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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, September 5, 1839
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s - .vKNINO, SEPTKM. t, the merchants of this country do not hortlj become reconciled to the independent treasury iclwnif, if they do not come to regard it at news ary restraint upon those gigantic momed limitation! which the fate legislatures are creating, be because tin lessons of experience are lost upon them. "We txpect for our part to hear them, ere long, as loud in praise ot the most obnoxious part of that scheme, the 'rpecie clauic" as it is called, as they em were in favor of a national bank. It is hardly potable to defcribe the exasperation 2inat the bank with the long name, the United Stales Bank ol I'cnns ylvania," which now prevails among the mercantile part of our population. Every body understands and declares that the operations of which that bank is the source and centre, are the cause of the present paroxysm of pressure. Every lody sees that if regulates currency and credit, to be sure, but regulates them with a view to its on n profits in the eotton trade Irom which it has elbowed e.ery individual merchant. It regulate the currency ly throwing out a debased issue of post notes ; it regu. lates credit by btstowing it in large proportions upon iu favorite customer', and by compelling the smaller banks, by a run upon their vaults, to contract their discounts and withhold tlwir usual accommodations. It a storm ol execrations could blow down the bank, not a atone of its wslls would be llt upon another. Hard words, however, have no effect ; the bank keeps on the even tenure of its way ; its managers, to use the simile which one of its Iriends once ap plied to its f.f nier presidtnt, are as " calm as a sum mr morning. Neither the cursing and swearing ot some, nor the more measured and more significant condemnation of others, will prevent them from using their power in the manner most conducive lo their private tnt". . sta. If thoae intorests require that same few hundred ol the merchants in this city and Uewhere should be ruined, they will be ruined ; there is no alternative. Alicady we hear of failures which are indulgently concealed by the creditor?, in consideration of the emergency of the times occa ioned by the unexpected measures of tho United States Bank. It'is time that a nut was thrown about thia Levia - thun and that his propensity to mischief was restrain eo Let the mor - hants take their choice between the capricious t; runny ol these great banks on the one hand, and the independent treasury and the specie clau'i on tho other. .jssionalEIec - . - une number of the De - . .i83 been republished ia pamphlet . - mea Webster, of No. 15 Elm street. Serai circumstances contpiro to give tho able discus sion which it contains an interest beyond tho intrin sic mem of the point at issue, which of itself is of sufficient consequence to reward an earnest atten tion. Parties in the next Congress will in all proba bility bfl so nearly balanced that a single vote one way or another may be of the last importance in Uio determination of great questions. Six votes, which is the number given by New Jersey, ca6t on the side of the opposition, may decide the fate of the most cherished measures of the administration, in this way materially impeding its course and crippling its ener - For the Event rift Pott ' Coxr vrut again Another mesting was held on Tuesday evening, attended by ship masters, some merchants and clerks, and others, lookers on, in number about eighty persons. Whoever attended that meeting,' or is in the habit of spending half an hour, about luncheon time, at the Second Ward Hotel, must have been satisfied that personal and vindictive feelings towards the man are much more powerfully operative than disapproval of the officer. 1 do not mean to take i p the vindication of Trist ot whom 1 know as little as ever, for nothing was established by the random charges made against him at the met tin?, except the violence and indis - From the Democratic Review. 1 Churchill Caldom Cambreieng. The subject of the present sketch has long held a prominent position before the public eye, as one ol I lie ablest, most consistent, ana purest tupporters oi democratic principles, and ol that liberal policy in the administration ol public affairs, nat - ually closely akin to democratic principles, which is comprised in tliit one expression, vi bich is the final result of all I he analysis of the science of enlightened Political Keor.omv. freedom of trade. His present retirement from pmiiic tile we trust, a merely temporaiy one affords a convenient opportunity tor a brief retro spective sketch ot his public career. jvir. oamoreicn" was oorrt at vv osniniuu, iu North Carolina, in October. 1733. His name giv ing him the well known triple initial ol C C. l. which his political opponents have sometimes termed a modern illustration of the ancient tria kappa Tmjj Necroes or thb Amistad. On looking furfur into lie question as to whether the men I'ou idin poaacssion of tho Amistad are to be delivered up to the Spanish authorities in caso they should apply for them, w find that the slave trade has been prohibited in Spsrh and its dependencies since the year ItJiO. A treaty waa entered into between Great llritain and Spain in 1811, by which after 1S20 the slave trade was to cease. To carry the prohibition into effect a mixed commission of Spanish and Brit h authorities was established to condemn vessel igaged in esrrying on that trade. Tin alave trade is thcrcforo unlawful in the Spa' h wessions, and the introduction of these men . o the island of Cuba, was punishableby a tribunal istine in that country. The whole proceeding, the v ding lor them on tho coast ol Africa, their impor ion into llivana and their exposure in the market ce, were contrary to the local laws, to say nothin - tho obligations of a higher liw. They aretbere - : o no, slaves but cap'ives , and the purchaser who "lem to his estate knew from thei a" ' innguag'! that he had purchased mun - '..K' ocd and smuggled into the island, .. had in possession, as slaves, men . u f . u : .' to their liberty by the law of the Ji.uor ihese circumstances, it strikes us tha o should do wrong to deliver up the negroes who rent found on baord the Amistad to the Spanish au noriiie. According to the account of the person Aho claims them, it appears that they were unlaw, fully introduced into Cubo, and if this be so, what right have wc, when they have made their escape, to send them back thither I It i no answer to say that the Spanish tribunals will see that this question is udjudicatcd. Although tho law of Spain forbids the importation of slaves from Alrica, it is by no means observed as it ought to be, even by the courts ef the island of Cuba. A parliamentary document of the year 1831, quoted by McCulloch, says that the slave trade, notwithstanding the treaty, h s been carried on in that Uland with the open connivance ol the authorities ; that u:.. ve,.. o'.s condemned for V.uir e'aged in it bj - yT cr'y cTucmned upon tlivnT nr! nun - HO""' DEXOGRATIC RCPCDLIC1H GEXER1L - COMUITTEE. New Tome, September 3d, 1339. tO" regular meet'iut cf the Committee will be held at alwava a xealous politician, and a uniform ad - 1 Tammany Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, September of Democia'icpnnciptrs. nenaaow. i5 isn,at .oeioc. By order ol lit ijnuvnee. ELIJAH F. rVRDT.Chairmaa. i writer than a reader, and has depended more np - . .k..niinn Trwrinnr and relieclion. ibib ui - i .l.J i , - - . - . l the borrowed treasures ol otner minus, inw - i" bad been commercial, Mr. uamoreieiis Rlrt B. Buyd, ) ercurfca, IH)uaru le, cretion of his assailants but it seems right the pub cies It would, therefore, be well if every member of he should have a more correct idea .f the objects ol derived from his ercat - srandlather, tjongress would make himself fam'Uar with the very I iu nnoiiiaiousasscniuiiiiga uiau picTaicm. i unurcnii! uauiom, wnoae lamer came irum w full and accurate dnt!! nf thU nnr and thus dtc - The first object is to raise a sum to support the land, and settled on tbe Pamlico river, in tne Dcgin r - r - - i , . ... . ... ... . . .. - i f t!.. 1.. t i..... tlo I. tl.. ,.,.n, um nn - . . .. ... .. . ...M. .in Ai . .1 i n iv Ann .11 aim n . 1 1 1 rinpnifn ill ui luu 1 a ti i.i.ii iui . . 1.1 id i iio .1 1 v pare n.mse.i 10 act intelligently m regard to wnaisN - rTX." - X.r the maternal sule. of Colonel John Pat.on. a Sal can designate in no milder terms than a gross fraud . wtmntt ... . ,.nn,j;ve - him.tlf to lant officer in the Revolutionary war. who entered upon the elective franchise. I k t hi. i,rH. This all wt - ll . nnnoh - the (Jontinental amiv in September. 