Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
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IN'DIAN'A: Fair and pleasant tonight. Thursday fair and mild. Low tonight in the 50s. High Thursday mostly in the 80s. Temperature 12 noon 74 degrees. Sunset 2:16 p.m., sunrise Thursday 5:17 a.m. aro0 YOUR HOME TOWN LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For A!) Department* phono 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 19, 1957. ii«ed Cnlfed PFVM Dn7 and Mffht Price Per Copy, Seven Cents U.S. TO APPEAL GIRARD RULING Civil Rights Measure Comes Before Senate Senate GOP Leader William Knowland Says Senate Will By-Pass Judiciary Committee. Hy UNtTKI) PKKSS ! President Kisenhowtr put in a. new p'ui! today lor his civil rights i program, which is pending in the .Senate. Jle told his news conference that ] the program, which Urn House ;ip-: proved Tuesday, is a very modcr-' ii.'e, decent nun. lie denied :/iat it would destroy civil rights as contended by some opponents of the measure. The House-passed rmiasiirn was scheduled for its first Semite reading to-lay as Republicans .set out to nvir.K tho leadership from norlli- Wheat Voting is Scheduled For Thursday Farmers in Thirty-six Stales Will IJiillol On Marketing Controls WASHINGTON (III'; — Wheat era and western Democrats in the • farmers in M slates vo.e Thursday itfht lor the bill. iiu a naijonal referendum to dcler- Seuate c,op Leader William !•'.; mine whether their I'.nil crop shall Know'iind prcdie.t"d that the Senale will by-pasi its Judiciary Committee tu speed action on \l\i: hill. Other (:on: 1 ,r<:'...'ni»nid news: be under rigid government marketing controls. The Agriculture Department, as for or crop, i.f is I usual, has taken no H'aud COUNTY HOME EC CONTESTS CONDUCTED Finances: Treasury Secretary .ii;',ain.';l controls for the l!).">ll c: 1 Ocor;;c M. Humphrey warned that [The depart rnui; I. holds llial l!ii.- it would be "extremely serious" ^ strictly up to the farmers, if present ic.llal.ionary pi os.Mircs j Dop/jrtment economists predict j continue for •> or If) years. He ( priva!ely the vole ia "likely to be . (.-lashed repeatedly with Sen. Harry close!." Upwards of lljIl.WK) to I' 1 . Hyrd UJ-Va.p in ihe second day,1,000,DIM fanners are eligible to of an investigation by liyrd's Hen-1 vole in the poll booths set up ate Kinan/.-i- t.'ommillw; into '"u'ltiivjuchoul tin; commercial v/heul. nation •/. financial heallh and the a ,.,. a , Uajied ( ,u past performance, Ships Ablaze After Crash; Report 9 Dead American and Greek Tankers Collide in Atlantic "Graveyard of Ships" Off Brittany Coast. Both Coasts Are Seared By Heat Wave BREST, France ~ (DPI — An American and a Greek tanker collided in heavy fog today in the Atlantic "graveyard of ships" off. the Brittany coast of l-'rance. Both ships burned so fiercely thai smoke rose 4,000 fec-t above the sen. Case Will Go Directly to Supreme Court Cen- 10<1 Mercury Hovers Near tury Mark in rh Los Angeles Registers By UNITED PRESS Itocord liigh Icnvpcralurus continued 'M bake. buUi coasts today, Radio reports said nine persons ; bass thc UiS _ ColJ] , ()f A were known dead-one on the | ;, d Ulkc j( j ; (J Gi KLijOa^on U. a . anker Sony Pointi se djrccUv ',„ „ s ; and