The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 10, 1943 · Page 20
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1943
Page 20
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:':); 1943 JESTmSON BAHRACKS, llo, prfl. - Fvt. JgJ HUivs, New York dJ Jir Ml4n n'I tM MH M9R1CM IDEmi SKSB: SPUHW UICW OaVS. P. 73 naayteft "Jlimny" Clvaama :ndaellwggh been "emcee ' eClub Plantation GEORGIA BOY The . new Air Force tni. an tatarnational reputaUo"H . - - n reputation" i jHEWYOKX. CZX7, April - - Hnrr JLrmttronfc th fraUst Jlttl duoer. Born in Savannah f? - ' . r 1 SIKSiPnISWIWi Forc( 1 ;,.;.A: A - fe" in: v. lie P IS i I 5i v II Stfmiar Into tZM aqoared: circle laat.itw mc bw imai - - tAxtiHl ilwfwiif - wfin nriwaf Inrr ' I'mitr rtMrr ftrfnnd 1 vwltb Imsiortalifar. : Before the dual ree of eome 20,000 oople he nsade : 'fsIUaattexnpt to turn Jack the Intriletahti'of yoioav wmr pt.lUurchlnjr er ' iorwrd Into therlfnepf Bea: jIUU. ire. : yfctor .JOie emotkmai aide of th laiim ut ishl: corner end nntQ techrnd.puiu met;etgain genry'Anriw iDurg he - the eeepted rlnset, Id aokny a. fite fas' book deepite the'1dchrioif - - of the Jndsrea and .tayt - jc.repor ' W:F - ' - f Vcat iota all ym cwiiV .AIj Sears, who - haa aplced hla former Beaalkaaace Ballroom band bLeater. Younv.haa been aeleet '; odiiifoiir .fSe eervlc t$n - .der'. the USO banner. , Set - in for top mifTcri bat1 the army debut a Camp ;ppiiQ by Chianflf Hidbiek . I? . Freddie Gulnyard ne to .town - to aee the flte and tpent moat of bia time trying to aeO Dorothy Bowie the idea that two get more ration atampa'than one '. . .'Prt iPetatJraig baa Juat dia - covered that7 be baa spent a year army pay telephoning his wife in Calif6rnla After one of those something: to talk about parties; Delia MUae - got off on the long: voyage back to I A. from Buffalo where ahe . enjoyed another honeymoon with hubby Marshall Miles; the nationally known, butter'and egg - man . . . Willie Bryant who did a sam - 3amned bb to.Iulb made a detour hers for the flU betore rusbJngvto Waihr ington - for an extended fling ,ai;"cin;'Caerna - . . Zddle MaHorya bowling alley venture has proven so succesazui ne piana .tne opening x a second one before summer !.. . . Cab Calloway drew a lot of customers into .the Colonial theatre in Ohio last week to up the box - office take to av sew high of 13tt grands More than 200 members', of .the Seth Coast Artillery ( AA) are back from Hawaii and will go South to train raw recruits . . . The Hollywood fflin shots are not so keen on giving "Porgy and Bess' a screen version after the noise made upon the release of "Cabin In the Sky." x Y TO AD TKE RQIT ASAtMST TKI POU TAX? Y - Since becoming one of the, main attractions of Fabst Blue Ribbon Beer's tour revue to entertain' the men In service, Louis Jordan has been added toT the deferred list. Billy Eckstein of Kasl Hines outfit may also hit that civilian jackpot . . . Ethel Waters la set to knock Broadway on its entertaining ear with her opening at the Strand Friday, for a four week run ... Having) completed hex role in "Stormy Weather." Alice Key, the I A. glamour girt, has retired from ft all again . . . Charlie Glenn is so busy planning something fine for the anniversary of hia Rhumboogie, he only painted one side of the town when Marshall Miles hit tka city the other week . .,. Marian Boyd has put her wedding off to Ueut J. J again ; . , Irank Gibba, Ed Smalls' nlte cluh manager, operate like a master when the ropes go up at that spot Saturday and Sunday nights ... A New York agency V ldeang a plan to set Harold Nicholas up with another partner since Fayard is army bound and Mrs. Harold Nicholas is knitting baby things The army caught