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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • Page 2

Springfield, Missouri
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TWO HIKE III OUTPUT AS CAUSE OF PROSPERITY Increased Production of Many Industries Is Bulwark of Good Times, Says Report of National Commerce De partment Tl tk4 imnI of nriN Urf4 srtkti Frirtlv. reftoel la Iks anastl eesvrt ef tks $ftimti WAfllimaTOK, Deo. Ivery work. tr In Ui Uniud States la producing fM nor nowaday than hi predece eor ef a quarter of a century ego did end this I on of th chief reason for American prosperity. Thi la brouiht out In th annual report of tha department of com tart, which la a eort of guide book to Amertcaa prosperity aa a whol.

Tha rtport aata forth om Intarsat tng figure. Tot butane: alnc tha beginning of tha prnt century, tha populaUoa of tha country haa Incress about par cent. But durtoi that earn period, tha output of minerals baa Increased MO per cant, factory output has Increased ISO par cant, and tha volum of rail transportation baa Inereaeed 900 par oent. Agricultural product have Juat abmit kept paca nut population Increases, going up par cant. a a a fredarts Oa Climb In tha ease of every on of thee four major branch of Industry," ay tha report, "tha Increaaa in output alno 1900 baa bn far greater than that ta tha number of worktra.

In agriculture, manufacture and railway tha product of good or service par workar eng sged baa lncreaaad Tram to 60 oenent. Prom mlnlnf tha incrraa par workar baa barn much hlhrr, tha difference, however, balnf dua to tha fact that tha production of petroleum haa mulUplltd several tlmaa." Another chang brought by tha put Uuaa decade noted. Although tha total population baa Inereaeed tS par cant, tha aggregate number of work er in Uias lour brancbaa ol industry nlnlnf. agriculture, trenaporta tlon and manufacturtnf haa gone up about II percent. In other word, tha number of AmerlcsM "enJsgedJn eueh.

puraults la actually smaller. In proportion to tha total population. it ou agu, nmt boh thlg mean? WMU Collar Increase baa I uab as Atnertcsn history a raisuvs siuit I rum Ui 04dMt of aU IndusteM acrteul ture trUnlng, manufaeturea nd rail transportation," aay tb report, sine 100 there has bean a ahtft, especially during recent years, both from agriculture and from these other three branches Into tha mercantile, profesalotial, and personal service) pursuit. The cumber employed la, these have Increased much more rapidly than tha total population." Tb "whit collar" class. In other Word, la on tha incress.

Tb explanation become clearer a tb report contlnuea. It point out that. In the first place, tb new auto mobile Industry bs given lob other thaa manufacturing )oba to at Irsst 1.000,000 people aaleamen, truck and bo driver tazlcab driver and the Ilk. And there la another Important factor. Many thousands mors young people era in high achoola.

collagee and universities than waa formerly the cses. Even in the abort period from 1M to 1S26 tb number of students ta such Inatltutlona roe from l.0O0, 000 to (.000,000. as Why Nation la frosperwut Returning, to th matter of In treated output per worker, tha report point out that tlnce tba war there hss been an actual decrees In the number of men employed In these four baslo Industries. Consequently, tb Incress In production amounts to gain in production per man which 1 far greater than tha average show, Oa top of this there is tha fact that ta average working week has been shortened by at Irsst IS percent since tb beginning of the century. Than th report takes up th most discussed question of all why la the United Bute prosperous Her It Indulge In aoma plain (peaking.

Tb present blgh prosperity of the United State la In no aent due to th World war," It declare. "At It foundation 11 th rtrh resources of th country, not taxsd by an vices elve population, and tha energy, intelligence. Industry and thrift of the people. During the past quarter century and increase of productivity bs been only in small part due to the opening up of new natural resources, but bss been chiefly attributable to what may be called buman factor. At tb Bottom of It Tb underlying cause of advancing efficiency of American Industry translst themselves into a number ot more specific and direct factor.

Among thee th most noteworthy ar the advance In education, scientific research and Invention; the rapidly Increasing use of capital reflected In th gratr employment mechanical power and of automatic and aerol automatlo machinery; the larger scar of production permitting greater application of maae methods and lowering of unit Costs; th con clou and concerted effort to (limine wast and lmprar methods of production and distribution; tb high cal of wage resulting In general large buying power, and th comparative atahliltr of price and ot credit." MAUCE AlORKTHOl llllf 1 "When you left borne this morning I'll bet yorj llttl thought that before th day waa out you'd be perched here with a man you'd oevsr seen before "What do you take mUor, boy? Do you think I cam hare Jo pU aoU I HOLLYWOOD Dog Volcci llavo a Chance in the Talkies H0U.TWOOD, Cal, It la hardly Ukaly that tha man who killed an AuaUlen arcbduka at Berajrro ona day In June. 1014. realised he was sterling a world war. How, Uiencould te hart known be was firing Ih ahot that would atart ona of Berajevo' own home town girl on tha road to becoming a Hollywood movl so trewt 81111 leaa did lit tie Von Plenu ner dream that com motion home town day would lually chang whole courae of her Era Von Itrrne life and put her Into thoaa American rooties ah liked ao much. Aa a mat ter of fact, ah had no Idea what th commotion wa about.

