Beckley Post-Herald The Raleigh Register from Beckley, West Virginia on August 13, 1967 · Page 6
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Beckley Post-Herald The Raleigh Register from Beckley, West Virginia · Page 6

Beckley, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1967
Page 6
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and Register, Beckley, W. Va^ Sunday Morning, August 13.1967 Experienced Travels Stay Cool And Rested From Montreal to Middle East, from Maine to Mexico, it's the biggest travel summer in history. There was a picture taken of the New York passport office a few days ago, and the people weren't standing in line--they were standing on chairs trying to be seen by the officials. What is causing the grand exodus? Two things: desire and wherewithal. The people have the yen to go and the yen to go on. EXPERIENCED travelers know and the inexperienced soon · learn that sightseeing is hard on the eyes and the feet. A good pair of sunglasses and well-fitted arch supporting shoes make sightseeing a lot more enjoyable. Back in the hotel or motel, slip off the shoes and bathe the feet in good quality witch hazel.' Stretch out on the bed for a few minutes with the eyes covered with cotton squares soaked in, witch hazel. Everything will look better next day. WHAT TO wear is largely a matter of preference. Just keep it cool and easy to clean. That's one reason the shift is so popular. The second reason is the fact it so chicly conceals those inches-in-thVwrong place. Travel is broadening. So are those long hours sitting at the job. The shift shifts the emphasis, so to speak. At ho me. or away one of the simplest and most effective exercises for reducing the hip line is the "leg over stretch." Lie flat on the floor and throw one leg, taut and straight over the other leg and reach as far as possible. Alternate the leg stretches until the hips tell you they've had enough. MASSAGING the hips a*d thighs with witch hazel is another technique used by professional masseuses and trainers. It helps break down fatty tissue and-restore mucle tone. Start the daily exercies before the trip. It pays to travel light. PARK-N-SHOP IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BECKLEY MOCCASIN --· it's the most Brown and Black Wax Hide Leather Burgandy Our American Girls are GO. They've the casual look, the snug fit, the soft feel you love. And the least price possible for the quality and style you get. Collect *em. So many smart girls do! $7.99 and $8.99 . twflw wtr, ott»r cwwnU tn of ow-raaife nnlciS»u. V OURS ALONE AT THE HUB VOGUE FOR -SCHOOL, COLLEGE AND CAREER GIRLS LASSIE 3-ACT DRAMA (Coat, Skirt, Sweater) The coat -- Orion® pile lined for warmth. The big feeth zipper goes ail the way up the collar when raised to the chin. A-line skfrt, chain-belted--turtle neck sweater. In Harvest Tweed. PARK-N-SHOP THE 99 Sizes 5-75 And 8-18 THE GREATEST COLLECTION OF HANDSOME FALL COATS IN SOUTHERN WEST VIRGINIA COME SEE! LASSIE CORDUROY-MINX, Wide-wale corduroy lined with acrylic pile... Note the side hand-warmer pockets above 2 flap pockets. In back: a low-slung "hitching post" half belt. In water repellent, stain resistant Corduroy. IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BECKLEY OPEN MONDAY 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M. AUG. 19 is the wedding date set by Miss Leola Flynn and John Edward Toles, Cleveland, Ohio, whose engagement has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Junius JFlynn. of Beckley. He is the son of Mrs. Aaron (Elaine) Wilborne, Cleveland, and the late Edward Toles, who lived in Greenstown. Mr. and Mrs. Wilborne are also former residents of West Virginia. . The bride - elect is a grad- uate of West Virginia State College, Institute, where she was a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority and reigned as "Miss W. Va. State College." She is now employed as a teacher by the Cleveland Board of Education, Cleveland. Her fiance attended Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tenn., and W. Va. State College. He is now employed by Drenik Beverage Co., Cleveland. AN OPEN CHURCH wedding on Sept. 2 is planned by Miss Ann-Lee Page Matheny and Jerry