The Standard from London, Greater London, England on August 25, 1899 · 7
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The Standard from London, Greater London, England · 7

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1899
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THE STANDARD FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, B ECHAM S PILLS. BEECH AM -S P I Ii Ii S BEECH A MS PILL S GOOD LUCK and GOOD HEALTH to the ARMY No apology is made for thus bringing the "Soldiers of the Queen" before your notice so prominently, for it is well known that every loyal British subject is justly proud of our Army. This is not at surprising when we consider how much the Empire owes to the invincible courage and " do or die " determination of all ranks, from drummer boy to the general in command. To be candid, it is only wheii our Imperial interests or possessions are actually threatened, that we fully realise the importance of fostering and encouraging those qualities of pluck and hardy endurance which Britons everywhere, and our soldiers in particular, have always shown, when needed, either at home or abroad. BEECHAM'S PILLS have always been a prime favourite with military men trust a soldier for finding out and sticking to the best for these tiny sentinels are able to guard their constitutions from Biliousness, Indigestion, Liver troubles, and other serious ailments as effectually as Tommy Atkins can ruard the British Empire, her Colonies, and Dependencies. The proprietor of Beecham's Pills does not publish testimonials, but among the many- thousands received, no inconsiderable number are from soldiers, who thus desire to show their appreciation of this unrivalled medicine. BEECHAM'S PILLS are a household word all the world over, and the following curious and interesting facts are chosen from a variety to prove this assertion. Two Sergeants of a Liverpool Regiment have fixed an inscription, in praise of Beecham's Pills, over 15,000 feet above the sea-tevel, upon a wall that divides Sikkim and Thibet. A Staff Sergeant picked up a partly-used box of Beecham's Pills by the side of a wounded Dervish at that ever memorable battle of Omdurman, and this, box is now side by side with one which helped at least one of our brave boys to. stead the. trying march to Coomassie, and return home fit. THE NATIONAL MEDICINE. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Bilious and Nervous Disorders. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Constipation and Sick Headache. BEECHAM'S PILLS ensure proper Assimilation of Food. BEECHAM'S PILLS arouse Sluggish anc Torpid Livers and dispel Bile. BEECHAM'S PILLS strengthen the Stomach. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Stomachic Troubles, such as Indigestion, Want of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Fulness after Meals, Vomitings, Sickness at the Stomach, &c. BEECHAM'S PILLS give almost instant relief. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure Restlessness and Insomnia, and give sound and refreshing sleep. BEECHAM'S PILLS remove the result of indiscretion in eating and drinking. BEECHAM'S PILLS are suitable for both young and old. BEECHAM'S PILLS will make you look well, feel well, and keep well. BEECHAM'S PILLS purify the Blood, and remove Scurvy, Pimples, and Blotches on the Skin. ATTENTION!!! ftTn your Spirits begin to MARK TIME and you feel inclined to take an ABOUT TURN and RETIRE to bed, try en Ingestion attacks you in CLOSE ORDER and causes you to CHANGE FRONT from the RIGHT FORM, take EVEN NUMBERS of ttheu xervoU3 1)isordera change y0ur QUICK MARCH into a HALF-KJGHT TURN and cause you to wearily CHANGE STEP and TRAIL ARMS, take a course of Disordered Liver makes a little trouble FORM TWO DEEP an impression on your mind, and care seems to AD AJNbL ana hopes to RETREAT, try nen ODD NUMBERS of pimples and blotches begin DEFILING the face, it is nature's signal for REINFORCEMENTS to purify the blood. The best possible SUPPORTS are Tten your Appetite begins to WAVER in THE ATTACK on your meals, and you cannot KEEP IN LINE with the COMPANY at the table, clear the way with thoge inimitable PIOJS fcfcliis . . Mien a Disagreeable taste and foul breath the ADVANCE GUARD of a bilious attack-causes you to PRESENT SWUfeWgg mirror for INSPECTION, put the bowels into OPEN UKil&rt &t once with a dose of . . . . . . "hen Epidemics are ON THE MARCH, commanding many to HALT and some to DISMISS for ever, keep the stomach clear, blood pure and EYES RIGHT, with those trusty LIFE GUARDS . . h you want to keep in the FRONT RANK of health, READY and able to go FORWARD into the battle of life AT lRb double, stick to h6n you FALL IN to a Cold chill and BREAK OFF into a Flushing oi heat, don't sound THE ALARM for the Physician with his inevitable CHARGE, try , . . . Giddiness makes you feel rather an ODD FILE, unable to BALANCE STEP properly when ON THE MOVE, clear the head anu steady the nerves with a dose of . . JQ wish to FORM SQUARE of iuviolable good health, and EXTEND TO THE RIGHT farthest point your lease of life, fortify with. . The ATTENTION OF ALL RANKS is directed to the fact that there no better AMMUNITION in THE FIELD for REPELLING AN ATTACK of disease in any formation than Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills- Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's PiUs. