The Evening Post from New York, New York on October 27, 1817 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, October 27, 1817
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r - ' XLV - YORK EVEXIXQ POST. KONDAY, OCTOBER - Sliding ecetien. The paragraph WBich w rs - puLlUbedoa Saturday, from the New - York G&rtttt, respecting the ihockin; accident which LappeMd to llr. Hoffman'! ton, ft lad of about 12 ftui of age, be.g found to be incorrect, we have ascertained; the following to hart been tht ', facta. '. The toy ra standing apoa the arharf, r trailing; till th boat approached near enough to ' permit hum to jump on board, at be tupposed, at he entered the ilip, in order to get a riJe, at it h called, of ft few yards before the ttopt He however, jumped short, and ooe of bit leg was Caught bet wee the boat and the wharf; and minted in the Btott thocUmr Banner. ' lie then w I "' turned and caught hold of the wharf with ooe ' band, creaming for help; bat he would bare fallen and death inevitably ensued, bad be not been retcfted from hit dreadful ritoat;on by the retolatioa and activity of ft tailor, who sjhded iron the rijjing of a vettel lying at the head of the dip, jumped orer a high fence an ran and " - caught the boy in bit arms, calling to several - nrW. who were lookinr on. to know who be .. wu. Although Use youlh was man agony iot to ! bt detcribtd, with bit leg twitted twice round.the bee - ran torn from its place, the bonet quite . . lare end all covered with blood, be jet had his - antes, and told the kind preserver of hi life, hit ' same, to what tti est, and at what No. bit lamer ! lived. But he enquired for the nearest surgeon, and carried him directly to the house of Doctor I CMam.wha. however, was not at borne, but - ' . f WW ' ' coon came in, and be again carried him to the Iwom of hit father, where the limb wat amputa - ' led above the knee - During thii painful opera - " fion, and from the moment the shocking accident ' happened, thit honest, hamanetar, waa incet - to encourage and console the unhappy you th, and .' cheered him to keep np hit spirits, and hope for the beet. The fortitude with which he bore his ' , sufferings, both from - the terrible wound, and from the amputation itself; 1t spoken of, by those ' who witnessed it, ia terms of astonishment. The lad recollects that tome one was at work ' " to sear that he might have caught him and saved him from the injury, but the poor man, in .the ... . . . . .. 'iMiB ,. - - - - - i r - his presence of mind, and ran away. lie says, too, there were several people near him when he lay between the beat and the wharf, but that . fteoeef them stirred to hit assistance, or offered to relieve him 611 the tailor ssppeared. ., u auorus us unieigneu pleasure io do aoie io mention the name of the young; man to whom he. .inanity it to much indebted, and from whose mouth we have just received the particulars a - hove stated. .II is muse is Arthur Thome, an . English tailor, 43 years of age, who came last 'J from the West Indies. He has just been to tee the boy be preserved, who instantly knew him a - t pia "j aad who, we lean, it likely to do well. . We take this occasion to caution the hands .' belonging to steam - boats, bow they permit the ' dangerous practice among boys of jumping on a board tha boats as the jr apptosuJi th wWf, - j longer to be continued. . Deaths in Savmnah, from the 1st to the 15Ui ' Oetuber Inclusive, reported by Ike Doard of Health males SO, female 1 2 total 61 Of this .number 59 died of yellow fever. Fortv three ef 'the above deaths were oea - rcsidculs, 33 of horn 'vereteaaaea. ' . i ' The Schuylkill Bank in Philadelphia has been defrauded out of J3140 4lctt by means of a forged check in the name of Thomas Har per. The check was paid In one hundred dollar notes of tha Schuylkill Bank. . Six hundred and fifty - two soldiers and Ger man settlers arrived at Quebec from tho 7th to toe 15th of this month. From the following account we should judge that the fever still rages at Savannah with una bated violence. CHARLESTON, Oct. 13. The schr. Eliza U Ann. Fiord, arrived last evening in 1 dav from Savannah. The E & A sailed from this port for Savannah on Saturday last, bat did not go up to the town, on account of , us lever. Twelve persons were buried ia one day ; among them the masters of two New - York packets. The Fever was not confined to stran. gen, but was equally fatal to the natives. A ship and brig had gone up, but bearing also of we lever, came out. immediately. A ship bad tailed from Savannah with passengers. ' Extract of a letlir from Hamburg, Stpl 9 - A vessel belonging to Philadelphia, from K. Orleans, Smith, master, has arrived at Cuxhavea, and is under quarantine, in consequence of the death of three of her crew. The Jason, Briggs, to tail soon for Hour lion; and the Thomas, Smith, of Dusbury, Mippo - sed for Charleston or Havana, are here. . rVm tht BallimoTt Ftieral Republican of Oct 24 We andertiaad that ft netting of the principal traders in Baltimore hat been recently held, Oft the propriety and practicability of importing goods from all parts of Europe; that resolution were adopted to this effect, and that a committee Wat appointed to make the prclimirary arrange meets. We have understood