Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 3, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1957
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 19S7 A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Home Must Be Safe IT MAY NOT take more than a little elbow grease and a second thought to prevent-a serious accident in the home. But many parents neglect doing the small things here and there that will make their homes safer. Many a youngster; has been burned by tampering with electric outlets that lie right in the path of crawler and toddler. Yet, there are plastic caps that cost hut a few cents that may be inserted into 'those outlets in a jiffy, and removed when the outlet is put into uses. '.Windows are another potential danger in the home, especially when they do not lock -properly or when the screens offer little protection to curious small fry. It takes only a few minutes to anchor screen firmly. with proper hardware so that they will act as barriers. Some Fences Dangerous Rustic fences are lovely to look at, but those with pointed tops may serve as a real danger to a -child who is at the climbing age. One slip from his perch on en: unsteady wagin or tricycle as-he leans over a fence could cause serious injury, perhaps the luxurious with lERViSOFT WATER Fuel delightfully cl«an and ro- freihtd ... keep your complexion looking loveliw. No skin-irritating K*rd wafer ingredients here. W» provide 'round the clock soft .water service for every household need. Phone Today for Detail DeFord's Servisoft Soft Water Service Phone 40493 loss of an eye. Arms and legs may be filled with splinters too, unless a coat of shellac or varnish is put over rough; wood to seal it and prevent weathering. The popular home workshop is another potential danger being stressed these days with the argument that "emergencies don't wait." Power tool experts suggest building a five-foot -wall of beaver- board around the home workship. They suggest installing a gate that locks to keep children away from saws, chisels, and especially power tools. A 'rickety high-chair may get better support by enlarging the base of it so the child can't ove turn it by rocking. Falls may be prevented by in stalling hand rails on stairways, by putting a rubber pad under scatter rugs',' by putting grab rails next to the bathtub and installing ht switches at stairways and at the entrances to, rooms. Sand chest near outdoor steps and walks will come in handy- when ice forms and the area requires sanding. Keep Chimneys Clean Fire may be avoided by keeping -himneys clean. A burlap bag( filled with straw and weighted with a brick may be lowered and raised inside the chimney from the roof until sooty residue is removed. A dry Christmas tree thrown into a fireplace is a fre quent cause of chimney fires. Walls and ceilings surrounding the furnace should be covered with fireproof material. Fire extinguishers should be available handily in the house with one kept within range of the kitchen stove. If you are planning to insulatae your home, choose a non-burnable type of insulation. The material will serve as a partial fire barrier, preventing flash fires that race along the air spaces inside walls of non-insulated homes. It's a good idea also to check your safety quotient on these points:.. Are sharp kitchen knives stored in a separate container away from the table ware? Is your medicine chest too accessible to small hand? Keep aspirin, medicines and other potentially dangerous drugs on the highest shelf in the house. Are laundry bleaches and other poisonous compounds kept out of reach ol groping hands? Its' a good idea, too, to remove the lock from the bathroom door when there are children .or old folk in the family. The .bathroom is an accident focal point-for children and elderly people. If the door is locked, you may riot be able to reach them soon enough. If lights are' operated by pull chains near sinks or in the cellar it's a good idea to install an in sulating link or a non-conductive socket. Is your furnace circulating More Dirt than Heat? H your warm-air heating system hasn't been cleaned lately, it is depositing dust all over your house — every time the heat comes onl Furnace filters cannot trap more than 50% of tiiis dust—and that's why it pays to have your heating pipes cleaned by Holland's SANI-VAC SERVICE once a year. For healthier, happier dust- free home life, far less cleaning work and expense, plus greater heating comfort, have your heating system cleaned thoroughly by the famous Holland SANI-VAC SEEVICE right now. Quic.k. Muss-free. Can be done even in coW weather. Call today I HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 5th and Market Phone 3887 If You Can Saw, You Can Make Christmas Spectaculars Mother pastes up weather^resistant, colored Christmas patterns on exterior-grade plywood; dad