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Glasgow Herald from , · 1

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Wednesday, October 24, 1877
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IG ADVEBTI3ESS. r rm-MvnP.'mZG. THE ORCULATI025", OF THE EVENIMQ TIMES, JBesMes bemgJf T LARGEST,! M OSI W IDESPBpPs Of my of titt Evening Papers. ' jiraaroemwita, Oiat-vre,: in the KV&SI&f secure txtcnsir Country, GjZ-uKil as lame Local ruoacuu amxnyjtt Aftcriiooil and Evmmr Readers. Price "QpPN1L WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1877. No. 11,805. PUBLISHED DAILY. ITOTEfebdb'iexperisnce Wanted for wmfortable X-Siaon-IrgltConatry. Liberal wages.-White, 101 DOT lactive) Wanted for Messages. S9 Sonth PortOaiid O StTeet. IXDIAX FAMINE RELIEF FUD GLASGOW SUBSCRIPTION. The COMMITTEE propose to CLOSE the SVESCEIP-WOS in the ensuine Week, acd would resjeotfully teqnest ail wfco maydesiwtoSnteicrU,aad have not ata aoue so, to Ktxl in their Contributions to the City Cta.:..berhun as Honorary Trewurer not later loan SATURDAY to 27th OCTOBKR COHSEXT. Banks ami others holdins Scissop-u-rios Skects will oblfee by reLurai the szme to the Treasurer Dj-toe u nuned. J AS. BAIX. IOKi Provost. Chairman. JUltN' OiiAHAM. of Skeltnoriie, Doputy-Cnainaan, J. I. MAKWICK. Towuierk, Secretary. WJi. V. WATSON, City Ohaberiain. Treasaier Chamberlain's Office, 70 Huwheson Street. Glassow 18th October, 1S77. T IBERAL DEMONSTRATION. LORD HAPriNGTON'S VISIT TO GLASGOW. 7th SOVEMBER. 1677. MEETING of LIBKRAL ASSOCIATION in the Cok!-0B.- TIOK GALLSlKIiiS, at .30 l-.M. IJBKl:AL ASSi0IATlON ULN-?TER m the same place at 5.30 p.m. Sir X. E. CoUUtHOoKC Mart.. in Bw PUBLIC MEJ5TIXG in City Hall, at 8 p.m. Gtol'-OE TICKETS ileetins ot Association I jj lKS on Written Ap- ncfcetA ' pliention, addressed llou. Diunerof Association Tickets, J gecJ. Liberal Association. Piblic Meiting Tickets may be had on TFritJen Application. , l,.. t.... Mwirii, l Buchanan ntreti.. HQUJ(.U KiVU. ,?CV.J... A .v.w Glasfow, 23d Oct, 1S77. 6 U TH LASA K KSHI 11 E . Sir. WISBHAM C. ANSTP.ITHER, Baet., M.P. for South Lanarkshire, requests toe ELECTORS to do bint the honour to MEET him upon THURSDAY i, fc..M-Yi, tne 25tu of OCT04iEK, within the PARISH CHURCH, STOREHOUSE, at Seven o'clock P.M. THE EEOX-BUpJn' OIL COMPANY IJ.IM1TEDI. The LIST of APPLICATIONS for SHARES in this Prospectuses awl Forms of Application may be obtained from Messrs Ac U & UOJM, Accountants anUMueKoroKers. s Vincent Street, Glasgow; or from Messrs JouN Roexbtsos CV., Stockbrokers, c9 Georce Street. JSOmonren. t tt.-i'!i t'npri?T tt "P P"HTT"R."1H A GR.VNU FANCY BAZAAR, in the COP.PORAT.ON CLARK. Esq., SlieriS of Lanarksbn-e. ou lHVRWAi, iuv., at la aoou prompt, .-,.....7 ...a...." SATURDAY, 3c NOV., at same hour. SjOTtal jitlruc( in addition to laidies Work, there be an Ornamental Crystal stall and a Kine Art Stall, comprisinu an important Collection of Pamtnigs. etc., by c.mmeut ravins ajvisis. dojitriwui ...o ilALi.ayi.L'r.i J Mrs BlirNTOx, Ardbcg Villa, Craigpark, Dermistpun. II. lra 1KV1S; FurtoustiN. Eroomhill House, StRollox. Mrs D. Hutchison, 42 Grafton Street. Sirs James Patskso.v, 70 Parson Street. ILL Jlrs Yams. 3 Morris Place. Mrs B.MN. 48 Ronald Street. IV. SAHSATli -School Teach Kits. . Y.-Urmmcxtal c-jstai-Mis Ccthbeutsos. 97 G ebe St. Mrs BKAKiMOKE, iW GleOo bt. yj fine Art Stall Mrs A. G. Macikikai.o. 8 Park CircU3. V1L Mrs Lanii:i.i. Canobie House. Westeria'aiEs. Mis.-s jKFFJtKY. Adelphi House, Vr estererais. VUL Miss M OALLA -M. Sprinlull, Ashton, Gouroclc. Miss LANO, GleliUUIltiy;e. iw,'.6un. Hours of Sale 12 to 4 ; 6 to Uhe.ll., AiMtssios-Fiist laar, 2; Second. Is: IhiroPny. StL , B ZAK, TJNDKR TILE P ATKON AtiiO OV ' THE ANGLO-INDIAN CHRISTIAN UNION. A BAZAARtrtU be held in Aid of the PRESEYTEnrAN. CHURCH. RANGOON, in the GLAaGOVi PL BL1C HALLS, on the 2OTii anu miu iw,hjii. soon as possible in Plain and Fancy Wors, Cjods. Curiosities of all Sorts, and Money. Euttlier particulars viU appear later. Contributions may be seut to Mrs HKT0HI1INUTO.V, 13 cawieiu iwr,w ,...,3i,v.T. Mrs Hew at, 12 Saie-Coburg Place Ediuburto. . Mrs Mcr.P.AY MiTCHKLL, Napier Roau. .diubnrgh. Mrs iiAX-iATYXE. 9 London Street, Edinburgh. ff.SjSiWU-40ttft. AdvrrtUemiats of t'iis Class IS words pub! isted TS EVENING i'lMES, wiien in the Herald. "?v"2Keward -Lost, in Eastern District, on Saturday night, jb Pocket Book, containing owner's address cards, pavers, and 2 bills, valueless except to owner, who yfiH pay above ward lor their return to auurca on cam. l OLD WATCH Lost, in the village of Lochwinnoch on Jf Saturday last, a Gold Lever Watcii. Reward by resum it to liobert ncot-t. r-oiioe vmoe: OST on Thursday, between ibrol ana rouuKsiueios, J Silver Card Case. 1 Reward at 5 P-eimar Tenate, a.jo1- lokshi LOST," small yellow-haired Terrier. Reward at Corsau it Currie's. hshmoncers. 15 Howard Street. Pi, fvnm the Hanover Hotel a small, rou"fi- Jj 'haired Terrier. Any person giving inioruiatiou will be rewarded. '" O'ST ur Stolen, from Thtnoon, on the oth inn, snver-iircy i nwrirliiii. hyitiier collar wit'u brass plate, witti atmi1 " Alexander Stuart." Answers to "Rover." i'inder will be rowarded. Apply A Stuart, pholo-rrraoher. Dunoon, , ,".,iv;. fipld :.t Ronton. 1 Thrce-vear-old O Ssot? 1 Fat Cow. Any one giving information to Mr Kinloch, poew ttentom wiii oeren aijw .riVk vvii narseubH. lHi'o Blacfcfaced Sheep. ft Iteward'at C. M'Lachlau's, buiehor, 151 Cowcaduens Streetlaow; - ilrRAYED in neighbourhood of Dalmuir, ou Saturday last, ..'i n.i whir... Collie Dol:. answering to the n.niK "Oscar." Whoever detains him alter this notice will be pwsecWecVMcPc OCNi. at A. U. Douglas', the Goldeu liaii. in Shetland 1 ShawlDcpartnent:a:Puise. UNIra Cigar Case.-D. Brown, 53 St Vincent Street. CWND. on Thursday the ISih iiic, lady's Spectacle ITtwe. Apply 2 AlW!rtinve. vrossuni. IOUND, a small Poodle Dog. -Apply ih London Street. ;I7V;UND, a black and white Collie Bitch. If not chdmed in X 3 daysjviUbcjwld;anuwgaic. EWsSTbisoi ReVriever Dog. Stay be got by paying X expenses. - A. Campbell. Clydesdale, , Holyiown. i""X)UNb" yesterdav, at 2 Old Dalmartiock Road", a French 1 Poodle Dog. Apply at above address . toJohn. O Bnen. VxTTiVv i iTraM,T..l,iafstreet. a Black Bitch, cros 'ixcvween X setter audretriever.-A;ply at Lawsou s stab! Berkeley Street. iWUND. at Tollcross, a croo-crea ...t .t. 1 the 21st. If not claimed within 3 days wnl besold.- Apply at HishJLnmstouu,JLollcross; "VHC'XIrat Muii-niadkin, on 21st iust.. a brown Pointer J? Bitch; white spot on breast. -Apply Rouert Bailue. smillie's Land. Muiniiadkiu, Bellshill. .. . - , 1 1,-1. TD ..(--,' T"W ri ai'tiici'Sltii) Codiery. Good prosiKtts. Priuoipals ouly.-23. Herald Olbce. . - Xi YRTNF.R.-Wanttd. by a Letterpress Priutcr. a practical Jr Man with about 200 to Extend the BtMl.ess.-loW, UuraidOmce. . PARTNER Wanted in the Ironmonsery Trade m Town "T ,w. w l.'anital reauireil, 3oO.-Audreas, incouti- dence. 1333, HeraldOdice. , , PARTNER Wantedfor established Tob.icc.mist anu Stationer,-Business. Eart-opening. Capital, JJ. Xirst- class references. -132p, Jlmald Oil fjXjiTNER Wantt-I IT .1 Duries, Countiii'r-House Maaage- rmifi'I. aOOUt .ZWJ. J.ea,AJV, m v,rv i:,dWirehoilse.-1141. Herald OrBo VitTNER Wanted with from iSSS'J-j to 10 000 for a Busi-1 ucss connected with, a Branch ot the spirit '1 rime ill which large profits are being made.-Apply to luoma .iiot, writer, so ivest Alio lut-vt, "iyj aVa'gIN'G PARTNe'r Wanted for a Manuiactiiriug ill CSiemi-t, Couutmg-House ijm.uu. -"y'' "uircd :rom iloOO to Si'000.-Apply to Tnomson, Jackson, Courlay & Taylor. C-A, Mrjejnaw. . . "niKTVER Wanted for an established Conwct.r ami I. Ouarrymaster's Firm in Lanarkshire, to tako Cnarge ot the Coummg-House llei.artlueui -.Appi) w auu - V. ',ts.iT! writers. ilcO vel.cveoi ..wt, .. v., 'OAitTNER Wanted in an establisheu auu pro,.tao.c i,.-i i m. ior Spinning of Woollen Vara. Capita required. about itoiW, being equal to advertiser s own.- Apply to-sco.t, smeat..;, s lawntera. 156 at Vincent Mret,JUteguj ir ANTED, a sleeping Partuer with 3000. for an old- established aud periectly safe Business la oiie oi tne largest aud best Rusiness Towns in Scotland. "u '"'V w.S.v -i,,,! h,.ritat!i- seenriw provided. App.J to rank V. Headersuii. Accollutaut. 23 Kenfield Street, (.,Iassow wacre frum 'i-.vJj to i-JJOO aud services woulu iaet-c wi-u iu V,t:i. with several rears' e.xperi- 5 oi business, and 300 at eotmnand, wiste, ia j, ... .1 ,l...i,-! ..enrp a fair return, o obieetious to travel.--171, IleraldJ-'jice. . j 'OA:;!VKESiUPA"o"eiit!eiiiaii of X.ience wishes a , 1 r'aituerahip in a good Commission House. LmW juua- , eace Vatiase. aud p;it 195 into the concern. Applj to ) P.e.A i M,Jr. C.A.. W rt Vinctnt jaceC:lasi;ow. D' 1ST1LLEKS.-"" Partnership in an estal'iishe.l Distillery , lH'miid preferred' bv a Centiemwi oi business tiat .- at. i espenenee, wao eotiM devote bis whole time and AoOOv. W taoitai. -l omniunicatioiis. which will oe treated as, eou-Hwfcitui. to be addressed to Win. Ellis, W.S.. 1, A.bany street. eirijjw-" ; (BBEAKFAST) j 0 C O A."' A3IES EPfS & C0" EOJKZOPATHIC C-ESSUSTS. J , -r-. : S:rt. CaraethiU. on the 23d inst., j'jiSS; eeflSubead, on the 23d iSSTo iast, theifeof .'. - ?rV -r Esq.; a daughter. ":":iiLr. Giraetil. on the 20th inst, ' A. '-- ''tr'Vii.LiAM Stscthers ; a son. ge c-y!ac.. Crossbill, on the 23d rust, "V. - vB, is MacWaRMB; a son. ..,; '."tVTW. 1'oHokshieids, on the 23d ".V i !;,Vj!!A.N Johnston-; a son. fs-i- :'."-i-Vst!wt, Uovan, on the -'0th hist., '"evi Street, Paisley, on the 23d mat, ' -i: J J WiiU'-B, j u a. ; a daughter, v.-' (t,:, lley, on the 21st inst., the i:?: HaP.dik, commercial traveller, :' ', on the 22d iust., Mrs J Jajies :'-li('V.i. h"tts. on the 23d inst., the wife ..: r'trW of Meinnyres; a son. Place, Manchester, on the 21st J;- SZJfixsaa Blair; a son. .. . 'no OQ.l :,l;;f hv tllfr A r 3 ,n n Si Aciirew's .Parish Church, ;-v'""i' ev" Kter Thomson. North Bute, ;.,'.:"'.S!,H" M Margaret, eldest : .-j-i 1; YciLE. No cards. 