The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia on May 17, 1954 · Page 11
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The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia · Page 11

Petersburg, Virginia
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1954
Page 11
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Boston Weather Eyed Skeptically Somebody Speedy Improvement With Return Of Williams By (I.AYljK TALIJOT NK\V YORK W - The office skeptic, upon whom we lean heavily in e v a l u a t i n g the clay-to-day goings-on' in the sports world, is far from convinced thai the Boston Hcd Sox really needed to postpone 10 of their f i r s t M home games because of bad weather. "If Ted W i l l i a m s h a d n ' t been out With the lame shoulder, I ' l l bet hey would have managed to get some of t h e m in," he sas-s d a r k l y . "It couldn't have buen al'l that bad up there. I predict you'll see a tvonderful improvement in the Boston weather when thev get jack from their western trip". How they'll pack 'em in for ail those Jouble-heuders." This was, we explained to h i m . Faulty t h i n k i n g . The weather could b(.\ w a r m i n g tip at Kunwav Park regardless of W i l l i a m s ' c o n d i t i o n . Our man looked only half convinced. Needless to say it was warm in Detroit and the big guy went to town--S for 9, with a double, two homers and seven HBIs. PALACE --Now Showing-Double Feature James Cagney --i»-- "Public Enemy" --ALSO-"Little Caesar" ---\Vith-Edward G. Robinson Ventures At: l:00-2:;!7-5:34-8:3l R E X --Ends Tonight- Charles Starrett --In"SPOILERS OF THE RANGE" --Starts Tomorrow-R I C H A R D ARLEN --In-- . "POWER DIVE" REGENT --Ends Tonight-LUCILLE BALL Ami DESI A R N A Z --in-"The Long, Long Trailer" Tomorrow At: 7 9 ROBERT MITCHUM A n d LINDA DARNELL --In-Second Chance" rr DRIVE- IN RICHMOXD PIKE Tonight -"THE PRESIDENT'S LADY" Starring Susan Hayward Today's Radio-Television. WSSV -- 1S40 U MBS Outlet WRN1,--911) K A IK: Ontlei M'KVA--1U) K ens Oiil* WMBG--l N B C O u t l e t 3:00 The nmulliox 3:15 IJox; X u w s r:;«) W i l d U i l i 3:15 Mickok News; Time Housewives' LeuguJusi ['lain UlII 1'or M u s i c M u s i c for Monday I'aye 1 Karrcll Music tjtutcsmcu (juiirtcl Lorenzo Joncu .Musii-; Slocks Mii.-suy-Tmoti I'ays lo Marry U:00 News 0:13 Spuri-snian !:;iO Dinner Ci-15 Dance; Nc\vs *.'uws. Snarl* I.uiii iind Aljncr Freddie; .Mai-tin Ufoi'Ko I l i c k s News; .Monroe Ur. C. \V Crane S't'orls; Quit Lowell Thomas News; Va. News S|)01'f xl'iviliKlit Souvenirs -Mel A l l e n 7:CO F u l i o n Lewis ,lr 7:15 Date With Music 7:30 Gabriel lleattcr 7:45 Perry Conio News; Va, Xt\vs Hill Stern I n v i t a t i o n to -Music; .News Tennessee lirnle Alex Drier lieulah Melody Maker* .luliu.s Ln Hosa Morgan Beatly l£ilwurd 11. Murrow Onc*Mi'U's Family 8:00 The 8:15 Falcon S:30 UmlL'i- 8:-l, r Arrest Henry J. Taylor Herlierl .Marshall Record Room -Suspense Talent Scouts ltailio:id Hour Howard llnrlow If by any chance a single base hit should deprive Stan Musial of another National League batting title next fall, the great Card slug ger always will feel that he was undone by the official scorer at Ebbets Field the other day. He's still grumbling about the decision. A t e a m m a t e was on first when The Man rapped a grounder between the f i r s t and second basemen. Gil Hodges, Brooklyn first sacker, scooped it up and started to throw for the foreeout at second. He saw he would le late, so whirled for a toss to first, b u t found that his pitcher hadn't reached the base in time. So both runners were safe. It was scored as a fielder's choice on the ground that Hodges had "made an attempt, to retire a preceding'runner," even though he didn't actually throw the ball. Musial, who