1775, as major It is desirable also that it should find a free circu - I i honor the professional sympathies which rally in 1 of the second regiment raised by the State of lation amoncr h n, !vr, t... th Jpp. - his behalf the ood offices of his brother manners : houth Carolina. Uolonel Patton was in uie oat - . r , . , . ,,,,, - .....,..,.. H .Vlnn t nn ...u:..u . i - i . .i .ii resDeti i lie nonesi leRiiii&s ui iiiuiuy iiiui"mbhuii i mc ji. ...v., vj... .......... ... iiicb on in ucioatr next, me nrai - - r - - - - . . , . rf M,,rirB.on. wi1(r!. ,t . l - i t - II I I WIHUII onii" lO Illtll lilts rr - iu , BIJ l ihc H'J l - 1 - - 1 - , - I lias occurred bince the question arose, they will " I iieve ho ha been the sulijec'l cf tyrannical oppres - 1 capitulation, he was made a prisoner, and remained req'iired to pass judgment nnori the conn pursued by I - on parole to the end ol the war. their public servants. They should inform themselves I The second object ol these meetinss is to prc?cn' I Mr. 'anibreleng, by the death ot his tuner, was of the nature and extent of the injustice which has addiesses, &.C to the President, demanding his remo - left an orphan at nn early ago the oldest ff .ur ch.l - a ... . I UUI 1 lir lirniinn V III lllIN IlIin.VTinilll V in tl UC91 llf..lil - I "ll lUlv s - vui aaau w vam .. - - Decn committed, m order to administer a stern rebune i,n.r,.:w.,.,i.ii r.n. A...V....n cd circumstances nt his familv. occasioned by the to the petpetrators. They will find in this pamphlet 0f Whatever station, hss bwn unjustly dealt with long absence from home of his grandfather, while an ample statement of the facts of the case mostly uy Consul Trist in his ofiical character, the proper engaged in the services of his country, and the ne - drawn from official documents, of which copies are course will !u to place the evidence oft hat injustice cessary sacrifices ot such a period, tognlhcr with given, together with a development of the whole belore the Secretary of State, and no doubt the con - the early death of hm father, deprived bun of the Sill W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IIC UCdll V. II II Ill 1113 UClllCIILU. I . - I - . - w. . ...... .. .. for there has not been a solitary instance, since the pellea 10 leave me academy al iewn. rn, ai w men firat nrmnivatinn o the Uovcrnment. in which a wc nrsi ru'iimciits 01 instruction nan Deen ociimreti, founded complaint again&t a consular agent has 1 he.fore the age of twelve years - JNone acquainted been overlooked, and the guilty allowed to escape wun .vir. oamoreieng can tan, nowever, 10 oe maw un;athul. Suit leso need such an occurience bs sensible how amply this deficiency has been supplied furnished the New Orleans Courier with intelligence apprehended under an administration peculiarly by the native energies of a remarkably vigorous - I ' . . . .... . . I .4 1. 1 E... 11 null l.i, r. m.t ... nni ii, .,K'i.k.i n . ,h, alive to ail that ati - cts tnc inieresis, cnaructer ana au ", "y ":" uvni, aim uy i.v - awu asvkwiuaw avivBS iiuuiifulu. a l auibuiii kiiui ... . OPENING OP THE FALL CAMPAIGN. MSTO WARD DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION. tO - A reciilar iwmlhl in - line of thia Aaaocia'oa mill be liel.tonl lll KSOAY'EVEM.S(i. Bcpt 5h, at th CHd Bitilc tirouu.l, Jenion Hall. I aliaVe liamla and rejoira ovrr our glurioiis virrorif iii Indiana. Alabauiaand Triinm. we! wtwre l uNNOS got rOLKintlie aide, and BELL W.hia CLAPPER!! Let Harry roam abnut hr la ml. Make - rw - W. talk and ifcnr. VAN llMtEN rt artall proudly stand, For Uie sake ot Aukl lane jue ClMiru. Then lomt 1. oiir luirralis. my boya, Ami !! tlie Whiccici jwnc. We'll rally round thir Favorite Son, For AulJ Ijind s'jrne Chorua. The Whim !nn.!M at S. G.VKKIT taLDERT.rresidVnt. Riou'd Colfax, Secretary. a3Jt fX Doors open at 7. scheme by which the whig party sought to retain their ascendency. Mexico. Mexican papers of the 3d of August, which have been received in New Orleans, have I It appears that among other changes, effected by Bustamonte im mediately after his return to the capital, was the dis missal of the whole ol the old cabinet, including Gc - rastza and others, supioscd to be the mere creatures and allies of Santa Ana. aarnritv nf Americans abroad. I tensive travel rxilh at home and abroad. At eclioo! The third and last - ct of these meetinss is still ho had been very ambitieus. anil though but a stiorl more reprehensible. Assuming that the President time enjoying its advantages soon outstripped, in a mav not remove Mr. Tnsf. and careless whether he i signal manner, an ins cuiiiireuiurs luriisuiauni'iiiiu be rela npd in office, e.ther through fuilure of t roof of He was then studying with the expectation ot being miscrnduct, or in consequence ot Ins justification, sent to Princeton College, when he was compelled t is rnn.iiil In mii:nristiui - 1 !nn arpKS lit nM ,1 law 1 10 leave inc academy, onu re - ure io ins smuuuiu The Mevtpan annv in ilparriliart aa bpinir in llin I mymvellin & the President to remove him. To the liter's plantation, where he spent about a couple of . .11. , . mi 1 1 . 1 readers ot vour taper. who generally understand I years. He bere prosecuted his studies 111 private worst possible condition. There are only about ' Zr,UJ'Knd .L mL i.,uina for several month's, with undiminished zeal, to main - twelve thousand regulars underarm.', yet the war I 0rour fot 0f Government, the bare announcemeiil tain his position with h'13 classmates ; and it was department expends or incurs a debt ot more than of this proposition is sufficient to show its uttvr ab - I not till reluctantly lorced to auanoon nil nope 01 thiiteon nnll.nna nf .tnllra ann.,!! - Sn.R ltt. surtlily. and to ptove the mdwcroet zeal which am - gomg eitni r 10 l rtnceion or 10 ine universny m 1 . - - r ....... l..,; 1 limriAl TJ.M that ho ilicfrv.i imint I thffn in rlnivur. ... l III il tits 2ui:ie ui tilt; Ulliliv mci3 iu in r uujrn ro. vv - a a.ii.i - .aw .... . lions nave more oilicers than men, and all are rhilt lnany at the niectins were sensible of the Disappointed in these early and ambitious hopes, badly armed and equipped. Civil affairs arc ii,l!y of such a proceedure was evident from the fact he became an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman, placed in an aspect eouallv unfavourable. that the more the worthy President complained I hey and passed miny a night in scouring the swamps In the northern provinces the armed bands of the were - Daca ward in com.n - .orw ara oi.ignine.ue - I .. . I .nil 1 Iha nrliiuirnmr ut I1IU1 Ittl, 111C IOBIU nicy HiauvvUllllu mw wujvu. ... two parties have not hesitated to levy contributiong on the peaceable inhabitants, and trade has suTcrcd greatly from the insecurity of the roads. 1 1 the south, a whole State is suffering the rigors of fam ine. Says the Courier, "those who have read Hum not more than thirty were present, ot whom, one President, eight Vice Presidents, and five secreta ries, formed a goodly portion. There was a good deal ol speaking, chu tly done by the President, Secretary, and one ol his vices, l do not wish lo notice it further than to correct a niis - with his dog, torch, and axe, and many a day in his canoe on the Pamlico river. Being young it was also his province to "drive" the bounds in stag hunts winch were Irequcnt in that neighborhood, lticse early details in Ah. Cambrcleng'a boyhood are thus telatcd, because, sooth to say, he may be still said to lead much the same life, in the intervals which the force of early formed tastes and habits still induces nun cccas:ouaiiy to snatcn troui more luminous pur smts. In 1900. at the ace of fourteen, he was placed in the store of a merchant in Carolina, with whom he removed to New Yoik in 1602 ; to which circuin boldl's travels will recollect the elowinf? description statement leading to very erroneous conclusions.and o i . . .i he gives af Oaxaca - the fertility of its soil, the mild - 10 "veruo one, among u.e nr oaung glaring ... ' . I misappiensiont - of the powers and duties ot consuls. ness ol iu climate, and the numbf r ol ita towns and 0ne of ,he mo. violent of tho speakers talked i f hamlets. It now annearn that a liinor Hrnnnht liaa I the conaul as a salaried officer. Paid to Protect anv u. i .u - r. - i.i - i . ., i .. i 1 American htiwfcvor criminal, and bow much soever I stance is to be ascribed tho transter ot his public ca mt iieioa irom Wllicn me innaDltaniS nraw , .u - V. r ..... - - .,., fY,..n ih f hm hirtl. .ml ramil n9Knrintmi,a lo the great comtnercinl metropolis of which it is known that he has so long been a representative u Congress. Tha ill success which attended his pre sent employer, caused him to return to North Caro hua in 100. where he found almost nil ot his old school companions engaged in a life of ihs3ipalw Ii a liniii ltiiili tti A I Via I it.' a fC I ! rittii it ru i n - I . . a .ail 1,0 lllttT HUTU VIVIIUILU liwo w vuumi j IIB u.eirsupuuesoi grain, ana me cattle nave perisnco w,)ici, ,ie be 80journlng. This is an error; the in great numoers. umi a million ol inhabitants l only salaried Consuls are among the Uarbaiy ixiw arc now exposed to die of hun jpr. Tim roads have ers : the rest receive certain tecs lor disc h uging cer - been so neglected, ana are become so insecure, that Ia"1 uul"es,' on? l"! ,me0, '"T ?UH.,ney HU the means of bringing supplies from other places do