eight on l!ie !),.ill-ion firei'kl^ m| ,. ( ' Government Challenges Decision of District Judjio Which Would Prevent Trial of Gl in Japanese Court WASHINGTON' (UP)—The government today was expected lo Appeals rard no ship loamiis. l'\nir oiJier person;, were missing and feared dead. Many of the survivors were severely burned. Vessels from four nations converged on the crash area. Radio repitril.s said they had picked up 1M uf the 77 crew members of the two but relief for Uie JCast was on the i vessels. Shipping reports said Uie way from a cold front that dropped ! American lankcr had a crew of 41 Harfoara Hose of the Willing Workers HI cluh of Jefferson township xliowH n Swedish ten ring to olh 4-II Home KconomlcH girls who participated In the (Jass county Demonstration einite.st Wednesday at Washington township Holmnl. The group bicliules, left to right, I,hula Klmwver, Crystal Smith C'aro- lyn Conn, Jane I'rlee, MlHH UOSH, Janet Willis anil Kay Sallom. Until Junior anil senior division incmliei'H participated la the content. (I'll H-Trll « I'hnlo-KiiKnivlug.) administration's "tight money" policy. Hyrd charged that the Kisenhowcr admiriisl.ral.lou has ex- hauMoti the |,i/wcr to tax and to borrow and ha." "no ro.'.orvcr." to fw«t a bniii;ie;,..| reee-u.ion. Itiiriehall: l!ir;ebail CornrniKfiiori- Friek urged | p''M!»;»«j|,, : f(,n;' llii-y'iMxumo'i'ri, If quotas are approve! probf.bly not more will vole. Thi! voters have thin choice: Whether to accept for Uie Illth successive year wheat marketing (luota.'i, A majority of Iwo-lhlrds ot < ;r Ford <:. U» keen ha , ' "•' I cofi,tjnue II. jir».mii , oil • l)a::eb;d and let. ' rate outnide the i n'li \j I.M law:;. IIH: The Senate Tue-iday ral.ified the international afoirn-tor-peace treaty oil u 117-11) roll call vole. Nine Democi nl» Htid III Hepiil/licaiui voted agala.'it It. The treaty would create un international agency to promote peaceful iciers of aloinie energy and provide mm • military nuclear ma- teriiilii to lil/Miilc have-not riatioivri. Halierm The Snia.li! Ilacketfl ComriilU.ee called Kakcry Union I'reiiiilent .lameii II. Cro;ii-: to link him ahoid charge', that he lined !/,<>on squad ladies and mlsil.'ied union fund;:. Cro».i proml/teil Jie W'Mild nnl invoke the Klfl.li Amendment on any pertinent (iiieiillon, TV liKiirliigH: Speaker Sam [tayburn was reported about lo elarnp down on further TV he-ar- Ing'i by the lloiw Committee. Oil l/fi-A/iicrli.'fiii Arlivlijivi. H»yl)urn iiaid a riding he mad" xovnral yearn ago agaluat briiadcicitliig or tolevlllillg HIIU«I! COtimli.!!.!'!! procedure;] ,-il.lll fiinndii. <-'onrt: Men, Jacob 1C, Javltrt Ml-N. Y.) call e d for a halt to "berating Uie Supreme Court for I'ji recent deoh'onii nipdiii-.l Hie gove.rument In Oiiiiiiuml.'il. cii.'ien. Javin nahl "aoecpfaiicn and oon- iildoral.hni of llio di-e|iilon:i are far nun i; r/wjlruclive. lie mild Ihe I'ourl. ban given mi "Hi,, guide- liner,. Temperature Drops Sharply Italn, hall, and nlrong wladn bile Tuesday iifleruooii brougbl. mid- den relief from Ihe heal wnvii lo l.ogansporl, wild Hie lemperaiure dropping '/:/. degreea la Iran Mian ;m hour, Tim l.ognu.-iporl new.