that the capital to ' be embarked in this business, it to amount to 3 miiHoas of dollars. So large a cauiud. nropcrrr and judiciousl) directed, we have bo tort of doubt, would contribute to the present and permanent prosperity of Baltimore. . FrtmOe Mimtrtal U erald October 18. Tk betutif iU A Unruis Tha female known in England and a poo. the continent of Europe by this appellation, has lately arrive J in Montreal, and inleod to visit the United States. The aime of Use subject of this article is Harvey;' aotlsbe was born of English parents at town in (ssei, withia 40 miles of London. They had slacMidren, three of whom inherited the same nrir oomple aieo with themselves, aad three, ie - - cludiagtbe Albineae, were of the same extraor - olniry appearaoee. Her hair it most wonder - fin, it remble the apoearanre of the finest sik. U ht beautiful glossy teature ; Jnd tbeprwMrvetUUe.utyby freqeeoUy tmtnert - st Bvim water, and nver uses neither a comb w "'OKi. lerexetareapparenUyinaitateof . eonuaual motioo, ovtr which the hw no con - !l"r n F?" CelH,r ?aric with Position of to. hglrf, but are uhic8 of a toft Indian uinlc or - itwuiiao. ru colour and Uac Hercoun - xeawsce aniaixted and WavtraUcaaxeVeJitwdsjid ftccoiuplisU - ' ei, and ber demeanonr dittiuguitbed by modest and feminine dignity, and she is said to siog with taste. - - ' ' .' A lock of it has been brought by Mr. Feele from England some yeart ago, and il now in hit Musewm at miadeignia. . . . . : . x GEORGETOWN. CD. C Oct. 22. A correspondent at Baltimore writes ua, that . . . . ao M a the Bile not Arret Tng luo ae u riau, nas arrived there, after a four month's cruise. She saluted the fort, which was returned She ia said to be very rich with plunder. NANTUCKET. Oct. 18. - Arrived, thin Ganeres. Ray, from the Panic Ocem, with a full load of sperm, oil She hat been performing the - voyage 762 days, era int lOthlune, she put iuto Talcagnama for tup - plies, and laid there 8 days we puce was gar - rifoned with about 2000 king's, troops ihey had had no action with Use patriot troops since the Utter took the city of Onception. j no garrison was short of proviaioo, particularly bread j bow - ever, capt Ray obtained wood, water, and some bullocks, in exchange for bread, and was well treated. Tftere was wen laying ai . i aica - guama, one frigate, one tloop of war, three gun brin. and ft number of ships, &c. Left no A - merican vessel in that port. The patriots pot - tested all the country round except the peninsula on which the garrison stands. The Royalists expected ft reinforcement from Lima should they be disappointed in that, they talked of e - vacuatin? the place in about one month ; they bad vessels enough to take all their troops off' They were not annoyed by tne patriots, woo, having cut off all supplies from the country, cal culated upon starr me them out. The cannon in the torts were dumouuted, reaay io oe taxen off should they be under the necessity of leaving. The Ganges left there the 23th J une. In doubling Cape Horn fell in with largo bodies of ice, was coiuidf rablv retarded in getting round at one time was completely surrounded with float - inr sheet ice, so as not to be able to run. Spoke, in the lat of Trinidad, ship Horatio, Bayley, SO days from iV. Scotia. Four days past, spoke ship William, Coffin, 30 days from London, for .. York among other passengers on board the William, were captains Thomas Fokrer and Obed Folger, with their families. Lift a Whale Ship tpokt and Uflin the Pari - Jic Ueean. Nantacket Vcwels Jan. 1, ships George, on the coast of Lima, 600 bills. May 15, Boston, cnatof Chili, 180; Lima, 1750; Charles 1750; Weymouth, 1500; Globe, 1750; North Ameri - ra, 250; John Adams, 1500; Maze, 200. .New - Bedford Vessels Ship Barckley, Coffin, coast of Chili, 1G55 ; Swift, Price, 150. Arr. brie; Betsey, Cash, after an unsuccessful cruise of 3 months. Oct. 19. Ar. brig Betsey, from the Banks - no oil. Oct. 80. Ar. brig Liberty, from! ygrr Bay, Coast of Africa, with 1700 bbls. oil. Oct.ZI. - oAr. Experiment, from Boston. An English brig from Liverpool, for Trinidad and Turks Island, 20 days from the latter place, bound to Portland, with 10,000 bushelsof salton board,mn on shore this morning, on the south side of this lland. With some diihculty, but without loss, the passengers, fire in number, and the crew all got safe on shore the vessel and cargo will probably be lost. Arr. Ship Martha, weeks, from the Pacific Ocean, and 100 days from Valparaiso, with ft full cargo of oil. this vessel put into Valparaiso for supplies the port was blockaded by a Spanish frigate, which kep the Martha in port about 20 days The patriots bad taken possesion of a fast tailing vessel belonging to Brown & Ires, of Pro vidence, and lilted ber out as a crueet, pressed part of the Mrrtha's crew into the service, and after ft short craise, restored them to the ship. The Martha gives no later newa from the whaling fleet, than the Ganges, which arrived a few days past. NEW.LONDOJT, Oct St. At Lyme, on Tuesday night of last week, a most during attempt appears to have been made to plunder aud burn the store of captain Charles smith, it was discovered next morning, that some person had penetrated through the under - nuuog, and, liy nicant otan