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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 13

New York, New York
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Saturday, April 9, 1949
Page 13
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THE NEW YORK AGE. SATURDAY. APRIL 9. 1949 Pegs 13 CVW JWVl&liS nit i rw . n I) Copyright in USA, IMS. Reproduction Forbidden LETTER FROM A LONESOME MAN My mailbox to full. Some letters beat my brains out. Others pat rat on the back. Some aak for help. Many are what I call - prowem reuera. Here's one: - ""Dear Dan: Maybe you or tomt of your many readers might help me out I've read lettera f rqm time to lime m your columns and figured the same privilege was open to me since I've been a Dan Burley man for years. Here's my story: I'm not unique where guys are concerned. In fact, I like to consider myself average. But am I? I'm 86 and' my mirror and some of the people whom I get around with say I'm pass able when It comes to looks. I've posed in one of my weak moments for some of those, advertisements they use in Negro newspapers and magasines, but I hurry to assure .you that I did it for the fee" and not for any mistaken notion about my looks or an overdose of personal vanity. Tve got a good Job to which I returned following my hitch la the army. I had a nice nest egg salted away before the war and the 4 money I made while a 01 has been added to it so I can be comfortable for quite s few years to come, I hope, whether I work or not. But, Dan, I'm lonesome and bewildered. My parents are out i West and I have no sisters or brothers. I live alone In my own four room apartment which my housekeeper maintains spotlessly and Immaculate. I require that They say that women get desperate when they haven't landed a man for keeps by the time they are 90. Now I don't want any of these young chicks, I want one who knows the score. Well, I'm getting desperate likewise because I havent landed a permanent house mate. Tve gone around with many girls all sorts, all varieties, sises and colors, but I havent found one yet , whom I would trust all the way. That's saying a whole lot and leaves a guy wide open, but If you figure it out youH find that m telling the truth. They all seem interested in how slick they can bo how much the"y can get out of several men, not one; what somebody can or will do for them, not what they can or would do for somebody else. World of MUSIC By W. P.' THOMPKINS I've explored the pastures where our so - cslled society girl grates and I've roamed the range where the not - so - nlce girls play. I've haunted the literary regions the libraries and the discussion clubs in mv quest and have come up with the inevitable blank. Tve wandered in the outdoor places where they play games and in the Indoor spots where they put on sports events and I've taiKea wun me women bi.iiu u inland the answer is usually the same. I don't know what it is but there seems to be some kind of chemicalization in the air these women breaths that givea them the Idea that their main object In life in to get somebody to do something for them, tou tane one ox wm wui the first thing she wants to know in so many words la what is In it for mer Not necessarily cash money In hand, but who can they meet by going around with a guy; can he help them out In some way or just the plain notoriety of being with the fellow who is buying the. drinks or driving the big cream - colored Cadillac parked at the curb. No matter how sincere they aeem to be in the beginning, they wind up on the same note or trying to be slick in some way or tne outer. "Sure, I match fire with fire. I have to. Otherwise I'd blew my top trying to figure this thing out Not that I've got anything worthwhile or so wonderful that I've got to be on my guard to keep somebody from taking something from me. It's Just the principle of the matter. I want somebody to care for me all the way; somebody who wants to see me get ahead because they automatically , know that they'll go as far as I do; somebody who tout selfishly looking for divers ten, entertainment thrills aad so on at someone etoe's expense. Too dont find those qualities in these girls, Dan. They