Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 19, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1897
Page 23
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4 »*>) MANHOOD |The world admlm tfce prrtttt Hunt Hot ••uricc, dignity, or muscular development alone, kit that UMbtle and woradrrf ul force known u SEXUAL VITALITY irblchlithe glory of «B»niioo«—the pride of Moth old fcnd young,but tDere are thousand! of men tattering the mental tortures of a we»Ke * Hmnhood, (battered nervei, and OUJ •exiuU power who can be cured by our or wo win p»y tt. tt. jure uiiu UULCI uiiia *u» i.ii-jo« who wish to come here. If we /all to core, we fiav« no free prescriptions.,free cure or C.O.D. fake. "Wft kare$250.000capital und irnaraDice to cure every •we we treal or r<:f und cypry dollar yon pay n«, or lee may t/o deposited In any btnlt to bo paid ni when a core Is effected. TTrlto f jr fall partlcclKE, •TAT.K MKU1CA.L CO., Oiaalia, Sit*. i LODD POISOH A SPECIALTYoSr^, llary J$LOOi> i'OlSON pern...neat!y cured In 16 to35 days. You can bo treated ut jrimpicg, i;oppor (joioreu Spots, L/lcers on any part of the body. Hair or Eyebrows filling out, It Is this Secondary BLOOD POISON we guarantee to euro. Wo solicit the room obsti- bate cnses and challenge the world for a ease we ouniiot cure. This disease has al* ys baffled th« nkill of the most cmiiitMit physi- •lang. 11500,000 capital behind our unconditional euanmty. Absolute proofs sent sealed on •nnllcation. Address COOK KEMUDY CO., «S3Jfct»onio Temple, CHICAGO. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF Which I* the Better, Try and Expert- ment for Yourself or Profit by « Logansport Citizen's Experience. Something new Is an experiment. Must be proven to be as represemed. Be successful at bom^ or ;. ou doubt it. The statement of a manufacturer is not convincing proof of merit. But the endorsement of a friend IS. How? supposing you hal a t,ad tack, A lame, weal: or aching back. Would you e:rpeiimeruon it? | You will read of n:uny s-j-called cures. But they come from far away places. , It's different when the endcr.ement comes j from nome. Easy to prove that it is so. ! Hume (indorsement is the proof that backs ^ every box of D.ian'fc Kiiney Pills i Koud this case. | Mr. Jerry C'ewell 1921 Broadway, Stationary i Engineer in ihe ^-unbundle K K. shops says:! "I am satisfied tbat Doun's Kidney Pills are a HOUSEHOLD TOPICS. AN IDEAL KITCHEN. It Should B« M Beautiful a* Any Koom In the Uoase. To a woman who was gazing open- eyed and wrapt in admiration at his last creation —an ideal kitchen—a household decorator said: "Consistency is the secret of artistic furnishing. This room in its way is quite as beautiful as any room in the house, and perfectly adapted in every detail to the use to which it will be put. It is well ventilated, as you see by the row of little windows up there near the ceiling, and the most esthetic of cooks can scarcely complain of its lack of | prettiness." And he waved a proud | hand in a. sweeping circle which took | in the whole room. It was undeniably charming, and would have fired any woman with an ambition to do up preserves, make BRONCOS FOR CAVALRY USE. An Expert to Demonstrate Tli«Jj- Fltnew for That Service. The Secretary of Agriculture hopes to develop a plan for supplying horses for use in European armies, and is said to be considering the feasibility of sending abroad an expert to investigate the needs of the cavalry of Europe, with a view to meeting this need by American-bred horses. Two cowboys rode in Sioux City the other day from Sheridan, "Wyo., a distance said to be about 2,000 miles. They rode all the way upon their bron- chos for the purpose of letting the Secretary of Agriculture know the j powers of endurance of those little beasts. The speed attained was about 20 miles a day, but that was not so remarkable as the fact that no feed was carried or obtained for them dur- GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER • - tarts or bake toothsome cakes, just for good remedy for tbe kMneys. I had been sub-. ^ ^^ Q{ working jn such a delight- FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing »elief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose CW. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. EXCURSIONS To Indianapoli Nov. 14, 16 and 18, via Pennsylvania Lines. HOT I. 0, O. F. Btate;Meetings (Grand Eu- •aaipment, NOT 16th—Grand Lodge, Ncv.lTth aid 18tb), low rate excursion tickets nIll be •Bid to Indianapolis, November 15th and 16th Irom ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines in Bmdiana, and November 17th from stations not exceeding 100 miles from Indianapolis Return tickets valid Frlcay, November IBth. Tralnr Run by Centr&l Tinr.f AN FOLLOWS -. • Dull;, t Dailr. ««o*5t S.uxllf. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chicago^ :15 tt m;*5:80 a m;*l :23 p m •2:00pm; «4:SOp m. Arrive from Chicago*1:00 a m;*12:80 p m,*l:00 p ro: *1:40 p m: *S:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Le»-?e for Bradford'1:15 a m;-r7:40am; *1:45 p m* t4:30 p m. Arrive from Bradford *S:OOam; tlO:20 am: •1:20 pm; t4:15pm. FJTFNER DIV1E.ION. Le*T6 fprKffner t8:00 a m: WW a m- t2:M p m 5 p m Sunday only. Arrive trom Kffner <7:88 am; +1:03 pro: -12:45 p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond +1:20 a m; t& :SO a m: «1:10 p m; t2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:66»m: «l:00am *l:50pm:tll:20pm. IXDIANAPOHS AND LOUISVHjIjB, IjMve for Louisville «12:55 a m; *1:05 p m. Arrive from Louisville *8:06a m; *l:5op m, J. A. MOCULLOTJGH, Agent, Logansport. Ind. LOGAN8POKT HO t I t M Jt . BOUKD. Fastern Express d»ily .................. S:3S a m Mail «nd Express daily ............... 9:4S • m Atlantic Express dally .................. 4:1S p m Fort Wayne A oco Ex Sunday.,.. 8:M p m Local Freight K.\ Sunday .......... 4:1S p tu WIST BOUND. t Weswrn Express dally ......... ------ 10:24 p m I Kast Mail Dally ............................. *:1S p m 1 Mail and Kxpressdailr .................. 2:40 p m I Pacific Express dally ..................... H:S3 a m • Decatur AccoEx-Sundav ...... . ..... 7:S5 a m • Local Freight Ex-Sunday....,,- ...... 7:lb a m .BL mrriB DITIIIO*, wieTtio*. aiiwf«x LOOAHITOIII AXD OHTLI. W>BT lOrjUD. S o |6_ ........ ^.—Arrives.....— ....... _ 8:80 a. & 0.87 — .......... --- Arrives ------ .......... S:80 p. r, •AST BOUHK. MO. M --------------- Leave*. .......... ---- »:06 a. n HO.M ...... _______ Leares ................. »:« p. » VANDALIA LINE Time Table, In effect Sept. JS, 1897. .Leave l«cmMsi]>«rt, FOR THE NORTH a __ . ................. _ ...... - -- 10:38 a. m. .« ........ „ ........ „ ....... -- ..... ------- S:3C p. m, FOR THE SOUTH. He. M ............................................. • Mo. J ............ - ........ - .................... *:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains and stations, and for full Information al to ntM, through oars, etc., addr«M J. a XDOIWORTH. agent, Logacsport, or • 4. FORD. General Passenger Agent. At. Louis. Mo. EL. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Solid trains between Peorit and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connection* to and from all points In the fjnited Itatm and Canada. SOUTH BOCWU DBPABT U:* am No S3 Ho U Indianapolis Kip daily 7:10 a m Wn » " Mail A Km-Jl :33 a m MH1 4 Krp-ll:33 a m (daily except Sunday) No v Indpl's Ezp ex Hun. .- 3 -.26 p m »:!• » m No M Paatenger exeept Son No 151 KOCh««t»r local arriT» :« * m except Sunday. MOKTB BOUIID. rto»Mail*Kx»Kx8uu. ~M:llaia » top Bx No UO Aroom except Bun... f :« • a Do*« n«t mm »ortfccr % P»ru on Sunday. ticket ntM andj*neral infonaatioo call J. BatUMr, ttoiel as*-t, L. •. * w m y back allied as severely an ever. If 1 sat di.iva for iiwhiic I could Qiirdly set up avaln on uccount of sharp pains darti kidneys itl attempted to do BO. my kidneys us there secretions particularly sediroent. an 1 read about Doan's : from Ktdaef Pills s drug store. pipes, of nickel finish, were exposed. There was a, settle on one side of the fire (which had a. hood and high kldce,s 'fh'aven'ot'sinoe been troubled with : mantel), and the plate cupboards were tho wrriole backaches 1 u 8 ed to have, and tbe sunk into the walls and furnished with o Lr"regularities have been corrected, lam sliding doors. The tables nad mar- eatisned that if a person having kidney com- -: ble tops, and the saucepans, skillets plaint will give Joan's Kidney PI1W a trial j etc.. which were hung all around he {hey will certainly flud relief, l endorse them | walls, were of shining copper. In the a* a fine remedy." d^p windows a touch of coquetry will Doan'e Kidney Pills are for sale by al! doubtless be added by the prospective dealers price See per box. Sent by mail on mistress of this dainty domain m the - ------ Ehape of boxes of prim geraniums, hardy sweet peas or clambering nasturtiums. Floor That Makeii the Best Bread. The soft, fine white flour will not give as large an amount of muscle, bone or nerve-making food as the whole wheat flour, which constitutes in itself a complete life-sustainer. In selecting flour choose that which is •ark in color and