Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 10
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lea Iioeansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS WMAQ TUESDAY 6:00 Alex Dreler Bell-Aira 6:15 Bus. News Newa 6:30 News Sports 6:45 1 Man's FanAnderson . 7 . : g°. News Anderson T.15 Gildersleevo Anderson 7:30 N-ishtllno Peril 7:4o NIghtllne Peril 8:00 News News &.-1S Xlffhtllna World 8:30 NMffhtllne Sports 8:45 Xlghtllno Music Hall 9:00 News News 8:15 Clian Anderson 8:30 Chun Root. O. 9:45 Chan Robt. Q. EVENING News Newo weather Sourta News Heatter News Newa News Lewla Music Serenade News Mystery Opera Mystery Fun Tim& Bob & Ray Fun Time Bob & Ray News Bob & Hay Mantovanl JJJs Bands Newa Xewa Heattor Ni to watch JIaven at Rest Nltewatch Haven of Rest 3-Star Final 1 ,°,; 0 ;\ ! J I< ; W J? „ , IOZJJ9M Rudy ruiythm Nitewatoh 9n S nN iM ht Deak lli> '- 13 U *>°I Fludy Rhythm Nltewatch 10:30 Meht Desk japjoKNews Nitewatoh 10:45 Snorts HMON Music Nltewatch WEDNESDAY MORNING 8:00 Alei Dreier Harrington, KawsBreakfast Club News 8:15 Chicago CalL Jim Conway , Breakfast Club Rise & Shln« 8-30 Chicago CalL 'Jnlrt Coast Breakfast Club Ads 8:45 News Breakfast Breakfast Club Rlso & Shine 9:f>0 News Arthur Godfrey Mv Truo Sto.-y Rlso & Shine 8:U Truth-Conseti.Arthur Godfrey Mv True Story Rise & shine U:30 BanrtHund Arthur Godfrey News Ne'ws-Molodlo! 8:45 Banostand Arthur Godfrey Girl Marries Melodies 10:00 News Artivur Godfrey Whisper Sts. Woman's Worl 10:15 Bandstand Arthur Ofcifrey Tollo-Tost Woman's Worl 10:20 Bandstand Rloise-.rosn News Queen-Day 10:4o Bandstand Howard Miller M. ConsJdlno Queen-Day 11:OC News News News Words 11:).!) J. Holtznan Backstage W!f« Considlne linear:! Shop 11:30 J. Holtman Helen Trent MarKots Carroll Co. ll:4o Duchess Gal Sunday Markets Carroll Co. WEDNESDAY 12:00 News Nora Drake 12:15 Morryfleia Ma Perkins 12:30 Merryflcld News 12:4!, Merrytiold Road ol L.1C8 1:00 News News 1:15 Confessions .Mrs. Burton 1:30 Worn. In Ks» Strike It Rich 1:45 Dr. Gentry Entertainment 2:00 News House Party 2:15 Matlnoo House Party 2:30 Hilltop £> r . Malono 3:45 Pep. Vounu Lucky Ladles S:00 News Jim Conway 3:15 Goodwin Womun Vlcw» 3:30 Goodwin Gold Coast 8:45 Goodwin Tako Break AFTERNOON Noontime Newe Newa Livestock MarketiCo Intension DlnncrbeU Farm Corner DJnnerbel] Farm Corner Summaries Play JJfill Hiippinusa Rd. plu' v Ball NRWH • Ba.seljall Queen -Day Baseball CroHH Country Ka.sebn.li J ach Paar Hasebali KtiWit JtaHGbr'Ui Wayne Kins BuHutmlL News itaMehall Lombardo Ua sob all MUHiU IlilHChllll Mu H!C Hco re board '4:00 NOIV.I Paul Gibson .Vows Off Record 4:15 Jirn Mills Paul Gibson. Polka Party Off Record 4:30 Sportn Paul GlbHon NOWH Ti:on Tunos 4:45 Jim Milln Shoo With MlBsn- Polka Party Toon Tunea 6:00 News .Vows Wolk Tune Time 1:15 Wed Howard Hurrlnj»ton-Now» Wolk. Want Ads (:30 Wed Howard SportH Ncwn Memorial Hos 6:45 Stone, New/? Lowell Thomas News Wonders TV Programs TUESDAY EVENING CDT 6:00 — Channel 4 Rascals Channel 6 Weather Channel 8 News 6; IS — Channel C News Channel 8 News 6:30— Channel 0 J. Winters Channel 8 Name Tune 6:45 — Channel 4 News Channel 6 News 7:00— Channel 4 Navy Log Chnnnpl K Drinrn Pnrtv Police Probe Two Accidents City police investigated two traffic accidents Monday afternoon, one on the westside and the other in the downtown district. A 1953 model car driven by Minctta Bauman, 4fi, of 601 Bartlelt street, was damaged at :I2:58 p.m. when it collided with a Wolf Construction company cement mixer Five-Yea r-Old Nearly Drowns PERU, Ind. — Five-year-old Rebecca Jo Martin, daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Martin, 680 Jackson avenue, narrowly escaped drowning Monday evening at Nyona Lake, near Rochester. The girl, who had gone to the lake with her mother and five other Martin children, had been floating on an innertube shortly before she was found floating, face downward, about 10 feet from shore at 6:45 p.m. She was found and taken from the water by Melvin