their duty towards' Americana is in put advisory', not exist. and in part controlling; they are to take care they which sunn naturally attracted him within its round do not violate the laws of the United States, and to Alter a few monliis, however, ho broke from it - Colonization to Trinidad. It is stated in the 1 prevent as much as they can tlie violation of the Upell of wild and careless pleasure, and returned to Boston Dailv Advertiser that llin ftovornnrnf Nnira 'WS Ot 1110 Country in Which thev rrsi'lc When I J"oe:inc ins nuiics, vj ins mniucu aci iiui., Boston uaily Advertiser, that the brovernor of INova miW - d. ihe.r national fL - hna xv.ll New York. Unfortunately, however, for the youi, iscotta has given public notice, that the Government ,joubtiesa prompt them to aid by all proper mean - adventurer, he was detained a fortnight, before he of the Island 4f Trinidad will pay twenty - five dol - those of Hieir fellow citizns who are unhappily could embark, at Oeracock bar ; by the end of which lars for the passage of each labouring person of Af - SU1',V i is not their duty to sereen the time tho gambling table which was the constant . . .. - . . criminal at all hazirds. and to rescue him from place of amusement if the young men of that day rican descent, wneuicr male or tcmale, trom INova (h(J penaItles of hia on - M wa8 broadly nd section, had despoiled him of the last penny of bcotia or either of the neighbouring provinces to stated, nor ia it their duty to pay away their own Trinidad ; and the same sum for (he passage of two money to bribe assessors ur other officers ot justice children bntween seven and fourteen years ol a or lo BI,0W persons imprisoned on criminal cnargts 10 for three from one to seven years of age. This sum TrJh' been . no other ,auIlthan Buch as'was aU leged against him on Tuesday tiiglu, he will not be removed o;i thai nctoun merely but the evidence is with the Secretary ; he. will decide upon lb facts ne proved. Those meetings whieh are now forced in the pnncipil sea port towns would do wise y to is to be paid as a free gilt, and no claim will be made at any time for its repayment. The notice remarks that according to the rate of wages given on the Island, a labourer, whether male or female, may easily earn daily, between sunrise avoid the shoals upon which wc have run, and keep and sunset, wages equal to four shillings, or five shillings Nova Scotia currency. Such labour ers aa do not choose to work the whole day, may be at liberty to work as much time during tho day as will entitle them to half the allowance. They will have in addition, the use of a good cottage, and half an acre ot productive ground free from rent or any other charge. The soil is stated to be of great fer tility, and land may be procured at from four dollars to sixteen dollars an acre, in the best distri. - ts. An industrious laborer, by the earnings of a ,. ;.. riod, may become the owner J a productivi. farr - i. themselves more stricllv to their lcsiiimate and prop er object, that of providing fundi lor the destitute and suffering, and, if aggrieved, then, greatly ag - gneved. Captain Wendell. A LOOKER ON. William Sullivan of Boston, died at his residence in that place, on Tuesday last. Colonel John M. Harbour, ot V.': Michigan, has harvest' - H n i r - acres of vhtat. He had f. !!; men en iv - '.t'icr 'i. - ' croi' .ii'i1 c;5 '.iiye ht ! : i tho little outfit with which his mother had been able to launch him forth on the career of his fortunes. On landing in New York, accident threw him in tins way ol a kindly and shrewd old Scotch merchant, who invited him to his house, with temporary employment, till a more f ivorable opening in life should present itself. Ami it was not long before he was engaged, in 18015. as a cierk by an uniinrnt merchant in Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Clark, whu was largely concerned in the Northwest Coast trade of the Paciliu Ocean. It may be cited aa a signal evidence of the character for talents and integrity he was early able to establish for h'msclf, that on the death of this gentlemen, two years altcr - wards, he was employed by the executors, at his re - eoiiunendation, and entrusted with the important duly of adjusting the affairs ol the estate, which were not only extensive, but very complicated. The x unination of the lands belonging to Ian estate Sii" him occasion lo make repeated journeys in: i'i:!i different sectionsof New Eigland, m the . ,.. sc cf which besi jes much diversihed experi - unci;, hu had on moro than one oc' - s - iii to r.:.. on - ii :iht t'eHTce r r i : id ti - r,i!.ii.i w ihbvhis amiable companion already alluded vutfi many similar adventures, nowevrr entrnainm night be the nc tl, would be scarcely apprvpnat o such a sketch as the present. At abcut this period commenced his connection with Mr. Aitor, of New York, with whom his most important commercial transactions wt3 had, and bWnruujently settled in New York, before he who, one ot Ine most acute judges ot men, ai ways i io t aclif e pait ; its politics. The doctrine ti reposed an implicit confidence in Mr. Cainhrclen, I resV M Qu 1(je fOT ,ie protection ol inanufac - cutrusliDg many very important commissions ol urta . or s.anci,0iied by alrooatall busmes to his discretion. Such a testimony as that I our p. p Bnd ,n WDa ventured to oppo - w an of Mr. Cambrcler.g. who h3d peculiar opp irtunilies I increaa. ,k hem tit ot manutacturers - " - - - - 1 m IIUIILFMUI aUW - w n.a ot forming a correct judgment, to the character ot a I were c - antin" in patnolisin. I1" man so distinguished as Mr. As'nr hsa long been in I Democri.., - h.j made an instrument, lor the commercial community, may be worth recording. I the promIL Qf yi, oWn interests, by prominent From a letter we have seen, written by Mr. Cam. caiiulist9V...j , n,.t K - anch ot business, and breleng to a friend, wo are permitted lo make the I RiemorialaY(fa)Uay acni to Congress irom following cx ract : I Tammai.y , r,n , .n increase of the tariff. Most very great fortunes are either inherited, or I Mr. CambreV' wi, arnon" the few more clear - owing more lo chance than to bold enterprise or 1 sighted and let, . u ,v,..n nrotested against these deep calculation. The most enterprising are gen - I memorials, n)mall.Jy BUCVicded in persuading erally in the end the least successful. It was not so I his political fra. 3 ,Q j 4Continue them. In the with Mr. Astor. No man ever surpassed him in I winter of IS'ioV,. u.r t, Lad en?swej m the variety and originality of hi projects, in bold - public life, he C, m9 Examination' ol thr ness in speculation, or in lore seeing and compre - New Tariff', prcpuL ny t,o Lion. Henry Baldwin, hending every event which might possibly affect any a Representative mVf,, bV one of the Pcc - r.f his plans. Independently of his various specu - pie." This was a rJLai - cear nd forcbloex - lations on a large scale, his sctUcment at the mouth position of the fallat 11,1; cxnertiner.ts by wh:ch ot the Oolumbia river would of I'rclf liave rendered I tbe tiigli tanfl gchoul d.i,al day not yd extinct, him one of the most wealthy men in the world, but though now lor the prXt aoMhed into silence for our war with Great Britain, and tba sale of Fort I sought to fasten uporc vour fr eoernes of u ' l" "'"l". i i...c ... .... - utmums j,,,,, ol commercTal poiu n u.n u IK)WO for the receptimi of visilora. finnhdonin liir riifA - anil.luranlu w.l... . n.l I.. an a.v I rv f.l nrnliiln'i.knj ... i I . - I J" v "1 I ' ......v. ...vim - iviiij Jta.n,...u . v... , . l.ie1, ana OriWIlKM, of him, that, however ho may be in small matters, I which, whatever division opinion exists as to its he is a man ot extraordinary genius of a compre - I cuects on the true prosperity1 irtand, is at lea PI cnsive ami profound mind and capable ot man - me niosi latal and false to t true spirit of our lu - ging the affairs of a nation." stitutions that we could adoi it r, an octavo When the Russian medintion between the Uni - I volume ol neir three hundredV.oea .nd waa com ted elates and ureal Lritain was proposed, in lsi I posed ilnnng the evening hok when the author Mr. Astor, with bis characteristic enterprise, pro - was rclcasca Irom the busin jected a speculation to a very large amount in Uan - a ay. ton, and proposed to establish a permanent agency i in the spr.ngol 1321, Mr. Calireltn was norn - there, connected with his settlement at the mouth I mated for Congress by the DcmVabc party; and ol the Uolombia river. Air. Uambrelcng was se - ihougb a powerful effort was m. to defeat his lectcd by Mr. Astor to execute this important com - I election by his political opponents,d by the man - enterprise, and went to lvirope. to await I ulacturing intertst, he succeeded oW a very popu - thero the result of the negotiations under the Uus I lar candidate nominated in oppositiAto him bv a sian mediation. The ship in which ho sailed, the large majority. The seat thus obttint lie has sver Hannibal, had been employed by the Rusian Min since preserved, till the last fall chctioLn that city ister in this country to carry out