5f ntUis. . p-.. Mont'ith Row, on the 23d A.o B:sm oaiaful illness. Kuisabbih fc-. ''J';s WatsoS. i'riends will v'5'.T"Tr-'i''von. on the 23d inst, At 44 kai ;. i'rinds will please see:-. -: ;"'3 ! rr.ire, Paisley Eoad (W est), At 5 l-W-" , r vouni,rest daughter of it:SJ 'i;.-("i-p"ui H.JI.'s Customs, V:UM fvXwi'wia "a accePt ?f this 1"v.;:.:;2i3"it,ire.. j,faJ f;ia5gc,w on the 22d At -4 --.,!r"' . r-TiV (jauirtiter of JailE 3 area i la--'--- I kimethill, on the 22d inst., s cast"; ' ',,.,,. uridsreton, on the 'l"C, ., . ,cT-rf).sfi. i.: - ;;;'Tn'the 22d iust., Helen '7' n'vf John Hiimvsu. . ':,;J- ;:!i0,'--.-. on the 22d inst., v'H-ViTe, arid oi'years. friends will .-!;.' : '.:.i in'. uuatiuu. Prfc, s;r-,-t -AirJiie, on the 23d inst., : ''."J'i v-, ;.,'h int:utt son of AlkxaSDER F' V-. arcbifert. Coatbridge.-Ct'.Ta ieas accej of this (the only) inti- '-,.-t,'.Jen- lioilar, on 22(1 inst., 32MET.IA wwiirci AViluam Con:;ax, merchant, "-ft-., oa tbe 22d in-t.. afd 38 years, t'v.Tl-TJtu, of the C.F.O., Lonuon, ' .' "''.v'ui.!:av:s, native of Kosoneath. ' wi',i!e batniaf, at Jeremie, Hayti.OT l. 1.'jncan l'.. Machonaxu, son of xt. ; ' m'."."',' 7 .I,h:ic Street, iflvthswood Square, rlKads wiU pW'accept this the only) "i'v-rcv, Melbourne, on the 20th August last, in Yobki-.t C Davhjson, clerk, Batik uf "'"-i''iihurae, son of Thomas C. Davidson, '"'F.Vi Tewace, Ureat Western Koad, AUmiXlSEMliNT INDEX. W!iUtiocaorof tiw AawrtUemoaa in4e-day's P.v;k. wici-i'-aa,!. Grass Parks To Let .Mii,-ra!s 'l'o Sell or Let. l ; r rand To Sell, Let, or Feu. Lite- i'oacica Ground An- i.jals Sc. ProyvrtiKs to Sell orLet rru','t;rtle lor ,ac. Property Sales Tbis Bay. SFVSNTil 2?AUJi, Contracts. riauK N unices. . ublic Notices. Pi.LiLualloai. ..'UlCJttlWl. Sales oy Auction. Kiuoth Pior. Sa3 by Aaction. ijorce. iaxui Stock. &c. lit ac i.;rowniK Crop Sales. C'iuuiercial isaic. !iot-js SU-. i;oni'cvaace. '...aiscs. Kniivvays. lUiiways and Steamers. Supping. -.etslor Hire Vvsaeis lor sals. llL-aiVacaat. a: . r j fcau i-iaiiattvna h, i aml'imfs. &c. ficesv nr.s. CrrB. i'-u-'aiis K?.jj!iiuiacssCard c..:;t. biufllaiuta, too ir.-j J.-: Sftlc or L'artEr Teip.d P'1k Ljorais T, 1.-.-: : -i': . sc.'l'uL?; Cmiemiitt .'awtMi for the Price of Three. CHEAP PREPAID EATE i-'-F.-Li ilotws, Shops, Ac., Waatwl . iiusust'.-ses Wanted. ; U-iwvs. ?ihoi, To Let. -i-vLs Vaa-, ; iiSiees ior Sale. j ia w-.j i v .,-itic ArticJe-f for Sale, -."iv.v '."-c.-u.-ici, ic. Ilt::'jv Wtkutcd. !! " J"5 " g.i : For Fwr f;1'1""' " Cousesuive tF1'1' "' -rj tfie ordirwrj ri;es apply only i- 2J '.b1.1 ordinary scale is obaryed. THE ! LOWER OF THE FOREST rr;, ",.-,.,f:;J, wwtcW'arJjr Is prepaid in ---f.-;'.'-'-''l'-.'i''. K'ien tri the Herald. AV"--!;-"," -':'"'- ''''at-j.1. by an old and wealthy ;s ui Scotlaud, by lirst-cla y. LiWril coniiiiissiou. 4 : A-jroiits'WMtl to Soil iftjlT-Ai.irr.-s?, urt iusia-iic.', SCiZ, A" A: a.Vk.v rVii; ! by one of the Vrmdpal I 12 utejit. Tenns tloO. 1 W :UiTed e K; or Njre t.l verv-hrrc. Saiaryand ui. - Address W. Laixg- ' reit Hat Manufactory M tie acquainted with .6iaeCMri.av Free" I Was U'autodT-oames ; x; Dumfriesshire. Salarv ! have an estaWishod 1 -o' lo Ai.ja &. Co., Eagie Ere i:vr.iiY wiri;T:E i'eruianeiit or for A- rats Wanted for new aie. and school. K.u"e experience reiiuireo. o 1'7 .'ITOKS AOL'orN'TANTS, A:; -James Ailteii Aiaisu, la AfiEXCy, for--ceatly Letective ;o'.i'i.'ies. Cotaitier- 4a-tel. "' L,a!-x Irraarei. r 1 a.-aneal Produces -eli wiahes toKepre- U.'-ie :. nix r, f-.-r u! lre:a:i; - I x:it'::i,- Cai;dK'A by Pa. MY EN, ... . Daniel GyrTlNS. - 1 ri''':'"- " l-It'bat tercet. irutu UlantjTi; uur- - Away from Hamilton .-.d hv -irtd W hear of -i:S7HrJd oiSct. 'Jr.t. i.Tt- Mtj the Lady or t.-- .'.r?v., Argyi: Suc;. t a comiaunicate u 144i. e:r ;nvsiion tne v-;;aie::u; or .-Securities !. ,V-,;-;aS.i:i;, tVm Meter. .--J ...a Le.iveriug ihe saino to -.-aaie. Laider Hall. Micaothiaa. I I J-'ZJ,ut ! T -'-,..P.Vo Wi-'vSf,m '.a. i :;l'.;t c; u"0-;1.' r)??""' ! A r r v,", ,.s : :i ."- i'-" ' -. j V--.I. ... Ge'-'eui " -, p- ' ' . Wttlrt ar- T'S i; . : ,. -- a., rva.c, saiaiy unvi c.iiu- r lV:W':X'-c:--,'i -Aodres. i ).. a: in TUCAS-..VS Central Aiiv,,,. . 1 A.,,,--: 1 1st on will as ing S of i" ! I I I i ' I , ' , : ' '. -av" i OVEENESS (Nur ry), suerior"desires Ke-engajemen-s. G Endisk Music:C.ench.fSewi4'.' Take entire Charge. Writ imaide4 Euniisk 1401. Herald oaure. TOl ELENSBUEGH.-Lady Meipenencerii. uini,.- -XI hoursdaUy-Eaglisti,, Music, and Urawing.-ic Post Office, Helensburgh. .-rTTo.Tp-D-t? nnvT?TNntAR n.'nCTi;i,i wishes Encafremerit. it finTi A-stist with Housekeeping Misses Pringle, 97 Holland btreet. VTnmT.-i t a rw7 h-iqIij a fpw hnnr' Dailv Teaching, J. Private Family, Glasgow or neighbourhood. Highest references given. 1305, Herald OBce. pMiilM &ntMxivwni$. B1 H I A T It E - II O Y A L . Last Four'NUjhts of the Celebrated Scottish Comedian. Mk W, GO fit LAY. Production of THE BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOPw THIS EVENING (WEDNESDA-Yj, OCT. 24. AT 7.o0. T 5 THE ERIDE.OF'I-AivaiEElIOOR, Caleb Balderstoue. ., JL- W. CoUEiAV. To conclude with GILDEKOY. Jock Muir. .vr w- Goosiay. Box Olrice Open from 11 till 3. H B A T RE-ROYAL. Engagement of Mb J. U TOOLE. MONDAY, TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2S. 3D, & ol. TO'PILES ASD TirE SPELLING BEE. THIJBSDAY, NOV. I A E T F TJ L CARDS, A New Farcical Comedy, in Three Acts, by F. C. BcrKSAiiD. Box Othce Open from 11 till 3. Bl H K G A I E T Y. SATJOBIxaAU. STItEEX ittO WUST NjS STKSET. GlASOOIV. Proprietor and Manager Mr O. BernjUui. Enaattemeiit for Three N ghts only of ti ie Eminent Comedian, Ma 0. W. ANSON, Who will make his First Appearance at this Theatre in his Famous Lnyerso nation of G K I M A L D L In the Celebrated Drama, in Four Acts, by Dion LouclcAUhT, entitled GBIMALDI; OIL THE LIFE OF AN ACTRESS. Followed by an Original Whimsicality entitled KAMLET A LA MODE. i An Ardent Admirer) -? of .llr lieury -Mr G. Ferdhaando Brown W. Axsos. Irviog. J Doors Open at 7, to Commence at 7.30. ercepc Saturday Doors Open at 6, to -Commence at 7. Pltices Balcony Kauteuils,os; Orchestral Stalls, 4s ; Boxes, 3s; Front Area, irotn o.ou to i, asou, aueri, i-i., uo.u tj.JJ to l, IE cu, aiuei, l, io , "Jio, w , alter 7, on. Eox Odice Opeu troin Ten till Three. Country Patrons cau book Seats iu Stalls or iialcony either by Note or Wire, and pay at the Doors. rjp h e TO-NIGHT, Mb G. liAIETY, w. ajsos GRI1IALD1 HAMI.ET A LA MODE. &KINCE OF WALES THEATSE, GLASGOW, WILL BE OPENED Eor the Winter Seasoti Os THL'KSUAY. November 1, 1877. Ender the Sole Management of iL A ST KiCEOLAS, From the Koval Aquarium Theatre, London, And Lessee of Theatre Koyal, Kyde. 1. V. TJROWS'S ROYAL iMUSIC HALL. JEh-st Appearance of IaoamT! HOiNTIY, LA PETIT SARA LAMB aud CHAPilA.N, j-EHOKE, and RICKAED PENNY, supported by MAUD STAFEOKJl, AMY MELVILLE, OAI-IL BRESNEIt, and HAltK ALBliKTS. K H. A. LAMBETH'S CHOIfi. KIBBLE PALACE, BOTANIC GAKDENS, To-MOItROW (EAS'f-DA Y), at Seven o'cloeh. SAOMU MUSIC. PllOGEAMJIR. Psalm Tune "Old 124th." Chant "Elintoft." Hymn Tune "Eedhead." Part Songs "Evening and iMoming" Oiikdcy "Sweet Vesper Hymn"--Smart. Anthems "Thou knowest, Lord " Purcell. "God is gone up" Cn,t. "Call to remembrance" Farrant. Trio aud Chorus from " Eirst Mass " " O Lord, give ear" Rayda. Solo-and Chorus from 95th Psalm "O, Come, let us Worship " iM"uiEssoi7t. Quartet and Chorus from "The Last Judgment" " Hail, Lord Almighty " Spofir. Psalm 137 "By Babylon's Wave' Qounatl. Solos " Teach me. Lord " iarao eta ; and "Why do the Nations" KcinrtnL Admission, One Slniling. Tickets and programmes from Swan i. Eeutland, Euchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street, and at Palace. Doors open at 6 ; to begin at J P.M. To avoid crowuing, Ticketholders admitted fifteen minutes earlier. LATE 'i'EAINS. The Concert will conciado in time for Trains to Greenock, Bothwell, Motherwell, Hamilton, Stirling. Coatbridge, Airdrie, Lenzle, Ardrossan, and ail intermediate Stations. FAST-BAY. FAST-DAY. ST GEORGE'S CHORAL UNION. GRAND EVENING CONCERT Oi SACRED MTJSIC in the CITY HALL. Admission, 6d and Is. Doors open at 7; Concern at S. Shilling Tickets to be had at J. Mair Vi ced & Co.'s, Buchanan Street. ; & 0 Y AL BOTANIC GARDENS. b CONSERVATORIES AND CRYSTAL PAuACai, Are Open on THURSDAV FIRST, 25xn OCT-And Every Lawful Day, from 3 a..m. tid Dusk. Admioaion dd. Subscribers Free. ITS A S T - D A Y IT THE WAY TO SPEND IT. At DENNTSTOUN SKATING RINK there P.inVi'T,h' siCATING. and other RACES. rill be FRIDAY First, a GOLD MEDAL- wjB be comctcd for and given to the fastest Skacer. Distance, One M R Y A L A Q 17 A K I U II, ROTHESAY, Open Daily. Aqmiaion, &d. ALLEGEANIANS ! ALLKGli A1S" IANS ! ! IVOCiLISIS AND BKLL jfLAVEKS.) SOT OX EETLE.V VJS1T TO SCOTLAND. " The whole performance is one ofhannoiiy and beauty. " MB J. M.'BOCLAKD, -Manager, 12NewEoisd St., Louuon. POTJTKAITS ON Ti?E EAST. ATr ANDEKSON will take Sittings from Nine till Four. 56 JAMAICA r-i'l.i.ET. UTH BRITISH GALLERIES, 44 GORDON STJIHI'.T. M R B. FOX SECOND EX W H I T E ' S HIBITION OF ' SELECTED PICTUP.ES. Direct from the Easels of the Leading Artists of the ' British asi Eor.Eiof Schools; AN'I FIKST EXHIBIT I O N OF ASTIQUE WORKS OF AP.T, Comprising every Period sought for by Connoisseurs, and Specially Inci.udixo In each Branch one or more celebrated Specimens. NOW OPEN. ADMISSION (including Catalogue) ONE SHJLLINU. SOW OPEN. FOR- A LIMITED TIME 0"LY. Tfl'R THOJIAS ANNAN'S GALLERY, IVj. 153 SAUCHIEHALL STREET, THE THIRD AXKUAL EXHIBITION of HIGH-CLASS PICTURES, SELECTED EY Messrs THOMAS AGNEW & SONS. London, Manchester, and Liverpool, Prom, tiie E.oyl Academy, 1S"J7. aud die leading Studios of Great Britain and the Continent. COSIPKItflNG SHE CIM SIN'S XV MiJlais, Hook, Leslie. Faed. Ansdell. Peter Graham, B. Riviere, Calderou, Marks, iere, Israels, Sir Noel Baton, Sir H. Kaeburn, W. Dyce, R.A: Tissot, Boughton. Hodgson. Lirmel, F. Morgan, Frith, Elmore, Le Jeime, &c. Aiimissiou lincluding Catalogue) One Shilling. Open irom 9 to 5. FINE ART G A L L E STOCK EXCHANGE BljlLDKUS, I'M KI!i!HA.AS STREET. li Y Now on VIEW aud SALE a Collection of Works of Hisll Art in SUULPTUEE, BKO-N'ZES, ClA, &c. iiom-s, 9tillo. A L A C L A (APTER THE CHAKGE1. PAINTED BY V A' M iss TH O Jl P S O X NOW OK VIEW AT JAMES .M'CLUllE & SOX'S GALLEKY, 14 OOltUOX STREET. Admission 10 till 5, One aliilimg ; 3 till b, toi.vpence. NOV OS VIEW AT mHOMAS LAWRIE & SON'S GALLERY, J. 85 ST VLKCEJv'T STKEET, EDWI5,T LONG'S CELEE HATED PORTRAIT. HENRY IRVING AS DEEE OF GLO'STEE. Admission by Private Card. FOR SALE, a Copy of the Valuable and Rare ENGRAVING "THE WATERLOO EAJiCjUET," in perfect condition, at George Davidson's, Erintaeiler, S3 Sauchiehall Street, a few doors west of Eetnield Street. AI ways on hand a choice selection of high-class E u avhijrs. OIL PAINT t N G S EV CONTEMPORARY" AJiTISTS. EXTEXSTVE COLLECTION at 338 SAUCEIEHALL ST, WM. GENTLES, Picture Lealer, Wholesale for Eiportatiou-rici-urc yramt and- IUjuui .ltJiifilmrs. LBERT INSTITUTE FINE ARTS. OF THE OIL AND WATER CoLOUP. EXIIIEITION. NOTICE TO ARTISTS. WOE.KS will be Received for rile loi'thcominri WINTER EHLBiTION on -MONDAY the 12th NoVEMiUK. Circulars and Labeis can be obtained from the Frame-makers, or on application to the Secretary. - Albert Gallery. Edinburgh, 15tii October. 