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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England • 6

The Morning Posti
London, Greater London, England
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JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES' FOB THE WEEK. Kama Allechany Valley gas. by Penu. Business dona. Yesterdy.

To-Day. TJEOFTTABLE INVESTMENTS. rin JL MORTGAGE, and INVESTMENT CMMPWiES Si' PAYING from FIVE to TEN PEK Further Fall in the Value of Meuey. Rednction in the Lank Kate. Kcduction in the Rates Allowcl lH it The following statement shows the quantities sold and Do.

100. 200. ana 500 To-DAT. Land Mortgage Back of India, City Tenninu3, at 12 average price of British corn, imperial measure, as received (March) 10s. 16s.

pm 10s. 15a. pin 2i Do. 1.000 (June) 2s. 7s.

pm 2s. 7s. pm! Canada North West Land. City Terminus, at 1 Alabama Coal from the inspectors and officers of excise in the week ended KgSJSK 14 conformably to the Act of the 45th and 2j Do. 100, 20C, and 500 (June) 2s.

pm. 2s. According to the Stock Exchange weekly intelligence the railway calk falling due on Tuesday next amount to and miscellaneous calls to 1,569,074, the gross amount of calls for the month of July being 7.i3f!,uo3. Mr. David Cornfoot announces that the coupons of the per Ceut.

Debentures of the United Rolling Stock Company due July 1 will be paid on and after that date either at his offices or at the Imuon and County Bank. It is announced that the sterling bonds and'cotipons of the Railroad Equipment Company maturing on July 1, will he paid on and after that date "by the London agents, Messrs. Russell and 5 and 7, Fenchurch-street. 'rm a

1 110 11- Dairy. Bailey's Hotel. Grosveuor-road, at 2. Chicago and Alton Sterling Con. 116 PhiL and Read.

Gen. Mort, 1S74, 78 7J 81 SO RAILWAYS. Mexican, 33 i Mexican 1st 8 p.c., 891 i ll 4P0 Mexican 6 per Cent. Per. Deb.

Stock. 1031 Mexican 2d Mort. 6 p.c Deb. Stk. Scrip, 97J Royal Sardinian.

10 3-16 San Paulo (Brazilian), guar. 7 p.c, 201 as ine present hidd wic iiuanciai worm SUh'rin plethora of money to such an extent that it practically unlendable, even at the nominal nuv o( i per annum, and the bonks and itisceuni dun-. tlie interest on deposits to 1 per cent, at coll, j. notice. 112 107 MU.

124 Baltimore and Ohio. Nos. 1 to 8,000, 1061 FOREIGN Buenos Avres Gt. Southern, 163.1 71 Buenos Ayres and Rosario, Ord. Stk, 72 Bnenos Ayres and Rosario 7 p.c.

3 Buenos Ayres and Rosario 5 p.c. Deb. ll)2 assy, gua. 5 p.c.j 15H 107 105 4 Canada Gua. Inter.

110 Turkish Guaranteed, 1455 105 10 Bank of England Stock, 5 p.c. for last half year S06 12 Bank of Ireland Stock, 6 d.c. for last half year 1 394 303 Saturday Evening. There was only a thin attendance at the Stock Exchange: aa usual on Saturdays, especially immediately the settlement, but no further failures i.ii:i'' announced a better feeling prevailed, mirly advanced in the majority of the m.irkt tR, and mostly closed firm, although not in all instances at the highest quotation of the day. In the English funds Reduced and New 3 per Cents.

dec-Lined 1-1G to per whilst 2h per Cents, recovered per cent. Indian and Colonial Government stocks were generally firm, but Cape of Coed 4 per Cent. Bonds and Inscribed Stock were sl.uly weaker. The foreign market wa3 Bome irregular. Egyptian were rather stronger, 537 303 SOS 306 387 102J 1031 103 2 104f 1054 10S 81i 62 83 83U LOO 100 iu uinuj ueposuors bins eui oi iric their supply of ready cash becomes a serious uf In a few weeks the half-yearly dividends on Ctts foreign and colonial bouds, the principal railway surance, tramway, and other companies will be 'iistnbnti i 'i allowing that a considerable portion is required for 4 India Stock, Oct 10, 1833 10 li 1031 3J Do.

Stock, Jan. 5, lil 10l 105 i 4 Do. Enlaced Paper Si t2 4 Do. do. 1893 1 8 i 84 4 Do.

Aug. 18, 1834.. 100 100 Ihe directors of the Emigrants and Colonists' Aid Corpo-ration (Limited) recommend the payment of a dividend at the rate of 5 per cent, ner free of income tax. The To-MOKRow. Hudson's Bay, City lerminHS, at 2 Terminus, at Ruby and Dunflerberg Mining, City Terminus, at 12; Conservative Laud, Norfolk-street, Strand, at Wednesday.

Queensland Investment and Land Mortgage, City Terminus, at 12 Lima Railway, City Terminus, at 12 Honduras Inter-Oceanic Railway, City Terminus, at 4 South Metropolitan Gas, Bridge House Hotel, at 2 Port Philip and Colonial Gold Mining, Moorgate-street, at 1. Thursday. Colonial Bank, Bishopsgate-street, at 2 South Australian New, Broad-street, at 2 Elian Valley Railway, London-bridge Station, at 12 Rhymney Iron Ore, City Terminus, at 2 East Indian Railway, City Terminus, at 1 Clergy Mutual Assurance, Broad Sanctuary, at 1. Fripay. Assam Railway and Trading Company, City Terminus, at 1 Devala Moyar Gold Mining, City Terminus, at 1.

BANKS. Quantities Sold. I Average Price. irs. bus.

s- Wheat 3.1,394 8 37 4 Barley S40 7 27 11 Oats 4,221 4 23 0 Comparative statement for the corresponding week in each of the years from 1SS0 to 13: Correspond' I Quantities Sold. Aycrage Prices. big week In wheat Barley, Oats, 'wheat Barley. Oats. qrs.

biw. qrs. bus.1 s. s. d.

9. d. 1SS0 21,470 ll 3-0 0 1.0S9 5 44 31 11 I 23 2 livM. 19,371 3i SS14 3: 702 1 45 4 29 3 23 9 1832 2j 756 4 1.213 0 46 11 25 10 23 11 1333 41,425 2 457 0 2,406 4 42 3 1 29 8 23 5 Alliance. FOREIGN STOCKS.

BONDS, GOCP0KS PAYABLE IN LONDON. debenture interest coupons of the corporation falling due on the 1st proximo Brill hs paid on presentation at the National Rank of New Zealand, Old Broad-street. Notice is given that the per cent, quarterly dividend Lon. fc 63j Lon. Chart, of Australia, 193 i i Lon.

Joint-Stock, 39 National Prov. of 4SJ National Provincial of England, 1380 (iss. at 10 451 Union of London, 39 for employment ir reinvestment Many from want vfjaUn tion amikr.owl. de will again tro to their bank surplus with linn for 1 or li per cent, while tii-re channels of investment from which they may obtain nteh as 5, 6. 7.

and 3 uer cent, ner annum. Bank of Australasia, Si English Bank of Rio de Janeiro, 10 Lon. County, 81 1 Lon. and 12J Loudon River Plate. 12 warrants or the Hartlepool Steam Iramways Company f3jjeciully the Jrreterence Loan, uotwithstandm Mianni i i i j.

In olfering or giving advice it is our endeavour to k'n nsiderations prominently in view, viz. To recoiBmend tij consi it is now understood that the financial proposi- I Company, will be paid by the National Provincial Bank of 93 VtO ool. on and after the 1st of Julv. Kuomiriud to the Conference to-day include a England, at West Hartlep RAILWAY TRAFFIC RETURNS. Commercial Department Board of Trade, June 28, 1884.

The directors of the iialiia Central Suear Factories redu'jti of per cent, in the dividends on the 101 95 92 92 97 95 95 i'i S7 81 92 92 92 S3 10.3 102 6 Argentine, 1863 6 Do. Public Works, 1871 Io. Bail. Loan, issl 6 Do. lio2 Loan brazilian, 1SCS 6 Do.

1865 6 Do. 1871 5 Do. 1S75 ik Do. Sol Ln. issd.

Brat. '79 i 1 M. 1S43 Loan Buenos Ayres, 1870 6 Do. 187S 8 Do. 1882 4J Chilian, 1853 7 Do.

18- 6 Do. 1867 CORPORATION STOCKS-COLONIAL AND FOREIGN Native Guano, 2 9-16 1 Rio de Janeiro City lmprove-I ments, 251 COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, Se Boston Sterling I of Dmiedin 5 p.c. 104 Loan, 107 New Plymouth Harbour Board 6 p.c. Ill 10 1 95 92 2 98 9f 95 Go b7 81 92 92 92 83 105 102 97 92 103 97 94 94 90 97 03 83 1-3 94 94 94 85 103 104 94 94 105 SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. (Limited) have made a further call of 2 10s.

per share (making 12 10s paid) upon the ordinary and deferred shares of the company. Henry Bentley and Co. (Oalton Brewery) have declared an interim dividend for the half year ending March 31 of 8s. (id. per share, being at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum.

Miles open in 93m 93 FINANCIAL, LAND, AND INVESTMENT. 2- 3 103 91 94 100 97 97 93 S8 83 94 94 94 85 10S 104 94 94 105 17 15 107 112 9 Cen. Argen. Land. 24 1831.

13S3. Dividend per cent. -s NAM. -S 1st half 2d half 1883 1333 f4 I Athe nry and Ennis I Athenry and Tuam 2 0 0 2 10 0 Belfast and Count Du. 1393 (From LLOYD'S June 23.1 MAIL AND STEAMSHIP NEWS.

ADELAIDE, June 2a. The Orient Line Lusitauia. from London, Foreign, American, and General Inves. Trust. Def 93J 1 3 Gen.

Credit Discount, 3 5-16 Hudson's Bay, 22 Foreign, American, and Gen. Inv. Trust, 1084. 7 8 The members of the London committee of the New arrived. Do.

Ib70 Do. 1873 3C 30 15 16 5541 551 5 5 5 York, Ontario, and "Western Railway are expected to leave New York on July 5 for London. Do. 1S75 92 1 oofiou wv uuiu wueo or io-ji nuies ino lUlerebt received deposit oa RECOM ME NDATIO NS. It is under circumstances such as tho present that we v.

to sugcest to capitalists, investors, and depot frs se-vJrVl means of utilisiny their capital in a more proiituole inn-r th in they may possibly have been aware of before, arid Vj vinced that our advice will bo louud to bo estabiUUid on uT soundest basis. Lately nearly all Stock Exchanae securities have be. Tt rln from the general dullness and depression of trade, an i 1 variety of circumstances tho current of hsvoittmeiit has dirocted into one or two channels, which, to nr. for the moment, the most reliable, if not tho httwt'uroi means of investment Capitalists sold Consols, and is. proposed reduction of tneir interest and we gtvm tins" idv, when they were quoted at 102 but now thev are hHow ir t- is not so great an inducement to realise-.