old saw and noser, had cut a bole through the floor nearly large e - nouch for ft middle sized man to enter. Still farther under the floor, a fire .appeared to have been kiuuicd, that must nave ccntioued some lime, as it had burnt through tbe under floor, aud a number of bran J of considerable bigness were remaining;. I he saw and auger were left under tbe floor, and upon enquiry were found to have been stolen from a blacksmith's shop, about a mile distant. There was a quantity of pow - ler in the store, and considering the situation in lucn the hre was placed, and the time, tbe still hours of the night, had it succeeding in fas tening upon too store, it must inevitably have destroyed it, with the dwelling - house and build - iugs adjoining, and imminently endangered the lives of the family. Various conjectures were ma le respecting the author of the mischief, and suspicion seemed at length to rest upon a person who had been seen lurking about the place, for tome dayt previous, uuder suspicious rireum - stances. He was traced as far as EaM - Iladdam. arrested, charged wKh the crime, and admitted the principal facts. A small trunk, the only article missed from the store, was found with him. He called himself Weston Allen, and said he was from Windsor, in this state. He was committed to jail to await his trial before the superior court in January next The repeated larcenies, that have been committed of late, in that place under shelter or higlit, seem to call loudly lor the vigilance of the magistrates and executive officers. And wbeu they progress so far, as endanger, not . - illy property to a large amount, but the dwellings and lives of individuals, il is hoped that no exertions will be spared, to bring the offenders to justice ; as the certainty rather than the severity of punishment must be relied on for the prevention of crimes. MOSCOW, (JC. Y.) Oct IB. On the 8th ult the bones of a man were accidentally uW - ovrrd in the woods about two and a half auLrt rout this village, by some children living In the neighbourhood. Circumstances warrant at ia stating them to be the remains of Mr. Aides Jioo - J, who fur some time previous to km death, resided at Nunda, Allegany county. nr. KooJ, .nau been employed iri Air. C. Da - moo's clothuir works, at Mt Morris, and oil the tills of Jaavary, 1818, left there for the purpose of reluming to his family in 2iunda, driving with Sum some cattle be had .recently purchased. .(ler proceeding six or seven miles on his way, he stopped at a house a few minutes, atd while there his cattle strayed into the woods aid took a course leading back again towards Mount - Nlorns, but I y a shorter route than the one usually travelled. He pursued, but it is presumed lost track of them, and not being near any road or habitation, was overtaken by the night, which proved to be an extremely cold one, and perish ed where bis bones were found. A piace of cloth, whk h be had dressed and was carrying noma with him, was fouud en or near the spot, together with his pocket - book containing a number of paper, the writing on which had become entirely effaced. Mr. ltood was ft natire Litchfield county, Connecticut, and was about 23 yean of age. What is very extraordinary is, that search teas made by hundreds, at the tunc, but no trace of him could be discovered, although be rished within 40 rods of ft road considerably travelled. On the evening of the 13th inst. about 1 1 o'clock, a meteor passed over the town of Genesee. Its course was almost directly north. Me - taoroloists would probably call K one of the aerphths (or stones of the air) which have, more frci'ttsUy of Ute, rlilci the earth. Our in formant, who, with soma otiwr were returning from ft singing - school, witnessed the phe - uomenoa. He stated, that from extreme darkness the horizon was tuddesly enl?;htened, to that the smallest objects were distinctly docerft - able, or, to use hit own words, V I could see to pick up a pis m the road." Looking up, the biasing train which followed the fterolith, seaav ed to him twelve or fourteen feet ia length. A part of the nucleus broke off, or separated, and was followed by a shorter blase, which, how; ever, was soon extinguished. The principal one was out of sight in ft few seconds. The company, after walking tome rods, heard an explosioB which resembled the rumbling of thunder. - It was alto heard distinctly in this village, aad pro bably other places in this vicinity. NORFOLK Oct 2 In aaar row xoahs Brie Elizabeth, Colls ran. 54 days from Hamburr, and 42 days from the land, bound to City Point The ship Reap er. Torse, ssiiea aoout 13 oars oeiore for Philadelphia, with a Prussian Minister, French officers, an English gentleman and bis lady, besides several steerage passengers. MARRIED, On the 23d inst. at Rhinebeck. by the Rev. Mr. M'Murrav. Archibald Smith, Esq. attor ney and councellor at law, (o Mist' Cornelia Heermance, daughter of lien. Martin iieer - mance, all of that place. In Sebeaectadr. John K. Ptirne. Esa. Alter - ney at Law, to Miss '.Maria Yates, daughter of boh. Joseph C. Yates. In Utiea, Fraaeit Granger. Esq. Attorney at Law, of Canadaigua, and son of the late rosv Matter General, to Miss Cornelia Vsn Rensselaer, eldest daughter Of Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Esq. ' DIED, In