The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on June 14, 1944 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1944
Page 5
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Child Groom Paints I Nazis Torture Shaffer Community Fingernails Green Paratroopers, Chest Drive Slated VANCOUVER, Wash., June 14. CUR)—A 16-year-old former chauffeur and a 37-year-old widow—each with fingernails painted green "to match one another"—today were honeymooning after their marriage here. Ronald Smith was married to his erstwhile employer, Mrs. Mary Ellen Brcun, mother of two small children, by the Reverend Paul Kunzman, culminating 1 what the bridegroom, described as love that blossomed "at first sight" at their meeting jiine years ago. Smith explained that he had painted his fingernails green, like hi^ bride's, so that they would "have everything alike." The bride, whose children are 1 and 3 years old, wore a yellow suit, departing somewhat from the color scheme set by Smith's gay sport coat. Reporter Says EVIDENCE SHOWS MEN MURDERED IN EARLY NORMANDY LANDINGS To a Carpenter who wants an unusual job Out on the Southern Pacific line . . . out where the grass skitters when the train whisks by . . . where there is room to breathe , . . (yes, and to swing a hammer), the railroad has a Job for you. Building bridges, culverts, doing railroad construction work with men who figure a carpenter too can hammer out a victory tune. (This, believe us, is real war work, because your work speeds the war trains.) Now, down to brass tacks: You'll live with a good gang ... in Outfit Cars fitted up. No housing problem here! Board at very reasonable prices. Railroad pass privileges. Medical services. A fine pension plan. Liberal age limits. Above all, a job with a perma- inent company. If this sounds good, come in and see us. We think you'll go for this job. See or Write B. W. MITCHELL fe. P. Station* Bakersfleld, or your nearest S. P. A cent. m^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^m^imm^^^ To nPm distress of MONTHLY Female Weakness XiTdia E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound 1* made especially /or women to help relieve periodic pain with weak, nervous, blue feelings—due to functional monthly disturbances. Taken regularly—It helps build up resistance against such symptoms. Follow label directions. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S NEW YORK, June 14. CD- Stanley Richardson, NBC reporter from London, said in a broadcast from Ixmdon last night that there is "undisputable evidence that the Germans tortured and murdered American paratroopers during the early hours of the Normandy landings. Richardson, who had just "returned from headquarters of an American airborne division near Carenlan, said in one instance tho bodies of three American enlisted paratroopers, stripped to the waist, •with their hands bound, were found in a heap beside the wall of a former German command post. "There is every indication," saifl Richardson, "that these Americans were executed after they had been captured, in violation of the rules of war." In a second case the body of a second lieutenant was found with his throat cut and a German army knife beside him. Richardson said that according to the men of the command post who discovered the body, the officer "landed in a tree and was murdered as he hung helpless there." A third case concerned a major who was found in a village "dead of multiple stab wounds," Richardson declared. . T. A. N S Williams P. T. A. is operating a bond booth in the main entrance of the school every Thursday morning during June from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m. Mrs. G. Ij. Wilkinson, parent education chairman, is conducting the P. T. A. correspondence course being taken by the executive board