-.papera llinr. ttiouioler rihnwod lhal Ihe mercury fell from til lo II!) degrees biilween :i and <1 p.m. Tiie'idny. liy Ii a.in, lV<ii|nc,i(l|iy ihe lemper- allire hud rikhlded rdlll lower lo a cool 111) ilnj/iTi"), and by noon Wed neiiday It bad struggle nhrwly up v/ard 'lo n pleinanl 71 dogreoi. •I'he i,inliioii,i bjack cloudn which ipreeeded |li<< hall and rain here were accompanied liy wry nlmiK wind* and many feared loraadoiei. However, none wan reported In Ihh nrea. ., rill farm, , . ; ,.| (iUICII will be Hiibjiicl lo quotas; any "excess" whnnl will be subject to (|uola piinaltlo'i; price Mipporl al a n;il.loii«J iiviirnKH of $1.711 a bi.mlio.1 will be available to prndiiciirn who do not exceed Uielr farm acrnage allo.monlK, If quotas are nol npprovod, Iherc will IKI no marketing (|uol.a,'i or peiialtle,'!, A c r o a g c allotment..! would remain in effect, by law, and price support would be available at ,'lf) /)(?/• cent of parity for producers who comply wllh (arm whoal allolmo.alii, i Department ul- ficlals 'iiKllirialM that 110 |>ci' cunt of parity lor the 11)511 crop will be about .'|;l.Hf n Iju.iln-)). Two Crashes On Road Six Claim Four Tlircc, I'ci'Nium Die in One Accidiinf Wii/il of WiiJkur- l(in; l''our I'lM'funiK Hurt I.APOKTK (III'/- .(''our fieriioiiM were killed and four ofher.i Injured, one. crlllj'/ilJy, In i.ivo l.nii'llr aeelileiilri Tuenday on II.H, I) went of Walknrl.oii, The decided!)! occurred only fiOO fuel, apart. Killed were Norman Munlel, (M, of Kennell. K<inai'e, Pa.; hbi wile Norali Mi/'ili'l, (H; l.nroy (Jelger, Sonili lii'.nd mid Kmll lichliijlii. III, of Union Ml,In. Slnle J'ollee reported Mr. mid Mr;i, Munli'l wure Iravellug alone In Ihelr car when II. collided liond on will) an caul-bound car driven by Ihc Itnv. ,S. I'. (I'ltlnlloy of l''orl. Wnyiie, (.i-lui'i' wan riding wllh Iho Itev, Mr. O'llhilley, Mrn, Muiilol WIIM killed limliiiiL- ly aiul Munlel and (ielger died nil- mule to Holy Kanilly llonpllnl at HaPorto ol 1 client ami he.id li>,jlir< Catch Trocker With Altered License Plate Driver f<ir dtiry Finn (Jiiilly to Six l/cical Court Asi»i A stale police truck weight de- l.nil under ihe dlri'i'lliiii of C;il, Rohcrt Deeler, I'SCI officer fur llil;i dlslrlct, cauglil. one truck driver in :iix violations In a witlglil chi'di early Wednesday nioniliiH at Hie .'icah'.'l we-il of lyfiKiiiisport «« U.S. highway Jll. Oliver llcfrlKh', Gary, Ivnnllnjj a loud of ,",li;i'l for Hie lloolli Trailer llfinliil service, nf fliiry iiuili- aucMJ hy Mm. Marie llonlh, wa« ii/wesiied a lotnl of JiT/d.fiO whi'n ho pleaded guilty to all nix charges In HID Inral jnslire courl. Ilefrlc.ht was a:i'iesned operating n Irnck v,,lll>ll ovnrwelghl wan nn.'ie Ihe landem wiod fas and for pounds axle, eost'i, on each of the other flvii charged: driving without, a IralliT ' regl;<lration jilale, driving wllhoiil. PSt!l lellerlag, driving wllhoul. IraSler regl;ilraliiia cerl.lf- Icale, over the r''i;l.'iliired welghl, and with fnl.'ie reghdi'idinii limn- Someone, appareiilly Hie owner nf the h'uck, had pnlnled over th(! on Ihn Irufk trac- City Will Cool Kids With Fire Plug Spray In Sizzling Weather Tim UNI! of «Hy I'lri! liyilrinils fit provldo hot wenther i-i'llrl' tit young nlilliliYii will l>« nt- lenipled on nil I'xiierlllleiiiill hntilH In twn nel^hhttrlmmlH Tluirnilny iil'terniion