up to Harold Carter last week and 'all hi friends that are still in civvies are looking fof a job on the farm . . . Joe Thomas' of the Lunceford crew and Yrne Riley of the New York State insurance have their minds set On an April wedding. More than one New Yorker is hoping that Louise "Bo" Franklin of L. A, spends her . summer vacation in Harlem . Laura Gonzales; the college child, stopped plenty of male traffic at the Savoy the other moon time . . . Earl Hlnes has hi "eec'y apartment hunting, so they must be serious about getting hitched . . . Flo Carter who will make it a June affair, came into' town for a mild fling with some of the old gals over the week end C . Evelyn Harding, our favorite gal Friday, was here the week before anoT stood up any number of those keepers of war widows. ' Y I0MI THE AXIS WITH WAR STAMPS AKD I0K0S - Y ' ' The general belief is that Count Baaie'and Katherine Morgan of Cleveland are not Mr. and Mrs. . . . "Cabin in the Sky" will open on Broadway at the Criterion in June. The affair will have all the spice of a Hollywood premiere in a dimmed out manner of course ... Sidney Fields, the very liberal Daily Mirror columnist, went up for army induction Saturday . . . While it was Duke Ellington and Ethel Waters who represented us in a grand manner at the big Red Cross show in Madison Square Garden Monday nite . . . Add Jeanne Cagney to your list of grand people. She is a living mural of American democracy . .. Mary 'Johnson of the shapely gams, has that young Brooklyn copper walking his beat in a dream ... Alex Lovejoy has added something hew to his L. A. breakfast club where big - leg chicken lent rationed and the price never heard of a celling . . . Henry "Red" Allen who is doing musically fine on the coast, Billy Holiday, Ernest Whitman, Joe Turner and Art Tatum have all Joined talent to make those transcriptions for the boys on the fighting fronts . . . Mary Bruce here is about the most willing person around when it cotnea to doing shows for the boys in the service . . . Duke Morgan, who won the Phllly stage door can teen song writers' contest, has a new number coming up that it is saidi will make its own musical way . . . Clarence Muse is ideaing a trip to this tcTNji with something big up his sleeves . . . Joe Louis who is winding, up his acting chores in "This is the Army," may touch town ' soon on a boxing tour of local army camps . . . Broadway Is right In the mood for the opening of the Plantation on 52nd street. Ann Robinson who hit the jackpot in "New Faces," will be its main star ... Lo cal stay - up - latere are still sleeping off the effects of Jackie Mableys stupendous birthday party at the Ubangl where she opened an en gagement last week. !K; Y m WRITE H0UYW0O) AS08T OUR STARS V tifl 'Armstrong has started all over again and la set for a run at the Garrick lounge in Chicago . . . While Louie Armstrong is breaking . records' at jthe Trianon ballroom in Southgate, Calif. . . . Brookins and Van, the Jnternatlonal favorites, are up to their old show stopping trleka en our shores and are two fine entertainers with - Earl Huiea. ... - - a . , MivC. C. Spauldlng terminated his rest period here with a trip to Washington where he spoke at Howard university en route to his desk in Durham, N.C . . - St. Martin's church, of which the popular - Rev. John H. Johnson is pastor is setting plans for its annual spring recep - . tlpinvf jrwQI ba held in May at the Renny . . . Pfc Jesse F. Wynn, who used to haul the trays around at Smalls' Paradise, is now stationed axmewbfr n Caorn'buVaend xegajda to all the old gang . . . Fan - nie RinsonsurVad on t c as beautyful as only ahe can and: f ooledrtha: lowybrows by not even starting a