Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 18, 1957 · Page 42
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 42

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1957
Page 42
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Eighteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann i-anders "Tappa Keg" Says Advice To Beer Buddies "All Wet Dear Ann: Your advice to the woman whose husband stopped off fnr a beer every night after work was all wet. I've been stopping to wot my whistle regularly for years, but I've always been home tor dinnor on time and never got any complaints. In my opinion, any guy who's afraid to join his buddies after work because his wife might yell at him, may just as well be dead. break us up. She wants me to give back his sweater and ring. When I asked Tom about it he said he thought maybe his mother was right and that I'd better start to date fellows my own age. I'm just boiling to think that Tom's mother stuck her nose into this. What shall I do?—B.B.DEE. Leave this kid alone before you hear from the Juvenile Protective Association, He's under-age, and I think you should stop off for;you ought to throw him back in a short beer or two yourself now , the pond. The fact that he thinks maybe his mother is right is evidence that he isn't nearly so sold on this romance as you. He's probably been catching heat at home, too—and rightfully so. Give the child up and pick on someone your own ago. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: WORRIED A. X.: Of course it's csngerous. Ir's also illegal. Forget it and contact the Florence Criulendon Home. (Ann Landers will be glad to and then. Maybe it would improve your disposition, and you'd understand a little more about life.— TAPPA KEG Dear Tappa: If it's all the same to you, I'll pass the suds. So you get home to dinner on time every night and there are.no beefs, eh? Well bully for you, Boy. There are plenty of men who DON'T handle it, and these are the guys I'm aiming at. I don't need to go to taverns to "understand about life". 1 understand plenty from just sitting at my desk and reading letters from men who can't get their wives off the bar-stools. And I've learned a little from the women who write and tell me the kids have to get their winter coats through the welfare agencies because father gets full of hops and blows the pay-1 Hoodlum Killed °Tsay, if the shoe fits, put it on. '" Chicago; Member If it doesn't, what are you yelp-; Of Fur Theft Gang ing about? ;' CHICAGO (UP) — A small-time * * hoodlum was shot and killed Tues- Dear Ann: That letter from the day as he entered his apartment wife who asked what to do about building, and police theorized he a husband who stopped for beer j was slain to prevent him from in- every night really brought back]forming on a fur theft gang, memories. ' The victim, Alex (Sonny) Mi- I had this problem when I was chas. 30. was cut down by a volley Sen. Mansfield Doubts NATO Has Margin of Power WASHING-TON (UP) — Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) declared today the Soviet Union is "superior" to the NATO Allies "on the ground, in the air and under the seas." President Eisenhower told the opening session of the Paris NATO meeting Monday that the "margin of power is still ours." But Mansfield, assistant Democratic leader in the Senate and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said he does not believe the alliance has the "margin of power" except "in the field of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) bases ringing tile Soviet Union." "On the ground, in the air and under the seas, the Soviets are superior," he said. "The 90 divisions which NATO was supposed Josephine Lowman You Can't Go Wrong With Cosmetic, Perfume Gifts help you with your problems. Send j to 'have by the end of 1952 have them to her in care of this new s- \ never been fulfilled and (it) does paper and enclose a stamped self-1 not even number 30 today." addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. first married. I used to work hard to get a wonderful meal on the table for my husband. Four nights out of six he would have "just one more" with the boys, and by the time he got home, the dinner was dried out or burned. I solved my problem this way: I asked the next door neighbor to watch the baby and I arrived at his favorite tavern about five minutes before he did. I sat there with a beer, making small Ul< •with the bartender. When he saw me he was shocked, but said nothing. of shotgun' and .45 caliber pistol shots fired from close range. Michas was to have appeared in court Wednesday on charges of stealing S5.024 in postage stamps from a sub-post office at Archer and Crawford avenues last Dec. 20. Police found the stamps in Michas' apartment in a raid Jan. 12, 1957 together with 30 fur pieces stolen from the Schwimmer Fur Co. last New Year's Day. Police