free from bran. The best bread flours in the market are of a yellowish-white tinge, rather granulated, and do not easily pack. They make a strong and elastic dough. Though not whole wheat flours they are decidedly the best of the white brands. After selecting the flour the next important thing is to have a good, stron.T, "sweet and pure yeast. The compressed cakes are good and convenient, and will do the work much more quickly than ten times the amount of. home-made or baker's yeast. When setting- bread to rise stand your bread- pan in another of warm water; cover the tv;o so that the moisture will pass over the top of the dough at an even temperature of seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.—Mrs. S. T. Rorer in Ladies' Home Journal. Fur the Gueat Koom. It is often necessary to furnish a guest room with as little expense as possible, and perhaps this is the reason \vhy it souiStirr.es boasts so con- glon-.e:v"ie a cullcciion of home-made furniture. Thin, too, being used less thaa the ochtir rooms, one naturally phi;.;? there the trifles not intended for uj.i'.y wear and tear. A work basket is one of the dainty aptiiircan^ncea of a guest room that go far toward making' a guest feel at home, and you can make one, costing from 25 tents to Si, that will not only be pretty but will fulfill its mission as well as one costing ten times that sum. annojin* at ful place. The floor was of small octagonal tiles of dull red and while. The white were much smaller than the red, and served as little links to join the . h mv . others together. The walls from the 1 kn wit was ! floor to a height of five feet were of : oak wainscotting. Above that was a ! frieze of blue and white porcelain tiles. secretions partlcu arly annojn* a ,«r. porcelain, and the They were uoatura in color and oontMned. nl , ke l finish, were ex- . receipt of price ny Foster-Milburn Co.,Buffalo. W. y., sole agents lor the U. S. Remember the name Doan's and take no jther. How to Make Cofle*. "First buy the best coffee and then—p»> plenty m."-01d Saying To htivis your coffee strong and good Some things must first be understood. For if you slight one single rale, Neglect the pot or make too full. Oum to stir it when yon onght Or use Ihe coffee cheaply bought, Then be quite sure you'll not succeed. Who as he runs may often read. Hot water now. One cnp allow To each and >ev'ry drinker. And still one more Completes the score For e'en a tariff tinker. Cleanse well yonr pot With water hut. Then use the coffee which is best. For enc-h n spoon. Ni^'ht, morn or noon. Ten minnttw' boil will do the rest. Br.t if, O iu»n, the strength be not. Add still a spoon for coffeepot. —Good Housekeeping. Her Awfnl Dream. A little maid of tender years Bad such nn nwt'til dream I Shu came to me almost in tears. "1 ju.st wad going to scream "When both my eyes came open wide, And. oh. 1 was so glad To lind it was a dream," she cried, '•• Because it was so badl" "What could it be. poor child?" 1 said. "\Veru yon pursued by bears? Perhaps yunr dolly broke her head? Or did you fall down stairs?" "Oh, dcarl It's most too bad to tell! Yuu know in school our class Are havin ''/.animations. Well. 1 dreamed 1 didn't passl" —Elizabeth K. Burns in Primary Education. HANNA'S LOST PRESTIGE. The Result In Ohio Shows trie Waning: of His Power iw a Political Boss. One of the results of tho Ohio election is embodied in tho statement that Banna has lost bis prestige as a manager. It is recited against Hanna that he had everything on his side. By everything is meant, of course, all the infln euces and aids that a supreme boss can command. administration, including the personal services of tho president. He had the *°Wed square, aid of the governmental departments, including a special pension bureau to arouse the enthusiasm of the old soldiers. He had unlimited frmd. llciioviitini; Swaii's-Down. When swan's-down becomes soiled it can be washed in the following way: Baste the strips on a piece of muslin and wash in warm water with white castile soap; then rinse and hang in the wind to dry. Rip the pieces from the muslin and rub them carefully between the fingers to soften the skin. Bud Form to Fold Napkin**. mis iiiai, ii siL^t^^ ^.