The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia on December 18, 1955 · Page 24
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The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia · Page 24

Petersburg, Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 18, 1955
Page 24
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Dads Usually Commandeer Model Traih$ On Christmas * WASHINGTON -^ If Santa packs a .model train tp, the house this Christmas. there*« a safe Del »:ho thte engineer Vyt be: Pop. ·The^ familiar Christmas . morn Ing question. "Who- got the traie, the father or the son?" stems.back at least 50 years. About 1900, Joshua Lionel en used, dry cell batteries a n c lights to iUum'inate potted flowejps for commercial: further wMh'-batteries he' produced a small electrically-driven car "As a consequence, thousands o; nicDi today band in a "railroading" brotherhood centered .arounc model trains.: The - of itimes handmade models, are so exactly scaled to. actual trains that they rank as probably the .most -realistic of any mechanical.!playthings. Train builders sometimes "give,;mode; railroaders theiTo designs of for% comin e u i m e n C - . V ' - - ' ' ' - coming Cars couple arid'uncouple, automatically., Engines wail for cross ings.: and. puff ;r^aliatic"smoke : fronx .their stacks. Semaphore signal -.» blocks guard,,against collisions Station doors' open land oat come Some 'hdbbyists 1 ";go^so' far'as'to manufacture theirJovwtrains.' 'Sev era! hundred;h6iirs''^'ork ;.cah, go into a^ lo^hioiiyejWabout 50 hours into ;: a' cabocwei'··· ', ! ~-'^f ;·'·· *·;«''· ·-.'..:-·: I The job is'. never completed -Improvements constant!^ beckon WiisUes may be ^han^ed to mimic better the haunting wails of even ing trains. Cars'miay be overhaul ed to dump coal-faster. Wayside depictions of mountains ,and val leys, towns, villages: and plants- all necessary, '.adornments--invite defler touches. ; 1: i There, generally,'; iS where the housewife, comes into the game More skilled in decorative . a r t s than her husband,: she suddenly finds herself "Mrs. Casey Jones, in,charge of the landscape. , . . . i* "" AT BAXTER'S TO GIVE For CHRISTMAS $33" ·OUQUCT Tini«Jt new jcciiritr. "Petita" itylint »t« tiny yrkt. $3975 AVWY Handsomi MW Jtylt wlt ; matching gold filIM «· pansion band. DEBORAH Delightfully fashioned tiny new creation. jewel movwwnt Fine 19 jewel movement Black inlay haur markers eobtiel. Urnwual! ~ IAOY B.OJNBOH AIR 21 jtwefe, adjusted. UK ftatural gold-filled Petit* style case of beauty. $89 50 LANCER Self-winding Shockmas- ter. Waterproof'. Gold filled expansion band. OUKAPOWEK MAINSMINO ftn'uSti mtcli COM ii Mrrictrf ptrl- ·dka/V end xeb "'· rtilorrrf tlltr ·pvning lor *nr r.oior. f Hc.t tncl. F»d. T«i BAXTER'S 105 N. Sycamore St. The hobby claim* enthusiasts ill ranks of societj'. One votee lined: "The tensions that ] up . in 'you oa your, regular flow out toougb your fiugew ag-you work on these model railroads." ' · ' · ' . ' . Railroad companies spur t h e lipbby in various -ways -- some- tlines by entering It themselves. Tfc«. Baltinior* a»d; Ohio owns, a with 110 feet of .double-' track rnaija lifte, W locomotives, both s,t*a«i aad diesel* and 100 freight and p*seuger cars oon- troJled by soones of automatic signals aad .electric relays, A ourreut display by a doaen railroad companies in New Jersey has 800 feet of track. Its .trains wiU- run ^0,000 miles in 30 days, ,, Other model trains now are used- in atomic tge laboratories to tjrans- port dangerous' samples from oae place to,, another while workers keep safe 1 distances at control panels. Models ' were'used in World War II to* train specialists in demolition of e*»emy railroads. Miniature railroading has f e l t inroads from ' model airplanes. "But there alway* ah *ath.usiast ; 000 lwtobyis»» i»ffirs6i ih* view. · 2 MORE WAI CRIMINALS ARE FRIED IN