each Thursday morning, while the school remains open for the bond booth. W. 0. W. Camp to Hear Reports on Thursday BaVersfield Camp No. 460, Woodmen of the World, will meet^Thursday evening In the hall, with Herbert Aspittle presiding. A report of the proceedings of the nineteenth head camp session which convened in Sacramento last week will be given by Mrs. Ivy M. Borgwardt, who was delegate from the local camp. Others who attended were George A. Morris, local camp secretary, and Mrs. Mary Canaday, junior director. PVROI PYROI WARDS IOAI ENGINE SOLVENTS FOR POWER AND PEP ENGINE TONE Qt. 69c Increases pep, power end speed. Relieves drag on motor . . . acts as engine tune-up. Freef iticky valves. Fine for breaking in new or rebuilt mo* tors. CASITE 65e Improves lubrication because of Its oil carrying and penetrating qualities. Keeps down sludge and carbon . . . motor clean. Apply through carburetor and in crankcase. PYROIL PlMff 89e Cleans motor of varnish that causes sticking. Prevents vital parts from becoming corroded. Instructions: Use type "A" through carburetor. Add type "B" to oil In crankease. GRAPHITE OIL PiHt 37c Collaldel Graphite oil cuts mo- torwear — adds smoothness and gas mileage. Apply through car* buretor and In erankcase. PENETRATING OIL Pint 29c GraplriU penetrating oil loosens springs, rusty bolts, locks, pipe threads — in fact Is an all* •round household and shop ell. M ontgomery Ward Twonty-flfth and Chester Phone) 7-7S71 "Where Parking Is Easier" Notice ii hereby given that the Director of Affriculture of the SUte of Call* fornia, oa "•» «• l * e *< . seized, under the provisions of Section 369 of the Agricultural Code, the following described eitray animal: * . * On* HoliUtn «o». no brand, •triwrkftd Xl ^«A^ f"7 • vtlfht about 950 Ibi., ont Molitfla) te», fcr»nd«a (ltd Iff* hip, •*ra*rk«d (f ^C^^' ** l ' W * bout 90 ° Xbi * Thii * tnlMl» «r« fe«In« held tt tht Clark Sal**' Yard, Baka»fUld» Calif or nU. Notice U further given that If no claim U made by the owner to the Director of Agriculture for Mid animal, he will Mil the MM* M. provided by law after 80 daya from date of seizure. SHAFTER, June 13.—Plans were made this week to organize a local committee for the Community Chest, when a group of civic leaders met at the Legion hall, to outline tentative plans. A temporary committee was named to represent the organization. Orvin Mettler was chosen as president, H. W. Kelly, secretary; and XJlenn Crarapton, treasurer. The purpose of the organization will be to consolidate the drive to raise funds for local welfare and youth guidance groups. Contributors have been asked to wait until plans are completed and the drive officially opened before they attempt to make any contribution. Past Noble Grands Will Hold Picnic June 22 The Past Noble Grands Association met recently, completing plans for a picnic supper to be held Thursday, June 22, for husbands of members. The function will be in Jefferson Park at 6:30 p. m. under direction of Mrs. Fred Holmes. Participants are requested to bring their own table service and one covered dish. Visiting past noble grands are invited. The group recently shared a potluck luncheon at the home of Mrs. Mamie Loveall, assisted by Mrs. Fred Holmes, Mrs. "VV. Bailey and Mrs. Nita Stanton. Shakespeare Group to Install Here Friday Closing meeting for the summer of Susannah Hall Chapter, Shakespeare Study Club, is set for Friday at 1:30 p. m. in the form of a luncheon at the home of Miss Ahlida Ballagh, 2131 Park Way. Mrs. J. T. Carnahan heads the committee on arrangements. Mrs, C. T. Wachob will be installed as president; Miss Harriet F. Buss, vice-president; Mrs. John Murdoch, secretary, and Miss Anne Jose, treasurer. Mrs. Hugh Smith, retiring president, will conduct the installation rites. Auxiliary