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's Pills. Beecham's PiUs. Beecham's Pills. H1A ? HMm w n I a 1 A t 9 IF foreigner may sneer at the enthusiasm of our Volunteer Forces, and imagine that in actual warfare they would be of LITTLE use, but there is no doubt that, in all our recent difficulties, and they have been many, the fact that the BRITISH ARMY is so well prepared for any contingency, has made our very doubtful friends and would-be enemies pause before insulting 0r annoying us too far, but it GOES without saying that, to remain strong, we must keep healthy. A person suffering i'rom Indigestion, Biliousness, and general ill-health often declares that life is burden, and he imagines nothing will set him right. Let him, however, purchase a box of BEECHAM'S PILLS and try tjieni, and he will soon have cause to wonder why he suffered so LONG and unnecessarily when such a complete remedy exists, as it were, almost at his door. In this WAY he will realise beyond all doubt the truth of that old saying that Beecham's Pills are Worth a Guinea a Box." THE NATIONAL MEDICINE. BEECHAM'S PILS remove Wind and Pains in the Stomach. BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S BEECHAM'S PILLS giye tone energy to the Muscular System. PILLS are the most reliable Family Medicine, and should be kept in every home, PILLS lay the foundation of Good Health, PILLS are specially suitable for the Diseases and Ailments common to Females of al Ages, and they remove the cause of much suffering to the sex. PILLS improve the Complexion, and restore the "rose-bud of health" to pallid cheeks. PILLS are mild but effective in their action PILLS assist the Kidneys to perform their special functions. PILLS if taken in time will ward off many a serious illness. PILLS have stood the test of over fifty years. PILLS are sold everywhere, in boxes, Is. Hd. and 2s. 9d., containing 56 and 168 pijls respectively A " TOMMY ATKINS" view BEECHAM'S PILLS. When Tommv wishes to RECRUIT his GENERAL health, be minds to ENLIST the ACTIVE SERVICE of .. When he doesn't feel SQUARE in B0PY, he well knows the PELLETS which should FALL IN When his system is all ABROAD and in a MESS, he is certain what BULLETS will put it right When troubled with an ATTACK of the u HEAVIES," he always ROUTS the ENEMY with a dose of . . His PRIVATE and public opinion, when appetite FLAGS through FATIGUE, is, let your COMRADES be " It's a way they have in the ARMY," when CHARGED with headache and biliousness, to use that grand SHOT To BATTLE with depression and weariness in hot climates, Tommy knows the FRONT RANK remedy is Nobody knows better what will quickly DRIVE Indigestion into a COCKED HAT is a dose of When bad complexion and COLOURS are WARNING of liver disorder, his first DUTY is tp take When nightmare BESIEGES his system, Tommy knows nothing MA03UVRES it away better than a dose of To FORTIFY himself against nervousness and debility, he tries the ' TACTICS of . .. .. To DEFEAT blotches of the skin and pimples, he knows, he vUl Jever find a DEFAULTER in '.. : . .. .. When packing his KIT, he's well aware it doesn't JJALFPAY to forget his bos of . . .... He is positive he will STAND EASY in health if he is always ARMED with a VOLLEY of .. .; ,7 .. '.. When he is enjoying hit FURLOUGH, and visiia his chemist's, he looks for the ?1gbt TATTOO on the box of ... . Wherever his QUARTERS, in health or INVALIDED, he ever gqes in ' for the same LIFE GUARDS , . .. In CAMP or out of CAMP, COMMAND or out of COMMAND, in time of PEACE, ox WAR, he will always defend , Yea, to, PASS MUSTER constitutionally and with MERIT, Toning will never PENSION off the pills of YGJORY Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's Beecham's BEECHAM'S P1JLL2S are Spared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEEOHAM. at the Manufactory, ST. HELENS. LANCASHIRE 7 OF Pills. PUls. Pills. Pills. Pills. PiUs. Pilla Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pill. Fills.

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