L. Vest, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oral Vest of Raleigh, -whose engagement has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. June Matheny, 212 Reservoir Road. The Rev. Edward Hanshaw officiate at 8 p.m. in the First Methodist Church here. Miss Matbeny Is a 1965 Vacuum Often The more you vacuum the )etter it is for the rug or carpet. Walking on a dirt-filled rug helps grind away at the ufts. Dial Substitute If your iron does not have a fiber dial, press all synthetics with a warm, but not hot, iron. graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School. She received an associate of arts degree from Beckley College in 1967 and is a junior at Morris Harvey College, Charleston. Her fiance graduated from WWHS in 1961 and received an associate degree in business administration from Beckley College in 1966. He is a senior at Morris Harvey College and is employed by Appalachian Power Co. Beach Basics Vl *?A S^-f *" i » ' ·. ^ji^mui^A, - -\ , \ / v o. - -·, ^·^^BHHfe/^ '/ " ' .. - '' WEDDING PLANS Cor December are being made by Miss Judy Lynn Comer and Clifton Whitt Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Fisher, 207 O.ueen St., whose engagement has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Comer of Prosperity. The bride-to-be a 1966 grad- uate of Woodrow \Vils3u High School, attended Beckley Coi- lege last year. She is now employed as a secretary bv Beckley Hospital. Her fiance, a 19G7 graduate of WWHS, is employed by Fisher's Flowers. He \viil leave for the U. S. Navy i a September. Youngsters Can Outgrow Toys Just as a spring wardrobe re- just as he does his shirt places his outgrown winter shoes. When his -wrist han°s clothing, the pre-schooler needs well below his shirt cuff, he wfn a new wardrobe of toys with his still keep growing. But when his new "seasons" .of growth. By imagination'is no longer stimu- now, the toys your child received lated by 'his playtools, his intel- last Christmas are probably lectuai growth may not keen "too small" for him -- no long- pace with his physical growth er challenging or interesting. His rapidly growing skills re- After all, he is several months quire new and challenging plav older and it is during these pre- i ~ 1 - ' ' · -° "~ school years that he grows faster, learns more, encounters more new experiences, and meets and solves more problems than at any other period of his lifetime. His toys are his tools and "textbooks" of learning. The pre-schooler discovers his world through play, and he does so^in giant steps. It's no surprise that he outgrows his toys How To Care And Feed Bulbs After Flowering A little attention now to soring blooming bulbs will make a world of a difference in next year's flowering. Of course, an early starter like the crocus is long gone, but the late-flowering Darwin and breeder tulips have only recently ceased blooming in the Northern states, and all can still be benefited by care now. Close Trimming Harmful Every rule has its exception, and this is one place where it is a mistake to be over-neat in tidying up your garden, according to the horticulturists at a tool company. Never cut and remove the leaves of any bulb until they have turned yellow and died. AH bulbs need their leaves to produce the food which is then stored in the bulbs for next year's leaves and flowers. Naturally, the earliest bloomers like crocus, snowdrops, blue All but the slimmest figures ^ QT are still some green leaves of P svchia tric tl make a better appearance on vou can loosen the surface shal- ACcoi *BING the beach if snug briefs and! lo wly (1-2 to l inch) with a ' , Ss P te .mber i bras arp tvnrn iTnrloi- Krt,,-~n I firoon tViitml. V -- j _ . _ i i - , IV ITia?27inp a n c tools. A few new toys to pace his growth every month or two are better than many toys only once or twice a year at Christmas and birthdays. Along with toys that "fit" your child needs a creative environment for play. You can help by providing these things-- Opportunity to play, to learn, and discover at his own pace, in whatever directions of interest that his imagination and curiosity take him, within the limits of safety. -- Opportunity to make mistakes -- to build, to tear down, to explore, to experiment, to test, without