the TJpper Country, Col. John Mercer, of rredenckkburg, (Va.) son or gen. Mercer. On the 4th inst. at Woodstock. Shenandoah eouoty, ( Vs.) William C. Williams, Esq. Councellor at Law. At Baltimore, last Thursdsr. Mrs. Marrareil 3ierre;i. At Charleston. Mr. Jacob Kinrssrood. a aatrre of Engtsnd Mr. Peter Thomas Ryan. At Johntbargn, Warren county, JS. i. on the 10th inst. in tbe 55th vear of hit tse. Robert CO - ehrist, Esq. formerly a merchant of this etty. At xnew - urieans, ot tne prevailing refer, Mr Lewis 8. Humphreys, ton of Mr. James Humphries, Bookseller of Philadelphia. At bay brook, con. on i rtday, 3d inst George F. Hover, aged 10 years, a promising son of the Rev. Aron Hovey, of Saybrook, brother with two other boys, went into his father's barn to amuse themselves with jumping they ascended to the great - beam, and all agreed to spring off together; but George happening to jamo a little too soon, and turning upon tut back, brought nun directly under another boy, who came with bit whole weight upon tut ttomacb and Dowels tie languished in great distress till the Monday fol lowing, when be expired. At his residence in jonnsbargb, warren coun ty, on the 10th instant Robert Gilchrist, Esq. aged 55 years, formerly a respectable merchant of this city. At Norfolk, on the Zlst inst. capt William Rind ire, of Portsmouth, .VII. master of the ship Hetty. At Elizabeth Citv, JV. C. Mr. James Clarke, a native of Ireland. In Matthews county, captain James Blake. snip - master out of the port ot ortolk. Kyzxixa post mariwe list. CLEARED. - Schr Export, Chapman, Blakely Peters & nerricx. ARRIVED TIUS fOREMVOK Shin Criterion. Avenr. from London, aud 40 days from the Downs, with dry goods, fcc. to E. Morewood, owner, Thot. Dixon, J. OImstead, Collins & Co. D. D. Arden, A. T. Goodrich, J. Ladd, M. Hognn, Jones 6l Clinch, Anderson ti Shearer, T. S. Umngton, Le Roy, Bayard t Co. T. Si W. Proctor, D. Oakey, II. Brevoortjr. D. Bazelgette, ). Fanthaw, J. Bowerhonk, H.Gat - ley, if. A W. Dilufield, D. lime, Mills & Napier A. I appaii, J. tastnurn a co. c uevresar, j. Blase. G. Chance. J. Smith. .R. Sherriff. to or der, and 300 kegs of specie to the U. b. Bank w passengers. Ship Brilliant, Geer, 38 days from Htvre de Grace, with dry goods, plaster, bio. to N. L. ti G. Griswold, owners, L. Sailes, Taylsrtt Wilder, Fricot & Lachaisc, M. Hyda, de itcofville, J. D. Durand, B. Desobry, C. G. Fontaine, D. Crestcy, G. V. Hersan, L. Larue, Cursier, Kav - esier A Co. D. L. Dodge, Gosselin, S. Marsh Si Brooks, M. Hogan, Henderson Si Cairns, N. L. Si S. Delonguemare, J. B. Marie, II. Brevoort, Mr. Fetteral, F. V. Revier, E. Rovert, Mr. Lar - eniceur. and the captain. Passenger, E. Rovert Mnp lonitnoanre nogers, tanas, v days from Dnricn, with ship timber to H Eckfbrd. Lelt schr Union - Drinkwater, for N York ia 6 dayt ; tloop Linnelt, Weeks, from NYork. uncertain. , French brig La Bon Gabrielle, Capt. Berho, 56 dayt from Bordeaux, with platter to L Larue. British brie Georee & Thomas, Parkinson. S4 dayt from Antigua, with rum and molasses, to R tenox. ten British schooner Lady Augusta Smith, Gains, for N York in 14 days. Brig Actress, Hurd, 7 days from Savannah, to Horton & Woodholl. . Schr. Betsey, 21 days from Newport, with plaster. Schr Nancy, nilt, IT d7 from the city of St Dominf o. vfhh ntahotranv and hides, to F Harmony the mate of vie Nancy died 4 days . ...1 - , . , 4 ago captain mil sick in ine noepiiai. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Schr. Welcome Return, tmall, 5 days from N. London, with fish and oil, to (he master. Schr. Hope's Lady, House, 18 dayt from Harwich, With fish and oil, to the master. Schr. Juno, Dickerton, 14 dayt from Dennis, with fish and oil, to the master. New Schr. Tontine. Hovt, 4 days from Sand - ford, in ballast, to Saul Alley. British Schr. Mary k Elizabeth, Burkitt, 14 days from Anapolis Royal, with fish, to the master. Schr. Stark. Haskell. 20 days from St An drews, and from N. London, with plaster, to ward Bishop. Sloop Lucloda, 30 days from North - Carolina, with shis'Us. to the m after. Sloop George, Kiliiourn, 6 dayt from Boston, with uiolastet, tail, duck, to VVm. Davis, ana others. Sloop Volusia, Sherman, 8 dayt from Cotton, with rum and suit, to the muster. Sloop Manilla, Bulkier, 3 dayt from Boston, with piece goods, iron, tea, tugars, alum, tic. to Goodhue 4: Co. li. W.Fieid, IJ.Haslingi&Co. Van Shaick Si Givan. Cunningham tz Baylies, Sniilh Si Nicoll, D. G. Hubbard, 1. .Mosts ti Sons and others. Sloop Nancy, Tyler, 20daysfromSt Andrews, and 2 from N. Lundoo, with plaster, to Ward bi Bishop. Sloop Ann, Comttock, IS hours from Newport, with dry goods and lime, to the mas'er. Arrivals at the Port of Queues, from the 7lh to the 15th Oct - Brig Rambler, from Lynn, with settlers ; brig Sarah & Mariana, from Maryport ; ship tphyr, London, with 7 officers, Hi men and 10 women and children, of the 37th and T6i!i Regiment, and lb9 men, women and children, German fettlers, and l'J English seltlere total 259; brig Earl of Dalhousie, from Halifkx, with 7 officers and 159 men of the 60th ltegt ; ship Canada, Iondon ; ship Camilla, London ; brigs Picton, Belfast, with 114 settlers i Nich - olson, London ; barque Aurora, Gibraltar ; barque Industry, Iiondon ; ship Crisis, Shield , with 14 settlers ship Uerkly, Condon ; brigs Flora, - London ; Paragon, Liverpool) ship Isaac Todd, London ; Perseverance, London, Willi 12 settlers ; brig George, Halifax, 4 officers and 60 men of the CO Ji Regt ; ship Rebecca, Greenock. The above vessels brought out 652 soldiers and settlers. The brig Teleroachus, Wood, lias arrived at Marblchead, in 35 cUys from Surinam, for Boston. Tbe following - information wu politely forwaicd by Opt Wojd : Left, sliip Charles, Freatpn, o! BostoOj trailing for molasses (brigs General Jackson, taring, of do aittig for do. ; Rotund, Cook, of Salem, waitimr for da. i William Charles, Sheppard, of do. to tail in 12 days s Uiram, Brown, of East - Greenwich, diseharred part of her cargo, to sail in a few dsya for the Islands ; Reso lution, Gardner, of do. discharging j Catharine of New - York, Allen, late Denruson, Aew.ioric schrt Contract, Lewis, of JVewbury, wailing for molasses; Amazon, Otis, from Bath, touch ed 9d Sept. and sailed the 4ih for the Island Oct 1st 1st 38. N. lonr 67. W. snoke schr Le fert, Andrews, from Baltimore for Martinico. 5th, lat 82 10, long 71 SO, W. a ship from Ken - nebtink fi.r New - Orleans. 15th, brig Travel ler, from Cape Ann for Mariagalante, 3 dayt out FROM OUR CORRF.SPOJVDENT. . - Office of the Freemant Journal,) ' . Philadelphia. Oct. S6. t ArnvecJ French ship llonna Emore, Isaurel, 50 days from Bordeaux, with specie. . Br." schr Venus, Dixey, 80 days Guernsey, with merchandize and passengers. Schr Lydia & Mary, Rowland, 9 days from Boston. Schr Mary Palmer, Hallet, 8 days from Bos ton. Sloop Romeo, Pcckham, 6 days from Ned - Bedford. , Sloop Burtus, Hall, 3 days from New - York. Sloop Eagle, Tompkins 8 days from New - Bedford. Schr Decatur, Hill. 12 days from Eastport Hostoh Oct 24 Arrived brig Plictnix, Low, from Marseilles and Gibraller Passengers Messrs. John 1. Itenry, ot savannah, Samuel rurber, of Providence, and Messieurs Uavard, Huron, Bantoux, Cursod, Binon and Sive. The brig Superb, Haradcn, for Salem ami schr Hen - . f . . .r l i . 1. j. . . i ry, sav is, ror iew - iur, uom ironi .naiaga, pasel through the gut 4 days before the Phoenix. Brisr Joseph, Allen, 54 dayt from Gotten burtr, cargo 1010 bars iron, to Samuel R. Al len. Sailed Sept 1st in co. with brig Ann Maria, Buck, for N. Orleans. Left no Ameri can vessels. A Turkish frigate from Constan tinople, was in quarantine 3d intt Spoke lat 44, long 51, thip Albion, Clark, 33 days trom N. Orleans for Civerpool. 5tli lat 43, long 53, schr Rebecca, Ross, 5 days from Marblehcad for the Banks. 20th Cape SMtJV. 9 leagues schr Robert Anderson, from JV. York for Halifax. The Joseph has on board confined in irons, one of the crew of the Plattsburg, who murdered the Officers or that vessel, and car ried her into JVbrwtv. Last JVight, schr Uncbin, Farley, 41 days from Rochclle. Passenger Mr. B Jenney Left no American vessels. Spoke on the Banks, schr Elvira, of Yarmouth fish inr. Ckaxlis t ok, Oct 18 Arrived, Smack sloop Liberty, Crary, N York 4 days. Ship Prince Madec A pnlewhtite. Liverpool. CO dayt Sept 27, lat 31 ions 5., boarded tloop tiaymaxer, Mix, sro flays from Madeira bound to Boston ; being short of provisions, purchased half barrel of Bread, tbe only article we could procure from her, the being al.o khort. Oct. 7th, lat 35 50, long 62 30. boarded brig Swift - sure, Lindsay, 143 da) t from Macoa, bound to Boston, who generously supplied us with provisions, as we were entirely out, fur which tender him our sincere thanks. Oct It, lat 30, long 57 30, spoke schr Rambler, Rich, 26 days from Caitine, bouud to Guudaloupe. . Ship Orion, (of New YoW.) Burns, 'Amsterdam, 44 days. Left, ship Canton, Rogers, for this port to about 10 dayt ; thin Hope, lor Baltimore ; brig Ann Si Louisa, for Portsmouth, iV H , change, both trom Baltimore. A barque, of Bos ton, had arnved trom tooth America., un ihe 10th intt. lat 39 23, long 71, spoke ship Atlas, Jenkins, 65 dayt from Liverpool bound to New - York. Bchr Pbcebe Elif a, Green, N York 6 days. Schr Calypo, liilliard, Philadelphia, 8 days. Passed ia the Riyer, thip Halcyon, from Liverpool, having on board the capiain of the ship Ltutara. fkhrJotenh. Doinieinue Dirun. St.'Matva, 3 dayt. A Mexican privateer arrived at Amelia from Galvettown on Monday last informed that four other vessels, with 400 men, Lad sailed from the same place for Amelia. SIood Rambler. Barlow, Weathersfield, Con. 8 days, and 5 from NewJYork. On Wednesdny evenmf, otf Hat terns, spoke sloop Boston and Newbern racket, 7 dayt from Cotton lor ft ew - bern. Sloop Nancy, Randall, N York 8 dayt. On Thurarlav oieht last off Georgetown, spoke sloop Decatur, 8 dayt from N York for Savan nah. . Smack sloop Sterling, Appleman, N York, 6 days. Smack sloop Concord, Stark, New York, S days. - The ship Morning Star, Bishop, from New - York is coming tip - Below, two sloops, from northern ports PHILADELPHIA, Oct 25. Arrived, ship Maryland, Hammond, 55 dayt from St. Peters - burgh. Brig Active. Turley, 50 days from Cork 30 patrengert. Sailed Sept 2. Oct 18, tpok" ship John Adams, 2 days from Richmond, for Liverpool. The ship Ruth and Mary, Brown, of Philadelphia, had left Cork for Cadis ; and brig Fanny, Lewis, of do. for London, a few dayt before the Active. Schr Lydia Si Mary, Johnson, 9 dayt from Boston. Schr Minerva, Craighead, 5 dayt from Savannah. Sloop Eagle, Tompkins, 8 dayt from West port. Sloop Brutus. Ilaller. 