In "place 01 bought Preference and UutH-nture Stocks in the prim 1 railways until, from tiie continuous demand, thev ai considerably beyond their fair diideud-eoruiiu' 'value. I' bonds are out of favour at present, owing to unsettled condition of polities. Colonial and foreign railwW! tluetuate so violently, and are sueii varying cn ot prosperity, that they are now avoided iv rdiHitry iiivuiu-" aud American railways have disappointed the bo-us 44H2, 447J 47-J' 13CA 13CJ 529! 12i) 12t 8 Chinese, 1374-6 103 OAS. BuenoB Ayres, New, 10 I Gas. Coke 206 8 SHIPPING.

Canard Steamship, 3 General Steam 5 p.c. 10J 1772 137C! 61 61 59070 772; 764? 2 0 0 TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES. 3:1741 31:1 1S0J. 1304 Anglo-American, 55J 97 92 92 1C3 15 13 105 103 7 i 81 56 8 lo. 1877 6 Costa Rica, 1371 7 Do.

1872 7 Danubian, 1864 8 Do. 1867 1 Ecuador, New Consol Do. Provi8l. Land War. 17 15 107 ns 9 11 31 2 10 1 5 1 5 640- 31 1414; 70 tSTHI 2 0 1 15 0 15 Globe Telegraph and Trust, Globe Tel.

Trust 0 p.c. 12 7-16 United Telephone, New, 4 nraz. sub. 9 13-16 Direct U.S. Cable, 9i 1 Eastern, 11 1-16 11 Eastern Extern, Australasia, A China, 11 7-16 3 5-16 0 Belfast N.

Counties 1 I Brecon 0 Caledonian Cambrian 0 Cocker, Pen. 0 Cork and Bandoa 0 Cork, Blackrock, P. Cork and Macrooni Cornwall 0 Dublin, 1 Dublin and Meath 0 Kuruess 6 Glasgow A S. Western 6 Great Eastern 0 Great Northern I niiied and Preference Debts, and on an issue of a guaranteed by the English Government, to precedeiice of all other loans, we pre-BUiuj, after the payment of the Turkish Tribute, which is a first charge on the Egyptian revenue, it bang also proposed to wake a large ri'ductl'V'i in Egyptian taxation, England submitting tj a reduction of or per cent, of her guaranteed interest on the Suez Canal Shares. Portuguese per Cent were decidedly weaker on a rumour that the new has been very inadequately applied for, that it is Hot improbable that it may be withdrawn fur a time, at least so far as this country is concerned.

French stocks were again lower on the course of events in Tontjuin and Annam. English r.iil si -cks were in demand to cover recent sales, mostly advanced, the chief recovery being in North Staffordshire, London and Brighton Ordinary and Deferred, and Chatham and Dover Pre-t erred. Canadian railway stocks opened weaker on reported difficulties at Toronto, where of the Federal Bank are stated to dropped from 110 to Goi, but as the bank has refused oilers of assistance on the ground that it will be able to meet all claims it is presumed that the rumours must be exaggerated. Crand Trunk of Canada Railway stocks opened 24H Egyptian Unified Dsbt 57 S7f Sli 80Uii 82 Sli ADEN, June 28. The nindoustan, homeward bound, the Gleudower, from Singapour, and the Niagara, from Bombay for Marseilles, arrived.

AVON.MOCTH, June 23. The Moray, from New Vork, arrived. BOSTON, June 27. Tho Anchor Liue Syrian, for Glasgow, left BRISBANE, June 27. The Platypus, from Lamlash, 5tc, arrived.

CALCUTTA, June 28. The City Line City ot Agra, from the Clyde, arrived. CAPETOWN, June 26. The Thames and Mersey Line Gulf of Carpentaria, for Sydney, left COLOMBO, June 23. The Clan Line Clan Macdonald, from the Clyde, arrived.

DEAL, Juno 23. The Yokohama Maru, from London for Biogo, itc, passed. EAST LONDON, June 27. The Clan Line Clan Lament, from Liverpool, arrived. GIBRALTAR, June 26.

The Seine, from London for Singapore, passed. GRAVESEND, June 27. The Camel, from London for Suakim, passed. GRIiENOCK, June 2T. The Mount Lebanon, for Queensland.

15 0 10 Do. Government Jfret. Do. tate Domain Do. Daira Sanioh Con.

Dab. 15 13 105 10J 7 4 SI 81 50 100 cs no 22 9 Hi 4J75 323) S915 22; -9 63627 40071 C5Jt 4466 136 351 35 lOlOsj 139 2.U10 329 50771: 907 2 5 2 12 Oil 65 35 137 329 3724 001 4C7 239 474 TRAMWAYS AND OMNIBUS. Birkenhead, 2 3 WATERWORKS. Chelsea 177 I South wark and Vauxhall New East London, 177 1 Ordinary, 7 2 10 2 12 I 7 Jlr. lom Rain, of the firm of Messrs.

Tattersall, has joined the board of the National Agricultural Hall Company (Limited). Argentine Government stocks having been very heavy of late and some surprise having been expressed at the decline in quotations, we have received several letters from bondholders on the subject, asking for explanation. We think we cannot do better than refer them to a correspondence recently published between the East Argentine Railway Company and the Argentine Government on the subject of the expropriation of the railway by the Government (London Mitchim and yon, ClementVlane, and Parliament-street). It should be premised that the company was established under a concession from the Argentine Government, dited August 13. If -GO, the concession being in perpetuity with a guarantee of 7 per cent, per annum for 40 years during which period the company is free of taxes.

The correspondence commences on October 3. 1882, with a communication from the secretary of the company to Mr. Thompson, the company's agent in the Republic, announcing that the directors were "quite willing to consider any proposition that the Government choose to Ih 53 lOt S9 70 o0 KUgUSfl niVestor, besides causing bun e'lorrnom thorough and radical change in their will Entre-Riog, 1372 ('leek Independence. 1879 Ho. do.

1331 Guatemala, 1S5S 53 82 S2 53 104 9 70 30 27 (I 93 100 87 63 CO CSJ 711-5 07S7! 934 6 Gt. Northern Ireland)! 1--'5''L 12U19 4C 0 Gt. North of Scotland C'Gt 2s: 1 0 Gt.Southeni.t Western 1W7 1441S: 474 I si 95J 6 Do. 1869 10 Honduras Gov. Rail.

Loan 6 Hungarian, 1S71 6 Do. 1S73 i 1 90i 96H 98 THE MARKETS. Saturday. 0 Great Western 15757 22S5 0 Highland WZ 103 103 6 Do. Gold Rente 103J 103 and the Allan Line Waldensian, for Montreal, left June 23.

76 77 I 4 1)0. UO. 1S31 7t 77 710 (OvkJ 2ts'i 2S 512! 533 12 12 43 43 172: 2::0 231 2.vt 7l3t'7: 71345 404? The Direct Line Moruca. for Trinidad, Ac left HALIFAX, June 23. The Allan Line Caspian, from Liverpool, 0 Isle of Wight Kerry Kilkenny Luncas.

and Yorkshire LONDON. METROPOLITAN MEAT. A moderate supply was on offer. There was a quiet demand as follows Beef, 3s. to mutton, 2s.

Sd. to 6s. 2d. lamb, 6s. 3d.

to veal, 5s. 4d. to 5s. 113 97 99 14 116 94 96 arrived. HONG KONG, June 2S.

The Pacific Line Oceanic, from 0 Loud, and Western lsi-ioi-i 1H451C 1779 1770 107i 10) oa. ou. tu us. ou. pci oiu.

uy tut) carcase. GAME AND POULTRY. No alteration San Francirco, and tho Messageries Liue Iraouaddy, from Mar- 0. Coast 6 Italian (Sardinian), 1851 6 Do. Irriar.

Guar. 6 p. Ct 6 Do.l332,MareminanaRaiL 7 Japan, 1S73 Mexican, 1851. 8 Do. 1364 Norwegian, 1876 tj Da 187 i Do.

1830 1 in prices since yester- in price 211 21 21al-10 9 10 3320O, 3i5lD 455 I 4301 25tJ66; 153! 53020 555V.M 70S4 79-V day quotations. 101 103 Chat, and Dover 0 Lon. South-Western 0 to SouUiund 0 and Liu. I Cheshire Lines lot 100 4') 45i 2-jOi' 2U0J 2s43 25s.ii 409S3 3-02-1 3746; 2479: 2670 13207 12957 S50l! 307! 1 12 6 3 0 2 5 2 7 I 0 10 2 10 0 2 10 2 12 3 15 2 12 6. 1 15 1 15 2 0 0 2 7 3 10 0 4 0 1 0.

3 10 2 2 3 10 1 15 0: 4 5 0 12 2 5 5 0 0' 4 15 2 10 0j 2 10 2 15 3 2 1 15 Oj 1 12 1 15 0 2 15 3 17 6 4 7 3 15 3 15 1 15 0 2 5 5 0 0 5 0 1 10 03 12 9 0 oj 0 el 184 lsl 11 I 12t 91 9iit 51 51 0Oili5O 68 i ((I S0J 12? Do. District 6. Midland 142Sil 12thi 12C0 Midland Gt Western 97 114 91 100 21 91 101 102 9 ni 9 51 86 83 92 89 94 94 92 90 89 89 fc2 10 82 45i 102 9302 370 370 677 670! 43A 43J 04 DC' Mid-Wales I Navan ft Kingscourt. 0 North British make to them direct, but that it must be understood that the company cannot take the initiative in the matter." On July 2i), 1883, Mr. Thompson telegraphed that "Executive presented Congress project expropriation East Argentine," which was acknowledged by the com-Iany, and askinc for particulars.

On October 6, Mr. Thompson 6ent various extracts from newspapers, showing that the committee of the Senate had sent in a report to the Government on a proposed emission of $80,000,003 in which the committee recommended the reduction of the amount to 32,000,000, "and amongst the public works and other works to which it proposes the proceeds to be applied the expropriation of the East Argentine Railway does not figure and Mr. Thompson proceeds to say A proposal has been submitted to Government by Messrg. llonore and Bowen for the construction of an extensive network of railway, commencing at Gualeguaychti or Concepcion and incorporating the East Argentine Railway, to reach Posadas oil the "Upper Parana, now the capital of the national territory of Misiones, and with a branch to Goya in the province of Corrientes." heavy, but afterwards improved, although some disappointment was expressed at the non-issue of the train statement for May, which it is believed will be favourable as regards expenditure. The 1st Stock improved 1 and the other Preferences per cent.