Installs June 21; Bond Booth Busy at Store Plans for installation Juno 21 and continuation of its extensive war service program are matters of interest to members of American Legion auxiliary, Frank S. Reynolds Unit No. 28, this month. Those to be seated at the ceremonies at Legion Hall at 8 p. m. are Mesdames A. Roy Nisbett, president; H. M. McLain, first vice-president; W. N. Slaughter, second vice-president; Margaret "Watts, secretary; Robert Johnstone, treasurer; Dora Hoskins, chaplain; Marvin Anglin, sergeant-alarms; Leonard Carter, marshal; George Stone, miisician; Fra nk Loustalot, historian; Garvin Montgomery, George Zirnmer and Thomas Stevenson, executive committee. Mrs. Nlsbett will succeed Mrs. Claude Enyart, president for 194o-44. The unit opened its bond drive June S for an intensive three-week period. The goal is $50,000 and headquarters are a booth in F. W. Woolworth Company store on Nineteenth street, where Mrs. George Stone and Mrs. J. E. Card well head the com- mittee. The booth has boon conducted without vacation from December, 1H41, to the present time. Staffing the booth in addition to the chairman are Mesdames J. S. King, William Madill, Mary B. Hampson, Henry Powell: \V. N. Slaughter, Fritz Utzerath. The booth is open from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. A release from national headquarters today calls attention to Thursday as Infantry Day to pay tribute to American Infantrymen or soldiers who fight on foot. "Whether he rides to battle in a truck or plane, floats down with a parachute or lands from a duck, if he does his fighting on the ground, attacking or defending he will be honored by auxiliary members everywhere on Infantry Day. The local unit is inviting citizens to join with its members by arranging programs, visiting camps or in other fitting ways, honoring the infantry. The unit is observing: Flag Day today as a time to rededicate its membership to patriotic services. Picnic Slated for Bible School Pupils A picnic will be held at Kern County Park Friday for boys and girls who have been attending the vacation Bible School at First Southern Baptist Church. Lunches and drinks will be furnished and recreation is planned. Transportation will also be furnished. Commencement exercises will be hold at the church Sunday evening at 8 o'clock when a program will be given and handwork exhibited. P. T. A. LUNCHEON At a recent potluck luncheon held in Jefferson Park, East High P. T. A. voted to buy two copies of the Servicemen's Book containing pictures and history of servicemen of Kern county, to be published by American Legion. These copies will be presented to the school library. Mrs. Johnston, a charter member visiting from "Waco, Texas, was welcomed by the group. Inter-Sorority to Sponsor July Event Report of Sigma Phi Gamma's patio party for USO May 31, and plans for Beta Sigma Phi's USO event oC June 28 occupied a part of the evening when Inter-Sorority Council niet recently at Hotel El Tejon. Miss Durman presided. The council will sponsor a picnic: July 31 at 6:30 p. m. at Jefferson park. All chapters arc pledged to participate In the house-to-house drive for the Fifth War Bond sale, and all will participate in the USO scrapbook project. ' ONTQOMERY WARD ANY CAN WAR AMAZING WASHA «« - +-• i • \ r i 'iv i-t t- f *- .T.'JtaB WALL PAINT £ V r .v !^>:i is ^ ' * VV fr • r - ^ • L l l iS;:--;.-;: 1 -•?:.-•••:•: t.'A'->v.-,-.'.- .'+:••-• '• <h x;->- •::..*" - * 1 ^ T L r ri H j ^4 4lri rllb r H'4Pl ,v:::: L .:/; : ;^:>:, :1 **«<-• W v \ -: - //* A • >/ IV-V.VA-.-:-. :•>:•.- t,'p',V.- r - •,' '---• '. .l:;-.v.::-,y. -.-.- -, fc>»\:-X<vXv:| J^^y;:^;:'^ .%'!•!*"• fc -.'-i 3>'*:-;>: ^.•^ fe:^:s-Sfttf:-:v1 iM»m;^ i V> ^^I^H .' •.'. -•.'_• -.".I - ', ,'- .-,:\'.:- v.Vl R:;:^wS::w: L* .:.•.•.>%•.:!'. VA*.