has his sights set on reaching 3,000 hits before h e ' s through, was torn with anguish. Perhaps the rule Is wrong, but it doesn't specify that a throw must be made. 0:00 News: Dance 9:15 Time 0::iO Dance UM5 Time lU'cord Room Kecord Room Record Room Radio Theater Radio Theater Telephone Hour Band of America 13and of America 10:00 Dance 10:15 Time 10:30 Dance 10:45 Time Headline Edition Lonesome ( J a l News; .McCarthy HiBllllBhls News: Here's Flh!er McGee 1'ntsy News News: Sporls Two I n Forward March the llalcony 11:00 Ed Pettitt 11:10 Mood Indigo 11:30 Mood M:-I5 Indigo; News News. Sports News; Believe N e w s ' .Music Advenlurs Serenade in Uluc Menus in All-NiBlH Kecord Musical Aluslc R o u n d u p Menus CAVALIERS FAVORED TO TAKE GOLF TITLE HOT SPRINGS, Va. (M -- Vir- ginia's' Cavaliers,* led by Pete Arend«,arevaeofrhyeedrtdtoao ly,y Arends, are favored here today to win the f i f t h a n n u a l state intercollegiate golf t o u r n a m e n t . The lour- noy is being played over the lough Cascades course. The Cavaliers are doped to lake e crown away from Washington nd Lee's Generals, who have ·on three of the four state tour- aments played to date. Arends also may give Virginia Hillary I n s t i t u t e ' s Bill Wood a attic for individual honors. Wood von the individual title a year go over this same Cascades "lay- ill by firing two sub-par rounds lit the 3Ci-hole test. Arends, who mil the 1952 state crown, did not ompete last year. Richmond M-G-M Presents rr EXECUTIVE SUITE" William Holden J u n e Allyson Barbara Stanwyck Fredric March Walter Pidgeon Shelley Winters , S Drive-In *% B^^f UR 3-»341 i l l l\ 7:30-9:30 Petg.-Hopewell Road $1.30 Carful Tax Incl. RHONDAFUMMG MBY IBttM NKWBI MTMKXBL UK Ml SOBS Tonight All Cars free With 1 3 on License -Starting Tomorrow-Broderick Crawiord --In-"Last Of The Coiiimaiiclies" Technicolor CENTURY Feature At CINEMASCOPE 2O«ti C*nWry-Fox prfttnlt Hell and High Water __ fiKKAAD WiDMAfiX-BELLA DAffYl-MVH) WAYNE .Added "Tournament of Roses' 2:00 Sig · Off News; Hivad Record R o u n d u p Dreams: News 6:-!3 til lf 7:00 7:05 S:00 8:05 WHAP--1340 Kilocycles --Sign on ](:5 Record Room i--Sue-rod Heart 1()::!0 T t h Day -- N e w s 10: ir, Tiny W a r n e r Show --Country Slore M*!:00_ iXcws 12.05--Country Score 2:00 News: Liallroom 2:0r»--Rill's Ballroom With Bulletin 3:00--News 3:05--Music America Loven Best 4:00 News; Planer Parly ·l:0r--KJ-IO Platter Party 5:00--News Time Breakfast 'runes 9:00 -- News Board fl:0.i Morning Devotions !l:20 H y m n s of C h u r c h e s !l::iO-- Goldman Band 8:-1u I'olka Parade 0:00 Xi-ws .1:05--Ft. Lee Snlule 0:00---News Houndup U:lTi Diuner Musicel (:·!;--Sporls Log 7:00--.Vows 7:U.~--Oi'KHiiali'Rs 7:1" Toy HenekP Show 7:;!0 Music By l i o l h K-.OO--Smoke Rings !:00--News !i:05--Smoke Rings 10:00--Hill's P a l l r o o m 11:00--News Final 5:00 Comedy Time 5:15 C o m m u n i t y Service 5:30 W i l d B i l l 5:45 Hickok; Brown 6:00 News; Music G:15 Music Thru years 6:30 Rendezvous With 6:-l" Music; Sports 7:00 Fulton Lewis 7:15 M a c r a e - S t a f f o r d WL.EE--1480 Kilocycle* 7::iO C a b r i e l Henlter 7:15 Ba.sehall C h a t t e r S:0() Ba.sehall S:ir H a n d s t a n d S:;iO Baseball S: 15 Bamlstand !l:00 Basehall fl:-).", H a n d s t a n d 10:00 Baseball 10:15 Bandstand 10:30 Sporls; Baseball 10:in B a n d s t a n d 11:00 .Music A f t e r Hour* 11:1!) Music Afler Hours ll::iO Music After Hours 12:00 The 12:l. r Lamp 12:30 Lighter 12:45 The Lamp Lighter WTVR--Television--Channel 6 BLUE STBH -fa THEATER ^iM^H^^^^^^Pl^BMM""^"^^^*^TM^^TMTM-^-^^-- Only i/ 2 Mile From City Wmils on Hivy. 301 (S. Sycamore Ext.) Box Office Opens 7:00--Shows 7:30 and 9:30 Ad in. $.1.25 per earful, incl. t.ix Dial UE 3-5629 LAST TIMES TONIGHT! PLUS