan cities the hours are from 8 a, m. to 1 p. m., 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. and from 7 to 10 p. m. September 13b-- The last day for elector* | n eltfes to pay a tax to vote In th« "primaries of September 16. September 13-- The last day for electors of boroughs and to.\n- ship, to pay a tax to vote In the Prhnarles. September H Fall primary. The polls will be open from 7 a. "»· to 7 p. m. October 4 ( «*t day for the Payment of taxes to vets In the election of November 4. October 15 On dence elso- resi- this day jjalned « voting b*h c en July 18 and t *· or who P*** H 1 ** 1 * ***«· between September IS and Oo- 4, or who will becon.e of between September 13 and or -who .kbfe natur- befor « Noveni- " "* »»««tered by ap- at the %fBc. of the county cawimissleners.- Th Nove . mb ^ 1 ' * Municipal election. to * 1 * 1 " ** oisn 7 * m ' this city. The dead are: 'Mr*, George Gleckler, aged 44 .. and ner son, Clarence GlecMer, aged 21. The injured: George Gleckler, hus- band-aad father; Mallnda Gleckler, -aged 11; Theodore -leckler, aged 3, and Miss Jessie Henry., aged 2«, a relative of the Glecklers. AH of the parties resided at Elmore. TWO KILLED WHEN AUTO 18 STRUCK BY TROLLEY CAR By Associated Preaa. . ' Alexandria, Va,, Sept 7.--Two persons were R I most instantly-.killed today when the automobile In which they were riding was* struck and hurled more than a hundred feet over an embankment by a Great Falls and Old Dominion Electric railway car at Potowac, Vs^Tnear here. William H, Peck, a merchant of Alexandria, owner of the automobile, was crushed and buried beneath the machine, which exploded--following tbe acclrinnt, and his companion, f»Wt Tell, »· mangled and killed by his f»n Fouest Cook, flagman 'of the electric car, was cut by flying glass. FREDERICK BUCK DIED SUDDENLY IN ROCH^ltft Had Been in Good Health Until Saturday and Failed Rapidly, Patting Away Saturday Night. Frederick Black, aged 50 years, formerly of *nls «lty, but who for some time had been employed at Rochester, N. Y., was found dying in his room at that place on Saturday afternoon, after being taken suddenly ill As far as could be learned he had been feeling aH right untfl Saturday when he complained of not feeling well and became rapidly worse. Other residents of the house found him in a serious condition, called physicians and notified his family and bis sister, Mrs. Allen H«a- ninger, of 723 Louisa street, 'i'he relatives received the flrst word on Saturday evening, about 7 o'clock, and early yesterday morning received a second mes«age stating that Mr. Black had died during the night. -The defto* man wi ut well fcfluwu ta thta city. He is Bui rived by his wife, three sons, Frederick A., William and LJoyd, aad two daughters, Mrs. Llda Mann and Esther, of this city. Tbe family resides at 522 Wyoming street. Mr. Black's brother, George Black, who was a baggage master for the Pnnnnylvanla, railroad, died suddenly in Buffalo a few months ago, after having been sUickpn with a sudden illness while on his run. Allen Henningef, Jr., a nephew of Mr. Bl*cfr. left last night for Roches- tec and will bring the body to thin city. It will be tKuiod. Princeton, N J., Sept 7. -- Twenty- Bve candidates for the Princeton football eleven of 191! win tomoi«TM begin their initial practice of the year. Sept 7.-- While no announcements were nutfe today of -any change In the Meilcfljn controversy, Ne'oon yshauginessy, American charge d'affaires at Mexico City, denies that any assuiaaces had been given him of tbe intention of Hnerta not to be a candidate in the approaching elections. . Rome, Sept 7. -- Tb* streets of Home were guarded today by police, carbin- eers and troops, from: the Church of St John Latheran, wtt$re the 'Catholic athtetes beard maun, t6 St Eet«rs, i whirl* edifice they marched to be -received by the pope. A great parade had been planned was prohibited the police on account of threaten- by the anti-Cleric»iH. Washington, Sept, 7,--The state department announced tonlgbt that shipments of dynamite and o*fi«ir,.explo- sives needed for'working tSe great mines in Mexico, .would be authorised as heretofore. Washington, Sept T.