MO TnTd outSnes with saber saw and the youngsters soa^p <%£*•££££ ±? with the project. (Douglas FIT Plywood No painting fc necessary to complete this outdoor Christmas display. Weather-resistant patterns when mounted, on ply- Wood already for display./ «Doasb*_Ffr;Pfar«ooa BY ]\1R. FIX Distributed by NBA Service The three T's tell the story of why many of us have yet to parti- :ipate in the national yard decorating effort that turns the coun- ry into a fairyland of colorful dis- >lays during the Christmas season. Those are: Time, Trouble and Talent. And they're headaches. We' won't have the time, we jften won't.take the -trouble and, et's admit,'many handy men are somewhat less artists. than talented as PLYING THEIR TRADE, which is selling plywood, a west coast trade association has come up with what looks like a sure-fire answer to the problem of making attractive outdoor Christmas spectaculars with a minimum of work. This organization has developed a series of colored patterns for various Chrisbmas themes, and is offering ,them for sale at a ridiculously inexpensive figure through lumber dealers nationwide. PATTERNS OFFERED ARE: A six-foot-tall Santa, six^oot sleigh, one pattern that represents two reindeer, each five feet tail, three choir boys, each four feet tall, and two four-foot-tall angels. . Each pattern features a Christmas wreath; candle or other decoration, thrown in for good measure. PRINTED IN weather-resistant color, the full-size patterns are designed for Counting on panels of exterior grade plywood, of course, using waterproof glue. Price -of. plywood panel is NOT included in cost of pattern. Figures are then sawed out with a powered saiber saw or keyhole- type saw, and that's it. No painting is "involved. Figures ere said to weather well, as is, although a coat of varnish or shellac will add to .the durability of. the display and help to preserve it for use during many holiday seasons. BRACES for the figures can be made they from scrap lumber, can ibe anchored to and ifche ground witfh stakes. From here on in, you're on your own. Floodlighting or decorating with strings 'of lights can be> as simple or elaborate a project as you want to make it. Make sure that you use outdoor- type lights only, weather-proof ca hies and laborafcory : approved ligh strings. If you're not familiar with mas ing outdoor elejtrical connections you'd'better seek the advice of an electrician. H your lumSer or building sup ply dealer is not stocking these Christmas patterns, they can b obtained directly from: Dougla Fir Plywood Assn.; 111SA Streel Tacoma 2, Washington. Each pat tern costs 50 cents. The complet* line is priced at $2.50. Specif .pattern or patterns wanted, whe ordering. Home Products Use 33 Pdf. Of Notion's It eel Production Approximately one-third of all the -steel produced in this country finds its way into the American home or garage. Automobiles, _ of course, use much steel, but a high percentage of the metal's produc- ion goes into building materials and appliances. Steel is preferred by industrial designers because of its nataral strength and the ease with which t may be worked into kitchen cabinets, .pots and pans, pails tubs and garbage cans. Various coatings are applied to steel Porcelain emamel is popular in the kitchen, but for ma other products, galvanized steel used. . Galvanizing is the technique by which rust-resistant zinc ' is ap S-*. ** *•!•*• ffT Home Modernization Now Can Be Easily Financed •Home modernization now ' can institutions have their own^ spec- e financed a number of ways without straining family budgets. Bankfes, lending institutions, ind even the Federal Government ffer loans with liberal terms to tiomeowners trying to increase the value and comfort of their lomes. An example of improvements which qualify for loans is ducfiton of j^^™-,,™? Manufacturers Association. Here are the types of loans available for home modernization: Open-end mortgage. An open- md mortgage simply means a homeowner can borrow on his present mortgage. The new loan can be repaid by raising the by the QUALITY AND DURABILITY VLUMINUM ORSandWlNDOVi Wfe Wall Continue Our mmmmmmmf^mm^mm 10% Discount During November ORDSRNOW On Tripfe Trook • • • Extruded Aluminum Combination Swoon and Storm Windows This Offer flood On*y During November Ul V/i 5l"J.i—- •-includes such products as and ash cams, pads, tubs _ g cans and fuel storage cans. ' Strength and adaflhMWfr J£* important features of steel „„. the metal has other < important assets. Foi 'J>™ it is completely fireproof. For an steel does not absorb or<"~ is very easy to clean feature for the busy maker. • ' American Homes Top 50 Million-Mark During September American homes topped the 5 million mark in September, say the Bureau of the Census^ That's twice as many as in 192 and four times the number stand ing in 1690. In