smoke . . . Ruth - lington James - and us present at the Dpoka" Rurricaoe opening last week . v Several organisationa will start an extensive drive to prove tha. musicians and performers are essentisXtb tha war .effort . ... Words from the Capital are that the new;, Club Ball la just what Dr. Swank ordered,. . . Buddy Bowser, who is doing av swell emcee job at Murrain's may apon embark on a theatre tour. - Hia new composition, "Don't Ration Swing, is really something to'hear .. . Coast chatter is that. Lena Home and Eddie South. are just too fine in M - G - Ms version of "Right About Face" with Ray Ky - ser in the top musical role . . . ean Mason, the ex - chorine, Is a waitress at Joe W lis Seventh avenue spot . . . And Shbrley Fletcher is snapping her cap after hours ... Now there la where we. come la wilhtha usual., but anew address after Wednesday, if a 2091. Seventh .avenue, New York'. City, where anything la subjeet te hspjaal la the eUae lt nothing ever "Bataan."sMGManowerfui wax time film epic baaed , on the last ; ditch" fight for the Philippines, . shows how men of all colors are participating in the fight for freedom and democracy all over the world. It's - one of .the few films to come out of Hollywood with "a fun integration of those things which make 'America the bu) - . wark . of democracy 'the fUm . gives an ' idea - what - the basic blueprint would ... build into lf:v properly worked.: - i - - m - the - first scene, ! top, the: group doesn't appear; so surelv about the gun - shooting ability of lovely, blond Lucille BalL - so all of the men wait expectantly for - . the bang. i . In the bottom scene, left to right, are shown: Kenneth Spencer, Thomas Mitchell, j Lee Bowman,' Miss Ball and her husband (Deal Arnaz), Lloyd Nolan, George Murphy, Alex Havler and - .Barry rreison. The circled scene, extreme right, shows a typical "Bataan" scene with Spencer, noted . baritone; Havler, a Filipino and Robert Taylor, celebrated screen glamor boy. Taylor is standing "but comfortably rests bia left limb. Spencer la seated. j Havler, also standing, and Taylor axe amused over one of Spencer's quips. ' 'Bill, Lena OK In Ro les Says Brand I Fox Publicity Director Says Film Won't Be Jemade Hollywood: April 8 (ANP) "There is absolute ly no truth in the statement that appeared in several newspapers that we are eoimr to refllm "Stormy Weather" in order to take Bill Robinson out of the romantic lead opposite Lena Home," emphatically stated Harry Brand. Fox publicity director, to the Associated Negro Press last Friday. The storv had been sent from here stating that the studio realised it had made a mistake in casting Bill Robinson as the ro mantic lead opposite Lena Horne. hence it would have to shoot all those! scenes over totalling about one - third of the production. So a hurried trip was made to the office of Harry Brand at the studio In order to verify the state ment. ir true. Mr. Brand was quite j indignant over the - matter, and was at a loss t imnw could have sent out the articles. INTERNATIONAL SWEETHEARTS April lOCtaa gbelttr. Mia. April 11 Vlekfbnrf. Miss. April 12 Greenwood. MM. April 12 Binnlncbui, AU. Aaril M Ajmistoa. Ala. April 17 - 18 IndUnapoIU. Iud. W BROWN SKIN MODELS. BARNEY JOHNSON April 11 Enter Army Crap for Indefinite period. W SM00KUM RUSSELL ORCHESTRA Week of April 10 - lft Seott's Theatre Seetaarant, Kansas CStr. Mo. . VV GENE NK ORCHESTRA April 10 - 16 Stein'i Buffet Bar. Indianapolis. lad. VV CLAUDE TRENIER 'SANA STATE C0LLE6IANS April 10 - 10 Cottea dob, Cincinnati. OUa. W RUSSELL'S BAND DOES BIG "BIZ" AT SCOTT'S KANSAS CITY. Mo April ft Snookum Russell and his orchestra co - spotlighting with Anna Laura Page are doing a jam up job