Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1957 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1957
Page 21
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27,1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE TWENTY-ONE Cliff Personnel Situation Brighter But High Turnover Is Still Problem Ralph Cary personnel director of Logansport state hospital, shown above, with his secretary, Miss Ruby Dompier, has t he responsibility of selecting the best applicants to fill vacancies on th e Logans£5 state hospital staff. As the size of £he staff grows, the testing ofjob .apphcants also becomes more rigid in an effort to improve the quality as well as the quantity of employes. (Staff Photo.) The personnel picture at. the Lo- gaasport state hospital is much brighter than it was a year ago despite a 19 percent employee turnover during the first six months of the year, according to Ralph Cary, personnel officer. ' Although the turnover is still much greater than ..that experienced by private business and industrial firms, 'it 'has dropped fifty per cent in the last fiscal year, Cary reported. He gives Superintendent John Southworth much of the credit for this improvement. Despite the tremendous increase In the number of employes at Longcliffi' since 1950, from 373 to 758, there still is a chronic short- a»e of male psychiatric aides (attendants). That shortage is minor, however, when compared with the shortages that existed seven or eight years ago. At the present time there are fifteen male vacancies and four female vacancies on the staff of psychiatric aides. Salary increases and a reduction in the work week at Longcliff which became effective in July, this year, have not improved the personnel situation to the extent that had been antcipated, Gary said. With the beginning of thus fiscal year employes' hoi'rs were reduced from the old ran'e of 44 to 48 hours per week to a new schedule of 40 to 44 hours per week and at the same time salaries of the psychiatric aides were increased from $175 to $20!5 per month. On top of this, employes may obtain full maintenance at the hospital (double rooin, three meals per day and laundry service) for only $25 per month. The average monthly payroll at Longclilf is $180,396, and the total appropriation for personal services for the fiscal year is $2,183,593, making the state hospital a major source of income for, local businesses. Although the salary increases granted in July make the hospital's salaries 'competitive .with a large number of hospitals, both government and private, they have had (he effect of limiting the num- ber'of new employes who can be hired since the appropriation for personal service will not cover as many peoeple as it would have uflder the lower pay scale. Du« to shortage of funds there will be no more additions to the staff .before the first of the year, Cary indicated. Although the increase in employment at Longcliff has not been spectacular during the past two year;;, it has been steady, climbing from 657 in .1955 to 696 last year to 758^ this year. A total of 253 applicants were accented for employment during the past year, according to the persnonel officer. Wilih the improved retirement program put in effect in 1955, providing both social security and state retirement benefits, an increasing number of employes elected to retire. The 23 em- ployes who retired from the hospital service in" the nast year represent an increase of approximately 50 .^percent over' the previous year. The gradual increase in the pro- fessional. staff (Staff Photo.) has made. it pos. . sible now -for some departments of the hospital, to accept unskilled employes 'for in-service training as aides in the department. More . Nurses The most noticeable gains have been made in . the employment • of registered nurses. The shortage of psychologists and supervising laboratory technicians, -however, . has made it necessary for .some of those positions: to remain vacant for approximately a- year, Cary revealed. . Merit system examinations are regularly given to psychiatric aides and institutional workers prior to employment. A much Seek To Bring Bacfc live Shows For TV Audience NEW YOBK Iff)- — David Susskind ' producer of "The-Prince and the Pauper" on CBS-TV Monday .evening, ,. wants - to form a "bring 'em back alive" committee. • He refers, of.) course, to live television 1 .programs—of 'which .the 90-minute dramatization of Mark Twain's fine story will definitely be one when it comes' on the home screen at 9:30 p.m. (EDT) Monday. "This 'current television season has gotten' to be :so appallingly bad, so uninspired and terrible that the public, is bored 'to the ears,' r says, Susskind. "These poor people will be ; spiritually and in- tellectuallycrushed by ; March. "What we heed is a 'bring 'em back alive' .committee — 5 spontaneous, mass -reaction;'in which 10-million letters will pour into the networks and -agencies;" ..-. , Susskind; vice president of Talent Associates,' traces most'of the woes of the' current season to filmed TV. programs which, he says, .lack the vitality and impact of live television. "The Prince and the Pauper," starring • Christopher Plummer, Rosemary Harris and Rex Thompson, is the first of several special shows Susskind will produc e for BS. • 15th Century Story It 5s a delightful story of the more active examination program has been undertaken this year by the state personnel bureaeu, with the result that a' large percentage of the professional employes have had an opportunity to obtain permanent status. . An examination for physicians, nurses, music theranLsts and recreational workers given .this year was the first offered in many years. , • Pre-employment clerical exan> inations also are being given now for selected clerical apolicants to determine their clerical aptitude and general intellectual level. Gary plans a more extensive program of testing during the coming year to weed out undesirable aoplicants for jobs. 3y the first of"l958 he expects to have sufficient funds to resume hiring of additional employes so that Long- cliff patients will be assured of the best possible care than can be obtained with available funds. ISth Century in which a beggar boy trades places with the crown jrince of England.' A brief history of .its .preparation for television reveals the hard work and length of time, that go into .production of a big show. Susskind, who ,has wanted to 1 do it in the medium/for, a..long time, received the go-ahead • signal last May..' "-. ;. • _. As he always has demonstrated in his distinguished career as a producer, dating back to the great days of ','TV Playhouse," Susskind believes that no show can be any better than its script. He immediately put Leslie Slote to work on an .adaptation of Mark Twain's story.. Since- then, the script has gone through eight careful revisions—cutting, adding and shifting dramatic and character emphasis. Ability Most Important Meanwhile, Susskind performed the. : careful job of .. assembling a cast. He does not believe in "big name" actors simply because they 'a-re "big names." An actor must first and last of all be righ' for a role, he. says. Thus, the fac that "he obtained well-known ac tors for, the leading roles in the show .was less important to him than -the. fact that he believes they are "absolutely right" for their parts. The cast .began rehearsal Oct 10. Some time, before that, 19 spe cial sets were designed to bring the .authentic atmosphere of 15th Century England to the horn screens of 20th' Century America. & ^-^s^-^s, w *• *r *2!w&,<» ,-„ -,<v«tt&* '•'S"" , . • .Z'sfarvfAKi. "«•" j_ ,',,. vtit.tlc^H i^gfs^tr. , ^ exactly .the way }y ^\>*S& ^^" « *** every ^7in the ^^^fe%^^* l^a.1'^" ! thermo° iev \i\he automau- ig..^, ^ f ^^^ -'Vi r^t f^, a* V* i This ama zl " B "!v e s every V- , $s&& like yo^ oven. NORTHERN 1 NDI ANA PUB L I C SERVICE COMPANY FRED A. 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