Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 12
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fwelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Misrepresentation Grounds For Annulment of Marriage Dear Ann: My life is such a mess it would take a book to tell you everything, but I'll try to make it brief. Five years ago I married a man who said he loved me madly. One day his mother was showing me the family album and we ran across a picture of my husband with a small boy on his lap. His mother hurriedly turned the page and. I knew something was wrong. She finally told me he'd been married and had three children. I took him aside when he came from work and he told me everything. He had four wives before me. I was Number 5. I decided to make the best of the situation. Everything was all right for about three months. Then he bought a business and asked me to help run it. I wound up doing all the work while he slept all morning took two hours for lunch and disappeared at 5:00. The trouble really began when he hired a young stenographer and started to spend two hours a day with her in a private office, with the door locked. When I told him the employees were gossiping he got mad and hit me. He's traded cars five times in the last year and doesn't pay any attention to the business just the stenographer. What shall I do? I'm not a jealous wife, just a disgusted one.—MAMIE See a lawyer about an annulment. This man misrepresented himself. From your report, he sounds like a four-door hee! and if you can't get an annulment, get very separated indeed. If he's interested in growing up had no right to stab you with her umbrella even though she thought you deserved to be told off. O.K., so levis are supposed to be worn low and beffiess. That doesn't mean I have to like 'em, does it? I don't wear high button shoes, fellas, but. I prefer pants that will at least meet a guy half way. * « * Dear Ann: Mr. M. W. W. wrote a sarcastic, biased letter in reply to mine which I signed "Three- o f Time Loser". Those initials were! Will Rule on Girard Case WASHINGTON (UP)— Federal Judge Joseph C. McGarraghy was expected to hand down a ruling this week on whether Army Specialist 3C William S. Girard should -be returned to the United phony, and so was the guy. He was my third failure. No one can go through a di rorce without some battle scars. What my unsuccessful marriages cost me in terms of finances I'd have a hard time estimating, but I didn't come out winners in any case. What it cost me emotionally would be too great to calculate. Mr. "M. W. W." says he was "slightly alcoholic". Apparently he doesn't read your column closely. Once you wrote "a person cannot be slightly alcoholic ... or slightly dead, or slightly pregnant." Believe me there was nothing slight about my ex's alcoholism. As for me, I am taking your advice seriously. Guess I was feeling overly sorry for myself and looking in the wrong places for happiness'. Now that I'm no longer 'looking" I am finding it. Thanks for Ihe help.—THREE-TIME LOSER. Girard is accused of killing a Japanese woman while guarding a military firing range near Tokyo. The woman, Mrs 7 . Naka Sakai, 47, was struck by an empty cartridge shell fired from a grenard launcher attached to Girard's rifle. The case has created an interna- :ional furor witih the Japanese ;overnment demanding the 21- year-old GI be turned over to them or trial. A group of American lawyers, leaded by Earl J, Carroll ot New York, is fighting to keep Girard under U.S. military jurisdiction. They have filed a petition for a ivrit of habeas corpus in District Court here seeking his return to he United States. The attorneys contend that a constitutional issue is at stake and hat Girard would be deprived oE his constitutional rights -as an American if he were handed over o a Japanese court. and making a go of the marriage tell him to get professional help and to call you up in about two years. * * .* Dear Ann: You printed a letler from a girl who complained about the boys wearing Iheir levis low. Now will you please prinl the other side? This will show you how mils some people are on the subject. A bunch of us guys were stand- Ing on the corner minding our own business when some old lady walked up and hooked her umbrella in my huddle's back pockel ant yanked his !evis half-way off. Then she gave us a five minute lecture on "ffoodlums and how they <lress." This old dame was lucky we're perfect gentlemen or we might have pasted her one. She wa.