The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 6, 1843 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1843
Page 3
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MARRIED, On th morning of lb atli IniL at th Church of the Ascension, by the Rev. O T. Bedell, ALEXANDER FLFM. lSOloANOtLINE,duhterof the lit John otcbbin Eq. all of Ibis city. DIED, OnFrliUyMhinl,Mllo'clockp.m,rtCT lingering i.lnejs.CATHARINE, vUlaol JamesB ym Beana'm lh aith yrarofhrrage. The frj "da of tne family are respectfully invited to attend her funer - l ooBanday th.7th instant at half past 4orlork P. M. from her lata reaidance, No. So Weal Fourteenth street. ' On tb - morning of the Blh Inst, at half past a o'clock, at h!J,r7?V 'J0' ulton afreet, General JANAT STILL ELL, in tba bath year of his age. General Slillwell was a soldier in lb Revolution, and tMk an estiva part in ita great and glorious events. He has been gathered to his fathers like a shock of corn fully ripe I" sea u. last years were peaceful aud happy . 1 he gospel was to him glad fillings and the sweetest source ol en.ol.iuon ; it opened within a tountain of liv - Ing wateia which fed and nournhed his soul through many years of his earthly pilgrimagn. and ita streams continued to now on in all their fullness and richness up to the hour of his departure. Hat rmaina will be removed from his lae resdence at 3 O'clock. oil Monday afternoon, to le interred in New Jersey. The relatives and friends ot the family are respectfully invited to attend. On Friday awning, ath Inst, in the Rid year of her a - p Mrs tHTHKR HALKTKD. widow rf the late Ezekiel Hal! strd. Her end waa peace, bhe died in the triumph of Tbafnnnsl service will take place at th. house of her eon Schuteman Halstcd, No. IU Ludlow street, at ooclock Her remains will betaken to Rt for interment on Von da morning by the sttamhoat Fail held, eaat side Catha - line slip, precisely atSu'clock. The inonil and acquaintances of the deceased are rc - srecnully invited to attend without further i,.. ........ In this city, on the Ath instant, MAHY JUMEL.aife of Nelson Chaso. ' Ot consumption. on the 8 h Inst GEORGE HENRY EV - AN. son ot David Evans, in the 16tli year of his age On ntay,oih of May, FRANCls PHILIPPON. Esq a native e: trunce. for many years resident of this city, in thc - Sh yearofhisage. Hit friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to ulten.l Lis funeral trum his Me residence, 177 Duane street, on 6unday afternoon at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On the morning of the th Inat. the Rev THOMAS C. LEVINS, in tu.Mth year of hia age. On Thursday. the 4th instant, after a lingering illnefs, THOMAS TO0I Att, youngest son of Francis and Margaret Hamppen, aired 10 veers. I month and 7 daya. On Friday morning, at Jersey City, of inri.immation of me isowrls, HANNAH JANE, daughter of Cap'. Wm.H. Paiadi - e. Departed this life on the 1 1 day of May, at noon, at the advanced ageol' - v, Mrs. HARAM ALEXANDER, an old and reapeetahle inhibitsnt of Kingston, Jamaica, and a reaidcnt of this city far the last 30 years. She bore an exemplary character in her own coun ry and likewisein this. Abe waa an affectionate and respectful wife, a dotting mother, a lovtng and kind friend, She has left four daughters and grand children in this country to deplor. her loss. On Thursday evening. 4th Inst after a lingering Illness, Mr HENRY WREAKS, of ShemeM, England, aged 4J years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his lata residence, 590 Fourth street. (Albion jdace) an Saturday. 6th inrt, at 41 P. without further notice. at " ri ii ifn . C1AKKS, PASTRY, CONKKCTTIONARY.Jkr. ' The subscriber would call the attention ol families, boarding - houses and others, to his Bakery, 43 J Broadway. . . " n,"y lounu tr.e greatest variety ol articles in tho above line, of any place in the city. - - - SI Al IlllWt' WATCH KH, DI1HUU, sfcC. - Tlie stibseri - b, ' having retired from the late firm of Gilston, Ladd fc Co baa commeneod business at the corner of Broad and Wall streets, opposite the Custom House for the saie ot nne Watches, Diamonds and Gentlemen's Je Jewelry, at prices in accordance with the times. All Diamond Jewelry bought of the subscriber will be repurchased by bim after deducting 7 percent; thereby otTering to purchasers an opportunity to convert their dis - Bionds into money any time they may please. Fine Duplex. Lever and Lapme Watches, which he - an recommend an I warrant na good time kerpera also, GolJ Chain. Pencil Cases, Welch Keva.kc. hilver Forks, Hpoons, and Tea Sets, cf the newest patterns, and very bestiality and workmanship at percent adrenreon the maniitacturer'sprices. Ail the above arti - clewiiall he equal to the h - at made in New York. Watches and Clerks repaired under his personal snper. inte.idjrce. wi'h the assistance of the beat workmen Diamonds. Pearl, and other precious Htones and rtilvtr benight or exchanged. WMF I.ADD. " li Wall street, opposite the Custom lloune. CIIIILDKKN til K OK WORMS, endgrown peo - pie sntler greatly from them without suspecting the sause Dr. Sliciman'a Worm Lotenges will luf.iUibly de - iiiov all kinds. Thev have been tested in so many thou - aandcatea that a doubt of their virteee does not exist They have been known to bring awav mora than five hundred worms from one child. One youth, who had lott the Useof all hl limlM.w s entirely cured by one I ox. Innumerable liistmicvs where children have been supposed on the bri:ik of - be grave frmn a decline, hato btca cured by tlherman's Wotm l.nieuiges. Jonathan llnwanh, En. th grsat temperance lpturrr, was cured cf a consumptive coturh of long standing, by only two boxes of Sherman's l ouh Lotenges W. II At - tree, Es, one of the editotsof the Herald, has often currd lumsi If ol a ba I ccugh in a lew hours. captain Chadwirk. of the packet hip Wellington. sv "Herman's!' iimphor Lmnijiiate the only certain cure and pteventive ot aea sickne - s or h - adaLh.i that be ever heard of He has known thtm Died inagreat muny cases, and ilstvi with success ' I OOmiih.oI'. Poor Man's Plasters are sold every J ear; th - ) con hut 17; cents, and cure rheumatism, 1 am" bago, pain or weakness in the back, or any part ot the body. They arc arranted far be'ter than ail other plasters, and have cured many cases of long standing When such pht.inans as rost, Sleveus, Rogers. Vander - onl, llu.iter.and in fact nearly the whole, nieuical laculiy use and recommend dhet man's Lorenges end I'liuters what other evidence r.eed tie reiuired 1 you get the genuine MHER.MAVS LOZEN GEn and TLAsTEKS. His an house U at 106 Nassau atreet. gents, ln. - 73 and 4W Drnadwav; li Astor Huse - SS7 Il'i.lson st; iwi Bowery; 77 East Broadwy; 139 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Riilding b state rtteet. Boston; Pyer 4J Westminster st, Proviitrnce; Outline. 4 Ntanwix Hall Albany: SF I rquhart, Toronto, Cana 'at ( Ledger Buil l - ings, I'hiUJelphia: and U F Thomaa, 147 Main st. Cincin nti. Oh.o. apH 3mnp Ill'MUlO A N is Pl I - UNt:, THK UHUtCll OF TUti; DA V. FBIH1' subscribers de.irousof ocningthe eye of the Jl public, in order that they may ace what is best lor theirow l interest, respectfully invite their attention to the sptend.d stock ot lui Ki sssa Ovf bshols, now selling nff at grejtly rt d - iced prices, at t3 .ilaiden Lane.where may be found hheet Rubber Overshoes w itb slaitievamp but nor lined w ith bsit toTTOs," as that w ill absolbthe moi - t'iie from the foot and completely souk the lea' destroy the polish of the tmot. atfording the foot no prote tion fmm wet, heauui the cotton w ill ubiorb the per apiratinn fiom the foot and retain it ! ! ! Also. a heu'itiful articlecf Overshoes manufactured ol Rubber Cloth, lined with the same material, and warranted to keep the tool pcifectly dty, at exceeding low pricea - HUTcJll.NSON k ItlTNiON, 03 Maiden Lane RRMF.MBER H k R don't go for llumhugging the public. a t'teir consciences are not as eleatic as some of then overshoes. o:i Maiden Lane. feu AOTM i: TO ElTtiEIIEi. JOIt . WYHAi, OTf - Merchant Tailor, at rooms 215 Broadway, up stairs gives not ic eto the Uentlcmen of N York, and alo to stran - geis visiting thecity, that his spring and summer stock is now com 1. ted from the la'e packet arrivals, consisting ol all the variety pf colors, French, Herman and K.nciish fabrics, with a 1 - trKer apartment of pantaloons sluTa than any other establinhment in the United States, which will be made into gaimenta for rash only, ow ing to the im mense patronage that hia establishment has received the last year under the cash system and low prices, for renteel garments, he ia enabled to otter still greater inducements this year by greatly reduced prices from the last year. Oontlemen purchasing clothing for cash will da well to call and examine his stock. He nerds only to say. that Mr (ieorge Flmemlorf and Mr L) man Derby have charged the Cutting Department to inmre a nandnome Harment. aio .imnp lnIec'M arahioiiaIl T A I I. till I f. KHTA If L 1 8 II ME JiT, i0. 1 - Vi OW(TV. rtOIIE subscriber respectfully announce to his ft tends M. and the public generally, that he has jii't receivod a lurge and lastiionanle assortment o! goods m bis line, (and to which he is constantly mkiug additions.) consisting of I lotr.s, L aa.imeres. y citings, ate. and having engaged the aervicrs ol fashionable and experienced cutters, gentle, men leaving their orders may deueud upon having them executed in a style which cannot be suipas - ed, and at pricea as low as at any other establishment in the city. Also constantly on hand. a latge and general assoitmrnt ol ready made Clothing, at prices to suit the times All ordrrs executed piomptly at the time appointed aplOlmnp Z. C. lNsLk'.E. ILl'MRK iJAOl KIiniA GALLERY OF JL PA 1 r 1 l ULIJKMJ run 1 (MJIIAnn. Broadwsv corner of Murray street. New Votk. The sole privilege tillvking patent colored Daguerreotype Likene - srs being ronnur i to tnis e - ..innsnment, u nas neen recently much improvrJ an 1 enlai ged lor tno special aeccmmodaton pi ladies and uow tmbiaces no fewer than JO different apartments. 1'lumbe's Talent Coloring Daguerreot) pe Apparatus, and ritiml e s Patent (lalvanic liiMing Appeiatus, and Instruc tion and ratrtit Rights for each, iomaidtd lo any part of me v. n. Phnt' - grsphera supplied at lower rates than at any other pi'ire in mis city, ftalvau.c kiI ing and silvering done to order. Pus p. il l letter, only attended to. aplftis v in xivr i'iiisi iTrKK. 1 I'll! r K Oi ON rner lor sole, a' ereatly re duced price, their lnrgean - 1 fahionahte assortment ot .yiahogaiiy and Uosewood l nUinet Furniture. The reputation ol the suhcrihers at tome end abroad is too well appreciate I by the public to need atn - eonimen latio i. The present opportunity willenarle those, in pursuit of articles ol Cabinet Fuim'ure :o purchas - the best at lower rirss man eter in - iore on. red t y the subseir eis fouth eru gentlemen are rcsperttully rt(uevtcd t call befoi they mike their si h - rtmns. apltJmnp I). I'm Vf.kfOS. I5 and 19 Fn'.ton st. I PHOI - STKItY AN n PAl'F.K SToiti - :. IIAXCTMJ TV! j'om ll'ivre. ol their ewn imtnrtation. an a - sntt. metit of French parr hangings and borders, suitable for parlor, h. ill. bedroom, and otfi. - e. French window shades and I'pholtery generally, wbichuill be ,old as low as any oiher s'ablislnnent 111 the t it y, to which the attention of purchasers Is invited. Hair nut'rs'iei, leather bed", cushions, he made to order of only first quality of materials and warianted, at gr - ally induced prices. Sioatnbouts and Packets furnished. HARI.Es MCAULEY k CO. General Upholsterers. M Hudson st. NB. Old sofas. mattrasaes, cushions and chair seats. re atulle I and covered, ca'pets made and altered, rooms ft. pertd and warranted. ap IS tilth xs 2mii '''A'tl.K O'HOI K. OUOHDINAKV. V - " - Hln.VI H()TEIi,lH BKOADWAY. This Hotel is conducted on a novel plan, w ith a view to meet the approbation cf li ismeis men. The Table d'Hota (the chaigeto which is only 2i cents) commenrea at 1 - 1 o'clock, and is continued till 4 P. M. Handsome chambers to let, with or witho - it board by the dav. week, month. or year ; all of them being airy, and commanding good propects, ai.d at unusual y low rates. Bi atao lmis I N IMti;ISew U01.U by Mrs Ellls. - J k O LANULEY have 111 prs. and will publish shortly, a new an I de. ply interesting work by Mrs. F.Ilis, entitle I A Voice from the Vint - igr. or the For eof ' " 'J10"" ho ,hmk "A '' " frintid uuifotm wua their hrau'ifiil library eilitiin of the author's other w' - J T W"M "t England, Dangateis ot Eu - laud, Wonton of Knglaud .kc. Thisnewwork will ba printed under the immediate psnctKio of the author, (as in the case of the Wives of lis t d ' ,rm the only proot sheets, receive 1 by cor. - ante it . - . - ""hi iuc (.oiioon puonsoerB . inus a loll enr. ,or 'h8 ancura.'