-| •Kv:;: : :S:.i : : ,::^;^: ;: ?1 feiiiila 1 V •,'-*,'-' i'^- .-:vjx ' E-VH ••".'.*.'. p^n^flFv ^ jx¥>$x£ ill fe^i= k* ta s»™«?.i i:^ E-:-•;;':': :-:-,-.- kv. J::.; '.*•"* H J . P>_^ . ^ . i = sm^^ iP^**wy ^S : v->i : ; f A\ « J^^-X /\^ ^-^v\\ ? t\ f-^v • '• *•'* \ \ s\ \\ f^y^mm .m-'• .*. •?-K' ^| BSSsS I*!, "A*,w;jt't -o !S>:^y-\y.v-:i ii p.vr^i v^s-.'t'S'i-:' 1 1 P»'.'-. <?«.'] ..-.'. ,•.-.. .•*> »> j ,,-. .v,v.v.-X->.r] ?> .'.vA ."V-^». :KyK:^ n#m n»-« P >;;;:•:-K..-g j: :-.-:>'» ^ f/-'-'-"--"i ^^H [::''>:-?'.• >f sjii m M" idillifli W fe:;l ^ lii : • •* F 1 ^ ;-x-J^ «*•-•,*. % + '••• V • • F'I ' ^B:*-:::*,:^:: pf | M ^i tol &$ d m^ **. * •-; wv W^vK'-'> j-Jvv.y • '^3 *&&>* fe^^ 1 -^ v««k ^ . >> y>^>/->^ •*^U*. W A RI) ^ /^ r >./7. /, LrtfAV.** ^•r. . - ••vrl^ •;3P:^ ^*& V-: ;.'>• -'/ • ; :- *• ' : ' ;:.•>•%>,•::•.-:.W.^f'f'':;:::.>:;>^J5 : .:^ : • •:•. : ;, : . -.-'C-'V TBfc - v .".- . • .- • •-,'.- .\ff.-".*:-,-.- v. . • - ••••••; '•'•/•>::• ^'-- •••-•" *'-• ••--• •->.-•-;^--x--,"* >x • v. .>j - i '• - .'i.-- v.y^fci"-".^v v .' v.'-'..'.•.•:. .-X'',-,-. .-,•.,-. '.' .•: .-dm . *•.-•":v'^^mxi"^ x>:v-'>>X':':'j*'X':-\'/:->. :*:-xJjF ^im\'^^M^m&^ v:^-^,,. sintone dries in 40 minutes! WITHOUT "PAINT SMELL" One gallon covers the walls of an overage-size room I 1 ^IBb I • •-' J - m ff - , (79c Qt.) One coat covers almost any Interior surface... even wallpaper! You can be your own "expert decorator" with Resin- tone) You can paint quickly and easily, with brush Or roller applicator*. You can paint without fuss or mus* or "Wet Paint" signs. Resintone dries so fast and so odorlessly, you can paint a room in the morning, and be all moved back In a beautiful new room, that same after noon I Try one of Resintone's 11 lovely colors i;; on any room In your home. • *Roller Applicator ii 89c at Wards Rinses from handu yet on walls (after 1 wtek to set) It's washable. M ontgomery Ward Tw.nty-flfth and Chester "Wh«r« Parking l» Infer" Phena 7-7*71 El Tejon Unit to Mark Anniversary El Tojon Parlor NY>. 23J», Native Daughters of the Golden West, will celebrate its eighteenth birthday anniversary Friday evening in the tpa room of the Bakerstteld AVoman'ft Club, according to Mrs. Fred Alippi, president. In charge of refreshments for the evening will be the past presidents, "Well attended was the potluck supper held recently in Jastro Park by the parlor in conjunction with the Native Sons. The committee responsible for the success of the function includes Mrs. A. S. Sandrini, chairman; Mrs. Ivan Blalock. co-chairman; Mrs. W. G. Rea, Jr., and Mrs. Elmo Bestefanl. William Stine was chairman for the function, representing the Native Sons. Mr. and Mrs. Tlca were pleasantly -surprised with a beautifully decorated cake on their thirteenth wedding anniversary. Girls! Help Soften BLACKHEAD • Tips for Easy Removal RELIEVE Externally CcniMcf with mildly medicated CUTICURA SOAP&OINTMENT Jtofcerrfielb Calif orman Wednesday, June 14, 1944 5 LEWIS' NOW rtime Packag Contains Fresh /Meat! Lewis' Dog Food is not a dehydrated food, but Regular prewar canoed f< -improved. It comes fresh-cooked, moist and ready-to-serve — in 2Vi lb. refrigerated packages. Meat alone is not enough* Lewis' contains fresh meat PLUS all other necessary ingredients to keep your pet healthy and happy. No more skimpy, wartime rations. Surprise your pet with 1st, meaty Lewis' Dog Food — the complete diet. Buy lewis' off grocers today. Guaranteed qualify. MONTGOMERY WA Rug Cushion Value! WAFFL JUT Six* 9x12 ft, ', . ** For greater rug protection and walking comfort buy rug cushions for all your rugs. Take advantage now of this exciting value ;;; get longer wear from your harcMo-replace wool rugs. Jute top is needle punched ;;; waffle bottom gives firmer cushion. 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