== ~.." It is no lunger considered good form He had the influence of the ' to fold table-napkins in odd shapes - ' and designs. They should be simply Silver Knife for Mushrooms. In cutting mushrooms, a silver knife j should always be used. A steel knife One thing: Hanna did not have—he did not have the confidence and esteem of the people. But Hauna does not count upon these factors in politics. The people are mere pawns in his political game, to bo slnllfnlly manipulated to the advantage of the player. They are to be bought, bulldozed or bamboozled as circumstances may require. They are to be utilized as troublesome but necessary elements for the welfare of those who run politics. Hanna, therefore, had everything that counts in the Hanna theory of politics, and he made a dismal failure. The theory did not work out as Hanna espected, and his supposed skill, the skill which availed so much before the countrv became fully acquainted with his objects and methods, proved ineffective. But in the waning of Hanna's prestige and the weakening of his power as a political boss Democrats—as party men, not as citizens—have cause for regret. Haima was a powerful although unconscious ageut. of Democracy. No other man has carried business politics to such, a logical extreme. Ko other man has so adequately illustrated the hoggishness of organized greed in control of governmental power. In short, no other man has thrown on the canvas of American politics in such boldness of ondine the ugly picture of triumphant plutocracy. Boss Hanna has done more to impress upon the American people the perilous potency of organized greed in politics than all the bosses that have preceded him. He has the full oanrage of his vicionsness. A few years more of Hanna •would •wipe the Republican party oat of exist- woe.~St Louis Post-Dispatch, \ 3x-!S«nator W. A. Peffer has sold kSi. paper. Th» Advocate, to Colon»J T. W. tx-noayor of Topek*. should never touch these delicate and delicious iungi. Don't Skimp for Company. Every housewife should, have suffi- eient canned fruit put up that it need not all be savc-d for "company." THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW. That an oily complexion may be greii'ly improved by careful diet, lean meats! green vegetables properly cooked, and an abundance of fruits being great beautifiers. That machine oil may be removed from wash fabrics by first covering with butter, then with soda and afterward washing out in borax water. That grease spots on wall paper may be removed by rubbing gently with a loaf of soft bread from which the crust has been removed. That a child should be taught to pronounce each word distinctly and shcu-d be gently corrected when mistakes are made._ That every husband should deposit in a bank monthly a sufficient amount of money for housekeeping expenses, and teach his wife the proper use of a checkbook. That bruises may be taken out of furniture if the part is first wet with warm water, a piece of brown paper doubled five or six times, then soaked and laid on the bruise. Apply over the paper a hot flatiron until the moisture is evaporated. If necessary repeat the operation. That looking glBSM* may be cleaned in the following manner: Take a sponge, wash it wall in clean -water and iqueei* it as dry as possible; dip it in wme aplriU «f wine or wood alcohol and rub orer the glass; then kara some powd»r«d glue tied up in a fcae, dust it orttr tk« glass and rub It an* lightly with a soft cloth, » lUk AMdkerchief. ETHING 0»*B52»&&fl blafel I^i.'ve packet-'? of "lit? world's best cl( f'u- .i !-.ii:ii'-':. sti'.l -zn-aKnvunomy in 4-poiiDJ p;u k:v-v. Ali ^ruivi-s. X'.u'.r ^niy by THE X. K. FA1BBAXK COMPANY, Chlm'-i- -• '••••- >-.••%• v.i-1;. Boston, Philadelphia. A BROXCO CATALETMAX. ing the entire trip. The bronchos. picked their own fodder where they could find it along the way, and at the end of the trip they appeared as fresh as when they started. The secretary's idea is to demonstrate the advantage j the American broncho would be to European cavalry. It is doubtful, how- i ever, if the military people in Europe j will take kindly to the bucking bron- ' cho of the west. They are very fond of large and showy horses in the cavalry across the water. The idea of the cavalry there seems to be force, both in the men and the beasts. It is the sword arm of the service, while with us it has become largely a collection of mounted carbiners. The proud cavalrymen of the German and French armies would never consent to bestride the shaggy and lean little bronchos which are found so efficient on our western plains. Price Reduced for Cauie. J. E. Glass likes nothing better than telling a good story, and one that he told me the other day will bear repeating. Matt Clark, who used to be in the office of the land conirnUs'.or.er, over in the capitol building, and has for years been identified with pine and land matters, lives out on Summit avenue, in St. Paul. He has a little