Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 19, 1957 · Page 44
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 44

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1957
Page 44
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowman Don't Wait 'til Last Minute In Planning for Christmas For the sake of your feet and general comfort, wear proper shoes when shopping. It is about time for me to come to your rescue with some first aids to take care of your poor aching back and tired feet—which are results of CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! O2ZZC22ZO* Pine Tree Coverlet! Pennsy Vet Group Picks New Officers Officers of the Pennsylvania Railroad Veteran Employes Association were elected Tuesday night at a Christmas meeting' ire the Barnes hotel. Carl J. Ma.nders was reelected as president. Otto W. Hetzner, Harry E. Hirst, Karl L. Harrison and James R. Hartley were elected vice presidents, and George Molique was reelected secretary. Named to the auditing committee were Dr. Foss Schenck, chairman; John J. Schwarzwalder, vice chairman; and Leonard J. Wecht, secretary. Samuel E. Snyder was named chairman 1 of the visiting committee. Thomas Lester was appointed vice chairman. The guest speaker was T. H. Enquist, rules examiner from Chicago. He talked on "Railroading." Harry E. Hirst spoke on "The Good of the Order." Prizes were won by William T. Clarey, Charles R. Beck, William M. Dunsizer, George W. Fahnestock, Frank L. Burman, Bendy D. Ann Landers Selfish Woman Proves She Is Poor Risk for Marriage Dear Ann: I'm a widower with a teenage daughter. I'm thinking seriously of marrying a divorced woman with three children. She insists I sell my little home which is only 11 minutes from work and four Mocks from my daughter's school. She has a place in the country all picked out, and says she MUST have a garden. The country place is too fancy for me and would mean a long ride to and from the office, which I would hate. My daughter cries whenever I mention the possibility of moving. She wants to graduate with her Smith, Beety, S. D. Dawson, John H. Clinton Tuttle, Fred E. Granger and William J. Wagner. Before going to bed at night, and Eugene Gray, Lake Cicott a after your bath, take time to give! Aflm '' ted: Walter Farrer ' your feet a good massage with a! ,» . . , i, •,, body lotion This is most res t-«2 Montgomery street; Mrs. Mary _ _ ** • Tnrrt'in Tlt'in rfhll r c T Hospital Notes MEMORIAL— Born: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vorees, Peru, a son; Mr: and Mrs. son. Admitted: Walter Farrer, 714 Biddle street; Leonard Foreman ful. Relaxing Exercises Here are three of the most relaxing exercises I know: 1. Make circles with your head, moving first in one direction and I already have suggested that you will save yourself a lot of wear and tear if you know where you are going and what you are 'looking for, in most instances any-' way, before you leave the house. However, even if you do, I know! 2 . Make circles with your that this is a tiring time. In planning for Christmas, Jordan, Bringhurst. Dismissed: Mrs. Pearl Buchanan, route 1; James Cooper, Flora; Miss Jean Hague, Kewanna; Elmer Quinn, Rockfielcl; Mrs. Grace Sherrill, 415 Schultz street; Mrs. Doris Sturgis, <U6 Tacoma avenue. then in the other. Make the cir-'si. JOSEPH'S— cles complete and do it slowly. j shoulders. Circle first in one di- Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Scheffer, Winamac, a -son; Mr. 2nd Mrs. John Bigler, 901 Garfield the'rection and after a while in the aver.ue, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. in the home has many other. Your arms hang at your Leo Weaver, 606 West Miami are'avenue a son; Mr. and Mrs. Ger things to do besides buying gifts, sides, limply. The circles She is the one who is responsible made with the shoulders. .aid Layman, 2021 East Broadway, for the Christmas dinner, perhaps '• 3. stand tall with your feet com-' 3 son -. prove it by meeting you half way. (How lonesome can you get?) BORDER CLA^H REPORTED TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (UP) —Julian Zamora, deputy commander of the military garrison at El Paraiso, was killed and a soldier was wounded seriously when a band of unidentified armed men shot up the towu Tuesday r.ight, it was reported today. El Paraiso is five miles from the Xio araguan border and about 50 miles Dear Ann: I'm a woman 27 and eas t O f Tegucigalpa. The area was my husband is 28. We've been mar- the scene of skirmishes early this ried two years and each divorced ; year when Honduras and N!ca- our mates so we could marry eachj other. We met in