The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia on April 28, 1957 · Page 18
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The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia · Page 18

Petersburg, Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 28, 1957
Page 18
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20 The Progress-Index, Petersburg-Colonial Heights, Virginia, Sunday, April 28, 1957 Montgomery County's Commissioner Of Revenue, Treasurer Mrs. Robertine H. Jordan (left), And Miss Margaret Cowan Women Hold Purse-Sfr/ngs In Affairs Of Montgomery CHRISTIANSBURG W) -- Who can .best hold the family purse- strings may be debatable but In the case of Montgomery County, fiscal affairs are strictly for the women. For instance: Mrs. Robertine Jordan, a housewife a f t e r hours nnd mother of a 10-year-old, is commissioner of r e v e n u e . She assesses the taxes. At the other end of the h a l l Miss Margaret Cowan Is w a i t i n g to collect them, apportion f u n d s to meet budget requirements and keep a watchful eye on the accounts. She's been county treasurer since 3955. And apparently all of this is 'to the satisfaction of the male populace. "I can't say we've had any Irate citizens complain about a tax account just because . . . well . . . just because a woman Is behind t h e treasurer's counter," Miss Cowan says. Both of these career ladles are Democrats. In ]f)55 their names appeared for the first time on the county ballots. Both were elected. Miss Cowan was headed for a career in art teaching when she returned from New York to Christiansburg, her hometown, to help her father in the treasurer's office in }93G. She's been there ever since. "When her father d i e d ' she became chief deputy to Treasurer R. J. Bolton. When Bolton resigned she took over aa temporary treasurer until the 1955 election. . Her interest in art dates back to her training at Peter Cooper and studies in Paris and Fontaln- bleau, France. R u e f u l l y , she admits that the art career is now a thing of the past but has no regrets over the way things have turned out. She Is quite at home In the t-easurer's office. Like Miss Cowan, Mrs. Jordan was appointed to complete the term of a former officeholder. A native of the county, the Ill-year- old attractive brunette married Waldeck Jordan, a contractor in 1943. Since then she hns devoted her time to politic*, her 10-year-old daughter, the Girl Scoiits and Cluirch-school activities. Mrs. Jordan l a u n c h e d "her voter campaign with enthusiasm. "I thoroughly enjoyed going out through the county," she says. "I visited meetings, stopped to talk to f a r m e r s , spoke at rallies and did everything a candidate Is supposed to do, I I m a g i n e . " ·Like her colleague in office, she believes the blend of women and politics Is " q u i t e well accepted." "I hope to go on In public affairs," Mrs. Jordan says, "just as long as there is d e m a n d for my services. F r i m k l y , i t h i n k w o m e n often t a k e problems more seriously than m e n -- a n d frequently do more research and ' t h i n k i n g ' before at a decision." Montgomery voters, to ha/.arcl a guess, may a g a i n , f i n d two femi- n i n e names of their ballots come next election time. And It may well be that they will give Iholr two lady candidate's a n o t h e r term In which to show proof that county f i n a n c e s need not always be a man-sized job. 