Her father, wealthy Amman, believed firmly that all dliturblnf newa, such aa report oi aaaaaeinatlona or other fatalities. should kept from the tars of chll dren. War trade Career Even alter war waa declared, and all through the lon( war yean, he followed thl policy of barring all tha turmoil and esniemeut of the outside world from bla home. So Eva erarrely knew a war waa going on, and evan now recall the wcr years as th bap pm or ner childhood, When pear came, however, all III la as changed. Her "ather'a fortune crashed with the collapse of Ailtri.

Kant to the place of wealth. Eva waa growing up. and tha lime rama wnen had to think of earning a Uvtiif. Tlia family waa living In Vienna then, and It occurred lo Eva that sue ccm aa a dancer might win back for her some of the thlnga all had Int. "he entered reboot Tnr Oanirri and made auch progress that whan a news paper published an account of the school's latest preaeotaUon her pic ture appeared aa that of the most promlilng pupil.

Norma Shearer and Irlvlng Thalberg. honeymooning In Europe. Tvsrhed Vienna just In lint to notice thia picture. "erajn The visitors from Hqllywod sought out Eva, agreed that tha newipaper portraltlia4iiot deceived them aa to her acreen poaal hlllllai, and a law seek later she wss bark rrr Hollywood with thsm, her nem chsDged to Eva Von Bern and I ChU to l4lug woman for John John Gilbert ailbert On of ner childhood dream had been realised. She wa a heroine In those American movie she liked so much.

But "In Sarajevo." aald Eva, gating out of an upper window of th atudlo. "th iky te blur; more blue than any where els In th world." Dogs In lilalnga People who like pet will be glad to hear that dogs with good voice will get their chsnc In th talking films. Mrrvyn Lstloy Is Just now In tb midst of testing dog sppllcanta for rol In "Rltsy Roil." He reslly need two hounds; but one of them, which will belong to th hero, muet be a quiet, unobtruslv dog. The other will belong to the heroine and will be talkatlv enough for two of them. Th talking picture ar now being called the "Stop, look and linen" films.

And some of th film makers who wer caught flat footed by th new vogue ar feeling aa If they had already been run over at croaiing, NABH FI.KKIX1 COSVirTH MORRIS. Dee. (API Three convicts who earsped from the honor farm of Jollet prison today sfter binding a guard and taking a prlion truck were raptured shortly after noon on the outskirts of DwlKht. Ill by a list hlghvsy policemen, who shot snd wounded one of the men be 'ore they surrendered. 'V' tha I 1 In berf I thai I ven A the tCC IT'S RAGAMUFFIN TIME 111 GOTHAM Youngsters of Manhattan's District Stage Gaudy Parades BY OII.lir.RT BW'AM NEW YORK.

Dee. III the "ragamuffin" season agsln among th youngster of New Tork. Lon( sine, th family trunk have been rummaged and pawed In th search for osst off clothing. And fhs mors tattered and torn aurb clothing may be, ao much th better for tha purposes of th small boya and glrla. On Thankagtrln Day occur tha official "Ragamuffin parade," a pa grant quit units any other to be found In America.

For It la trans plantation from th "old world, which waa Introduced th gamin of th ghetto. Within th past year or two, It baa penetrated to every district of th city. II la a custom, natlv to certain sections of Italy, where tha bite of hunger la felt by tha poor. About thla eeeaon of th year, with winter upon their heels, tha boya and glrla fare forth, garbed In rage and tatters they daub their face with dirt or rouge or coal dust: they affect the garb of clowns; they prank and they caper but moat of all, they beg. In New Tork.

tha orwiitrlcltira of dress are esagterated to carnlvalean proportions. Every conceivable sort or eoatums and dlsgula Is attempted by tens of thousands of children, who go through thnr neighborhoods In mobs, begging for pennies and dlmea and "hand oula." A number of. efforts hsve been rhede to eliminate th begging from the day's program. Civic organic lions hav tried to get the American hove and glrla to aet example for their foreign brother and sisters but le avail. Th number of pse Uclpanta haa Increased yesrly and, even In the eirlualv residence sections, it la possible to aee the gamin paradera In action.

The bright and partlrulsr visiting Hon" of the preeeul NeaLjCotk sssson la Otlorlno Resplghl, the eminent luu rom poser, ahnss 'The Sunken Bell," la being given at the Metropolitan for th first tlms In America. ntertalned. He haa been a favorite for yrsr with aymphony goers and hre 1 flues nf ftoine" Is a UJlie mem repeated many times during a Manhattan music season I met the composer for the first time eadrea rehearsal of his opera, tilth siiai" Vrnr. fcV WrX'eYn berg her moment of triumph follow ing th early srasoa argument with I Jerltaa over tb leading rol In "Th Egyptian Helen" which, by the way. haa received a very cold reception from th American critics, klme.