A COLOR CARTOON H:00 Pride of Ihe F a m i l y !i:'M DcslKn in Music n : : r i S p o r t l i g n i (:()!) :\lovic Q u i c k Quiz (i:ir I-^.sso Roporler U:HO .lo S t a f f o r d (i:-lf Camel Ne\\'s Caravan 7:00 1 .Am tile Law 7:^0 Voice of Firestone S:00 Death Valley Days H:'M Robert Montgomery i):liO C a p t a i n Br:idciock 10:00 Colonel March 10::iO Place the Face 11:00 Public Defcmler 11::!0 Late News l-'inal 11:15 Tomorrow's I'r'g'ms T U K S I J A Y (i::). r i Sit;u On 7:110 Today S:0() Breakfast Club 0:00 Dins IJong School !i::iu A r t h u r G o d f r e y 10::!0 Strike It Rich 11:00 Farmer and Family l l : i r . Love of Life 11:110 Search for Tomorrow 11:15 The UitidiiiK LiKlH 12:00 Celluloid T h e a t r e l'J::iO Garry Moore 3::iO Here's How I M S FilherL T h e a t r e ·J:00 K a t e Smith ;i:00 Welcome Travelers ·J::tO On Your Account ·1:00 Ranchhouse Tales 4:'3Q Howdy Doody AVTAK--Television--Channel S ·1:30 W h a t You Eat -l:-lf i-'un House o::tO W i n . M a r y Scrips 5:-tr) T i d e w a t e r Viewpoint b:00 The Princess li:15 Trio Time (MO Your TV Reporter f:-15 Perry Coino 7:00 Teen Topics 7::iO T a l e n t Srouls N:00 I Love l.ncy 0:00--Studio One 10:00 lluriis A l i e n 10:30 M c C a r t h y X- Array 11:00 1 1 t h Hour F i n a l ll:0.j Meet M i l l i e ll:;*r N i k ' h t O w l T h e a t r e Poole First Hero (Continued From Page 1(1) Stadium. Robins, a leftlumded batter and fielder, has no prev-' ious professional experience but has played two years of fast service ball and was sought by several major league clubs, lie has been working out with Cincinnati for the past couple of weeks. ' In the opener yesterday Bill Scliimehak contributed his third homer against Lynchburg's Bobby Slaybaugh. making his first s t a r t foi- the Cards. Slaybaugh was going along f i n e until the fourth inning when the Colts scored four times on two homers, two singles and a fly ball. The Colts added three more in the ninth on Poole's second homer with two men on base. In the m e a n t i m e K i l b u r g was holding the Cards to four singles and only poor defensive play in the Cards' fourth prevented a shutout. The Cards picked up three cheap runs in that inning on two hits, two errors and two bases on balls. Manager Roland LeBlanc and Bill ISurton were credited with t.he hi Is. Lou L u b e r l o niade a g r e a t . c i i l c h of Poole's low l i n e d r i v e down the third base line to cut off a Coll score in the seventh i n n i n g . Phil Emery went all the way for Ihe Cards in the nightcap though he was tagged for 11 hits, two of them being doubles by Poole. The Cardinals started the scor ing early with a single run in the second inning. Grady Chavis beat out a hit to deep short and J.ou Lubei'to reached f i r s t base on interference by the catcher. Kmery singled past short to score Chavis The Colts got three straight h i t in the third i n n i n g but failerl to score as a r u n n e r was cut down at home on a p e r f e c t relay from right, f i e l d . In the fourth i n n i n g the Colts put together three hit?, a walk and sacrifice fly b a l l to score two r u n s and lake the load. (irarly Chavis doubled to score L e B l n n c w i t h the tying run in the f o u r t h i n n i n g . L e B l a n c had walked and reached second on a s a c r i f i c e . After Burton singled and Gen A- BLUEBIRD --NOW SHOWING-- CAFNIVAL STORY (tarring ·*"' ·**· ANNE BAXTER SIEVE COCHRAN WLEBEHGER 6EOR6E NADER M«I b y TECHNICOLOR Food walked in the f i f t h i n n i n lay Stockton singled to left an i l l - t h r e e r u n n e r s scored whc 'oole let the ball get through Inn W i t h the bases full on a walk nterferencc play and Infield h Vciughn Dyer singled to center t core two r u n s and the third crosb the plate when