'Animals Week' To Be Observed Beginning May 5 with National Humane Sunday, "Be Kind to Animals Week," sponsored by the American H u m a n e Association of Denver, Colo., will be celebrated t h r o u g h o u t the United States and Canada. The P e t e r s b u r g Society for Pre- v e n t i o n of Cruelty to A n i m a l s w i l l participate by placing posters In store windows and schools. Exercises will be" held In schools and Sunday schools and books about a n i m a l s p l a c e d o n t h e shelves of the Petersburg Public Library. E. Alvin Small Funeral Home, Inc. E. Alvin Small Bernard M. Reames FUNERAL DIRECTORS 24-Hour Ambulance Service 2033 Blvd., Colonial Heights Dial RE 3-6886 T. LEONARD WELLS FUNEIIAI, HOME FUNERAL DIRECTORS and EMBALMERS Modern Chapel With Adequate Seating Capacity AIR-CONDITIONED THROUGHOUT CADILLAC AMBULANCE SERVICE 405 High St., Petersburg Dial RE 2-3442 ATTENTION J CIRCUS - GOERS The Petersburg Eagles Club Charity Fund w i l l benefit from its sponsorship of the Clyde Beatty Circus which w i l l appear at the Petersburg Fairgrounds on Friday, May B, only to the extent of receiving a percentage of the ADVANCE sale of tickets. In order that our charity fund may benefit as much as possible, we sincerely request that you purchase your tickets in advance by calling RE 2-7161 and they will be delivered to your door. Fraternal Ortler Of Eagles WILLIAM S. ' William S. Twlsdaie, 75, of Kifil Farmer St., died yesterday at H:40 p. m, in Petersburg G e n e r a l Hospital a f t e r an Illness of several years. , Mr. Twisdnle was n n a t i v e of Sussex County hut had resided in this city for a n u m b e r of years. S u r v i v i n g are his w i f e , Mrs. ICI- iznfoelh 1 '(Bessie) H a w k i n s Twlarfalc and a n u m b e r of nieces and ncp- Iiews. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2 p,. m. at the grave In Rlandford Cemetery. The Rev. G. C . ' B e n t l e y , pastor of M e m o r i a l Methodist C h u r c h , will officiate. DH. VKATS'CIS K. TAfilYKV Funeral services for Dr. Francis Robertson Talley, of W a l n u t Hill A p a r t m e n t s , who died Thursday night In Polernburg G c n e n t l Hospital, were conducted yesterday at 4 ). in. at Ihe grave in Hhmdford Cemetery. The Rev. lloston M. Lackey J r . , rector of Christ and Grace 'Episcopal Church, and The Rev. I. R. H u l l , pastor of First B a p t i s t C h u r c h , o f f i c i a t e d . Pallbearers were: honorary -Gordon W. Morgan, W. 11. J a m e s , R. Oscar W a l k e r , S. B. H a r w e l l , . l a m e s - 1 . .loyner, George , W. Harrison, It. M. Harrison, Walter M. Edens, Dr. Kmory F. Hodges, Or. Lewis 0. t ' U c h u r , Dr. Wil- Ihun H. Lewis, J. A. Ruejter, members of D e n t a l Society, Dr. II, H. Hell and Dr. W. M.' I.og:m Sr.; active -- Frauds H. ' Hobin-lsoii, Dr. Carroll Robertson, TUchani G. Robertson, Dr. W l l l l n m B. Russell, R. J. Parks, J.,. W. Sykcs and Lewis' M. W a l k e r Jr. J O H N W . A N D R K W S Funeral service for John \V. Andrews, of !on W. High St., whose death occurred early T h u r sd a y morning at his residence, were held yesterday nt 3 p. m. in the chnpel of the E. A l v i n S m a 1 1 .Funeral Home, Colonial Heights. The Rev. Forrest D. Sheets,'pas- lor of Third Presbyterian C h u r c h , officiated. Pallbearers were: honorary -- 1. M. TClrdsong. T. G. Tucker, C. J. P i n k . T. B. M a l t land Jr., K. H. TurtH-s, M. A. Fowlkes, Fred Leys, V. H. Poppa, J. L. P o p p a . ' D r . J. D. Osborne, H. I. P c r k i n s o n , R. E. Bryant, George Cole, E u g e n e Sadler, John W h i t e h e a d , G. B. A u s t i n , W. D. Beasley, C. F. Blrdsong, W. C. Crook. J. W. Dvson Jr.. R. B. Fry, ,1. H. M a r t i n Sr., L. B. Sheff i e l d , C. A. Slaughter. G. K. Stamos, .13. L. W i l l i a m s , -Lee W i l - liams, M. K. W o h n l g ; a c t i v e -J. R. Montuperlo, J. J. Ovcrby Kr., W. L. Parrish, A. J. R u f f u , J. N. S p a i n , K. W. Wohnig and members o f t h e Men's B i b l e Class o f Third P r e s b y t e r i a n Church. I n t e r m e n t was in Blandford