In l.ogiuiH- porl. .SpoiiHored liy the siiniiner ITC- rootloii ilepiirtiiicntH anil np- liroved )>y city olTtcinlH. ttio pliin will ennlili) yiinugstrrH nn- nlile to come ti> flu/ iiiiiiilcljinl nwlmnilng iiool to frolic In the witter. Till! experiment lii'KlnB lit I:til) p.m. Thuniiliiy id Nlni.'li>cntli ntreet and WooiltmvN Jivoiiuo and coiHlnniiii ut 2:30 pan. at I<'alrvt<^v piirk neiir tlio iiavllloii, Thn. water will In- Inrnml on for ithoul n liiilf hour or 'IB itiliiiilen, niiliiK a »|ieclnl unr/.li) iihlnlneil frnm I'lrn <:tilc'l' Dleli Klntii'l. to proilueo n 1'lne spray. If Hiieei-iinriil, tint program will he exlelliled to other oilt- lyliiK »«'«U<HIH of tlin clly, <!<•- ponillng of Connie, on tho tcm- niipejir lo he which CMllUi'l! K Ih'cu.'ie plal lor lo iiinke I,. An I 1 ,' plnfi owner i.o Iwul load.'i up lo ;i(),oi!n ponnilji, -iMwdii I 1 !'!!,, and nn I, lilillo, which ciitllli'H Ihc owner In haul loada over !i^,,()l)n poiinda, eo;i!)l $'.'.7l'i, SO !he nWller apparent!y wai IryliiK lo 'inve the *!•:![) dif- Terence hy l.|le fl<'('e!)llnii, lleeter mild Ihe camouflage job wa/i so gond Ibid 'It would mil linvii bei'ii dnli'eli'd had II not been lieeo'viary fnr Ihe nlllcerii to check lln: I'egWrnlloii plain hecnu;ie. of IJiM olhnr vlnlnllon.'i, 'J'lio Irii/'li w/ri Impounded mil.ll II Irt propurly registered nnd l.hi> flnen are paid. li'layd Siiiiiroiilin, l.nl'orle, waa II With profltobl,,, AcU PHONE 4141 iolnl of aullly In $111111, fill When of op- eral.lnH n truck 4,:«lil poundji over whlghl and /il'ui over HIM re lered weight, lie win fined $fl COM(M and a,ineii:ied a civ of (i:!M al Ihe rale of II ccnln a pound on III" flr.M. clinrge, and $10 lempcratures in the Midwest by as much as .'Id decrees. The murcury-'hublilcd into Uie |»()-<lc'Kree plus run/,'e aHiiin 'J'aes- tl.'iy over most of the eastern Ililrd of the nallon, eiimhliii; In !I7 In I'hiladelphia for a third straight day of record heat In that. city. In the West, readings soured In a record HM de.ureos In l.xis Angeles .for the liol.tcst day Uiorc since Sept. I, IMS. The her.l was hlanjud for n rash of hnish fires, one of which destroyed nearly 2,1100 acres, nl l.akc Klslnoru and <!rlffin Park In Hollywood, Thc coinlilnalion of hot wea'.hcr and flowls In Ihe norUiern Midwest and Plains stales lnMisled the toll »f wenHier-niifted dcnlhs hcyond l.lu- I fill mark since last weekend. Tim linlleil Press collided nl i liuisl tlf> persons drowned trying to escinpn !.hi! iient. In ndillllon. at lea.'.l. ;ill persons were hilled In floods, II died from lightning and 2 from hunt iiro^lniilim (o nilse llio mnrrijer of weaUiur donlhs to nl. least JM, Among the Inkisl victims wan n iln'ldo of two weeks, Mm, Dorolhy and the GrinMc ship An American airman who flew nn Air Force amphibian over the area said he liail received a report that, "all survivors" had been picked up, but. wild he (iid not know how manv were involved. Three Burglary Counts Filed Against Youth HOIK! of l,ni)iii<! Olniinn, IS, City, Set Al $2,000 Jt.y .Inline Wild CliJirgc.s of first and third (l/.'groe burglary and hoii.scbriinkhjg were Illed Wednesday In the Cans circuit com",, by Deputy Prosecutor Ki'tnik Tolbcrl, In n fhren-count al 1 - fklavlt against La/uilo