have too much animal in them aad it shewn la what they have to say and kow they move about The getting of a fur coat, a ride la an auto, a dinner or payment of the room rent shouldn't be made a barrier which keeps out true regard, affection aad romance out of an affair between a maa aad the wemaa of his choice, rm lonesome, Dan. I'm damned lonesome and bewildered. But Tm aot so lonesome that IH start walking with a twitch aad ksping and going, la for Beat Built Maa cm tests, rm not that lonesome, 111 play the game Uko the women play It - rf or what I caa get eat ' of it Meanwhile, all I have la my Job hers la the post office. Thanks frr the spaeo If yea priat this or for the time if you read ; K. ajgnosVLONESOMX LARBT. , BACK DOOR STUFF: Hortense Gaptetea came in from Chicago to run up to Malvern, N. Y, and get married aad then back to. Chicago, the nightwags report Jessie Douglas, they say, Is nursing a bruised arm. A confidential source which should know, says fiddle - sticks to that alleged morals rsp BUIie Holiday was supposed to nave paid for back in her younger days. However, the cops should know. And there's nothing to yie story that the world - famed grey actress danced barefooted ' before an anU - Talmadgo audience in one of the local swank Joints. Barry Watson of the well - known Boston clan, sits nightly at Club Savannah and eyeballs the engaging Ida James in a gawi manner as ho does her show. But Ids, they say, doesnt even know he's there. Tho late but unlamented Pyramid erase knocked the policy boy for a loop. But plenty folks got well oh that 1 - 0 - 7! Ask one who hit It Tho girls who were missing from 123th St. near St Nicholas that wea aadav nlcht went to a Central Park West addreu and earns back loaded with coin. Police will shift attention to the porting pads on Long Island! How about the Convent Ave. model and thd report that , she's quit that sort of thing now that the advertising salesman has key to her apartment Was that fighter's ana really injured wnue la training or did his wife lambast blm with a chair? Aad wka'a this about glamorous Ruth Masea and contracts and talks of being sued? She's the Club Savannah lovely. Alice Charlton Walker, beauteous wife of ChucklesVtalker, of tho flancing team, is visiting ber mower oux ia South Haven, Mich. My boy, Chick Selemea, the demon photographer, baa Joe Losua old private office on the site of the Joe Look) Restaurant. Chick's place looks like a Wall St office. Crooner Billy Daalola may get a part la the proposed Lena Herae Broadway musical Bent fall . . BACK DOOR RUN AROUND: They're reviving talk of putting "Shuffle Along oa tho boards again. Dolores Brewa was that exciting that week - end she played at the Hhalhaar. My man, Cye Berea, oae of tho original "10 year" men ia the good days oa 12a d SC. has his own mens clothing store at 101 W. 43rd St (see ad oa this page) aad tho musicians, singers aad others who were hie great friends from way back will bo sure to pick ap oa w hat's going down there. Pall (Dr. Jrve) Oerdea chirped real solid at that recital the other Sunday. Ma kattaa Records Is tho aewest oa tho platter market with Walter (Long Island) Brown's money hacking It Sammy Pries, who Is helping to pack 'em ia at Jimmy Ryan's la 12nd St, Is slated for a promotion la tho Deeea setup once thlnp are straightened out following the recent death of Jack Rapav Explosion ia the ranks of the Brooklyn O gnat Johnny Waste, "Mayor of the Km." has goat kld - crasy over bis aad wife Miriam WaaWs adopted baby. 1 thought Ike WUttaass woa the fight aad had It scored 4 to & WnUensa, with t evea. Sin reporters had Identical ringside ocorocards. frits Pallard has an East 42nd - St office to addition to his 317 W. lth St Sua Taa Studio aetup. , ' . Well. Tss got"! hack at it.agala. Remember tho Monday night Skiffle Parties at the Baby Grand aad the Sunday afteraooa Sklf floo at Cos Ehsayf We're going to make 'sea bigger sad better than ever at a Iff tmloo'B Melody Room, atop B missis's Cocktail Lounge at S3 St Nicholas PL whea I start there oa Friday Bights ia a work or so. OUT Is so great la everybody book that tho then as to boo hiss go" la wi - - eoaaod oa aS sides. Performers Dke Baddy Bowser, Charley MeOsrsatok, Jim soy Crawferd aatd Billy Kyle freqaeat the place ao aa to do what they caa to make OUT proposttloa click. The fcUffto CIs which I had oa WWBL aad WLD win be revived la fall with big aaaw gnest atari, discovery hoars for arw talent. Jam esssloaa, aadieaco participnOoa la "Troubled blond" The world premiere of Troubled. Island", attracted a capacity crowd on Thurs - d ay n I g h t , March 31, and it was evident that all pros oat wanted to 'see and hear what William Grant Still and Langs - ton Hughes had actually, accom plished. 