5 davt frnm N York. Sloop Komto, Pinkharji, 5 days from N Bed - lord. NoaroLK, Oct. 21. Arrived, brig Arator, Robinson, Montego Bay, Jam. 24 duyt. Schr Three' Sibters, Lovel, Barnstable. 5 days. Schr Quiz, Mott, N Yo? k 46 hours. Sloop Polly, Low, York, (Maine, 12 days. Spoke on Friday ml, schr lnuustiy, from New Yurk, bound to Bermuda. Sloop Fair American, Reyuolds, N York, 3 days. Sloop Atalanta, Sbaler, N York 4 davs. Came up from Hampton Roads, British brig' .ortii S'ar, .Miller, trom Antigua. At anchor bclQW Fort Norfolk, schr Rising States, Wynant, from Richmond, bound to N. York; Beliidera, Johnson, from Petersburg, fur do. Cleared, sloop Stranger, Plum, N York ; sch. Quiz, Molt, do. CHARLESTON, Oct. 19 Arrived yesterday ship Morning - Star, Uifhop, New - York days. Saw two brigs and a sclir iu the olfing yesterday. Sloop Spartan, Montague, Hartford, (Conn.) 7 days. " Cleared, brig Renown, Scudder, Boston. Boston, Oct23 Arrived, brig Mary Jane, Moore, 15 days from Havana. Ship Beverly, Lovett, 125 days fi - om Calcut ta. Left at Calcutta. June 17th. shins Prkin. Dexter, disc ; Brainin, M'Gregor, do : Oscar, Hart, loading for Boston: William, Bifciclder, do do ; Albion, Conway, discluug ; Palladium, wniir.tor sateni, nearly ready; Wm baverr, Harden, Philadelphia, unc ; Trident, Rca, N York, do jKamdoloWay, Goodn in, do do ; Cri - rie, Humphrey, di de; India, Tompkins, do do ; Cordelia, Magec, for Hostvn, dropped dyii - n the river ; bry Miles, Stindish . for Boston, ready for tea ; ship Columbus, Blancliard, sailed from the Sand Heads 4 dayt previous io tne iseveriv, winch sailed Julv 3d. July 20th. lat 0, 13, s. long 93, 50, x. was boarded My the Hon. East - India Company s cruuer Teignmuuth, 21 days from Pulo Penang she had been cruising live weeks for the Hale of Cotton Kork, but could not find il. S - pt2Ab, lat 10, a. long 38, w. spoke ship Packe , Gallop, 102 daysfrota Sumatra, wirli a full cargo of pepper, fbr Bjj'.ca. Oct 10th, lt 3?, l'.f 62, brig" Afenoria, - Crabtree, 10 dayt from Machias for Martinique. ' , , ' Urg Joseph, Berry, 33 dayt from Livei pool tailed loUl bept and left ships Beue savage, RusselL for Boston. 15 davs j Concordia, Cof fut reDairinr. had been ashore on North Bank : Geoige Watson, Foster, discharging; brig Recover, Burnham, N Orleans, 15 davt ; Ceres, Cullender, for Charleston, bad sailed and put back, having been ashore on Norm uanK, ami man a:hers. Cant B. broucht no list GiaaaLTAB, Sept 13. The bries Alfred, Bernard, from Leghorn, arrived M, ana tailed 6th for N Y'ork ; Gen Jackson, Brick, from Genoa, arrived 2d, and sailed 9th for PtiiU delphia ; Gen Jackson, Rabbins, from Leghorn arrived and sailed 1st for Philadelphia) ship United States, Surget, 40 dayt from Havana srrived and sailed 5th for Genoa ; barque Camel, Breed. 7 days from Lisbon arrived 4th and sailed same day for Leghorn ; brig Or leans, Jones, 56 dayt from N Orleans arrived 5th. now dischareiiiEr : briirEunice,Backuxt35 davs from Havana arrived 7th. just out of quarantine ; ship Mary, Clark, 29 days from Trieste, arrived and sailed 9th for Boston ; brig Rambler, Craft, 29 dayt from Boston, ar. i ived 8th, and is in quarantine, in consequence of having communication with a vessel from Havana, bound alou i ship l - uura, Swdt, . 73 davt from N Orleans, arrived 9ib, now disc ; brig Abiooam, Moody, 12 days from Baltimore and 12 from Madeira, arrived 1 1th and discharging ; br'.g Brazilian, Baiter, 12 days from Leghorn, in quarantine, arrived 11th, and sailed first Wind for Baltimore, i Cant Backus, of the briir Eunice, received tome damage a few night prei ious to his arrival, by running afoul of a ship, which was also much damaged, lie it quarantined 10 days, having no bill of health from Havana. THEATRE. Last night but 2 of Mr. Incledni.'s Engagement. THIS EVENING Oct. 27, Will he revived, the Comic Opera of the BEGGARS OPERA. Caot Macheath. Mr. laclcdon tn act 3d, (for the lit time) a Hornpipe in chains bv Mr. Chamiaud. The new patriotic song of Hail Columbia, or the Birth f lace or Liberty, having been received with rapturous applause, Mr. Inclc - don will this eveninc repeat it. To which will be added, the petit comedy of MIDNIGHT HOUR. Marquis, Mr. Pritcharsl Performance to commence at a quarter before seven o'clock precisely. crY Another Golden prize from Allen's ! Ticket No 2,100, which drew the rich prize of hve thousand dollars, on Friday last, in the Philadelphia Lottery, was told at Allen't Truly Luckev Office. No. 122 Broadway, to a sheriff of one of the western countk - s of this state, to whom Messrs. have this day forwarded the pleasing intelligence of S5000 in - ing ready fur him. The rich prices of 5000, 2 of 2000 and 8 oflOOO have already been sold and paid at Allen's, and should the 20,000, 10,000, fcc. which are to be drawn in a few dayt, be sold at Allen's, they will be paid with the same punctuality, und in GOLD. oct 27 QT)" Mr. George llavlin, .tlie ou - nerofthe Ticket which di ew the prize of 825,000 in the Alt dical fcoence Lbttcry, and which he pur - chaseil of Messrs. S. k M. Allen, arrived in this city on Saturday last from the Cherokee Nation. oct 27 Mr. W.'WEST, ffc"7" Retoectlullv informs tlie Ladieland Gen - tit men of INcw York, that bit RiniKfi School will re - open on Wednesday, Oct. 2t)th, in Canal - street, near Broadway, for the instruction of Ladies und Gentlemen, in tlie art of ruling. i ne Ms Divisions ot the Broad - bwoid taueht. and tbe attack and defence ! . Horns hroke as Charees. Hunters, or the Road, and likewise for tlie ladies. .. B. Ladies and Gentlemen's Htrses taken in at livery, and a Repository for the sale of hor ses. Terms made known al the Ridine School from 7 o'clock in the morning till 5 in the evening. ocizi im Literary and Phtloiophical Soeitty Js'ew - lork. 