the celebrated and I when the convulsion of the recent pohtLf crisis H untortunate Moreic, who was also a passenger. I last efiected the object for the aecompVhmcnt ot We are here enabled to give a reminiscence of Mo - which all the former efforts of hm oppoynts bad reau from the pun of Mr. Cambreieng, contained, failed. lie thus continued a member oftongress as the p receding, in a letter to a friend ; which, re - for eighteen years consecutivt ly. When YeIle - lerrmg to a period ot his lite about which little is publican party sustained its overwhelming ddeat in known, and about which much misrepresentation Is24, he was the only member of Congress V that has prevailed, will not be without a historic value, party reelected trom 'the State. Yet has - cntitting it to record, as well as a deep interest to brclens alwavs from the outset, beenonooscd bathe ino general rraocr. rrom inc acquaintance - 01 I mercantile interest ol that eitv ? ihmi i in teatlv that voyage, with the intimate opportunity it afford - 1 huwever tardy that class may be in recognizing th cd ot knowing the real man, Mr. Cambreieng has 1 fact, he has tilwavs been, from tbe soundness ol that always maintained a firm conviction of his purity I theory of public olicy which has always given its ana patriotism, notwithstanding tna ooioquy wu n i epurc shape and character to his public course, their which his nanio has been covered, as a traitor who I best friend, and a most valuable representative to len in arms in Dante agamsr nis country ; their true interest. In 1523, particularly, he was 'I never saw a man of such high reputation with vigorously opposed by the merchants generally, fot less ambition. But for bis wile he would never relusing to advocate a high federal duty en sdes at quit Ins residence on the Delaware. Through his auction. LIow violent and embittered that hostility agency abroad, and the parsiiasions of Bernailotte, has ben made of late years, by Air. Cambrelcng's lie was induced to quit that quiet retreat. He I uncompromising adherence to tlioso great princi - traveljed under the assumed name of Monsieur I plog 0f the Democratic policy, in relation to the pub - Cazoau. His manners and appearance on board IC currency and bankitig, which the mercantile class Enip were iruiy Bimpia nnu democratic ; ana uu are so prodigiously mistaking in regarding as an - would frequently and patiently listen lill midnight tagoi.i;t to their real interests, is too welt known to the 'long yarns' of the chief mate r.f the ship. He to require comment or notice at our bands. In pro - told us that, it he succeeded in all Ins plans, te portion, however, th this hostility of political oj.po - should see him as retired on the banks of his native uenls have the attachment and confidence of Uie river a? he had been on the Delaware. Moieau de - Democratic party of this city and State increased layed his depatture from this country lill late in with the continued manifestation ol his unwavering J une, obviously without any design to cjigage in the Republican princiolcs his pure and firm political campaign of that year. lie thought that, by the integrity the consistent aoundhess of his leading time he arrived in Europe, the Allied Army would doctrines and commercial policv and the em - be on the banks of the Rhine ; and it was his de - ability w hie h he has displayed in the advoca - sign to offer himself as mediator between the ty of them. Mr. Cambrclorg is now in retirement French nation and the Allies. These expectations, r0in public life, and is about lo take advantage of were, however, soon disapKinted. In the JNorth an interval of leisure fong desired by him, to revisit sea we epoke a Dutch galhot. In answer to Mo - 80me Q( t,c rcenca Df h.g earlier travels and adven - reau's questions, the captain mlormcd us ol tbe bat - tures in Europe. But thete can be no doubt that, on ties or Luizen and Bautzen. Moteau quickly in - his return, no public man will occupy a more promi quired, 'Where are Wittgenstein, Schwartz?nberg, nent position in the confidence of the Republican and bernadottc ' 1 he hrst was on tbe borders ol party, in the Empire State and its great commercial Silesia, the second in Bohemia. and the third in the melrooolis. aa a well - tried anil Invi.r.lH rnmesenra. " ... - r t. ii. . i . . i 1 - :. - i I ' . - . .... iiu.uiui ueiiimnj. no iiiuneuiuici y i e.iaiiiieu, tive and champion el ita great principles and as a 'My God ! they have three times the number ot the ,st lit candidate for the hi best honors of lurther French army ; they ncvar can beat Napoleon except political distinction in its power to bestow, by main force ; they have the power, to drive him Air. CambrclenS'8 career in Congrcn during the oeiorc uiem, oui uu wm oeai inem lorcver wnu - eighteen years that he has occupied a scat in the ...w . ik i triouse oi icepiescniativcs, nas been eminently use nigiuy ot tne genius 101 ins great antagonist. Un fu and honorable. He has alwavs preferred that Mai IO - The Great Fait of the Meelwnics lnMmae at rari tSulf BAM, AT TIIK PAVH.IOTJ, HEW IIKIOIITO.1. try - The ran.t IUII at tlr Paviliuu wi!l take plare FRI - DAY EVUN I Mi. fith iiit., in tlie nil. - ixhil Bail rnn. Tirkeia rau be tiad of the Manarer, oi at Uie ofiice at the rwiliou. erl 2l rr - v - MR. Mt'l.I.lRAN AliD MISS BO. occupations of the I TOtT'S Bonr.lnn and lay cliol. lor youns la 'iea,No. i.i aiiicr sireei, nuiopen on ncuiKi, i - rin. uirxr tlth. at03i5:htil.A9. . HATS - FALL FASIIIOXS. fXJ O. FISH would respertfully announce In his customer and Ike citizena generally , that beta now prv p.tred to offer a very liaiuUnine asaaHiiiient of Hat, fininlirtl in tltc newest and inctt apnuvrd Byte, (or the preacnt sea son The mwoiimem roniprise anionf a Tariety of ntliera. the ftK' de - ripiiii winch are mostly in vogue wah the taab. lonible rcininuiiiiy. viz : rme snort nap it Niitnaa on Fur botliea rnce ft.M " Moleskin Plnali 4.CO u Plain Itlk Ruuua 4.U) O. F. aoiiM here ilreiu ii uonliy of renuiik lo state that the above mentioned ileacripiiniia vf Halt, are offiredat pritea from - a to'JS pere - nl. Inwtlian in uhiuIIt rliai(ed at eot esiatilisliiui - nr for IheKame qualitir; while at the ea time it i asserted tliat they arc inlerioi to Bufie.m pnkt of style arfitiiwh. tie aulihcribei'M loiigeiiieiienre a a practical Ttaner in thilcity, luii enabled bun very mreeaftilty to rouipete hh tlid iiiaiiuUu - iiireii of anv nuiilar a atabbshmem ; andttia coijMcutly believed dial iheasortnient naw offered to die maic, are entirely iiiunn paaeil. oauieiiien are mined lorau ni runnne lor tlieiDseires ta old eatalilisluiient at rJM liall am aueef. 5 islw CONSIGNEES per Br. Iiaroue IMbden. from Liver. pi. ae attend to their j;i imIs now landing on the 1 1'xn hi nuseveii nrcet. a? tne Hup is il:r hantmi by italonler. lltRDMAN tt KEKNAN. 61 South at. in one occasion ne saio, mat ne oia not Deueve tnai p03t of dmy in the public service, restin" on the free iiie.c cei nuu mcu, ot men eaiaieu, a general equal election Ol Ills Constitui tuenry, to any other office of to Napoleon lor military inspirations in the hour of honor or emolument, under the Executive appoint - battic;' but after praising him, he would always ment, which his distinguished services, character add : '.Mais cependant e'est un grand coqum!' aj abilities must have made readily accessible lo "It will bu observed, that it was only by this very him. He has always in the House played a promi - plan or concentration that Napoleon was finally nent and influential part having been generally ha.n ..! Kvmiin In. lha A I'.n. I... I in lU . - ..." e J .v ....... . , .v. ..... ,.ou ... ...v. cnairman ol some ui the more important committees Held, as Moreau said, thncc the number of the Commerce, Foreign Affairs, arid Ways and Means; trenctiarmy. in uie oatiegat. we were spoken by the chairmanship of which latter is well known as "rc "'' "'ia u"i")u. leaiiiiu uim i..u - being the nearcbt approachthat our practice admits reau was among the pacsengers, her captain. Chat - . ,i,e leadorslun of the dominant in the ham, came aboard to pay his respects to him. It i ,he exercise of these functions Mr. Cambreieng was, then, and Tor the first time, (though in bis has been the author ol numerous reports, character - checked shirt,) that we saw General Moreau. who izcd by remarkable ability, research, and value. His seemed to be afoot taller Uie moment the lritisli 1 celebrated report on - comm - e - d :::.v:t...i..i., ml captain came into the cabin. The conduct of a - 2H fin - - : He i i. ruan - t our e?j. - i ; ! Moreau, al tcr his arrival in Gottenburg, .t.v". - iy J , ,. . '. of ' ,. 0f(. ,,".:.,!iincJ h; ir.0 ,.v - hania j pioveo. mat no moven aim r - ... - tat:ty j , w ork.and a t in London. I i - oort DISKASES OF THE ETE. tr DR. WHEELER, Willi confidence, assures tlie pub lic tti there W scarcely any disease to hicb that li - ndrr andfetutil'ul organ, TUB EYE, is subject, that doea not ji.'lia his humane and successful mode of Ireatmeot. Refetaices civen to the fi rat faniilien, and attendance at his oflirv3 Greenwich street, near the BaUery, liom 3. A. M. null! If. M.,afier which he devotes hia tuue to out door paiiciL au7 Tb SatVTu2ni. XOTICETO MARINERS. t .rroM I lot'ta I New York. Auxu - 2M. l!t. TtieB.leraiened civeain.4icc tliat the tViuili Ijchluntha HiliUiMj is a rvolvii.