.y aud completeness ol this '"homed American edition. TK K 1 ".Miwirictin rtiiiion. annud .'. ,n' fBle throughout the c .lilvr,.'".",:? '"to JSm country, are re - ppointment. the most liber o?XJi r.Jy. The Women edihC, .,,.arg.,.nihrth; ""?A7 v "emo7 ' tarnentera Httlcs, of every va I rii un 'IT - manutacturc, are Kept s - .ts sue ia,er aeesasadatii tersss MARINE LIST. CLEARED THIS FORENOON, hip Aurora, Bsrkman.Charleston, George Sutton; bark Reform, Tilyou, Hamburg, Schmidt at Balcher ; briga Violet, Nowlan. Philadelphia ; Amethyst, Wooeter, Sullivan, Me .Nesmlth, LeedakCo; sens Orizembo, Sargent, Jacksonville, Nesmith, Leeds fc Co ; Rio. Oritfing, Newbern, NO, Mcdad Piatt j John Hill, IngaU, Nachiaa. Brett fc Vose ARRIVED THIS FORENOON. . 8h,p.r,,2,).,J,' 8umner. fl Canton, Dec M, with teas, eilks, lie. to W S Wetmore. Bark Mason Barney, 8cott.6$ dsfm Bennos Ayros, with hides and wool, to W W De Forett k Co. Bark Pomona, Cushman, 3a da fm Amsterdam, with mdse to Pchuchnrot k Fare. Brig Black Hawk, Armstrong. 19 ds fm Bt Thomas, with tobacco, to Trowbridge. Sons siD wight, of N Haven. Bark Globe, from Atrica. Sch Dr Franklin, Tultle. fm Norwich, with pptatoes, to matter Sea Hope.Baty, 6ds fm Norfolk, with corn, bound to Plymoutn. ch Isabella, Thomns.8 is fm Swansboro, N C, with naval sto - Depeysterk Whiunarsh. BELOW 1 bark and 1 brig. WindSE. MEMORANDA. The Liverpool correspondent of the Boston Merchants' Exchange states, under date of April 10 that the repairs on ship st Peterburg, of Boston, are nearly completed, and she wnuld come out of the dock in four or five days, and be ready lor sea ahoct the A'.hot May. Ship Desdemona of Boston, arrived a lew days previous lost 18 bales cotton off deck she also suffered some in sails and i igging. Tahiti, Dec 49, 184 J Schooner Emerald, of Boston, was wrecked on Wittgenstein's Island, about 300 miles ENE from this place. on th Oth Nov, while on a voyage collecting peur shell. The vessel is a total loss, save her tackle and apparel, much of which has been saved : also a portion of ber cargo in a damaged state. Capt Hell left left the wreck in an open boat, and reached Tahiti in four da; s and nights, during which the rain fell in torrents, and he was without sleep. Vessel injured in Boston. Qn - bec, April 28 The brig Alderman Thompson, ll'iimee, which cleared from this port for London, on the 'ilst Nov U - st, with a general cargo, consisting principally of poik, was wrecked on the Islaud of Anticosti,on the iOth ofthesame month, (above the mouth ol Jupiter River) about nine miles above the South West Point Light House, durinr a snow storm. Captain Holmes, the second mate, and ttso aeamen, were uutortunately drowned in attempting to land, on the 30th. The first mate and six seamen were aaved, and wintered at the South West Point LigU Huuse. The hi iris completely broken up ; but a part of the cargo hd been saved. Cargo not insured. The schr Emerei.tine, Capt Audette,w bich cleared from this port on the nth November last, for Dalhousie, ran ashore on the same island on th - 43d , abeut three miles below the South West Light House. No person was found on board, except a dead body. The vessel and cargo were insured It is tail there were fifteen persons on board when she left this port. who. na doubt, have all perished. TO LET - The two atorjr brick dwelling House No. 13 Vandsra stieet. The two atory brick Cottage 1 - 5 auuam street The two story brick House, No. J Stanton street, near the Bowery, together with two neat brick Houses in the rear thereof. To good tenents the above will be rented low. For further particulars, enquire of ' 'f WM. 8. McC0UN,$3Wallst. AJ1KIIICAH RAILROAD JOURNAL, Nos and 4, for April and May. of Vcl 16. or Vol 1 Third Series, this day published and for sale at the Railroad Journal Office, 3a Chambers stieet, opiosite the Post Office: and also at the book stores and publishing offices. This Journal was commenced in 1832, and has been con - tinuod, with the exception of six month', until the present time Its obj:t is the dissemination of nseful inhumation in relation to Railroads, Canals. Itc and its volumes contain a mass ot information on thoae subjects, not easily found elsewhere in the samecompass. Among the contents of these numbers may be found articles on legislative calls for information on Railroads Railroad Convention at Albany, Legislative interference with Railroad management, Railways and Canala in England, Railway Traffic, Produce and merchandise diverted to Boston by low lares, Low Fares, Report of Pennsylvania Canal Commissioners, Spark and Smcke Burner. Construction of Railroads on Principles of Association. Ocn. C. Brisbane's Report on the Gulf and Atlantic Railroad, Railways their uses and management, Influence of Kail - roads, steamer Kamschatka, Receipts an t Expenditures of various Railroids, Variable Office of the Blal Pipe in Lo comoiise Engines, with an Engraving. The peg a of the Journal are herealtertobe stereotyped, and single numbers mav be had at the office, the honk stotes or publishing onVes, at 183 - 4 cents Subscription price (1 a year, three copies for $,or seven copies for $10, Aiwa) s in advance. Ot - O. S. 8( HAEFFER, 3t D. K. MINOR. TVJ K W AJfD IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC 1 WORKS Taylor's Scientific Memoirs, part XI, w ilh plates Stephen's Book ol the Farm, port XII. with illustrtiiions Professional Papers of the Corps of Koyal Engineers, vol 6, with numerous engravings Williams on the Combustion ol CoalF, So and a'las Wealvs Examples of Railways, large So, wit j plates Mill's System of Logic. 3 large vols, 8o Peacock's Arithmetical Algebra, I vol Bo S impson's Criminal Jurisprudence, 1 vol Noad's Lectures on Chemistry, ru.s,0o Francis' Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, 1 vol Tracts in Chemistry, Iv bo Wtlton's Mech - mical Problems, Iv 6o Book ol Facts in Science and Art, for 1S43 Caipenti r'1 Popular C; clot or - lis of .V - rhanic - il Science Naturalists' Li irary. No i7, British, (rishes) Oiunt's Beauties of the lledvent, with illustrations Penny Cycle) o? lij, vol S5 Civil Ku .'ineers'and Architects' Journal, vol ft Youhtt's Ti eatise on the Horse, new iditinn Electricity: Its Phenomena, Laws end Ri stilts, l'mo imported an - 1 lor sale Dy WILEY at PUTNAM, m6 161 Brnmlwav. JALZOUIXiES AND BAUAttKS - lhii morn Ji m ing opened I cane Paris Balzorines 1 do do do. part cotton, low priced I do do do Muslin 1 do Organdy Muslin, very beautiful 1 do pink, blue and lilac French Lawns I do Satin and Lace strinrd white Moulin, which ih uhscribers offer low by the piece or rani, at 344 Broad - '"" H MYERS & GED.NEY. mv8 WOIA ATIJ DA MASK ft Just received in store, one cmra ot rich India Ketin Damask. con. istinir nf rim son, blue and gold colors; they are of the bet quality, nd will b sold by the piece or yard, lower than they Mi.uvinviuro dclu onereu. SOLOMON k HART. Importers Bni Manufacture rs of Upholstery Gornts, m6 l7Brnad way. opposite John st. IJOtltttDK Uli lIAlbLBdit ltecelveil nor ITJjL the i SI Nicholns. r 1 cases fresh Mou'nrd de Maille 3 casus Sap 8go Cheeait leases Pi lit Puis and Champignons ForsaJeby A BIN1NGF.R k CO. myfi UIBroalway OOLj 40 000 lhs, of various q'ialiies. suitable for the ummif..cture nf Benver Cloths. Pilot cli.tha Satinets, i;arpe's, sic. tkc. for sale very low. (fmm 7 in 111 cents per lb, cah,) by CYRUS W. FIELD. mjoiw 9 Burling flip. "If AKASCIUSO ASO CIRACAO, of choice ly - aV quality, lor sale bv JOHN DUNCAN li 80V, 407 Broadway, between Walker and Lispenat d streets. PIMPLES OS THE FACE. - CHURCH S Vegetable Lotion will effectually remove from the (ice and (kin pimples, blotches, tan, tetter, freckles, ringworm and cuianious eruptions 01 every aescnption JheusroMhe Lotion for a Bbort time will establish a clear and brilliant complexion. Sold at I db Bowery, corner of Spring st " . in . vin. 1 . - 1 iMiun ma COLLECTIONS. HADE ON THE FOLLOW - ing places, viz : Richmond, New Orleans, Charleston, Louisville, Savannah, Nashville, Augusta, Cincinnati, and Mohiie. By T. P. RICHARDS, 13 Merchants' Exchange, Wall stieet. Sb1 i ft i lit s TO LOA;v. on improved city B.F)JJ VF property In fee simple, in sums of 3 to 1,000 dollars, by T. P. RICHARDS. 13 Merchants' Eschfingp. Wall st. ClflPof the Mutual Safety.and Sun Mutual Iusur - .3 ance Company wanted, by T. P. RICHARDS. 13 Merchants' Exchange, Wall street. rrmtuY city five per cent, BONDS JL payab payable in New York, for sale by T. P. RICHARDS, 13 Merchants' Exchange, Wall street. K HIT ASM A WAHE.ol Dixon k Son's manufacture, of the first qtiulity and the latest patterns, for ala at W. E. STOUTENBURIill'S Lamp and Furnishing Store, 143 Fulton at , near Broadway. IISK CCTLERY. - Just receivid, a large assortment ot warranted Table Cutlery, with real ivory handles, at reducod prices. Also, some (Inequality pocket Knives, for sale by STOUTF.NBUROH, No 143 Fulton st. between Broadway - and Nas;.urt. C1HOCOLAT EN FORME PRALINESjTs". J received from Pans, a quantity of this delicious chocolate, for sale br THOMPSON k WELLER, Confeitioncrs, " 335 Broadway. a nsYNTHE AJlh KIKSCHKNWASSF.ft, XA. ot the finest qualitv. for sale by JOHN DUNCAN k SON, 407 Broadway, between Walker and"T5? (.ispmara streets. li ! WILLIAM STIIEET is the manufactory w - rs - of Chapman's celebrattd Maeic Razor Stron price frcm 40 cents to (I 50 each - , warianted to please or (lie nunry reTumeti. M va LK AS I As IC LAD1PM. A new invoice ol thece w tavonte Inmpi. of very classic and tasteful designs j - iiti opeiiru aim lor sale py JOHN E. HYDE k CO . Exclusive agents for the patents, at '.heir wholesale watcn store, io. II Maiden lane, np stairs. aJSIvi UPE1UI 11L, best nuility, for six shillings a 1 allon Sperm Can - lies, at - 2S cents a pound at 1 04 H 11 Hon st "HJIVMUTI!. Pure metallic Bismuth for sale, whoie - aL sale and retail, at Burline slip by BOARDMAN k HART. BANt'A TIN. A few tons of Br.uca Tin.first quali t . for sale by BOARDMAN It II ART, ft Burling slip. PBMN PLATES J8 - and tor sale by 600 boxes 13 Xtin plates in store EDW SINNK.S k CO,m7 Water st raxoilACCO PlPKi - 3t00 boxes short hunter aud JL negro, 4 or 6 grnsed, for sale by KDWII8 INNESS kCO, M7 Water st. JJt'l TLES, dWc.loOciates patent wine and urter MB Bottlts. I crossed packace. Also.aoodnniiiiins 1 - 5 t - uu s im:sco, 5C7Wa'.erst. IVORY BLACK 2S bbls superior quality, for sale bv EDWD 8 1NNES fcCO !!07 W.teert ' yiKSKTWllili - U bales Send lb Bri - lpoit lor r ' '"'e r.u .t - j 1 - - f - 1 1. it, y 1 1 Water st. SAOKlltA WI.VK 73qrcad.s. 30 Indian barrel. invoice per Mexican : line hod an 1 flavor, for sale Sibil. IKH tiLASS, - 24 Broadttsy af ALU 3UU fclllA - 12 cases, coiita.ninir 2 doi cotilx F each.imrorted per Odessa, in 138; a choice wine. C - . I . K .. L - - hnr,lT - fAaun.n IV! mic v. r. w novobna3,.,on)aQW3T. IlbOl'GHS AND CULTIVATORS of themosi IL approved patterns, to suit purchasers, please call and examine tmm. J V TlBBf.TS.M Fnltnn st. try. OLDEST PKIIFBHEHV E ST Alt f. IS It - MK.NT IN 1 ItlL U.llir.LI f - I n I r.&. ALL .isol.t KAMAT, (successor to N. 8. Prentiss.) wholesale pufti mer and fancy Soap Maker, NO. to Maiden Lane, Ne - v votii . sign ol the oolden nose. wu NEW DRY OOUDS, SALISBURY & BOYLE, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND WHITE STREET R quest the attention of families to their variety Spring Gooda, which have been selected with care ex pressly for their customer trade, and are of auali'isttia must needs be nnnnivul n t . 1 Rolvin nn Ihe ronfi. denre of the public, they make no pietension ot selling - " .: oeiow tneir value, lortne rnrpowoi ere suogawrooc ixunin ,.. r ni..e ah iri?" b" T" the lowoat market price and warranted as) rarrie Lad. nj ! T V CITY NOTICES. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the Street Commissioner's office till the 29th instant for leasing the common lands belonging to the Corporation, for a term of ten years, subject to the lollewmg conditions, that in cae the Common Council should require the game or any portion thereof for public purposes, or should dele - mine to sell the same, then the leases lo be void ; and aiao that the land shall not be used lor ice ponds. The bouudary lines to be adjusted between the old and new s'reeis; said lands to be fenced by ihe lessees, and the fences to remain at the exoiration of the lease, and thai the land be kept diained at the expense of the lessee. D. D. WILLIAMSON, Comptroller. JOHN E WEN, Street Commissioner. Hall of Records, ( May 2d, 1543. 5 . Tmy3 l20th N. B. For further inlermau. n, apply as above. 1AlOTICF Peraons taking the Croton Water, whoa J. conuacts expire 00 the fiisti'ay of May next, and who intend that the auppiy shall be discontinued after that day. are informed that notice of such intention must be given in writing, at the othce of the Croton Aqueduct Board, on or beioiethe first of April next, or that the rent will be chargeable for the ensuing year. Contracts for the use of the water to the 1st May. 144. will be made or renewed on application t the office the rent o be paid in dconce. In all cases where the rent is behind and unpaid ten daya rlter it becomes payable, the law of the Corporation of New York requites that the supply sh - il cease. Water tenants are reminded that. by the terms of their applications, the supplying of other families or persons are forbidden, under the penalty of a forfeituie of their pa menta and ihe stoppage of the supply. By order. A. B. BIOELOW. Register. Oihreof the Croton Aqueduct Board, March Sid, 1S4S. mbtl tmylO fnxjIE I'IBLIC iii cautioned against negotiating the J - following checks which were stolen on the id inst , the payment of the same having been stopped, viz : No l"iO,diawn by F. Cottenet, on the Bank of New York Hi 67 Na. 320, drawn by W. B. Bend on Manhattan Co. .. 8 91 do do Boiceau lit Rusch. B'k of America IS S9 Check dated - Jd May. drawn by Augustc Belmont, on Bank of America S93 J4 No. 227 drawn by Herkenrath & Vandamme, Merchants Bank 31 03 No. 735, drawn by F. X Meyer. B'k State N. York 21 70 do do 8. M. Fox, Bank of America. ... 10 00 No 148, drawn by A Huet 24 01 No 3173, drawn by Goodhue it. Co, B'k State N. Y. 12 91 jnj4 1 w QTf - An annual election of Directors of the Albany and West Stockbiidge Railroad Company, will beheld at the Albany Exchange in the city of Albany, on the FIRST MONDAY OF JUNE NEXT, at lao'clock atnoon. The poll to close at 1 P.M. 82fitd s. CHEEVER, Secretary . 67 - TRUST FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. The Director of this Company have declared a dividend of three percent on the capital stock, payable to the stockholders, or their legal rrpi est ntati vi j, on and alter the 12th instant. my tMyli LEBBEUS CHAPMAN, Secretary. (SO - THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK have this day declared a dividend of ( - 2 1 - 1) two and one - half percent., payable to stockholders on and after Man - day the first day of May. Trantur Pocks will he closed from the 26th April to 2d of May inclusive. JOHN I. FISK, Cashier. April 22. 1843. apl - 2 St' Fixv.mfVs fai7a!icc Company, New York. o:h April, 1S4J. A Dividend of Five per cent on the capital stock of this Company, his been declared payable to the stockholders. on and after the l - .Hh inst. The transfer book is closed for ono week from date. By order of the Board of Directors, apft lmis NIEL GRAY.Bec'y. Orricc or the Loho Island Ieisuxaisce Cohvakt, ) No. 4 1 Fulton street, cor. of Front st , Brooklyn, L.I. I Or? - ELECTION, The stockholders of this Company, are hen by notified, that the annual election for twenty - five Directors and three Inrpcctors of Election, will beheld at ihe office of the Company, on MONDAY, the th day of Vay next, to commence at li'o'clock M.and close at 1 o'clock. P. M. The Transfer Books will be closed from the 5th day of May next, to that date. By order S. ALPHEU8 SMITH, Secretary. Brooklyn. April 2ft, 1643. ap - 2 i'w OrricE Nrw Yoax and Albany Railroad oMrAKv. Aptil 2oth. 1843. C? - Notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the stockholders ol" the New York and Albany Railroad Company will bu held at their office. No. So Merchants' Exchange, for the purpose of chooaing thirteen Directors, on MONDAY, the ilh day of June next, to commence at II o'clock, A. M . and to close at 1 o'clock. !'. M . The books of trans - fer will be closed from the oth day of May to the 6th day cf June next. JOHN EADIE, Jr., Secretary. Nxw Yoax Gr.t.DiAK IxsraAKCE Company, Office, No 64 V. all street, .iay 31, 1S43. ( OT? - The Directors have this day declared a semi - annual dividend of six per cent , on the capital Stock of the Company , nut of its prcfi s to the Stith of April last, which will he paid to the stockholders on and aiier Monday, the Ift'h dav of .Vav. itiht. The transfer books will be closed uniil that day, order. by mytiwia JOSEril GUEENLE F, Secretary. TXIIIVA, GLASS AND EARTH KN WARE. i:m Bowery, between Grand and Hesters reets.M. t J MF.RRITT are now opening their Fprire assoitment o' goods, romprisir.g ci.iing, tea and breakfast sets, of chltin, whire. stot - e and blue ware, ol a superior quality to any tliinerbelore imported. Al'Oikh cut aud plain glass (f every kind, hall lamps, astral lamps, Sic, which tLij cli'er at low pacts for cash a)7 1111 A, Cil.ASS AND EAUTIiKNWAItE S Astor House . All parties requiring a supply of CI - mi Glass, or Earthenware should net fail to call at No. 8 Aftor House, so well known as the cheapest store in the cit v. Alwayson hand at the lowest prices, a full assortment of Dinner. Te and Dessert - ets ; Toilet Ware of the neatest and most fashionable patterns, cut and moulded glass of every description. Dinner Sets for the low price of tl3. Table Cutler) the set of tfty - or.e pieces, real ivory handles.andof the best manufu:ture,tl2. m8 R. SIMPRON. fjtOAItDIIVG SCHOOL IRVING INSTITUTE Sa TARR t TOWN.N. Y The summer sessi.n will open on the 1st May neit, and there are at present about ten vacanci s. ArrLicATioNs may be made to the Principal, by mall or by peitonal interview. at the Institute, or at 76 Bowery evry Tuvnay duricg Apiil. Cibcclaks containing References, Catulrgue of Patrons, Terms; and nil needful particulars, mav be obtained at B.inlett k Wtlford's, 229 Broadway, unil at Raynor's, 78 Bjwery. j - The high character of this Institution for thorough instruction, and kind and watchful supervision of its pupils united with the beauty, healthfulncss and mo rality of the' ioration, and the facility of access Irom the city, render it one of the most desirable places for the education of yon'h. The Uev. Orlando IIarbiman.A M .favorcbly known as a very comment instructor, is assooiated with thn Principal, and will design to give gleater efhekecy to the Classical Department. WILLIAM P LYON', A. M mh!9 Smtod.ViseS Principal and Proprietor - tlsrAOAME COU'i'AS'S FRENCH BA iaL SCHOOL, t24 Green stieet, near Fourth street, for girls under ten. and lor boys uuder seven years of age to be opened 011 the 8th of May ' Madame Coutan will give her undivided attention to the French department in which she will he askined by her diiut - hter. The English language will be taught by a highly educated F.nglirh lady. The French language being now an indispensible branch of a thorough education, and the best tim fne r. quiring a good pronunciation being youth, as the only means for speaking it with fluency is practice, the courve ot studies, comprehending all the usetul and ornamental branches suitable to the age of the pupils, will be given In French Particular attention will be raid to the hlldren, as the unremitted ( fforts of Madam, emttan u. - lil 11.' 10 i.iy n good lauuaation ler uotb a moral and intellect ual education. In addition to the children's school. Madame Ouitan in. ends to eive. from twelve to three o'clcck. inKtroctin in the French language alone, rto young ladies, either begin - ""ii .none nuuisdf wim m iw - :i, ri luemseives in the knowledge of that languaee and its literatuie, and in the uirnuiinie un opportunity ci practicing 11. REFCKKNCES : DR. BF.RGER. L. BINSSE. F. COT TENET. J. B. LASALA. For particulars, apply to MADAME COUTAN. at No. 14S Chambers street, until the first of May. ap2i eoaimis CJOO DYEAII'S PATENT INSOLUBLE INDIA RUBBER FABRIC. A NEW DISCOVERY. Warehouse No. 100 Broadway, New York. TH E result of Mr. Charles Goodyear'a long series of experiments in India Rubber. has not only as.onished mm, nut surprises every one who nas paid any attention to the subject. Straaze aa it may appear. Mr. Goodyear has produced a fabric which is not made frigid in the coldest weather, or softened by any degree of heat nor can it be male adhesive: it resists aliiie the notion of essential and common oils, the strongest acids, alkalies, hot soap - suds, and all other solvents; while its elastic powers are much more perfect than men itive gum, and is not lost Dy long tension nnder any exposnre As this tatnc is not liable tobeimured py the great va riety of causes tbat will ruin all other Rubln - r goods, it is balieved the lime is not far i - ietant when India Rubber or Caoutchouc under Mr Uoolytnr's improvements, will be us - . - d in the operations of almost everv trade and nrofessiont therelore the public ore invited to satisfy themselves of the statements aoove mane ny examining toe ftoous at the warenuubc, wnere may oe ic - una a variety ot WATER PROOF ASD OTHER GOODS, Warranted to stand in any climate, such as Cerriege and othercloths. Portable sho er Bat'us. th Coats, t sprs and Cloaks most compact, simple pim&h Serapas or Touches camp Blanket Horse Covers, assorted cheap and nertect arti' ever offered to the pub - li.' arilace Aprons buspenuers& Elastics, war Travelling Bag Ship Letter Bags Boots and Shoes, Water Hose, assorted Machine Belting. do Leg - rintrs and O. - erhauls rai.ted not to loose their elasticity under eny ex I posure I Pant S raps, very elastic, I and the only ai title of I tne kind that anawei Baptizing Pants Ithe purpose and gives comfort I Russia Bella, for weak, backs Can, Hats, and S. Westers Hat Covera Mitt ins. long and short Table Covers Nuriet He cnildren's Aprons Mechanics' Apt oub Life B I's Voney Bells Cushions and Tillows Air Bocts I or ridinz horseback Life Jackets, a superb arti' I cic I "pongeBasrs I Bathtub Caps Air and Water SeJs I Gum caes ICuciugles ShowLr Matts.Sx. Sher'l Cloths, for Ladies' Boots, Slippera, kc Tceethar with a variety ol other Water Proof and Air tight Goods, which are believed to be altogether superior to any ether ever made, and which purchasers are invited ro loou at rtewie uuying eisewnerc. marOTSJiTU GEORGE BEECHER. FUR NOK.FOL.ltr, RICH.1IOSD, CITY POINT, A., Yaa Steamer BOSTON, Capt. Holmes. eMaoex y Tho strong and substantial ste jaer F'r X BOSTON, his commi need her regular - - - trips Deiween ew Ynik and Norfolk, va. on S ATUKDA V. tub inst .leaving New ."ork at 8 o'clock a. - vi.. anu rsonoiK on uin inst. P3srage and fare toor frcm Norfolk f 10 Forward passengers, do do .............. 8 Passasefrtim Hichmond, City Poiit, kc., by one of the River steemei'S, aod per Boston, from Nor folk 19 Fo'tri - rd passengers do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and back, return trip I v Vorwaid passengers, do do 13 C,r Freight tsken at the! rates. For f reig t.t or passage, apply to the Captain, on board, at pier No. 3. North River, or to It WM. TUCKER, No. 56 Broad st SWIFTSl RF.LINF. F.iR PHILADEL fcliX5CjaPlllA Via Delaware and Ran tan Cr.nai " '" The barger of this Line are now loading at pier 13 E n, Old slip. on - J will contiaue their regular trips through the season. Fer freight, apply to r JIN BBJGOS. 