1ST " r ! j Bill 'CHASE Around Town Needs Your Help THOMPKINS . Highly respected in their fields as composer and poet, these men have, attained and will continue to do so. Their opera, however, did not quite make the mark, in the opinion of this reviewer. The desire of the Haitian slave to revolt against their French masters of the Napoleonic era was un folded in a straightforward man ner. This, naturally, led one to expect a great dramatic Impact as Jean Jacques Xesaallnea, leads tho slaves into tho hills of Haiti to victory at the end of the first act But there, however, one heard the weak Broadway musical idiom ra ther than the strong, masculine to nalities needed to create the true dramatic operatic atmosphere. This was evidenced throughout the second and third acts. The banquet scene of Act 2 at the Palace of the Emperor (Dessa lines) was beautifully staged and the Haitian dances were expertly executed by Jean Leon Destine and his group. The appropriate words, although at times not heard, could be easily followed with the action. The highlights of the evening were found in the ensembles. Here the full harmonic beauty of Mr. Still's work was brought to life. His handling of these choral pas sages is above reproach In their shading, balance and effect The congenuity of the melodic line was best presented by the chorus and again by the duet of Vuval, a mulatto, and Claire, the mulatto Empress, in ue second act The majority of the other passages were more or less in the recltaUve form. Troubled Island" proved that' Mr. SOU and Mr. Hughes have the necessary qualifications to combine their talents and bring to us something that the world of music wants, that being' new ideas whether as an opera or musical comedy. Above alt their first attempt was accepted in earnest without false sentiment or apol ogies. That it was not the success expected Is not important There will - be future performances of the opefa and we hope, with oil due respect to conductor Lasso Halasx, a more thorough and convincing interpretation of the score. The dates are Sunday, April 10, and Sunday, May L As to individual performers, Ro bert - Weede was most convincing In his portrayal of Dessallnes; Marie Powers as Aaelia, Slavs wife of Dessallnes, displayed the most per suasive and dramatic Interpreta tion of the evening: Helen Bliss, of recen Broadway fame, appear ed as Claire, the unfaithful mis tress of Dessallnes;. Richard Charles as the traitor Vuval, all made their operatic debut la the vehicle. The choruses and dance en sembles displayed wonderful show manship and all In all made for pleasant evening to be remem bered for sometime Misled rVitivd Premier performances of com missioned works by Psul Hlndc - mlth and Randall Thompson and were found In the ensembles.' Her a new work by Louis Mennlnl win highlight the concert program of the fifth annual festival of Contemporary American Music, to be presented at Columbia University, May t - 15. Hlndemltb'e "Concerto for Flute, Obe, Clarinet Harp and Orchestra" and Thomp son's Third Symphony, both com - mlssloaod by the Alice M Ditsoa Fund, sponsor of tho festival, will feature tho final afternoon Sunday. May Is. Presented la collaboration with the Columbia Broadcasting System, tho concert will bo broadcast na tionwide between t and 4:10 p. aa, from the stage of MchtlUla Theatre oa the University campus. Tho fi nal concert Is anaoaltr led by tho r of the Alice M. Ditsoa ward, given to aa American con ductor for distlagulshed services to American Music Last year, tho 11.000 arias was awarded to.Doan DUoa, organiser and conductor of the American Youth