here at Scott's Theatre Restaurant. Capacity crowds continue to . pat ronize tne spot nisrntiv. irrom an indications the owner and manager Emmett Scott plans to take up th band s option. He said, "To the contrary, it Is a fine picture, and we feel sure it is going to be big box - office, It is ridiculous to think that we would miscast a picture costing more than a million dollars. The scenes that we have filmed since work on the' big sets with crowds and complete cast were officially nnisnea, were cioseups that were in the original script and due to be made separately." (These were Bill's dance on 20 drums and tap - dance recording by 14 dancers.) "Someone of Bill's own race evidently does no like him, because previous disparaging statements nave come to our attention, but we like him. and are 100 ner cent Denina nun," continued the official. LENA AND ' 'BO' AT THEIR BEST Ki V J Pictured above are glamorous Horne and tap dancing Bd Robinson, co - stars of "Stormy Weather,' which has developed. nmuaad'a - stormy . Detrer" lm a, pose - which serves 4s a 4 - S - Ur, - ?T fU 4 o - model for the picture itself. BUI. In tails . - . Lena in a creation which magnifies her charm and magnetism . . stress acting and' not romance, according to in formation wnich the studio just released. YAK V '.a. rw. ill yti' c April Debui screen, radio and stage stars of the race and, titled after Blueberry Hill, the off - set colony of the more successful race stars, in the city of make believe. The show is scheduled to make its radio debut within the month. It will come out of the CBS studio mi in Hollywood and feature aame and tne storv and the story and a cnorus or 30 voices. To be produced by Don Bernard, sssaw : ProgramOriginates From Film Colony By BILLY ROWE NEW YORK CITY, April & According to an announce ment from the C.B.S. press department, plans have been completed for the initial presentation of an all - colored coast - to - coast variety snow via its vast cnain, errymating out of Hollywood. The program would feature the best known b the first show of its 'kind vannah Churchill. Benny Carter conducting a 25 - piece orchestra to ever be offered to a national radio audience in a serial form, No mention was made in. the anH nouncement as to the type of show Blueberry Hill .would, be. One of the most . exclusive cot - ! ored sections in Los Angeles, - Blueberry Hill is swankly related to Harlem's Sugar Hill in tradition, goes that only Hol - McDaniel, Man tan Moreland, Sa - Jlywood's wealthier actors, and act - resses are noma owners ,ln that section. Among its residents are Ben Carter, Ethel Waters, Hattie McDaniel. Louise Beavers and " 'Stormy Wether' Pure Entertain nenty My career as a producer of entertainment has been a long one. It has been a distinct privilege for me to be the producer of "Stormy Weather," and I feel this privilege keenly. First of all, comes to my mind, the colored race's many achievements, including the finest entertainment ability of any people in the - world, and because in - Stnrmv Weather." '20th Century - LFox was given the greatest cast of top - notch coiorea - enreruunmeni that could be packed into one pic ture. " "Stormy Weatheradoes not rep resent any change from the thesis that tha people go to motion pictures to be entertained, and on this basis 'Stormy weatner is pure gold, for gold Is - a metal that rep resents tne nnest quality. .Because a cavalcade of ail that is greatest In really the greatest field must be removed aa far as humanly possible from .any racial criticism, we went over the script endlessly, eliminating any speech or material which had even the faintest chance of evoking criti clam - When we had done our - best for