JAFAN TOKYO 4* ~* t r o "tpor"i ma}or war criminals. rf,JWwld Wair II were freed from ^ 5*tfiamo Prison today after serviiyt 10 years, .They are MarquJ* Kaichi : Kkk, «$, war time locd, keeper of the privy .seal, and'Hiroshi Oshin^a, 60, wartime ambassador to Nazi Germany. Both were sentenced to life ' b y the, 'international military tribunal for conspiring to wage aggressive war, ;: ...' ' . · ' · ' · EarthaKHtfets C*W T» TV ProdiKtf G«* Husky Voictd P*rfom«r Stor Port MKftCKR ' NEW YORK/ Dec, 17 l» -- Some time ago a tawny girl with electricity in her Drown eyes and high voltage in her husky twice called up the producers of a leading television program and said, "I want to do a ibow for you." ft* tomom* SwidaY the will ff. «**t . S*eM fMceetrjflQrte* *r« rare i* teltafciMu »ut *fec» so i* t** girl, whut* ftftitte · to · Eartaa Kitt and w*w*e direm taleeU latt year frotttd her ctaac to * hah* mU- UM. dollars, Karth* KiU, »lBf er. d*ac*f,;ac- treM, 1» * perfection^, gfce *aa't help .it When she »winf ·/ iato s m room, she dominate* it. Sh« performs some magic with her slender-hands. She regards a visitor with veiled *yes. "I wanted to do a show for 'Omnibus/ because it's the best profram on television," she said. "I watch it *»*ry twrtay. «** Uvi*g ibeater. It **e« it* HKW.I cxfueriniefital' UUMS. Us is oo« of ImvxHtedg* -- 'So »he called the produc«rt of Ike progfara ~ Wt l^e t**t r It will be her first leading dr*wi«U^ Eairttit w«« bora 1» South C*roT,F*«y**«r Una 28 y«arf ««o, .the child ** sharecropper parent*. Aa a dancer »ad ginger a»d actress,, she's been feted from Hollywood to Yet If you talk' with her for a while you sense' that she likes simplicity and enjoys; directness. She dresses without "\ affectation and abhor* ostentation. ' ··'·' la the «*wc* *r a ft*e*l*« «!·« 4i*ous*ed the UfcaaKf. a^htr i^ . ,^u, (he · iaw Or, J^ert. *T*ieviik* *teowM b*(M»« more riw^'*' ^-4i^%«|C)HMal]r "if · ksi *bo«t the «r«at«st medium for «owmvuileaUi!« with pwpjle to- ft *hoMW give new talents * *reat«r *ha»ce. It should toe a ' muJltttBf forc*. We're aot tawght to thinls.»s:-ji;«adily;as we, should -rv4o»'t yo* ; agree? There's Always someone around to thttk i«r yow. BuV people want to' grow up. And television has a great 'opportunity of helping them to grow up .,- '·" Pleasant, as money can be, there's too much preoccupation with It these days, ah* beliefs. Gift* designed to make « Chris IHMW morn «little brighter, a little lighter. Whether you have something specific in mind, or trould like** to suggest, you'll Und game lovely gift ideas for everybody on your list in omr wonderful \uletide collec* lion. ,'?.: · . .' '·" . Jusr FOR MOM JOSffbRpAP Bedroom Suite Living Room Suite Dining Room Suite Dinette Small Appliances Refrigerator Television'. Vacuum Cleaner Tables . ..,.-;· : Rugs ·.'."·· . Sofa Bed ( Lounge Studio' Couch Cedar Chest Carpeting Pictures Washing Machine Electric Range ; Rocker Lounge Chair Television ' Desk Radio Platform Rocker Smoke Stand Mattress Foam Rubber. Pi I low Hassock ^ , Ottoman * " . CardTable" ^ Secretary ., Bookcase* Heater ; ,Phpne Stand Magazine Rack Record Play.e % Reading Lamp Lounge v .. ^ WardrbbjB ' Hollywood Bed Sunbeam Appliances Lamps Tables Wardrobe Cedar Chest Studio Couch Blanket Foam Rubber Pillow Electric' Blanket Electric Mixer » Mirror Serving Tray Hurricane Lamp e Kitchen Clock Hamper Record'Placer Television ' " Radio f Ottoman - Hassock Smoke Stand Hollywood Bed Lounge * Desk Platform Rocker Wardrobe , Mattress , v \; / Blanket- . " Card Table Electric Blanket Bookcase - · Heater Record P.!ay"er And A Big Selection Still Left Of TOYS FOR AtL THE CHILDREN OPEN TIL 9 EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK EXCEPT *XMAS EVE INCOILPOPLATED 17-19 W., WaskiMgtoM St, Dial RE 3-4444 long Easy Terms WE DO THE FINANCING

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