the office and! we both thought this was The Great Love Affair oi ? the Century. My husband is selfish, domineering, inconsiderate, and demanding. He says I am the same. On the plus side, he's a good provider, doesn't smoke, drink, or gamble, and has no interest in other women. He has also kept his pro- friends because she's gone all.mi.se to walk the dog every night, through with them. She's a junior! He's the world's biggest corn- in high school at present. The lady is a fine housekeeper and attractive. I'm very lonesome plainer about trifles which makes me so nervous I could scream. Can you help me? I didn't know for the companionship of a wa-,of these annoying faults until a/man. She says she will not mar-"' '"" ~~ "' "-"-~ ry me unless I see this her way. When I asked her to at least move into my home until the girl graduates she said "absolutely not." Shall I give in? — YALE '37 If you give in, you may as well get two rings—one for her finger and one for your nose, Your reasons for not wanting to move into the .country are valid and sound. Any woman who can't see this is thinking only of herself. The faot that she's so. unwilling to compromise is pretty good evidence that she would be tough to live with. The advice from here is I'o cast about for someone who is as lonesome for companionship as you are, Dad—and is wil'.ing to Woodlawn avenue; baby Catherine Donahue, Court; Harold Bonnie Streu, Trailer Northern avenue; Mrs. Sylvester Barrett, Lucerne; Master Keith Purdue Jr., route 5; Mrs. Hattia Nethercutt, Burnettsville; ' Dismissed: William Adair, 1806 Clark street; Mrs. Richard Baer, route 4; Mrs. Emma Price, 315 Sixteenth street; Master David ter we were married. — VERGO They never do Honey. This is what is meant when they say love is blind. (It's also deaf, and sometimes rather dumb.) Your husband may be the world's biggest complainer, but you do pretty well in the complaint department yourself. You two ought to take each other to a marriage counselor and find out what happened to The Great Love Affair of the Century. Your husband may be a bit of a lemon— but you aren't exactly a jamboree yourself. Dear Ann: I'm a girl 16 with a jreat big problem. I'm the oldest of five children. The baby is 2. My Mother and Dad like to go out several nights a week and I have to stay at home and take care of the kids. I don't mind or. .school nights because I wouldn't be going out anyway, but on Friday and Satur preparation for houseguests or re-.fortably separated. Let your turning family, and stocking up on trunk,, head and arms drop for- Christmas goodies. The main ward, arms dangling toward the thing is not to allow everything to floor. Raise the trunk and arms, gang up at the last minute. If i Arms move sideward to a side- you haven't ordered your turkey, ward-shoulder height position, do so today—don't wait for the | palms, toward the ceiling and day before Christmas. Put cleanjhead lowered backward. Do sheets on the guests' beds right | this in a rag doll fashion, limply 1 and slowly. row. Beauty Treatment Now Also, many women go to the beauty parlor just a day or so before the holiday. No matter how you plan, the hecticness and rush mount as the 25fh approaches. I think you will find it a relief to have your hair and rails done five or six days ahead of time. Unless you are badly in need of a permanent, you still •will look lovely on that wonder- 'ful day. Then, too, you will accomplish more with less fatigue if you do •not try to do too much shopping in one day or at one time. Short rest periods, lying down with your feet higher than your head, even 10 minutes at a time, makes a BIG difference in how you feel at the end of a day. For heaven's sake, wear comfortable shoes when you go shopping. Low or medium heels are •wonderful for now. I 1 do not see how women shop all day in those stilts. I don't care how they look. I bet their feet hurt like the dickens after a few hours of it! Also, be .sure that your stockings are plenty long. Tomorrow: "Out of Money? Give Self for Christmas." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicae, 1957) NOISY THING NEW YORK (UP)—Fred Clark of Xenia, Ohio, heard an alarming buzzing sound coming from his suitcase today and called police. Bomb squad detectives rushed to the Roosevelt Hotel where Clark was staying and took the suitcase to the roof. Ir.side they found a battery-operated, vibrating clothes brush humming away. Admitted: Joseph Arone, Bauman, 601 Bartlett street; Mrs. Neil Michaels, 712 West Linden 'avenue; Mrs. Richard Engram and 1827 i son, Kewanna. GENEROSITY CURTAILED COMPTON, Calif. (UP) - Tommy Perry, 4, got into the Christmas spirit a little too much, his mother thought today. Mrs. Perry had set aside $80 for Christmas presents. Tommy found it in her purse, went for a stroll and handed the bills to pals and passers-by, wishing all a "Merry Christmas." For Holiday Entertaining Get delicious Read the Classified Ads Be sure you give her--the 'Newest "-' arid Finest of all Food Mixers MIXMASTER NEW 12-speed Mix-Finder Dial. NEW More Powerful Motor. NEW Modern Design. America's finest! Large bowl-fit beaters plus many other features make all foods prepared in the Sunbeam taste and look better. Available in white, chrome, pink, turquoise and yellow. 'SUNBEAM, MIXMASTER $45.50 up YOUR CREDHT IS GOOD A;QUAL'I,TY CIFT is A JOY FOR E vert AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE Thurs.- Fri.-Sat. 2 FEATURES-SOc TIL 6-KIDDJES 25c UNCUT! ALL ITS HORROR COMPLETE! THE BLAC SCORPION SCREAM ALL YOU WANT- IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!) with Richard Denning - Mara Curday PLUS MORE THRILLS ragua were on the verge of war over an old boundary dispute. Eye-catching pie trees ir, easy-to- do applique, form the eye-catching Thursday Evening, December 19, 1957. Affirm Wabosh Court Decision New School Plan INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—The Indi. ana Appellate Court affirmed a jWabash Circuit Court decision late i Wednesday in approving construction of a .\orth Manchester- j Chester Twp. consolidated school. i Patrons brought suit in the lower i court against construction, but a i special judge denied them a tern- i porary injunction. Tlr suit c'.aim- ' ed the school corporation's board of trustees was appointed illegally. | The Appellate Court decision written by Judge John Royse disagreed, and upheld the lower court. day, I think I should be able to accept a show date or go to a schoo party if I am asked. My parents] say my obligation to the family; comes first and that I'm selfish to! put my desires for a good time first. I'm not a wild girl, Ann. I do most of the ironing, and I cook the supper and do the dishes every night. I've always helped Mom with the kids, but I think now that I'm older I am entitled to a social life of my own. Can you help me? — VIOLET I hope so because—you need it. Your Mom and Dad aren't beingi compliments from both family and fair when they expect a 16-year-old Ifrier.ds. AGE OF REASON LONDON (UP) — The British Ministry of Pensions and National Health formally notified its staff today that in determining whether a person is a child, the prime consideration is the age." girl to be a constant sitter for her young brothers and sisters while they live it up several nights during the week. Of course you have an obligation to help, but you're doing more than your share. And your mother has an obligation to accept HER responsibilities and not s'hunt them off on her oldest daughter. Show this column to Mother. If she is reasonable, she'll cooperate. If not—we're both in the doghouse, but good. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. . The Most Treasured Gifts Come From Men's Shop JUST ARRIVED... a new shipment of FLORENCE, ITALY GEORGE ONTGOMERY ...they call him W!L E6 HEWT ERW SEBASTIAN CABOT,. Sun.-"Mr. Rock and Roll" & "Shortcut To Hell" THE DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS GIFT-MOVIE TICKETS- ASK ANY EMPLOYEE JewelryStore 416 J E. Broadway AFFAIR IN RENO JOHN LUND DORIS SINGLETON JOHN ARCHER Pattern No. 5870 contains pattern pieces; material requirements; sowing and finishing directions. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Qincy Street, Chi- cage G, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! ROXY Now—2 Features 35c'Til6 OPEN 1 P. M.-FUN AT NIGHT 2 First Run Color Hits Richard Denninf with JOHN AGAR Read the Classified Ads Perfect Christmas Gift EXCLUSIVE AT YEAZEL'S 513 E. Broadway fito. 'KITCHEN FRESH CANDY NOW 'TIL CHRISTMAS NAME BRAND SMALL APPLIANCES AT 10% OFF F. W. Woolworth Company 418 Broadway For the Man who wants the Very Best! For your "one man in a million" this Christmas ... an exclusive Countess Mara cravat! Elegantly tailored of imported silk with exclusive designs' that are limited to a few ties. These "originals" are exclusive with the Golden Rule! 7.50 - 10.00 - 15.00 Open Monday. Shop Mon., Thurs. 9-5, Fri. & Sat., 9-9 Here's How- To Make Your CHRISTMAS Wishes Come True VISIT DAVID'S Wishing Well Over $500 in Gifts TO BE GIVEN AWAY CHRISTMAS EVE Come in and register tor Free Gifts. No obligations. You do not have to. be present to win. DAVIDS 516-518 E. Broadway Phon« 3167

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