1S77. 'ntt0t'3l.s. M ORISON KYLE, MUSIC PUBLISHER, DRAWING JiATE&tAL A;D PRINTSELLEP H A.- REMOVED from ICS Queen Street to 22 GREAT WESTERN BOAD 1ST Ghouoe's Cjwsa). JAJIES JIACNAUGHTON & CO., Saddlers, late 23 Eenfield Street and 184 Hope Street, have REMOVED to 110. BATH STREET. OPENING OF EXTENSIVE SEW FURNITURE SALOONS ALLAN, COOKE & CO. The Eest Value in the Citv in ETJENIYUIiE, CAP.PETS, BEDDING, BEDSTEADS, FLOORCLOTHS. Anotii-r Tructioad to baud of REMNANTS, IX. of SCOTCH and TAPESTRY CARPETS, irom half-a-yard to sis yr.rd. at Half-price. Also, Lengths of the Best KIIiKC.iLDY FLOORCLOTH at 2s 6d per square yard, this Cloth is sold in the trade at is 9d. BEDSTEADS from lbs 9d to 5C'i wnOL BEDS from 6s Sd unwarils. HAIR and WOOL B OY V.'aoted for ilerciant's Office. Salary, 1Z 2010, Herald Oaice. BOY Wanted for Merchant's Office. 1396, Herald Onice. Mnst be active, &&. SOY Wanted to Learn Tailoring Trade. Apply Tiiomss neroc, J Mng treet, irafieston. BOY Wanted fur an Office. Most write a neat round hand. First year, 15. K28, Herald Office. )OY v.ell-educated) Wanted for an Office. About 14 or Is years of age. 1333. Herald umce. B' OY Wanted for an Accountant's Office. Must be smart and a i,'uod writer. Iiil2. Herald umce. TOY Wanted for Merchant's Office. Must be eood writer and calculator. Wage; IS17. Herald Office, DOY i.Mes.ase) Wanted for an Office in Town. Must write rS ., Iwi i. T.A vj..,.. e, .... -.v mu Wild Office. B OV.- Vantd, rtout. active Message Boy. Wages, i-oekly. Apply John Smith & rioa 1ZS YYestueoige st. JOY Ueti-educaiedVWanted immediately for Drysalter's y Ofiiee. Salarj-, 10, 15, and iM.-1331eraU10ftce. TiOY Wauted for Office; some experience. Good writer. JL Wages liesrin 4s Amvltc-daTljlackie, 52 Glassford St. IOY (active, well educated) Wanted at once for -J chant's Office. Salary Orst year, 12.-2011, Herald BOY (smart, respectablo) Wanted to Leam Drus Trade, one with a little experience preferred. Apply its i,jmton street. BOY. -Wanted, smart, respectable Message Boy. Waees, 6s weekly.-Apply to John M'Callum it Co., ITi BuchauanStreet 1" "0"i""Want id for aXewspaper OrEce, who can write plainly and rapiuly. Salary at the rate of 20 per annuin.- Addre.s ll. B. s., Herald Oliice. B RASS-MOULDEB (eiperi'cncedl Wanted, accustomed to Shin and Plumber Brass Work. 1SS4. Herald Othce. C1ANYASSER Wanted for the Country Towns o: bcouana. J Gentleman of good address and energy. Salary aua commission. 1.182, Herald Ofhce. ARTWRIGHT (EOod, steady Wanted.Apnly Malcolm, Jtoomson. v ennei. ureenpea. (!" tAR'i'EIt (I.-oreman) Wanted tc Overlook and Airrange V- Work of o or 6 rlorees.-Uj, neraia omce. e BARTER IForemau) Wanted. Must be steady. "Wages, -1359, Heraid Office J 2Ss per week and free house. if 1 AS E M AK ER. Wanted, a good Hand. Constant em- 'Ui'"'"'" r iT"'l--JiHII'ej Ma-lk-ieweller' 9' Umoa bt- "1 ASlilEE'Woated Public Work near Glasgow. Must U understand bookkeeping. Salary, 100. Best references. Coniidential. lSSri, Herald Office. . i"-tHEMICAL MANURE WORKS.-Wanted, a Foreman V,' for a small Work in the Country. One accustomed with Sulphuric Acid Manufacture will have a preference. N one but those who are thoroughly steady need apply. Apply, stating age. experience, and wages expected, with copies ot teatuno.'iials.ttao relereacea. joa-,. neraiu i CHRISTIAN MAN Wautetl (Unmarried, or Miuried with-out family) for Orphan Home. Must be able to Teaca and Manage Roys.-Apply by letter. Mr Hunter. 18a Resent Street. (f1iiritllU of SCOTLAND Assistant Wanted for a Email J Parish in Perthshire. Address 493. Keith Co., Edinburgh. . C'lLERK (Junior) Wanted, with three years' experience. 140S.H erald Office. . lOLBRK Waiitedi Retail Drapery House; wilUng to make himsetf useful. Salary, iia5.-lS4a Herald Oliioe. 1LF.RU and BOOK-KEEPER Wanted. State age, re ferences, and salary expected. 1S3J, iieraiu umce. C1LERK and LOOKKJ-IEPER for Ship Furnishing lron-' monger. Must be steady and experienced. State age ana salary expected. 13.KJ, Heraio umce. C1LEHK (Juuiorl Wanted for an Engineers Oihce. wages J from 12s to 15s per week. None need apply but those who write correctly audatood fast hand. 198S, Herald Office. CILKRK Wanted for a Writer's Office in a Town on the J West Coast. He must have fair knowledge of business. Give references. State (iualification and salary expected. 1444. Herald otnee. "1LERK (Junior) for Merchant's Office. Knowledge of J books and accounts essential. Salary first year, o0 ; thereafter according to ability. State how at present and previously employed, giving relereuoes as to cnaracter ana quaiinc'irions. -iw , neram umce. "(LOl'K JOBBER. Wanted, a Young Man. Who can also Repair Jewellery preferred- H'lnnes, 2S2 Argjll Street. . i lOACH TRIMMER Wauted immediately. Apply to y Smith & Mail1. 5 BronglLam Street, Greenock. i OACHMAKER. Wanted, aMan accustomed to Jobbing V at Bodies and Carriages. Apply 313 New City Road. COACH-MAN (experienced). Steady, active Man Wanted J ior Term limiasicinent in the Countiy. Free house. White, 101 Hutolieson Street. COACHMAN Wanted, thoroughly experienced and strictly sober. Married Man without encumbrance. Apply to James Macnaugiiteu & Co., saddlers, 110 Bath Street. COLLE ,'TOltSand CA.SVASSEUS Wauted for Glasgow for the Prudential Assurance Company. Apply personally at S3 Montrose Street. . lOPYING CLERK (good) Wanted for a Writer's Office In J the Country. Applicants to give references and name salary expected. 2020, Herald Office. COSTING CLERK (Junior) Wanted for a Cabinet Work j In Town Mii.-;t bo a trood writer and calculator. Address, stating salary required. Clerk. 4? Goruon atreet. DAIRYMAN (Married) Wanted, or active Woman com-,.lu, Ir, iTot. tlairv nf-tr Glascow. First- class testimonials required. Apply to Alexander King. No. 30 Stockwell street. VEXTIST.-Boy Wanted as an Apprentice. Apply 257 Sauehiehall street, between 3 ana ru a.ju DOCTOR wants Lad acquainted with drug business, also ' a Boy iRlimg to Learn. Jtil, Jtleraia umce. DRAPERY. Wanted, smart pushing Junior. Apply to Mr Spence, Henderson's, 217 Cowcaddens Street "RAPERY.-Young Man Wanted who has had two or i.y three years' experience at the trade. Apply Martin it sons. Ytv Gailowgat RAUGHTS.MA.N' Wanted for Engineer Work, with ex- A perieuce. specially m Wood Macluneiy. lsl, neraiu Ottice. DRAPER Y TRADE. Wanted. Junior Salesman (pushing) foraTowu in Forfarshire. Apply to Mr Flnlay, Wm. M'Laren, Sons it Co., 5 Hanover Street VRUGGIST'S ASSISTANT Wanted lor Country Shop. Three years experience. 2031, Heraid omee. D' EE Wanted for small Country Woollen Mill in Argyllshire. Mast be steady man. with a family preferred- Apply John Dawson fc Co., 6 Morrison's Court, Glasgow. LLOYD'S REGISTER OF BRITISH AX!) FOEEIGK SHIPPING. T? X 6 I K E E SURVEYORS. XU The CoinudEtoo liariug determined to apptiint additional Kugincfcc Survevor? for the purpose of holding Surve-8 od the Enshivi aud iioiltirs ot ateam Vtrsseii, and for other Surveying duty, applications, afcomuanied by testimouials, aj-e Levebv hinted iroui practical Ktigiueers of gocxl education uv.'l 'roi'tisiiional knowledge und experieac?. hoth on shore ;t;:Q m sea, and will be received up to and including Satiur-' dav. the 27;ii Octobttr. jul;u-j-coiataeuce at 200 per annum. Tiif oihcer liypoinced to be tjxciuskely tlie servant of the J ie will be required to insure his life forlC00 on conditio! vrhicii tuy be k'mt oa application to the Secretetry. Ttie a;c of ttie candidates roust be stated. Apjjli:juat.A wlil aot be required to attend before the Com-iaitvce unless invited to do so. toy ordt-Tof the Coraraittse. EflKNAKD AVAVAiOUTH, Secretary, 2W;ii;-GL:on Couri, CuitniiU, London, K.O., 13th October,1877. I;lvAVl'"ns,-V;mtcd immediately, ior America, Two li s.od i land KnTuvcrs to Calico Printers. Good wages. -133?. ileriiidotYiue, "lAO'tiKS OFI-TOK. "NVanted. eperieuced Olerk and i ur. Go'.Ki penman, and ei'ert at nures. Satisfactory roftTcnces and security required. Apply by letter oj)!y, )lobtrt St'.ibo, 26 Bellgiove Street FLL'SKia1.. Wauted, active, steadvMan, able to Kill, and goo.! Snoi-iuua.-ieSO. Herald Ottice. G IIASS .STAiNiiJ. Ltad-Workers Wanted. Comoeteut 5T fuur-Uut einployuieut. Liberi-, waee. Adam & S;aU, 201 t Vrnct::1.'. Street. KOCJKIliKS and PKOVISIONS.-Second Hand Wanted, bre-.i u Ciisb trv, fort-heCouutry. State wages. 1229, Herald OW'vco. f iKOt'KRY and FROVISKiX SHOP. Wanted a Young lualititd to tiike Chiue. Robert Mitchell, 1S9 Cowcuddt-ns. 7ilU)t-lKV and PRuMIOX TRADK.-Waated, Young VX Lad. about 15. Apply &5 Rid Stryet, Bridgetua, between 11 and 3. 1 iiuCKUY aud PROVISION" TRADE. -Wuuted. active T Vouu M;m for East Lnd, 6 years' experience. 