'Jj 1 ransacuona ol 'he society for sale bv oct 27 J. EASTBURN Si CO. OT" Tbe Co - nartncrsliip betetofore exiitinr between Uie subscriber, under tbe firm of Ml.N - TUKN k CI1AMPL1N. it toil dav. bv mutual consent, dissolved. fliew - York, October 25 1817. BENJN. G. MINTUOX JOHN T. CHAMPLIN. oct 27 1m llTl iCt rXTT rfT m xm $m CINE OF AMERICAN PACKETS BETWEEN A. I OtiK b: LIVERPOOL' N order to furuik frequent andregvlar conveyances for GOODS aud passengers, the subscrihet h.ive undertaken to tlalilish a line ol vf ;sels betweeu NEW - YORK and LIVERPOOL, to sail irom each place ou a certain dav in every month throughout (lie year. i ne louowing vessels, each about lour hundred tons burthen, have been fitted out fur Out purpose : chip A.Tiii s, jonn siauion, master, t:OURlER, Wm. Bowne, " PACIFIC, Jno. Williams, " ja.mks Mnmir. And it is the intention of the owners that one of these vessels shall tail from New - York on the 5th, and one from Liverpool on the 1st of every m nth. These thip have all been built in New - York, r f the best materials, and are coppered and copper fastened. '1 hey are known lobe remarkably fast sailers, aud their accommodations for pniscngert are uncooim . nly extensive and commodious. '1 hey are all nearly new except the Pacific ; she hat been tome yeart in the trade, but has been recently thoroughly examined, and is found to be perfectly sound in every respect The commanders of them are all men of great experience and activity ; and they will do all in their power to render these Packets eligil le con reyanccs for passengers. It is also thought, that the regularity of their times ol sailing, and the excellent condition io which they deliver their cargoes, will tnakt them very dciirable opportunities tor tlie conveyance? of goods. It is intended that this establishment thall commence by the departure of tho JAMES MONROE, from NEV - YORK on the 5th. and the COURIER from LIVERPOOL cn the 1st, of r irst iioMh January) next ; und one or the vessels will s.iil at the sluul - periods from each place in every sucieedu.g luoDth IHAAC VMilGHT &SOX, F'tANCIS THOMPSON, BENJAMIN MARSHALL, JEREMIAH THOMPSON. 10rno4 ir tor ST. CHVlX, s,ktft The reyniar tradin? ship SOUTH - JiCaCAROLI.A PACKET, A. J. Csrt - w.sgiii, master, will sail about tlie 20th of November next. f'or freight or rsm nrvn.,fatii. ainiiiniw nil c - i r - r - - i - very extensi re accommodations, apply eitlicr to uie or io BF.NJ. DF. FOREST 4: CO. oct27tf 45 Perk - slip. tor Ci. - 1tl.r.cU.V. v The elc - ant packet ship CORSAIR, Slwaf Sutton, will sail on Wcdnes.l.iy 23Ui inst. im ireight or pattti'e, apply ou board, ca4 side Old - slip, or to ' CL ARK, MOORE & CO. ct 27 2t 41 Soulu - t. rr tor h:i$ihm;Tu, (.v. v.) Z The schr. SALLY - ANN, Cruthits, vrisin1""! W1" sad in two djiys. For freif hi 'I'P'J i - CAMBHELENG k PEATw?ON, o:l5T - CT&julh - st, , l For SAVAXKAH, The brig SALLY - ANN, "Smith j has a considerable fiewlit now on board, and will sad ti week. For the remainder, or passage, board, at .Murray'! wnarr, or to oct 27 N. Si D. TALCOTT. FOR CHARLESTON, (S. C.) tel The brie TELEGRA PH. J. & Mun nirMrtro - - WR ad to - morrow morning at nio o cioca, winu jierniiuuij. i as - euers are re. quested to be on board at 9 A. M. A few more passengers can be handsomely accommodated Apply ou board, at Steveus' wharf, or to . If. COWING, oct27 o. 191 rront - st DUCKWHEA T,.hLlAN MEAL, Sic 20 do Indian meal Supcrune and Rye Flour io bbls. and halt bbls. suitable for families, for tale by HEHRY HOLT, No. 229 Froot - ttreet, , oct 27 3t 2 doort east of Stevens - wharf. SILK TWlaT 3 trunks fcTJa Twi, sliorf sticks, assorted colors, iust received, for tak by F. REM SEN siCO.' oct ti so outh - stnt '1 TURPENTINE 400 bbls prime softTuT - X pentine ; 150 do fair quality rln. for taleii D. BE I'll UNE A CO. oct 27 Vt nll - ttreet. Ql TK.iS, tec. J rhejts hyson skin tea . v 20 do yomig hyson 'do . . ' j 6 do hyson do 135 bags Jamaica pimento j ' 10 pieces Russia theeliyg i 70 boxes Castile sqap 1 8 do tweet oil, 30 bptties each ' , 1 j0 do do 12 bottles each ' For sale by G. V, TALD0T, oct 27 - 55 Pine - st mm a ii - vowEE. " Sm VJ Boxct white Havauna sugar 72 bags green coffee Laud - ne from schr. Ca. tbarine, horn Havana, at Minluin k Chansplia'i wnan rorsaie uv GOODHUE Ac CO. oct 27 44 Soutb - st. 24 MIHflUNltV dozen of Chambertin I of the growth J 24 do 'ofltouiaiiee 1015 K first quaL rorsaitDy uuua.i imuiajw, ort27 lw. 15 Vhite - Uall - ut MEM.VO dHAH LS. JOHN L. EM BR EE offers for sale an elegant assortment of superior quality Mcrint Shawls. oct 27 St 1)LATILLA& 4 cases toutaiiiuig 200 pieces - Platillas Roy ales Just received aud for sale by GOODHUE & CO. oct 27 . 