Cemetery, MRS. T. Funeral services for Mrs. Irma Cornelius H t m n i c n t t , w i f e of William T. Jlu'rmlciitt, who died yesterday at her residence FoYest V i e w , near Stony Creek, will be conducted today at 3 p. m. In the chapel of J. T. Morriss Son. The R e v . Stuart Curlton, pnstor of R e i d v l l l e Baptist Church, Sussex Court House, and the R e v , Robert Consulvo, pastor of Fort Grove Methodist C h u r c h , S t o n y Creek, will o f f i c i a t e . Burial will he In the family cemetery at Forest Viow. JAMKS 11. MOOU1S Funeral services for- J a m e s Richard Moore, of 1M2 W. High Kt., who died Friday n l g h l in Me- G u i r e Hospital, will he conducted tomorrow nt 3:;iO p. m. in the chapel of J. T. Morriss Son. The Rev. George C. Field, rector of St. John's E p i s c o p a l ·will officiate. I n t e r m e n t In Blandford Cemetery. C h u r c h , will be H U G H K. MATHTCWS Funeral services for Hugh E. Malhews a f o r m e r resident of Petersburg who died in Denver, Colo., w i l l be conducted, at the grave In Blandford Cemetery Tuesday at J l a. m. The Rev. W, B. Mellwaine retired Presbyterian minister, w i l l o f f i c i a t e . Flowers For Every Occasion S T A N I . U V FLORIST (Adv.) Cat! .RR 2-37IH or RE 2-U82 Crime Rate (Continued Krom Page 19) 2-1.7 per cent of the arreeU were under IS. In releasing the Uniform Crime Report for 1956, Hoover aaid that caution should be used in comparing crime data for I n d i v i d u a l cities because the d i f f e r e n c e in the figures may be due to a variety of factors. The FBI chief listed a number of factors w h i c h a f f e c t the amount of crime in a community. They are L Population of t h e c i t y and m e t r o p o l i t a n area a d j a c e n t t h e r e to. 2. The composition of Ihe popu- l a t i o n w i t h r e f e r e n c e p a r t i c u l a r l y to age, sex and race. 3. The economic s t a t u s and act i v i t i e s of Ihe p o p u l a t i o n . ·I. C l i m a t e . n. F.ducational, r e c r e a t i o n a l and religious f a c i l i t i e s . (i. The n u m b e r of police em- ployes per u n i t of p o p u l a t i o n . 7. The standards governing appointments to the police force. 8. The policies of the prosecuting o f f i c i a l s of tho court. f). The a t t i t u d e of the public toward law e n f o r c e m e n t problems. 10. The degree of e f f i c i e n c y of the local law-enforcement agency. VPI Senio7lTo~Hold Annual Class Day Virginia Ti-ch' seniors w i l l observe their class day on M a y ,'!, .with a m e m o r i a l service, b a n q u e t and dance. Dr. Walter S. \ e w m n n will speak at t h i s service. Included a m o n g the senior c l a s s ' o f f i c e r s i s R a y m o n d ' H . P a m p l i n , treasurer, of Petersburg. BUSINESS NEWS: Gas Company Votes Dividend The Petersburg and Hopowell Gas Company at Us a n n u a l meet- Ing re-elected oil officers a n d - d l rectors and declared a dividend of 2, r cents per share. The a n n o u n c e m e n t was made .yesterday by Francis K. Godwin, president. Other officers are: n. I 1 ', Rurke Steelo, vice president; Howard P, -Wilkinson, Hecrelary- treasurer; Paulino D. Lindsey, nV s i f i t a n t secretary, and Car! A. M i l - ler, assistant treasurer, 111r(?ctors re-elected are: T. Merr l l l c W I n f r e e , of Colonial Heights; W. II. .fames, W i l l i a m ISarlc White n n i l Stoclc, of Petersburg; David H. H a r r i s o n Jr., of Hopewcll; Edwin H. Homer and Walter G. Mason, of Lyiichburg, and G o d w i n . At the stockholders meeting, preceding (he board of directors meet- Ing, Godwin reviewed results of the year's operation. He pointed out that gross revenue amounted (o approximately $1,yOOtyOO, np- p r o x i m n t e l y three times the a n n u a l