Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 2
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fwo Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Report Plans For Pre-Fair 4-H Judging Plans for the pre-fair judging contests for girls in 4-H club home economics divisions have been announced by Miss Ethel Nice, home demonstration agent. The community judging in 4-H home economics projects will begin on July 8 and extend through i July 16 with Mrs. Thomas Fes-; ter as official judge. j The annual 4-H clothing judg-j ing will be held at the Wheatland Avenue Methodist church on July 15 for both junior and senior division girl.s. Mrs. Foster 'and Mrs. Walter Scott will be official judges for the senior group while Mrs. Lillian Fabler, Mrs. Gail Thompson, and Mrs. Lenna Wilson will judge the junior classes. Miss Nice also announced that arts and crafts, electric, home improvement and frozen exhibits will be judged at the county fair on Monday, July 22. Junior 4-H leaders are asked io aid the judjje in conducting the community judging work. The Schedule The schedule for 4-H Home EC community judging follows: July 8—Clay township at 9 a.m. DST; Miami Tp. at 11 a.m.; Noble Tp. at 1:30 p.m. July 9—Jefferson Tp. at 9 a.m.; Eel Jr. Homernakers at 11 a.m.; Eel Logan Schmoos at 1:30 p.m.! July 10—Clinton Tp. at 9 a.m.;. : Onward at 11 a.m.; Walton at 1:30 p.m. July 12—Adams Tp. at 9 a.m.; Bethlehem Tp. at 11 a.m.; Boone Tp. at 1:30 p.m. July 16—Lucerne at 9 a.m.; Jackson Tp. at 1:30 p.rn. The county 4-H clothing judging on July 13 will have this schedule: Seniors—a a.m. DST, Division III; 10 a.m. Division IV; 11 a.m. Divisions V, VI, VII, VIII and IX. Senior girls are those 14 years and over in 1957. Juniors—'JO to 14 years in 1957), 9 a.m. All junior class entrants to report. Registration Leaders Registration for the clothing classes are in charge of the following groups: Division I—Mrs. Clara Barr assisted by Mrs. Blanch I.arrison and Mrs. Kicnard Crimmins. Division JI—Mrs. Maxine Klkins assisted by Mrs. Helen Moss and Mrs. Walter Noakcs. Division III—Mrs. Sadie Martin assisted by Mrs. Belly Frey and Mrs. Kathleen Hedges. Division IV—Mrs. Marvin Wood assisted by Mrs. Arthur Pullen and Mrs. Morris Nicoll, Division V and VI—Mrs. Lucille Nicholson assisted by Mrs. Coral St. Atnand and Mrs. Gertrude Ueckard. Divisions VII. VIII and IX—Mrs. John Justice assisted by Mrs. Wil- berl I'aschen and Mr«, Nevin Howard. TWO RECEIVE CONFIRMATION - Shown above are Pamela Ann Jones and JuUilh Ann Homburg who were confirmed at St. Luke's Lutheran church. In the center in Rev. Waiter Davis, pastor of the church. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) Rochester Mrs. Dee Uerrler, Mrs. Bert Bryan and Mrs. Clyde Cattleman tpcnt Friday in Michigan City, where they were entertained to dinner in thi; home of Mr. and Mr-:. II. B. I/jiii;. Mrs. Winner Ktihn. Akron, who has b(:tm a' patient in the St. Anthony Hospital, Michigan City, wa.i taken from the hospital to nor home, Saturday. Mra. A. T. Christopher and son, Chris, of Calumet City, III., spent t.h(.' week cwl wi!,h her foster parent. 1 ;, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cattleman. Mr;;. Christopher will be re- memborc'l a.i the former Kva Me- Kw. Mi.'M ft race Kwinft had u.i her weekend gue.'.ls, Mr. and Mrs. Art Jrinen, son, David, and daughter, T!;irbar;j of (Ihicas'.o; Mr. ami Mrs. John PI. Nyland of Indianapolis, Mi.