removing cause for complaint. we then urged any member of the fine cast to suggest any changes whatsoever. On this frank and clean united . basis, ... anxious to please in every peealble respeet. Stormy Weather has been shot and will soon go to the public. "While Bill Robinson and Lena Horne do not actually play" their own life stories in "Stormy Weather,' - tha script covers what . very wen might parallel their own great stories. . " ""Stormy Weather ' begins In 1913 25 years ago and proceeds down to tha present age, ".which thus covers a quarter of a century of all that is finest , In entertain - ' ment entertainment that made en tertainment History, because it was borne of a people, who. of manv other very magnificent American achievements, produced tha finest entertainment tne world has over "Sweethearts" Play to 5,160 at Kansas City KANSAS . CITY, Mo, April The larfte and spacious six .minion dollar Municipal Auditorium the largest of it's kind - in America was the scene of gaiety when more than five - thousand dance lovers crowded the spot during .the en - fiTOSramAnt - of that nsttrm'ii finut girl attraction The - International owteueans oi .tinytnm. William Shaw head prexy of Local 627 sponsor of the affair announced to . the Ferguson - Bros. Office, booker of the band - that this 1 was one of Kansas City's largest dance crowds of the CLOSES MOSES COMMON COLDS fNGULF WIDE AREA IN MISERY: OF SNIFFLES AND STUFTWiESS ; Colds are reachmg widespread propor - tuM from coast to eoast. Guard your well being. Be moderate in diet and in oereise. But, if you do catch a cold, be Prepared to rehevs ifm . mtt - rw atfirst warning. Get Penetro Nose Dro IT wi? real Jtwriptiotvtype meaication they strike straight at ue center ofyour bead cold - sniSes'and eneeses. Their hslanfajaj rnadicetion with genuine epbadrinsL soothes, cools, dears through that cold blockade in your nose to help you rive that bead cold the air. Smiplyrmt2dropaBe9ietroNcm Drops la each nostril . . . breathe deeply w. than feel how they help yoa to feel better with every breath yoo take. Use only aa direeted. Generous else zoty z$ .Ujdmss aa much for 60 jAoaay s,PeS4)tro Nose Epoptv Chiiia Lady By - V, le First 01 Praised "ST ViS' Doiangl es LOS ANOSXICS, : .' April ' 8 Bill Robinson, world famous tap - dancer and - screen actor.. 1 represented Hollywood's sepia film colony Fri day night at an Impressive formal banotuet in honor of ' Madame Chianar Kai - Shek. The swank af fair was held' at the Ambassador Hotel's Fiesta . Roomv , . - - Along with several Hundred otner prominent personalities in various walks' of life, - Robinson paid bis personal respects to China's First Lady;'.' - - "' - ' - - Radiant; despite - her .tedious cross country trip and numerous public , appeaxaaces, ' the - dlatift - guished visitor spoke briefly and tendered, her heartfelt thanks to the people of tne United States. She was introduced by Dr. - ; Robert A. M1I11KBTU ... . , - ; ;. Crisis Editor oil Radiri n 2 "Voice of Frcedca''' Hour NEW YORK, - April 8 The "Voice of Freedom radio prosram over station WMCA: will have Roy, Wilklns, editor of the Crisis maga - une as guest speaker Thursday nignt. April - a, at 9:45 o'ciodc Eastern . time.' "The ' program - is sponsored by Freedom House. Juan Tizoi or tne Him world plus several prominent doctors and. lawyers. Once ajreatricted 'White seo - uon, it fell to the race when one colored family found ita way in. If the ahow - is presented - after . the living manner of those whose calW mr caroa. nave a Blueberrv mil address, it will be one of the best) radio anows ever attempted with a coiorea oacKgrouna. - . , ; , , . William Gold C a r LeEaron HOLLYWOOD, CaL, April8 