-^-Comptetlon of dry excavation on the Pa.nam«. canal yesterday, just ten days ahead of schedule time, advanced the work on the great waterway almost to the flnai stage. Sandnsky, O_ Sept. 7.--Wltb the business section a majtg of decorations made brilliant by electric light of many colors, Sandusky tonight awaits the coming of the resuriected battleship Niagara into Sandusky bay tomorrow forenoon to official inaugurate a celebration of Peaj's victory. Montreal, Sept. 7.--No move in the matter of seeking the liberation of Harry K. Thaw on ball will be made before the local cotuU, according to weH Informed sources here, .tonight Allentowtj, Sept. 7.--Ex-Jadge Edward Hprvey, member of the loca.1 rar wnit Judge of the 1/etjlg* county courts from 1877 to 1879, by appointment of Governor John F. Hartranft, died tonight at his home, in his 70th year. Tj»ncaster, Sept 17.--F5re and a half inches of rain fell in thta city in less than five hours this afternoon. Four barns were burned in the. couiily and the trolley and telephone g/stems were badly demoralised. Pottsvllle, Sept 7.--After eleven hours'' deliberation, the Jury in the case of William Barnes, of Shencn doah. who was tried before Judge R. H. Koch for shooting to dea'h J. j. Kern, a school director of West Ma- hmoy townahlp, returned a,verdict of voluntary manslaughter. Vera Cruz, Sept 7--There have been no negotiations recently between Mr. and he tefl* it ·«··« · ^ · - Rfeady For Delivery Today FOUR IN A FAMILY IN WHICH FLORIDA POPF SUMFKWELL the author, let, "Bosco," ihe bull teirier, tell the a dog's point of view. l_«t "thpctf* mticxf«*cc you to' a 'l'fw5 is the twelfth and l«st book in THE AfflTE t Bill'ITN series of copyright fiction, coi«pk»«-g the set of famous aitthors' works formed^ puhffehel at $J.^-S *md $J^O a copy and now suppJW for a short time, otily by the Gcxette and Bulletin at only 25 cents a copy m fine doth binding. The Cfosini: Days of the a ' Distribution I A frolicksome book Is "Four in Pit...fly," a tale as waggtab. as Bosco's Bosoo la a real-for-suro rice, a boll terrier of high degree « n d prolonged pedigree. His noble birth, however, doee not interfere with his being a comedian. He la, indeed, quite the funniest fun-maker t h at ever walked to four lega If you use a good story yuU win like "Four In Family," and you're fond of dogs, you'll gloat over It "Underneath the farce comedy of point of view, we get a glimpse of some very hnma-n we are made to tfture their nnrlettea, to- langh mdulgent- weaJrnesses, i"»d thrill with unus" 1 *' tejHSemerx happy outcome of some of defeper problems of Hfe, in a way HTiy a. far more pretentious oi -utterly frM* to stir us. FOUR OT FAMILY, Si the books that are bound to ^their way, because any one wHos~n»« read It la sure to buttonhole we tail person he meets, and quote fWd'OTraphrase the book until his h**jLr'ta sheer aetf-defense procures- a*gSp? tor tirniMt"--TiM BooJtman now draw near aiid Gazette attcL Bulletin readers are urged to caH ?nd complete theif sets KdTore It 1» Too y* ur,r OF IJOOK" AND ate THE ECCENTRIC MR. CLARK By JAMES WHITCOMB R1LEY Author of "An Old Sweetheart of Mine," ets. THE PRINCESS ELOPES By HAROLD MacGRATH Author of "The Man on the Box," etc. AS THE HART PANTETH By HALLIE ERM1NIE RIVES Author of «n"he Valiants of Virginia. 1 ? etc. ROSAi.YNDE'8 LOVERS By M AURIC P THOMPSON Author of "Alice of Old Vincennea," etc. THE HOUSE IN THE MIST By ANNA KATHARINE G R E E N Author of jfThe teavonworth Case," etc. TROU.EY FOLLY By HENRY WALLACE PHILLIPS Author of "Red Saunder*," etc. O N L Y N 25*; , A COPY/, Po»t|jiid for 33 Cents a Copy MOTORMANIACS By LLOYD OSBOURNE Author of "A Person of Some Importance," etc. THE F l n H S l f c l N G By JOHN PHILIP 8OUSA Author of -Plpttown Sandy," etc. CHIMES FROM A JESTER'S BELLS By ROBERT J. B U R D E i | E Author of ?Old Time and Young Tom," etc. ~_A GUEST AT THE LUDLOW By BILL NYE FOUR IN FAMILY *"*" * "^ "·»" ^ By FLORIDA POPE SUMERWELL A FOOL FOR LOVE By PftArJUS-LYNDE Author of "The Grafters," etc. m UXTUKED UPON COMING OF CHRIST President tive, n«d Wilson's representa- or any ryf Huerta's cabinet and there appears to