-f.H Beverly Jann, H, R. 2, Rochester. On Sunday Mr. ;irol yir.i. Dee JJcrrtor, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adamson and son. Terr] Lynn, enjoyed a pi':n!c dinner with Miss Kwim; anil her house Ktnvil!:. Mr. Harry Nafe and .li.ilcr. Mis.'f Marie Naff;, joined another sister, Mrs, C. n, Lounsbiiry in a trip to K'jfhe.-.l'-r, Minn., Io in: al the beil- FMc. nl their ftilhur. Mr. Karl N'ufc. who is a patient th'rn.-. They report Mr. Nrifc as havini; tindfrKf<n<* .'na/or mirwry, uiitl iff Rotlin;: alom; »u well M could be expf:r:h'd. Mrs. K'ilhw Smith spent. Sunday with fricndi In North Liberty. Mrs. Kjiyi- ffolman hu.i gone K;«l for a vacation with relative 1 ! ami friends. Mr. and Mr 1 :. Hoscoe Barrier had ji.x their week-end liiirvtLs, Mrs. Her- ri'-r's tlstf'r'i. .VIr.'i. J. P. K^nan, and Mr. and Mrs. II. .1. Cessna, all of f'Yrniont, Ohio. Tim Zimmerman Ilrothers airvbu- NOTfCII HT,\TK f>K INDIANA) >HH: Coi'.vj'y OK IMHH f NllTllMO 'I'll Mil. I'KIIH'INH !N- TKIiKMTKIi IN TIIK lOHTATK III'' TlAIMV I, PAI,.\tl<:is. HKlMCAKKIi, Ill Ilii! fin-nil Court i,f Cltnn fjnllli. lj>. April THI in, I9.'i7. iruniiii Nimilxir H!iBII. In Hi" niiiMcr uf 'h<i Krilalu i>T D.ilny I.. I'liliiinr. I|II"»:IH«'|. :;iilll-«' III ln-ri'l.v Klvnn thill Thn N;illcii.'i| ll.'inli of 1,'tKiimil"" 1 !: (in (•;<.••• n N, r "t lt,f. <il<ovii riiimml en- III.!.-. h:ill |,l M.l Itlml mill rll'lll III! (I'-l-tHIII I. ill fllllll lifl t I'Tllrlll llT Klllll ninal". Itii'l llmr tlni HiniMi will (.'"run up fur !h« i-xilliilnttt lull iirxl JK-llnll |,T -:ilil I'll'i'Ull l.'niirl, III! Dm I5ili ilnv nr .Inly, IH.'.T, ill »lil/:li l!i/,.- .ill <l>i-rn»)ni liilvrnitli-il III filtlil (inllild (il'i ri'i|ii||-i,i| Ir, (,[i{ niiir In itiilil <-onrl. iLiiii iihiiv/ <'ILIIII'>. r mi;/ ihi-rr l»-. wl.y fdj,! uivoil til «lii, ulil MM In. ii|iiirriviMl. And Min h"lrn nr niil'l ilurt'ilnni uriil ul] nlh- «M1 llll|.n;;;l|.,| III.) alno l'('i| II Ircil l.'i iiiiiinnr mid rniiltn jin,«r t,t Uii-lr Imlrnhlp or rlnlni to :tny mtrl of Mlllll nlillll.11. •I'lIK N'ATIONAI, HANK • Mx«r> n. Mull 111 Vourth Hl lioicitiinpori., i Attornoy lance took Mrs. Bill Hindel from the Milier Nursing Home to the Woodlawn Hospital, Sunday morning. They also took Mrs. McGrew from the hospital to her home, 12I3V2 Monroe street, Sunday afternoon. The McGrew baby remained at the Hospital for a few days longer. Mrs. Shirley Pagelt was taken from the Woodlawn Hospital Sun-' day, in the Foster and Good ambulance to the home of her parents, 81!i Monroe street. Mr. and Mrs. David Honsen and daughters, Barbara and Sharon, of Kobe, Japan, concluded a five-day visit with Mrs. Hanson's brother and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shaw and son, Bobby Dale, and left Monday for the home of her parents, in -Superior, Nebraska, where they will remain indefinitely. Mr. Hansen is a returned Mia- si«nery from Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Seldon Brown entertained their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Condo Holloway and children to Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell TombauKh and son, John, were on a buying trip to Richmond, Ind., Saturday, for merchandise for the "Tombaugh's Store", returning Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred VaaDuyne anil Mr. and Mm. Calvin I3raman and family drove to Muncie ' Sunday where they were entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Masi.crson and daughter, Rohin. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shaw and their house guests, Mr. and Mrs. David Hansen and daughters, Sharon and Barbara, spent Friday In Indianapolis, where Mr, Shaw was in attendance at a meeting of the National Association of Accountants for Co-operatives, held at the Washington Hotel. Manager Don MeUgcr of the Fulton County Farm Bureau Co-op- erativc 1 , is enjoying a weeks vacation from his duties al. the plant. Over the weekend Justice Jarnes Walton's Iloohexler court disposed of seven cases, and the five men held in jail h:\vo been released. rest Sunday morning in Akron by a special sheriff's deputy for violation of probation. The specific charges are operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, and resisting arrest. Lloyd was convicted in Fulton circuit court last August of issuing a fradulent check. He was placed on five years probation after a 1-10 year sentence to the state prison was suspended. Two marriage licenses were issued in the Fulton county clerk's office to James P. Saltsgiver, R. R. 5, Rochester and Carolyn Mil-, User, 1015 Monroe street, and to! Rdhert'W. Abney and Corrina P. Stevens, both of Logansport. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Felke and family spent Sunday in Bremen. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Arter, Akron, are the parents of a son. MISTER BREGER J. T. Gilbert, Cleveland; Frank William Norris, 316 Jat street; and Jamas Harvey Head, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., each paid fines and casts, amounting to $23, upon eon- viclion of public intoxication, Curtis Lee Stevens, El Reno, 0- kla., paid a total of $311 in fine and costs after being co.ivjct/ed o* public intoxication, and Curlis E. Earls, Louisville, Ky., signed a proxy bond of $23 on the same charge. Also in Walton's court, Richard Lee Smith, 3G, 70Z!4 Main street, paind $10 and costs af'.er being convicted of public intoxicaUon. He was arrested Saturday'morning in Akron, by a special deputy of the sheriff's department. Another person convicted in Walton's court of public intoxication wa.s Chester P. Shcper.son, 30, I'er- rysville, 0. lie also paid $10 and costs after being found Sunday morning by city police laying in a mud puddle back of the Ecer- grciun Cafe. Karlicr this month Shepcr.son had signed a proxy bond for $2.~> after boinj; arrested by the sheriff's office and city police on a charge of disorderly conduct al the Tippecanoe Hiver bridge. Warren J. Lloyd, 31, 1228 Franklin street is in jail after his ar- Peru The Richardson Road Bridge which collapsed last Tuesday while two highway department workmen were repairing one of the piers, will ba replaced with a . new structure in accordance with action taken by the Miami county commissions in special session Monday. The commissioners 'authorized the county council to appropriate the necessary funds. County Auditor James M. Kepner will call in the council in special session the first week of July to act on the matter. The money will be trans- 9 1517. Kins torn* %»<!». 1*. "="" •'«"" 6-2.0. "It's our very latest, absolutely top-secret development ..." ferred from the bridge appropriation in the highway department. The commissioners also approved a contract of the Selective Service Board lor rent of office space culin testing of ca,ttle in the county. A public meeting has been set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the GAR room of the courthouse at which time a board of directors will be elected and a constitution Wednesday Evening, June 19, $600 Willed by Owner For Care of His Dog FLEMINGTON, N.J.