Ohiiiuii, 111. of thin clly. Jiidgo Clifford 0, Wild -sisl Iho yoiilh'K liond al, SV.,000. Tho I'lnil. ooiinf, di/H'iilng him wllh I'lraf degree. Imrglnry, nllcgcH 'n nv i.,, " ».' l)ayiJHi,""()hlo7" wiio A decision already has been made to challenge in a higher court Tuesday's ruling by Dis rict Court Judge Joseph C, .McGar- raghy. lie held that the government cannot procoeil with ils plan lo '.urn (!l William S, Cirard ovtr to the Japanese for a, inaiislaiiKa- le-r but must try (Jirard liefiire an American military court-martial. JuMice Department officials planned a top-level conference today to decide whether lo ask Mm .Supreme Court, lo assert jurisdle- i<iu over Ihe peal. Such .1 government's would Capt. 1/owelt Dihcrl, SI. Uniis, nlll . l| f on grounds that a final de- Mich., said visibility was so bud; 1 "'"'"" '" Hie case is hu]>orlant lo Ihe rescue planes could barely see-j om ' phase of I'.S. I'nivir.ii policy, Ihe huni-ing whips. He salii I hoi Itnclinriiiinil of smoke was rising t/i nn altitude of •1,0011 feel. Ii ,S., Hrilixh. Krciich, nnd man shins rushed into the where Ihc two badly burning .ships!lease llirard. continued lo slay afloat although from Ottawa, I heir crews jumped overboard im- court, lit- \v;-.> incdialcly after Ihc disasler. (fur killing N A radio report—Ihe only means T.'ic govcrainenl, acting timier an agrecmeal with Japan, had de- Gcr- cided in iho inirnwl of good re- area Rations with lhal cimulry lo re- a 21-yi-ar-old soldier 111., to a Japani'Mi lo stand trial IJierii ika Sakai, n Japn- area In |he early part of l/ie day— nese woman who was scaveiii'.ini; lor scrap melii) un „ milil.'iry fir- Ing range where tlirjird was on of- Junn III he hrolui Intii I lid dr-owned Tunsdiiy night when a •hunt overturned In (ho Miami Itlver al. Miami Shores, Ohio. Her dwelling hmimt of tlimn (..'Ira nl I'.y. Mcllmii 11-year-old D avonim girl llvi.-il wllh In- John Powers Passes Away John I 1 '. "Dick" Poworii, VII, ol l.'IIV Hnu'iid al-runl., fornior employi 1 of HIM linker ,Speclnll.y com))nh,v, died at 7:110 a,m, Wednesday at Ha SI., Joseph hospll.nl. Tin.) son of John nnd Hi'ld;.;nl Don nhiio Powei'n, ho wan liorti In tillr city on Jim, :i(l, IIIIH. He wan a member ol Die ,St. Viiieoid. de Paul church and the Kaglcn liidgo, Slii'vivorn am the wile, Clara; two dnuglilern, Dorothy, id. home; and Mrs. Ooiinnl J, llaiimnnn, city; n nephew mid a iilecu, Two daiighlora precotled him In dentil, l^linoffil rllcu will Im conducted at II a,m, Hnliirdiiy at tlin '11, Vliicunl dii Paul church, Mngr. Julia Sclmll iifflclnl.lng. lutiirmiiiil. will bo In Iho Ml. Vlucoul cemetery. The body hi nl. Hie Kroegoi 1 I'uii" end liome, where Irlendii may call iiRcr IKIIIII Tlniffid/iy, Tim I'l/iglc/i will conduct I'llindlallc aoivleen al. tin! liiiiernl home al 7: Hi p.m. H'rl- day, Tho runary will be recited al V;.'!