< wearing high-button shoes, anil here she gives US a lecture on how to dress. Why don't people realize thai (J.) Levis are supposed to be worn without a belt (2.) Levis arc supposed to be worn low on the hips (3.) Leyis look better worn low and bcltless.—LISVI LARRY AND THE BOYS. P.S. We love' you Anny, what do you say? This raises the old question of how low is low. I agree Grandma Patchwork Pothofders 'Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this news- j paper and enclose a stamped, self" addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Here is an ideal way to use. scraps of left-over fabrics, and at the- same time perk-up tlie kitchen wild a set »f colorful potlioldcrs, They're so easy and inexpensive to make—wonderful for shower gift or bazaar donation. t'attorn No. 54113 contains pattern pieces for 4 designs; diagrams and full instructions for sewing and finishing. Kond 25c in COINS, your name, address and Die PATTEUN NUM- BKH to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Trilnme, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 8, Illinois. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM—fifty-six colorful panes showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items und a quilt. Only 25c, a copy! ROXY Now 2 Feature! 35c Til 6 Sew Daughter a Duplicate 3-8 Y"- Copy-cat fashions are so lovely for mother and daiighliir. No. «t<ll Is In sizes 10, 12, U. HI, 111, 20. Size 12, HO bust, fl'/i yards of 30-inch; ] /i yurd contrast. No. (1142 is in sixes 3, 4, 5, (i, 7, « yoar.s. Siae 4, 2% yards of 30- inch; 'A yard contrast. Two pal- terns. For these patterns, send Iii>c for EACH, in COINS, your n.ime, address, sixes desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago (i, Illinois. Don't miss the latest issue of our fascinating pattern magazine lia- »lc KASIHON. The Spring & Summer '57 issue is filled with smart, new designs for all siV.es; special features; gift pattern printed inside the book, 2!i cents. Read the Classified Adc Open 1 p. m. — SOe 'Til 6 Hold Ovor Thru Wednesday Added Fun Wed. Night JACK as T/SCT. JIM MOORE, US. Marines. Shaw Hani Al Duilt Gal«s Opvn Half Hour Earll«r ' WEDNESDAY "MANPISH" (color— flrit run) John Bromff«ld-~lon Chan*y THURSDAY-FRIDAY "HUN FOR THE SUN" (Color—Flril Run) Richard Wldmarti-Jan. Or.«r Escaped TrusHes Quickly Recaptured PENDLETON, Ind. (UP)—Two •rustics who walked away from he Indiana State Reformatory jarly today were back inside the nstilution's wall's only a few hours ater. State police picked up Thomas . SLilos, 23, Martinsville, and James Earl Perry, 24, Indianapo- is, two hours after they made heir escape. The convicts were arrested in a stolen car after a short chase on Ind. 100 in Manion County. The men stole the red and white car from the, reformatory parking ot. It belonged to a guard. State police said they gave up without Stiles was convicted on a charge f second-degree burglary in Morgan County. Perry was involved in an Indianapolis robbery-slaying in 195).. Josephine Lowmon Life Cannot Be Vital If We Measure It in Years 11 is possible /or one pcrsim to be Jen years younger physically .ban another of the same age. I do not see how life can be vital and exciting if we measure it in years. Those who are busy and that we are younger than we are but a question of' forgetting age and planning our lives and activi- happy seldom think of their age'lies according to our interests and unless it is called to their attention. Unfortunately there te usually someone to say, "At our age," etc. You know, I cannot remember ever having heard that phrase used wioh a happy connotation. | Did you ever hear a woman say, "Isn't it wonderful U) be our age? I am having '.he lime ol my life Court Notes Walter Landis, defendant in a possession suit, filed May 111 in the Vass circuit court )>y his brother, Charles M. Landis, obtained a restraining order against the plain- iff Monday. His petition for the restraining order slates that he posted $1,500 Kind pending the outcome of the suit but that his brother has taken wsscssion of the real estate, plow- ng under 12 acres of i-yc that was almost ready for harvest and urning cattle into 32 acres of hay. 'I'lie plaintiff was ordered to appear July 2 at 1ft a.m. in court to show cause why the restraining irdor should not bu made permanent. DEER HURTS DRIVK11 TiI,i;pFTON (DP) — .John T. luftnur, 2!), Korl Wuyne, w;is .rcaled for cuts sustained when n Jeer leaped into the windshield ot automobile on Ind. 3. The deer died of its injuries. Buck Nite! Lt^DUP -OUGW FDD AH OF FUN! %3& TODAY and WED. 2 firtl Run Feafures Plus Tom & Jerry Cartoon "Just say you love me.... you don't have to _ meanrtr Rtrty [ION mmt AND Plan now to attend Fr!., June 21, "Double Horror At Mid-. nite Show" "Zombies Of Mora Tau" AND "The Man Who Turned To Stone." 