$ li lit lamp placed all na one wile uakeiM i. vuliu ion every Ihree iiiiniiteaand 'M rercwla tlie grtk at lower of light rau only be aeeu once in that time. I ai On tllhof of Ocioberncit. the lantern viilt lieKt with - tini w t. ips ami ri'llertnrs pbced in tlin r - liera on two Miles oil 11 olilon; i.uare the greatest Ltfht will then hesca once ui every uae minute and 40 aeeonda. aua2 J. HOY T, Collector. Office of tb Jefterom IrtBT - BAKCiT To. New York, AujtukI 5,ltC tO" Tie Hoard of Ditecinranf this t'oinny. have tlifs day ilccl.Ktlateuii annual iliviilend of eight per cent lor the laM ui iM.ntlm. payable In the iKock - holderaon and af. ter Uie I4h nw. Tnnsl'er Uouks clcard from the tab to 12h nimaui iucauve. CEORGE T. HOPE. au6 1 raia V Secretary. COMMERCIAL. LATEST DATES Liverpool. ........ ..Ant;. I I Ilirrr. ............ .July 9T Lnilun ......July 31 New Oileana An, t.'fi Salon atthe Slock Eirhaagt, 8eit. 5. T shares D.S. Bank lt I It r!?,i . - .sir I '.hit thcr - a t rr ait - T'ir " 'j - ' j "' ' Val Til i'1 - n i 'l - .1' ; . . ol V jie jul . .nemb ,o:v and lhat the '..a,i m of ihe uux',l coiu - tribunals '' n - rferwl Iha orovritnr to t'.i - r 'or n - 'ii'. i.Vtu Oovrrior Tae'i, c f " 'v. - .re ins merits in other t r t, miuo no i fTort ta sunirress the slave trade. Such is the state of feeling in that country, and such the practice of the tribunals, that to send the negroes of the Amistad back would be to send the ringleaders to the gallows and the rest to slavery. Besides tho question racurs, what right have we to do so, when according to th story of tho person who bought thorn, they are persons entitled to their lib - rty ? We arnie this question as we think it ought to be argued, simply as a questiori of tha law of nations, and without any regard to the race to which the persons In question balong. It is unfortunate that considerations of that kind should ever mingle with aurh a question, to warp mens judgments cither to tho one side or the other. Perhaps in the present coee, however, the t (Tret maybe good, since, as we l.rn, it has secured for the negroes an array of able 'oain'l, and their cause will notsufTer prejudice from i ,4 i. - i'ot' il vi - n 0T or t n - cutrp0" nl ng f'lt'' ' Oiiii' AND C.n te,Ul - . Ca - .t of 'tie Na'.Oiial Intclhgfti - r .'; - .ing, (M.I.) August 31st, ays that the fOo,.i a t '; srss tlm riotous la bourers on tie canal have adopted decisive measures with manifest the slightest resistance to their authority. Somo twenty or moro of the nt,dcrs have been mule prisoners ; eight or 1 nave been s!iot and severely wounded one, r whom is rot xpctd to recover. A few who made their ecapc across the Potomac were fired upon by tho riflemen from Cumberland, whilst clambering op the bluff on the opposite sidu of the river and some of them were seen to fall ; but to what extent they were injured is not known. Several hantees, the owners of which bad refused admittance to the troops wlron dorasnded, were burnt to tha rond. AH the fire arms in possession of the yirdera were straed or destroyed. The writer ob - aerve that to those living at a distance these mca. sure may appear harh and tinneccfsirily severe, but Ihry were dunaiTed by the exigency. The most lawless and high - handed acts of viulenco have been caiMiitiited upon innocent and unoffending citizens and ii hers employed on and about the work. It is said that about seven hundred dollars worth of fiis arms arrived at Oldtown the other day, having b n purchased In Baltimore and sent to one ol the parties on the Canal, and by mere accident discovered in timeto prevent those from gutting hold of them rbr whom they were intended. Kiaioi The Boston paper of Wednesday men tkn that oi. the afternoon previous, a mirage was dis tinctly visible in the Laibor of Boston. Vessels of which only the sails cou'd be seen in the distance, were represented by a distinct image inverted above the horizon, exhibiting not only the sails but the hull In.some instances images were seen, apparently of vessels beyond the reach of direct vision. Covhscl ron tub Captured Africans. Mnsra. Chottto of Boston, Baldwin ol New Ila ven, and staples oi tins city, are already enoad as counsel for the Africans taken on board the AtmiMad ; andolhrr members of the bar arc expect ru in rake part in innir cutence. . n... c - . . ui ur so. a r iiuiuaira insurance Co. cf th:s ' . - tared a d.vidend of twklvk per cent, lor "vablc on and alter the lCib, m Trinidad, owr6 iy c - t urrJ r - rr - rs; whom arc so ne who !,.ive : frn i ens . - .f honoi ti.oin - ' - . - T.i nri - J.r the royal gov - crnm"iit. M in.j coloured persons in Trinidad went ! Worn Nova Scotia several years a 20. and arc con. tented with their condition, supporting themselves comlortably. Exertions are imdktng to give instruction to the w hole of the labouring people, seventy - six public schools, besides many private schools, having been opened. Children whose patents cannot afford to pay are taught without charge. Religious sects are f qually protected and assisted by the Government. Ministers of every church receive moderate annual allowances from the Colonial treasury ; and it is customary to en. courage the building of churches and chapels, by giving as large an amount of public money as the people may at any time raise among themselves for that purpose Am Eastern Bank. The Lssex Bank at Guildhall, Vermont, has beerrattached by the persons who obtained its charter. Tho deposiles were removed, and the following is their amount, as appears recorded on the back of the writ by the Sheriff: "f.iurtccn sticks or sealing wax, nineteen dollars forty one cents in specie, and two or three old blank books." Fracas Near Cincis'kati. A fracas lately occurred in a German Rifle company, at Wade's woods near Cincinnati, whither they had gone to shoot at a target. Some of the members having partaken too freely of liquor, quarrelled as to the closeness of their shots at the target. This led to a pretty gen cral engagement of the company, in which ono man was shot through the ear, several knocked down with the stocks of rifles, and others severely cut with sabres. A number of others were dangerously injured. lit' nrctfUfllmi - 1 - I icin:r ' ifnty nix nrriva! c!r.!ay fr m foreign "i't, if winch ten wpre ship", hiv - i '.:Tei..a, sixteen br'tg, eight schooners, :iJ one vessel ol war, a French brig. It is estimated that more than one thousand emigrants have arrived in these vessels. The Aurora Boreahs which made its appearance hero nisht before last was also seen at Boston. We refer our readers to the interesting memoir of Mr. Cambreieng, which we copy into this day's sheet from the last number of the Democratic Rt - vicw. National Theatke Mr. Forres was in the highest de gree successful in tbe part of Rich. 'lieu, last evening, an. I coiisiilerin it was the firs! evening of its representation, tne company perluriued their parts wc.l. The cobtuuies of Ihe whole company wore unusually splen.liil ; in this renpectthe lessee dfstrves the highest praise. The play is repeated lliis evening. c. Nmto'3 Burton will azulnainuse the patrons of this es tablishment to ninlit by repeatitu; some of his most popu'ar performances, lie always romiiianiUi a crowded saloon nd now thnt hi. en.ig'.'iiient is nearly at its clos., those who wish to see aj well .19 hear, must go early. Confession op Bankrdptct. The following confessions from the Courier of Tuesday morning are as ample as could well bu made. Coming as they do Itom a journal which has been zealous in the support of those wild schemes of internal im provement, which according to its own admission, if carried into effect will overwhelm the State with bankruptcy, they arc worth placing on record. "All the States have breu going forward in Ihe work of borrowing money, without turning their thought towards pay day. Thcconsequnce has been, that a vast amount ol blato stocks are thrown into the market, not only without specific funds set apart to pay their interest, but tainted with the auspi cion that, from the necessity ol resorting to burden some taxation for their oaytnent, they may be repu dialed by the people of some of the States. ' Tha State of New York has embarked in improvements lhat will ultimately create a debt ot $ 15,000 - 000. Many of the improvements in progress, it is admitted, will never be able to support themselves, Most of them will not be able to support themselves for many years. Some of them cannot lail to be profitable and it is intended that those which pay shall support the debt of those which do not pay. That is lo s ty some of ihese improvement arc to be so very profitable as to enable us lo pay back. 111 twenty years, one hundred dollars for seventy - seven now rcahztd and invested, and meanwhile an inter est of 41 percent! That such will be the cas - j at