fact, the Censu Bureau shows a net home increas of 6.5 million since 1950. But at', the same time, mor houses are becoming obsolete. A least 25 million are more than 3 years old and 10 million -ha-v reached age 50. Most of fees lack adequate sanitary, plumbm and heating facilities. ' For example, the Plumbing Fix tore Manufacturers Association reports, 20 million houses now ar without a central heating system 8404,000 have no private bath o Shower; 3,144,000 lack a toilet am running, water. Read the Classified Ad Aluminum Combination STORM & SCREEN DOOR* $30,00 Cass County Farm Bureau Co-op. 108 I. Ottawa St. Dial 3141 he addition of- i&wder rooms. extra baths Another is and the emodeling of an old bathroom, eports the Plumbing .Fixture ial plans for home improvement loans. These 'generally provide liberal, credit terms. Personal loan. Such loans usually have short repayment periods .arid higher interest rates. However, they may be obtained easily for amounts up to $2,500. Installment dealers offer ment plans. For example, a glamorous, up-to-date third bathroom could be installed in a home for a little money down and 'easy monthly payments. monthly mortgage rates, or keeping monthly payments <,<««« . and extending repayment period of the mortgage contract, h either case, the interest rate of the additional loan stays the same as in.the original mortgage. Second mortgage. .Many mortgage holders grant home improvement loans to borrowers with good credit. These are -called second mortgages and the house is used as security. They generally contract. M'any •credit and install- carry lower -interest .rates than non-mortgage plans.. Canventional Property Improvement loan. .Some agencies will lend up to $2,500 Jor, modernization. Here the borrower must repay the money within three years. Title I Home Improvement loa n .- The Federal Housing Administration insures' low-interest home improvement loans from qualified lending agencies. For a one-family house the loan insurance- limit is $3,500. Repayment periods range up to :five years on amounts of $600 or more. Veterans Administration-insured loan. Veterans may set aside part' of their "GI" mortgage guarantee for'home improvements. The VA will insure 60 per cent of a loan from private banking institutions up ; to "a maximum of $7,500. The interest rates are 4% per. cent and repayment time limit is 30 years. Direct Veterans Administration loan. The VA offers direct home Here's How: Do A Good lob On f a/1 Ffx-l/p "Operation Household" figures in the mail bag as we approach the fall home improvement season. Here are hints on how to handle some problems of repairing, decorating, cleaning. A hole . in a screen must be patched »up, as one homeowner puts it,' "before every dog, cat and woodchuck in the neighborhood makes'a winter playground out of the screened-in porch." A good way to patch a screen is to take a section of screen somewhat larger than the hole itself, letting end wires all around the hole hang loose so they can be threaded through, the screen area around the hole, sort of-like darning a sock. A thici metal instrument or crochet needle helps do a neat job : quickly. , "I have just spent a good deal of money on new • draperies only to find they were not fade .proof," writes a woman reader. "The colors were blue and reds and after one summer I am shocked to find large bleached areas. Is there any fabric that is fade proof? The store where I bought the fabric says this could happen with any fabric." „. dene. Sometimes notr. A rule of-thumb is to keep be There Avoid Fading are several sun-proof improvement loans 2,500 counties where quate financial help in , roughly other a*^is hard to obtain. Such loans usually have low interest rates. OWN Plan loan. .Many banking sink, sponge -with soap and water, and rinse off with cool water, A sink spray is ideal for rinsing. Ordinary, shades may be cleaned with thick soap suds and sponges or cloths by rubbing sponge or cloth in circular motion. The shades may be replaced at the Windows without being wiped dry, unless they are very wet. Keep them down until they are dry. Large bamboo shades may be sponged clean -with soap and water while they are still in place. Rinse off the soap and let them dry. Mixing Popular This is an era of mixed woods in home furnishings. Homemakers are puzzled as to how to mix jeriods and woods in home decorating. "I have a mahogany )reakfront (not a period piece)," writes a reader, "and I'd like to mow whether you think -it is compatible with a coffee table of pickled woods, a walnut end table and black Chinese Chippendale chairs and end table." It sometimes poses a problem: to decide how to integrate a num- jer of woods Sometimes it can - ' •- • • good _ . light woods—pine, fruitwood,, walnut —and dark woods—mahogany, rosewood, etc.