() p,m, Krlday, lent lo do aa act of violence and Injury lo her, Tim poiudty for Unit degree bill'-, glary In 10 lo 'M yiiarii hnprliion- menl. upon ciinvlcUon, The fiecond couiil of the affidavit. chnrgliiK Ililrd degreu burglary, a.'isiM'Iti thai, he entered the hiiuiii) with HID Inlciil to comnill. /i mlmleiiieniior, unlawfully lunch- Ing Ihe "girl In a rude and angry inaancr. The peiinlfy for third degree burglary IK any [hid not exceeding $111111 (o which may Ini added tin hu«biind find hl.i ttvo young children by a former annrrlage were nviciiod, A flood tragedy nl Munjor, Klin., kllluil two Hoimin Calhollc pnnuls, mill at lea.'il. Uirco por.'ions were dead and two were missing In SonlJi JlJiliol/i llowl.i, Annllii't man drowned In a Marshall, Minn., Ihind. Kloodwalers couiluucd lo plague seeHou.'i of Kansas anil South Dakola la llui wako of torrential rnlu.'i. AJ. Hcloll, Kan., llio Solomon ;«ild there had beea an explosion. Ulclal guard duly. The liny (ierman freighter Krik [ llui Mi'Carragliy ruled that !lu> Heckmann, who radioed Ihe firsl : governini'ul'.s derision approved /ii'iv.1 of Ihc collision, -stood npjliy Prcsidcni KiH-iihuwii' "is II- cloM- lo the Ireacherous const lo h'gal and in violation ol ihe (.'unpick up survivors. It radioed it had lili survivors from Hie luannis and S3 from the Slimy INiint. Anollu'i' tji.M J iiiaii ship, thy 1,710- ton Coaiilcr lint dkl not SH.V inu* from. prlNiiiiiiii'iil. Ill Ihn nlnl.il penal [arm 'lllyer nplliuil Iroui Its bank,'! and I'lir'cud evacunllun »| r/Hiil!li>N in aiw lying areas. Oi'ltclals predlelnd Mil! river would crest al :u'i feel today, nbiiuf .| feel, below Ihn cres' for miy (liilnniillinli) perluil mil hxccedliig linn year, and Iho court hiin HIM power In suspend .waliMiiw If lie 'in dnidren, len, taken ll) Ituv. Mr, O'ltlelley. wan lo the honpUnl hi critical Accorillutt to nl air- polli-n o'ltlel- Iny wan iilliiiii|illii|j to JWHII a (tin 1 during Ihe heavy ilnwiipinii 1 Wliou hln nn 1 collided vvllli MllHlKl'li, Tllirly inllilltdK liefore, IlKllllliln wim killed mil) Ini'l. mint ul tint triple fntnlll.y neiino, Iteliiii'ln, killed liudaiilly, wan n pii.'incngiii 1 in n it/I) 1 (li'ivi)l) by Hun- nidi KCIT, b'/t, aliio of Union Mllln, II li eollldeil wllh n Slntii lllghwliy piirlmi'iil. Irtii'lc, Hovi'h oilier truck drlvni'M j arronled In Ihn cheek, Hnliorl. Knwynr, (l/iry, was nn heit.'leil tllia.Vli for openilliig a truck ;i,Km iiiniiiili nvei'widglil, on Iho drlvi! axle; Kraiik Hall, t'Sary, ftl),'/!i for /)|)cr/i!liijj « Irueli |.:iBi) iniiindi overwelgbl on the laailein axh'! Mlelinel Jolin.'inn anil Jimoph ,'iai'dyii'ikl, holli of llrnuH'oi'd, Can ada, t.:ill,VH npli'i'i' fur nn l'Hf.!l nil- Iliui'lly; nnd l''loyd Mtnllli, Woleott, N.V., 1;:lll,VS for no PHCI luilbiirlly, Kiigene Mui'iclio, roiile Ii, l,a- rayollo, and Kennoy Snnill, Ilia- walha, Kann,, who worn chnrged Child Is Suffocated In Locked Automobile t!I.AIII<KVII.IiK, lull, IU1 1 )- llni'i'y Heddoii, '/., wai miffocnl.wl The third count, charging luiiinn breaklc.g tn cnumill, vlotniico, al- logos Uie nniiid fiiel'i, Thi! pun/illy on I'lmvlelloii of lhal, c!iai>:c In hi)- pl'hioiimeiil. In Ibe county jnll for len ilay.'i In i'.lx moiillni or In Ihe rtl.ate prlnon lor unit to lourleiin yoarn. l''i-ed Howard. HI, iilwi «( lltlii city, wan la'uleiieiMl I.o sis mouths In the nl.al.n iionnl I'arm nnd I'b'.eil li;iilll In clly courl Tuonday whoa lie pleaded gullly Ui a third dogroo. burglary I'harge, lie lull! iifl'Icci'H llial Im nerved an a lunkoiil. lor Ohiann In vnrlou/i local bui'HbirleH, but ho wan mil involved III Hie burglary of the (MiiirlnH Alltrlghl renhleiieo lanl week which renullial !n Dlunmi'i! ari'o'il, there during Mm greal flood of UK, i. .Sni'liaiiN of Sioux li'alls, S.I)., \v<ir ( i liiun<liili'(l Tiie.iduy night when Mai Hlg Sinus Illver over- flowod lln hanks la Hut clly, I la (! h I c a g o, leuviieralui'ivi dropped nearly III) degrees a:i ciml iiorllini'ii wlndn brought an early morning low of 11:1 degreivi lo Hie Stowifi Tuenday night alon.g |,he ciml file from. c«ii«ii(| <'.