10 South strssrt. AMUSEMENTS. PARK. THEATRE, Mr. HACKETT isssivecAful - ly announces hia benefit and last appearance this season fcr Monday night next, 8th instant, when ha will perform for the first time here these two years, the greatest, and most favorite and intellectual of either of Shakspesre's FalstaifsJ vix : that in his grand historical play of King Henry IV: I he part of the politic King by Mr Barry ; jiuL - r - u. uj Auuait y ana in oraer io give ediiiuonai interest to another piincipal character, Mr W Wheatly, now of Philadelphia, has kindly consented to come on and sustain ' the madcap Prince cf Wales," and for that occasion oniy . r unner panic ulars in Monday 's bill. mo It AMERICAS MUSEUM, Beat Attractions In New York! MAGNIFICENT MODEL OF PARIS! The Manager has, at an enormous exnenae. ensraffe j for shoit time the above Exhibition. It is beautifully carved ia wood, and has had the libor of sixteen yeara bestowed upon it. It c(mpries nearly forty thousand dwelling houses - every thing being ropi d with the utmost minute ness, ine riotnars invaiides. Bourse, Place deVendome, Boulevards. The Tuilleries. Palais Roval Louvre, and the numerous Bridges across the Seine, and other Public Build ings, will appear conspicuously in fact, every stre - t.lane, bridge, and building is n presented with such perfect fidelity that any person who Las been in that rreal metronolis can laini out the very hou - e in which he lived ! And per sons wnn nave nevir tit - en there can, by viewing thia attentively, le8rn more of the city in a few hours than they conld by traversing the streets of Paris itself for w eeks ! - It is erg?g.d ler two weeks only. A Parasian gentleman and Interpreter are engaged to explain the model. Mr. vn - si HI.LI, in a dozen different characters. Mr. SHERMAN. the beautiful Ballad Sins - er. Miss ADELAIDF. PHILLIPS, the best Oanseuse in America A LIVING SEA DOG' Irom New Foundland. Tho ENORMOUS SERPENT. 20 leet Ion e. and Inrre as the body of a man , brought to this country by Mesa. Welch k maun . iuiu - uuiu .America, can De seen. The ! Galvanic Gold and Silver Plating ! Albino Lady ! Fancy Glass Blowing ! and 400,000 curi - ositiea. Performances commence in the Lecture Room at J & Day Terfoimances on Wednesday and Saturday after noons. Day visitors admitted sameevenine - free. Admission to all 2.' cents - . Children nalt - price. RATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, Broad - xw way and Leonard st.eet The P.vhihiiina of ihe Acacemy is now open, from 9 A. M. until 10 P. M. apvtf - 2w A VERY PLEASANT EXCURSION. A SAIL TO HOBOhEN, either from Cansl or Barclay street, will now nrove mm T.oleasant an excursion as ran twni,.!. fmm thecity. The walks and ernunds of th aIm - aIima Kun k.ttoi.j T,..i,c;iiiSuKfi ipia spuns;. vne surpassing oeauty ol which all will acknowledge, who have ever followed h margin ci ine nverto the tlysun Fields. - r . . . . . : . . - 1 ne season fa as new so far advanced as to render a walk in the beautiful and extensive Dleasure srmunda nf thia fashionable resort a very agreeable one to those who admire fine scenery. and w'ill be a erest benefit in all whn having been confined to a crowded city during the winter. vjuiic iimi in uuu aeauniui rxerciie. aotm PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY DAILY. Through direct, at 7 o'clock, P. M, Sundays excepted. From the Steamboat Pier between Courtland and Liberty aireeis - The steamer ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, leaves TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, at 7 'deck. The steamer SOUTH AMERICA. Cart. L W. Brainard leaves .MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN. IN GS, at 7 o'clock. The steamerNORTH AMERICA. Cant M.H. Trnetd.n leavee TLEDAY. THURSDAY and SATURDAY FTERNOONS. at A o'clock, landine at intetmedite planes. ras.;engers tfkine; t' is Line of Boats will invariably ar rive in Albany ia ample time to take the Morninr Train ol Cara for the east or west. The aliove Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant stnte rooms, and for speed and ac accomodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. r or passage or Ireicht, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHUL' the Office on the wharf. MORNING LINE FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS, From tho Steamboat Piar, foot of Barclay atreet. Leaves New York everr Tuesday. Thursday and Satnr. day, at 7 o'clock, A. M. aMsua - A - a a he new low pressure steamboat TROY, TptJ. Captain A. Gorham, on TUESDAY rtft.a?. MORNING. Vay 9;h. at 7 o'clock. Fer passage apply at the Office, toot of Barclay street, or on Board Notice All enoJs.freie - ht. bae - traire. hsnfe hills or any other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on . . .. .. - j ' '."i i c HuuB i i. - iv oi ine owners oi sucn gools, freight, baggage, kc. my 6 FOR ALBANY, TltOI, AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. sssbct. - am i ho snlendid low nressnre stearahnat & - - - ' - 'xZ'xi$' awACLOW. captain A. P. McLean, will leave the foot olcotutlanlt St., SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Mav 7 b, at 5 o'closk the above is a substantial boat, fitted up with elegant state rooms, au:! for accommodation is unrivall - d on the HuJson. m6 TAKE NOTICE - FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINE for BOSTON Si PROVIDENCE' Via Stoniogton and Newport. sW1! Freigh will be taken hy this Line as fol - irtTT nil iiiMiuiraem k,uuu. generally. lows : On measurement eood. hrough from New York to Boston, six cents per cubic foot contracts tor large shipments may ne made at very reduced rates. Boston the dav after It avin? New Vnrlc mercnonuize arrives in By thia Line there is but one transhipment, i e from the steamboat to railioa cars ut Stoningtor.. the freight being there loa'ed and taken to and from Boston, inciates.pre iv. nils pile ,iu,e. SA Vii kL, DEVEAL, Freight Agent, Officeon the wharf, foot ot Battery place, north side, a'iK a' - i ar.d 9 - 2 Broadway. NEW ARRANGEMENT HUDSON AND NEW YORK. FOR FREIGHT AND PASSENGERS. it. The new and elegant steamboat COLUM Ly, - iy.jy.lf j i ii uwnia. r. LTWirri I J , Will Sad? leave Hudson for New York, every Mon day. Wednesday, and Kridav. at 6 n'oloolr. PM nn lh. . w. rival of the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad cars, and teach at intermediate landings. tteturning. Leave rsew York every Tuesday, Thursday nd Saturday, from the foot of Cedar street, and arrive i Hudson the nexl time to take the Railrna.l ear. tor Boston. Forfurther information, inquire in Hudson, of HUBBEI. "LAUK k CO. In New York, of sl'i ntM. ir.irn a - v - v.., .1 me iui wi fiuerty sireet, iortii i:tver,oron hoard, at either place. JEREMIAH BAM E. MORNING BOAT. FOR PEEKSKILL, VF.RPLANCK.GRASSY - rOINT.SING - SING, TARRY - TOWN, DOBBS FERRY. HASTINGS k YONKERS, BREAKFAST AVD DINNER ON BOARD. iSt Thenew and splendid steamer COLUM - fc'.Trj - DLa.i. aptain, w. n - razee, will leave ''' - ' - New York. Irom the foot of Chamhar. .ueei, E.vr.lts MIlrOllNti - IKriilava .unla.ti 1 iVInok; and r ... 1 n i i . : i - . . vwkPM " amB uy "t Landing at the foot of Hammond street each m.. All Teisons are forbid Uuttine anv one on avnnni .1 u uwii Ul UK tiei B. Freieht taken at reduced rates. NO llCr. All Goods. Freight. BaviracrA Hunt, mil. Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board t his Boat, must be ot the risk of the owners cf uumii, rieini, usirsage, ,1(0. m 6 B. CARPENTER c CO'S LINE FOR BEWDIRCII. LANDINO A r CALDWELL'S. WEST POINT. COLD oriAu,oun.iiiai.L JSU r I9HKILL LANDING. The steamboat JAMES MADISON. Can. jj - iain cnanes naistead.wui leave Warren 1 street pier. every TUESDAY and s - Rliia v r.v,un,at 4 o - cioca. All Baggage, Parkasros or Parcels. Bank Bills or Sned. put on board of this boat without being entered on the books of this boat, or receipted for, will be at the risk ol the wueisiaereoi. ag 0 CAMDEN AND AM BOY RAIL - jT zTTr"AU line. IOK TH1LADELPHIA anu intet meniare places nm v s:,Ina,.. aveonla n i 1 r.. I 1. A , 1 1 " . &,...'.. .. ' . v, n. ji,nvui pier isp - a iNortn Kiver, nu. iuui ui Dnncrj i iace. ny steamooat to south Am - boy , from thence to C amden via railroad, and arrive in Phi - laueipria aoout 11 o Clock. By this arrangement , passengers will have 6 hours to do business in Philadelphia, and return the same day bv the A o - cioc jiau Line, ana arrive in ew York at 10 o'clock I same evening. To per - ons wishing to embrace the odvan - tagesotthis arrangement. Excursion Tickets, entitling them to return to New York the same day will be sold at the reduced rates of six dollars, and if not used the same day the tickets will be received at any other time for passage rare to Philadelphia t3 Forward - deck Passengers to Philadelphia 3A To Spotswood and West's m To Sout'i Amboy 37 To Perth Amboy 33 To Freehold and Monmouth, via stages from Hightstown j,jo Fifty pounds of b ecae - e will be allowed to na - 'h ger in this line, and passengers aro expressly prohibited "j ,oapnge ruttneir wearing apparel a - hu - h wi 1 Iid.1 ik. .i. i. ..r:.. 0 1 r m?a aS3 II. BLISS. Agent. rt . '"Atin run LONDON Packet of loth f7t "ay 1 he splendid fast sailing packet ship less MONTREAL. Cant E. ti. Tinker will uilnn.l. tivelyasnbove.herrea - ular dav. havir - e - ,n)lMi modations for cabin .seconi cabin and steerage passen gers. .a..0c,cai iv application vnouin ne mace on hoard, or to W et J. T. TAPSCOTT.A3 Peck Slin. Tl ccrr.erot South stieet. Persons wishinetc send for their friends, ran nap h.n brought out in the ohove favorite ship or any of the regular, on i - Bsuiiaoieierms, ana tnose aesir ius ol remitting money .can have drafts for any amount pay ableon demand, in all Ihe piincipal towns of Ureal Britain and Ireland. . - FOR HAVRE - Parket of the S4th MayThe jgjfK packet ship LOUIS PHILIPPECaptain J. Catttoff. Ti mJT will sail on her regular day as above. For Ireight or passage, apply on board, at foot of Albany street.orto C.BOLTON, FOX k LIVINGSTON, mya 32 Broad street, FOR ANTWERP. The tine, fast sailing ship 3gte FLORIDA, J.C. DE VRIES, master, to sail 30th For freight or parsege apply to UfcKLUNUsi KLNKELEMANN, a25 No 16 Broad at. it FOR D Alii K.N, GF.O. I he fine fast sailing rpacKei scnooner VIKGINIA Hall, master, hav - rsvmg nrniauast ireight engaged pnd going on board, willsailon her regular day. For balanceor passage, apply on board, foot ol Btekmon street.orto 1 R M DE.VIILL,1S6 Front sL FOR HA VRE Packet of the ISth Msv - Th. packet ship SILVIE DE GRASSE. CaitainWm i,. i hompson, wnl tau on her reeular day as above. For freight or past are, ar.nly on hoard, or to C. BoLi ON, FOX It LIVINGSTON, aP - 8 99 Broad street. .rt 'Oil NEW ORLKANS - Louisiana and New 3S . L'''e - ro'tively First Regular Packet - To ' T. n - rn visy i ne last sailing packet ship OC j.L.L,ur.r..capt. reet, wiu positively a.U as above, her ICSUI1I OBV. For freight or pas?aze. havin? handsome furni.hut a.. commodatioca, apply on board, at Orleans wharf foot of nsuniru,,!!!! . II L. UL,Li I CO, Jat Stnnlt. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly measured, and that theships of this linewill sail punctually Jvertiscl ; any guarantee to that effect wiil be given fultUleitthat may be require I. 8 gents ia New GrleHns - Hullin t Woodrufl, nho will tiptly forward, all good, to their address. and fulfilled Ag' proRii incpacKe ship O'.OM.K, Capt Jackson will succeed the .lav. - 1 - a.,, sua - ii i u oi .iav. nor retmlar mja ifT - t , OK NEW OHLEANS - Ilolmes' Line the TTO"s sailing copp. red ship ALABAMA. D.M.Bui Est - kt - r, mcs er. For fir ight or passare. aridy to " 8 WILLIAM NELSON 89 S.oth at. FOR PHILADELPHIA. MERCHANTS' CANAL LINE Via Delaware and l.antaa Canal. Jhm. rnr - V1 The bargrs of this line have commenced gc - gv - rnnning iur tne season, and are niw re ceiipB ireigni, at pier 9 North River. For freight. applv to THOMPSON k NE1LSON, West street. "J. opposite pier 3 North River. AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. BY BELL aft HOWARD, "tore t Arn and 116 Fulton street, rt. B. Regular sales of furniture every Wednesday and settmiay ,and dry good,clothing,fancy ajticlea,ke .sneiy oeaaay and Friday. ' MONDAY. . At 10 o'clock in the sales room. Fxtensive Sale First Rate Piano Fortes, Paintings and Elegant Furniture comprising 1 superb pianofortes, by the best London. Boston. New York, Albany and Philadelphia manufacturers. Several ot these are second hand and two are the celebrated rosewood premium instruments This sale will also include soma from Mr Roaket'e establishment, he not having room at present to display them. Also, same time, 37 truly valuable ancient and modern pain tines, by the best masters. Also, a variety of superior cabinet furniture. TUESDAY, May 3. At 10 1 - 9 o'clock in'lhn uIm mnn. Most extensive sale of valuable dry goods, clothi cloths, castimeres. vestincs of all kinds, dnmetiie a. ing. summer clo - .hs, silks, muslins, hosiery, shirts, stocks, era - Uls, Also, pledged articles, jewelry, guns, cutlery, and varie WEDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock in the sale rooms. Large, extensive and valuable sale of choice, valuable and elegant furniture of all descriptions. Also housekeeping articles, curtains, carpels, kitchen utensils, kc. Also, the entire furniture of a second hand furniture dealer, a larre quantity of all kinds of common furniture, and a large additional lot of house furnishing articles. The carpets, mga and oil cloth will be sold is the Fulton street stoie. HORACE BOARD, Auctioneer. BY CHARLES 8. SMITH. Auction Rooms No .392 Broadway, One doer abov e Reade street. Sales ot Household Furniture and every other description ot prop ,tv. at the auction room or elsewhere, respectfully solicited. N. B. Sales settled in all cases as socn as the goods are sold and delivered. TUESDAY EVENING. May . At 7 o'clock at the auction room. Engravings A splendid collection of English Engra - Tlng. famt imported per ship Switzerland. Can be examined on Monday by catalogue AT PRIVATE SALE. Two African Brtccra Marble Slabs. A. MANN, Auctioneer. BY GEORGE 8. MANN tt CO. , " Broadway.corner Anthony street. George 8 Mann It Co. will give their personal sttention to house sales of Furniture in any oart of th. ri n mn. derate terms. Cash advances made on consignments of I ii rn it it r a anH msirttasiJ:. AT PRIVATE SALE. 4000 Green - house Plants at Private Rata at SnetLsn rw cb O 8 Mann It Co. will receive daily a fresh supply of pi"u oi every aescnption. from the nursery of Mr Livingston. Harlem, which will be delivered to purchasers free of expense, in any rrt of the city, provided the bill purchased amounts to (1 '. The public, and particularly the ladies, are invited to call and examine them. BY 8. F. INGRAHAM. Store I - 2S Fulton street, next to N'uun .e. 8. P. Ingmbam will give bis personal attention to sale of rurniiuro, urocertes, Dry cioods. tc, aa usual. Second hard and new furniture will be received, rt his store for ale at auction or private. MONDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. A large assortment of new and second hand household and cabinet furniture. TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. Carpets. Rugs and Mattings A large assortment of new bruise Is. ingrain and Venetian carpets, ra;s,drugcett. matting, kc. in lots to suit. UY F. J. BEARN8. Rtnre Vn IM Vnllnn tlM.1 F. I - BearTIBWill rivahia hhmaiibI ulMliiH, I ..1 ... .u.iiiiu,c,ii.Uware. groceries, crockery, dry goods, kc. in any part of the city or at his store. TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. Stock and Fixtures of a Cabinet Maker's Shoo consist ing Ol I portable sawincr mill, rahinet hrnehea lihlnr lools,lotofshaviLg cases unfinished, work boxes do. lot of upewooa. DiacK walnut ana redwood veneers, 1 writing desk. stove and pipe, and unfinished w ork tables, with a lot of other articlea Also, 1 Londen made brass beer numn. with XnnlU all in complete order. TAUL B. I LOYD, Auctioneer. b y v. w. Mccormick Store No. IS Courtlandt street. TUESDAY. May t At 10 o'clock at No - 23 Thomas St. Groceries. Fixture, kc - A larre assortment of a - rAO. ries, fixtures, be. The stock and fixtures can be purchased ot pr.vate sale for particulars apply on the premises. Large sale of Elegant Warranted Furnitur - At 10 O'clock. at NO 46 Biekman St. will he sold all Ihe alea - .nt furniture contained in the establishment, manufactured hv J B Garrelson. who is retiring irom bjsinesa. The Block cumpni dopant roox ctsea. wardrobes, r rencb mane ga - ny chairs, marble top washstands, bureaus and tables, high pout and French bedsteatis. divans. couches. Ottomans hat stands, extension dinmg tabl..s, card and breakfast tables, quartette do, music stools, ladies' woik tables, kc. w ith a great variety ri other articles. It is needless to say any thing about thenual'ty ofthe above furniture, as the m.m,. laeiurer is oi long tiaiwing snd wtll known, ihe whole win oe soi.t witnout reserve. Catalogues will Le reaJv the ilay before the sale. WFDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock at the auction room Fu - nituro. kc - A lmee a'sortmentof housihold fumi. ture fiom families giving up housekeeping, consisting cf soiai, manogany cnans; piano torus, caipeU, oil cloths, .iM.uiu luriiiLui e, olc FRIDAY. At lOo'clock, at the auction room. Furniture, kc A large assortment of household turn: ture, china, glass ware kc. SATUUDAY. At 10 o'clock at theaurtion room. Furniture. Clothir.e - .kc Householdfnrnitnre olnttilnv j - - - j . . - nun stum vi miK - eiianeous articles. BY A. B. TROWBRIDGE cV CO. Store 304 Broadway, corner of Dnanc t A B. T.fc CO. Will attend to Out door Sales nf HimuImM Furniture, kc in person. Liberal cash a.lnni - .im. l. n auainuaoi property consigned lor public sale. MONDAY. Mays. At 13 o'clock, at ihe Mercbants'F.xchange. A Farm Of US aeiev. Situated in Bnrlina - tnn rnnnt l iietgg Harder lownibip, state of New .ersey 32 acies re ui.aer e rooii state 01 cultivation, well forced in, w th a moslern built twostnry wooden house, withbarn and stable wellcf good spring water in front of the house the wood consists of pine cedar, kc - a young orchard nn that woion ia ciearea. 1 11 le Indisnutabie. Surveyed bv Wis Smith, surveyor general of the state, recorded in the mr. veyer general's oltice at Bur:irgton. in liber U, folio 451 by reference thereto the bound irics will appear. BY J. P. DIETERICII. Office No. 26 Pine street, up stairs. Room No. . J. P. Dietei ich will e - ivc his personal attenf inn in aai. ni Furniture, Groceries and Real Estate. All aaleanf l l ana nouses win oe mice at the .Merchants' Exchange. WEDNESDAY. At lOo'clock. at 161 Bowerv. Pawnbroker's Sale A larga aseortmvnt of ladies and gentlemen ? weanns; aj - parri oi every oescription.iiz: Surtout, body and frock coats: nantaloona. vests, ahirta and stockings; cloth, plaid and camlet cloaks: habita and peliasses; merino, silk and calico gowns; supeifiiie cloths tanu (.HBaioierea; remuanui oi fiiks ana satins; itnen and calico quilts and counterpanes; blankets, sheets, table cloths, nocoveis; ocas, Dureaus, sideboards, tables, bedsteads bolsters and I illows. boots, shoes, hats and umbrellas - ind. irons, shovela and tone - s. hra.s kotttw. im,bi.. i...... pictures, glass and chin, carpets and ruga.carpenter's tools v. - . . j iRAxifUva, .l. Byorderof WM SIMrsON, Licens - d Pawnbroker, 131 Bowery . THURSDAY. At lOo'clock at No 35 Chatham st. np stairs PAWNBROKER'S SACK A large assortment of ladies' and gentlemena' wearing apparel, of every description, viz: aurtout, body and frock coats, pantalocns. vests, shirts and stockings, cloth, plaid and camlet cloaks, habits and pelisses, merino, silk andcal - icogowns,Fuperfinecloth and cassimeres,remnantsof silks and satins, linen and calico quilts. counterpanes, blankets, sheets, table cloths and covers, beds, bureaus, sideboards. chairs, tables, bedsteads, bolsters and pillows, boots, shoes, mi niM, wiuuuui, unt - is ana tongs, oraBB Ket "e,',eoKln8 glM'ea pictures, glass and china, carpetB and . "", By order, J SIMPSON k CO., Sa Chatham st MONDAY. May 15. At 10 o'clock at 161 Bowerv. nn stairs. Pawnbroker's Sale A large assortment of ladies and geniiemen s wealing apparel of every description, vix : Sttirtmit hmtv and f rv ir n.. ...i,u... . , 1 - - i... - , I'.iiL.iwu., .lint., and stockings, cloth, plaid and camlet cloaks, habita and peliasses. merino, silk and calico gowns.superfineeloth and eaenimeres, remnants of silks md satins, linen and calico quilts and coumerpanos.blankets, sheets, tablecloths and covers, beds, bureaus, sideboards, tables, bedsteads, bolsters piuows, uoois,snoes,nats and umbrellas, andirons, shovel and tongs, brass kettles, lookina - srlassea. niotures e - laaa and china. carpatsandrugs.carpenters'tools of every descrip - uuu, .s.. Also, Watches and jewelry, silver spoons and plate Also, clarionets, violins, gold and silver watches gold !,.. linger rings, HKgets, silver tame ana tea spoons, wuci nviea wv numerous io meniiou Dy ST.'.ir of Z Bernstein. 174 Bowcrr. J Bernstein k Co 301 Hudson St. Pawnbrokers. TkTIBLO'a GAHDKN. New assortment of choice and rare Annual Flower Seeds, one packaee con taining 90 varieties ut up neatly in separate papers, for vue uuii.t s 1 . . Bartonia Aurea One of the most choice and beautiful of all the beautiful plants introduced Irom California, bear - wg a iilu SjOiucon rru nower. Caiandrmia UlUMllnr An nla.l rose coloied (lowers, tipped with purple or. the under side and splendid gold antheis in thecentre. BuperD Fans Double Balsams This deligatfol plant has long been tho favorite of Flora. supem (timan Double and Quilled Asters 90 sunerh varieties, n ixed. Choice fc ?artsrase Thia Reed ia from name! rH,. Flowers Irom the principal exhibitions in England last year. Phlox Drtin - oiondii This desirable border annually in - criases in variety and attraction everv year, there being at 'bis time at least 19 distinct varieties, having flowers vary ing from a deep rose color velvet hue to a pale lilac - use pill IS. Portulacca Splondens Another desirable border plant, very dwarf, beating a rosy fcarlet flower. nne mix - vi aum - ias. Nierembentia Phosnieea Thi. annual - ;n border or irellis wot k all through the summer w ith bright Mexican (plue) Ageratum. DaturaCeratecauia Amae - nlflcent nlani imal.. .Km.i 4 fort in height, Flowers are large and tbowy. being whit stained with purple and sweet scented, with flowers all uu. laic . Sweet Scented Candytuft (Purple ) MignioL - ette. Fine German Tea Weeks Block Gill! rinwav as a;. tinct colors mixed, very fine. Lupinua iruikshanku. .The most varied and handsome of any of the Lupins, has flowers of nearly every shade between pttrple. blue. pink, yellow and white, and continues in flower from ,'uite to the end of August Cleeme Bpsea. .A very pretty upright growing plant with rose colored flowers. Clarkia Elegans. .A beantiful lower from California, roar color, keeps in flower 4 months. Schixanthns Priestii. .This is one ofthe finest of this specie ot plants having flowers af pure white, stained with .ellnw ifzllu,i. i j.Va0w. "r rjih. Trirnt. Ciocea. .A fine orange flower, and an abun - Gilia Tricolor. .A very ntat annual of thr. en'nrs and pn tt7, sown on a small bed. The proprietors beg to call the attention of their friends and the cultivators of Flow era. to the above new selection of Annur.l Seeds, cho en out of about It 0 of the most choice varieties known st the present time, all of w hich are warranted freh Setd,rmpoitcd fn m r.uiope this Spring Bulbous Flowering Roots, vix: - he Jacobean Lilly. Gla - diiltis, HoritnniUi", and Psittrcinus. Mexican Tiger Flower, Double Tuberose, Double Dihlias, fcc. kc. all of which are bow ready for planting out. Ail orders promptly execu'ed Apply to MBLO k UUNLAP. 76 Broadway. N. B. Vegetable and FielJ Seeds of the best kr.oa r kim's. Also, an assortment of Vegetable Seeds, suitable lor the AY est India market, put up in boxes from $1 to t - t) each. Those boxes at and above (3 each, will contain a selection of choice Flswtr Seeds. my at AUCTION SALES. BY WILLIAM KOBBE. Stare No. 11 Sonth WHUata street. MONDAT, May 8. At lOjo'elock, at th. auction room. French Gods, Embroideries and Mill. - . a.uia By Caulogne An assortment of French, Swiss. German and English fancy 6ilk Goods. kc, comprising an extensive aBsortment of new and desirable Snrm. iinLi. wnu.uuB . wo u.uu vaneiy 01 tho above articles of sales unpvrxauvn. Also, t cases nnest rana embroideries Also, eases best styles heavy fancy ribbons Also, cases snper Paris kid gloves Aiao eases do spring colored Eoliennea Also. rases plain, printed and satin atrin.' - .n.lin J - Also 1 case real oiack blonde veils Also. I case rich embroidered and rvviera 1 riAt, Also, J cases plain. striped, figured and watered poult de wits - Also, 3 cases super Mack, blue and jet black Lyons vel - vow. Also.5 cases artificial lowers and millinery articles Also. eases regular make cotton hose and hall hose Cataloguea and samples themominr or sale TtlCRSDAT.May 11. At 10 O'clock at the auctin ennm Catalogue Sale - - Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, English. Fiencb. German and Domestic Dry Goods Also, peremptory sale of IS pieces Hnmaei. sr nil cloth. Also, an invoice of Iiambure - h hair a - in niw.nt wiains, rrenta sou uvaniw paper banging, kc kc. Catalogues and sampl - s the morning of sale. AA ritlTAlL ! A I. German. Belgian and French broad cloth, nlnin and BY C. W. FOSTER. Store No. S3 Beaver street TLTFSDA Y, May 9. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. Catalogue Sale For approved esdorsad nm.. a a A large and desirable assortment ol Foreign Dry Goods, of Also, an invoice of the richest and latest ct - iA p.;. broideries, from the celebrated nisnulectaiy of Madam) Pavan an n.k.M in., land. A Iman .1. ;.. . . - t . , - " a - - - ni isicnoias, oexnr elected wit" great care in Pans, expressly for city trade among which will be found caps, collars, pomado'ns. pelerines, collars Duchesse L'Oi leans. csi es. rarriinala Ru - he. lieu, collars Maiotenon. collars Valiere. o.ill.r. eur..n - ,i. fanchion. bonnets a la reim. bonnet carm. Sre &e A lso, peremptory sale to close an importation sn invoice 01 one rrencn nnin camnric nuxis. Also, an invoice of silk hose Also, an invoice of hread gloves. Also, an invoice of th - rad sad bobbinet lro goods Catalogues snd samples on the morning of sale. Also, 1 case blk Chaimllv laces, extra widihe Also, an invoice of shawls, all n ear .i i,. i. A. . auu JUM FRIDAY, May IS. At 10 o'clock at the auction room. French Goods For nnme(env,r.c nn - a , 100 cases French Goods, runnriin, a . - T o. 'ancy articles ol recent iminrtations. S..1..Q.UO. ana samples early on the morning of aala KOYAL GURLEY, Auctioneer. BY GURLEY & HILL. Store 16 Broadway. New York Long Room. Liberal cash advaneesmade nn rimnnnmili Gnrlev k Hill will oi. ikei - , - r u...ik.u t. e"" .UUiu r uiuuuie at ine uweiiipgs ol owners. SATCRDAY EVENING. At 7 1 - 2 O'clock al lh. anetlnn w. A large and valuable collection of .i.nrl.r.l xtiac.ll.n.. OUSRnnlfa amtiea.nv . J : i I . v - . . Hny neairaoie wgisi. . - ....lij tuem is ivido'a Woma, 4 vs; History oHnven. tlOnB. 9 VS, Wordsworth's Pictorial llrwsm anlbmli 1 Ai. tion; rhillins Oeolce - v.Q v. - Mlll,a.;n. i - nPL..n. dical Experience; Mantell's Wonder, of (!!., i.. fine. ton's Anatomy of Melancholy; The Federalist; Tables of i. ,V r 7 r"'e: ""'low's Table, rare; Bcigerse's Worlds ol ihe Moon and Sun. scarce: Ovid's Veto Curious Cuts: Blaine1. L' ....... 1 A ID i u . - ' ui.ijvi"mi,viniii.i cisii, rgn - . Z. s - cmmerciai uictionary: make's Biogrspbi - cal Dictionerv: Bcnit. e - .ii b; o. J 1 - "... vio,c,v..,mv. - uu.yiiAi. At 10. nVlnrk in na aala. nna. MortgSgo Sale Stock of a bookseller, bv viHna of a w. ..Bc luicciosea, consisting ot mircellsmeous books. liLMiAI EVENING. , At 7 1 - 4 o'clock at the auction room. Splendid Collection Of - li.h RnnkaA rich an' .sr. tensive collection of the most valuable London eslitinn. consisting of choice woiksof the best authors, such w orks ""irsios m every ptivate library. A roong them ia ''' s' i.uouv,u eoiuons oi tne woiks or Beaum nt and r letcner, a vs; oen Johnnin's Works; Wycherly, Con - grove ana raiqaahr; The Illustrated - hoksreare, 9va; splendid edition of One Thousand and One Nights, 3 vs; Edmund Burke's works. 3 vs; Tymperly's Encyclopedia of Literary and Typographical Anecdote; Mcculloch's Com - iciioiiar) ; met unoct's statistics, 9ss;Canl - fiel I'a Remarkablel haracters. a va: n'Ahranie'a xt.mnira oj Napoleon, 9 vs; Memoirs of Queens of England. 9 vs; Fuller's Worthies of England. - J va; Life of Sir Joshua tteymioa, a va; tgjptand Mohammed Ali.l vs; Bell's Re - aidencein Circasua, a va; Welstei) . Travels in Arabia. 9 va; LiBvaier - a rnysiognomy. roj al 8vo; .Vonstrellet'sCbro. nicies, 9 vs;Davies'Celuc Researches: Crud.lorL'. I.iiera. ry Memoirs, 4 vs: Professor Play fair's Works. 4 v - Hnttnn'a Mathimatics by Rutherford; Nirbolson's Principl e of Ar - chltrCiiirc.S rs; Field's Analogical Philosophy. - Jvs: Cor - Eu.iuavarum nminonim; Hampton's rolj hius. dva; Cam - ridge Classical Rea,aichas, 2 vs; Lileof 1 huanus; - leges of the University of Cami.ialee 9 v. Crt. - ..ip. Greek Press. 4 vs;Teok('s Divi - rsions of Tarley; Selhy's uiiiisu iuuuoioi;y,a vs; nurmeis - ei - s M.t - mology; Park's Flora of North America. - 1 vs; De Quincy on Imitation in Fine Arts - ; Landseeron Eugrasirg; The Book of Aichery; ''IKjrtiiig Scents; Whnt.iker'e Life of Hannibal, 9 v; Hartley on Man. 3 vs; Harrow's Whole Woiks, 3 vs; Burnet's History of the Reformatior., 4 vs; Lrightou's Works; Le - land's Dei - Heal Writeis: G. isler's Ecclesiatucal Histoiy.J vs;Jobn Newton's Woiks. kc kc. Also. clegint illustrated books, inrlodinr rietoral Book of Common Prayer, rirh mirocco; Childe Horald's Til - e - iimsge, illustrated; Paul mil Virginia, splendid elition; ,iiiover - s iiavei?, vs r.n sni nne pia'cs; Jardindes Plants, royal svo;Scott'a Mamnnn, elegant; Ireland, iu Scenery. Characters. kc. 9 va filled ni:h plates; Good's Fantalogia. w - ith a great number of fine col'd plates from original drawings. 19 vs Svo; Hone's Every - bav Book.lva. ke. isiw,iiiiii.i 1 ir. aiiic, sis; Burton's Home, a vs; Harris's Philological snd Philosophical Works, a v.; Mi Hot's Elements ot General His - ory, 8 vs; Dow's History of Hmdottai.,3 vs. King's Morsels ol Criticism. 3 vs, fce. JOSIAH RICHARDS, Auctioneer BY BANGS. RICHARDS sk FLATT, StoSI No. ISO Bsusaii Liberal cash advances madron consignments of auction aiea MONDAY EVENING. At 7 1 - 9 o'clock at the auction room. Books A sreneral assortment of Miscellaneous Books Among them is Encyclopedia Americana, 13 vs; S - aiks Life snd Writings of Washington, I - J v; Ro ta's History ot the United Mates; 3 Byion's Woiks. I vol; Todd's Johnson's Dictionait :9 Liae - ard's Aneio Ssxon Chnrrh - 9 Aidrn'.Life of Luther; Lives of the s.8ir,.,. Limbo rchs History ol the Ir qni.ition; Goldsmith's History of Animated nature - . Tay lor's Life ol Chiist; Cannings Speeches: Darwin's Zoonomia. kc. Also, a collection of Medical Books amonsr them are Johnson's Medico Cbiurgical Review ;Hosack 'a Practice of rnvsic.t ox - uispensatcry ; I lessee's on Chiltren; Tho mas' Practice; Eberle on Children; Francis Ben man; Aber - s twuiu.c uu sue Drain, aic. TUESDAY EVRVINO, May 9. At 7 1 2 o'clock at the aactktn room. Law Books A valuable law library, rmbrttcififf mny ew uib irtTHuiti. uigfus, ,K'meaiai works Taa IU If KII" II IVs - JrCI 13. fltC. WEDNESDAY AND THVR?DAT EVENINGS. 10th snd 1 Ith M. y. at 71 u lock. ilnbe Erg ish Botks An ,xtirie cn'leelirn of e - ngiisn uoeiL s. compris ns tipwaid of - .C(0 vulnm. s.and embrsK - ing works on Archi rctuie. Antinuitie. Anobrv. Angling. Airanec - .ure. Bn - craphs, Boiont, Classics, ( ht - mmry, t hronolosTv. Drama. Divints . Geoerapny.Geoloey and Mineruloev. History. Mmh. m.i! ics. Natural Histury, Painting and Sculpture, respective. ivi ii j, i uiwaiiu . i uniuiKT, voyages ana l ravels, he. Also. scarce works relatiua - to America. Bonks in n,..n. tal Languages. Old Sermons and Tract. Elegant lllustr.t ed Woiks. Choice Editions of the Werks of Modern Authors, and many raie and curious old Works, seldom to be met with. Amongthe collection are Vitrtivin'a Architecture, 9v fo lio; 1 ne uaraens. Dy Lie Lille, sphndid plates, 4to; Love - day's Romance of Clronatra. folio: Esrhin.l Rar. Wnek nn Astrology U - t fine specimen of early printing; Lives of t - eimiu, i - ea, nv, ana vs ooa, tne eminent Antiquities; Scott's Poetical Works, 12 v. beautiful ronv: Waverlv s.'n,.l. - i - .. Edinburgh Encyclopedia, S6. - ; Edgeworth's Works, ISv, beautiful Engliih edPion; Rtv Richard Baxter's Works, 93v; Bloomfield's Digest. if the Bible, 8v; Burnett's History - . me s.enuinaiiuu,oy; wit.ina on the t ovements. 3v; La Fontaine's Fables, 9v. elegantly illustrated; Hi garth's Worka. 4to; Cooie's History of England. 9v; Simpson's Sacred Literature, 4v; Caveli on Electricity. Ir; Chester field's Letters, tv; Bodes Church History; Dunster's Milton, 4io; Acdrew's Virgil. Baskenville edition; fine edi tions ol anaksneaie'a Works, in 0and7v,eligaatly Isound: nll l.b.i . . . J . wu - .ui.u a nuiwim .s ature, as ; Antiquiileaoi scot.and; Oldmixon's History of Ena - land. folio: St Cvcrmnn i - . Worka, Svb 4to; Thow's History of his Own Time, folio; ia a ; v.1 , . . . . . . . . ' e""i vuuuu euiuon: vumL - eriana s L.. w oi ma ture, 4to. Splendid Cabinet of Minerals Also, a valurble collec tionof Minerals, consisting of about IfiOO specimens, carefully selected by an eminent collector, and neatly ar ranged in a mahogany glaaa case w th draws. Most of the specimen. are enry stalizrd. or loose crystals, or polished. All are numbered and catalogued, giving their namea according to Cleveland, with descriptions snd locality. All are wen coaractrnzea and handsome. Among them are in - iriOTimg Mnesui lavasirom Mount Vesuvius. B. MOO NEY. Anc - Ioarer. AT J. A. V AN ZAISDT'S Store, 49 Centre street. two doors below Tearl. TUESUAV. May O at lOo'clock Soda Fnuntainf - Conaistii fr of 10 large Copper Soda Fountains, warranted in good or.lrr. Root Beer Fountains, 8 Coolers complete - - alo. five German Silver Draught Pillars, marble frames. 1 Counter, marble top. After which a lot of new and eecond hand Furniture; also. Groceries and Grocery Fixtures, 9 brass seal, a and weights, iron do. counters, tin measures, ke, wrapping AT PRIVATE SAI.P. The three story brick h.use No. 63 Chatham atreet. mso.tnree lois on uuane street, opposite the Sixth WarJ nvi.i. BENJAMIN MOONEY. Auctioneer. BY B. HUuaKt tM CO. HARDWARE. AUCTION. GENERAL AGENCY AND H133ltJ.v j;i ltlHA.TB. Store No 91 Maiden I.n. N.B. Out - door Siies of household fnrnitnra .nnri.. kc. promptly attended to both in New Yoikaivd Iimii.. isrt - vr - ir - c - ai v. a. r - ....r..i: .. . . 1 ' ..v. i - - ' t . ..v. . . t' uuu; inioui, ineir inends and the trade in eeneral, that no limited roods will k. i. lowed o appear in their catal gue, and that the first of every tot .nan or sou to ti.e nigneat Didder. TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 4S Centre atreet. An assortment of corner soda water fountains, snda wat.e cor - lers, germ an silver draught pillars, soda w ater counter. uiai ine swp, avi.. A lso, a lot of new and seconj hand furniture. Also, the fixtures of a grocery, viz: brass scales and weignts, countLrs.snciying.grocer lea, wrapping paper.kc. THL'fiSDA. . At lOo' N 91 Maiden Inn. Package Sale of Birmingham and Sheffield German French and American Gskxu, consisting of htary and thtlf Vix : Sadirons, c. s shovels and spades, trace chains. cur ry combs, Wilkinson a vices anvils, screws, fry psns. till, closet, cupboard and padlocks. F B taper handsaw and other files, brace and bitts. furniture locks, carpenters hammer warranted caststcu lace sua ciawa, anoe h: mmers, batch - ts, tea treys, japaned bread trays, wrought nails, bed screws, kc kc Also, an invoice of S00 dozen superior tahla ant Art knives anu folks among which arc stag, cocoa, buck. i : l. . 1 l . . ' I . Sd jsiau, mn 1917 b.uuidu aiuuea ana lOrKS IB Sets CM SI p. Also, 4o Jot fin ivory . pearl and buck, 1, 9, 3 and 4 blad pen sou pocset aiuvea. Ul loo latest laiportSUou. Particulars hereafter. R. 11. TIMPSON, Arclsoneer. ' - BY JACOB 8. ILATT. Store No 91 Piatt street, eon or Gold street. Hardware. Auction, Goi,eral Agency and Commission Business N.B. - R. IL Timpson w Ul give his particular attentioa to sui - asior g.:c sn nvuMiBina r urniture, Grocenev. kc - UMBRELLA.PAKASOI. ANU fl SSIIADK STRECHElia Jspsnedand w hite ol every sue, best make, lor sale at veiy reduced pricea, in lou to suit, lor catn or approvea paper, oy mh!7 ISAAC SMITH fc CO, 946 Pearl it. fJIKHliCH WIIDOW SHAOKSReceivrdp r . packet ship Aliutny oaeeaseel very superior Fr.n. b Vs indow shadi s ol ine latest style and i - aittins. painted in oiiilmnt colon expressly to oar or or. P. : tons wuhing a very supeiior palmed aniclo, at reduced priests, ar. invited to call ana examine pret inns to purchasiilg. CH AS. Mo s L LE Y k CO.. weaeral U pholstercrs. aptt TuTbkSlmi ; . . . M iiodson strset. AUCTION SALES. ANTHONY J. BLEECKER, AceturaMr. BY WTLLIAII DUMONT, tors 1 Wall atreet, tCcdiWnotu. Slln. Attention will be riven to th. sain, - r iinnsruni n FURNITURE and REAL ESTATE, in addition 1. . door aaiM TUESDAY. Vav . At lloVlock at the Merchants' Exehanare. All those certain Ave sots ot land In the city of Brook I rn on the northeast corner of State and Court streets, betug two lots on Court st. each 2 test front and rear bv lea. and S lots on State st , e woing tho above, each 2 ft front and rear nv 118. 