gross five years ago. He a t t r i b u t ed the growth to increased n u m b e r of customers, increased lise of gas In industry^ and increasing demand for gus in space heating. The company Installed more" than BOO services to premises of new c u s t o m e r s d u r i n g the year lf)5f. Plans for f u r t h e r expansion will re- q u i r e fin estimated Increase of 25 per cent In capilal expenditures for property additions in 1957. ··· 14 From Area Win Convention Trip Fourteen representatives of the Life I n s u r a n c e Company of Virginia In Petersburg have q u a l i f i e d for the company's nnijunl convention to be held in New 1 York City, May 1-1. They are: 'Linwood C. Moore, manager, and w i f e ; doscph B. Phillips, associate m a n a g e r and w i f e ; George O. Davis, associate manager, and wife; Harold R. Mlnetrec, associate manager and wife; Clarence Gwaltney, agent; Frank G. Childress, tigent and w i f e ; Jack A. Lay no, agent, and w i f e ; Aubrey Wheeler, ngeiu, and w i f e ; Larry DeSqu/a, agent, and w i f e ; Earl Kintori, agent, and \ v i f e ; R i c h a r d M. Earl, agent, and w i f e ; Travis Y. Barnes, agent, and w i f e ; ,T. F.dluf Smith, agent, and w i f e ; W. \V. Taylor, retired agent, and wife, These q u a l i f i e d with an outstanding record in the production of life insurance in 195G. Insect Repellent Developed By Firm A new Insect repellent, which the U. S. D e p a r t m e n t of Agriculture says will m a k e outdoor living more pleasant this summer, has boon developed. Tlie d e p a r t m e n t said the repellent has been ptovcci against mos- f r n U o s . ticks, fleas, biling flies, chiggers and ail biting insects in all geographic locations. The non- greasy repellent with a slight but pleasant scent Is effective for at least, five hours after application. The formula, ..selected from among is.OfK) tested', is manufactured by the S. C. Johnson ! Son, Inc. u n d e r the trade n a m e of "Off." Admiral Smedberg Will Visit VMI Monday, Tuesday LEXINGTON, Va., April 27 (ffi-- Rear Adm. W. IX. Smedberg lit, superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, will visit Virginia Mill, tary Institute Monday and Tuesday. He will receive a full dress review by the VMI corps of cadets at 4 p. in. Monday and will address the corps at noon Tuesday. Adm. Smedberg became superintendent of the Naval Academy in March of 195G. Clyde Beatty, World-Renowned Wild Animal Trainer, Has Trouble With Tiger-Killing Lion "Caesar", One Of Wild Animals'In Featured Act With Circus Here Friday Clyde Beatty Soys Tigers Are Trainee/ But Hot Tamed "Tigers can be trained but they cannot be tamed," says Clyde Realty, internationally f a m o u s wild a n i m a l trainer, whn is bringing his circus, one of the last of the big circuses, to Petersburg, Friday, with performances at 3 and 8 p. m. Exhibitions will be given under the world's largest t e n t , at the fall- grounds. To support his statement Clyde Beatly tells about "Sultan," star of his famous p e r f o r m i n g group of Royal Bengal beauties and savage j u n g l e m a n - k i l l i n g lions. Sultan Is well-trained and well- d i s c i p l i n e d , b u t Realty f r a n k l y doubts that he has actually sub- jugcated his star. "There's a l o t of m a n - k i l l e r left in Sultan," the trainer opines, "but he's a j u m p i n g fool." The a n i m a is really a tough, recalcitrant "big cat" for he twice daily engages in .a deadly duel with Clyde neatly -- a battle, of wills -- w h i c h is i n e v i t a b l v , but slowly, won by Clyde Realty's painstaking established system of understanding d o m i n a n c e . Along with a large selection of wild ani,mal acts In the dazzling 1957 circus performance spectators Club Managers