Orchestra. With the exception of sae eommisoioBed by tho Park Avenue positloa, tho entire program was Synagogue, whoso choir win si a. Works by William Grant Stilt Darius MUhaad, Morton Oouid, Fred erick . Jocobt, Douglas Moore, Do rid Diamond, Roy Harris, Leonard Brraateta, Braes Block win be lacladed. . . various gimmicks, etc Loumc3 Msrgsa'S sensational little trio to draw - bng 'ens la aigbtly at CCSTa aad with J. Mar do Brewa aad other rogw - len, HI present tho sanatoria! BUy Bsama of tho Ptsmiii Haras. Bhoa atus others, tho first Bight to. Than stU be every week. Betty Orf". seetety - oditoe of the Now Ago, will m take over a atewt lot; CI AH.toHt, fTH be ml greet so took out for tht rtsrticg date. April Proclaimed Cancer Ccatrcl Heath Mayor William ODwyer bos preclaisaed the moata sf April as Caa cor Control Moata aad oa domed tho tUM.000 fund drive Maahattaa aad the Breax of the Row Torfc CUy Cancer mittec The snooty will be aad tervtoa. THE EVIDENCE Tour kisses set my, soul aflame; I'll really never be the same. But one thing I can't get through this roof Is whylnhell ain't your lipstick kiss - proof? i THAT NATIONAL magasine spread on the country's top social leaders wasn't a 100 per cent correct according to the concensus, bufWas probably as accurate as any such poll can be under the circumstances. I know quite a few of those selected and there Is no doubt fhat they're famous for gracious living and entertaining, out none or them can match the extravagance and lavishness of the parties that the late A'LELIA WALKER used to throw back in the old days of "Dark Tower", Villa Lewaro upon the Hudson,, and in her sound - proof apartment at 80 Edgecombe Ave. They were something to write about, and they were written up often, Carl Van Vechten taking advantage of the rich material for his novel of the famed poor - taste - title. Along around that time, several Harlem matrons were famed more or less, for BILL CHASE their entertaining - ouch people as the late BESSYE BEARD EN, the late Blossom Holland, and Vivacious Bertha Cotton, BERNIE AUSTIN and MART 8WEETWINE, but nil of it Is part of an era long gone and practically forgotten now and the social scene locally has changed a heck of a lot. ' OF MEN, MAIDS AND MOOLAH THAT WAS DAN DAILET, the movie song - dance star, who dropped in at the Club Savannah the other evening and surprised the customers by Joining Manhattan Paul In a solid sessioa of bop singing . . , And Josh White drew a capacity crowd gen erously sprinkled with celebs for his opening last week .at the Village Vanguard ... TO George Paine goes the title of "Mr. Metropolitan" as the best - built guy In the Senior Met AAU Physique contest He's a member of the V's Weightlifting Club which many account for all his muscle and brawn . . . The younger set still shocked over the recent death of popular Donald Cheeks who was only tS . . . Sadie Chase Webber flew up to Re an town for the recent nuptials uniting Peggy Gov tin Tlsdale, widow of singer Clarence Tlsdale, and William Green . . . The Cinderella Ball, tared by the Citisens Committee for the All - Day Neighborhood Schools, nt the Renaissance Ballroom lust Thursday night waa one of the better staged events around town, which actually went off on schedule , . . And dont forget to add to your date book, the 13th annual Inaugural Ball of the Negro Actors Guild at the Savoy Ballroom on April tind. Alberta Pryme, looking brown and healthy after a tropical sojourn, is chairman of the entertainment and lining up some top acts for this big event Incidentally, Alberta Is crasy about Miami and ia talking about a return trip there. . BEAUTIFUL RUBY HILL, star of "St Louts Woman," la back after a sensational run at Baltimore's vedy, vedy swank Club Charles, where she'll be followed by such top stars as SOPHIE TUCKER and TONY MARTIN.' She's still taking lessons for that day when Dams Fortune smiles, and leaves la three weeks for the newly opened Prince George Hotel in Toronto. She joins the inimitable DAT, DAWN AND DUSK and cute IDA JAMES for our gala soiree on Sun. night at Wells Music Bar where lovely MARION BRUCE had 'em eating out of her hand Sunday, so plush - lush was her thrashing . , . Dynamic ALBERTA' HUNTER still getting rave notices for her appearance on the THREE FLAMES' video show one of the fastest moving shows on the air. Boy, do those guys havs an act! e s . SO 3IANY STARS are eager to lend their talents to ' Daa Hurley's dinner for th Goedhearts, ImW that tho entire affair would rua for hours. As H Is, It promises to be one of the outstanding affairs of Its kind ever givea uptown, ao you'd better hurry and make reservations for the evening of April U at Small's Paradise . . , Designer Margaret Pequoo Floyd ia starting a new fad with her clever bow tie which sports her name la script Learning how to tie one of the dara things right oughtd be cinch, but I guess I must be all - thumbs or some Iking . . . Mary aad Ebemeaer Ray ((ho waa a former Ago staff maa before going out to Tho Courier la Pittsburgh) are proud parents of a baby girl whom they've named EDea Marie . . . Earl Sweeting Is completing a aeries of huge canvasses oa the contributions of men little known as Negroes, a continue tioa of tho brilliant work first done by historian J. A. Refers. PAUL MEERES, the famed dancer who has been operating , night club ia Nassau, drew a sentence of six months at bard labor on charges of harboring a criminal, a relative of his . ... His friends might visit or drop a line to 8ETH WEEKS, the veteran musician and Clef Club president who Is seriously III in Sydenham Hospital . . . Jhs famed PETERS SISTERS, who ve been making a lot of money abroad but can't take it out of the country, have solved the problem by buying villa in Paris. Their mother is already with them and they'll be Joined next month by their two other sisters, EDITH (who sings, but good, too) and JOYCE, their tittle glamor els . . . CLAIRE LEYBA. who birthday ed Sunday, turned down the road tour of "Anna Lucasta" because she doesn't want to be permanently typed in the role of Blanche, the gal of easy virtue. Meanwhile the role, originated by tho Inimitable ALICE CHILDRESS, is being done by CLAIRE JAY, who did it so well In tho Chicago production. Blame yourself If you miss this show at the Apollo this week. It is being directed by MONTEHAWLKT. , Chicago win bo the scene of the reception oa April Is In honor of the' former Geraldlae Farrar Smith aad Frank B. Adair, tho former Syaeaaam Hospital executive, who new heads tho hospital la Wilmington, N. C ... The popular Oayette & G dob has Baddy Walker's ork'fer their Spring dance at tho Theresa Sky - Sao Room oa April Mai . . . Had long wsadered what become of Johnny Hudgiae, oae of beet of tho Mack - faced comedians who has been working the Soathera routes of, late. Ho opens at tho AboOo oa th trad with a new routine la his soimhsih trail . . Another oldtinsor. Steata Fetehit km? aoiag too well, they ton asa, down la Florida whore he's doing the routine with which we're so familiar . . . Word from tho Coast has It that BUI Bobta - soa Is stU a very siok awa. . . To tv " t t - 5 THOMAS , Thomas Is one of tho many children who is in urgent need of a foster home. If there is a place in your family for a child like Thomas," between the ages of one month and three years, apply now to the Foster Home Program of the Department of Welfare, Ktt Broadway, or telel phone GRramery S - S500. To be eligible, you must Uve la the State of New York and within 60 miles of New York City. Mrs; Patterson Named Director Announcement came from the Executive Committee of theCoun ell on African Affairs this week that Mrs. Louise Thompson Pat terson has joined the staff of the council In the post of director. Mrs. Patterson comes to the Council on African Affairs from Chicago where for the past eight years she waa active in Interracial and labor circles In the midwest and helped establish and oecame tne nrst director of a new people's community center in the South side of Chicago Du Sable Community Center. A graduate of the University of California, Mrs. Patterson has had a long, and' varied career as a teacher at Hampton Institute and other schools, as vice - president of the International Workers Order: also as an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the Federation of Colored Women'sClubs and the National