Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 13
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Monday frerSag, Jane 17, 1957. RIP KIRBY RAWOACTIVE ELEMENTS EMIT 6AMMA RAYS. THEY WELL, I'LL BE PAGUMMEP.' WOUIP YOU COMg UP TO MY PtACE ANP SEE IF THERE'S AMY OF THAT STUFF IN THE SROUNP? STOSIE'S COMIN& 3ACK WITH A 'ASS6NS6R. HE MUST HAVE PICKEP UP A LIVE ONE ftLREAPY. M o YOU MEAN THAT LITTLE THINS TELLS WHETHER THERE'S URANIUM. AffOUNP? HOW DOES IT WORK? INTERACT JVITH SAS If^TUBE IN MOLECULES I THIS BOX MK> PRODUCE ELECTRONS WHICH MAKE THE HEADPHONES CLICK.-.. MICKEY FINN ! OH,NO,PHIL! T •„ , Y-YOU'RE \WEPECIPED VOUA-ARE GOING) THAT'S RIGHTPHld tt KIPP/H'Mf?) LAST NIGHT TOMARKY "SASSOOMAS SHE )\ L" .../-WHEN IWAS MKS.S7UrFINGrON?)<im BACK FROM fc M PRIVIN'HER TO v wAeuiu/vrmi i YOU SEE, WE HAD STOPPED AT THE PATIO CLUB-ON THEWAY-TODOA UTTLE PANC1NG AMD — BRING Vf" K |7f , ANOTHER ) ' *' * ' Logansport, Indiana, Pharot-Trlbune KERRY DRAKE EASY, S&T. PRAKE... \ PRIDE USUALLY KEEPS TO..TALK ABOUT/ THE VICTIM OF A (ERRV PRAKE AND FRANK MALONE ARE HEARING THE PATHETIC STORY OF A LIBRARIAN'S COSTLY ROMANCE.... COURTSHIP CROOK" SILENT/ YOU'REDOINS SOCIETY J\ I WELL.. HENRY OMEN A SERVICE, MISS RANSOM/rtJIO SEEM ..PONO OF ME ..THOUSH I MUST ADMIT A LONELY SPINSTER IS JUST TWO WEEKS AFTER MEETING ON THE BUS, HE 8ESAN TO TALK OP MARRIAGE / " REX MORGAN. M. D. NOT EEALIZIN6 THETWE HAP PASSED SO QUICKLY AT PINNER, JUNE AMD KEITH STOP AT THE HOSPITAL TO FIND REX STILL AWAKE/ iris so LATE I -"^v--BUT I GUESS 7HOUSHT KJtAt? \ I'M SUPT Ct/T.' BE ASLEEP, REX.' I TRIEP, JUNE> r l TALKEP VWTH PR. HAWKINS TOO*/.' I CAM HOSSLE AKOUWP WITH A CRUTCH AMD THERE'S NOTAIUCH SENSE IN MY TAKIN6 UP A HOSPITAL. KD.I I COULD EVEN SEE A FEW PATIENTS XT THE OFFICE — MEED A REST-AMP XJI/U- WEVER &ET rr ONCE you LEAVE THE HOSPITAL, REX.,' ANOTHER WEEK — BtfT I HATE TO PILE THIS LOAD OF WORK. ON KEtTH/ EMMY LOU "Your idea of a book for Alvin's birthday is no good Dad —he already HAS a book!" GRIN AND BEAR IT ,"... And tall Hie union's representative that 1 refute to answer any questions abaut profits, ontbegtoundt it rn'ight incriminate met... He'll understand •hot!!,.." No Jokes, Please, About Cops' Feet PHILADELPHIA — You can't refer to "hcuvy-tfooted" polico- m.-in in Philadelphia. A survey mode by Hie Greater I'liiludclphla Chlroporty SocJoly with assistunce of studenls at the Temple University School of Ciiir- T • TM. Enjqylt After Every Meal Helps keep teejh clean. Freshens mouth. Sweeleni breath. Buy some opody has turned up those statistics: The average size of shoos worn by Philadelphia's "finest" IB O'AD. The average worn by advertising executives is ni4. The next largest average was among salesmen—H; next came store mamiKors, 10!4. Policemen ami "high ineomc ex ecutive.'i" are more considerate of thuir fcot than any other groups. Dr. JamcH E. fiatoa, ehnirmon of the board of the GPCS, snld the findings confirmed similar ones around the nation except for the width of shoes of local cops. "The extra width," he said, "may sugKc.it that local police liuvo u .somewhat boiler understanding of their foot problems." Arkansas is one of tlio nation's' im« imcorUml source!, of cinnabar, the ore from which quicksilver Is made. BUZ SAWYER HEY; * REVOLUTION IN SOWAT! SHEIK ABDUL ASSAKIHATED. THISJ ^ HIS OIL COHCESSlONSSEIZEPi" WAS SOMEONE AFRWP 20RKS WOULP SEE THIS IN THE PAPER AMD TRY TO CAHCtL 1HE PEAlt! PID THEV ENTER THIS ROOM TO STOP HIM' WOW! THEY'RE THE OIL RIGHTS ZORKA JUST BOUGHT BY CHECK FOR *750,000.' Ladies, Bailey's JANTZEN Bathing Suits shapes you beautifully for swimming. MARY WORTH AUNT NftTTIE'5 CUEST HOME I5M7 LUXURIOUS, BUT IT'S QUIET—AND, ALTHOUGH *HE'5 ECCENTRIC. I THIN YOU'LL ENJOY HER. 1 LITTLE ABNER JEST VKDRKV 'BOUT \ THEN THIS IS ) THET MONSTER.'.'- ATHE-fiASP?- * MAH MAMMY DOME <( TIME TO USE IT.T GIVE ME A "SECRET WEAPON" THAT KIM KILLAMVTMIN ONE THAT HAS THE *—\OH, DON'T ENTIRE ARMED FORCES ) WOPR.V 'BOUT OF THE U.S.A. BAFFLED? NANCY WE JUST GOT) WE HAVE A A HI-FI SET / '""^ V ^ ( DO WE c>r> It" b r iM»4 NOW I CAN TALK ABOUT MY HISH-FI STRICTLY BUSINESS 'Let's call our new product 'Brand X'—we'll gel a lot of free advertising!" STRICTLY RICHTER ® I9», Km,; I'oMm s,:.t,Mt, In., WotM rlfhi ic»m4. "Relax. My boy friend is an umpire and can't see well." CUTIES "Mother, is it all right if I NEVER want to beautiful?" DOTTY DRIPPU -IF THAT'S AWOTHER SALE6MAM, I'LL. PUNCH HIM RI6HT IMTH6 S'HGLP WANNA SOME SOAP SO I CAN GO \. -r AWAV TO GRANDMA GRANDMA. OUR LEFT PIELPER HAST'TAKE HIS MUSIC LESSON T'DAY../' WIUU YOU COME OVER AN' PLAY IN HIS PLACE? W-E-L-I O.K..IF YOU BOYS WON'T OBJECT T' ME DOIN' IT MV WAY/'

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