be no probability that a reply will be made to Foreign Minister last note. New York, Sept 7. -- Hsvemeyer, one~ of the F. of HELPED GOOD ROAD FUND. Jo*« G. Dunwachter, one "of the supervisors of Loyalsock township, received from Mrs. Timothy a Clark. the American Sugar Refining couipany that absorbed the bnatness of the Havemeyer Brothers refineries, fo-JOd- ed by his father, died suddenly today at the home of his son-in-law, William R. W111COX, fOiOier chairman of the New York Public Utilities commission. He was 63 years old. Heart was the cause. at Court. House Yesteiday Afleiiioon. Oillcspie delivered a lecture yesterday, at the court house, upon tha second coming of ^Christ Be nn'd uie have scoffed at the second coming of Christ just as men scoffed at the announcement of his first advent bat the Bible is full' of our Lord's second coming and arc -poaflvo in the declaration that he will come at the «o8e of present age. After paying the ransom price for man oa the fire du TJi» Christ arose resurrection of could ftar« begun i-ntiediately but (Jod Jwif oHfeT plans and postponed tbe 93«-- d fpp^nre of his redemptive tfitn : lUa second coming. Then «"d 3 M fifl race, the just and unjust wfTI--tfl -awakened · fivui the sleep afd«tfh and liberated from the curse. Without Christ's second coming the r£f£nBuon would be mcoui- plete aad Corlst's de»'b would avail last week, a contribution of ItOW to be used in the road fond of the township. The supervisors recently did some work near Loyalsock creek, ecst of Sand hill, where the Clark summer coll»ge is situated, and where a section of the retaining wan collapsed. MADE THIRD VISIT. Dr. J. Wi Turner made his third visit to Willlamsporf s curbstone market Saturday and finds a general Improvement although there, are a few men who do not yet'-proptrly screen HOSPITAL NOTES. The following were admitted to tbe witliamsport hospital yesterday: Mrs. Laura TlAjiUoc, Newbe».y; John Pc~ slo, Newberry; Orin Shemi^n, NoVd- mont; Perry, JBoweV, dLx: Kenneth Harrison, NewOerjy; Mrs.- Battle Hansucker, city; Harry Weaver, city; Tboma« McCarty. Danbtii/, Conn.; Mrs. P-fHth "Rhone, Warrensvllle. The following were discha Miss Mabel Hlne, Wheeler uvllle; Margaret Thomas, city; Mrs, T«* Straftv city; James Bower, DoBois- town; Dalton Frey, Newberry; Mrs. Carrie Beinllck, Hartsvflle; Mrs. Nora Brighton, city; Mrs, Rose Smith, city; MUa Lizzie Welker, Muncy; Dr. Raymond Dorman, Canton; William Fulkrod, city; Raymond JJcKinley, South Gazette and Bulletin advei Usements bring results. Try them. ·» J HI, and wffl selt tBfl t be also." was: 1 "win receive you nfltn my. I am, there ye may in order wffl be the "AH that are in their His voice and «na,rj sMnnHnd wtll be re- back to pertec- AQ wfll be "judged in truth aad OBITUARY - Olrtner. James Franklm GHtnnr, of W«ah- igtonYlOet died at the Wim ursport city h^yital yesterday at 1:30 p. m_ after a aulerof operations extending over a period, of five weeks. Deceased was Bom-atSS-anhlngronville April 18, 1848, «nd followed his occupation as farmer Onttt the day of the attack which cantel bis death. He is survived by tHjt arif a «i)d «»» (Jiyghtsr, Mrs. J-"m lurerett, of wiai»m sp ort; one brother, Charles Giltner, of Montgomery; and three sisters, Mrs. Jacob Hanhe, of Montgomery; Mrs. William Hanke, of South Williamsport, and Mrs, Ella Gromley, of Watsontown. Funeral se» vices wffl be held at big home hi Waahlngtonvllle Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be made at Washingtonvflle cemetery. Seaman. Elizabeth Olive Seamon, the two- year-old danghter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Seamon. of 509 High street, died at the home Sunday morning at 3 o'clock, after an illness of several weeks. The funeral will take place from the home on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.. Butler. Daniel K. Butler, of Northumber- a rprmer willi'u.ipipon resident, died at the Winiamsport Private hospl*»l Saturday afternoon. He was 38 years of age and la survived by bis wife and two-sons. Funeral stu vices ·wffl be held in Northumberland. ·Shaw. The funeral of Mrs. Laura Shaw took place yesterday afternoon from -her home, 1529 Scott uUeet. Services were private. Smith. The funeral of J. W. Smith win be held from tbe home, No. 383 Main BUeet, South Willlamsport, thlg afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. The na|liear Wlfl be J. C. Hull, E. B. Hoffman. J. Henry, -W. H. Hnggina, Augustus Sbadie sad C. H. White. Burial hi Mound cemetery. Seaman. The infant danghter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Se*ma.n. 509 High street died yesterday morning at 3 o'do^V The funeral will take place.tomo ltow morning at 10.30 o'clock from tbe home. Interment private. Waltz. Dorothy Jane Walt*, aged ten months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 3. Waltz, died suddenly ajt»ont . 8 o'clock last evening, at the home of her parents, in Warreasvllla Tbe eMTd h»d been In good health untfl yesterday morning. WhQe in church Mrs. Waltz noticed that something wms wiong and left the church. taJrlng the physic'"'" was away '-»t erea- Write to the Kditor About It This ccb..*n Is dedicated ta the public and le open for »e f.« ex- fl of opinions. We require that co. respondents shall furo«fc their net for publication, but as an evidence of good faith. The publication here of vltAa of authors does not nts_ "lly Imply th«t tha ( s »»*t t -' and Bulletin endorsee the sentlmeflte exprmrf. m George Champion, of MontoursviUe, a member of the class of 1913, visited the High school Friday. .Miss Dorothy Payne, 1913, and Miss Marie Krouse, also 1913, will enter Smith college this falL M!RS I^nn Bell, of 1013, la a 3peh«,^«.« at SiulQj. and- the thr^e''WlPlB.msport girls ei- pec* '-to enjoy an excellent winter. · . Mla« Mildred Ellison entertained a big party of friends at Vallftmont park on Friday toast evening at marshir» a llow little girl home. A called but It pa«ned i KY A BULr.TCTiN WANT AD OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. New York, Sept 7. ' -- Arrived: Steamers Columbia, Glasgow; Grosser Kurfurst, Bremen; Rotterdam Rotterdam. Sighted: St«mer Kaiser WI1- helm der Grosse, from Bremen. Sable Island (wireless), sighted: Steamers Zeefend. Antwerp for New York; Ni*c»ra, Havre for do; Victoria TjrlR». Hamburg for do. Fastnet (wireless), sighted: Steamer Ln H ;t»nin ]« ew York f OT Liverpool Browhfwfl, signalled: Steamer Vad- erland, New York for Antwerp. Southampton, arrived: Ste»mer Ma- New York. sailed: Steamer Cam- York. DEATH OF CARDINAL TUTO. Rome, Sept 7. -- Cardinal Joseph Caiasanottns Vives Y. Tuto, prefect of the congieiatten for religious affairs, died today. Recently he bad undergone an operation for appendicitis. Cardinal Vivea Y. Tuto was born at Sftn Andresd de Uevaneta*, diocese of Barcelona, In 1854. He wu created d proclaimed cardlnaj June 19, 1889. TREAT ACCIDENT CASES. The wiiii»msport Private hospital wttt receive aB accident cosaa Soring Old Misses Helen" Ayres, Majgaet Kisner, Whiifred Vandllng Helen Walton, 1916, «nd Harriet Brown. 1916, attended a corn roast on Saturday night along the Grampian drive. Warren Burgess, of the class of 1912, will enter University of Michigan this year. Paul R, Wendt, of the class of 1910, W. H. S.. and Bncknell, 1913, Is progressing rapidly In his excellent position with the Curtis Publishing company of Philadelphia. Doings in Prater^! Qrcles A regular meeting of Council No, 366. Knights of CohunDus, will be held m Its council chamber, Emery budding, this evening A socf«l session will folio* the meeting. The council wlH welcome visiting knights. Mt Olivet Commandery No. 17. Knights of Malta, will'have an* open meeting this evening. A light program h»s been prepared. West Branch lodge No. 98, Knights of Pythias, win hold a corn roast In the lodge room Thursday evening. The members of ramp Ntt 574, P. O. 8. of A., will meet at tfceir hall, Crawford building. Thmsday at 12:45, with caps and parade badges, to participate in the civic parade. TH1RTY EARTH SHOCKS- A--ociated Prua. Fort de France, Martinique, Sept. 7. --A series of earth shocks occurred here early this morning. The shocks numbered" Tblfty, but no material dr-"---^ age is reported. */. INEWSPA'FER; lEWSPAPERI

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