117 and lioieef aeev. th Avet.ue Lots 8 lots on the east side of sin aveotse. compriainc the whole front from 1 - Lh to Itth streets, ia leet aaep Also. 1 lot in the rear nn 1 - rt h ft . rseir r S3 1 ret rn wjoin. The ove lou will be sold separately, and are positively to be sold. THURSDAY, May II. At lOo'clock at Na lit Chambers at. Furniture All the furniture of a family going into the country, consisting iu part of bmsscls and iLgrain carpeting, mahogany sofas, couches, divans and t hairs, atarblo top centra aud pier tables, extension dicing Itablrs, mahogany French and high post hedsteai's. crikV, marble top wasnstanas ana aressing nnreaus, a very handsome wara - rcbe and book case, allot which were mad. to order bv the best manufacturers in the citv. Also, mantel orna ments ana lamps, a rrenrn mantel clock and girandoles, large pier glasses, a white t rench dining set. rich cnt elaae ana a set of very handsome knives. Also, a varirty of aiicncn lurniiure.witn w nicn tne sale will commence. TUESDAY. Mav l At 11 o'clock, at the Merchants' E tchanee. Cbancerv Sale All that certain lot and biuldinrs there on situaied in Rivir.gton st, sn kn - .wn aa Nos7i Biving - ton at . and distant 41 ft 8 ips from I olnmbia street, beine 17 ft ins front and rear and 70 ft deep, be the same more or lema L. 8. FORMAN, Auctioneer. BY JAMES N. 91 ILL Ell CO. Hardware, Real Estate, kc. at No. 9 Liberty street, at its junction with Maiden lane and MILLER k CO.. Leather. Boots, Shoes, kc at No. 19 Ferry street, corner of Jacob street. TUESDAY, May 9. At 10 o'clock, at stur. No i Liberty st. Watches, Jewelry and Fancy Goods, 10 rloee advances consisting of a large assortment of line gold and silver le - pine. nounie and ainglersse w atones 01 all oescriptiona and 01 the most celecrated makers, plain and Jewelled. Also, a collection ol American and English Jewelry fancy articles, kc cataloguea and roods will be ready lor examination early on tne mornmr 01 sale 1 ML K - SLIAV.Jlay 11. At in o'clock, at the store No 9 Liberty st. Package Saleof Hardware Consist if st of vo0 original paokagea of fresh imported Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware. Heavy Goods of all descriptions, Iresn imported and ofthe most de treble kinds for the present season 1 erms 6 months credit on all sums over lotl lor appro ved enaorvea notes, an sums unaeraiuv casa. Catalogues and eoods will be ready for examination the day previous to the sale. FRIDAY. Mav 19. At 10 1 - 9 o'clock, at the store of Mil ler fc Co. No 19 Ferry, corner jacoo St. Boots. Shoes and B means 600 rases boots, shoes and brogans. Alto, oak tanned calf skins, hemlock do, mo rocco unings, w r.UKM)A V, May 17. At 19 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Sixteenth st Will be sol . under the direction of Georsre Catlin Esq.. master in chancery All that lot of land in the I6'h ward of the city of New York, on the northerly aide of 16th st,93fl ft 8 ins northerly from 3d avenue, and rnnning thence northerly at right angles with loth street, and contains 93 leet in front and rear, and 91 feet in depth, more or lets. E. II. LUDLOW. Auctioneer. BY K. II. LUDLOW fc CO. Office No. 11 Broad street. Real Estate. Stocks. Shins. Household Fvmitnra in out - door sales in general, attended toprompfiy. MONDAY. MayS. At 19 o'clock. at the Merchants' Exchanre. A L I Trust Company va Stevens Adionrne.1 ,1. nfav lots of land in the 17th ward, in the viciuity of Tompkins square. For particulars see auctioneers. TUESDAY, May ft. At 19 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Equitable lua Co vs P Jarvia Audeon and CUrkson sta Known and numbered as Nos SUA, 307, 3u) Hudson st. and 36. xt Clark anu. They will be sold separately. For farther p - rtieulars see auctioneers. 9. South stieet Property - The one undivided hall of that valuable property on N W corner of t - oulh st. and Catharine market. See map and particulars at auctioneers rooma. WEDNFSDAY. May 10. Elegant Furnituie. and the Entire Mock ol a Cabinet and Upholsterer At lo o'clock, at 109 Fulton it. opposite St Paul's Church consisting of elegant chairs, sofas, aewing rocking and voltaira, covered with satin embroidery, silk and cbintx, kc. Particulars in a few days. Catalogues leady the day previous, when the furniture can be seen. At 1IJ o'clock within thestor.No II Bread st. Choice Wines A la'ce and choice Invoice of wines bv Catalogue, comprising some of the most choice and levo - rue nranasoi claret. Burgundy, Sautrme in glass and wo'd Catalogues 3 dsys previous to sale terms, over S300 3 mos vis: IPs boxes St Jnlien (Beneach;) 7sdoMe - luc;4adoChat Margaus; 60 do Lfitte;40do L.tour;4 do Leoville; SOdo Br"nne Mon'on, 70 do Haul Brion; 40 do Chat Marg; 32 do Lafitte (Brunncses,; 7 do Chaoibartin (rjurgunay);a Haut xauterneJioo Y - Gaam: lad. sparkling St Pcray;?Sdo Muscat (Larp - .l); assorted cordial.; 2i doCuracoa;3a do Maiasclun, Di Zara, Anisette and Ah - anthe; li cisk? StJulirn. The above wines are ofthe choice stock of an importer. Also xii aoz .vanoniunner. I SSI. 4 do Rndesheimer.1831; 4 do NrersUinrr;4do Hockheimer. IS34: several cases of choice Sherry and Madeira Wines. At l i o'clock, at the Merchants Exchange. Chancery Sale Kdestn vs Hamrdon thilo T Rnrrles. mister House and lot on the southerly aide 94 feet front the southeast corner of Rirington and Willett sts 90 by 70 feet. THURSDAY. Msv 11. At 19 o'clock, at the King's county Hotel, Williaraabnrgh. Chancery Sale llalsey va Sinclair Wra W Camuhell. master 49 lots of ground on north Eichth st. 8 north I rT' ' .,, I ' uc Seventh at. 18 on north Sixth st. IC For farther psrucu - BY M. Ml KRS. Off.ce No. IS Wall atreet Real Estate. Stock, and Outiloor Auctioneer. Prompt MONDAY. May 8. At 19 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchanre. In Chancery Iitbrew Benevolent Society, t WI - Int. kc. Alltbsoeftvi certain lots, pieces or parcels of land. si. otte, 1) ing end being m the 19 b ward of the city ol New York, known as a part olthe Harbin Co mm ins which sai I lota are known and disti auisbed on. map cf said O mons. made by Charles Clinton, of said city, survey or, da - t,d Dec. mber. IKI4. i nd no - - on file in the office of Register of the city and county of New Yoik. as lots numbers 41, al. 49 4l, and 404. between 6 h and 7th avenues, and between Solh anu S7'h streets; each of the said lo's con - iaining as appi ars by said map. 95 feet front and rear and io teet in depth on each a d - .nd also, ail the neht. tttle and interest ef tb owner of the said in and tothe aajoining nan pans ol the said streets, oa which the said lots are si - .uatea. Dated New York. Ap - il 14th. IS43 Thomas Ad ti. I mmet, master La chancery. II L Riker, solicitor FRIDAY. May 19 At 19 o'clock, st ihe Merchants' Exchange. In Chancery, beloie the Vice Chancellor Daniel Lar.a vs Gen i e al. All those three certain ints, pieces or parcels of lar.d. situate, h ing and hem in the Tw - lfth war cf the city of ew yoik. with tni.' it. rtv.n o lortr sixth st eet a - uninr. which on a ceitaii, map of partitMiP, annexed to the reart oi ine commissioner, in partitlofi. in the cause ot Charles rtliner nil others, .gainst John Corni - b and oihera. filed is the tffice of the Clerk of the Court of Chancery ol the nm circuit, are numoerea six. seven and eight, and marked with the letter E. and are together bounded as follows: b - ginning at a point on iLe no rtn westerly side ol the rsicin nvvecue. v - nere tne same is intersected nv the cen tre of ITorty sixth street, and running thence northerly s ods tne saw centre line aoout seventy leet two inches ; thence easterly along the land of Henry L Inch, one bun orro ana ten leet seven and a half inches ; thende sooth erl y alone the Said line thirty six feet three inches to thi Ninth avenue ; thence southwesterly alone; the Ninth avenue one hundred and five feet and three quarter r rony sixlb street, the plac v, s - s - giiiiniis. w w Campbell, Master in Chancery. SAMUEL OSGOOD, Auctioneer. BY OSGOOD fc BLR LINO. Otbc No. 18 Wall street. Osgood k Burlinr will attend oeraonallv to sales nf Ileal Estate, Stocks and Furniture. WEDNESDAY, May 10. At 19 o'clock, at the City Hall, Morteare Sale A lot on mth nriwi os. ri rn front, acd ICO feet in deoth. For carticnlara. sea advar. tlsement of Daniel Major. Attorney, in N Y Plebeian. SAI C LI At. May 13. At 19 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange Chancery Sale All those three lots cf land, situate on the southerly side of Front st, between Gonverneur slip and Montgomery street, bounded easterly by Gouvemeur slip, containing together in front on Front street 63 feet inches, and in tne rear e3 leet a inches, snd in lenrth en east side 70 leet, togetner with the sppurteoances. r itiuA r. may i. At 19 o'clock, it the Merchants' Exchange. Chancei y Sale Thirty seven years unexpired leas, of a lot in the 3d Ward, knovi n as No 43 Robinson rt, said lot being 9a ft front and 60 ft in depth. WEDNESDAY, May 9L At 19 o'clock, at the Kings county Hotel. Williaavsburch. Chsnerry Sale All those 3 lota in the village of Wil. liasnst - .urgb.ccmmcr.cii j j ft north of south First st, and lunuing mence . - hi on .lute with tbe post road, and extending from said load to the E River. those 10 certain lo's. in the same viilae - e Ka. tween Grand snd South First ste, part of which are boucd - aouiueasteriy in iront ov 10th st. BY af. A. BROIVPJ. Aurticneer. . . Store 199 Fulton atreet. J. A BROWN is prepared to rsv - eiv. all Ca binet Furniture, Dry Goods. Merchandise, kc of every description, to sell on Commission at tbe large store 199 r uiiou street, sea nnenti advances when required. Sales of Resl Estate and but door sales of every description punctually ctterded to . Persons desirous of disposing of Furniture or other goods t Auction or Private Sale, will have their interest kept in view and regular returns made the day after sales BY MARTIN STODDARD, Store No 7i Wall street. Sslesof Real Estate. Veasels. and .tncks at Merchants' Excharge; Merchandise at Store j Furniture and Heavy Good in soy part of the city WEDNF.SDAY.May 17. At 10 l - 9o'cloek. atM Broadway. Elegant New and Second Hand Furniture, romr.risinc a part of the furniture of three lamilies. removed fer convenience of sale - it consuls in part ot wardrobe, sccretsrv and book rase, looking glass, French bedstead, marble top wasniiana. aressin; tstile.tvook shelf, tahies.enairs. ens - irg stove and pipe; flower stand, bird cage, linen sheets, do pillow esses, handsome engravires wi'h Lsadsome gilt frames; demi.ohns. crocket v. night cabinet, liquor case, counterpanes, blankets, kitchen utensils. kc Also, a general"t ol new lumnure, auwng which are mahogany chairs; sofa French bedstead, bi - raaoa, Ubles of different kinds, rocking chairs, patent sofs beitateads. ke. Catalogues will be ready and gools csn be examined th gay prey ions to sale. UY HENRY COULTER. Stoas 10 Fclto - t o 49 Ass stbixts. AUOTION NOTICE. HeavCst.Taa - Auctioseranil Csimmunuon Merchant, having removod to the larg. saJes rooms, 49 Ann ana ii r o iton BLrueu,ui now prerssrea to re csiveconsignmrTitsof si' kiodsof merxhsna ice xnd house hold furniture.end furnishing articles in general N. B. Advances aiade incah, if required, on goods ccr. sirned for immediate use. Anesson.aleassverv Wednesday and Friday, at lOo'elork lEJs - RK.HllTAAtE TO IKKLAkD.oa slc. I Be sur.scriDer continues to transmit money in sums arte a. .awu. is, povjm resioine in ana tiart oi Ireland in the same manner as he. aud hat predecessor In bnsinee have dooe tor the last thirty years.and more; ala,te as part oi cn);uuia,or oaotiantt Money remitted bv letter ftmst - naid t to the rabscriber. or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person. or persona in Ireland. I'nfland or "cotlana. to whom it Is to be sent, and neareetpu:! toy. r , will be im. mwliatrlv transmitted and rswid veAr.iinsly.a - d a receipt tothatelx. - ctgiven,orforwa! - l - .d tothe,nder. a nae manner. money wnh or claims cb pemMMj ny part nt Ireland. Engl w I. or Scotland, can be eollecte - 1 by toe stibsenber.fortraons residing In any part of the United States ,or Canada, and will b paid to them accaroV Iff 17 - . u30 GEORGE MeBKiUAVf . t - Marstraet AUCTION SALES. BY R. AINBLIK, Jmis. B1AL ESTATE AND GENERAL ATJCTIONXXX Otaee N..0 Merchasita'Exchang. MON DAY. May lAtk. At 19 oVIeek at th. Merchants' Exchange. - Chancery Sale Under the direction of Philo T Bonis. Esq. master fa cbsaerry, all tkow two sots of frravnad on the south sideof Wilbam st. boended a follows - - hegiuiiraj at a point on the southerly aide of William st, SO ft 3 teat, es t ofth.aonLhessjttrlycornerofWUiism.od Daassstt, running thence troat ajowg vr iiiiaas as aast. tnewoe mm h. thence 'S ft, thence "ft 4 ina, thane. 