—The late Walter S. Holoombe of Lambertville bequeathed $600 for the care of his pet dog "Yippie," described in his will as "my faithful companion for many years." The will directed $12 monthly be paid to Holcombe's granddaughter, Elizabeth S. Holcombe, during Yippie's lifetime to provide "comfortable support and care" for the animal. If the dog should i die before the bequest is fully ex-1 pended, it would be divided up I among the legatees. Chamber to Hear Survey The findings of a survey of national legislative issues will ba disclosed Thursday noon at tha. Ben Hur motel when !he Logans-port Chamber of Commerce di-' rectors convene for their regular monthly meeting, stated Chamber Executive Secretary Harry Ei.sen- bise Tuesday. The survey was devised in the nature of a series of polls, conducted by Chamber members who have volunteered. in the court-house for $25 a month|will bo adopted. and approved a contract for Tuber-1 The suggested constitution was drafted by the Resolutions Committee and will be presented for consideration. Miami county farmers along with farmers throughout the wheat growing areas will go to the polls Thursday to vote on a referendum on wheat marketing quotas. John T. Bowman, chairman of the County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee said that farmers tn the north part of the county will vote at the Denver Community Center. This will include farmers in Allen, Erie. Jefferson, Perry. Peru, Hichland and Union townships. Farmers from Buller, Clay, Deer Creek, Harrison, Jackson. Pipe- Creek and Washington will vote at the Clay township school. Dr. John A. Morrison To Retire Next Year ANDERSON <UP>— Dr. John A. Morrison will retire next Juno as president of Anderson College af'.er 32 years of service in that office. Morrison w;w> (he inslilulion'* first assistant principal in 1919. Enrollment increased from 85 students to 1,200 and its facuUy from IS to about 60 ^nce UV day Morrison joined the siaff. He also is president of the Indiana Association i>! Independent Colleges and Secondary Schools. Find Prc-Hislnrlu Skeleton VANCOUVER. B.C. lUPt-Tho skeleton of an Indian, estimated 'o be 2,000 years old, has been discovered near here wearing a hand-beaten copper breast p!a(c. Rip Van Winkle Couldn't Sleep with MOY/ ! You cu;i Kill U"r flint n-llitf yim m-fl trtun nuKKlntf l>Ht:kiinlt<'. \[i:iit\iLi:\m mill mini- c.tiliLi- Kfli'-ti mid U'i!ti!i ifitit. nrtfrn (•1111111- ciinU l<-;ui nlKhtii unrl nilfu ntlili. tlri:il-oul. ri.olliiMH. \Vtii.n l-tii-nn 'liiicoJTirftrlii rf,tn«t o;i v/l'Ji rjvcr- cxcj-Hon or iiLri'itn imil iil.niln — you wftf]!. rcli'jf — v/iinl. )l fniil. 1 AunUiiT (Iliiturtiiiiicc nmy Iju inllil lilmlilnr lnll.nll.Hi rolliiwlnl: wrr,,, K fooil nncl ilflnlt - oftc'li irUInx up Vnr I'lulnl: riilli.r KI-I. ll.uui'n i'llln. Tlmy v/'irit fant In ;i iic;iiii-nl«' v/nyii: I. Ijy ni dy IflrlK Itacltacfli., tK.Jiillichi.fl, lrlililf!'.l|j|C lichen luni I:II|IIR. 2. liy LhiNf nniillilni; niriM'.l. nil lihulrli-r InlLnUiin. ::. liy l.lii'lr inllil i!liiri'l.li. ni:l.liili U-ri'[!rii: Mi lurri'llni! iillltmLof l.lln II) inllim nf liMni'y l.'i!i,.|i. Hnil mi'. IIHW iiiilrlily Uiln S-wny rm'illnlrn- H'mn U> wiirk. ttlijrty 11 jjfifii) ;ifif])l.'il ulci'IJ OVIM- fill vfitni. Ank f'n' ili-v/, lltw nI'AH IIHJ tin Vii nliini.y. (ill UMIIII'II I'llln tiiilny! FUN FOR TOTS! 40"x60" $i«| ,95 ONLY I I Sturdy nice! frame with hi tic plastic fink and <lrain outlet! No nui9 or (>olts STRONG NYLON POOL FOR PLAY 17 .95 t\'iK 4' x 6' »ize th nt a is cm bleu it nuta or K>liiE Mai fcntn, outlctl 6'x8' POOL IN STURDY NYLON Super Value! >36 .95 Put if. up v/ilhout nuts or liolln! 2 outlots, 2 snap-on scutst , 18" DEEP •HETTRICK -.The Originator of Play Pools BICKELS Phone 4382 500 North Si. PENNEYS >AtW AY S F I R S T Laboratory-tested by Penney's! NATION-WIDE SHEETS! 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