Way, a Bunker Hill' airman. State Trooper John Hatch..was called along with Rochester firemen, who worked on her with their respirator for nearly an hour. A Macy.physician who was summoned examined the girl and reported that she would recover all •ight, advising the mother to take ier to the hospital. , Driver Given Jail Sentence PERU 1 , Ind. — Willie Myles, 27, 33 East Eighth street, received a 10-day jail term, a fine of $Cfi.75 and a one-year suspension of his drivers license in city court Monday for driving while under the nfluence. His companion, Miss Donna Arnold, 23, .408 West Thirteenth street, was fined $20 for public intoxication. The case of James Roy McGill, 22, Kokomo, charged with driving while under the influence and without a license, was continued, and the trial-of Paul Tee!, 25, 352 Jet- Ex-Governor To Appear In Road Scandal Probe Former Gov. Craig Scheduled To Appear Before Grand Jury Investigating Reported Irregularities INDIANAPOLIS -(UP) — For-(indicate what questions the'jury N ' Crai f' pi<> ! might ask Craig. The former gov- lured- by his friends as "heartsick" over an Indiana highway scandal spawned during his administration, was scheduled to appear today before a Marion County grand jury investigating reported irregularities. Craig volunteered to appear before the jury without being subpoenaed after learning that jurors wished to question him. Dozens of witnesses have appeared before:he jury during about nine weeks of intermittent sessions and four men have been indicted. « . One of the men was Virgil W. Red) Smith, appointed by Craig as chairman of the State Highway Commission in 1955. The other three were subordinates or friends ' of Smith. ito a 'top po'st in the Eisenhower Prosecutor John Tinder did not j administration. ernor, who may have suffered a 'severe blow to any,future political ambitions when the highway scandal broke early in April, has been quoted only occasionally in connection with scandal stories. But some oE his friends said he is "heartsick" over the way persons he trusted betrayed his administration. Craig, a political foe of Governor Handley whose administration dug up some dirt against the Craig ' administration, has been mentioned several timss as a possible rival of Sen. William Jenner (R-Ind.) for Che 1958 senatorial nomination. He also has been •mentioned as a possible appointee Farm Youths Are Injured Two teen-age brothers were in- iured at 5 p.m. Monday when the oad of baled hay on which they were riding, on the back of a largo truck, shifted and slid off the | were fined $1 and costsjipiace on truck, throwing the boys to the'" ' ' ~ " Three Drivers Fined For Traffic Offenses Three drivers were fined, two for speeding and one for reckless driving, in justice of the peace court here late Monday. Edna Keefer, 27, of route 2, snd Jack Smith, 32, of Hemlock, Ind., road between Walton and Onward. John Hines, 17, and his brother, Tom, 16, of route 2, Walton, are confined to St. Joseph's hospital for treatment of the injuries. John suffered a broken right foot and was set for June 24. Assault and battery charges 'erson avenue, for reckless driving j Tom sustained a bad sprain of his right ankle and foot. The boys, who reside with Mr. and Mrs. Norman Denny, were working for 'Cecil Davis, also of route 2, Walton. Davis was driving the truckload of baled hay on which they were riding. The incident occurred on a road near the Davis farm, between Walton and Onward. Davis and Mrs. Denny brought the boys to the hospital following the accident. against Harold Hight, 24, 224 West Nir.th street, were dismissed; Oliver Johnson, 46, Hancock, Mich. was fined $25 for public intoxication; Jimmie Farmer, 31), (502 West Second street, was fined $2fi.75 for driving while his license was suspended; and John Marsh, 20, Wabash, and Clarence Scifert, 2!), 107 Graham avenue, were fined $16 apiece for disorderly conduct. Channel 8 :30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel fl :30—Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel 8 00—Channel 4 Channel 8 :30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 : 00—Channel 6 Channel 8 30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 45—Channel 4 Channel 8 00—Channel 6 30—Channel 6 Phil Silvers Wyatt Earp Panic Private Secy. Broken Arrow Jane Wymun Tell Truth Telephone Time Theater Itcd Skolton Angel Dale $04,000 Conflict Roslc Ciooney Spike Jones Star Pert. Martin Kane News Playhouse News Movies Lato Show Weather Tonight WEDNESDAY 12:00—C'iumnol 6 Channel 8 12:15—Channel C Channel I! 12:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 1:00—Channel a 1:30—Channel 4 Channel (i Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4- Channel G Channel a 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:15—Channel 8 S.-SO-^Channcl 4 Channel 8 8:45—Channel 8 4:00—Channel 6 Channel 11 4:15—Channel 8 4:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:45—Channel 4 E:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 8:15—Channel 6 AFTERNOON Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home Club 00 World Turns Miss Drook.s IU Tcnn, Ernie House Party Festival Matinue Payoff Crosby Queen for Day Brighter Day Secret Storm Movio Time Edge ol Night Romances Movio Timo Chapel Door Life ol Christ Stu Erwin Cnrloons Churchman Mickey Mouse Early Show Chuckwagon Indict Hammond Boy On Murder Charge CROWN POINT, Ind. (UP) — O.-i.-y SUill, lit, Hammond, Monday was indicted on a first degree; murder c 'h a r g e in the robbery- rape .slaying of ;in elderly womun. A Uiku County Grand Jury returned the Indictment in the death May 12 of Miss Myrtle Cabeen, 7i', in lier Humimmd lioine. Slull, held witliout bond, admitted the slaying when he wa.s arrested at his homo a short time fitter the crime. Police snid the woman was stabbed to death with « butcher knife. Not trial wan set. You don't need lo pay $250 to *30O for INCONSPICUOUS ...QUALITY HEARING AIDS FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry Store 416 E. Bdwy. ford, <M, route 1, Royal Cenler, at North ClcoU and West Market streets. Both wore headed jiorlh and tlioy met when Shacklclorcl started to turn rifilit on Market street. The open door of a 1957 model car owned t>y Charles Wilkinson. 30, of 2114 East Broadway, packed on the west .side of Fourth struct, was struck by a passing oar, driven by Ilildretli Paul, 45, ot MG Wheatland avenue, al. 5:30 p.m. Three Killed By Lightning NEW ALBANY, Ind. (UP) — Three boys were killed Monday j ]j M.A. Kearney, 79, Expires At Hospital M. A. (AD Kearney, 79, of 336 West Broadway, a, retired interior decorator, died al 4 p.m. Monday j(, sc ph's hospital, after a Pick Up Two Trusties Who Fled Reformatory PENDU5TON, Ind. (UP) — Authorities had two trustioa back inside the walls of the Indiana State noformalury Monday only hours after they walked away. Thomsa M. Stiles, 2:1, Martinsville,'and James Earl Perry, 24, Indianapolis, were picked up by stale police about two hours after they escaped. Read the Classified Ads .. when lightning struck a tree at a ; A native of this city, he was the speeding charges. Both were arrested Sunday by Walton Town Marshal Harold Slusher. William C. Harrison, 17, of 710 Bates street, was fined $5 and costs for reckless driving. The*-charge was filed by Deputy Sheriff Roy King as a result of an accident a week ago Monday northwest of here on the Delaware road. Harrison's car was destroyed when it caught fire after overturning in the one-car mishap. ' private cnrop near Blue Elver in Crawford County. Killed were Joflf Jacob!, 10, New Albany, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Bruce Jacobi; Steve Jacob!, !), New Albany, son of Victor Jacobi; nnd James Eberhardt. 