Meet At CCof P Jacques N. Aimi, manager of the Country Club of Petersburg, will lie host to the Virginia Chapter, Club Managers Association of America, tomorrow night at 6:30 o'clock. Forty to 50 club managers in Virginia are expected for Ihe meeting, lo. be preceded by a social hour and dinner. Officers for the coming y e a r will b e elected. George E. L e f t w t c h , manager of the Downtown Club, R i c h m o n d , is retiring president. will see a host of entirely new human performers from all parts of the world, including the famous Xoppo Troupe of bea.uf.iful girls in equilibristic feats on the tops of broad back horses, five abreast around the ring, in a steady gallop. As a mark of public service and to avoid standing in l i n e , those who plan to attend are advised to purchase their reserved seats at Rose's Rex'all Drug, corner of Washington Sycamore Sts. Frid a y , morning a t ' t h e same pre-war prices as on the show grounds where tickets may be purchased before the doors open. Rqdib/TV Pastors Set For This Week Members of the Petersburg Ministerial Union who will con- d u c t daily devotions on radio and television this week are: . The Rev. Dalton L. Ward, pastor of I m m a n u e l Baptist Church, Colonial Heights, on WPVA from 9 a. m. to 9:15~a. m. The Rev. George W. Jones, pastor of High S t r e e t Methodist Church, on WSSV from 9:15 a. m. to D;30 a. m. The Rev. I. B. Hall, pastor of First Baptist Church, on WXEX- TV, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from" 12:25 p. m. to 12:30 p. m. AEC Group Going To Philippines MANILA, April 27 (fl -- The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission is sending a mission to the Philippines. The U.S. government is pro- pared to set up a $500,000 reactor to train Southeast Asian technicians here. Vital Statistics Death far overshadowed new l i f e in Petersburg, according to last week's report of the Petersburg Health Department. .There were 15 deaths reported as compared with only one birth--a Negro boy. Five white male deaths and three female were reported. Six Negro men and woman were on the death list. No communicable disease was reported. N E G R O BIRTHS: Boy born to -- Richard B. and Ora C. Phillips WHITE DEATHS: Male --Clifton Rudolph Wamsley, W i l l i a m Thomas Tatum, Robert Addison Talmage Jr.. James Samuel Beasley Edar Pearson. Mattle Totty Miles, Sr., W i l l i a m Female Norma Watkins Reames an$ Sarah Fills -McCaleb. NEGRO DEATHS: Male -- In- f a n t Fowlkcs, Dennis B. Walton, J o h n n i e Spencer Taylor. Luther Lewis, Samuel A. 'Mayo a n d Charles Percy Parham. Female -- Nellie Biy Jones, "The Morriss Funeral Home Is so easy to find, and when you get there you have no trouble at all Ln getting a place to park. They have their own parking lot with plenty of room ior visitors' cars." Morriss A GARDEN OF LIVING BEAUTY Life and beauty abound in profusion as each dogwood and azaiea is dressed in its loveliest rainment -- the gorgeous blooms that mean springtime. You are welcome to visit here at your convenience. Should you do so, you will see how everything is uniformly well kept, and cared for. This is a feature exclusive with a memorial park type cemetery. It is one of the features that marks Southlawn Memorial Park as the "modern way." It is one of the features of the PERPETUAL CARE PLAN, and assures complete freedom from worry. ATTENDANT ON / DUTY EVERY DAY CONDUCTED TOURS SUNDAYS 2-5 ottthlawtt ark A MEMORIAL TYPE CEMETERY SERVING ALL SOUTHS1DE VIRGINIA Drive on 301 South -- See Sign on Right at About Two Miles MEMBER. V I R G I N I A CEMETERY ASSOCIATION H. R. JAMISON MANAGER Dovvtown Office 306 N. Sycamore Telephone RE 2-4922 · 0

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