son five or six years old, who, despite his youth, displays a markc.1 aptness for business. Desiring to earn a little money with which to buy fireworks for the Fourth he persuaded his mother to allow him to run a small lemonade stand on the street in front o£ the house. A lady came along soon of'.er he had started in business and asked for a glass of lemonade. He told her that the lemonade in one pail was live cents a glass and that in the other pail two cents per glass. "Why do you charge only two cents for this lemonade, while you charge five cents for the other?" asked the lady. "Isn't it just as good?" "Yes; it's just as good in either pail," replied the boy. "All right," said the lady, "give me some of the two-cent lemonade, if that, is the case." After she had drank the glassful and paid for it, she said: "Now, Johnnie, I want you to tell me why you only charge two cents for this lemonade, when it is just as good as the other?" "Well, you see, it's just this way," replied Johnnie. "This here lemonade that I charge five cents for was made just the same as that in the other pail that only costs two cents, but Bobby Jones' little bull pup fell in that pail, and so I am selling it three cents cheaper!"—Mississippi Valley Lumberman. Ho\v Huinboldt .Slept. How many hours' sleep does a man want? Prof. Max Muller records an interesting - statement oJ Alexander von Humboldt on this subject. "As I get old," he said, "1 want more sleep, four hours at least. When I was young," he continued, "two hours of sleep were quite enough for me." Prof. Max Muller ventured to express doubts, apologizing for differing from him on any physiological fact. "It is quite a mistake," he said, "though it is very widely spread, that we want seven or eight hours of sleep. When I was of your age, I simply lay down on the sofa, turned down my lamp, and after two hours' sleep I was as fresh as ever." If Humbcldt was speaking serious'.y and the habits he described were continued for long periods, the experience is certainly remarkable, for he did an immense amount of work and lived to be S9. It may almost be said that he lived to be 178, for he certainly lived at least twice as many waking hours as most of mankind. Advertising Enterprise. The palm for enterprise in advertising will, without a. doubt, be conceded to belong to a Dutch company, which has made a contract with a well known European actor, Francois Rivoli, that compels him every evening, wherever he may be, to include in his own repertoire a representation of the head of the firm who is to be mimicked exactly by the actor. In exchange for this service the firm supplies the necessary scenery and pays the acior a. yearly incojn-e of 1.2CJ Dutch gulden. A Forgotten Letter Mailed. A Virginia man the other day mailed a letter which was given Kim in 1S65 to mail, when he was a prisoner at Point Lookout. In looking over some papers he found the letter mid •wrote to the Sheriff of Ansoa cwnnty to know if the man to whoao it wai addressed was alive. The Sheriff replied yes, and strang* to relate, wa« in his office when the letter of Inquiry «ame. The letter was wit In th« original eaT»l»pe. WOLCOTT ON THE ISSUES, He Is Apparently Trying to Get Into Lin* For Ke-«lection. Senator Wolcott- will not discuss bis mission abroad, but is outspoken on the recent elections. "So far as the elections in the United States are concerned," he said to a newspaper interviewer, "I can only say that their results are what I expected. The result in t New York is particularly gratifying, although in the local issues there was no declaration for free coinage or any in- dorsement of the Chicago platform. The overwhelming plurality given Van Wyck shows that the principles upon which the Democratic party stood a year ago are gaining ground. Long before this silver question can be put to another national test I am confident the people -will have awakened to the benefit -which they will gain from a change in. the present financial policy.'' These are strange admissions to come from Senator Wolcott. "The overwhelming plurality given to Van Wyck Bhows that the principles upon which the Democratic party stood a year ago are gaining ground," says he. Evidently the senator is trying to get in line for re-election. His candidate for supreme court judge was snowed under in Colorado by a Popocrat, and this has frightened the once haughty and unyielding exponent of Hannaism in the Centennial State. But it is more than probable that his conversion to Popocracy has come too late to save his political mutton. The Coloradans have abundant material out of which to make a senator exactly to their liking, and the young statesman's plea for another trial will fall on deaf ears when the time for his re-election comes. Nevertheless, if he is really converted from the error of his ways he is to be congratulated, though he is doomed to occupy the mourner's bench for a period irksome to his ambition.