the relay go away from the catcher in the" six t nning. Montiero homered with one o n the seventh i n n i n g to end th coring for the day. It was lUon iero's f i f t h circuit blow. YESTERDAY'S STARS ^ R a t t i n g -- 'Pod Williams, Red ·"·ox -- Returned to l i n e u p as a ·ogular with eight h i t s in nine tines at b a t , i n c l u d i n g two home t i n s anil a double to d r i v e in even runs d u r i n g doubleheadei it Detroit. However, the Tigers yon both games, 7-fi and fl-S. Major League The Progress-Index, Petersburg, Va., Monday, May 17, 1954 A M K I U C A X l . K A O U K Balling--Avila, Cleveland, .:!7S. Runs -- A v i l a , C l e v e l a n d , 20. R u n s batted in -- R o s e n , Clove land, :3. A v i l a , C l e v e l a n d . V2. -- McDougakI, and Muslal, St. Louis, J l . Stolen bases -- Bruton, .Milwaukee, 7. P i t c h i n g -- Podres, Rrooklvn \nd Rasclii, St. Louis, -1-0, 1.000. S t r i k e o u t s -- l l a d d i x , .St. Louis, -- Minoso, Chicago, runs -- Cleveland, Boone, Berra, New York and and Sievers, Washington, Hits -Doubles York, it. Triples Home Detroit, Vernon 0. Stolen bases -- Jensen, Boston and Kaline, Detroit, ·). Pitching -- Lemon, Clevelanc and Lopat, New York, 5-0, 1.000 Strikeouts -- Turley, Baltimore 53. N ATI OX A I, LEAGV K Batting -- Jablonfiki, St. Louis .373. R u n s -- Moon. St. Louis, 31 R u n s batted in -- M u s i a l , St Louis, 32. H i t s -- .Jablonski. Si. Louis, 17 Doubles -- Snider, Rrooklvn, 11. Triples -- I r v i n and Mays, New York, Roberts, Pittsburgh and Schoomlicnst, St. Loui.s, 3. Home runs -- Saner, Chicago 11 X K W ENt:i,AXI O R A X G U S DOVER, X. H. IJ--Charles Se- cus, a barber, undismayed by New England's cold c l i m a t e , raised an orange tree in the window of his shop and is looking forward to ;i sm;ii] harvest of uranges. D-E-E-E-L-1-C-l-O-U-S RAINBOW DRIVE-IN'S HOME MADE ICE CREAM NOW! IN YOUR CHOICE OF 17 DELICIOUS FLAVORS! Half Gallon Only . . . _ Jumbo Cones lOc " Pints 30c Qunrts 5ac Also Ke Sure To Try This Extra Special HOME MADE ORANGE CREAM SHERBET "± n 65' IT'S IMC.K-E-lilCIOUS! A RHAL TKT3AT! AIJOVE PKICES P R E V A I L Y E A R 'HOUND RAINBOW DRIVE-IN 3631 BOULEVARD, C. H. DIAL RE 3-6919 " A Little Out Of The Way . . . Bui A Lot Less To Pay" SUSAN TRAYLOR (Talented Daughter of Mr. crnd Mrs. Thoma* Traylor -- of Ettrick) As "The Puppet' 9 'from The Current Production Of "ON STAGE" Presented By PARKS SCHOOL OF DANCE ARTS Petersburg High School - May 21-22 SPONSORED BY MOOSE CLUB . Space Given By Grumpier Cleaners National new car registration figures* for a seven-month period show Ford out front by thousands! : H. I. Poft Company. t»gi»fratioit for period September through Morch, (tie lol«t» (or »*«* Kguret w« ovoiiobU. The American people know automobile wltir better rtian any other peopte on parti i. So, to gain widespread public favor, a car must be good. But to be first in public favor, a ear must IK; belter t h a n a l l others, on a dollar-for- doilar basis! And it is on (liis basis t h a t Ford lias earned sales leadership over all other ears in the nation! /t/.sf look at I'onl and see the trend-setting styling it oficrs in its J-l b r i l l i a n t body styles, with beautifully interiors. Check its features and you'll find thai: only Ford in its field offers Ball-Joint Front Suspension, for easier r i d i n g and handling . . . only Ford offers your choice of the industry's most modern engines: the 130-h.p. Y-block V-3 and ]15-h.p. I-block Six. Drive Ford and feel the wonderful performance, driving ease, and relaxing ride it gives you . . . and you'll want to end your Test Drive right in your own home garagel People buy -for VALUE... thoti why -ff»e beef

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