12, Louisville, son of Mrs. Mildred Napier. The victims were sitting under a tree with two other boys at Dillord Poulson, 84, Of Converse, Expires PERU, tnd — Rites for Dillard J, Poulson, 114, Converse, who died Sunday night at Marion general hospital, will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Zoolc and Larrison mortuary, Converse. A retired farmer, he was a native and lifetime resident of Miami county. Born Aug. 13, 1872, he was the son of John and Eli/,a (Harp) Poulson. Survivors are a son, Ear], route 5, Peru; two grandchildren; two —.- _ —„ , _.. . ±tjLu; bwu K 1 "Uuumiuiliji; uwu born May 9, J.878 the son of Pat- great-grandchildren; and a broth- rick and Nancy (Burke) Kearney. He was a member of St. Joseph's church. Surviving is a sister, Florence, also of .330 West Broadway. Friends may call after noon Wednesday at the Kroeger mortuary and final rites will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday at the St. Joseph Napior camp when 11 g ht n i n t" church, Msgr. M. D. Foley struck. Michael Phillips, 10, bany, was taken to Floyd County Memorial Hospital where he was described in "good" condition. The other youth, Phillip Kbcrbardt, brother of James, escaped injury. (charge. Burial will be in Mount New Al- Hope cemetery. HURT JN POOL Joseph Lesh, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Lcsh of route 1, Camden, or, D. E. Poulson, Converse. His wife, Eldora, died in MM. Friends may call at tlic funeral home after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. The Hev. R. F. Grubb will officiate at the services and burial will be in the Converse cemetery. Dodger Rookie Keeps Skids Under Redlegs Danny McDevitt, Fresh From St. Paul, Strikes Out 11 in Big League Debut The jubilant Brooklyn Dodgers felt something like a sweepstakes winner today, having collected on a 'long shot" by the simple expedient of writing Danny McDevitt's name on a ticket. 1 They made out that ticket Jast Friday and it provided transportation for McDevitt from St. Paul to Brooklyn. Who is this guy McDevitt? That's a question eve'n the Cincinnati Rediegs were asking today after the 25-year-old rookie southpaw, making his first big league appearance, struck out 11 of them Monday nigh!, and limited them • to seven hits in pitching Brooklyn to within iwo games of the National League lead. In the only otner game scheduled in the majors, Pittsburgh defeated league-leading Milwaukee 7-5. The Braves now lead the second-place Cardinals by one game. McDevitt, called up by the Dodgers to take up some of the slack caused by the sidelining of Johnny Podres and Sandy Koufax, put on quite a show for the 14,695 fans at Crosley Field. Relying chiefly on a fast ball a-nd sneaky curve, the sawed-oK New York City native struck out at least one batter in every inning except the seventh and eighth. McDevilt also drove in what proved to be '.he winning run witli a nifty squeeze bunt during a three-run uprising against starter Johnny Klippslein in the second inning. Gino Cimoli led off the frame with his ninth homer over the left field fence. Roy CampaneJla singled and Charley Neal drove him in with a triple. McDevitt then laid down hi s squeeze bunt to bring in Neal. Pittsburgh gained Jls victory over Milwaukee w-ith a four - run rally in the ninth, featured by triples oK the bats of Gene Frccsc and Bob Skinner. With the Braves leading, 4-3, Frcese, who 'collected four o[ Pittsburgh's JO hits, tripled in the ninth and scored on llom-an Mejias 1 pinch single. Mojias raced to third when Andy Potto threw wildly to the plate and came home o-n Hank Folios' bunt. Skinner then came-' through with his triple, scoring Foiles, and then scored himself on Paul Smith's bunt. The Rosary will be recited at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday at Hie funeral home. SET MOTE KITES PRRU, Ind. — Services for Mrs. Mury J. Mote, no,, of route 5, who died Monday at the Miami nursing home, will be held at 2 p.m. was treated at St. Joseph's hos-1 Wednesday at the Drakc-FJowors pital Monday night for a cut on his chapd, Rev, Huinlen in charge heud, .suffered in a fall at the city swimming pool. He was released after treatment. and buriiil will he in the Rankin cemetery. Friends