Canadian Pacific Shares recovered per cent. Foreign railway stocks were generally quiet. American stocks were in some few mstitnees firmer on purchases to cover previous sales, the princijial advance being in Philadelphia and Beading General Mortgage Bonds, on an expectation that the dividend will be paid. Ohio and Mississippi Preference Shares were especially heavy. Suez Canal shares were again weaker.

The chiingos in miscellaneous securities were generally unimortant. Kxcxish FcjiDS. Consols closed without change at 50S15 50574 934J1 9S-4J 1510 6 North-Eastern, Consol 120290 153i 0 North London 3tL 3310 12 8 Parapnay, 1S71 Peruvian CerU. of Reg. At Do.

do 3 Portuguese, 1R53-S0 6 Do. 18o2 Russian, 1822, i Do. 1850 3 Do. 1359 4 Do. 1862 5 Do.

Anzlo-Dutch, 1394 5 Do. do. MHJ, 100 5 Do. Nic. 1S67-9 5 Russian (Nic.

1870 5 Do. do. 1371 Do. 1S72 5 Do. 1S73 iJDo.

1375 6 San Domineo, 1369 3 Santa Fe, 1833 2 Spanish Bo.QaickstlverMort.,1870 1 Do. Horn's North Staffordshire 1S3UI 5sl! 81 aoj llHii 19:5 1554: 11!) 9371 27 90 95 PS 90 9G 9G 82 93 91 90 63 12 84 451 104 Do. Canal Pembroke ami Tenby Rathkeale As Newc. Jn. -1-10 3017 301 03P 12 183 119 27 10 63? 26 90 31 seines, amvea.

HULL, June 23. The Wilson Line Marenso, from New arrived. The same company's Salerno, for New York, loft LIZARD POINT, June 27. The Wilson Line Baasano, from Boston for II ull, passed. Juno 23.

The Trausatlautique Lino Anu-rhjue, from New York for Havre, and the Twin Screw Line Bitterne. from London for New York, passed. LIVERPOOL, June 26. The Thessaff left for Montevideo. June 27.

Unuport and Holt's Leimnitz arrived from BraziL June i3. The Allan Line Virginian arrived from Boston. The British and African Line Bonny, for Africa, the Knka. for the Clan Line Clan Cameron, for Bombay, the Ocean Line A jax, for Penan, the City Liue City of Oxford, for Calcutta, the Warren Line Kansas, for Boston, the Queensland Line Nevassa, for Brisbane, and the Hoult Line Berbice, for Deme-rara, itc, left. MALTA, June 27.

The P. and O. Line Ballaarat, from London for Australia, arrived. The Ahnandine left for Japan. June 23.

The City Line City of Khios, from Calcutta for London, and the P. and O. Liue Kaisar-i-Hind, tor Calcutta, left The Glen Lino Glenelg, from Singapore for westward, passed. MOVTLLE, June 2s. The Anchor Line Ethiopia arrived from Glasgow, and left for New Vork.

NEW Jims 27. The Monarch Line Egyptian Monarch, from London and the Anchor Line Anchoria, from the Clyde, arrived. The Anchor Line Jnstitia left for Glasgow. June 23. The National Line Egypt, from Liverpool, the North German Lloyd's Line Elbe, from Breuicu, aud the BursweU, from Swansea, arrived.

OII AVOS, Juna 20. The British India Line Quetta, from Calcutta Loudon, passed. FLYMot'TH. June 23. -Tha British and African Line Volta arrived from Africa, and left for Hamburg.

QUEBEC, Jane 23. Stumors and Co.s Lilburn Tower, from Newport and the Dominion Lino Vancouver, from Liverpool, NSTOWN, June 2S. The White Star Line Baltic arrived from New Vork, and left for Liverpool. 90 110 109 2U 10 103 104 100 11 'I 90 95 68 90 90 90 82 93 SX BOi 90 1-3 12 84 45 104 60 103 93 100 87 65i 25 27j i 10J 16 9 16 17 15 75 S8 S3 0 Rhymney 6 South-Eastern I Southern 0 Tatf Vale i WaterforditCeu-Ired, 4J375 42720 oil I I 26 15S-W 15220 90 616, 624 31 WJ'i i exdiv. for money and account.

Reduced and New I And A'trcs Standard said that it was proposed 102 99 9 111 9 EOs 86 83 92 89 94 9i 80 92 00 89.J 89 82 10 82 102 59 101 97 93 so 85 77 2CJ 23 56J 18" 141 71 13 01 14 14 15 13 75 56 81 f.H to take over the East Argentine withnnt tmv roj 59j 103 102j I per Cents, declined 1-1G percent, for money, and ac Swedish 101 FOREIGN MAIL PACKET LIST. 99 count to 100 New per Cents, recovered per cent. A previous communication having informed the to 9l 2 ex div. Rank stock fetched 30C1. I company that the Government in a message to Congress English Coetobation Stocks.

Metropolitan Board OTiY proposed to pay to the shareholders of the company of Works 3 per Cents, were done at 109 ex and 3 per an 5 per Cent. Bonds which the secretary says In the following table Msiguiaes that Ietter3 are despatched by morning mails from Loudou. aud by evening mails vrwuiu uui.r gie mc tuiiioaii it will auout less Destination. Despatch of Port of Mails. Despatch Net mail due.

Cents, at g. than the originally guaranteed capital of the company, "to say nothing of compensation for compulsory purchase," 4 Do. do. its 1 Do. do.

1830 93 5 Turkish, 1354, Egypt Trio. K5 i Do 1S71 65 5 Do. 1377 (Defence) 77 5 Do. 2'J 6 Do. Stamped 23 6 Do.

1302 (Raftered) 6 Do. Stamped 19 Do. cn. 14 6 Do. Stamped 71 6 Do.

1-0 Registered) 13 6 Do. Stamped 9 6 Do. 1369 CRe jistered) 14 6 Do. Stamped 8 9 Do. (Reg.) I Do.

Stamped 15 Do. 1373 (Registered) 13 Do. Stamped 7 4 tTrugnay, I'nified, ISSS 56 5 Venaiaela New Cn. 31 9) 100 87 K5 771 271 21 15 71 15 10J 9 16 17 15 71 53 33 RANGOON, June 24. The Muriel arrived from London.

SC ILLY, June 2s. The Nederland Line Jason, from Baltimore for Amsterdam, and the Hamburg-American Line Wieland, from New York for Hamburg, passed. SHANGHAI, June 23. The Ocean Line Deucalion arrived from Liverpool. SINGAPORE, June 23.

The Glen Line Glenroy, from London, the Ocean Lino Muuelaus, and tho lsla do Cobu, both from Liver, pool, arrived. lutely necessary before tho British public buy to the same as heretofore. Apart from railway preferences and debentures, those itr. ties which come under the title of trusts, nM'ttEiag--, investment coiupaui-s have attained a position ut second to none in the general market. We have given this subject careful and long em'-n-ted ste so that we are in a position toexpresstne mo-i iit regarding their several merits.

In some of the older tai.u.,....'t trusts there are to be found the dis advantages of shales and a considerable piemium and in our present mendatioas we have selected those which stand at a utviieratsi premium and are witnoiit any llii)ility on ti.eir shares. Most of these pay gootl dividends to Hie original sliar- but to purchasers at present prieo the return, owing eh premium, is reduced to a bare 0 per cent. Moreover, there other disadvantage to which we have referred Un. ba ou the shares, and this must always he an imp rtiutt tion with investors. In tho securities to wmeii we to call attention these disadvantages do not exist THE BRITISH, COLONIAL, ANl GENERAL LN VESTMKVf TRPST (Limited).

The constitution of this trust is analogous in its main with tho most smvessful of these comj-anics. which stand at high preuiiums, while it cioitutiM iiuinv i ments on their working and uaanau -tuent. Tl.o these tnuts aro established are of the I. -t -1 as in private life, there is no more binding obligation vidiial than a trusteeship, so tu these ha.ithM trtlsis. the principle exists in an extended toi ui, with e.jual o.

i that, given the kuown character and ability of tlio Ni-um as wo may call them trustees, there ought to be, i i-our opinion, no safer means of in vestment, ami too pant hi pi these trusts supports this a-sertion. The past history of this trust has been nm of success, as demonstrated by tlie dividends pa.d. wbi. of the substantial character of lo per with adsliiious to ic. serve fund, lu Held of ojierations is so exten.

iv, embrai in.r the i al Stock Exchange securities, Itttaiit-iaL and gen, 1 transactions, that its sources of piubt aic- seidoia n. v. i mint. in all resiiects we consider this trust one of the tr. ol investment for every class of investors, mid ispei-btlv (,.

who still cling to the practice of allowing!ile money to lie oil deposit, ut the atteltiiaUal of int. present obtainable, while (his Crust offers them the of realising from 0 to per cent, on khvir capital. I in- pri. 1 I the shares, which aro of cr each, is tis. M.

ex dividend, mllv paid, without further liability. The considerations which lead us to recommend the jo shuns we summarise as follow 1st The low rates of iuterest at present obtainable, and cou. sequent loss of income to depositors. 2d. The high prices of railway stocks; the dread of the tion in the interests on Consols tho uncertainty siiTiindiiiJ foreign securities; the violent iluet nations 111 foretgn awl .1 railways, and tho utter disfavour into which Aniuricau svcor.wiw have fallen.

3d. The thoroughly safe principles ou which trusts ais founded. 4th. The comprehensive nature of tho British. Colonial.

tiJ General Investment least (Limited)," eusuring steady and too. tuitions profits. 5th. Tho abseiu of a high premium on the shares. Home MINES 'i A sound progressive security, la- paid.

era go dividen of 15 per cent, for several jeais ttunt, besides i i ug to reere fund. There are many groun is to warrant a dei-ih 1 an .11 value. The business of the TrilM eoiisisls in invi nnunt ami making of advances on approved mining seeurUfcs, a.U.h not being made for less than three moltths, it ifv .4 that borrowers desire to redeem their unne- ih .1 matures, but as tiiis can only 1- dime by futteil nr. balance of interest, this produces a "ilSHierafcle rev. Trust, and besides being an wtvaniago to the l.on im.ji-; 11 lesire to realise 011 a market also uaf-l tiiiTreil to turn over thoir capital more rapidly proiiis.

This Trust, having the earliest information st ttommntait-l, has the opport unity of making pm-eluiM-s nt the Ivvtst tovt-i prices, and realising ou any substantial market advanee. i thus ipiickly turning over their capital, tlis lugh dividends paid by the Trust are eanie.l. Nothing is supposed to be more speculative than mining mid) et when investments are inteili eiitiy ciducl.rd t. tit- a give their time tile th niu i and the fluctuations of the Metal and Mark. is.

pr li's ari huge and treipiclit, and average tuna 20 to p. with ui more risk than by dealings in railway and other stocks. The capital accoinii has iieen el at r-on-e iteittty BO fresh issue of shares oan Ih lo.ul-. -li shares must, therefore, tetid to increase tbo market ialn ot ibis security. The present tempting prices of sev ral i.f iniahrg i-rities oiler ti this trust good net wo lar profits, and, we understand, full adva 1 ti these.