1442. lleraJd Ofnce. GtROOKKY aud PROVISRK TRADE. -Wanted, a good T .Socuiid Hand, aort hours. Addi-ess, stating wages erpected. Herald Office. ( ' 1 ROCERV and PRUVLSION TRADE. Wanted. Young Man will: tur or tive years eipunenee. Waea, lbs jifjr vreek. I,, rieria umce. i iHWKlL. for Licensed Grocer in Haniilton, ouns -lian vh knows his business, and will make biinself gtJHWully u;veml. 1447 erald V)fiice. V"i ROCKK Y TUADi-:. .Swuc, active Lad Wanted to make Jf hime je'-icnillv isfnl. Ohl- from tba country preferred. Ai'piy li) .ingrain Street, East. Glasgow. AlRl?R-SSEi: - Wranveii Srst-class iiairciitter and SI: -Apply to J. Cochrane, 92 Glassford Street. t OKSK-iHDKK. V. anted, a first - class experienced JL tlorshorr. Good en courage oaent given to trustworthy ui-J. Apply Julm Harrison v Co., S St Andrew Square, Greenock. jNYCiCK CLERIC W'antexl. Must bo thoronghly ei-JL perienofd. i )k with knowledge o; iron trade preferred. Strictest rciereuces will be required. 185, Herald Oliice. L- AD (stout, active) Ya ted. Apply at 407i Gallo gate. " "UJ (active) Wanted for aMerchant's Office. 2015, Heraid jJJ Ottice. JLj and coimt- v.-eli. Herald Offioe. Y AD (stout) Wanted, who can write and has some fcnow- XJ ledye ot tisure. I3W, HeKddOrHc. L' AL iacilve; Waeted to make himself useful and attend the Iwisl. Apply at I oerdon street. Ai Wanted who cau Shave aud Out Hair. Apply P. 8 J M'Dermot. No. I -Albert Street, Oovan. T AJO t'.ctive) Wnte.l to Keep a set of Tradesman's Books. S i Wages, 12s-eekiy.-lH0,Heraki OHice. S' AD Wauted to take Charge oi a lKg cart. App2j- per- Jii sonauy at , ensno.rewery. t ..uioustaiiK. LAD lactive) Watited for yoiur; Messages. Apply to Job l)rys,ade, K .sedan Place. Paisley lload. West! LAD ltn-i't. active, and e,iu.-atcd) V'atlted for an Engineer's uhiee. State ago and salary. ,4 s. Herald Oiliee. AW. Wanted, a respectable Boy for a Writer's Orlice 1332. Herald Office. ' lolliT Pol tTEU. Wanted, a stout active Youth. - -Apply -day at oi llooaruion street. It;HT PORTKR. Wanted, stout, active Lad, able to j read and wrue. W" i-Js to 10. 1 77 B o 1 m Street. yr tGHT FOR'xr-K-Waiitea, srwauy, active, young Mau. B.J WCri. 15i per week. Hours from 8.30 A.M. to 7 M-s-iturdav 6 J'-M. 1357. Herald Office. "l TrTOl rRA PHI C AKTIST Wanted fur Glasgov. One wed up m naut orK. xaruciuars wiui w. Porteous Co.. o:ason- S.B N actiei Wautl to Manage t-kating Rink, ! y'" tt-nt. to :uke O-iarge of Cali. Services durin, o-lv -"-'SK,:;it required, as security. Five CotDne- during evening,' Five lir ,'nt ilary ior services. - iaS9. Herald Office. titT AN'aVtKK Wautod. for Spirit Shop in Polloksoialds. ; jr Sone but SrstHjktss men need appiy (coniidemialljj. rs.jeraM..c-: . jr'AGKK for C-euem! Engineering "Works ; acquainted !lB mith PrwiHK aurl KsUiuatms. State experience, re-I t!JLn2izry expected.- Heraid Office. V AN"U'i;il1 I"or r011 Ti-ade in the Country. One l ar-uiiau'-td with Buying indiapensabltf, None neu o.,r7r whose cburacwr will nut hear the strictest iUTestiga- j.;i)ICAL Quaiitied A-Jsistant Wanted for the Country. M Viririiiia .Street. i i'5A.K BOV (stout). Foot, Son Co., Argyle Hoase, BOY (stent) Wanted Apply to Burns, Craw- jl r.,-'" i?fl..i,i s. i- o- --:; ft 3 work Wood and Iron. Wages. 6s per week.-B28, Herald (.'flice vrrffWElSHT. -Wanted to so to the & M a good worldin; Millwricht. w! al, - . if !T tineioal eipenence should be w i South of Ireland, mso a clever Lar-i with Eiour Hills. 1"S '0.,.,U G ROCHET and PROVISION TBATJE.-YounE Man ' wishes Situation. Pi-. years' experience. Unexceptionable references. 1347, Herald Office. ROCEIL-Youus Man wishes SatatOayOTOOB-VT Easement. Seven years' experience. First-class testi monials. State terms. 1454, Herald Umce, TTOIN-ER lexrwrienced Foreman), well acquaint J Machinerj: wants Situatioa.-1932, gBlc LAWr-Olert diensaeed during winter, will g3$ on reasonable terma First-class penman. L. lb, nemio Office. V"r., m T7i ,.- as Indoor Servant. Single- M handed. 2 years' character. Country preferred.-W-, 22 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh. . TVJASON - Foreman Mason wishes Situation. Ooort M Matliematiciari and Architectural Draughtsman , can Mae-up E5i:matesWI9,jleriUdOfficeJ . MjSwKQHT wishes" Situation. Wood and Irpu Fac-M tory or flour Mill preferred. No objection to Abroad. -1306, He.nddtfice , S" CENIO ARTIST open to immediate Engagement. Timos moderate. Glasgow or vicinity preferred. l. ii Bank Street, Airdrie. QEA.-1. -Young Man will give the above to anyone . r5! t, u Traa rv,lr rtv Steward. Good C3 will aarnreaBerth as under COOK or o character. 134S, Herald Omee. CiHOKTHAND.-Corrcsponding Clerk and -Lookkeeper, O who undersUnds French well, desires Situation, salary, about 70.-8073, Scrtsniuu Office, .cuinouisn. OHOETHANO CLEKIv wants Situation; rait". (3 neat penman. Several years' experience, Eiceuent testimonials. -Address, stating salary, B. S., Herald Othce. SITUATION Want-id by a Young Man. Knowledge of O French. Italian. p.pttt.h,i and i :nghsh.-1357. Herald Ottice SIT UATION Abroad Wanted by Gentleman as Bookkeeper or Clerk. Climate warm and healthy. Highest reter- ences given, 1BJ6, Herald omee. l-JPIEII TRADE. -Married Man. age 30. requires siraa-O tion. Good references. Address 13 Dock Head Street, Port-Glasgow. QPLBII TEADE. A Young Man from tne country, iuui O years with last and only employer, wishes aKe-engage- ment. lif ih. neraia umce. SPIRIT TKADE. Man (expenenceaj, or uuuouo: ..-actor, wishes Change. Capable of taking Charge, uood security. 1931, Herald Office. QTUDENT wishes a Keligious Meetingto Conduct. Would 5 Officiate for Minister of small Congregation. Address " Student, Mrs Buchauan's, 2U4 Eeriteley street. TPHE West of Scotland Washing and Dressing fistaonsn-A ment, 3i Bath Street. Works-Watersette. Neilston. fSIRAVELLER, with good connection amongst Grocers aud A Bakers. Town and Country, open for Engagement. 2032, KendilOtlice IXfiiTBiE (experienced), highly recommended, wants Sitna.-? V tion. Hotel or Restaurant ; also, strong Under Boots Disengaged. White, 101 Hutcheson Street, W ANTED by a Young Gentleman (the son of a member ot the Merchants' House of Olassow). present-; engaged in one of the largest Wholesale London Houses, a situation as Clerk in a bank or .llerchant's Ottice. Address U. b S Pope's Eoad. Erixton, London. WINE andSWMT TEA LE. Traveller of uuexceptional reference, experience, and security is open for Engage ment. lLuo. Heraiu umce. srOUNG MAN, 19, fair writer, auick at figures, desires Situation. Would accept small salary 1S27. Herald V'OtfXG MAS wishes Employment in the Evenings i or i Saturdays in Spirit Trade or other Busmeas. 1; E eraldjLlrfice : Y" OIJNG GENTLEMAN, 19, desirous of Learning Sheep Farming, would accept, an Engagement m New Zealand. -1333, lieialu Olhce. YOUNG MAN (respectable), from the country, wishes Situation. To Learn Spirit Trade preferred. Good refer ences. iieraJd. omee. YOUNG GERMAN wishes Situation as German ana ii,ts-Hah Correspondent. Several years iu Scotland. Good references. 2018, Herald Office. YOUNG MAN (26, Married wishes light Employment, either whole or part day. Upwards of 6 years' PH. ence as Power-Loom Manager in Tweed factory. Herald Office. Tf6UNG GENTLEMAN (weliedacatedl desires Re-engago-1 ment as Clerk, Bookkeeper, or Traveller. Has Irench and Italian languages, aud Analytical Chemistry. Would go to Continent. r.JJ., hieraiu. omee. YOUNG MAN, 26. bred to Grocery and frovisicu raae, will be Disengaged in a few weeks. Three years-Manager iu Co-operative Store. Would prefer situation in Wholesale V.rarehouse or General Store. Unexceptionable reiereuces. J1, ixeraia onice. YOUTH, 15, just from school, wishes to Leam a Trade or respectable Liisiaess.-Address by lefiterMr Walker, 52 Cranstou Street. 1 . DVERTISER (English) wishes Appointment as ( Com panion, Assistant Housekeeper, or any -jace;ot j-""- riVjHTtnnitil "R.-'i'pj-pnrfi friven and reouired. -bend tuh partic u i ara to Mi&s Straughan, Cathedral Itoad, Cardiff. a"'S TShopTJiiL Situation Wanted by -steady, respectable J Girl, between IS and 17. Good references. 19o3, Herald Uihee. "OMP-NION. Wanted, Situation as useful Companion U to a Ohri-tm Lady. Highest references. Noobjectioos to travel. liau, Heraia otnee. i DRESSMAKER (experienced), Ladies and Cnildren a. JLj? Good E:t and Newe&t Sulea. Charges moderate. Reference. 2 Royal Arcade, Hope Street. TOEMALE CLERK. Young Lady wishes Situation. Js-J? perieuced. Goodr&ferences.-A-74, Herald O-ice. LAIY"S COMPANION. Wanted, a Situation. Satisfactory references can be given. Address Post Othce, Ruthergloa WAITRESS Situation W anted m Kestaurant and. Luncheon liar. Could engage at once 6243, Herald Office, Edinburgl. 7"OUXG WOLA.N (rcsooctablo) wishes a Situation either X Barmaid or iaajiakcr'aS hoy 1168, Herald Oihce OUNG WOMAN wanta Situation as Maid to Elderly or Im-tdid Lady, or Walking Children. Highly recom-mendocL Address "Meta," test OtSce, Bunoon. 4 "tOOK (good) wished Term Eng(toj.sut. Yages, &.C., Kj oQ Address M. !.. Post Otflce,.Wemyss Bay. to CWOK3 (Piain and experienced) open for Term Engage- ment Wages, 18 to ,-30. Mr Kiiiiniaent. 194 BopeSt. C'w'OK (thoroughly eiperienced) seeks Engagement in J Town for Tenn. Veil recommended. 25. -Apply by letter, M. M'Donald, Miingavie Post Ottice, COOK seeks Engagement at the l erm. w ages, ., a-year J and all found. Can be highly recomm ended. Apply head kitchenmaid, KoyaL Hotel, Jb'uuaee ifRVfiTn liirt-nJn.qs and gi otirienced! wishes Term XJ Engagemenc. 5!; years in present situation. Miss Caldow, 57 Hutcheson street. OIRL, 16, wishes Situation as Under Nurse, or to Learn Or House and Table. -14, Herald Ofiice. HOTEL COOK wants Situation. i-35-..40. I'irst-clasfl references. Applyjit SevrtM OUSElEPERl Working) wants a Situation. Trustworthy person. Good plain cook. Best of references. 2027, Heraid omee. HOUSEKEEPER (experienced) desires Engagement with Single Gentleman. Good cook and laundress. Address Miss Allan, 40 Bucelnuch Streeu rin,V:lcKKPERW:()rkinLrt. einerienced. wishes Eiiiiaire- .O. inent, Siujic Geuclemaj. Good references. Apply Miis Munn. 44 Cambridge btree HOUSEKEEPER or Cook wishes Term Engagement. Si years in last situation. Good references. Apply 4 Buckingham Buildings, Hillhead. . HOUSEKEEPER (Working). -Respectable trustworthy Person wants immediate Engagement. Ten years in one situation. White. J.Q1 Hutcheson Street. Ob'SBKEEPER-. Wanted, by an experienced Person, Situation. Can Superintend Children's Lesson,. Country preferred. Good reiereuces. 