—St. Louis Republic. Ohio Politic*. It is -well understood that many federal appointments for Ohio were held back, pending the campaign lately closed. Some of them will rio doubt soon be announced, iu pursuance of promises made in the interest of Mr. Hauna's election to the senate. How many will be held back still further to assist Mr. Hanna iu the difficulties he seems to be about to encounter in the legislature? A telegram from Baulefcrd, X. W. T.. announces a sc-vere storm and temperature below zi;r,o some 20 degrees. Hard to Locate. While the Republicans are talking ibout indorsements of the administration will they point to a Republican state that increased its majority or a state that went for Bryan last year that was carried by the Republican party this year? We are willing to give the administration credit for any indorse- ment that it has received, but have not yet been able to locate one. ia Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every "Wednesdav and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, ruining through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, ria this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address C.G.NewEll.Agb. WABASHR.R, LotransporU Ind. All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the t Wabash Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of ti>» Graa Tnml: fiafliray between Detroit and' Suspension Bridg* and those of the Kri* H. H, from Suspension Bridge to Buflmlo, the Wabaih E K will run its own trains irom'Ksnus City Omaha, Des Mqine«, St- Lonis, Quincy, Hannibal. Keoknk and CnieafQlto BuffaJo, being the only road fr»ic Missouri and MJ«a1s«ippi Bi»er points having its cnrn line and trains runnm* into Buffalo. Through oars from KaniaiCtty, Bt. Louis and Chicago to Buffalo wtttoet change The Central Passenger Association 100U Mile Interchange, able Rebate Ticket IB for Bale at prlucipal Ticket Offloet o The Pennsylvania Lines. It IB honored f.ne year from date of sale, lor Exchange 'I IckttB over either of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern llllnoU, Chicago &; Wesc Michigan, Cincinnati & Musklngum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marie-.ea, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & Bt L Cleveland, Loraln & Wheeling-, Cleveland Termin-il & Valley, Columbus, HocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandusky & Hocklnjr. Detroit;& Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Bapidg & western, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Ktiaburg, Evansvllle & Indianapolis, Evnsyilie & Terre Haute. Kindlay. Fort Wayne & Western, Flint & Pore Marquette, Grand Hapi^B it Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nafliville, Between Louisville & Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvansvllle Louisvll.e, Evaneville & 8t Louis, Louisville, Henderson & St Louis, Michigan Central. New Yoik, Chicago i Bt Louis. Ohio Central Lines, Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittaburg, Peoria, Decatur & Kvansville, Pittsburg & Lake EriP, Pittsbarir & Western, Pitteburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louie ft Kansas Citj Vandalia Line. Wabash Railroad, Zanesville & Ohio river. The price of th< se tieket* are Thirty Dollar* eacb They are not transferable :f the ticket is used in itsentlretj and exclusively by the original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollars U paid by the Commissioner of the Central PM- senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pittgburg, Pa Sept 30, U9B7 ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agent* of tbe Pencaylvanlft Uner •will furnish Information regarding Hone- Seekers' Excursions to various point* In th» Northwest, Weft. Southwest and South. I* will pay to inveotigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. flJehard»on District Passenger A*ent IndlanapolJsjDd Home Excursion.. . FOR November and December '97 --THR-- k»Te authorized reduced rates to many points in tbe "West, South tnd Southwest. Tickets will be «old NoTemUr, tnd and 16th, December 7th »nd 31st. For particulars, call on or »ddre«i d G. Newd Apt ; Loftnsport, Ind. <

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