Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 7
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Monday Evening, June 17, 19ST. SOCIETY The Metea Baptist Missionary society will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ethel Reed. Members are asked to bring their love gifts. -*Washington township Carroll county HD club will meet at the home of Miss Effie Guckien Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Miss Pauline Robeson and Mrs. Lawrence Johnson will present the lesson on "freezing." —£— Wayne Friendly HD club will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock with Mrs. Robert Young. Roll call will be answered with "where I started housekeeping." There will be a birthday auction. — -fr— The Adams township HD club •will meet Thursday afternoon at 1:30. o'clock at the Community building. Host/esses will be Mrs. Mary Rodkey, Mrs. Edith Sands, Mrs. Fay Maus, Mrs. Grace Maus and Mrs. Ruby Greer. —*r- The WSCS of the Bethel Metho- <li.st church, Clay township, will meet with Mrs. Edith Davidson Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. —fr- Mothers of World War 2, Unit 131, Onward, will meet at the Onward Grange hall Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock v/ith Mrs. Opal Baker a-s hostess. —tt- Lirjne&ses will hold a dinner •meeting tonight at 7:15 o'clock at Lir.desmith restaurant with Mrs. Norma Boxell, Mrs. Mary Fisher and Mr«. Anira SumJin in charge of arrangements. , —iff— The Cams manly Council of Federated clubs will hold a picnic, at Riverside park Friday r.oon. Members are asked to bring a covered dish and table service. The committee will provide mead, rolls and drink. Mrs. Ann Duckworth in chairman assisted by Kdith Zi Martha Williams, Catherine Conn, Helen Yohn, Ada Bowy^r, Stella Kinney, Geneva Mcsserly, Nellie Alfrey, Lora Hcrrick, Lula Rush, Elsie Burroughs. Officoro will be installed. -A- St. Ann study club of St. Vincent church held a covered dl«h dinner rocontly at the homo of Mrs. Florence Iloohnr at which time Mr». Mat (;.-iidy was clcct- od president, and Mr«. Chark-.'i Murphy, secretary-treu.inrcr. A jwclJSl evening w;i.'i enjoyed with pri/.es gnhK to Mrs. Grady, Mr*. Kd Murphy, Mr.i. C. R. Morrow and Mr«. AnncH Crowe. The jjoxt mectlnK will be in September. j f The Cheerful H«Ipcr» claw of the Broadway KDIi cliurch will meet We«Jne«dny evening nl 7:.'|(| o'clock with Mm. Pearl Fife, 1422 iipKar Mtreot. -it- The Royal NiiiKlilHirx of Amurlcn will meot with Mr.i. J'nt Kryu, T<IU\(S 4, Wcdnendny noon for a covered ilinh dinner. For dicoctlunu rnurnbcrii arc niikvd to call BOH5 or WIX>. ,J-. Hour Crock 110 club No. l met Friday aflcrnomi /it tin: YHUIIK America nchuol with Mm. Gluti FoutB IcMllny. th<; opnriliiK ninijlntj. Kdmi Stiirrutl li:d the |ili:di{iiit, and Mrii. Don Miller uiind the "Iliiiriu" an the thitmu for her ilcvotlonn. A Hull dny ceremony wan con- duclHfJ tiller wt>ti-h Dm lilntory lit the HonK of tin; month wu» i/,lv<:n by Mm. l<'oMn. Ttio minx wnn tlicn nuntf by Mn>, Foulii, Mm. KllirMiji: Moore, Mm. Hnl«l«h Snldur, Mm. J lurry Miuinltiij, Jr., Mm. MHK Urjck anil Mm. Dmild Xcck. Tho liituiou on now ilnii'ii w;i:. prciionlciil hy Mm. Dun Deck mill Mr«. Mux )!i;tk. Tim biwlmwf nieollnK WIIB ciiniliictod hy Mm, finlclur, iironlilonl, Mni. Khor Mor- dun rontl Ihn nccriiliii'y'n rnpiirt, unrj roll cull mm umiwcnul with « mnitl umiitiinK wcdilln)-: Inckl'Mil. Money wn« ullowud for 4-11 pltr:. J'la«« won; rnfi'lu to imlit a hnnllli und iwfiity lemon next month, Tim finit old conrnn will ho offnrod in the full. An Invltntlon wmi roml from the Deer Creek club 2 to attend a party August 7 at 2 p.m at the Deacon Grange hall. The meeting was closed with the Mizpah. Mrs. Gordon Haag- was a guest. She is a former member now living in Florida. Refreshments were served to 25 members and one guest by the hostesses, Mrs. Daniel Zeek, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs.-Moore, Mrs. Ivan Powers. -*Mrs. Ima Snyder was hostess tc the Woman's Christian Temperance Union recently. Meeting opened with singing. "The Importance of Little Things" was the devotional topic used by Mrs. Snyder. "The Cup of Fury" by Upton Sinclair was reviewed- by Doris Davis. "The Right to Belong", a sermon by Rev. Kenneth Prunty was read by Beulah McLeland. Newspaper clippings entitlec "Beer Licenses" and "Say When! And Say It, Mom Before You Embarrass Your Teen-Ager", were read by Mary Rogers and Gertie Taulman. Question-naires were signed regarding the advertising of liquor, Mrs. Ethel Girard will be hostess July 2. -A— Group singing led by Mrs. Joyce Rusk opened the Friday afternoon meeting of the Shiloh C.W.F. held at the home of Mrs. Florence Meyers. Mrs. Edith Barr was assistant hostess. Devotions .were given by Mrs. Jessie Eikelberner on the theme, "Think of Those Things." Fifteen members and six children answered roll call preceding the regular business session conducted by Mrs. Estclla Benson. Mrs, Lucille Sanders read the treasurer's re-port in the absence of Mrs. Martha Leach and Mrs. Lucille Sanders presented the Jus- son on "Southeast Asia." The group discussed the Bible school and announced that ladles in charge of the daily luncheon were to stand their own expenses for the pupils. Tha July picnic was announced to be held at Dykeman park July 18th at 7;30 p.m. with the drinks to be served by June Eikelberner and Kdnn Mae Bu«ard and ice cream to he served by Opal Jack son and Martha Leach. A discussion wax held on the fall district meeting and on Bending rjuilt pieces and M stocking t</ the Plymouth place for ladies I mjikc: tiullla and rugs. Mrs. Lucille Sanders received the SPECIAL! 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Naevutl, bulk nuint l«i hrnuKlil to your colon t<> H.T-II-E-T-O-II MT;MOI<ATJO It »ml no, ox c ll« Itn numcluit to »allo;i; lo n norimil ury.t> to nctl vul;(iil rmrinnl cnlonlo nllvxon. Hit (i/r<icllvii l.lmt It nilhivuit <tvnii rlironir, conttt.!- [j/itlon uvuni\K\i\,, (Jo/, Of; A ll) In V.l. no Minoul.li, fid K'Hitld it. li'trt Intuit provod nn?<! «v«n far wrmiim In Uui iruml critical (tUftcm of iirfKnnncy. SllfKIIIOII TO OM> HTYI.K iiiilk, null, or ilrilK iHXtMvan, AND, 01' AU, I.AXATIVKS, (inly COLON AID. Ui« uitiir/.liiK now vo (llncuvory ponnuMiKin COI.ONAID'II Ijiilk Ihut Gupiiclly (loi.iiNAID iii!il.liur K"K«i bltniLn nor (rrlpnn; '1"<'« not lulvrtnro wltli yum' nlitmriilion of vlt«- inlrm ntirl ntlmr vnlimliln total niili'liniU ; nnd In cllnlcul Lotitn, (lid not ciiuno ruiih or nl.hor nidi) rou|:Ll()iln. IT'S A rHYHi<>i/«;r(.'Ai- rA<.Ti JiixnrclHo .tonun your liodyl Ami CoiiONAiw «K(irclfi«n your colon to lone It uiinlnif!, tonnll- put/lon, avornlKiitl Whotlinr nccnnlmml, /r«f|U(int or clirnn- (c, wliiiLnvor your duifriiu of. connUprttlon, K«t C'ouiNAti), 1» omiy-to-iulcii Inlilnt form itt ixiy dru({ counliir, Loilnyl The iirlcii, only HH« for tlinucotioni- Icul (II) liilildl, jmekuit", \trlngn you iiiinlUvii ralloJt ut lonn Until lie |»ir Inldiit. door prize and another award went to Mrs. Edna Mae Busard. The vice-president appointed Mrs. Lucille Sanders as chairman of the nominating committee to be assisted by Mrs. Ethel Love and Mrs. Edith Barr. The next meeting in 'August will be held with Mrs. Fay Busard. The meeting closed with the repeating of the Lord's Prayer. -«- ' Members of the