1st Time In Town. Buy Your Tickers Now I likes rather than the nurrjbor ol years we have lived. age" is unsound anyway, because it is actually possible for one person to be 10 or more years younger physically than another of the same age, depending on the original inheritance and the care Uiey have given themselves. Bank Account Basis Of SuiHor $10,000 Helen Ege, administratrix of the estale of the late Willis Ege, filed suit Monday in the Cass circuit court against The National Bank of Logansport, Margaret WMtaker and Rudolph Ege. At the time Ege opened his account March 13, 1937, the notation was made that in case of his death the money in his account should be evenly divided between Rudolph Ege, his son, and Mrs. Burke Whitaker, his daughter. At the time of his death last April 17 there was $10,000 in the account but the bank has refused to turn over the money to the ad- ministratrix because of the request by the deceased that it be divided between the son and daughter. The administratrix asks the court to order the bank to turn the money over to her. Tom Hirschauer is her attorney. Attempt to Burn Union Headquarters ALTON, 111. <UP)_An apparent attempt to set a fire to die local headquarters of the Teamsters Union failed today. The burned out fuse leading to a gallon jug of gasoline did nol ignite. Fire Chief James Lewis, who said the fuse w.as a lype used blasting, termed the failure "an act of God." Discovery of the gasoline and fuse was made early today by Local President Marshall McDuffee, who smelled smoke when he opened the door. The union was split recently in a factional dispute. An election Jast week returned William Doty to office by a slim margin over organizer Kenneth Herron. Tuesday Evening, June 18, 1957. Cass Mental Health Society to Meet doing things I never had timej So, if on some dim day your ago for before;" or, "You know how I .catches up with you temporarily "just relax until the mood posses, .and in the meantime don't stand in someone else's light with a dreary "At our age." The regular monthly meeting of the Cass county Mental Health „,, , , .... , . , „ , i association will be held at 7:3(1 The whole attitude of 'at our! 0 , dock Wedncsday evejling Bt Ule > is lin"4nll.nri nnvwnv tinpnimn T , , , , ., . , Logansport slate hospital administration buikling, acording lo the Kev. Kenneth Brady, president. Slides ot the volunteer service program ut Longcliff will be shown by Eugene Darby, director of ,-ictivKy therapies at the hospital. love my children, and o[ course I miss them, but I feel downright, giddy it's so much fun to be able to get into a car or in a plane or train and go for a trip, on a moment's notice, sine* I no longer have to plan for thoir care during my absence." Marvelous Did you ever hear a woman say; "fsn'l it marvelous to be our age? Our values arc all straightened out and we' live with more taste and understanding and We know whul wo want. We have more time to be merry because we have dropped most of the silly worries which used to haunt us;" or—"Being our age is gnuiU I have so much more energy since the menopuii.se," Usually "At our age" is brought forth in connection with something like creaking joints, fallen arches, a protruding abdomen or the idea that it is inappropriate to do something we enjoy doing, like dunce the Calypso for instance. Furiful Axe M is not a matter of pretending Tomorrow: "Losing Excess Pounds Gradually is Best Bel." (•Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1057) RIFLE PRACTICE Police received a complaint of i rifle shooting in the 1)00 block of I West Wabnsli avenue during the weekend. Residents said the shooting appeared to originate from an upstairs window in one of the houses. BUTTERFLY CAUSES WRECK GOSH EN (UP) — Mte Ruth Christophcl, 39, Foraker, swatted at a butterfly which Hinted into the automobile she was driving. She lost control. The car turned over in a ditch. SJie and n passenger wore treated at a hospital. More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Hunt In IL riltiiiHiLni; way en ovorcomu IOOHO pliilo (llHtiUUifort. PASTKIiTri!, mi Improved powder, aprlukiuii on | iippnr and lowiu* plriloti lioltlh Uiom fJrmur HO Urn!, they foul mom coni- forLiitolu. Mo Kiimmy, Kuoiiy, purity LiiHto ur ft'iijinic. U'H tilkiillim nion- itnifl), DOBH not Hour, OJinckw ' iiluf,e ouor" (UonLui'o brniuh), Clot I''AH- TJUISTH today at any drug coimlur. Thelnstarrtlaste" feflone! 