«lca»lvn diiimigii ni Mliilinwaldi, lad,, anil hi I, a (irjiuge 1,'iiiuiiy, I'm!, High wliiiln accompanying imvorn tliun- dei'.'il.oruvi In Ihe. nrea iiprooled trees and knocked down powor linen. DISTRICT JUDGING HELD AT ROCHESTER wllh III o|ieraljng inicloi ljilored welghl, are ciairt liilci 1 . Board Orders Bids On Now Fire Truck Iionnl of public workii Will „ he lockod Mmnelf In an auto- moblln Mouday vvllh no veiilllatloul.iafi'l.v Wcilnimday wiin .icheil and tniiip«iraUir(t(i la 1.1m Wki (nil-.In iulvi<rllm> for bliln oil i, M l,I,,, I truck deiilgiied fur rural fire Tlio accldi'iil. ocwirrcd nl hlii I lection la the rlvn niii'i'oiind'ng homi! In (llark'.ivdlli', Wlnm fniind, he wan nllll lillvd but illoil lalcr In n Ixiulnvflli' lionpllal when' doc- Ixirn ;iald ho miW'orcd H falivl brain Iiad HI survivors which whip they c Three Youths Register for Soap Box Race Piclil of Knoors Swlls to 4!) fur I,<'KIIII,V|I(II'|'N July .'II Clnssic Three mil. - ol-(o\vn young.'.fcri; were added lo Hie Hold of candidates comiictlug In l,iigail.'i|iii.i'l'.s slx.lh anuunl All-American Soap llox derby on College Illll July III. I'.'nrollmeiil of Iho trio brings lo •ID Hie number of registrant.'*, nc- cording lo Derby Dlreclur Doug Myers. 'I'he newcomer.', follow; Hubert Dniilord, 1-1. of route I, iMoutlcello, a Moiiou .'ichool pupil, John Harlow, Jr., t'J, ol hos :i, ^'cllmnn 1 David llalkes, Hi, of WH Ka.'il Main nlreel, Walton Colored I'llmi. of llm I'.H.n later, ludloual llnahi al Al^rou, Ohio, Worn .•ihiiwii lo Ihe buys allendlng Tne.'.ihiy nlghl 1 .', clinic at Derliy lu'adi|uiu'!er..i hy Mr, and Mrs. Herman Noll' ol Klnm. li'ealllle ol {he [il.'l iirr:, \va:. Hlc I'llVu place llul'ili ol Ihclr son. Her- mull Nell, Jr., aiul prei.eiifatloii of a large trophy and a $1,1)00 college scbi)bir,'.lil|i, All cllulcii luilil 111" Haul week silullon and laws of Ihe U n i i i< d Slates." He said' thai since Clranl member of was Hut conducted eu l '|'lc»t:oam. Tuesday nlghlii al Villll |i,iu., Myers nunniinced, Kiilrli-n limy lie IHi'd'wiHi WSK Cbcn'rolel or Ihe eooporallilK Chev- rah'l dealem In Iho nix .county area, Richard McDowell Succumbs ot Peru PKKII, Iml. - Hichai'd J, Mr- Dowoll, 3V, of (III North Wabiiiih slrcel, ilieij nl II:.)!, p.m. Tuenday hi Dukeii Meinnrlal hospital of aj cerebral liemorrhagi 1 , He was a rellred Hell iDlephoiie lineman, Horn Oi'l. I, Him). In Pern lo William and ('idlierluo Mcl.auijh- lln McDowell, he wiix mnrrled Aug. Ill, Hlll!i, In Ceueva l.elfel. who died III lll!i:i, He witii it nieinbrr of Ihn AiHer- lc<;r. l.CKlon, Korly and I'llghl, Kanlen, Hunker Illll Masonic lodge and Iho Telephone Pioneer club. Survivors are a brolhcr, '!', J. Pern; iwo-Mnlern, Mm. Hay Thorn- an, Miami, Okla,; and Mrs. (ieurge Iliiuks, Peru, roulo it. inual rllen will be held ul u p.m. ."acling as American jnined Joivos In Hie per- liirinaiicc of Ji|.