any rate, the only assurance to the Iho'.ders ol state stocks issued for these improvements, for the specific performance by the state of its contract in the premises If the improvements pay if the profitable improvement should, by a miracle, pay both for themselves and for the unprofitable improvements with which tlr y are saddled, tho state may be able . W. . f . a V . . a.... to et aluns with the interest ot me atw, dui men what becomes of lbs principal? What becomes, for ins: mice, ol the promise ol tlie state la pay one hundred collars in ISj'J lor seventy - stven uoiiai 11 ty cents received in 15o9 7" ' Robert P. Letcher and Manlius Thompson are tho whig candidates for Governor and Lieut, vernor ot Kentucky, DOMESTIC MARKETS. New York, Vednej.lay. September 4th There ix littn rhsnte to he notice. I in Culton or eotVee, aint flour if any thine has fallen. We quote Western at 86,7.1 a 46,87 j ; Ohio '1 .'ill a Sl'.l'Ji, ami Geometowu 8vi.'J ati..;". A i - ulo i! 51 Mils Kicluniind cniiniy va main - ior exp.,n.iti - n a! 8:"v J7J fir cash. Kvel'inur is helu .1.7.1. awl (.Yru Meal at 4. ales of M irvlanil Wln at h::ve been made at il.Tia SI.:V.l: e latt.'rrate lor prune. Of Northern live at KJ a S5e. : ami lata at Sic for new, and jJc f'ro'd Coruiiiav be iiuoleil al SlaWc. A further site of Misiouii Lead has been at .IJc ontinie. A sale, of Whale Oi! for e.rort;:lion ha4be.11 le al ilc casti mkji - an. I M. ucs remain at o!i r ces. At Baltimore, Sept. 3.1. Hour There is no chance hi the prices of Howard meet flour liom .Sampi - iv's quotation - . I he receipts ol yestenlay and tin: mommy lic been lair. n.l Kites fi - oinHoresat ., a8'.al tlie Inuerraie on tune choice bran ts are held at C The waton price is 1.73. - Kiuehaiuia i held at 0. Tnelisi sale of t ,'ity Mills we hear of was ma.le at i. (J.ain Tiie ar rivals this week hae lieen fair and the item tint ha.j been qn te active sales 01 wnitc iirnne wheat Sliir.i) and ol pnme rril at ll.Ma ti, i 11.; ai.OTe sales show an a.Uanceot troin sto ic from a;ur.lav' (iiir.tations. Salesof velluw corn at 7u.i' andof while at fiSi73e. R - . - e 73.i7.1e. Salesof Oav at 31a3ic which is an advance offiom 2 to 3o Whiskey - Itihhds 341 a'vlc ami bbis at .TCJaJirc and market dull. Prov'sious The operation in the provision market are very limited and nun, small suies 01 naumai llalvtic: shoulders 8a9r: 111 it nines '.itaiucwue aoove quotai.ons. which are a shade lower than lat week's prieesret'ertoprime qualities. We notes sale ol 711 libls prime I'ork at S 13. cash: Mess H held at 817. Cattle Tlie supplies of cattle 111 tlie market vesterday were "ood.aii'l slid ;u prices raugiiijt from 87,50 io 8S.7j. Hoys From S - to J,ii. At Philadelphia. Sept 3 - t'ofTee. The market in lllli. - t and w e have nothing of interest to leiiort. Flour and Meal. The receipts ol flour continue limited, amlthe stocks un usually light, fales 01 anoiit imtibtits. lor exjiort, al 6 per bbl. lor iresn grounu superune 1 Here isa lairdemam for ".nut bramts for cily use at the price quoted. I A pUile of rye flour atl l'JJ, and corn meal. 81 per bbl. Cram Whea - is s. Uiliir 111 small Mis fo millers and starclnnnkers at I10111 Si ilitu 1 3i Per liushel for ! laware and Marvlaml Him roiiitiern yellow coiiunamU 0 a 33 cents. aud white. 7Scents. Kye has liee.i taken at Ma cents lur cmtliern Oa s have been uiiiformly sold at 40 cents, but an increase o supply would probably depress tne puce a little. Whiskey IS UIIU III 11 1 Ills, o, ami 111 uoiB. ai o. eeiua. At Alexandria. Sept 3 Four. We onote flour from Wagons 8S.S3, beine a I'lnher aiiclit a.!van. - .e Kde from stores for s'liiuiient at cC.fU, retail l riine 8'i. 121 bv 111. dray load Grain. We have advanced our quotation ol wheat to ll.lja Slii; pert aps very goo I white would cumin mil few cents mure. White Cum lrcm wagoua 60aG6 Oats 31 a 33. PASSENGERS. In the ship Queen 'ic.loria, from Liverpool MrsTlinmrv ann and child ; KMi.liH. -, lady and two chiluaen ; Mrs bwing.ana r.o in sieeraje. In the shin KenMnston, from Liverm - ol Rev II C Crnfi and lady, nnd 2nd in steerage. In Ibe biric Douglass, from K10 Janeiro Lieut Edward Peirsc,of BiiUsh Nry,and laily. In the Ii'iaiQ.iartcrs ol 'tie Atii "d Arui. ln fie remained three das eir !m).i .i - , TT?."j laniie - - . Bti'l did not lcae '.hat p'see t - r a .ij - jvcj atnurig ine hij.s iti! vaitc, a o. ;viatr.9t 1111 - 1 veerk. i.jia detiin, very tiijrliy Bi; - r, ai ine oair. o' Kn i 1: :'ien 10 our trave.UT?. Having u xtitio mn 1 uresoeit, was pecunai.v ui:'r.,.iri - Te tor t .? nrm ijul seventy M fctpiaiu - ra" on the boriieraol the I tioit. Had "tr reahz1 bis c.jx - eiations on quitting wildcines3at thcttme wheti it was the fishion to the United States had be found the Allied Army shoot all surveyors, land agents, &c, with as little on the banks of the Rhine, and successfully present - ceremony as so tiMt.y bears or foxes. This very ed himself as a mediator between the French na - responsihlc and difficult duty was discharged with lion and the Allied Powers he would have been ntire success, and 10 ttie enure sanstaciion 01 we remembered as tne ucnctactor 01 ins couniry, ana e.xcc'iuors and heirs of tbe estate in piesi ion. I th? pacificator of Europe. Had he lived to have We are here induced to quote thctollowm ex - I executed his other plan tn concentration at the battle rait from a letter, referring lo this period of his life, ol Leipzig, and driven Napoleon to Pans, he would from one of ihe sources at which the information perhaps have ranked cslheUrval Captain of the has bten sought on which this bncf narrative is Age aa he was certainly ono of the first. But as founded : I it was he was denounced as a traitor to r ranee, and " One or two incidents in his earlv life may be execrated by those to whose interests he was drvo - mcntioncd, which may be deemed not the least hon - ted, and for whom he would have voluntarily sur - oiabletohim. When thrown on the world at the I rendered his life - " early age of fourteen a clerk in a store separated I Soon after the dreadful battle of L'Sipzi, Mr. from his family and more intiinite friend', ant, dc - I Cauibrelcn? commenced his journey from Sweden prrved of their counsels, instead ot wasting his lea - I through fomerania, to rierlin, (then tilled with sure hours in idie pleasun s, often terminating in I wounded,) Potsdam, Dessau, and Leipzig. The more vicious indulgences, h,: occupied the time not latter place at that time, in December, two months engrossed by his ordinary pursuits, in rcadin g, coin I alter the battle, was literally one hospital. The hos - positton, music and draw ing. At a subsequent pe - pitals in the neighborhood had been burnt down, and nod when the chief clerk iu the counting - houie of the sick and wounded were transferred to the city. Mr. Clark, in Providence, ho was a member ot a I The churches were converted into hospitals, tires Literary Society of that piece, composed ot the were burning in the streets, and incense in everv more advanced s'udcntsof ISrown University, some chamber ; the morta'i'y was terrible ; but amidst all of the junior members ol tho literary professions in this scene the fair was going on: merchants from that town, and finer young men, who, line mmseii, 1 the lour quarters 01 tne gione were congregated, ami were animated with the laudable desire ot nnprov - 1 there was tbe grand supper at tne hotel at nine o - ing themselves. The society was, like others ofthe I clock at night, with the band of mutdc, regardless kind, devoted 10 literary pursuits, composition, sou 0t lite condition 01 a mourning city. exUniKraneou3 dcbatii'g ; and a Ii hough engrossed From Leipzig, he followed the route of the allied throughout the day with Hie duties of the counting - army to Franktort on the Maine ; to Swit - house, his midnisht studies enabled him to attain z..rand, and thence to within sixty miles of Paris. an honorable rank anions his more favorably situa - it was a ioitruey full l interest and adventures, af - ted es - socia is He was re.a ded a - one of Ihe most I fordm" an opportunity not only of seeing the civil - pn nvnent yuiin men "I the p'acr - , and his mtclli - ij - d suldiers of Luropc, but the Cossac, Calmac, jenie, and correct gcnilcinaiily iltpottment made I Uashkir, and Tartar, lie was frequently in the him a welcome iiun ilc in the ino. - t intelligent cir - I nei"hbnurhood of" unimportant akirinishcs and bat !ps. At thnt p?riod although only twenty "years I tlesT and met m casionally bodies ofprijon trs nurcli - oldj and receiving a moderate s.dery of six nun - I mgon loot at the point ot the bayonet in midwinter drcd dollars a year, he prevailed on his mother, I an7t the "round covered with snow. After much de - theu n siding in North Carolina, to snd on one of ay and ilifFiculty, be reached, with two con'panior.s, his y iiinger uromcrs, wno.ii n 1 piaceu ai 111c ata - 1 i, head quarters 01 ine aiucu army, ai a village a - demy i 1 Connecticut, defraying the expensed of his 1 fuiam mt!e3 from Troyes, but only aj they education out ol Ins own moderate income, soon 1 