may call at the mortuary after 10 a.m. Tuesday. ST. LAUKENT RESIGNS OUt.wa (UP) — Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent am! his government resigned Monday night, ending 22 years o[ Liberal Party administration in Canada. • Try the Big Change! Thrill to a new concept of power in 2 All-New Standard Gasolines lot one of thooo now STANDARD CiiBoIincs—with tho Big Change Jjy Standard Hosoarch—work itg won»i dors in your car. NEW GOLD CROWN Sup»r-Pr»mlum... an entirely new Hmde of K"aol.ina for today's mightiest engines. Thrill to tho 1'o'el of your cor ut its host. Ban- jul) power-Ices from wild ping nnd spnrk-plug crust. Got smoother, fleeter performance—instant, knock- ireo roaponso! NEW RED CROWN King-SIza Regular with on octane high, that outstrips' premium grades of just a fow years ago—given you king-size knqckfroo power and king-size mileage, tool Try the Big Change in your car— you'll bo glad you did. You wpcet. more from Standard . ...and get itt LANDSCAPING Service Is Our Most Important Product AMERICAN 1ANDSCAPING CO., Inc. E. City Limits, Peru Ph. EN-l-IMO Tuesday Evening, Juir 18, 1957. Golfer Plays 231 Holes in 17 Hours For Endurance Mark OELWEIN, Iowa (UP) — Dave Strang, 15; Oelwein, a Southern Methodist University, student, today claimed the title of America's champion marathon amateur golfer. Strang played 231 holes in 17 hours with the aid of a flashlight and a team of four caddies Monday. His total erased the unofficial i record of 226 holes set by Bobj Barnes of Dubuque. ' Strang started his 45 miles of j marathon golf at 3 a.m. Monday in moonlight. A driving rainstorm forced him to quit shortly after 8 p.m. The tall, slender youth boasted that if it hadn't been for the weather, he could have played another 18 holes. But he admitted he i would never undergo then durance ' test again. Stra-ng started out barefooted and in swim trunks for the first 1C rounds over the Elk s Country Olub course hefe. Then ho took a 20-minute rest; downed two bottles of pop, and showered. He pulled on sweat socks and tennis shoes, "because my feel | hurt," and started off again. I At the end of the first 12 hours,! he had gone over 162 holes (18 ; rounds) and worn out four caddies. | When he was at the critical 225-hoIe mark, Strang had used up 988 strokes — 'slightly over 40 strokes for each nine holes, and good golf on the par 35 setup. He used about 40 minutes on each round. Olson, Maxim in Comeback March PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) — Joey Maxim and Carl (Bobo) Olson, » pair of ex-champions, attempt to hit the comeback trail tonight when they clash in a 10-round battle as heavyweights. Olson, former world's middleweight champion, will weigh in around the 180 - pound mark; Maxim, ex-light heavyweight titleholder, will tip the scales at 185. For Olson, this will be the first battle since he "retired" on Oct. 3, 1356—on (he eve of a scheduled fight here. He had lost the middleweight title to Sugar Ray Robinsoa shortly before. Maxim has just taken a pair of lacings from Eddie Machcn, tha No. 2 challenger for the heavyweight crown—and ho. loo. hopes to gel back on the win track. Ha was licked by Olson in a 10-rounder in 1955. Read the Classified Ads Instant Taste" is gone! YOUTH SUICIDE FOILED BEDFORD (UP)—Swiff Zelbert Hawkins imd a turnkey saved 17-year-old William Damron, Ccredo, W.Va., from killing himself Sunday night. Damron, he) on a larceny charge in Lawrcn-: County Jail, made a noose ot his belt and was dangling near death when the officers cut him down. E Instant Fblgers Coffee "Keep Cool" Special 20-INCH WINDOW FAN Oniy $24.95 DAVIDS 516-18 E. Broadway Phone 3167 WOMEN'S NYLONS First quality fit flawlessly glowing shades, *2 ft. $1 BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Fast colon In cool cotton stripes and checks, plaids. fa. 6 to 18. 412 E. Broadway PORTABLE FANS all with large 20" Wades all guaranteed 5 to 10 yrs! 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