West Broadway church Social circle met at the church Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Singing opened the meeting followed by pledges to the flags. Carrie FreeJand gave devotions and Ruth Enders - the topic "Christ's Way With Young People." A farewell party was then planned, in honor of the Rev. Saalwaechter arid family, and a cash donation announced to be given to .Memorial Hospital. Refreshments were served by Flossie Steward's division. Barbara Shaffer Feted At Shower A bridal shower was held recently at the home of Mrs\ Ruth Ann Mines in Royal Center honoring Miss Barbara Shaffer, who will became the bride of Keith Young on Saturday. The gift table was decorated in the bride's chosen colors of pink and pale green with a miniature bride centering the table. Games were played with prizes going to Mrs. Florence Coble, Mrs. Naomi Robinson, and Mrs. Francis Brcchbiol. Duplicate prizes wont (o the honored guest. Refreshments were served lo Miss Shaffer, Mrs. Sharon Barr, Mrs. Doris Cosgray and Suann, Mrs. Dorothy Million anil Micky, Mrs. Helen Young, Mrs. Lillic Young, Mrs. Coble, Mrs. Dorothy McLcland, Mrs. Hobison, Mrs. Jayne Davis, Mrs. Brechblel, Mrs. Nellie Cans and Mrs. Nelda Shaffer! Also the Misses Charlene Shaffer, Beverly Young, Carol Sworn- lander and Dehbue nines. Those wending gifts but unable to attend were Mrs. EUon Shaffer, Mrs. Helen Gardner, Mrs. Louise McConnell, Mrs. Ruth Itelff, Mrs. Myra Drye and Miss Ellen Sands. Miss Tina Winings August Bride-Elect Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Winings, of 914 Sixteenth street, announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Tina, to Edward Charles Smith, of 320 East Linden avenue, formerly of New Jersey. The couple will be married Friday evening, August 9, during a ceremony at 6:30 o'clock at the St. James Lutheran church with the Reverend Alfred Gerni officiating. Miss Winings is a graduate of the local high school and is employed as secretary at the Golden Rule. She is a member of Psi Iota. Xi sorority. Her fiance is a graduate of Gettysburg college in Pennsylvania and is sales representative for Congoleum-Nairn, Inc., of New Jersey. IOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Logansport, Indiana/Pharos-Tribune Sev Voice-Piano Studio To Open June 18 Mrs. Jim Welborn announced today the June 18 opening of her I piano and voice studio at her residence, 1210 High street. Mrs. Welborn, a native of Brazil, Indiana, moved recently to Logansport with her husband and daughter. An accomplished musician, Mrs. Welborn studied for 15 years with Professor V. Bard, Franz Bodfors, Herman Rolling and Mrs. George Riddell. She attended De- Pauw University and was graduated from Indiana State Teachers College. Following college training, she taught music in the Cincinnati public schools. SHIELDS REUNION The annual reunion of the Arnett Shields family will be held at Dykeman park Sunday, June 23, with a picnic lunch at 12:30 p.m. All members are urged, to attend. Premier Kl»hl Arrives Today SAN FRANCISCO <UP)-<Nobu- suko Kishi, Japan's new premier, arrives in Son Francisco late this afternoon for n brief vlull before resuming !I!H journey to WiuihlnK- •ton where he will hold Important talks with President Elsenhower. PROTECT YOUR EVERGREENS MALATHIOM KILLS BAGWORMS SPIDER MITES, APHIDS LACE BUGS, UAFHOPPERS CATERPILLARS, JAPANESE BEETLES, AND MOST SCALE DISEASES I Cont»ln« 10 ozu. of Mnl.thlon I'.r Pint MMIUf ACTUHCO 1)Y TMOMPSON.IUYWARD CHCMICAt CO., KAN8/MI CITY, MO. Stop fn Today iottti*' MIZAN PRODUCTS CO. 323 Poor! Phone 4664 TWO DAYS ONLY Mon. A Tu»«. FREE! 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