This gives us confidence iu udvU.Og shares, as we anticipate a very I repoit ftnd uvi September. The shares are of each, fully paid, with further liability. THE RAILWAY, DElir.NTI'RR -Toi ic. HOiiTUAUfi CORI'OKATloN (Limited) Ilasall thefavouiabloeharaeleiistiesol lb. Iiest Tru s.f.

With tho increased assurance Of Hi iidity aod vi to sei-uritiesoperated hi by the irp 'ii. Railway D- Im-iuii. ntid fo-io a than which there 110 suft-r fiii.l in wj.i io capital. The lillctuutiolis as a rule are few all as t.j whicn to operate, there aro ii' lie more frei- iroiu .1. t.e 1, Australia, South (Tasmania, Vic-' toria, vtQ'teensind), via Brindisi July 4 (E)' June 30.

Australia, Western (See also New; South Wales and New via Brimlisi July 11 (E) June 30. Bermuda, via New York i Ditto, via Halifax July 17 (E) Loudm'ry July b. Brazil. Montevido, via Liverpool July 1 (E) Liverpool. July 5.

Brazil, via Southampton hi'y 9 (M) Southamp June 30. Ditto, by French I'aoket July 3 (E) July Buenos Ayres. via Southampton July 9 (M) Southamp June 3o. Ditto, by French Packet July 3 (Ej July 6. Canaan, Now Nova Scotia, fc Prince Edward Island, Indian Stocks.

4 per Cent. Stock was dealt in at 1022 3, and 3h per CentB. at 103 ex div. 4 per Cent. Rupee Paper was unaltered at 81 and 4 per Cents, at 3i a Colonial Govkrnment Secubities.

Capo of Good Hope 4 per Cent. Bonds 1917-22 and Inscribed Stock declined i per cent, to 8i 90. Colonial Coutoration Stocks. New Plymouth Harbour Board per Cent, advanced 1 per cent, to 111 12. FoKEicx Stocks.

The principal changes in this market were advance in Egyptian Preference and a decline in French and Portuuuese Stocks. Egyptian Unified closed per cent, higher at :7 11-lti 13-1G, Preference 1J at and Daira at 5G 7. Turkish 5 per Ceut. General Debt relapsed 1-1G per cent, to 7i g. Spanish 4 per Cents, de- whicU the shareholders were not likely to accept.

In reply to applications to the Government as to the terms of expropriation Mr. Thompson was referred to the National Law of Expropriation of September, lSGfi, which he states that lawyers inform him provides that a of Congress confirmed by the Executive, to the effect that any property in the Republic is of public utility, warrants the Government, notwithstanding any concessions or contracts, to expropriate it, and that if the property is mortgaged the mortgagees are to be indemnified. Article 4 of the law states that expropriation cannot be completed until the price or indemnisation is paid to the owner or deposited judicially and according to articles 4 to 13, the price to be paid for the property is to be agreed on, if wssilile. between the Government and the proprietor if the parties cannot agree, each is to name COUPONS PAYABLE ABROAD. ST.

CATHERINE'S POINT, June 28. The Ravensheugh, from New York for Antwerp, passed. ST. KITTS. Jimu 23.

The New York City left for London. SUEZ CANAL. Jim ilrllntlv in.l iv, 6 Argentine, H. Dol. 1S33-7U 81155 86 101 69 67 3 (E) London'ry July 1.

I Hankow for London, arrhed at Suez. June 27. Stum ore and direct July Ditto, via United States 9 Do. Treasury Eocds 5 Austrian .3. Rats.

ex. 101170 5 Do. Puper. do. do I 4 Do.

Gold Rentes 2 i.clL'ia:i. ox 25r. J-ny fc anion tower, from for Havre, nassed Port Said. Canary Islands, via Liverpool July 4 (E) Liverpool, overdue lOi 08 (7 85 714 im 94 102 67 to 83 106 77 73 94 102 an expert to value the property, aud they do not agree in 106 77 7SV timed per cent, to i)l Italian 5 per Cents. I to 94 the question of price is to be solve 1 by the higher courts 84 102 67 05 83 70 77 73 94 102 112j lit 33 38 4) French Rentes, New Irre.l 3 lo.

ex 25tr 3 Do. Redeemable 5 Italian Ex. 25fr. 4 Prussian Consols 4 I' tilled States, IS1! uspe oi uoou nope ana i via fl mouth Jnly 3 (E) Plymouth July 4. China.Ceylon, viaBrindisi July 11 (K June 30.

Ditto, by Kronch Packet inly 4 () July s. Cape de Verds July 24 (M) Southamp 30. Cyprus, via Brindisi -inly 4 (K June 30. East Coast of Airica, via Brindisi July 18 (El Ditto, via Dartmouth July 10 (KV D'txnouth Julv 10. 94 94 June 2-.

The Inch Line Inchuloa, from Midilli-shrouh for Kunachee, the P. and O. Line Nizam, from Trieste for Bombay, the Ocean Liue Achilles, from Lomlon for Shanhai, the Mes-saj'ries Liue Natal, from Marseilles for Shamrhai, the Llo.d Line Zuid Holland, from Rotterdam for Java, the Clan Line Chin Grant, from Liverpool for Colombo, the Kingdom, from Liverpool, the Croma, from the Preston, from CanliU. and the Viceroy, from Sunderland, all four for Bombay, and the Tui ia Cadiz, for Manilla, arrived at Port Said. The Clan LineCIuu Frascr, from Bombay for Loudon, and the Cyarita, from Vladwoatock, arrived at Suez.

103 10S 4 Do. 1907 of the Republic, but Mr. Thompson expresses an opinion that if the amount awarded was not satisfactory the company would have a right to claim as compensation equivalent to the 7 per cent, guarantee on 10,000 per mile for the number of years to run before the expiration of the guarantee. On October 22, 3883, Mr. Thompson telegraphed that the Expropriation Bill had been passed in both Chambers without fixing a price.

On the name day that the Expropriation Bill was passed by the Senate the Virginia tm 113 121" 122 33 33 38 42 37 39 33 42 39 E. Indies A-uizinar, via urmdisi Jtuy 4 (E) June 3 Portuguese 3 per Icnts. 1 to ryjf French 3 per Cent. Rentes to 7G and 4j per Cents, to 1052 6. Mexican 3 wr Cents, of 1851 improved per cent, to 21jJ Brazilian 41 per Cents, of lbU8 were per cent, lower at 97 9.

r.viTEn Fr.vrFS Stocks were unaltered. Railways. This market exhibited a pretty general advance, particularly for London and Brighton, London,, and Dover Preference, and North Staf- June 30. 6 Do. 6 Do.

New Funded. 1905 4 (F.) 2 R4.lliW.VY ORDIAltY STOCKS. BILLINGSGATE FISH. Scotch salmon, Is. 3d.

to Is. Irish ditto. Is. 2d. to Is.

Norway ditto. Is. Id. to Is. Swedish ditto, lOd.

to crimped English ditto, 2s. 2d. to 2s. mild smoked ditto, 3s. to 3s.

kippered ditto, Is. 3d. to Is. smoked American ditto, 6d. to pickled ditto, 5iL grilse, lOd.

to trout, Is. to Is. char, Is. 6d. to Is.

eels, lOd. to Is. and sturgeon, 7d. to 8d. per lb.

CENTRAL FISH. Large quantity oi tish, with improving trade, at following prices Swedish salmon lid. per lb. Scotch ditto, Is. 4d per lb.

grilse, Is. 4d. per turbot, 9d. per trout Is. per cod, 2d.

per lb. plaice, Id. per soles, Is. 3d. per slips, 9d.

per eels, lOd. per fresh haddocks, 2d. per hake, 2d. per halibut 6d. per conger eel, 2d.

per mackerel, 2d. to 4d. each; bream, 3d. to la. each lobsters, Cd.

to 2s. each; crabs, 3d. to Is. 6d. each whiting.

Is. 6d. to 3s. per dozen American oysters, lCkL to Is. per dozen Anglo-Portuguese ditto, lOd.

to is. per dozen Dutch ditto, Is. to 2s. per dozen native ditto, Is. to 2s.

6d. per dozen shrimps, 2d. to 3d. per pint winkles, 2d. per pint; whelks, Id.

per pint; mussels, 3d. to Is. per gallon Digby chicks, 4d. to 6d. per bundle reds, 4d.

to 6d. per bundle. CO VENT-GARDEN. With a large supply and an active demand at market the following prices are realised Vegetables Asparagus, Is. to 3s.

6d. and rhubarb at 6d. per bundle peas, per shelled pint and broad beans, 6d. per ditto spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and new potatoes, 2d. to 4ii.

per mustard and mixed salads, and mushrooms, Is. 6d per basket; turnips, carrots, 4d. to and radishes' -'d per bunch cabbages, cauliflowers, 3d. to lettuces, ld. to endive, artichokes, and cucumbers, 2d.

to Is. each French beans, 9d. per lb. Fruit: Lemons, oranges, Is. to 2s.

bananas, 2s. green ripo tigs, apricots, 'is 6d and peaches, 6s. to 183. per dozen cherries, 6d. to Is.

3d. per strawberries, Is. to 3s. Cd. per punnet; currants, red, sd and white, Is.

per pineapples, 2s. ed. to and melons, 2s. to 5s. each; grapes.

Is. to 5s. per gooseberries Cd. per quart plums, 2a. 6d.

per box raspberries, la. Cd. to 2s Cd. per basket; American Sapucaia nuts, lychees, from China and old fllberts, 2s. per lb.

In the floral section of the market there is a large and mixed collection of Bowers Hothouse plants, in blossom, 4s. Cd. to and common tribes of blooming plants Is. to 2s. 6d.

per pot; cut roses. Is. to 2s. mixed flowers, and the common varieties, 4d. to 3d per bunch fancy baskets of flowers, 4s.

to 7s. 6d. each lar-e bouquets of choice flowers, 10s. to and small ditto' 5s to 7s. Gd.

each cut flowers, for button holes, 3d. to 9L per ditto and fir which there is a sreat demand. WHITECHAPEL HAY AND STRAW. There was a lar-e supply oi hay and straw on sale. Ihe trade was quiet at late rates.

Prime clover, 80s. to inferior, 60s. to prime meadow hay, 70s. to 96s. inferior, 50s.

to 70s. and straw 30s to 383. per load. COUNTRY. LIVERPOOL COTTON.

Spot, limited demand, depressed market. American, l-16d. lower. Sales, specidatiou and export, 300. Imports Day and to date, American Od to limited demand, reduced Brazilian neglected-Egyptian, limited business, no change; East Indian, limited, prices irregular, futures near months a trille steadier, four points decline.