Rethberg Introduced Reaplkhl to New Tork the other day at a tea at tha Ambassador. A dress rehearsal at th Met, by the way, la like nothing else In the theater. Specially Invited audience, Including score of music world celebrities, often fill the orchestra teats. There la hub bub and commotion back stage, as the scene shifter work with new scenery. An air of nervous tenalon prevalla and even the oldest veteran performer admit considerable nervousness, particularly when a new opera la to be given.

Fatigue often brlnga about curt bickering, though very effort la made to prodtire the opera with the precision that marka an actual performance. Coatumere rush up at the moment wltb tenor's tight and gaudy garment and fiddlers tuna up In th orchestra pit. Director rush, about, mundlng up the chorus member and from a doeen place come aounCs of voices, male and female, running lightly through the scales. I.Etlt PRICE AIV.N( KKW YORK. Dec.

4. API Th American Smelting and Refining company todsy sdvsnced tha of lrsd from 0.15 to 8 50 cents a pound. ji 4 (, WW TalfeM'sforthatCoWr No one want inccicr and gnifflera around So avoid close contacts while yon have a cold and for your own good take HILL'S CASCARA QUININE as quickly a you can. KILL'S CASCARA QUININE ubleca break up a cold one day beciuae they do Ih four necessary thing in one (1) atop the cold, (1) check th ferer, (3) open tha bowel, (4j ton toe ayitem. HILL'S CASCARA QUININE Every cold require prompt and decisive action, for you can't tell wher a cold will lead.

HILL'S combine the four necessary help in one tablet So be eure ifg HILL'S you aak or and HILL'S you get, Cti thi RED BQX THE SPRINGFIELD LEADER, TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER '4, 192a COLLEGE PREXY DEFENDS perintendent of tb Virginia Ant! Saloon league, to Governor Byrd of Virginia, In which said that report Indicated that drinking at school amounted to a statewide scandal. Doctor Alderman replied that liquor consumption at Virginia was no greater than at other almllar In Tt tr "tr tr A rv IT V. p. Z.r I "7 RICHMOND, bed. (AP) UtudenU at University of Virginia hav been charged with, xoeealv drinking and their presldsnt, Dr.

Id win A. Alderman, haa com to their defense. following publication of a tetter by tb Reverend David Hepburn, su Big Fighting Fleet Reviewed by Ruler Enthroned in Japan YOKOHAMA, Japan, Dm. AP) Th greatest display of aea power ver gathered together In tar western water passed for Inspection today before tb newly enthroned Emperor Hlrohlto In tb grand enthronement naval review. Approximately 180 fighting ship of all claaaet took part, ranging from great superdreadnoughta Mutau and Nagato down to destroyers and gunboat, Th emperor arrived her this morning and boarded the battls cruiser Haruna.

bad aelected thla for bis flagship becsus It haa Just undergone complete overhsullng and refitting to bring It Into line with th latest principle of bsttl cruisers construction. Th review waa an International naval anectacle, for th four other slgnstorles of th Washington naval limitation treaty bad envoys pres ent. Th United States wa represented by Admiral Mark L. Bristol, corn, minder lu chief of th Aslstlo fleet and Ui ranking flailing officer, wbo cam on hi flagship, tb cruiser Pittsburgh. Piles Can Be Cured Without Surgery A nvw nmmillvf bnotr.

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Doctor Hepburn called upon Oo ernor Bjrrd to glv federal prohibition agente th uninterrupted cceea to th university grounds fraternity bouse and itudtnt body as bootleg and division hsadquartsr from Ba pulp to Tula, Okie, two year ago, argument were trted before th supreme court at Washington, D. C. yesterday. O. B.

Ames, counsel for th Okie horn commission, contended that tb road had moved th buaJrvls of others with II 11 of all uSal. ULl'UCATK ties. TherrdeT. rou wsnl lo te M'J iharp ynu MAT And way feMea, and get your Aw out. MUSIC0NB TtwTrpwD Mwla II wtaafl ay CrtawUf arl )fd ll nin itawll ik mt Mt mm, tawll ik my aal MraL Jlata i lea) (Wl.

tlj. Dlrxaaia phone 701 NUi Ar If you th The llwlm II Ike w. Iln eba I14U0W arrt CALLED 'WET' gsr are not reported to ha vs. sxplslnsd that th purpose of th agnu would not to punish drinking professor cr student but to pro uct them from bootleggers. Governor Byrd said that hi would rsfsr Doctor Hepburn letter when It waa received to Doctor Alderman aa wa customary In such osses.

under a temporary Injunction grant by a federal court whit th com mission was attempting to anforc a valid (tat law requiring that It permission should obtained before sny chsng wss md and while th temporary Injunction wa on appeal to the supreme court. Hie Vinner6d5 casB0TH find th troy out, rut out pMiU mnd $EM YOL'U Aswm to me Qnar. reieber.liaaisfM raOMPTNr.tfl. tuieim Ik UadaM. aiimi.T"SYrtnieVriia lww st 1 $55 6 TUBB BANDBOX rHaWfw tolttfV Uvs i a a fax tr gawVl, aaasgtAwfer Ue kf lattstatgi )ataa iaww, ItM aweaaWia tiUantMlaw.

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