135S, Herald OHice. HOUSEKEEPER- Educated Person wishes Situation. Would undertake all duties with occasionaihelp, except. wshing. If children, could assist with lessons. Music. Particulars on inquiry. 1327, Herald Odice. HOUSEMAIDS (Two experienced) wish Kit-uatitOis Term. Coiuury or Submbs. Good ieferenct,'. H.M.C., PostOEco, HelleusburglL IT OUSE-WAITRESSES and Yvaitresses. Miss Caldow 3L seeks Engagement for several experienced and well recommended, Term. 57 Hutcbesou Street. INDIA. A respectable Party returning to Calcutta with ber husband per P. & O. S. N. Co. early in November, wishes to Attend a Lady or Charge of Children in lieu of passage. Address "India," Win. Porteous a, Co.. Glasgow. ADY can recommend a Young Woman for light. House JLi and Table Maids situation, iour years in present situa tion. losQ, HeraluLmice. LAUNDRYMAIDS (Upper and Single) wish Engagement in Gentlemen's Establishments; aLo. Tahlenmids and Housemaids. Mr Kininment, 1S4 Hope Street. MR.3 VOUNG seek Engagements for Cooks. Housemaids (Upper or Single), Tablemaids, House-Tablemaids, Laundrymaids, Kitchenmaids.o Cambridge Street. . MA CAMPREEL seeks Engagement for respectable ae 2t3. with small familv. 182 l)JL General Servant, age 2t3, M acl eansti-eet, ir'aiiey jxoaa. RS ANDREWS has Cooks (with washings), Lauudry-maid (can milk), General Servants, Tabiemalds, Kitchen maids, Girl, 15. 350 Sauchiehall Street. MR KININMENT recommends superior Cooks, laundry-maids, Housemaids, Tablemaids, House-Tablemaids, Xvurses (experienced), aud General Servant. 1&4 Hope Street. N' Tj'RSE tWet) wishes to Bring-up Baby. MiLk. nine days old. iJottots' rconvadL.iou3. Age 22. 113 -tenSeld Street. ,tt";rse . ResDectitble Young Englishwoman (educated) li wishes Situation as Nurse to Walking Children, Good sewer. 1456, Herald Omee, S TerVANT. Experienced Cook wants Situation. Best reference. ittJU, i-ieraia umce. ctvaVT fr&rtd General! seeks Enaaaemeut; also several Girls, lo to it- -Miss auonro, io ciaremont atreec. kERVANT (CieraJl wants comfortable Situation. Centre k5 of town preferred, First-class reEerences. Apply New Registry, bO -.ucnauan jiuccin ITUATION Wanted by MarriedWoman as Henwife. Kas iC? a thorough unowieuge. nusuauu cau mate jumseu useful Good references. No encumbrance. A. B,( Pot Odice, Inverkip, Greeuoek. k3 young) on hand fiji-Eugagements, Hotelsand Restaurauts. W hite. iui i-iULtmesoii oci-l'.. rHABLEMAID (experienced) wishes Situation. Coast or Jl Country preferred. Address M.N., 10 Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh. rgERiti Miss Caldow seeks Engagement for smart, active JL Girl as House-Tabiemaid. 12. One year's character. 57 HatcaegOD atreeL raO 3-adies. The jNew ilegister has a tew General Servants JL open for Engagemen ts. G ood references. 2S5 Buchanan Street. 7"6"UNG LADY wishes Re-engagsmeut Asjsrant House-JL keeper. A little light housework not objected to. Good reieren ces. 1205. H t raid O ilice . OUNG WOMAN, been Servant, can take immediate Engagement by Day, Washing, Dressing, Cleaning- MrsTbomsun, 38 Logie Street Govam SSISTA.NT TEACHER Wanted, Town School. Salary i about 100. Loage copy certitieates with 1431, Hei-ald Oiliee. TJREN"CH. Lessons Wanted in morning twice a week. it1 Ten minutes from Exchange. South Side preferred. 1950. Herald Oriice. L: E-SSONS Wanted in French andGermaiiiu evening, once r AUHFR Wanted immeia-(.eiy, a ertuicatea Tcacner Unteriuii but may turn ojit permaceut) for a small CbrJi in r,hd Country. Address at once 12S3. Herald Office. rFi CHER. Wanted lor tne Madras Acaoemy, Cupar-X Fife an Assistant Qualified to Teach Juniors English and rtliieuc. Salary, 70 per annum. Private teaching may be 'had. Apply i-uuediatciy, witJa copy cf testimonials. to W. A. raviov. Mt.,, riSTTT'FK Youns Men wish .LeasCwis on the Theorv of Music Jl ana amb" w rsil TTOP- Wauted ior writing and tfooKkeeping. state Jl terms. -1931. Herald Oftid rBXTTOrt vvantea every moniing, naji-pat eigne uncu 1 Quarter before ten. German and Prench. Terms and references. -3952, Heamld Office. TilWlNG and PAlNTLG.- -Artist opeu to Terxh Terms moderate. 1443, X" Schools or Privaw Pupils. Herald Oihce. . PMALE TEACHER (Certinciid. Wantedfor Skelmorhe Publ;c School, to enter on duties on January Ibt, 1873. Salary -SO per annum. 'One crjilified to Teach Sol-fa Music rrefer-ed Appiic-tion3. vizh tes;iniouiah, to be lodged with jpe? John. Boyd, Chairman oi School Board, on or before Novemoe: X)Y to Teach Plain aud Ornamental Needlework in I jWesvEnd School one hour daily. 1619, Herald Ofiice. VURSEKY' GOVERNESS Wanted to help Children with jf Lessons. Appiy, stating terms, personally or by letter, post Ottice, LdOingston. . OUNG LADY Wanted immediately to Teach the Kindergarten System. Apply to Mrs Stnrrock, 2 Crown Circus, j Xlowannin- TS THIS VEEY CHANGEABLE JL. WEATHER the ail-imuortant thing to avoid colds K FIEST-KATE UN OEiiCLOTHING- The GRAgrra liorsE Stock of GENTLEMEN'S HTNTEit IIOdLEBi' for this season cannot possibly be excelled. We "J? special attention to a very large assortmentof LAMJso-WOOL SniKTS and PANTS just received ftora Hawick and which we are now selling at the GKAN5TE-IIOUSE. TRONCA.TE i!J Siocsweu. CoasEB. at extraordinary Low Prices. GENTLEMEN laving in their WIN'TEa STOCK of SHTSTS should Visit the GEANITB IIOLSE, Trosgati: and Stockwixx COftNEB- Otrr fatuous Heavy-made Ail-Wool Shirts at 7s 6d each a better Shirt cannot be bought. The OrcUnary AH-Wool Shirts, sold generally at Gsbd and 7s, we are inapositioo. to offer at 4s Ud each. All-VoolTwe.ed Shirts, superior r.i-.l;e, -New Patterns, we are now selling at 6s 6d- An' Extraordinary Lot of Twilled Uniou Shirts we are now oilering at 2s 5.d each ; legular value, 3s Gd. '"fUilP VAlilOUS ITEMS of this Season's Jl LADLES' FANCY HOSIERY we are now Showing 3t the GUANITE HOUSE, Tr-o-NO-UE and Siocinri.l. t'OKXER, in Immense Variety and at very Moderate 3 rices. We specially mention a Splendid Line iu LADIES' CROSSOVERS and VESTS, to be Soid at i bd and Is ll.d each worth much more A Beautiful Lot o SHETLAND SQUARES for the Neck we will clear out at ?.d each. A TT B N T I O N IS SPECIALLY . REQUESTED to otrr MagniSccuf. Stock of GLOVES and SCAEFS. Our Stock of Gent's SCARFS comprises all the New Shapes and Styles of the Season, and to be had at the GEAN t'i'E HOUSE at the Lowest Wholesale Prices. e arc also now showing our New Stock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's KID and CLOTH GLOVES. We specially mention our Famous DANISH RED GLOVES, New Shades, Best Quality, at Is ll.'.d per Pair; usually soid at 2s Gd. Our Real GLENOBLE GLOVES, we sell at 2s 9d per Pair; usual price, 3s 6d. Ti'WHEltE in Glasgow is there such a Large JJ trade done in UllLBRELLAS as at the comer of Tronsate and Stockwell, for the simple reason, our prices are always the lowest. .Our prices for Brazilian Sill; Umbrellas are Is USct, 2s 5Jd. 2s Hid, and with Pearl Handles 3s lid. LQt of Ladies' Bright Brown Silk Umbrellas for 4s 6d, usual price 6s 6d- Gent's Umbrellas rroui .'s lid to lSs btn 73 ST VXNCENT STREET. BAVIBSON a rhonneur de faire part ses Cliente. qu'il est de Sctour de Paris, pour la seconde fois, avec les DERN1ERE3 NOUVEAUTES en CHAPEAUX, FLEURS, et PLUMES, lesquds seront .et-poses -X jiartir dece- Jour. 7BUSSELS CAKPJ5TS of the p3 LOWEST CLxSS do nut keep their Colour, So not Wear well and are, therefore, dear at any pricu. These Three-frames Brussels, as the Trade rails them, have, through recent Bankruptcies, been, extensively sold amoug the simpler House liHbng and Drapury stabl;hinent in Scotland, and by them, laivciv advertised as great bL-gams, at about 2s 6d per yard. W have no hesitation in saying that our .Splendid Quality of Tapestry Carpets at is lljd, or o:ir Ordinary Yard-wide Kidderminster at 2s6dper ty:u-d, will outwear two of the?e Low-class lirusscls. .i'Uiinly, the Three-frames Brussels are little moro ,tbau Brussels in name, and such as no Carpet Firm ishunlu recommend to Customers. The Highest Jjuulity of Brussels Full-pitch Five-frames which sc-1! at 3 lid per yartt, and specially commend to Parties Fumiskiug, are in Design, Colour, Quality. "The Very Best MamUactured," and ideuticai in all resoects with those ;-irus;vew wmcu tne .iraueseiiac ULSTER COATS, IIIGHLAMO CAPES FOX. BOYS AND YOUTHS; J OBSYTH, CLOTKJ.EK, HOSIEE, a-d RHTETlIAKEll, 5 A HI. 7 EENEIELD S'iEEET. maB KEAOY - 1LADE IEPASTME1T. LADIES' ULSTERS ....from 25s Cd upwards. MISSES' TiLSTEIirj from Its Od npwards- GEN'TLKJLHX'S CLSTEESfrom 22s 6d upwards. YOUTHS' liLSTEliS from 17s 6d upwards. BOYS' ULSTEKS irom 12s lid upwards. Tiie above Good. in the fewest Styies, up to the finest Goods in engaged Patterns. HUGH MORRISOH. 51 .n 53 Jamaica SrnTirrr. 1, 3, 5, i) Uov,-.utl Smr.ux. r IMl'OKTAiNT TO ilUYEKS OE BLANKETS, ILASNELS, AND ' 1IOXJSEHOLI) DKAPKPvY. BELL & COMTY., 12 to IS JAMAICA STREET, Invite attention to theur Extensive and Varied Stock of HOUSEHOLD DRAPEKY3 to which Large Additions (from the Best Makersl have mst been made. This Stock will be found to be ouo of the Lartja-t and Mor complete in the City, aud ior Moderation in Price QvtUiCy cor.jiovd) canuot bo surpassed. THE FOLLOWING ARE A FEW LEADING LINES :- BLASKiiTS. ELAJSKETa 4'-0 l'airs JTOME-3TADB BLAXKETS. she 9-4, ?lis. weight, at 13s Sdapair; sold everywhere at ICo Sd. 1'lie Btst Vahxc in, titc Trade. Extaorriinam Lktap Lot of ENGLISH LAX-KJ-1TS, slightly Soiled in the Folds, at IB. Cd, 12s Gd, and IBs Cd; regular prices, 14s Sd, ITstd, and 2'Js a mh FLAKinELS. i'LANXELS. Kelsail A'tmp's Cdibratrd FLAXNTIJ?, m Scarlet and White, in all the various Widths made. Bare Cheap Lot of WHI TE t'L.-i XX ELS. JHticaa Width, at 4s lid a yard ; worth 6. SHEETINGS. SHEETINGS, LI KEN SHEETINGS from 7i to 2s 6d a yard. Special Value in Bitachat TWILL SHEETS. 120 I'airs at 3s Hid. SO Pairs Eif.ra-U.gavy Bleached TWILL SHESTS at 4s cd and bs 9d a pair. BED QUILTS. BED QUILTS Lame Lot cf WRITE BED QUILTS at 4s lid. 5s ild. and 6s lid. Very Chcrp Let of COLOURED QX7ILTS at 3s lid. 4 lid, to 9s 6d. L'ABLE XAEEEY. L'ABLE N APERY. A Sioek of Napery, s i'ACLE-CLO'l'I) :htly Imperfect. consistinK of iLtAst -LljUirao, lai-ar. N.