June-July and July-August, 6 ll-64d. DONCASTER WOOL. Rather smaller supply, chieflv Lincolnshire, aud slow trade, consequent on dealers holding out for full rates of last week. LEICESTER WOOL. There is a very honeful and encouraging tone in the wool market, and the advanced quotations for lustre and denii-lusire wools are firmly maintained.

A very large consumption is going on, and the business transacted of a very healthy character. Now that the value of the new clip has been settled, a large quautity of wool is changing hands. There is a brisker tone in woollen yarns, at advanced prices. AYLESBURY CORN. The fine haymaking weather exercised a very detrimental influence on the attendance at this market this morning, farmers being busy in the fields.

Small show of wheat, and little disposition to do business, and the sales effected were at barely the quotations of this day week. Oats a tritle dearer. No change in other sorts of grain. Wheat, 33s. to 43s bai ley, 2Ss.

to oats, 22s. to and beans, 32a. to 40s. per imperial qr. CANTERBURY CORN.

The wheat trade was quiet at about the same rates as last week white, from 3ss. to 45s. brown, to but the top figure was only made with difficulty grinding barley firm, at 30s. to 32s. per qr.

Oats continue to harden in value, consequent upon the unfavourable crop prospects. Beans held for more money. CARLISLE CORN. Fair supply of wheat, and small of oats wheat very slow sale, at about Is. per qr.

less money and oat3 slow sale, at prices unchanged. CHESTER CORN'. The market to-day was quite lifeless, and no business of moment passing. Prices for all articles are without alteration. Quotations White wheat.

and red wheat f.s. lOd. to Cs. per oats, 3j. to 3s.

4d. beans, 5s. Cd' per S' Egyptian beans, 32s. per Indian corn 5s lOd. per cental.

DONCASTER CORN. Small attendance. Wheat very slow trade Gi-mdiug barky firm. Other cereals dull. Weather fine LEICESTER CORN.

Not unite so full an attendance to-day, farmers being busy haymaking. Fair supplies of wheat, which were quite equal to the demand, and trade ruled dull at weaker prices. There was a strong inquiry for grinding barleys, which are scarce on the spot, 24s. to 28s. per 32 stone.

Oats advanced Is. per qr. for fine, and 6d. for secondary. Prices.

24s to 29s. per 24 stone. Beans dull. NORWICH CORN. The wheat trade remained at about former rates here to-day.

The business doing in barley is now quite nominal. NOTTINGHAM CORN. -Moderate snnplv of wheat on offer and quiet demand at late prices. Grinding barley, oats, and ful1 prices of la8t week but nt muchdoms. PREaloN CORN.

supply of wheat almost nil, either through farmers being busy haymaking or depression of stocks in granaries. 1 here is no change to report in the price of any article. heat, 17s. 6d. to 18s.

Cd. per 2201b. flour, 2Cs. to 30s. per 2401b.

Oats, 3s. Cd. to 3s. 9d. per 451b.

oatmeal, 23s. to 30a. per 2401b. DONCASTER CATTLE. -Oidy moderate show of beasts, and prices rather lower.

Sheep no demand, except at great reduction. Pigs smalL Stores Is. each lower. No alteration in others. LEICESTER CATTLE.

Good supply of horned stock to-day, with an average attendance of buyers and dealers, but owing to tne urgent want of nun, graziers were most reluctant to purchase, and prices declined 10s. per head. Irish were a full supply, and made 17 to 19 per head; heifers, 14 to 17 home bred bulls, to Welsh, 10 to 16. Sheep fair supply and tradv' quiet. CORK Ordinary: Firsts, seconds, 84s.

thirds, (os. iourth3, 64s. fifths, 45s. Kegs: Seconds, fourths fifths, 35s. Mild cured firkins: Superfine, tme mild, 94s.

In market 2, 10o firkins, 179 mild, 9 kegs. Egypt, by isritisn racKec Ditto, iy French Packet Iuly Ditto, by Italian Packet Falkland Islands 'July Madeira, via t'ivniouth IJnly Ditto, via Liverpool 'July Mauritius una Madagascar, via i (My 1 5 (P.) Aug. 2. 3 (IC) Plymouth July 4. 4 (E LiverpooL project of Mesbrs.

Honore and Bowen for an exten sive line ot railway, ami which included the taking On the day Caledonian closed per cent, higiier Midland at 131 London, Chatham, and Dover over the East Argentine Railway, was approved the law Dartmouth July 10 (n D'tmouth July 10. Ditto, by French Packet June 30 (FA Julv c. ai I n.l 'reN: re-nee 1 at 'JM Loudon and North- reiauve eu sue new company oemg actually passed netore Montevideo, via Southampton July 9 (Mi ioutiiamp June 3i'. V. n-rn at Metropolitan at 13, for thc expropriation ot the hast Argentine hue, winch 1 91 Vi.rttt.

P.rifi 4 si U3J- Great ueeiareu hi ue expropriation according to tne ordinary 6711S 7J uiuo. ov rtsucu iracnes miy .5 Julv 6. Newfoundland July 1 (E) tauiownV. July io. New South vv ales and New Zc-a- I era i Svuth-Kastern lHforr ii I ai.

Alan- i lw. uo notice being taxeu of the 7 per cent, guarantee of Befiforn and Northainp. Prl. Caledonian, Consolidated Do. Deferred ordinary No.

1 Cornwall Mineral East London Consolidated Knraess, Consol. Ord. Stock. Glaseow and 3. W.

Ord. Cou. Great Ba3tern, Ordinary Do. Deferred Ordinary J-- at. tri-ii of Si-citland Great Northern Con.

Orig. A receives no div. 1 Di. A until 6 p.c. p.

ax 00. Bi lfanv) 1 has been paid to Great West-jru, Con. Ord. Highland, Consol. Hull, Bara3lev lAr.Rd.Juna 110 112 1.0 112 93i 93 93i 93 9 12 9 12 21 23 21 23 111 114 111 114 10s no 103 57J 571 I 57 53 57 53 I 57 63 110 ioj 1:0 96 93 06 93 151 154 151 154 136 137i 136 137 86 i3 SO 83 2 3 a 122 127 122 127 I land, via Brindisi Ditto, via San Francisco HOME ARRIVALS.

BRTTOL, June 23. Oafeworth, Portl.unl. CARDIFF, June 23. Speedwell Bilbao. DEAL, Jmne 23.

Into, loano. Passed. Gibraltar (s), Liaison, Nalagacts Angiolette Bozzo, New York Dale (s), Naples. FALMoUTIf, June 28. EiVetico, Gelong Excelsior, Arroyo, P.R.; Glint.

Porto Rico; India, St. Croix. CR.VVR3BND, Juno 28. Cambria (s), Cherbourg; Piiko. Napier (Jalioia (s), Vigo Dorothy.

Demerara; Friedriuk, Hong Kong Varde, Largo; Koh-i-noor, Curacao Jlovding, Quebec Larhailos. HiT.YUnAD, June 23. Prince Charlie, Qneivc. ill LL, June 23. Orchis uuesja Columba (s), Smyrna; Emily ().

Taganrog. LfMt'RD'K. June 23. New York. I.I ERl'ooL, June 2s.

Asiana, New Orleans; Clytic, Qnebec; Daisv (s), Argew. OI POINT LYN AS, June 2S. Nant France, Negroporte. PENARTH. Juno (s).

Malta. PLYMOUTH, June 23. Ahea, Stettin, Naples. HOME SAILINGS. CAP.DIFF.

28. -AshfteW (s), Jamaica; Rhvmney (s), Gibraltar; Richard Aiming s) Odessa: Earl of Devon, Kama; Frev Belitos; Giovanni. Table Eav: TurtiiuiioA St. 4 (T.V June 90. 17 (El I July 3.

July 9 (1) Southamp; July 1 (E) July 10 D'tmouth July 24 (L) July 4. Portugal, via Southampton Ditto, via Liverpool Ditto, via Dartmouth St. Helena and Ascension United States (New York) ci.i it-sr and t-helheld i at 7 4 5, and Deferred at 35 1 shareholders. After some difficulty a memorandum lrtii Staifordiihire at Mij Loudon and lirighton i was receiv'ed from 5Ir. Joae Logos, on behalf of the 1 at 112 l-l, and Deferred at g.

Metro- 1 "lent, as to what he line Lad been estimated at after politau liitiict ilechned per cut. to 57 V. raahing certain deductions, giving a sum of but OuLOxlAt. liAlLWAVs. Grand Truukof Canada Ordinary i 'ieclincd to ad vance anything to pay oS obligations maturing lock was I cent.

Lhjher at fcj 1st til the price was settled. On the 17th of November, li at 7-1 5 cx bonus, 2d at il 2 ex' bonus, and 3d at tlie secretary advised Mr. Thompson that the '2-Z ei Onnadiau raeiiic Shares recovered per directors were of opinion that the only basis of purchase cent, to (Quebec Central 5 per Ceut. 1st Moitgage wticl could be effected a eash price equal to the nds improved 2 per cent, to 40. I guaranteed capital, plus 20 per which thev under- liAiLWAVts.

Mexican 1st Preference Rtock ad- i stood to be the amount of compensation authorised bv the W. Coast of Africa, via Liverpool July West Indies and Pacific July June 20. 4 (Ei Liverpool, overd'ivi 2 (M.) Southamp July 13. Bahamas Barbados, Garthagena, Colon Lani-a-ihireand Yorks. i 112J 1134 Lon.

and S. Coast Ord. ill 113 u-4 U3J 112 114 113 vanced i I'er cont. to 89i K' but 2d receded 4 ner cent. I existing law.

and that it was not likely that the share- 1S4 13t Do Prf l)of- recivinarn-j 1 110. net. basw-npa. prf. 1 134 is; 91 holders would accept per cent, bonds, which would pro- IO Ortat extern of iirazil dechuud i ner share it i oojiiiHili Vim--nt; Blue Jacket (s.

St. Vincent; Tansies (s), Madras. DEAL. Juue 23. (s), Passages; Kwbert East Lomlon.

I Juih; 23. Nonnaudy (s. Zanzibar; Bury St I Edmiut'ls, Quebec Harmony, Labrador; Ihimtet, Archaugel. 1 tiREENOCK, June SS. Eastern Chief, C.dlao.

to and fiuuth Italian 3 iter Cent. 20 Bonds to 11 j. 14 IS 1 13 13 1S11-10J9-16 i4 164 l14ii 59 f.l piu namy not realise more than 5v per cent, tor their guaiautee of 7 per under which the shares stood at par. In subsequent communications it is pointed out that the law of 1SGG does not authorise the payment of compensation Do.Cer. of Con.

lttd.ab.611 c. 14 13 isj i-i London and X. Western Coa. lfitl 1641 Do. Vow -3th Slav.