44 South - st. 3TAMP& ! COTAA'TLY kept on hand, of every denomination at ten per cent, discount, at the Bookstore and Lottery Office of G. Si R. WA1TE, oct 27 St 54 Maiden - lane HuAnOlAU THREE or four gentlemen can be accommodated with genteel Board and Lodging, by applying at 1 1 John - street, near Broadway, oct 27 lw SAMUEL MAVERICK, engrartr and top. ptr - platt printer, 73 Litrty - street, 2 doors west or Broadway, takes this method to infcra liis friends and the public, that hereafter hit cii ulallitlitd copper - plate prinling - uflice, will U known and distinguihed by the title of the FRANKLIN COPPER - PLATE PRINTING - OFFICE, Of tht dry of jVew - Fori. Where all orders will be executed in the f.rtt stile of elegance. fry Punctuality any always be sspecbMl, - Cards of addwss aad visiting card piatcs no graved and printed, at usual, at tbe shortett do tire. oct 27 tin IN CHANCERY. State of Rew - York, st. IN pursuance of as order of thii honorable Court, will be sold at public auction at tbe Tontine Coffee House, io tbe city of New - York, under tlie direction ol the suhecriher.oo the 19th day of November next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or par:el of land with the sues - suages, dwelling houses, stables, stores and buildings thereon erected, situate, lying and being ia tbe present first and late second ward of IIm city of New - York, fronting on Pine - trrct and Maiden - Lane, which wre granted and released to Robert Hunter, deceased, by John Read, survives executor of the last willaod of Joseph Read deceased, by conveyance bearing date the second day of December, in Uie year one thousand seven hundred and ninety, and which trr therein described in tlie words following that it to lay, all that certain messuage, tenement or dwelling bouse, piece, or parcel of land, situate lying and licing on tbe northeasterly tide of King street, in the east ward of tbe said city of New - York, and running northwesterly oa King - street seventy four feet and eight inches, then northeasterly on the ground now or late of Henry Kip and John Alsop, ooe hundred and forty feet and eight incites, thence running southeasterly oa the land now or late of John Stevens and Doctor Kemmoaa, forty one feet and six inches, then northeasterly on land now or late of John Stevens, one hundred and sixty - nine feet, then running in the rear, southeasterly oa Maiden lane, twentv - six feet nine inches, then southwesterly hkmg the land now or late of Elias Brevoat one hundred and sixty - nine feet Ihea southeasterly along the land now or late of Uie said Elias Brevoat twenty leet and eleven inches, tbewce southwesterly alone tbe Und now or late of William Ludlow fifty feet, then northwesterly along the land now or late of William Kipping twelve feet ten inches, then southwesterly along tlie laad now or late of tlie said William Kipping eighty three feet to the place ol beginning, together with the hrriditamentt and appurtenances to tbe same belonging or ia anywise nijrtairiing. - "" Oct. 27. 1017 THOMAS BOLTON, Master in Chancery. For partiru'ars in relation to Uie above tsJa apply in the Master No 44 FiM - st Oct 27 lawtoNovtOdts IM CHANCERY. Cilbtrt Field, 1 w. 5arttJVVr - rrt. Caleb Fouler and others. A" pursuance of a decretal order of thihonora blc court, made in tlie above cause, will be sold at public auction, at Uie Tontine Coffe House, in tlie city of New - York, on Thursday, the eleventh day of December next, at twelve) o'cloc k nt noon, under the direction of John Towt, one of the masters of tl it Vourt, all tbst certain tract piece or parcel of land, situated, lying and being ia the town of Southeast, ia tha coaut) of Putnam, and which iu a certain indenture of mortgage executed y the said Ck - b Fowler and Jerusha hi wile to J olio Meyer, deceased, and dated the 3d day of Jour, IbVO; it, described in the words following, to wit s All that piece or parrel of land', situate, lyipg and being iu the town of Sgulliea't, atofrsaidj' bounded at follows Uegiomrg at a staler and heap rf stones in tho corner ol Moses Foster's land by Us? road, an J from thence runs sou lb sixty eight degiecs, east twenty seven chains, to a stake 1 thro south seventy nine dejrree - bftct a Oiinutes,rast fortyix chains and tvtetity tipkl ; thea south twenty lour chains and seventy links to Colonel Morris's lot number nine ; and tin a by it west eighty two chains ;' th u aorth fourteen degrees, east forty tixclmiiis and seventy links to the jJare of beginning; ontiiikig two iiiimlred aod sixty acres of Und, free and cltarcf all incumbrances whatsoever, excepting one buo - rircdand five arm sold to Major rowfcr, off of the west side of the taid laii, before the sigoing and seeing of these preseV TcgeUier wiu ali and sin'.ar the WedirlwrfWs uitd appurle - namel Uiereuuto belonging or in any wie eppsr taininr. Dated tt - e Im - ery fijth day of Ocibrr, ooe thaiunft eigtit hundn - d and seventeen. JOHN TOW 1. Miitur in Chancery, o - lfl f lsatds captain fj part of her le last of the "ppJyou t

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