8 Tt 9 ins, thsasrs) thence 10 ft it - s. thence 1 1 ft, thence mil mst,thwc ( ft 10 ins,te th ploce of heginnrng. TUESDAY, May Istth. L At 19 o'clock at the Merehcnt - Esckaxsg. Ch,.cTy gal. Under tho dir - ectroa of Wm W Camp. beU, Esq Master ia ehasMerv. sdi Lboa. foar lata of grvrood sitaata4 and contunmg aa fallows t n. kssa 10th st, ba - twsaa, the 1st and d oveaaes. 9 A ia front an Tsajr, by M ft 4 las oa each side. One lot on the comer f i .vena, aav! Wh st, 33 Ml ha l - ont and rear, by 100 rt cm each stito. One lot on h at hetweenthe lat and ad bviow,MS la. lrontandRarbyitt3nis.naarkasd byOO fToTeUh rtde""' lith tft"""" - BY JAMBS BLKKCKKR A SOS. Office No. 09 Merchants' Exchange, enjoining th large Room. Will rive personal attention to aalea of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and likcwave to sales .1 Real Estate by A aeon fr jvat. Sales TUESUAV. May is. At IJo' ihe Merchant.' Earhanga. Chancery Sate I'ader the direct km of Stephen Cam - brellmg. master That parrel of ground a the nan War ly aide ol Rivington st, between Columbia and Canaaa at a. beicg No 979 Rjvingt.a st. For farther psrscBlata aea mtert sdvertia,..ent in the Fvewieg Prat WM. H. JONES. Aa Ba THOMAS II. BITKBAITF.R, Kales Room No M t fberry strew. Real Estate. Stocks. Ship - Household Fvn - e stare, Owt door sales ol every descriptiin attended a Isremptly . Adrances made on BM - rchandaae rossaigns - d ar raelie sales. WEDNFDAY. Mav 10 ' At lOo'clock, at Viblo's s.ionn, rornas Broadway , vnd Prince atreet. Elegant Cabinet Furniture Clocks. Plated Ooeda, fce An enure parcel of elrgrat cabin t Tarawa .. mate by Fn - arh msnofactorcr among which are rich ansae and) chairs to match, crimson Ivet and figured plash: rocking cbairs,sstindsmak:S4 and fall K rench chairs; sew an c hairs.cnmaon fisTfed plush and hair; asakoeaBy wardrobes; martde and maheg.ny top centre tables; lastieo dreasicg and work tardea; bureaus w - lh Virtwrs; ledjeV work and toilet bex.s; Paris ssabogany chairs: drvaas, ot - ttmvcu - .esrtt, breakvnt and dlnh g tables; m.hogsny Fr bedsteasUtfaos stools; roaches sad loange.. kc kc riateauooos con - ietrng 01 rsra ebrmakd plat castors, tea an tablespoons, casket baakata. eanHetjCBa, girandoles, n. b gotbi. - tis)s. table c.Uery, anulers aa4 trays, round gothse waiters, salvers, kc Clocks Aa invoice t splendid French clocks and Bnsm - tel ornaments, brackets. China diaaar aerrsca, eat f las, kc ke. Catalogues ready one day p rev ions to th aal at if Li. berty at EDGAR JENKINS. Aoctnes - r. BY 11ALLIDAY dk JEKKJHS, No. 11 Broad street,nesr WslL HALLIDAY It JENKINS will attend rxrnofiallv to sales of HOUSEHOLD JRNITURE.ia saklitioat thssp sales of REAL ESTATi., STOCKS, kc (to, at tk Ex cbang.. NOTICE Removal H. k J. have reaanved team th. Merchants' Exchange to No 13 Broad st, near WslL TUESDAY, May ft. At 10 o'clock, at the aalrsroom, IS Breed at Household Furniture The fornitun, a nc ailed lor at ssw veral recent sales eomprssing Brass Is. 3 ply and iagraia carpets, sofa, card and dmicg tables, asabogaav and maplo chairs, looking glass, beds, cooking stove and oteastls. drnmt, lamps, cirandolea, plated rsndlesticka. Franckcki na. bedsteads, kc. and a variety af o her rticl. isuas, giasswara.vrx: tnmniers. win glass, now is, sto Also, mahof anv piano, mad by Cregies. WEDNESDAY, May 10. At 19 o'clock. the Merchants' Eieheag. Chsacerv Sale Under thedirartioai uf D Caatwma. Paa - Esq. master ia chancery A li that lot or parcel af land situate oa ftd areata. aa4 Eliza it. and boanded aaaihwreterly aa Eirta at.aartkaaa - teily by lot No ft, northwesterly by ftd events', aadaootk - wes - .eriy ny lot o lool b. 41 lots of land oa th map a th. partition of Samarl Kipp, deceased, allotted as Caraa - l'us Kipp. containing along No 10 and on the soatheaater - ly siaeot o, 1 leet, and along the Una tbreagh tba middle of the road called Litre st. and the liaa af the 9d avenue. 173 feet. For further nartienlars seat maetarsa advartiaamasit. PW Torner.Sol. GEORGE B. ROLLINS, AacdJaaasr. BTWlLKllldtEOLLISI, REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEERS. - Sales Roam No. 1 1 Bleed sLraet. MONDAY, Msyft At 19 o'clock, st the MerchsnU'Fxrksoge. Assirnees' Ssle - James st - Bv airier of Ot asnnor Tin Assignee ol the Trnatees of Christ Church ia the city f N York, 4 lots of greruid oa the easterly aide of James atreet, which taken toe ether contain in front and rear list leet. and oa each side low ft, with - he buildings thereon. i i lsusi, tsy a. At 10 o'clock, at .No a. Grand street, a few doors waataf Broadway, a arat assortment of household furartar. con sisting of Br usels and ingraia carpets, pier and mantel glasses. mahogany chairs, solas, ottomans. French bad. steeds. dressing bareao. mantel lamps, ball carpet, mat - tre - ves. bedding. Venetian stair carpet, oilcloth, pser and card tables, dining and tea tables, wsahstanda, nigs, hiaod iwr svas, sue BSC. wtpsitSBAt, May IO. At 11 o'clock, ia the Concart Saloon of Nfblo's Gerdea. comer oi p roao m ay ana rrmceit Rich Sterlmr Silver Pls,e and Plated Ware, ewasaatinr of silver tea, table and dessert spoons, table and dn iota., aeasen ana putter with ivory and silver handle, roup, gravy and punch lad lev, rait cellars, cream Jugs, cups, tapes, fiB slice, mustard sad salt eons, caddy and m rrow net sngar tongs Bsc SlC. Plated VV are con sitting ot dKh ewrrrs, soap tareena, sauce l os - , side ssud earner di - bea. nmo c ool - rs. sarg stand, muira do liquer stai d coanpie e, cslm. salv.ia. toast racks, nut crtkers.rt fl.. 4 - ha lU nl - ilttl, coaster., cake and bread hatkets. high and cbsmrsar ran. dl - sticks. snuffers and Usya. biackru vithcandaasurkssa match, kc kc Also, several fine oil paintings AT PK1VA I E BA E. The rare boat "Wave' - to be seen at W k JCtoste. N.400 Water St. Bl M.BA IsinBAI.L. No. I Br fc.1. corner of U all tre - t A. K. will give hia attentioa tcthrsak - ot Real Estate - . Storks, HOUSEHOLD FL'BN I I RE. audoal doot sola generally AT PRIVATE s - sLs. A Bear three story dwelling boas . i I Bivrrsfiy Place Atwostorj dwelling boose in Bleec st aar Broadway. A two story bouse in 4th street, brtwirr Wmbigtoa Square and Bioad"at. A three stoiy dwelling bouse in near Broad w ay . io sale ur to let. ' LOAv ob tnnd smt wuattrere III JUliA aniKriit, Store No. 1.6 iltt n street Jno niftm has lenioved tothe laire ai d c( mmoVioua "oiel4 t - nitou sine, where Le will nt h.p J mtertts '.he tommaudi. o! Lis f. Kud - and the ut lie (. eis ;j Lyu.f;ur.tff - t,ia9' furniture and other t, tl - tore; tuVo.oul door, house, stoie. and street sale. a ,l r. t auxin ei SMMlerats onre DISntll.1 tlllS. the rc - .iti eiihip exi - iii g beiwen the orxieis gmd sndtrib fiimof J H. k H. MAHLER, m this day dissolved bv malnsi unfinished business of t hairs in this country, will be attended to hy their sneewsors ia New York. M easts Ch.rru.ud. hch.nnpf k Siebrr. New York, May I, IS43. JOHN R. MAHLER, HENRY MAHLER. CO - PART If EB SHIP. The undersigned have this dsy entered into ca partnership, aader the firm at" f 1 1 M II Tl , - .... ... ... .... . . ' . ., oe I1LL31I I at MtBLK. for the 1 action of a General Imi - ortior sad Cemmiassosi basin as i New Yerk, My 1, 1843. ' JOHN H. CHARRUAUD. JOHN r. SCHLUMPF. EUGENE SIEBER. myl t 11 HE Partnership heretotora existing between Pkyfe k Brother, is this dsv dnsaolved. Tk. nn.,n :n s settled by James Fhyfe, who is (utiiorised to as Lb asms of the late firm lor that purpo. x. JAMES rHYFE. May 1st, 1S43 ROBERT PHYVE. Tbe sabaenrser will ranlimu th. t - i t. , No.43 Maiden Im: .nA rT".' " ance of the pa tr. a age heretefore so iibersliy extends to the late 6iss of Phyla k Brothar. "T " JAMES FHYFE. SrATIONERY ANDBLAHIi BOOK8 - B1CH k LOUTREL. Na. 61 W.n l" M hand of their own manufacture, a comnleta laataHa r a f?. r - Jo"r"s Dy Books, Invoice Books, t ash, Order. Bill Books, kc. of various sixes and at) Irs sd binding. Foreign and Domestic Stationery. Quill. W sirra, SeaJ - !"S w. hteel Pens; bleck sad red Ink. Writing Flvud. Ltsd Peocils, ?late. Inkstands, kc, t.heap Account Books A large slock constantly oa band, suitable fur retail trade and country saercaaxita, at A large assortn.ent af Writing Paper Foolscap, plsia and ruled Letter Paper, plain and ruled Note Paper Vs ran. ping Paper, Bonnet Boards, Playinr; Card and alia - Jser articles suld by ststioners, all s.1 which will ba sold at prices ta suit the tnvts. Country mt rs basts are respectlnlly invited to call and v"""" lu aoova gooo previoas to mskjbg their bur. ehaaea, luy L v iiiitcvi . . . . - RICH k LOUTBEL. Stationer a. my A SI Wi Uiam st, on do - below Cedar. COM POR ATIOS BOSDs, trsrrrg per rent in texeat, tor aaie by T P. K1CHARDS, ' Mar Exchana - e.WaU stnat. STOBILR FllDI WASTED, by i - 'M. T. P. RlC.HAP.nit i. ki.s..n..i - .l ' Wall streat. M1LITA RY GOODS BELOW COST SWORDS SASHES, EPAULETTES. LACES. PLUMES MLSKET8. RIFLES, fcc Thev araaf Ik. !. nd the present rrvn latson. Farrhsaa ra will - n . cell and exaaiine thtm. as they will be eold at low iwm WM - HjNION, 84 Maldea Ian. mJl oppa.ii. Gold at. MINERAL WATER OP KISIERGE9, (07. msayi XXAa.OCZI. THE RAKOCZI has an aciduloas aaliB flavwr of an .rrerabl taae. and bens anwerftill. i secretion and exscietson.a punner, a atrotg solvtat,aa4 at the same time Btreagtbeaisg wit boat beating ; acta aa potent, specifically oath Lrrms, ths sterna v nor pm - ad atrrine aj stem, and disaipating any existing brxs lions it used according to directions. lucstBBoczi rsssild st the loUowirg places atZTicts. a qaart jug or H .60 a dozen. coia st Doles sir end retsil FLOR1AN 8TRAL8S,4BevaTSt,upat henry King fc Co. 1 Bieadway.ear Graao at Souiiiard.fjeiiuc kCo, Dinvfssu. Sel hrtsadw ay and 3 Park Row. Tbos. T. Green, 39 Biedny . Ihe H Hart, 9T Broadway ar94 lm ia Church's Disptoaaj - ) , ts i ewety JO HSI BISSIlLLs, otina. U, r. Notary labile, aesd General Law Agent sLammwsioneT la tsks Derates Usrtia,, Prai bol Claims, tot Man. Haa sachusetts, Vermoi.L.(tunectirat,New Haanpsbare Ptaa slvania,Lela ware. Mai) land south t siellna, CVrwtxia, Alabama. Loaistana. and f loisda Appointed by tho Gevernrr of thaw State. A u ibonied aiao lo uke Uauaaaey and scknowlec'r - mrnu tor North Carolina, V iiginia, Rk... UUA, Mschj. f aUtf Onw Fot wards and collects claims m every State of th. Union ( thee hoais frost 9 A M.uU daik w 4B Wail stinvt, (JODaa Connj New York. m4 tia UHIBTOLET.i..i.cli .il, .... ht, ai. small comicrtable bed H,.. - kt UrsuglegenUemeaol retired bsbics, rent rtisonable iBquire of 8. M Ka. 41. Walker r ear Broadway ale eo - istf BOARD, wrhh furcisbel rooms pleassntly srtnatetl Bear the Paik. weM ol Brea.way .may by two i three young g.nilewen wLo wnh looms s juswi at a - moderate rat. - , by unsaediste appiisatism, t j letter, ta O P. Q. at this t IBs e. M. IMWI3 TOUtT - A furrJshad rssTkirandhedroam, - va ... 4w saowaa aval i Barclay at. my . - u went

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