1331 59 6) 1 ondou and 3. Western, Con. 123 129 145 143 AaiKinrAN Rai i.wats. Philadelphia and Reading General Mjrt-'ae Roods 1874 wen- Hi ni 77 and $30 Shares kth ner cent. 4.

Ika bayond the cost of the liae, although a local act of the nro- Cura oa, Trmidad, ana ilia, via Southampton July 2 (M Southamp July 13. Ditto, via Liverpool Juiy 4 (E Live-pooL Btdize i June -S. Ciiili and Peru, via Southampton July 2 (Mv Southamp July Vi. Ditto, via Liverp il July 1 (E July 5. Hayti.

Jamaica, aud St. Thomas, via Southampton July 2 Southamp July 13. Ditto, ria Liverpool July 14 (Z) Liverpool. LaGuayraau Porto CabeUo, via Southampton July 17 (M Southamp Ditto, via Liverpool July 4 (E) Liverpool Mexico, via Southampton Juiy 2 (Mi Soiithatnp July 23! Ditto, via Liverpool July (E) Liverpool Santa Martha, via Ju'y 2 (M) Southamp July 13. Ditto, via Liverpool July 24 (E) LiverpooL THE WEATHER.

129 Mi 73 and Line. Or. 731 71 145 74 110 assured of their dividends, 'tlie recent advance in d. Do.Pfd. I i.r?a rk nu until 0 per cent 115 110 30 ti6i 110 115 3iJ 34 112J 11-2 SLarcs improved per cent, to 70 ex New York v.mce of Puenos Ayres provides for 20 per cent, compensa- Shares li to 97 Chicago.

Milwaukie, and St. i'aul I tion, and at interviews with Dr. irkoyen, the Minister: Shares 1 to 02 Rluiois Central Shares toll4i Central I entrusted witn the expropriation, he altogether re- Pacific Shar js I to 34 Denver and Kio tirande Shares pndiated the estimate given as above, received from t. 7 and Pennsylvania $50 Shares (j per cent. to te Jo3 Dig03, whom he had himself introduced! fi2 i div.

New Yorlv, Pennsylvania, and Ohio 1st r- Thompson a3 his representative. The correspondence Mortgage Poinds declined i per cent to 321 Northern concludes on the 2d of May, and shows that the Govern- lions 01 UolUe Katlwny 3tjeks, eon.stiu:iil o.i the rn seller of nsois, euatiiril the Corporation to 1.1- 1 Oil their holdings, and as there has bei ii a ni tiiW -itii 9 the Company can replace at jil n-'i n-2i SO tively low prices, and as dividend tim- is will be the addition of these amounts to the dealing, so that it is almost certain I. -a Fl if l.ia.i JTWCtae Jjk Mortgage 1 to y.l 101, and Ohio and Mississippi 1 "lentreruseatopropnse any oirectturms of expropriation, but 109 the law of liauidation nrovided i-efcrence Shares to SS J2. I Mr- Lagos pointed out tuat tl Hanks. London and Provincial relapsed 1 Tier share mi I has been paid Pi.

Metropolitan Consolidated Do PM rec- no Jiv- 0 I hasbeenpaidPf. Do. Xew Ordinary, la3l ifetropolitau District Ord. Midland uisolidattx! (Ird. Korth British Ordtuary I iin.

and Glasgow Ord. North-Eastern, CousoU North London, Consolidate 1 North Statfordshire.Con. Or. Rhymney Shropshire Union Somerset and Dorset South-Eastern Ordinary in 31 107 109 I 56 nOi 5CJ18 isii 131J11 mk 34 34 1C2J 162 1C8 173 1 i6if leij 1C.3 17:1 siaiiuaru rate 01 per cent. Dee II tarn.

d. The field of mortgages is also a large a. id whitq the means of operation open to the Co) p. a.o. as yield good returns 011 the In coflseiUeIlee oi these assurances of safety Old dividen.

tiieJ opix.rtaiiities alfonied totiiis ot m.iMn tiiy of protit-. i ant. by some 1 a not I we find that, from the conserviitive nature ..1 a ok cent MWSt considered a handsome to vestment in their siniies. Nothing of 85J 86 I 83 Li. if, June 2S.

Supremo, Genoa Braidwo.Ht, Valparaiso. LI.UER't'lv, June 23. Noptuiiu, at John, PEN ARTfl. June 2d.

Nawoith Castle (s), Gem LIVERPOOL. June 23. British Queen (s), Havre, Carolina Cetto Wyburtr; Columba (si, St Nazaire; Hilla, Arhaand. N'EWPGRT, June 23. Paul, Capo Vords; Josephine Marie, AJgiers.

FOREIGN ARRIVALS. ADELAIDE. June 27. Uolmsdalo, London. ALEXANDRIA, June 2.

Nvanza (s), (jlaagow. VENICE, June 27. T. J. Robson.

Tyne. FOREIGN SAILINGS ARCHANGEL, Jr.y.e 27. Diomond, Dundee. RBNGHAZI. June 2i.

Coguac, Lynn. QUEBEC, June 27. Mary Boruugn, Tyne. ICS AND CASUALTIES. Puitron (s Miildleabrough for Wasii, ashore on Norrskar Rock.

Bottom much damaged. One rock 5ft inside. Decks starred, and open in front of bridge. Boilers and engines started up 12in. HoLU full of water.

Salvage steamer removed loose stores, and left (RErTER'S TrltiEORAVS.) ADEN, June S3. The Queensland Lino Dorunda, from Brisbane, left for London. AUCKLAND, Juno 23. Tha Pacific Line Australia, from San co, passed. DATA VTA, June 23.

Tho Queensland Lino Alraora, from Brisbane for London, arrived. The same company's Duke of Devoid from London, left for Brisbane. CAPETOWN, June 27. The Union Line Trojan arrived from Pl.y-iio'.nh. L.VRN June 29.

-The State Lino State of Nevada left for New York. LIVERPOOL, June 23. Tho Anchor Line Hispania left for EomUiv. MoViLLE, June 20. The Allan Line Peruvian, from Quebec, arrived and left frnr Liverpool.

183 193 si, 6 8 120 122 to 12i Union of Sjain and England to 4 5, and Impel id Owtuman to 14 9-R 11-16. IxxjivS aad Casals. Suez Canal Shares declined to 7Ck' 3 Coiuckucial, Ixpcstiual, ic Telegraph Construction awl Maintenance relapsed 2 per share to 30j- Gas. Gaslight and Coke A Stock was 1 per cent, lower at 203 S. Ikl'gaxce.

Lancashire declined par share to 4J ltd Maruie to 25 0. ex div. Goal, Iuon, akd Steel. Rhynxney Iron (5 paid) were per t-hare ljwer at 1 A. StiirriNvj.

-rienial" Steam Navigation declined per share to 2J Ci. Tlie following forecast for to-day was prepared last night at the Meteorologieal-ollioe at 3.30 Districts. 0. Scotland, South-easterly and southerly breeze3, 1. Scotland, light some showers.

0 E. South-eastorly aud variable winds cloudy, showery, thunder locally. 3. England. E.

Same as No. 5. 4. Same No. 2.

5. England, S. (Lou-) South-westerly breezes, light lionaiiilClianneli with bright intervals, thunder locally. 6. Scotland, 7- England, N.W., and -Same as No.

2. North Wales 8. Kn-rland. s.W.,and) a South Wales ....) samo 33 5- icruaiueo. aim aovauct arc only maoe tin lie Do.

PM. 5 div- 149 i 86 168 Sli 6 120 143 97 103 i72 3 rmes, aim puren.ises ot stock matte when pi 1 1 1 a certainty. Advances ora made for the furth 971 122 14S 931 110 277 two modes ot action one being an amicable arrangement between the parties, and the other (the first failing) the naming of assessors to value the property intended to be expropriated and that as the company would apparently not treat directly with Government for the sale of the railway, there would bo no alternative but the appointment of assessors by both sides." On the 2d of May the chairman in a letter to Mr. Thompson, having admitted that although the company was powerless to resist violent action of the Government in Buenos Ayres, they could and would "obtain redress through the Committee of the Stock Exchange (London)" by calling upon that body to refuse a quotation or settlement to nny future issue of Argentine Stock. At the recent meeting of the companv a general feeling was expressed that an offer for the purchase of the companv's rights, which they obtained under a concession originally granted to an Argentir.5 subject, ought to come from the Government, based on the fact that the guarantee had yet 32 years to run and no one can read the correspondence without coming to the conclusion that the Government has been ende.ivouriug to override the just claims of the company, the results of which probably Do DM 1 Pr 07 or! vo.uia.

has been paidPt 97 97t Do. 18S2 Issue 103 110 Taif Vale Stock" 272 277 West Lancashire 3 4 and other sound enterprise, and tho Itttstncss of 1 generally Is eondiKteil on the safest lines. Inwb.i luent of the business we look we liud every u-- a safe and iiroiitable natitre. aw that we 1' 1 ANvr TiaxpnoxEs. Anglo American Tele- The following shows the business done in the miscellaneous markets CORPORATION STOCKS UNITED KINGDOM.

MtropoUtan Board of Works, I Met. Bd.of Work 3n Stock Oct. 6, 1929, 109 Feb. 1941. lttH i Varying southerly showers 9.

Ireland, 10. Ireland 3. PronlS Cnau tho nia.t:iiuin rate of per and .11 tion to this is to be placed to le. -rve, fc, 1 this Corporation will attain a pOeltionotUal to tho bet. institutions.

While the shares of tliis Corporation stand at ill a miuin as at present, we cannot Umsliongrv The Shares are oil full paid, ami cons o.i" nominal vttluo being jtly 10 Is. ltd. locally, with bright intervals aud perhaps thunder. Warnings. None issued.

COLONIAL AND PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT SECURITIES Cape of Good Hope, red. by I New Zeal. Consols, 1 p.c per dr. of an. 1 o.C.

9Si 9i tt REMARKS. NLVV YORE, June 27. The Anchor Line Austral left for an. k. 104 QueensL, 1913-15, 101 oouili Australian, 1916, 100 Liverpool, 2s.

lite nice Mar Line Britannia for Fn-r St'NDAT. 8.30 P.M. Si'L'ClAL iUUM AliilOTT, V.V.K, and ISL K. Cape of Good Hope, 1879, red. by an.

dr. of l.p.o. Cape of Good Hope. 1831, S9J Natal 10-40 Scrip, 1924, all THE SUGAR DUTIES. The weather over the United Kingdom has changed very hind, and the Twin Screw Line Ludgato Hill, for London, left iddenly during the past 21 hours, the tine, dry.

hot conditions Jime The Anchor Line Caledonia arrived. ad Tasmania. 1S93 to 1:101 n' Victoria 4 p.c. Loans, 18S2 and recently observed having given way to c'oudy, showery weatiie 13S3. red.