< (il'tjclal duties as guard" wh«'u Uu> .shimim;- ue- currnd, he "Is ai-couiilabh- oulv lo Hie Unilcd stalivs f.'deral lurisdic- lioli." (,'ovcrnmeiit dfriclals .said UuU If Ihc Supremo Courl upholds this riilliiK, Ihp tJnilrd stall's MI.'IV Im IVirced hi close many vital de!en:.t> basivi overseas. Jap I'remler Arrlvrn To add liirthor lo Uie govern- iciil's iliM-oiiil.orl, id,. McCar- ragliy decisiou came'on Ibo eve of Indny's arrival hi'r,' for « xioin visit of .la|,aiii'!.ii I'lvinuM' Nolm- Milii- Klshl. Whlto House P re,-, n Secrelary James C, Magerly said he did mil, know whelher liic Cl- rani <'ji.'ie would Jlgurc In eonver- salhiiis belwecii Kiseuhower anil KI.'Jil. Ill Tokyo, Ihe Japane.so proeu- ralur general ...aid Japan 1m,., n.it changed (Is plans lo try (iiranl. He siihl lh«' McCarraghy il,'cisuin "l.i Im.'.ed nn Aiiinrlcaii diiiiii'.sllo law and us fur as Japan Is concerned we will go en iho pro. iKinuccmenl at (hi! American guv- ernmeul lh.il (Hranl will he handed over (o Japanese conrli.." Ulrard hlm.M'll, In a Inuu.pacific lelephDiii' call ID hi.i brother «l Ollnwn. II!., ...aid, "1 Mir.< feel good" iriioul Hie Mcdariaghv ruling. Plane Crash Kills 2 Men KAPORTK, Iml. d'l'i _ Two worn lulled today Ilinlr .ilugle eiiiiine prlvali' plane crn...hed on a lurm neiir lloll'.iig IVnlrie. Stale police Identified |ho victims as .Milui l|.iuiou.'jle, :i\, HID pllol. and All'on,'.i! Siilam.', Ml. The crn.'.h oe-cnrn-d nn Ihe Cor- ilou Mfirlln larni n ml! () m ,itli of busy U S. ;o. AulhorlHe.'i wild Iho iilann was obfiiMved Hying n|i!,|it,< down a! an altitude o| about San feel by Carl Young, J.aPorlo, Tin, plmio llu-n lurneil, went Inlo a dlv« ami ii.'.hi-il. P'lro a MOW chief Dick Kl.siu'l. «"l of «pi!cll'l(.'.'d l(i» ntriiclnd by llm board nfler laid wcek'» rejection of toolli jii'oj)o.i(il/i, HlxanilMliiK thi'iin Inylug lleilH HI tlin Alinilal Ndrtfiwiiiitnrn Illilliina llfotrlr.t JlHlijIiiK liir 'runBilny nri', It'll ti» right, Jim Krumir, Hniinlil Hlirlvitr. Jim <:h«<i>in»««, Ji>lm NlnliolM, nil «f nn l,nt'"n Htnillur, itilull I-II Innilnr fruni KI'IHIDIIII, riuM, uwl Davbt I). JucHmin, ixiullr.v npix-lul" IK! from ruriliui, look on. Mori) thiia 2110 boy« eiinin friuu nielli couiiH.'K tu iiwrllnlpale la tlin annual vvtinl. Krlday home, uf Iho Klkriiherry luneral llnv. chai'gi', llui'lal will he In Ml, Hope Krlniidn may call al. Ihc fmioral (I'lmriM-'rrlbiintt rhoto-Kiiki'Mvlng.) [houm aflur 'J. p.m. Thuriulay. Business Executive Hurt- in Air Crash lNi)IANAl'OI,IS (Ul'i. <'hnrlc« TIllllllIM, Iff., SI. I.IHll-1. Mo., COilt mlnhii! I|I N III repri>ii(!iil alive, WON injuicd Imliiy when hln priviita plane crifdieil al Hob Sluuilu Airport al Ihe cdgt> o( liidlnuajiiillii. Thoiiin.'i miffurril nevere head In. Juries when the plane phuiKeil lo earl'li during a lakoofl. ][« wnit found coiwcloUH, Hlllt Hlrapped la Ihp iiciil. allhongh li'in propeller wnn rlp|>cd off and gasoline fr'iin a ImiluMi tiiuk dripped Into Iho cockpit. Tboiiiit). wan liiken lo Mutliudlitl llii.i|>ll«l hi "ffiir" eoii-dltldii, Hi! wan l<li«nllfli'd a« » ropra- ,IHHtl!lllv« "I MtllV*. lllfl.

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