-ll'KIXiS, TOWELS, Sic., at auout one-tmra o.7 iciular prices. CHAE1TABLE 1 NSTITUTIOSS Supplied with all Classes a Goods at LOWEST WHOLESALE EE ICES B E L L & CO M PAST,' 12 TO 16 JAMAICA .STREET. "QOYS' LND YOUTHS' DEFART5IEST. CLOTHING The New Gow53 for the Season are now forward, to which we be- to cail attention. The Stock is large and well selected, whilst the prices will be found very moderate. Even care and attention is given tW5 stjle and finish, of ail Garments sent out. wr D A W S O V & M A C X I C O L, 53 BUCHAi'AX STEEET. ' SEALSKIN JACKETS FE'R-LINEiT CLOAES. TTfeaVVID KEMP & SON bez to intimate the SJ' return of Mr J. C. KEMP frorii London (his second visit), and the arrival of a Fresh Selection of SEALSKIN" PALETOTS and JACKETS, beautiful in form, superior iu coality, and cheaper than lasi year. The cold weather lias caused an cstra demand, and really fine Seals are getting scarce. FUE-LINED CIKCULAE CLOAKS ar in ereat favour, and will be a leading fashion for the Winter Season. They are made in I'UEE CASHMEEE, VIVE MEKIXO. and RICH SILK, and fonn a deligiitfnllj .flight and WARM ENVELOPE. MLEES and (jOAS in an tne easmorraoie-titu FUE TEI.MilUSCS. 37 BuCHj-KAN STREET. MR COPLAND'S RETURN FROM LONDON. FRESH ARRIVALS OF JACKETS AND COSTTOIES. GREAT SHOW OF MILLINERY HATS. Sc., GRli-lI SALE OF REAL GCIPTTBE LACE3, GREAT SALE OF JAPANESE CURTAINS. SALE OF 530 PIECES OF FLANNELS, SALE Oi' OENT.'S WINTER liNDERULOTH-LNG, TIIE CALEDONIAN HOUSE. TI -TESSR3 COPLAND & LYE have cow an LviL Lnuieuse Sloelc oi Ladies' Jackets and Costumes, all or the Newest Style3, and yet at one-half regular prices. They invite intending Buyers to call and inspect the various Lots. Tiiey also tall attention to their Stock of Rich Lyons Liaek Si';!;s, which arc without exeeption the cheapest Siilrs ever ' on:red for Sale. Attention is also directed to our Spe.-id S-.-le of Gentlemen's Lambs'-Wool Underclothiog, Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, He. which are now sellinr; at verv nearly half reirular prices. . . 1'oit DORCAS SOCiE'l'IES and Charitable Institoiions many suitable Lots will be found atnonsthe Special Bargains in i-'Liniiels, Wincev-s, ic. Poll BAZAAKS. Ladies bavins Bazaars m perspective will Bad many very suitable and attractive articles, sncb as Guipure Laces, Berlin Wool Goods, and various fancy articles, upon which a suitable allowance will be made, on ladii's' making it known that they are buying ior Bazaars. ( lOSTUMES. Ladies invited to inspect our N ew Costumes. This Department is now reolete with all the Novelties of the Season. A Large Variety of useful llateriais in 6elf-coloors and Fancy Cloths, ranging from 16s 6d to 4 jmrreas ; also an assortment of Hash-Class Model Costumes, from Worth, Poneat, Laferriere, Sc., ranging from o to 3 rruineaa ; Parts price more than double. TWEEDS! TWKEDSil TWEEDS , I ! For Sale this week, a Warehouseman's Stocit ot single and double width All-Wool Tweeds at hall the hnt cost. Thousands of yards of single width All-Wool Tweeds at llJrl a vara ; regular price 2s. Several Piles of doubic width cio. at 2s Ud and 3s Ud a yard ; regular prices s ou and 6s 6d-lat Vhtm, Costumes, Ti-avellhig Dresses, School Dressea, iic, notiung could be more suitable .-v-r-r . A SLANUFACTURER'S STOCK OF FLA IN ELS A GREW BARGAIN. -This Stoclt consists oi upwards ot SCO Pieces of All--Wool Laucaf hire Welsh Flannels, in Scar ct and White, which wdl be soid as follows :-50 Pieces of White AL-YS ool Flannel (special for Dorcas Societies), at S;d a yard ; tui&ts the best for tlie monev ever sold. W Pieces duto Ertra Wide at IsOidl worr,h'ls6d. Lot Ditto, btout and Fine, at is 64-d and s Oiid - yad these are a yard wiae, and are worth 2s and En a yard. ' Lot of Scarlet Flannel, at, lpjd Is Otf. is 2d, is Sid. and Is Sid a yard ; all worth one haa more. Ladles would do well in'anticipation of a Ion; and cold winter to lay in a stock at these prices. . For Eargains in Ladies' Jackets, Dress ifetoriab, Irish Linen Handkerchiefs, Gentleman s L nderclotMiig, see DaLy Papers of Friday hist. The osst Route to the Caledonian House- is by Sacchiehai: Street aud through the Wellington Arcade; or the CokchO-uena Tramway Cars pass the door every hve minutes, COPLAND & LYE, CALEJJOJXIAN HO USB, TO 120 COWCADDENS. GLASGOW. MBS MTTTT!. has the honour to inform taa Ladies that she has now Returned from London, and prepared to show all tno i.r..'i.i. o .M)n."i'., C OS T 17 M E S. M A M's. -U ULIiliSl. SATJCHiEtLtVLL STREET. October, 1377. ORGA3TIST Wanted for the Wemyss Bay l.P Ctauch. Salary not Sess than M per annum. One with a kna -ledge of Sol-Fa preferred. -Applications to oe Ioc;ed wt David Lafdlaw. Kso... Chaseley. Skelmorae, berore or. a. . AISTER Wanted. - Apply to W. Dois, painter, blarnannaa. PAPER-RULERS. -Apprentice. 2 or 3 years at the trade, and 2 Poeders.-Apply to R. Morrison, 43 Mitchell at. PAPERMARER (Head Finisher) Wanted. Must be a Idanied Man, and able to produce first-class testimonials as to character and ability. Liberal encomfrement will be given. -Address, stating age, fcc Ij21eiald0ac9. PARAFFIN CANDLKMAKER Wanted at once. Steidy good Workman. Constant siteariom-Apply J. Gra- daie, Leeds, i orksmre. PATTERN 1S79, Her raid office. OAWNEEOKING.-Wanteu. asinar! Boy mtli one o: v i. years experjence. Appiy ioy Aiauree'j,oojr; LUMBERS (Two good) Wanted at John loungers, t centre btreet. PLUMBER or Tinsmith Wanted for the Country who has been accustomed to GastifctiDg.-Apply on Wednestlaj (to-dsv) between the hours of twelve and two o clock at .Messrs Bums st Haddow, ,0 oswaiu street POSTING.-Wanted immediately, a sober, respectable Man to Drive and take Charge of Horse W age, 1 weekly and free house.-Apply personally at the Fnntm umce. LarKhau. wifnrvivai vc-.T.t-tvl ?r,T-t.hp Gnrr-p SouareU.P. Church, if Greenock. Apphcants must be competent to leacu in both'Notations, and havea Precentor's Certificate (Sol-la) of the U.P. Church Psalmody Committee or a Members Gertm-cate in Sol-Fa Notation. Salary not less than 30. Applications, with testimonials, to he sent not later tbau 1st November to James Paterson, Gladstone Place. Greenocv PROVISION TRADE.-Wanted, a young Lad with some experience, and of good character. 1SEL, Herald Omee. DOYAL ES'FIPAIARY.-Yonth Wanted for theStore.-Lkj Apply to the Superintendent SALESMAN Wanted for Ready-Mades. -Apply to W. it G. Millar, Cross.. QALESMAN, accustomed to Gentiemen s Trade tor iscarx iesAfBBK XexagBaeot. Boirgth.'ReBfltrld Street, SALESMAN. Wanted, io Hosjery Department. a smart, pushing Salesman for -Apply uramca nouso, xiougaug. SALESiLAN (smart) Wanted, having good knowledge of Readv-Mades. Must liave good references. Full par ticulars. lW. Herald Office. SALESMAN (experieuoedl Wanted to Maaage and Buyfor yj large uoaiery Department, aiust nave a uiwuu,y "-ledge of the- Outfitting and Shipping Trade. Apply Glasgow Clothing Company, S3 Argyll Street, corner of Cuniop Street. &lTEEsiiLiNWantid, a Young Man well up in all de-i3 partments. including Manures, and who cotud lravel occationall;-. State age, experience, and salary expected., neraiu omee. r5AILORS Wanted. -Apply Thomas Heron, 3 King Street, -a. iraueston. TAILORS Wanted. Apply at once 329 South Side. Thistle Street, 1iAILOP..-Cutter Wanted for the Country.. Must beable to Fit- correctly. "Draper." Herald Cflice. VEA TRADE. Traveller Wanted for O'.ie of the leaning Houses in the trade, livery encouragement given io a suitable party. tOOD, Herald umce. mi) Taiinrs. Ihmlh Wanted to Comolete Cutting Class X conducted by experienced Cutter. Haddow's Hotel, 74 Argyll atreet. iveo-nesaays ana rnuaya, i.jr.j. riRAVELLER Wanted by Ruthven S: Grange. 51 Buchanan JL St. Experience and lirst-olass references m dispensable. TRAVELLER Wanted to solicit Orders from Private J. Families. Grocery Trade. Must have a good connec tion. i2. Herald urnce rsiRAVELLER Wanted, calling on Grocers and Comec-X tioners. Applicants to state experience and salary ex- pected. losr, ioraia omee. TRAVELLERS and others can easily earn 3 weekly and upwards. Samples aud particulars ou application to Mr Thomas, 209 Gresham House, London, E.CI f TRAVELLER Wanted to call upon Clothiers and Drapers X in Scotland and the large towns in' Ireland by a Finn m the Scotch Tweed Trade. Address, statin ail pai-betdars, L. M., Herald Office. TRAVELLER (Town) for Ironmongery and Hardware Trade. Active Young Man will meet with encouragement. Salary, about 30 to begin. State age and ex- penence. 1441. Herald Ottice. WATCHMAKER. Wanted, a tirst-ctass Woisruau tor the North of Ireland. Apply to Corbett & Co., i "Union Street. f 7"OAi) DYER Wanted. State where ernployed aud wases wantea. rtoueit nou-scou o. pon.,, oiemiv.. 70TJNG MAN (steady Wanted for a Posting Establish-J. ment. Apply by letter to 3. Stevenson, Johnstone. VOUNG MAN Wanted as Assistant in tlie Military Depart-JL ment Acouainted with Trimmings preferred. Apply Uardiner & Pp., OJ Arcyll atreet. rOUNG 3AAX Wanted of some experience as Entering L Clerk ior a Manufacturing Finn in the East End. Liberal salary. 1413, Herald Office, OUNG MAN (17), stout and active. Wanted as Assistant L Porter in Yarn Warehouse. Address in own hand- writing. stating reference, 1177, Herald Olrice. roUNG MAN Wanted immediately as Salesman. One a whose chsraetsr will bear investhration will rind this a good opening. -Apply to James Brown, optician, 76 St Vincent btreet. YOUTH Wanted for Office of Public Work-. Ottice. -1438, Herald YOUTH (smart, active) Wanted for Merchant's Office. Salary, 15.-1415, Herald Office. COMPANION (usefuli to Invalid Ladr Wanted immediately. No objection to Travel. Small salary. Apply personally, Charles B. Flint, chemist, Victoria Street, Dowan-hill. . c CONFECTIONERS. Wanted, good Pinners. -17 Clarence Street. "SON FECTTOKERS. Wanted, TVo nrst-class Pinners. Apply at lLHJ Elliot Street. CROCHET WORKERS Wanted for Fine Wool Caps. Only experienced hands need apply. S9 Ingram Street, two stairs. RESSMAKEE. Wanted, a first-class Hand, to Fit and take Orders. 13c4, Herald Omee. jRESSMAKXNG. A good Dressmaker Wanted. Apply at ioU crown btreet, miss x ouo, DRESSMAKERS (few good) Wanted ; also, Scholars and Improvers. Appiy Misses Gieia 405 Eglintoa Street. PSMAKEE (eTpcrTencedl Wanted to take Charge. Must be good Cutter. Liberal salary. Permanent situation. 