1903-13, 101J TxscniBED Stocks. i tne iTOvernment (as well as the bondholders) will under-j stand when they Bail how seriously their stocks arc being depreciated in this country in consequence of the proposed expropriation in the high-handed manner proposed. The following companies have been ordered to be wound up compuKorily The North and South "Woolwich Sub-I way, and the Cum)erIanJ Metal Company, the latter in continuation of the voluntary winding up. A petition for wiudhig up the Fourth Standard Steam New Zealand 4 p.c. Money, 100 is, c.

Complete Copy, together with Monthly luvesttuoat seut po4t free on applieation. 1HAIR TRC. T. Since going to press we have iv. iliii- i the din tors have to pty a ptarK-riy rale ol 10 per cent, on the UiUi I liy.

and i i -tribute tile proliU every threo aa of half-year, i heretofore. occasional falls of ram. and in many places thunder and lightning. The chart of Saturday evening showed that while pressure was, on the whole, Ugliest over tho North Sea and off our W. coasts (the gradients being slight), a second high pressure area had appeared over the Kay of Biscay, and that between the tvo some shallow, thund-ir storm "depressions were being formed, and were travelling towards our 8 VV.

counties. In the course of the night these distdrbauees advanced in. June Jtw iian.bni g-American Line Wieland arrived from New York, and left for Hamburg. til" KB EC, June 2s. The Allan Line Sardinian arrived.

The Dominion I.inu Sarnia left for Liverpool. tjl'S'EXSTiiWN, Juue The Anchor Line City of Rome, I from Livernool. and thcCuuard Lino Bothnia, both for New Vork, 1 arrived and left SLE2 CANAL, June 27. Tho Messngeric Line Calcdonien, from Japan, a left Port said for Marseilles. June 2.

The Anchor Line from Liverpool, left Port Said for Calcutta. I TO THS EDITOR OF THK MORNINO POST. SiR. A few days ago the Times inserted a violent and wholly unjustifiable attack upon me by Mr. Giffen, one of the assistant secretaries to the Board of Trade, but it has refused to publish the letter I wrote in reply.

May I Canada 4 p.c. Stock, 1904-5-6-8, 101 Cape of Good Hope Loan, 1S83, New South Wales Stock. 1933. New Zealand 4 p.c Con. Stock, 1929, 100i 100 Queensland 1913.

933 33 Ej Victoria 4 p.c. Insc. Stock. 1881 102A i Victoria 4 p.c Loans of 1882 13a3, 1903-13, 101i 1 trespass upon your courtesy to give to ray letter, a copy of 1 rapidly, spreading verall our S. and S.

counties tiiis morning. and bringing with them thunder, lightning, aud a fall rain, which varied in amount from about an inch at Jersey and Prawle Point TERVrsXKSH, LOSS or KXi -V. I 1 i r.i.. liavmg ot RAILWAYS. OtTARANTEED SHAKES STOCKS.

Gt. W. RL-charee 5 p.c. 141 2 I Loudon and Loudon Nortb-Western Con. 4 p.c.

Stock 115 4 p.c. Il7i which 1 annex, that publicity which has been denied it by the Timet I am, sir, your obedient servant, CHARLES T. RITCHIE. 33, Queea's-gate-terrace, S.W., June 28. Con.

gua. UKFERECE SHARES AND STOCKS. to O'lDtn. in London, and to only a tew hun.lredt.'is of r.n inch in the s. of Ireland.

At Holyhead, however, three iuarters of an Inch fell, and at Oxford half an inch. During the day the disturbance has moved and now iies over the Irish sea and N.W. coasts. Tho sky has cleared over our S. counties, otitis overcast and misty in the and while the wind remains S.E.

on our N.E. and N. coasts, it has veered to S.W. and W.S.VY. iu tho S.

Tho sea is moderate in the W. and at Stornaway, smooth LAST WEEK'S WRECKS. Fourteen British and foreign a tnal ship wrecks were reported last week, of which nine wero Uritish owned, makincr the total for the present year against 902 for the corresponding period of last year. Only one Vessel (British) was reported lost wi'h all hands. Three British vessels sunk by collision olf the Inite Kingdom, and one olf Sweden, but without loss of life.

Three (S; auish, American, and British owned) were destroyed by fire, one being struck by lightning. Only nve (one German aud four British) (easels went down olf Great Britain. used remedy, has discovered a toe-in. will be happy to forward the ao receipt of a I and diree ,1 A-Llrci, Sew.dl, Brook Villa. Ilamm -i s.niHi.

I. I .11. SKIN DISEASES CTUK!) iu a FEW lAYS PlIOLINE L'li'lON removes or apt en, plm ro blotches, scurf, iu a tr.v dayj. Is hi Mi psoriasis. tetter, tc.

It rally ,1 seated inveterate akin ailoctioiw. Mo; v. sj. everywhere. ship Company (Limned) is to be heard before Mr.

Justice Chitty on the 5th, and Packbam and Company (Limited) on the 12th of Julv. The Swansea Castle Hotel (Limited) is to be wound up voluntarily. Mr. Justice Kay has fixed the 7th of July for the appointment of an official liquidator of the Victoria Gas Engines Company (Limited). The creditors of the New Grosvenor Colliery Company (Limited are required to send in the particulars of their claims to the liquidator by the 19th of August.

MIXING. The market for British mining sharo3 was very inactive. advanced i per share to 74i Gh, "West Setou to 4i 5, and Mellauear to ljj R.iman Gravels declined per share to 2 In foreign and colonial mines 'prices were unaltered. Mason and Barry were dealt in at 9, and Cnited Mexican 32 4. TO THE EDITOR OP THE Sir, Mr.

Giffen is evidently in a terrible rage. He is angry with Mr. Thornhill, aud he is anzrv with me. hut I elsewuere. me present tlistribatton ot pressure is usuallv question very much whether he is still not more angry with accompanied by changeable, unsettled weather, 'showers, and himself than with either of us.

Mr. Giffen has mado a local thunderstorms. London aud South-West Con. Pref. 4 p.c, US Midiand 5 p.c Con.

Per. Pret, Midland 4 p.c, 1S78, with opt to cou. 1885, 12i Midland lsisl Per. Pref. 4 o.c Stock, 112.V North British 4i p.c Irre.

Pref 1S75, ll.ti North British 4 p.c. Convert 1S75, 116 North-Eastern New Pret 1876, Caledonian 4 c. Cons, No. 1, 109.V East Loudon 5 p.c. 1S77, 26 Great Eastern Con.

4 p.c., loo Gt N. 5 p.c, 1035 Great Northern 4 p.c Con. 1 ldso, 112J 12 Lancashire and Yorkshire 4 p.c. Pref. 15 1SS2, 13 Loudon, Chatham, Arbitration 4f p.c, 95 6 Loudon and North-West.

Con. 4 p.c. 115i HIGH WATER AT LONDON-BRIDGE. PaiUs The Rourse was again very heavy, and at one tune a considerable fall was shown, but afterwards tieftkO recovery fuk place, notwithstanding which the last prices compared unfavourably with those of yesterday. The following were the closing quotations: 3 per Cent.

Perpetual Rentes. 70.00 inuney, a decline of oOc. 4i er Cent. Rentes, lOti.STi a decline of 32.J,c.;3 per dent. Perjiv-tud Jleutes, account, a decline of 50c.

4J er Cent, Iteutes 10U.70, a decline of 4.rc 5 jer tmt. Italians. 05.OU, a decline of 40c; Credit Foncier Shares, a decline of 13fr. Ottoman Rank ClS-7'. a decline of (jfr.

Suez Canal l.t27.r0, a decline of Kin-. 2ric. Panama Canal Sli-itv-s, 47'v7-r, a rise of lfr. Rio Tinto Shares. StiO.00, a decline of 4fr.

37c. Lombard Railways, 302.50; Egvptiau Uuilivd, iiKi.GO. a decline of lfr. 25c; do. Railways, 410.00.

a decline 75c; 5 per Cent. Turkish, 7.72i, a decline of '2c. 4 per Cent. Spanish, sjgj, a decline of 5 per Gent. Russians, 1677, t7i 4 pur Cent.

Hungarian Gold Rentes, money, a decline of 5c; cheques on London, 25.10f, a decline of l.c; prirate discount, I'I. COXTINKNTAL BorBSSSi Tiie stoek market was heavy and prie. dull, especially for Hungarian Gold llentes, Is, and O-dit shares. At Berlin prices were generally fiat, for Hungarian Gold Rentes, Italian, and Russian of 1S73. Austrian t'redit Shares and Lombards had a marked falL At PcankCort prices were geuentlly rather weaker, in sympathy with lower Paris and Berlin.

At Amsterdam prices were l-2uerally firm, tapecially for liusbian. Portuguese had a drciile-1 fall. At Hamburg quotations mostly gave way. rapucudly for Spanish, Russian and Hungarian Gold, and Italian. The following are the principal rates of exchange on I.o nion: I'aris, Amstenlain, 12.11: Frankfort, 20.42; liamburz.

2V32: Berlin lhort 20.40?,; Vienna, P2.Pi: rbrence, 25.15; Rome. 25.20; Madrid, 47.40; Con-Btantinople. VbJtk St. IV-tersburg, 24 'i i.eie were no gold transactions recorded at the Rank market was quiet, with bills at ljj to 2 per net: ininig to date, whilst short advances were in to I per owing to the calling-m of atlvai.v. as usual at the close of the half year but this la only ti mporaiy, as a largo number of dividends fall due on Txtvi iar.

Tiie foilo.ving are current rates of discount in the shtef Couiiuental citie- Bank rate. Open market. This Da v. 1 To-morrow. Morning Morning LOCKYERS SWLPBVU HAIR RESTORER is toe safest and b-Mt.

In a few days it gradually deepens grey or watte dr to .1 perfectly natural shale. Lockver's surpasses the oifeot or costly Nev disappointing "in edeos. Guaranteed harmless. Large bottlos, Is. 6d.

Sold overywliere. yJULPHOLINE on, ij and apparently hopeluasly a I wim apfly S-llphoBne as 'piickly a 7.17 8.14 Evening Evening imsxaKe, Dut instead or transly owning it he tries to divert attention from his mistake by abusing Mr. Thornhill and myself. This is an old device, unworthy of Mr. Giffen.

What is my offence I have been guilty of misconduct in that, at a meeting on the subject of tho sugar bounties, over which I had been requested to preside, I kept back the fact that Mr. Giffen had repudiated the charge of having suggested before a committee of the House of Commons a reduction of waees to meet tho hoimtioa -vn. j. 1 e.teei wiu Dec evident iu a diminkiwl appeal .1 the maloily, a u'rovr ig udeuey t. Zti obUtcratioiiof the eruption.