—together, but there are instances when these woods may all be. happy together: It depends on whether pieces are large and small, how much wood is exposed, what color fabrics are used. A decorator should be consulted. "It seems to me," writes a young homemaker, "that my mother never had trouble keeping burner trays clean, even with old appliances. I have a wonderful new electric stove, but trays are a disgrace.. I .can't seem to find anything'that will keep, them clean or shine them up quickly." A good idea, is to clean burner- trays thoroughly, cover them with aluminum foil, and then just keep replacing.the foil when it tarnishes. The way to keep a "small room from shrinking," the problem of another-homemaker, is to paint it in cool colors;.pale tints and use only small wallpaper, designs Helping .Hands' ' FElAMHFORTj Me. —'An old- raiding bee .put.poultry BOLLS WITH THE PUNCH Framing lumber gives strength rigidity and form to the mo'der house. This framework, whe properly tied together with, mod ern techniques, has terrific resis ance to sudden impact caused b severe winds, hurricanes an earthquakes. Much of the nation' framing lumber is fir manufac tured on the West Coast. nexpensive Houses Appear Larger By Accentuating Roof One of the 'most successful deign techniques of Ned H. Ab- >ams, -prominent California archi- ed;, is'to make a smaU inexpensive house look larger tihan it actually is by accentuating the roof hue"". ' Abrams added that in some oas accomplished .this in tfae com- xact ranch house, rigfit, by placing the carport;,at the front and sweeping the low pitch roof over The house, now being erected in the rolling hills overlooking San IVancisco Bay, has three bed- ooms, amd sells for under $12,000. Ardiitect Albrams, one of the San Francisco area's leading home lesigners, prefers asphalt shingles >ecause of their economy, durability and color. From the viewpoint of color, Aibrains says he likes to use "oa- iure tones,", such-as the deep )rown asphalt shingles used on the house shown., "These colors come from the earth,"- the architect says, "and are more restful" He pointed 'out that in California near fie ocean there are few rees. "This is the reason we like use deep colors on the roof. L/ight pastels tend to be too brigM in California's intense sunshinie." Abrams aded that in sxxme mountain areas where' trees are plentiful the light pastels of asphalt shingles are good;. "A light roof color keeps the house from looking like it's cowering among the, trees." Other exterior features of the Abrams house are wood siding stained in redwood tones, a sheltered entraoceway under wide eaves, aajd a covered terrace ait itihe rear. Inside, the "wide entrance hall leads to a 20 by 15 foot living room separated from the kifcchen by a snack bar. The kitchen is on the front of fts house to _ permit ready -access from the living room to the outdoor living area at the rear. The overall design, Aibrams says, was aimed at 'Offering as much open planning and casual' outdoor- indoor living as 'possible in a small, low cost home. HAVE US INSTAL1 A CARTELS Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HQME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 fabrics available. A substance is infused into the :yarn : . before' is made into fabric, offering high- fade resistance in sheer, semi sheer, lightweight textures, satin backed weaves, antique satin anc in all popular home furnishing shades. . 'Bamboo shades cause some people to hesitate when it comes to cleaning, but they actually are easy to clean 1 . Matchstick bamboo shades, like'.bther varieties, may be .cleaned with soap- and water. Just dunk the small size in the' farmer Lawrence Hussey -back-in, business'five : days after his chiek- bionses were destroyed .in a en $20,000' fire. Every, able-bodied •in town showed up at the _-. . . . Hiissey' farm die' Sunday after the tlazelThey built a 150 it 24-foot poultry house for Hussey in a few hours, BKEAKFAST TREAT FURNACE YOUR FUEL BILLS WILL BE LESS Distinctive Iron Railings' • - " ' ^ J 4 - ( ---'Ornamental Iron railings will accentuate the beauty and charm of your Home. Many graceful designs. Get free estimates. v Logansport Metal Culvert Go. 220 Hanna St. ^ Dial 5157 * i i 'a fruit-flavored the house, try If you have quick bread in toasting slices, of it' for a special breakfast treat.- . LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone (High'testing in calcium and magnesium.) ( CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAYING CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 ONLY WOLF GIVES YOU BLUE HEAT Premium Fuel Oil Additive Ant aiturw eleoner, mor« «fficieirt heat, at savings up to 20% — PlUS — RED STAMPS £>N CASH PURCHASES) For Ae same price ai ordinary fuel oil. WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 314 Heath Phone 3990

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