Council of Ne gro Women of which she is a Ufa member. She has traveled extensively in Europe, having at tended the congress against rac ism held in Paris in 1937. The committee approved plans outlined by Mrs. Patterson and the council's secretary, W. A. Hun - ton, for launching a national drive to enlist people In all walks of life as members of the or ganization. ETHEL WATERS was plenty ruffled the other day out la Holly, wood where "Pinky" to currently before the camera at SOth Century Fox. According to reports from AL MONROE, who Is Coast - in g at the moment Ethel, as tho grandmother, grabbed actrcsa JEANNE CRAIN aad tossed her to the floor, demanding to know why she should deny her owa blood kla. Whoa tho scene was finally completed, director JOHN FORD explained: 1 knew I had to make ETHEL mad to get ue desired express a aad action." Knowing hok realistto that gal sea bo wnea tho oocasloa demands, the scene must be a lu - lu. Re member when LA WATERS scored oa Broadway la Mamba's Daugh ter"? She beat tho 11 ring daylights out of poor WILLIE BRYANT, her realism almost putting him la bed. There's only oae thing I coal figure out about this weird casting of "Pinky." Why darkea tp JEANNE CRAIN for a role that could easily be filled by say number of Negro actresses who need ao such make - up? Just aa the producers sf "Lost Boundaries" aeem silry ia easting whites to play the roles of Negroes passing - for whits. LOODT all our talented actors aad ac tresses who havo found their color ao great asset ia their rarecrs - - aeople Uks FRJEDI WASHINGTON, MONTE HAWLEY aad PERCY VERWAYNE, to mention Just a few. Tears ago EDWARD a ROBINSON reminded VERWAYNE that he'd never get but so mr as a Negro actor aad suggested that ho "pass." To prove his polat ROBINSON made Percy up, gave aim a good role as aa lUliu - Americaa racketeer la Tittle Caesar." aad he was so good, aobody was the wiser. He has had several Broadway roles since then, but Both lag wortny of nlo taieats. Aad aa R has beoa with others of nir pieaioas who decided to renaaia oa this aide of the Dae. . TST ABCCT MTniaaar. was Is eat mors aa bantasse tor Larky, Chorus Olsons ad Ctoara, wbVs Jitolsg has wwe; and tho fas alias Rev. Cm ream Cow who, wO loJss Eeavors, was anted with a swvligsnt party grrea by ate soak Csiwimis , And CoOam't ilisilisi Maasete iboj i wire wrlteo (hat she tes M eat that way, hariag been wteed wBBFf 4awa4 ftfmrt wkawol Iff! TwWVs) MwVtMffV 4t bb3MW bbVW ! tMawtoBF ALOI'G HIE RAILROAD TRACKS With JAMES H. HOOANS: In 'Australia y x;.i . W (' 1 ; i I $ ; 1 J - '' I ' t: AUBREY PANKEY, . well known baritone who to oa a current concert tour pf M concerts In eight weeks in Australia and New Zealand. Ho recently returned to tho States following four - months' tour of Scandinavian oountrieo, giving as many as 17 concerts la SI days. Hto accompanist oa tho "down under tour Is Leo Damant with whom he worked fat Europe be f ore the war. Views of s Former Union Man Since my article on the case of dining car employees, I have been the recipient of a number of letters on that subject I received a lengthy one the other day from a former aining car union man, now working for the Federal government, which contains some interesting views regarding the case. For employment reasons I am withholding his identity, but, for convenience, will call him John Doe. Doe was one of the pioneers in the dining car union field. His activities go back to the days when John R. Smart, of the New York Central, and H. H. Baker, of the Penn sylvania, ruled the dining car service of tnese two systems with an iron hand. While hogans radical changes have been made in railroad labor laws unce those days, giving greater latitude and protection to all groups or workers m labor - management relations, Doe contends that, despite this, fundamentally, the lot of dining car workers hasn't improved to any great extent over the days of his activities. u is w Not ConfoBfnable To begin with, he says you can not throw tho dining car cook and waiter in the xaJlroad..labor melting pot and bring forth a working pattern conformable to modern - day union practices, prin ciples and objectives. The economic, mechanic and