William Le Baron, executive director for 20th Century - Fox's much - discussed "Stormy Weather", feels that the picture, when it is released, will be "pure gold" as an entertainment feature. - Veteran of 25 years in the film world. Mr. LeBaron expressed his opinion of the picture, its artists and its value in an exclusive story tn Ti THttahnrcrh Onnrier. TTIll I ill I I Ji statement zouows: " C fina t see - , a ' leuiek easy way to test' XCCKT BLAC3 TEXNT ' the wlOasat risk to y ota. UONCT. I Jaat; mall ill - rir.nantTM wtesi year, psif ksga ef - - juw xeavue versity 15 years po entire American months in Europe. "1 - f?' - a "V Howard SW Wr theatre m til PVre(i WETS tton Club KhA. .J?r k Cotton Club show '?r famous evTthat. Givens hit Br0 - U . Givene h,t dT.V"J. Lew Leslie'. "Blackhi.0 - " aancea in me snow throi.Ti. run and Givens has been w i all ever the world. H t:LW months In China and JnrJlr? ft twice in Australia, and i.H time - in the H!!on IdsidT t SMOOTHER.! auuat 5TKAIGHTF0.IN..W SL - J MASKIN COAC - tT - hair - smoother. relieve ger' Jooklng, easier tol Quick results or money W and.:2So at an good druzSr, cent stores. s tsi Maskfa 1), Co., iw v BALTTMOBE, MAE YLA j t s iss re r WCtAt oett eim roe Tissf irssr sUs ts 1st tmtum. daaalaa," aaftaalaa attics f cMABrS FAM0BS SEAU. TY CAIOt Hr MirilHas, smti A sttWsttTaia. ia attains it i"iaa, - iwsset aaa bjccmi. . . , MlfllMS. taU .aWtat last 49 ma. V syrcs sltss wt a tuU ii tjJ. estfstfoass. - . Writs iMw - ttstr. Wi i " ' 4, K. McSRAOV A cnaIm' ' .104X47 . Vaa Buna St. 7 - U - i. ojnr LADIES . STMI6HTEM YOURK ',": - ' TS Kn StOOL - WESS Wtr l ..r j jiAsunsg new REsam w,; f 'iKOOla - PRE$S Tas - imltBtiiij aslr smdst ssmi. Csttniy SHhrsst fms tsi m'n t a X Contains real TURTLE OU, z. tjooier, more gentle. : 8. Less sputtering steam. 4. Less hair breakage. oVXess greasy odor. 6. Stays straiehter loorer. 184 my. mtj fLte smt at sssmks mnmvm m saw TIVilVOBO CO, Dept TLK. vpea Jtssans siMtiit, a 7 DAYS' TRIAL Offers Prove the Be - SstsrtBkselJ Cream's UNUSUAL pevsr hf lirttsauDa darkened outer eartMil faetal beaaty toward eaptsrlaf lm and reaaaBee. ToacaaaewtrjtkM arret SUa Ugbttning Cwsa a 7 Dave J TlalOffsr.XMaMi i the Malta. 8nd j TrW Otter. TbasltT the resotta. woo p wove km i COD Bostace extra. Tow bmsbI if res are act oalifttsd wtt lights d grand akin apptsasa :. ; JUEL COMPAM mm. omu. 0t j - ttn. sVllDHEY PAlit 19 :isai ctttbs P l Thwatads ef sdoalafJsem loot. Swux Root rtS? eadiatrat tram tha kidaora, aasiiM ato aasoraew Job trtxx i there's ae case to set op at afcM - J . 1. aJMttiM. am Itoai oafanr laddsr saS baekacba aa4 tart sr s weWowirB phrridaa,ljr - swiiMnas 1 herbs, roots stood taail that hlp7W'; . Try this tssnarHMs atooad MalUqald tenia today. TaMauAhtw vttiat with enlr ea botfls of eaM Be sate so t eSow dtfaetkosj sa at I ' aU or, KQBMrs w ; I a, - - r w Kiss 1 id n el si td a it o t t mkree Qafck States ft Wttks Almost ipsuan. 'OB NO COST Aft test! A sensational new W a.M . KMlahfia ahOlt. VI ; J.kut aSi makes faded, diuU J ; hair leek beautiful with ajswi Mack color that's lovely te ; Now. M eae seed mUs romance and popularity ST msKaSstfloSP&SJ . V mm 4if wtmmr Mmtmrven t CSnS year hair aaa scalp, ffwefnc rrawtrt and - greaae Jl - blacb penny Sr. Hf nmrnm aecasdly. caters, the hair f el appearlag Jet btock shse I UMt COUPON T0DA ; oaoaaaaa, S 90S SV: sttcusw At., SB - V . - Baa ts tatt UWa. th 1 c tj r mi, HI the coupon aTaaj alttiaassaas aaw Si) LCC3Y SLACS - sOtT. : af:. ,alMaTw i lag reacts tt wa prediaoa Thesi - aaaa . if stt saSsSsd. rstnrsi la IS dars ? t ' Tax ts imsI, Yotmrxpxrr;mtx call is - ; - '. c ' 4 - : Is Bp M tin

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