Detectives' Chief Patrick J. Deeley said authorities believed Michas' associates in the fur theft ring.decided to assure his silence. A notebook, two keys and • a I kept Oils up for four days, and i small amount of money were on the fifth day he was begging me to come home for dinner and cut out the foolishness. This was r . i when I told him if he'd come ie «S Jury straight home from work, I'd be por December 30 there, but if he wanted to stop off; The Cass counly j urv comm i s . at the saloon, I was joining him! sioners tO(lay were or dered by found in Michas' pockets. Do you know, Ann, I've never seen the inside of that joint since Judge Clifford 0. Wild to meet , ... . . . MmTP with County Clerk Elizabeth Biek- ol your favorite table, and what's -and neither ^has he'-AUDIE | er at 10 a-m _ Dece mber 30 to draw m / re they are just as pre tty on Dear Ann: Is it so terrible for a|r or ^ girl 18 to be in love with a boy 15? My mother and dad say I'm the names of prospective jurors term of the Cass plain crazy and my older brother says it's the dizziest thing he ever heard of. To make matters worse, rthis boy whom I'll call Tom (not his real name) was sick a year and is in the 9th. grade. I'm a senior and will graduate in June. I know this is hard to understand, but he's the handsomest and sweetest fellow I have ever met. Vie get along very well and I help circuit court. as prospective grand jurors and forty names for the petit jury. ments; stitch illustrations. AUTHOR TO MARRY CAHORS France ('UP )-Author Tribune) Franco.se Sagan 21, will marry Chi Hot Pads in Crochet! These easy-to-crochet pads are dishes from marring the surface Perfumes now come In attractive Christmas tree decorations. By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN and cologne with matching fragrance, cologne and perfume, bath salts and powder and cologne, and so on. More Suggestions Here are a few more suggestions Today I am here again to help you with a few Christmas suggestions. It seems to me that the conception and packaging of cosmetics become more original and beautiful every Christmas. They are so pretty to behold that one almost hates to touch them. You cannot go wrong with cosmetics or perfume as gifts. They always are welcomed, even by those who indulge in such items regularly. Today oils of perfume are available. The scent lasts much longer than regular perfumes because it does not evaporate. As a matter of fact, you are advised to apply it before your bath so that the warmth of your tub will encourage the fragrance to sink into your skin. It should be applied at the pulse spots. If you wish you can Good Skirt Companions to aid you as you sprint down these last few days before Christmas: 1. Why not give a membership in an organization in which the recipient is interested, such as a record or book club or a museum? 2. A gift certificate from a store your "difficult person" favors, or a gift certificate from a beauty salon for massage, hairdos and so forth. 3. A course in something in which your friend or a member of your family is interested. This could be skating or dancing lessons, or some other sport. It might be a self-improvement course in dab a bit more onto your hands I beauty or a study course of some hot (P. S. Also nice for 2598 contains cro- Twelve names are to be drawn cnet directions for both round and material require- Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NTJM- BER to ANNE CABOT (Pharos- 372 W. Quincy Illinois. Street, ;or hair after your bath, but the fragrance lasts from one tub to the next. Solid Perfume There is also a solid perfume which is wonderful for your purse since it cannot leak or spill. This is highly concentrated, lasts a long time and comes in a lovely compact. Perfumes also come now in attractive Christmas tree decorations. One is a perfume Pom Pom, or a fur puff, which contains a bottle of perfume. There is also a Christmas Tree Ball with perfume enclosed. There is ; a beautiful spray-top purser which sort such as languages, ancient history, modern poetry, art. It could be an extension course from some university. Many folks like to do these things but put them off because of financial pressure. 4. A subscription to magazines 8185 12-20 WITH THE NEW PATT-0-RAMA" Fashion favorites t'his season. A trio of good looking blouses to accompany your skirts. Each is distinctive with drawstring at the waistline. No. 8185 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 12, 14, la, 18, 20. Size 14, 34 bust, big cojlar, 3 1/8 yards of 35-inch; notched collar, 2% yards; small collar, 1% yards. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos Trib- Wednesday Evening, December 18, 195T. Letters to Santa Dear Santa Claus I am 3'/z years old and my name is Donny Lee Swartzell. Mommy is writing this for me. For Christmas I would like some cowboy boots, a cowboy suit, a cowboy hat and some surprises. I will be good and mind Mommy and Daddy. Please bring them some presents too. There wil! be cookies and milk under the tiree for you. Donny Lee Swartzell 1517 Smead St. Logaosport, Ind.. Dec. 5 Dear Santa Please send me a doll with high heels, desk, globe, stroller and some surprises and please bring Bobby a shot gun, airplanes, tools, skates, bowling set and surprises. I am six Bobby is three. Brenda and Bobby Simons 2707 George St. Dear Santa, My name is Carole. I would like a ballerina doll, a buggy, and a new dress for Christmas. 1 have been a good girl. Bring some toys for my little brother, Terry. Thank you. Carole Si'.ance 2221 Jefferson St. nr.e 372 W. Quincy Street Chicago 6, HI. Send 25 cents more wilh yourj pattern order for the new Fall and Winter '57 issue of our pat-: tern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. Rural route Z Logansport. Ind, December 13, 1957 Dear Santa Claus, My name is Pam and I want a coat, coke- machine, monopoly game, shoes and slaks. Santa Claus. Becky WPS a bad girl but still bring her somethings. She would like boots, books, slips, dress and slakes. Santa and we would like to have some surprises too. Merry Christmas From Pam Tomas NEW AERIAL VEN'TL'RE SOUTHPORT, X.C. (UP)—Helicopters were to try a new kind of job today—hoisting a 1,740-pound lantern to the top of a new 150- foot coast guard lighthouse on nearby Oak Island. or a series of concerts or plays. Happy hunting and good luck! Tomorrow: "In Planning' for Christmas, Don't Wait' Till Last Minute." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) ,-, i-ii-ii *- uj' ^im-weu j j.j.iuiuiij. -a uca.unii.li •si-'i aj -LVIJ }'"'•• Guy Schoeller, 4o - year - old di- jjave you a copy of our 19571 has a pressurized spray. tTitfrtoet \iihr* it? o Hirim1»v rvF a _ _ __ * - . . _. . i ^^ " i* _ _ >• * , . ,. , vorcee who is a director of the marriage were posted Sunday a| Need]ework ABUM? It contains i T mention th aljove items colorful pages showing ; cause they are a little different. him with his algebra and English, : in Miss Sagan's birthplace of Ca- which he appreciates a lot. jarc near here, where her indus- The thing I'm upset about ie j trialist father has a summer this: Tom's mother called my dacijhome. The announcement was on the telephone and 'said she!made under her real name of hoped he'd do what he could loiFrancoise Quoirez. NOW THRU SAT AFFAIR IN RENor The Three F&ces JOHN LUNO DORIS SINGLETON JOHN ARCHER many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Of course there are myriad and charmingly decorated combinations of all sorts; bath powders WHITMAN'S Famous SAMPLER CANDY The World's Biggeit Candy Seller*— So Fine — So Famout So Surt to Ptoai» $2 Box TIMBERLAKE'S Tonight—Added Fun~"Battle Slrip»" & "Armot«d / Attack" Thurs.- Fri.-Sat, 2 FEATURES-50c TIL 6-KIDDJ'ES 25c oHOWN UNCUT! ALL ITS HORROR COMPLETE! THE BLAC SCORPION SCREAM ALL YOU WANT — IT'S GOOD FOR YOUtfllH, __ with Richard Denning -Mara Curctay PLUS MORE THRILLS At Christmastime comfy house slippers make the ideal „ Soft leather zip up boots for the little tots. Fur trim. Pastel pink—Pastel Blue. GEORGE IONTGOMERY .they call him .... . K wsB-SEBASTIAN CABOT .«„„«„„,' Sun.-"Mr. Rock and Roll"' & '^Shortcut To'Hell" THE DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS GIFT-MOVIE TICKETS- ASK ANY EMPIOYEF Beautiful satin. Royal and Black molded counter, give that "extra" good fit. Long wear- hard soles. Sizes 5 to 9. Family Shoe Dept. Men's kid leather slippers. — Molded counters —Long wearing hard soles. ——— Sizes 6'/4 to 11. Main Floor $3.49 ROXY Now—2 Features 35c 'Til 6 OPEN 1 P. M. — FUN AT NIGHT 2 First Run Color Hits MOHLMAN wmm Princess Ring mond flanked side diamonds rounded by magnif cent heart moti MOHLMANS Open Friday-Saturday 'til 9 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED "PEPPERELL" COLORED SHEETS 81x108 or FULL FITTED • All first quality • All fine muslin • Beautiful H o I Id ay hues: pink, b I u •, green, yallow, lilac 2.38 2x36 Matching Cases ,. ..I.OB pr. 72x84 J AC GUARD REVERSIBLE BLANKETS - by "BEACON" Attractive blanket with acefato binding. Colorful patterns in tan, blue, rose, etc. 4.99 BEAUTIFUL NEW SUNGLO HAND PRINTED 52x52 CLOTHS • Salt & Pepper • Tea Roies • • Vegetable Salad • Go Men L*ave& • Perm, Dutch An ideal gift for the homo. Col* orful patterns—Fast colors. Size 52x70 . . .2.' "EVANS" POODLE-TUFT CHEN?ILE BATH MAT SETS fe. "^W^T 64x76 BEACON Indian Style Blankets Colorful rayon-nylon blend Attractive patterns. Moth .« Resistant Z« 70x90 BEACON ROSEBUD BLANKETS Acetate binding, an ideal lightweight blanket in white with rosebuds of rose, bl< maize. 3.99 and and 1.99 to 4.99 • Green • Brown • Grey • Bfock • Orchid • Ros* • Whir* • Gold Made of finest spun yarn*. Solid colors with multi-col' »r designs or Lurex trim.

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