operative factors in railroad dining car serv ice are all against it, bo declares For ons example, he cKes the labor and union history of Pullman porters. "Every Pullman porter," he writes, "on the Con tinent of North. America was an employee of one industiar, the Pullman Company, Inc, and when hi union secured recognition from the company, It only had to deal with ons management for all the porters. With dining car employees the situation was entirely different Not only did each carrier (except tho San to, Fe, Frisco System) operate Its own dining car service, but no two were operated alike, and not even Congress could legislate them into uniform opera tions. I bad to deal, for instance. with three different railroad managements n Boston la order to represent about MO cooks and waiters. Down la Washington we had to meet with two managements, to represent 600 employees. 'Another difference was that Pullman appreciated the porter as oao of Its major service assets, and while it handled him with consistent firmness so as to Insure discipline, It valued hto worth and would permit no undue advantage to bo taken of him by subordinate Ulcers aad supervisors. On tho contrary, the dining car cook or waiter had bo rights that the aln - lag: ear Inspector or steward was to respect Be oould bo dumped sa route at the least whim without fear of any need to ex - plain a justifiable reason." There havo heea some asodiftca - aa he admits, la too high - beaded treatment of ployces by superior to anion agreements aad viaioa. but they still do aot get tho respect appreciation aad protection to which they are eatiUed as part o( tho railroad srriee, ho eon tends. . Doe thinks that It to peaattoany Impossible to wetd ' dining car cook and waiters late a asUoasl union (l) because of tho dtostm - Ilarity hi tho operattoas of linlag oaiw by the railroads aad (t) tho inability of these employees to finance aad malateia ouch a uaioa. He suggests that it would bo more profitable la tho end for dining ear uaioa ispresintstlvss to stick closely to the iadrridaal to of theis (too la working out doato aad ether trying to effect those thing aa a aatioaal W. Ballard, R. F. Ballard, also a Pullman employee, and C H. Ballard, an Independent Subway conductor. Mrs. Ballard, who was about 80, to survived by two other eons, living in Maryland, and two Bttti Hoys SRO In Chttftr, Pa. Sultry Bettl Mays, the person - able and talented chanteuse, moved into the Club Moongloo, Chester, Pa with her Swingtetto and the usual S.R.O. signs went up. If you lend an eye to La Maya and an ear to the drive and kick of her Swingtetto it is easy to understand their formula for success. As Bettl herself puts it, there is only one thing Important in entertainment that 1 "get with tho people," and this accomplished, the people In turn will get with you. - daughters, in addition to daughters and sons - in - law. Funeral services were held recently at Salem M. E. Church for John F. Bynum, M, of 1133 Clinton Ave.,' the Bronx. Mr. Bynum was employed as baggagsmaator at the Harmon Station of the Now Tork Central Railroad. He served for many years on tho board of directors of the no Club, a bene ficial organisation of railroad and postal workers. BARo:waEi.i::i Men's Apparel 109 West 43rd St II. Y. C . . CLOTHiaS FM tHI FOUOWIN3 OUTSTAN0INS KXKIMStS Gat Ycr 11:3 in Our ll - IIoffcse . HUGHIE PANASSIE CLARK MONROE FREDDY TAYLOR BUDDY LESTER LENNY KENT BUDDY MORENO . '. MAX ROACH Ciistca Tc:!:red ,$C0M CYZ BARON CILL RINGLER ALL MODELS HIGHLY STYLED Lex. S - SMS . . 1st West ttrd Street DttlaCsEaRka Funeral services were held March 2s, at Upper Hill Ma, for Mrs. Frank RaOard.. meaaor of Pullasaa Porter Instructor EVES EXAMOMIEB) lr tijrttrtd Optontf rrti Latest Stylo Nugent. Areway . Frjl - Vw Glcsros Oa Ksvy tnCt At AM tack Optical Dwajsjrtaaasjfg Easy Ttotoa The UUst styld In rltiafa Numoot, Arcwiy, ful - Vue, for far and near vision. A vparkiicr creation that drts new meaninr to tha rrace) and beauty of Incotaipicuous times. Scientific Examination kg JUgUUrtd Optometrists TO TTIT V S . KRCD1T JtWILtta - OPTIClAMS (SKI its Was in u. m U II A Ml 4: i

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