Sold ttvervwouru be.v THIS DAY. 3.47 Sun sets a 13 OCKTER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER ll.VJ III, iivf Indian Railways. Age of the moon at noon, 7 days 6 hours. produces a perfectly natural colour. The gral-iat nhmuM tor WVPWVLmU a I Great In.

Pen. 4 p.c Deb. Stock, Blotches Reliioss. i. Beueal it North-Western, 13-16 Great Indian Pen.

gua. p.c, 9 scarcely percptiidogradationsis certain for removing scurf beautifying and. cleansing tho hair.cauaingittogrow wherever thin and patohy, soens a hno head of hair. Lockyer's is unrivalled. The Parks and the Public.

At the Mary- Madras Gua. 5 p.c, 126 On le RohL Qua. 6 xt.c 12M Disu.doration, Oeaan, Psoriasis, Rosea. rl. Oenoral Irntaodity A the siil tlpli.ditio u-'s a Noiioot those eruptions can witfiataud it.

Tiio i t.iem all by Soma depunttiva aeskni, aul briti ihi alluded to Mr. Giffen or his evidence at all was to have lebone Police-court on Saturday Miss Jessie Craigen, of 31, kept back' anything connected with must plead guilty Mitcroft-road, Peck-ham, was fined in a nominal pen for to the charge, for I confess that. durinir thf rnmarL-a madt havlnS delivered public addresses and distributed pam- For the blood is the 1LARK F'S orld-tamod BLOOD MIXTURE wu ii iv-A liomLilj. at the opening of the never even had Mr. Giffen Pnlets tha 1 ninrose-hiU-park, and in the Rogeut's-park, park, and in the Regent s-paric, The "Wheal Agar Mining" Company has declared a dividend of 10s.

per shire. The trari'- receipts of the Ottoman Railway Company for the weekended 1 is eompved with the like week of t-h'iw an inf-Crtse of 1,022, and from the commencement of the half year of 35.17-. The tratiie n-ipts of tl: T.ombardo-Venetian RaiTwav for tho past weekamount to showing .1 decrease of 1,37411., as compared with the rwrrspor.iOng pi-riod of last vear. The traffic of Vie six 'TMt l-Yam railwavs from the 3d to the 9tn show a derrrase as compared with the period vi-ar. The tnrfiv -int-v of th- Smyrna and r.n?alia roni-panv for einh-d 15.

compared with the liVe week of 1 an increase rsin, and from the commeuce-meat of ti; hat: year The traffic of the Vienna Genera! Om iibns Company for (he week enne-J -'l-t as compared with the like week of lss3, siiow a decrease of 205. my mina. rnis was, no doubt, very wrong, but until I fary oyivva saw Mr. Gitfen'a lpttr it. 1 had a right to go to th Vv warranted to the blood fr jui all impurities from Miss Craigen insisted that she whatever cause arising.

For scrofula, scurvy, skin and'bloot WGLPHOLINB LOTION. If th-sinn to i a. irks, which wjre kept by tho iti o-focts are marvull.ts. Tliousands of i skin, take care t- trv Irs i. ft ll neople pleased.

fr 1,1 iru- 2s. and in cases containing sit "'''-o and freedom froia prisons it in th il 1 BRITI9H POSSKSSfONS. Canadian Pacific 3100 4l I Grand Tr. 5 p.c. Perp.

Deb. St Si2i2iili SSJ Grand Truuii of Canada Con Grand Trunk Great Western 6 6 3 id p.c. Perp. Deb. St.

112 Grand Trunk 1st Prof. 73j Mid. of Canada 5 p.c. Con. 1st 4 5 4ji 5s Mort.

Bonds, 90 Grand Trunk 2d Pref. 514 Quebec Central 5 p. c. 1st Mort 2iiJ28J- I Bonds. 37 AMERICAN BONDS AND SHARES.

that it otht 11 neooie money, ana ro sneak-10 nMtnin ir the ak to the if she Smmi 9.1 ii an a ooucatl tor tho skm. zlts. 1aiue cO0ke minted out to U.i 4 by las Liucoiu and iiidlaud Counties Dru Comnanv Put, price ii. 91. eaoli.

Sidd by a.TTu.j wuiua usea oy min De- fore the Select Committee. Looking howevpr to tbp fact obeJ the law, and in imposing a fine ot la. and costs in each 1 UK AT BODILY STHENiTH r.dtr,M rh -rse that Mr. Giffen himself requires a column and a half of the I CMre ped her that if she offended again he would; TluteA in tinrf.irm tha toot, i enforce the tull penalty or and in iifolfc commit h-r T-t-rS, rr. ccKKKser Bonus a.m suakes.

New York, Ac. 2d Con. Mort. manner. I do not think La tmnto.i thi to gaol.

The defendant said she would not dw I i oinin UVEK PILLS, Wood and strengthening tho muscular d. lilM- fear of incurring his 7 tbl SSiTi farthing, and the magistrate issued distress waranta aWel mildest, and iu -tl faU ia k'sppsc'S) host means of removing ceases, and recruited fiualtu Us. lllsiit oil haVL.i against her goods. rtlClidiifS and irregularities v.0v. 3 wntch ne invites en- Tonic Sold by chemists.

4s. tnv; mer ana si.iinaen. so urmg perfect health. Dr. King's PUls are sold every where.

the liwr and stomach, so The Royal Reversion Companv. 44. Cliancerv- lltK.VT VKRVB STRKNGTII If I might venture on a word of advice to a man so able as Mr. Giffen, I would recommend him, when he makes foH.e.vs the VT PEPPER'S QL'ININE aud IRoN lane, London, W.C. Persons entitled to legacies, life tovii- it titan 'in per cent.

STOCK EXCHANGE OFFICIAL TRICES. Tlie following show the closing prices of yesterday and to-day, with the business done during oTicial hours. The changes on the dav to the cbwe in after hours on all the principal stocks will foun-1 nor.c 1 in our City article KIT IS II FUNDS. aoKnowieage iz iransiy insteaa oi interests, or reversions can obtain advances at 6 per cent, per takin? refusre in columns ot mihs.l rsummmr whioh nr. rr and STEEL PILLS tor1 Chemu.cs.

sent any where on reeeipt of 15 or 34 stamps by tho tho weakened nervous system and in- tne 'i th Eulse, rapidly dispelling the dopreised irrita.blo eon iillt. fssailS" igfroiu prostrated nerves. Baeh bottle eoiuams .1 understands, and personal abuse which no one cares for. I is vnwniiiir, Aottimrliam. 1 remain, sir, your obedient servant.

annum, or effect sales by applying as above. Estates in Chancery awaiting division dealt witu. Small reversions. No fees. Advt.

For Wedding Breakfasts and Dinner ws fch ii -e i1 RK AT MENTAL STKEN'fM'it follw i Jf PKPPER'S liUININE and Hi ToNIi Atchison, Topeka, aud Santa Po Sinking Fund s)l Contrai Pauillc of Calif ormaJlOO Xii 534 Chicago, Mllwaukie. St. Paul Com. CIA 2 Denver and Rio Grande Com. SlflG --j i IllinoUtlent lHi 13J i 14 i I A 141 li 1 i La'ke Sieire and Michigan Sou.

99170i Louis, and Capital Stock $100 231 New York itc, div. pay. 4s. 96 5H 6i 7 6 1 5 New York, Lalie Erie. West S100 ll 9-16 ll-lo New York, Lake Erie, and West.

6 p.c Pref. 3100 29A New York Con. 1st Mort. Bonds (Erie), 115 Pai is 3 per cent llcrlifi 4 Hamburg 3 assels 3 T'dadrid 5 Vienna 4 St. Petersburg Copenhagen 4 CI.

limitations. 6Hi7i6i7 New York, Ontario, and London Si New York, PennsyL, and Ohio 1st ML 33i 2 3 i 2j 3j New York, Pcimsvlvania, and Ohio 3.1 Mort. Bonds, Si1 Northern Pacific 1st Mt, 99 Ohio and Mississippi Ordinary 8100 17 17 Ohio and Mississippi Preferred Shares, 91 Oregon and California Preferred Stock, 14 Panama Subsidy Bonds, English issue. 105 Pennsylvania 50 51J 2 1 Sg Lmon Pacihc Rail. 100 33 1J Wabash, SL Louis, PacincilOO PrsL lag BLAIR'S I THE GREAT REMEDY for GOUT and RHiasiATISM.

Name. Business done. Teterda To-Day. I Parties. The Grosvenor Hotel (near Buckingham Palace "Floriline," for the teeth and breath, is the 1 Parksl, Victoria Station, Belgravia, S.W.

Privato best liquid dentrifice in the world it thoroughly cleanses access to platform. Advt. 1 supporting indtteiico on tho body and ilervei, rep.drs the rarsjEM caused by overtaxing tho brain power, and gives rjai.y gro-S mental strength. It costs about cacti 1RE.VT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH follows t't- -t PEPPER'S liCiM VE and IRON' i- -f the stomach, stopping siukiug i.n I j-i GOUT PILLS. sate, sure, and elfeotuai.

Tha excruciating pain is uulekly rolieved and cur 1 in a few days by this celebrated medbtloei Sold by ail -hv-nlttr at Is. lid. aud 2s. ad. per box.

ad partially-decaved teeth from all parasites or l'ivin i ani Cowan's Private Hotel. Enlarged and rede corateiL The Court. Joaftuil. ku-. Eub hn-iau contain I malculte, leaving them nearly white, imjiarting a delight ful fragrance to the breath.

The Fragrant Floriline re heartburn, palpitation, Bv its cor ti it but. -r I 3 Consols I :) JO) S9J Do. Aco.iunt, Juiv 3, ISil iM) 0 'i 3 Reduced P'i 10 10 199 8 New InO 100 1 01 l'i 31 Do 3-2 9i5 911 9lll Annuities Anril, 13-1(5 i.J-lC 15-16 Do. 19H'Rsd is 151 15 hi 16f I Biab Willi, 10s. iss.

pm 10s. L5s. pm. shipments of sjiecie from New York for Europe the post week amounted to 40,000, all in silver. The weekly return of the New York Associated Banks the past week show an increase in the specie of suites or hne, lar-, an I loity rooms, jauttiully funusned, I 7 A 15 REOLINE produces sonic always increases the appetite, by it use, moves instantly all odours arising from a foul 3tomaca or ana replete witfi aa tn comiorta an-l conveniences ot i ra-icn autmren.

warranted oi- ueer, wme, or spirit is avoided. -Sold ome, not a MUHtit'ltei setl tobacco smoke. It perfectly delicious to the taste and private dwelling. Do vox-street aud Albemarle-struet. V.

ce ot all principal on having only Popper's a barmlaas as aharxy. Of aU okemists. 2m. 64-Udvx. -(Advt.

Wholesale parcels oust from Bedford Laboratory, Loudou, ou KC.

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