were leaving there tor Uar fe.:r einc. ihecdvanc - aftcr he sent for another biother, of whom he in like j ej eruard ol the atlnd army was engaged on Ihe manner assumed tho paternal charge. Very soon I iiirnnike leading to I royes, and there was tn ich after, his brothers were sent by him to Union Col - I consternation among the Allies at the repoit lhat lese. at Schtncclady, where one of them graduated Napoleon had thrown himself into that place at the in 1612. Tho other soon alter, at the commence - 1 ,cac 0f an army of 200,000 men. They started abo ment ol the war, entered into the navy, and attained or jat gur Seme ; but had not only lo pass over the rank of lieutenant previous to his death, which I nn ot the terrible crossroads of France and in happened some years ao, while in the public scr - I winter too but to lo'.luw in the train of more than v.ce in the Pacific rot content with defraying the I 1 000 cannon and baggage wagons. They reached whole expenses of the education of his younger bro - 1 iat g,lr Seme at nine o'clock at nitht, afier having thcrs, he moreover, subsequently lo tho graduation (ravelled, by the spinted assistance ot a suiter's ol one of them, enabled him to attend the usual Wife, the distance ol nine miles in as many hours, course of legal studies at the Law School at Litch - aiuj w cre quartered in a house with a German prince fi - ld, Connection', and continued the aid so neces - anj yM attendants, who had taken all the house nnd sary to the young professional man during the first everything lo cat. The travellers had to sleep in vears of his practice. This incident is the more ,t1H name room with the master ol the h' - use, his highly honorable to Mr. Cambreieng, as his own W1fe children and servants. On learning lhat they fortunes had improved but very slightly throughout were Americans, be opened a secret; closet and pave the whole period during which he thm'assnmnf the thcmachickm and a bottle of Burgundy. From parental charge ol tho education of his younger bro - thence he reached Chatillon, where was assembled triers." tho Congresjs of Ministers, which was the object of 1 lus extract we leave to speaK tor itseit, witnoui 1 ui destination, unncccs. - ary comment of cur own, as an attestation I ine negotiations for a peace were delayed much .f tho true stibbtance or the character ot the subject oncrr than was anticipated, and Mr. iainorcien of our sketch. Lrn? stained in Europe more than a year. His time a n..i,. - ft.;. m.i..w..,, ; r..; I l ver u - nq not unemployed. Circumstances X11ICI IUC 1C1 Illll.dllVri. . I ills .l.l"J .1.. ... ... A. .w.i - I ....... . ... , . . - . .,, . dence. ho returned asain to New York : where he which eeeem to have Ut n anticipated by the saga ' I k At, x nnnnccntV irk n rrri ii - i ...... .v.. m.A t. thr.i. o ra m ninrnhint ? fllU r.I VI P . HlUr IllUU.; lb in - vv - 'T 5" waa ClIullCU IUI nu VI l i jcaia u ? w iaa vuatii j w alt a al. I . in the commission business ; which he relinquished concerns ofthe tiar.nma aio 10 u j early in 1312, to undertake the agency of a large charge of Mr. U., it M snouiu any u.i.e i.. . tv.... 1.1 ...i....i. 1. , ...,me it : and the agents of that vessel. COlLOU FLIIXUIdllUll HI iiri viiw.ui tont.i liou uiu wv, - , , , I .... I . . I. .. . a .nnFi.r,...,PT1. Plin.1 IIIBIiel nroiected bv some cntcrprism ' merchants in tlie lor. having aincrtu as ioui - 11 , . . " . 1.. ... . , mcr citv. i he declaration of war m June, however, 1 them 10 111s cor.iroi. ii." S:srrli - UcvcitU .1'irv u:i'i . i i'.e n,.d tlie ,ri. 31 m r 1 11 :n .' vr. s - . ?. no r.i 71 10 l - 7 on l!ie Ji -,,. i t;if li no Ki: - i n.!ittiie, at f dttltl SC. - L '.lin . CB:i:jc do to do do do d do Iu 1 to do do .to at. do do - iml t own Bank - 110 riieiix Bank ....fiOdaya W lo do ..a CO days J" A to. l.zrljaure.. ............ Meaanici Hank. Asm. ........... II, um are HmU'D... no do do V do lo do do. ...... . do do do it, Jo lo nil A net , d tr - S - M. AK1. No. KO Iln.lwm street. Ins received the Tall Patcnis for Hals, C'aps.Turbs ns. .Vc which will be ready for inspection on Tlmi Kday, fith instant. Also Scarfs.of Mnslin de 1 due. Satin , and Xephvr. A variety of Head dresses, for unriiin;, dinner, or eve. tiiii)! ; Blond Veils and Flowers iur the head, Ac , all at the uiost reasonable urices. Millinerx from any part of the Union can be , furnished with paitern. at the nhortcst Miible r.oiice. Weduelay and .:tunlay special sli'jw days llnou - hout tbe seamin. N. U A French pf.tte.rn dress of cajhimere. s33i glXfil.KTIATS ATWHOIiESALF. PRICES, fX yV. WA T. - fDN, 154 C'liatham s r. C, is retaihuz Hats which. 111 i - einf rt iiu.ilitv. style or beai:ty, mil vie with am now tclliiiniu the eny, at the following unprecedented low p. ice. via : Sujiciior Weaver, S4J0 I Splendid Mole, 3,00 auli do Nutria, 3,00 1 do Silk, 2) During his detention in Eu n t" 1 rti : del atmg Ibe speculation, no. rcttirneu 10 .w or rope, tie iw A ' " c. r. .i.j bv land through the Indian country. W fade in New the north and - middle ot Germany, Switieriand, Orleans on thia occasion, he was vcrv near loosing France, Holland and England. Despairing of an hia hie, m a ircmcod..u hurricane, lar"su. psing in early and pacific termination or the negations f J .. ... ; i i... i.i,.ui ,i,. ,. r - Kni he returned in the Hannibal toNew"Vork, I III V I lie I FVL'III Vila. " - aa m " - 2r, 75 in ra 5 25 HO SIC lu I.V 1 V 1. ....... I,. io.... do.. ...... fk .".7.". do it..' do.......... .(,yTarr.ier Iaiin ( ' - o.... ...".' rt. do do...... ,li Mereeantu Ei Co.. ' J Moliawl; Hank I do do 79 671 ... ....nw 6T ,a . tjvs t ' - ...ida VI - ! a c;i i - ""v.i;:: ft ratieroon r.R io ItoittY ProKR.." 6 - tf - b 30 d r. J 63 111! ..b 10 da KM " GO M hCO daya 56 5L'i ... 100 J3 tn Stoitinirton R It do Harlem RailaWuI"."""Iyb"aj,"li 4? do "Ui nn - i do iie not lef - n'uui iu epecial notice. Dunns the many years ho baa spent in the piji c service, Mr. Cambreieng hub had the satisfcpon o witness the successlut piogresa rt the liberal doc trines of free trade which he maintained belore be cnteted upon public life, and the advocacy of which lias been Ihe peculiar mission ot bis political career ever since. For some ycara.lte was their only advocate iu the New - Yc - k delegation in Congress. I hey were unpopular, and those who administered, or who aspired to administer, our national a (fair a. had not the courage to avow them. Tlie cause of ommercial freedom, however, continued to gain ground at every session. The late Administration was Ihe hrst, since the war with Ureal Untatn, I el. - ywncre, ia nertintntr to revte In llaltiinore. Western wincn Doutiy iook grounu in lavor pi revenue amies j 1 macnains in comnerable ,nai.ers have arriTed there ana wc nave now tne pleasure, unacr our present I l.tneing Mjipnesol rat - rent fub. Uch aa can be nat - al purely Democratic Administration, to sec restored. I trrie v.uhut (lulvata - f. v - ,, . : ., . and in the fair way to a complete and general asceo - b - einntne.fthekaeeasierkThe hatdoj are d'iaconntii.. (onitl Ai'i - tr f Kan itn lifi nrai n ,1 I K si . . . IiIiApa I t.tiniuHlna I f a. a .1 ' fMunv, iiiiiiu, U1U0U iiuidi niiin iua.o 1 irc lrcc y, uuinr urkers ruiin l.n ,itr....i. 1 1 - n nnr f rx I .ewitn rrl ivnu arte rt.t - . II ilauin - iral I . r ' AA,takl.K " I . IM b I5ds do du iln !..... do Long Island hia ci i.!e,bx - h aas lM - eQ . W . m , , ril . . .. 47 .. 52 Reported for the E renin g Post. JOINT MEETING OF THE COMMON COUNCIL. Wedncsilay, September 4th, IS39. Presetit Aid. Williams. I'hoomx, Woodhull.liutoii.uiitb, Fei ns, Willis, Ciiainberlain, Taliiiac, To maun. N..h stant Aid. Jarvis, Iktiis, Heinine. I'oUer. tt'Neil, Van - derviNirt.ljiii.bell, Hone, Ilodge, Tiuip4i, tirahaui, Pol - .if k aii.l lee. The ininiitesoftbe la. - l meeting were read and approved. leiKirtol tlie 1 bu t f.ntmi er wu picseiiied an.l ordered to be primed. The report of'ihe Emineir comprised I lie official retuiiiii of the voles fir Cluef Ei - ginet r ginnini t. be itqu red for The pirchasea of Wheal fer eastern aiccun which live beeanuile wUIioul interims. sioa duritg thelast fonr or ire WTP .i - - !y in equaizing :lic balance t trade etween Ball imore and the eaaternciiies, . A letter publiAed in the Iahvilk t'nion, slates thai thecottoii:ropofIissiaaippt q b. ,ery much affected by the drei) - ht v.lch ba. preit - d there, bejiles l" ,h worms ai - ; inVrhief n the lolla of the ynt stock. I A letter K.ilPankofOrleav AUJ. 2M,nya, that emir terfeit Ceit.Urats ff DepoaTite, Pining to liave been ta nned by lliii au - fntiiMi, ntfine.t j. r.Xeabit, Laaluer, nave ami Assi.Wint r,ni;uie rs and was ordered on file. A ma jority being found for Cornelius V. Anderson, he was 1111 1111 - 1 heen presented at its counter, and payDKq( refused. mtmsly appointed. The same vote appoiutcj Aistaiit tn i;mecrrf. An invitation to Mill tne painting of Ih.issv 1 Auclan. now exruiiiiui!; 1 1 union 11 all, was received and Jolm J. lledicnt, was aiuHiinted Dei ut Couml roller, in ilace ot D W. Newell, resigned James li Mieyswasappuinteil A wist ant Dentil T Clerk to the Twelfih and r - imeetiili Ward (Joints, in place of hed - woimi ri.sucr, rcyiiiie'i. The l oiuinon Council then adjourned. KOAIIU OP ASSISTANTS. The uiinutesof the last meeting were read and approved Two petitions w ere presented and referred. Ast. Aid. le etl.;re.l the following preamble and resolu lion, which wasimauimma!ya'tolted. V liereas, ny a reiereuce to tile txjuititmller'K rerort tor the pa. - t year, itapi - ar.itliat tlie expendituics ol the As.ii - Juoiiccs dun far exceeal the income.:. n.l from the ex - tensive hiisiiies!i 111 the Court of Common Pleas, nulors are involved ill imtierciisary eoM an.l low ol time, and wi'nea s.v, whaaie compelled to alien i from term to term. surTer a cons ileratile loss thereby. Then - lore Kesoiveil, 1 tiat the sutiject be relerreit to tne l - aw Cominitiae lor the purpnse of takinz into consaleiation I lie propriety oiappi; uuj to the Legislature to exrenoinc jn - ri.u. - iinn ol Ihe Juslicea Court i.mne hu idred dollira. still 1,9. .... ill.i..' wil'i t he l.'lerk nf il... t'ountv. trancrn4s ot tlltv du: lars or over, it aha 1 lie a In n on real - - . !.. . 