1353. Herald Office. DRESSMAKER. Wauted immediately, a first-class Worker. Regular employmentandgood wages. Scholars Wanted. Mrs i linn. ot uauowgace. I RESSMAKEK Wanted for a comfortable and permanent i Wir.ual.inn near Glasrrow. One who can Cut and lit well preferred. Liberal encourasement. M'Ewan, Stevenson Leask, y union btreet. ,T?T,'tlS"T AtrfVG T,adir.c Taueht Cutting and Fitting U Dresses, Jackets. Polonaises, Uuderolotbiug, Chiidreu's Dresses, ate. Terms, 10s. Day or Evening Lessons. Patterns sold. Miss Adams, 29 Hospital Street. D RESS MAKING. Ladies Taught Cutting and Fitting Dresses, Jackets, Polonaises, &c. also Children's Suits. Terms 10s. Patter, s sold. Pupils receive Shapes gratis. M. Hamilton, 372 Argyll Street. GIRL (respectable) Wanted, to Assist in Fancy Shop. 1&52, Herald Ofnce. i LRL Wanted as Scholar to Learn the Vests. Apply Miss PenniPgton,Eucnaoan btreet, top not. g 1 IRL (smart!, about 16, w anted to take cnarge oi a rastry Ix Shoo. Apply, with reiereuces. 261 -Main Sc., Gorbals. i"iIRLS Taught the different Sewing Machines Tailoring JT Dressmaking, Quilting, Kemmulg. Charge moderate. 1B2 Maclean Street, Paisley Boad, "UKLS Wanted to Learn different Sewing Machines Tailoring, Dressmaking. Quilting, Hemming. Embroidering. Miss Muuro, 16 Ciaremont Street. l' IRT, Wanted to act as Invoice Clerk. Must be a good JT writer and expert at calculations. Hours, 9 till b',30; Saturdays, 3 P.M. Wages, 15s per week. Address, giving age and reference, 1370, Herald omee. AND SEWER who can Work Machine Apply at 9 Dumbarton itoau, cranstonrnn. LATA' (Young) Wanted to take Charge of Mantle Department about to be opened iu a large Establishmcut iu Town. Salary to begin with, not less than 120.-1407, Herald othce. MACHINIST (good) vv antes, aoistoroase v ests. mart-m "& Sons, clothiers, The Wnitevale House, 729 Gallowgate. ivJL Constant emplovment. -Appiy HarriB, 31 East Ingram St. M4ClliNiSTS.-Wanted. 12 first-class Workers. Singer's preferred. Must be experienced Wilson Bros., 15 East Ingram btreet. TTTuTrviTs: and -RASTERS Wanted for Oxford Shirts. Only first-class hands needapply. Factory, 33 William Street, Amterston. MACHLNE GIRL Wanted for bimpsons iMacmne. ur. accustomed to Hemming preferred. Constant work.- Mr Eegg, 5o Glassiord btreet. T,f ANTLEMAKERS.- Several r-ood Mantlemakers Wanted iTX by Donald ti Seliar, 90 and B3 Trougate. Ar, TLriMAKlirt.--. i anreu, ursi-ciaai uaiwa. n-y.) U Mr Duncan (Walter iieaton a Co.), uoweaqueus. T4,ff ANTLEMAKEES Wanted. Good workers, constant LvJ emiiloynient. 5dourains Waiehouse, 337 Sauchiehall Street. MESSAGE GIRL Wanted for a Flesher's Shop. -Apply A. Pollock, 65 Grove Street. At ESSAC.E GIRL Wanted. One from Govanhill or Strath- bungo districts prelerred. Apply 1 Jamaica btreet. MILLLSEE or DRESSMAKER experienced) Wanted. Cood salary and permanent situation. James Hunter, draper, Kiliualculm. ALESWOLA.N. Young Lady Wanted to Learn tUeales i Hosier's Shop. 1973, HerakHaice. SALESWOMAN (eiperienced) Wauted for Kibbons and Laceg. Appiy C rauite House.JlYougate. SEWKRS .good Wautu with experience in Dressmaking. Apply 33 Wram-ick Streot, lefc door iu SEWING MAID and Attend on one Invalid Lady "Wanted for the Term in Town. Miss Caldog,5? Hutcheson St. rBlLuliESSES and MACHINISTS i-ToodJ "Wanted for Jt Cu;-i,ts. Apply to M.yox. 3 Bishop Street, top tiat, W'AITKESSES (One or Two good; Wanted for hrst-clasa Kes;aurant. Thorougbiy experienced and well re-coinnieuded. Herald OiLice. 'AlSTtD, Improvers and Learners for Boys' Suitmakiug, Vt Cutting, and Machines. 104 West tiraham Street, top flat. LADY Wantud to Learn the Sales and Assist at . Vr72, ilei-ald Otiice 70UXG WOM.-VJs" Wanted for a Surgeon's Shop; irith a JL little esperLCLjee. llii, Herald Oliice. Wanted for Provision Shop with two or three years' experience. 1S32, Herald Orhee. OUNG WOMAN, very respectable, Wanted for Tea Lusine. Uood encoiirageraent to suitable party. Com fortable situation.s xme atreec. "70l:G WOMAN Wanted for a hrstH;Jas3 Kestaurant. A Must he activts and accustomed to Waiting. Liberal w 3fTe-Appiy Wnx. MKay, imperialitaurant, Greenock. 'a DOPTION- Waute.!, re3:ectable Party to Adopt fine i healthy Female Chiiu. iboJ, neraia omee. AiMJriiON. wirj, Ll moncus uiu. auoiib' acu neaiwiy. Mother dead. Ko premiuiii. 1S13, Herald Office. A pqpiqx, .party to Adopt healthy Male Child, 5 mouths old. No premium given. 2015. Heraid OtSce. TaITY and Suburban servants institute, xvi ijut-cneson St. j A Wlute, Manager) requires, for TenS, Cooks (experienced and Plain). Kitchenmaids, General Servants. Nurses, Houie-Tablemaids- Laundresses, Girls, liouse-Limdiymaidg. tf 'SoOK (goodTlain) "Wanted. Apply Mr Murray, grocer, s-i-rwr frvl Flam Apply Walter Hubbard, hakerT Great Western Road. Hiiih C-lOOK teoodtiamj nanbe,!. . ama uauu '"""J-, J Apply to Williamson, butcher, Dowanhill. .-.aqV pn) Wanted for a smaU Fatally. Good wages j given. Apply Miss Watson. n ,N orth &t: 7'OOK to assist at washing Wanted for small Family iu J Suburbs. Wages. 18, all found A.pply 47 Waterloo St. C(OOKS General Servants, ,vaateu ior vrreeuoes ana me J Coast, now and for Term. Apply Mr Crosbie. 17 jarnMrajtrerrerjocl i iouK (lain) to wash aud dress well ; also, smart Girl for V- Bouse and Table, Wanted at the Term. ilr Lindsay, KToeer, rnoairharn Terrace, Hillhead. TvAXEYMVlb Wanted at the Terra to t3he Charge of two XJ cows, pifc-s, Sc., and to assist in the laundry. Good references reQuirod. Apply personally or by letter to Mr Stewart, Oseh & Co.. 11 George tjo.uare. BtL (young) Wanted to assist with Housewori:. Apply 13 Uamai von oiicei, oiic oubn up. 1 1KL W autea as uenei-ai aervanc. .uust oe aoie w o V3T Apply iiss MTarlane, 21 Rose Street, (Jarnethill. 'lIEL about 18, Wauted as Genei-al Servant ; active. ; OSPITAL NUItSE (trained) Wanted for Wards of Eeyer iv,f, erience. to Lady Simennteleni, Leith HutchestKitis&eee-: HOUSJlEBFSR first-class Working) Wanted tor ar HoiBwn.'idleferences must be unexceptional. - 2024. Heraa,OEIee.i('-.V HOUSiSKEEPER (Middle-aged Woman) Wanted for BacSslor's Hgvae; only servant Address, with refer- ance, iajo,iKerainjmnce. HOUSEKBEEER. Wanted, Middle-aged Woman to act as bfefmr -Housekeeper to a Single Gntleman- Pferencesgeti!red.WS;o, Herald omee. ITOUSEKBIEEER. r-Vv'anted immediately, respectable i-fi. WidiieforHoOseTteener. ComlortableCbnatian nqme. Duties tigbi. hSaiary.'.lS." Davidson," Herald OHice, Greenoai HOUSEXEEESE. -Wanted for a Single Oentlemaus HntisB; t rira.T,- WYrH; in!. Housekeeper !noOd cook), abletaJtecharge of two cows and some iioultry. Appiv cm entycnicqaiigMTJoi'- r "O OUSESpigjalWioted who can wait at table.--i, JLJL HeraMjarmce. Creenodt. HOtlSHSSaSD to "help with children, active and cleanly. General Servant isightl suit. Apply Fenwick, druggist, Pollotsluoltls. roUSEand TABLE MAID Wanted for the Country.- Appiy Piebum, 15 Hamilton orescent, rartica HOUSE and TABLE MAID (experienced) Wanted at Termr-pply 5 Athole Gardens, Gretit Western Boad. OTS,VFNDP.YJIAID Wanted at the Term for a Fahiiir'm the West End. Good wages. Apply to Messrs J.iiJ, M'Culloch, 397 Sauchiehall Street I"""NVEBKiJ33 Kortiiera Registry. 403 St Vincent Street.-House-Tablemaids Wanted. Great demand for Town, Country. Wages, Jilb, ito. "SITCHENMAID Wanted. iV Road." -Apply at 314 St George's IT ITCHENMATD. Person (healthy, steady, respetrtable) XSl who has tilled a similar situation before Wanted as KatchenisalcVonder a coolt for a Oentleman's House at M'emvss Bay. A Rood character from last situation indispensable. Age about 20. Wages 13, and all found Address, stating all particulars, Mr John Williamson, 4S1 aauchieaati htreot, uiasgow. ATJNDElSS (Sret-class) Wanted. Housemaid fDnder, .HJ Barmaid (Working). Apply aiauns union noun, ijiiniop atrtiet. T ATjNBRESS (Upper) Wanted at once for a few miles jlj out oi ajtaucaes&er. ppiy laia gjuiinu,, bam: Orescent. M ISS WHITE reoniresexoerienced Cool; for (.lentleuian s iyJ. Private House; also .Cook-liouselteeper Wanted. Com fortable sitmttiun. iui Hntcaeson street. Til 5 ISS WHITE renuires Oenerai Servant for Lady and ifl Oentleaian. Term encasement. Comfortable situa tion. Liberal wages. 101 HutchMon street. MBS YOUNO, 5 Oambridse Street, lias ettensive and m-crea?ius demand for phun Oooks, General Servants, and youny oiris. Its CAMPBELL has comfortable Vacancies for ail 1?JL classss respectable Servants now and Term. isi Mac lean btreet. Paisley rtoad. MKS MAOKAY reliuires Genera! Servants extensively ; aiso, House and Table Haul. Town and Counr.ry.-21 Mains Street, Argyll Street (B KlN'INSIENT recinires Cook feood Plain! for Larss, w ages, .0. ; also, 'rao-leuiam tor largs. it?s aope ou. Tt.rrp trrrNTTn1 r.--nn)r, cotik-.q Hnuse-Laundrvmaids. lvi- House -TabiemaiUs, Nurses, Dairymaids, General Servants, for comfortable situations. 1U4 Hope street. SJU.RSE Wauted. Must be respectable and fond ot children. Sb riiu Street, oametnut, iront uoor. Ti.TTrR.SE iVpt.) Wantpd ff,r a Child aced. even weeks. 1 Apply to Mr Wallace; inspector, 7 Carlton f lacs, South. TUltSE Wanted, on Uth. for two Children. Must bear 0.1 good Oimstsan character. &tate wages. oi, jaeraiu Otlice. . NURSES (voung and experienced) Wanted for the Term; some ftff Sewing and Walking Children. Miss Caldow, 57 Hutcheson Street. "VTTJRSE Wanted for comfortable Situation in Decnistoun ; a. 511"; Ollfiflor vvtujimg unnm-en iu r-.uLiieigien.- ment, iy4 How Street. NURSE. Wanted, Girl, about 13, who has been under Nurse. ThreachilUrBU, youngest five. Apply Mr Mac- leod, 4S1 Sauchiehall btreet. TVfL'ESS GIRL, about 13 years of age, tofsaist w ith House-work. Oueto sleep out of house preferred. Apply Mrs Knowles, 140 Enccleueh Street. "rsJURSES (esperienced) Wonted, two children; also, Cooks ii (no washings, Housemaids, Laundrymaids. Mis Andrews, 350 Saucniehall Street. TtJ UKSJjI. "Wanted, fur Term, a clean, active, tidy OirL IN about 18, fond of children Apply M'Gihbon. 