criticism. ---Parental acceptance, appreciation, and encouragement of his efforts. -- Option to play alone or with others. -- Room to play where he is free to exercise his beginning skills and to play safely without restriction. - . -- Adult guidance only when it is sought by the child. Ideally, it is guidance-by-indirectioQ which simply points the way for a child to use his own imagination, intelligence, and skills in finding answers. ; Emoiional Tension Making You Sick? Physicians have long known that the mind could make the body ill. But why and ho\v? How could a physician differen- , _^ ; Uiuc aate between physically caused scmas, eranthus, chiondoxas mnes s and psychogenic (emo- and grape hyacmths wiU bene- " ^ ""' * " ' " fit the least, but, even here something is gained. So long as bras are worn under figure- green thumb hand revealing swim suits. To ~ cultivator. Then stir in 4 pounds of any " -- *- -- ·-»*· .4.V/ -- ·*- -- *** ·**-» -= i^UUlJUo Ut GliV achieve a smooth exterior, such bulb food sold for root veeeta undergarments should have asibles in your area per IQQ sotiare few seams as possible. These feet. q few seams as possible. These like the swim suit itself, should always be sudsed out after each wearing. CABLE TV Pay for the first three months 1 service in advance, get FREE IHSTAUATIOH Ends August 31st, 1967 CABLE TV FACTS 1. Nine Channels 2. Superior Reception. 3. No Charge for Cable Service Calls. 4. $4.95 per month.* . 5. $1.35 per Extra Set*. * Less discount, and tax kl I bl 108 S. Kanawha St., Beckicy; W. Va., Dial 252-7309 The Larger Bnlbs Larger bulbs like daffodils and hyacinths will, likewise benefit by a feeding now. However, with these there is another point to remember. Don't braid the daffodil leaves or fold - caused) disorders? .And was there a way to treat the latter without months or years of psychiatric therapy? ACCORDING to an article in ae September issue of a family magazine, answers to all these questions are beginning to appear. And many doctors are using this new information as regularly as they employ their stethoscopes and tongue deprcs- sors. This leads some authorities to observe that we may soon see "the conquest of psychogenic illness. BUT EVEN as doctors, learn to incorporate the new knowledge of psychogenic illness in- them over and put a rubber |to their woriTIome oFthe re- hand around them. If treated!sponsibility, as Sways must this way ths leaves pr/ dpmTM*,? ir*cf ,^f^ +K_ _.., \ ?*' " lu r. of sunsiime and cannot manu- make an effort" to"protect'him" T±s ^ ?;° P6 S y - ,, f U When he l^witot staSs ^TJ?« ? i ^ e - 0t ?v er hand ' do has made Mm vulnerable. He ast if not left in the soil after can help the doctor by telling the leaves have" yenowed." Dig him when emotional'upheaval them up, dry the bulbs in any has preceded or accompanied airy place out of the sun and j an ^ess. He can be complete- store m open hexes in a coolljy fran ^ about his angers and cellar until next October. Left fears hi * frustrations and loss- m the soil tney might rot. Stored | es - T . he heroic view that "ev- 4u ar , wam P Iace . as a garage erv thing is just fine" may be the flower buds already formed 1 - g0(xi raa nners with a friend, but in the bulbs might be damaged xt 1S poor Judgment when it is ---- -- -o-- · »*- damaged by the heat. Protect from mice Finally, to make the bulb area IOOK better the rest of the growing season either set out seedlings or sow seeds .of any quick- growing annual flowers you hai- pen to like between the bulbs jThey will come up, bloom and" extend the color. A few are alyssum, ageratum, dwarf snap- ragons, California poppies and portulacas. An are likely to re- eed themselves for next season. your doctor who wants to know. THE UNDERSTANDING, of psychogenic illness is growing rapidly, but specialists predict that we are likely to see more rather than less of it in the future. In fact, Dr. Heinz Lehmann of McGfll University, Montreal, sums it up with this statement: In the Western world of today, stresses, tensions, and emotional onslaughts seem to have re- placed hunger and infection, the greatesthazards of yesterdav." By Such Names As Stiffel n/ Fr f d!erick Others.

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