5SJSlnstant Folgers Coffee. G. E. 20-IN. WINDOW FANS (3 SPEED) $29.95 MOW- ALSO A LARGE VARIETY OF OTHER FANS FROM $8.95 BIG 50% SAVINGS ON TISSUE AND WOVEN GINGHAMS $1.00 / YARDS FOR -REGULAR 98c to $1.19 lust in time for mid-summer sewing New materials arriving daily at BARBER'S. This offer for a limited time only. WE ALSO HAVE NYLON VOILES IN SOLID COLORS NYLON EYELET IN PASTEL COLORS DOTTED SWISS WITH WOVEN DOTS AND PERMANENT FINISH BARBER SEWING SUPPLIES 318 Bast Broadway Phon* 4454 Doubt Russians Planning To Corner Stock Market NEW YORK (UP)—Top financial | proposition, too. Russia would ha™ to acquire at least 10 per cent of a company's outstanding shares before it could even hope to Influ- experts here said today it is "too far-fetched" to believe the Russians couW ever acquire enough „„.„ tvvll 1<UH< . vu mlm . stock to influence American bigience corporate policy, experts business. \ said. However, they agreed that while I A 10 per cent interest in General small companies face such a dan-| Motors Corp., at present market prices, would cost more than $1,200,000,000. The same size block in Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) would run in the neighborhood "of 31,300,000,000. It would cost around $900 million (o get a chunk of Du Pont that, size and around $400 million for U.S. Steel Corp. At a cost of $30 million each the Russians might be able to get a 10 per cent interest in Boeing Airplane and Douglas Aircraft, two of ger, there is no concrete evidence that the Russians have been active in the stock market. The Senate Internal Security subcommittee has been looking into the potential Communist penetration o[ American industry through intermediaries in Switzerland and oilier European countries. Dr. Gabriel C. Kerekes, a nfem- ber x>f the Babson Institute faculty . at Wellesiey, Mass., told the sub- ; " le nation's leading aircraft com- commitlce last week that the Rus-1 Panics. sians have perfected the Nazi tech-1 Under present margin require- nique of infiltrating foreign economies and that medium-sized U.S. firms may be in "very, very great danger." Biff Boys Safe- Most experts agreed that the smaller the firm the greater the potential danger of its being taken over 'through surreptitious stock purchases. However, they added, when it comes U> the giants of industry the story is different. ments, established by the Federal Reserve Board, anybody buying stoci; must put up 70 per cent ol the total cost in cold, hard cash. Jn this country that means dollars. Even so, having the money is one thing; getting the stock is another, according to Wall Street spokesmen. "For one thing," a loading banker pointed out, "big companies are owned by thousands of people and the slock is well parcelled out. "It would be quite a task accu- m'jln'Jng a block of slock in one of HOOSIEU DIES OF INJURIES EFFJNGHAM, 111. (fP)^Jobn Burns, -111, Indianapolis, died Sunday of injuries sustained June 8 when his «ar collided with one driven by William Von Scldencck, «!, Klkton, Vs., on U.S. 40. Killed outright in (he collision was Miss Mary L. Martin, 38. Inthe nation's industrial ginnls big enough to control thy manage- j c;I1 'j i inent." Acquiring such a block of slock would be an extremely expensive dianapolis, a passenger in Hums' died in St. Anthony's Husbaeds! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger Ihoiisiinils ol couplts imi wi-.ilt, worn-out L'lliauilfil !«-t«ui<- doily luclcs iron. For in-w youniwr f>din|( nll.T .1(1, try O.lri-x Tonio 1 iihlL-ts. Contain inm for m-w IK-II, vnn- plus hl(!li-n<]t,.-ncy il,iM, Vil.miin if,, hi !,;„,,]„ iluy, Osltfx minnliuit n< niui.li iron us 1(1 illt. r.ivv oyslm. .J llv,. „[ liver. Ill ll )s . „! 1,,.,.;. act Economy . . ciriiiilitlfil" si,.,. m am-, mvn $1.07. A All druK AUTHORS WANTED BY N. Y. PUBLISHER - Ono of 11m nulioii'hi lui'Ki st lioiik pulillf lu-i^ in .H'M'ktliK lii:ui;iMTl]itH i)I i\ll lypi 1 - - n<':lon, mm-flt-Hoii, jnt,'try. sp.Thil iilu-nl !mi in ii.-u- \vril<T*. If your wiu-lt \» rciufy j'or imliMi';it!nn, s(Mi<i for liimklia NT-SI—It's n-i'i:. Vnnt- ur.c! TrusH, Jill \V. Slst St.. N>'\v Yurli 1. TheIftstant Taste" fegone! ,_,"',;<•: - Sgfllnstant Folgers Coffee':^'! fnlroduolno Ih ComplalB Llnm of 1OB7 Horn* Appliance* I BRUKTHE HEATWAVE UP TO b »* M Ml ' ^"^ , r sll «d air condl- l <$tf,\W" faryoor^.^^oh.?.^^ 1 / ,S r ^°° U no more sticky humidity! 00 more choking dust! AIR CONDITIONER T^r Cooler, cleaner and drier air . 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