1 'I . , . f Kiiie. in panic a. - , iiiirruienis renueiru 11. iw w. Common Plea.nudeiecuiMltousueiiili eiiuiincr. Paoei i Irouitlie lljard ol Al lcruiun were llieii reaa anu concurred in, but they were of no general interest. The cccifica'! in question an - CHed np in printed form and it U sufiici lo aay, to guaid the public against iui tion, that the taik las none out with Mr. Neahh'a, tlie late Cashier'asignalUte.norhanil any in circulaton,except auch an are wliolty uuV - up io manuscript dim. Flocks were firt '.hi diy, and the an.oiuit of aales aim the same. Every tlang U in suspense, unul the arrival of the Great Wcstent vhich niay be to lay or 10 morrow. Sales of Sticks iu Philadelphia. Sept. 5. TtcpeaeJ by the Board ol Brokers. .11 shares Kerrfa'ky..... - 7 Iiai do Vi. - - tjurj .. 3V.J pa) do So do.. ......... .Cddays b o &d do io do MARRIED. On Tuea - lav. Sy the Rev. Henry Chape. Mr. DOTI - AM) CAMPUL'lLto JAKE I1ESKEN, both of thtarny Onthelth inatant. bv the Rev. lr. Eibiirn. Ih - ALEXANDER V. UTTKR, r. . A., to GRACE ANNE, daughter ty the 1 te Chtrles F. Pegen, E ,of U - ghorn. Italy. On Tueailav "vening. 3d inntant. by Uie Rev. fleorge Hen - eiliet.Mr. WII.U aM KREAR, of tl.Ucity, to Miaa UtBO - RAH ANN UAVlif, cawimy.l. I. i the 4th iwait. by tne R - v. Ilenrv A. Rowland, LEONARD COINING, to JANE daughter, of tbe lata G.rrat N. Bleecker. rr - APPEAI. TO THE FIIIKSDSOP LI. . ... .,." 11 liitTY. - Thirty eight fellow men trotn Alnra. aller I On the itninsi..oi 1 nngcriiii mncia - , 1 .,, ., ' having been piratteri'y kidiiappeit tioni tueir nttivs lenii. lame .na ye r '. . ... . ...... .... ....... - rausirted acionsthe seas, and subjected to airor.Kucru - apect fully invib - dtoaen.l - inorrow aftermt, e:ii. , have been thrown upon cur almrca. and are now in ai 4 o'clock, itbout funlK r inntjliou, from Tvo. b Church r... - .rated 111 iaillo await tlieir trial (or Crimea alleged by ureet. ... .... ... ... tliciror - nreiwora to liave hern coimmued by them. Tlv y m theWh nltiino,at Avon, lavtng 401 icn w. 1 .., wwh - ;..'. .ni ..10.11 lan2iiaje.ofllieue.ofciviliie.locit v IM.TON WA IJJn, elites! sou of Jolin Wal.ia, baq.of Ums and the obliiatioiis of chiistiuiity. I'nder these C'rciiui wa'rds ol a hundred li utst s. and desdroyina seventy in IS14. llo visited trance again in icta, anu in ni vei. in the nver Mr. fnuhrelen" esc inm" 19IC. Ita v and Asia ftlinor, on voyages 01 easiness almost miraculously from the ruins ofa house which for Mr. Astor. In these voyazes, he had an oppor - was irushfd upon Us mini te bv another one, laiiuig tunny 10 remain &omr umv . - i - .a. - u . uprm it. The hbrxhrrpi1 and caoi r, ana vanou 1 r torence, iwme, anu vyiniBininiuupu;. v.i inr ic adventures, of a return journey by laud 'hrougli the turn, he commenced business again in New York : Indian country al lhat p - rtod, would alio i a tticine wnicn, auera icw yearn, icriniiiin uiuut.i.i j. for a volume ol" tiarra'ive, wi'h which it In 132a, he inadea lour ihrouon n,noiana, ocousiiu, is lob's brperl that Mr. Canil - rclcns v til at seme Ireland, and v ates. air. ianiureiens's 1110 na future t'.ay amtis.i his I 1'iirc Loiuf. 1 travciii a 1 trtls neeti a very ncvenivtrous anu rwiug mm , alone, with a Mit - le rasa - ally iii - le, a .mat whom has been replete wi'h etiikinzii.c - .dcnt and romantic he ws compelled, ntohl and d jy, to pr . i. - e a p r - j sdveturcs, 1 it wi.icli, as well as tir scenery ana inc pttua! iu'lai - ce. 'i he ii'd'.t cr.cai:ipm nis in w novtlty of trivtl, Iu li - s altvayi ha l a strong pas - lorcst, a bear Ulnlora com h, nr.d a s uldle sion. flis observation has bven keen ami '. n - or a pidnw, and pisi. - l i t hand, lur ..t .ii clicn a -, and lie has been very laborious in study In the ..aiiiit th. - in . - . w. - II his o;:i,l.: 'ur it was I interva s of occiluatiott. and. cspiciai'y w iuie tna during tha war) the cnibarras,nirnt for loss cf I day hae becr. occupied and dis'rae'e I with busi - bia provisions, as lsq ot both hia borseB, tin away nee, through tb hours ot night, lie Liu b stances iu v. nl iiicnus oi Human rutnti liave met lo cm suit upon tne ras - o. these atifortutiate men, and have ap - Hiinted llie undersigned a coiuuiittee to employ interpreter ablecounsel.andla.eall the nceesrr uieansto secure the nilits ofthe accused. I' i irtended lo employ three legal g. - nileuieu ofd'stinpiished abilities, and to incur other needful expanses. The p:irptiKinera hems d - tiniie of c!!h - inir. and several haviti: acarce'r a rag io cover them, imme diate steps will be taken to provide what may be necessary. The undersigned, therefore, make ttea appcalto the tnwd of humanity to contribute lur the above otijecu. IMiiMifms may be sent lo either of the Coieiniliee.w lio will acknowl e.lge the aaine, and make a public rc(ort of all their c'is - burscmeiitK FA N" S. JOt EI.YN. 4 W all street. JOSHUA I. KAVI1T. M:i Nassau street. LEW1.1TAPPAN, I2ilearl street. New Yor, iSe - 4, lo33. a - 5 Office ov tub New Yoke FntE Ixs. Compast, Aojieu 7th, I - 539. S ... il 9j - Ii vearof hi aae. o'u ihe 4tla EDWARD O'REILLY, in the Zitii yearof biaze. I'linrrid thia an - rooon, at lo'cluck, frotd orneriatiaireeiAinilVniT. rfi y Place. ThisuK - rnieg, attet a rhort illness, in the 86 year of bia aie. Mr. EZR M l'E' - 'K, ol l.ym - , inineetia ul, fat her f ClJikt C 1'erk, oftbiacity. litf rruiua will be taken to t hi the J.I infant, aftera liug'rmg illness, JOHN JACOB i.if Ihe late John andSoiun J Woodhll,eged 3 T'ac. , T' oia - in;ering il'nea, Miaa IIEfTER MARIA Hl'KDtMiR,l"i, aed35, daiu;titrr of the late Wd - BID A. ll.Titenl'O k At Mobde.ol ihe yellow lercr.on tlie 1h ultimo, JOHN CLEAVES, aged jeara, ana of Jeae C. Cleaves, E. of Orange county, N. V. . Iot.iu1.on Ihe2th uh..of droiHW and Irrerenm - rbnn', WILLIAM HYDE BUI.Y. in the l year of lua ate lortoerlv of Herton l'g.'. Ilerkahite, IJirlaiad. A't Ilal:iiuore,.n Morday, - ! inan,Mr. AMY CArttON, daughter of Ilenjatuin and rarth Jeuka. Pro vvV - t.ce, R. I, On the 17Ui ult.,of yellow lever. m board theeaeamtaaU rcea, on her pma;e tn - m w vnrana to n. Loota, H3 - TllF;Nt Tlie Board of Directors, have thia nay I AT,OXy uoNEYEChlEW;Kt,foniierlya liemetiaat ctarn a ff.iui - aiiuu.u i7iviik - murper ii. . ia1rf Knuhf.f tlnvliolilen Military .riaol rolann. i. - itai stock of ih' 'oiupiuy, payable to me stockholders I A; hiJ ..e Chat lesion. K C. on Sunday, tlie 5k m. nr .tier tlie loiti Inst The Traiisier Books id be closed ti II the 1 5th Inst . au3 lui A. M. MERCHANT, Sec'y. Citv Firs f MacuaxcB I :o3paxV, New York. Auim 6, IS3S. tQ - livi,lend. - Tr.e Directors ..f the City Eire Insu raute Company have this day declared a thvulend of five per cent u the caim d stock, lor the but sut moutaii, pay able on and alter tlie latii tnaanr. Thecanhferbookis clweil, and will c opened on that jy R. A - REA11NC, Secretary. au74w ..h . il.e Riel.t Rev. NATIIAMLL BOWES. D. D . Reemr of st. I't Church in that ray, and Bishop vf the Protest jnl Episcopal Church in the Dioeeae of P.nnh Carohna, in the Goth year of liia age, and the 21st of bia Ejn9Co;ale. FIREMEN SlNt R AM E C OMPANY. ? New York. 5eiteiiiber i:h. KJ9. S try ADHidenl of Twelve p - lor the U hi jiut'ia lias lieen declared by tlda Conip my, w hicU will be iaid to the fttockUokleraou and alter the Ibib un. - nnier book is closed unul that ilate. MU.tittA.Y.Scc'ry. BUCK A5D ROTCE, DENTItHA (Succaaaorof E - Giibtey.) Na fd Cmamreks srurr. rr - v CARD E. CIDN EY. siurgeon Deniist, having dts couuuued hia practice in New York, with the intention of real. he; in Europe, oega leave u recuiunH - iMi m nccea ra Di a. Buck c Royce lo his frienda and tbe public. Aa he baa bad ample opportunity ol ouaervn.g uie renuu oye. ratki.,of Dr. J. B.Biick,(bv woointhe busineaa ia New York will be principally conduct ad,) he takes pleMTe ua saying that the public wm llud LUB a aAiUlvU tAdscieMit tuaer ot Uie proieaaioa. wit 3t V

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