10 Berlin Terrace, Nith-idale toad, foil oash lelus. ERVANT (General) Wanted immediately. Apply 610 Gallowgate. EIIVANT (good General) Wanted. Apply 12S Victoria street, Dowannui. m nat. EliVANT good General) Wanted for Dining-Roonis. Apply at 31 cowcaatteus btreet. s EEYANT (good General) Wanted for Tenn. -Apply aU:tc!ieii, xuo waucnienaii CrcreeL. g'BJtYANT ffieneral), 20 to 23. Apply James Hunter, ) grocer, Vij-fcoria Terrace. Croaahiil, lTiiYNp' about 18. "Wanted. -Apply 116 George Strfcet, 1st turnpike, 2d flat S: 1EBVANT (Geiieral) Wnuted for the Teim. Apply "Win. Snieaton zrvo,, grocera, rSi .g.tmujn .U'eet. EI-VANT (good GeutjralJ. To suitable womangood wage, j Three miles out oi to. 137S, Herald Ortice. SERVANT ('pei-ienced General) Wanted for the Term. Apply 1 Argyll Terrace, Cro-shiU, one stair up. jZRVANT GIRL, about 13, Wanted for general Hoase-7 work. Apply to Mrs Watson. 136 North Street. . SRVANT Gwieral) for Tutpj an experienced Young Woman. bt Hui btreet. oarne:nui, rrou, uoor. SERYANT (General) Sauted immediately. Good lvaas. Apply to Mrs Ferguson, 2 Agnew Place, Crossbill. O ERVANT GIRL Wanted, about 15, now or Term; used to ehildrec Apply 424 St Georgo's Ikia-d, top Hat. (OERV-ANT (U&:eral) Wanted at Term.' Mu3t have a good O charactr. flpply at J. GraLam, 2j3 George Street. Ci ERVANT (General) about IB, where there are children. O Apply Mr. Deans, 2 Abyss una Place, Paisley 1-ioad. OERVANT (General) Wauted. Must have good character. i3 Apply to Mr Murray, portrait rooms, 74 Brounii -lav'. QERVANT GcDeral) "Wanted tor the Term. Apply Mrs O 1'ortcoos, 8 Linden Terrace, Princes Se.., Polloksuield.. QEtAlv''7KTfew General) "Wanted at the New Hogister, O also Nurse for Walking Children.- 265 Buchanan Street. ERVANT (active Geneva!) Wanted, likewise a Nurse. Only those of good character need anply. 19S3,'Herald Office. SERVANT (General), or Plain Cook, for Term. Good waged to one suitable. Apply Feamck, druggist, Pollok- ERVANT. Yi'an ted, respectable, quiet Servant Girl, with k3 good character. Please apply Mrs Simpson, 141 Elders-lie Street. SERVANT Wanted now, good General Servant. To a suitable person good wages. Apply at 2 Great Hamilton Street. U'ERVANT (exnerienced General) Wanted for Term, ij Housemaid kept. Apply Mrs Wallace, Westheld House, Shawlands. SERVANT GIRL, about 18, for general Housework. O Apply 1 Vieivheld Place, Poilokshields, one stair up, right baud. SERVANT (General) Wanted--for Lady and Gentleman. Wages, 20. No wa-shirjgs.-Appiy Mrs Jude, 122 West Nile Street. SERVANT (Domestic) Wanted. Good character indispensable. Apply at 20 Wilton Street. New City Road, one stair up. SERVANTS register free; great boon. Small fee o;dy when suited ; Employers same terms. 8 Newton Street, Charing Cross. S- ERVANT (good Gener:U) Wanted for Term. Nurse kept. Reference required. Apply to M"rs Allan. 2S4 Great Western Road. OERYANT Wanted, educated (under 30), Charge small i House. Little work. Comfortable. 1 per month. 1973, Herald Otrlce SERVANTS. -Experienced Cooks. House and Table Maid?, Nurses. Apply, with references, General Supply, 64 Great Western Road, Billhead. SERVANTS (General) Wanted. Lady and Gentleman; KJ also, Girl. 15; West-End Situations. Good wages. Mrs Andrews, Self Sauchiehall Street. OERVANT (General) Wanted for Crossbill. Comfortable ij situation. Wages, 14. Variousothtrsuperiorvacancies. Mr Kininme-t, 134 Hope Street. SERVANT (General), Term, Wanted for small Family, 17 to suitable person. Character investigated. Bennett, grocer, Lute Terrace, Crossbill. "ERVANT (thorough General) Wanted, to do the whnlo or the work of a small family. Reference to previous situa-tionsriecessary. Call at Mrs Gray, 12 Napiershali Street. ERVANT (good trustworthy) Wanted, who can cook, wash, dress, and superintend honse ; and also Housemaid. Family small. Mrs M'Fariane. baker, 139 Egiinton St. f SABLEMAID Wanted. Smart General might suit. Also, JL number General Servants W'anted. Miss Munro, 10 ClaremoDt Stree TABLEMALD. Wanted for the Term, a thoroughly good Tabiemaid. To a really trustworthy, active servant a liberal waee will be given. Address Mr James Robertson, Post Olhce. Lwgs, Ayrshire. TERM.. General Servant wanted with good character. Must wash, and dress. Apply M'Laculau. 2 Ardine Terrace, Cros3hilL ET ANTED, for Coast Hotel, good Plain Cook aud young T General Servant. Apply Mrs Brodie, 137 George's Road. WANTED extensively, Cooks iPIain. some milkers), General Servants (irom Country). Dairymaids, Girls, &c Miss Caldow. 57 Hatebesi. i Stree i WANTED at the Tenn, an expenencea Taoiemaia ; aiso, a Laundvymaid, who couid assist iu huusework. AppJy to Miss W'ilsojgreer, grocer, 131 Wst CampbL-ll St. tyA3TTED for the Term, good Plain Cook (without ? y "washiugs); also, Sevringmaid to attend on a delicate lady and make herself generally us efui. Apply to R. J. Lindsay, pro eer,Sandri ogham Terrace, Hillhead. YOUNGWOMAN Wanted for the Kitchen in Diuing-Rooms; strong. Experience not necessary. Miss Caldow, 57 Hutcheson Street. Advertisements of this ClasslS -iconls published ffni.r Times constcutivtlv for h vrewid in TUB E VEX 1X9 TIMES, when in the Herald. PMY anD NAYTT PEN-JOKERS' EMPLOYMENT SOCIETY'- The Society's Register contains the Names of Pensioners of good character, and well quaiitied for all kinds of lu-Jc-or and Out-door Employment. Employers can be supplied with Men on application, either personally or by letter, to the Secretary y,t the oiliee, 75 Jamaica Street, Glasgow. SSlTANT CIVIL and MINING ENGINEER, open for such or similar Engagement. Firstrlas3 reference 1433, Heraln Orace. BUTCHER wants Situation. First-class Shopman and Killer, competent to take full charge. Firs-clas3 refer- l?So, Heraia umce. CiLERK wishes Situation, Ha-s over 3 years experience m Com Trade.-l?3i, Herald ClSce. m or iSooKXeeper. cituauuu Tuteuujr jui.-i J 27. Eight years" experience. 1342, Herald Olbce. rf'iLERK, Time, or Gate Keeper. Youiuf Man of expsri- j ence. Good references. 624L Herald ofcec. Edinburgh. CLERK. Situation Wanted by Young Married Man. Firstr-class reference. Address X., 3 Bruce 6t., Stirling, C1LKRK or Traveller. Y'oung Gentleman, 22, de?ires Sitn-J acion in Merchant's Orlice. Six years in present aituar tion. Cau refer to presem employers. 1332, Herald Oiliee. CLERK iJimior). Young aan, 20, wjhes airaation. Good j and quick writer. Smart- at figures. Would make himself generally usetui. Unexceptionable reference. Salary progressive. liJlA Heraia Office. ORR&SJrO;01S.NX. jspenencea (jrerman. jrre-cn, jg-y iirOa Correspondent and Bookkeeper, knowledge ot Spanish, wishes Situation. Salary no objeet. 1B73, Herald Ofiice. DITg'GIST. -Junior Assistant, age IS, wants Situation. Four years' experience. 1975. Herald Office. flJV.n:NG "EMPLOYMENT solicited by experienced and U erpeditious Clerk. Terms moderate. Address Thos. N. ,1 iiler, 6 .East ctyae aweex. GARDENER (experienced) wants a Situation. "Wif e can Manage Cows and Poultry- First-class testimonials. loS6. Heraiu umce. CvAI'-DENER wants Snuai'.ou. Couid tiudcrtake vinery, Greenhouse, Kitchen, and Flower Garden. First-clasa recommendations. ubi, nei-aiu omee. "GARDENER (Head), Marrieil, wishes Re-eugageraent at V ierm. laorougiUj, eipii'i"in;-u.. ww rn;r.ced Address " Gardener," Post Office, Langholm. i AKDENER (eiperienced) wishes a Situation at the 11th .H ofNoveinber. Has good references. Married. Address, Augustus i'hursby, Eroaa street, oampoeivown. t E.OCER- Young Man wishes Situation. About 4 years' experience. Good cnaracter. itpi. -grain umce. ftEOCEfilES and PEOVISIONS.-Youns Man, 6 years at I trade, wishes Situation. Good references. 1S73. Herald Odice. Paisley. C GROCER. Experienced Young Han wishes Re-engage-3T ment. Jrsr-class testimonials. Town or Coumrry. 1S64, Herald Office. VARTXERSHn Wanted in establislu-d cttsines , ...ere " services in and -io00 would gne good return. HemldOo.ce. . Vol'-VU GENTLEMAN i:':: 103 wishes Situation m an X ironmongery and Hardware Business, w.iere, 'aadmoiievwuiT.d metwiihalair return. -No objection, to -vLvs.1 -lis H.-it,,: (lrtiiv " " V FAKT-NEBSHIP or Otherwise Wanted iti an establish J-Busineas by Oentiemau t large experience m tne & C( i voiouie alio noauon ; acquaintcvi ,n.a ... Australian Soft Hoods Shipping Trade, having an ndmeutii.i colirwctioa aud capital Address L. W. P., .Messrs Deacon s, it-i L.adenhali street. London. itnatian.s iJarant. Advrtiu!ne:Us of this Class M -icords published Four Times corisecatii'dv for U prepaid i?t K ij- seeiun: Mtuaiionssiiouid apply r'i1 tucu At;, 122 V tat ue Street ,s:aoiu-ii , KSiSTA.ST ot, thn. Otmifiis of a TeaCompauy Atsun ;o iirot'.-! tii T-.diji rliis cold wea.hvT. A SLiow- Tract.eal oi UnSl Eo'Jat would be. a it-ndation. - Apjuicaiions. in u ritiivj ouiy. to De rv-txim tiu-tiila Hue , ecretaii-, 13 jue i Htreet. Ecanbvirgti. I iAKWt- Wa:u-d. a First Table HandT Most be steady ?I? Arthurbe Pae:;.-y Barrhead. JJAKEK.- Ws: a rSiStabloTid who has been 4 or s a 4 or 5 ; - ' years at t!. t.,i ... . ... .! t ,i UgOUIll I."- I r, uuiuouiatei, ! Tyrr2: Wanted iiaediateiy, tlioroagh wa ions or cai, - I jJWKBlXLEE.i.vkh... vv... ..; Mnr be able to do iaTiiax?! Su-" Robertson, at Messrs Koast of Welirta57arse of Countins-oroiSbl? . ' l1'--- Business in London. Must be salary required -?,t ri .t" experience, ,ruu-i,-. ... and V,,,(i .-zr-.iei-.iio ilfice -S Mu!a- -Wl Euccauan Street. liyEf in Tovra.-lS7rHS3d ie aser-.-iSTHS , j I I j ! j j I 1 Vf honest, andobUgrag. One tond ot children P'c'Tea. Good wages will be given to a suitable girl. None need apply whose oaar&ctcr will not bear the strictest invesueaUom-thoroUi:0, b -R,,t!and Place. Govan Road. 11. ri t. - 7 T,- a really nrs.-cai tr-. ? ,7 orilj-addressed "Moulder," care J?. 4; W. Macleilan, bv letter 123 -ggjg-r-r -r ,u. .,i ,i-,,- O " i w5l-10. Herald Office. feioe soi "F&nua&Z ! v7i--t rVi- IFweman) Waated for a Countrv Jobbing ! l V,,eniPtadnr fifteen to twenty hands. Must j -J-- f ,i!Sid Loam, Greeusand, and Brass Mould- !. unoe.-b-i i;,,i . ... i I GOV'EEAESS aiaily wisnes engagement :n .Novemoer. i ivwju y. H -- Eight years' ejperience. English, French, Drawing, t Viiolstweri Fimitm-e stored free '--Pianoforte, and Singinri.-lSS3, Herald Offit ' lLTOA HOUSE, 16b to 1J0 LO v CAD DEN ix

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