The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1943 · Page 21
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1943
Page 21
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Bill , "Bo jangle" Robinson U seen here passing on some ef his old tricks to a new generation between icenea of "Stormy Weather" At 30th Century Fox Studio. ANN R03l!IS0:i OUT OM TVW RIOIITS mrvtr vork. Mar. 11 For reas ons unknown tO UUS aspsuwueui., Ann Robinson, who made a sensational debut in - New Faces," a discovery musical, current on Broadway, Is out of that production and Le Ruban Bleu where she was doubling." . ' She wa the - only: colored member of the cast and according to criUcs, iUjblett hit By LUTHER HILL CHICAGO, Mar. 11 - (Special) Silhouetted against the national horizon as the Hiant sun of personal achievement bathes her in its dazzling beams is youthful thv Doneean, Chicago's 19 - year - old candidate lor tne vain all a of Swing. Her flick - gly facile fingers and ingenious piano style may yet send her soaring through the - - - . - . .. ... - - 1 naevafis tV" frftlAn Tlftlltf - - '. April 26. VV We south and OW POPULAR AT LOOKOUT HOUSE V;'ON;. Ky, Mar. UH ?Jor7. ' asset to tne score wit rr - , Th - nidiu booker iPltW booking Eddie fMe i, "I15 show into the fash - fa''j kmt Huuse here for Bion, L Mn' roUer skating . the Zephyrs. wood and a perch atop the nebu lous cloudbank that is after - midnight fame and attendant fortune. "TIME" ACCLAIMS OIBL Staid "Time," lofty chronicle of things epochal, called her the "second Hazel Scott," a phrase the mere mention of which brings down torrents of protest from the' slender starlet, who insists as does musical Chicago s inner circle, that she is "just Dorothy Donezan. none else. And right she is, for though she adheres, on occasion, to the current mode of swineine the classics like her Broadway contem porary, ner atyle Is strictly her own; her sallies down the musical lanes, sacred to the old masters, is a third swing a dash boogie woogie and the rest, pure Done - gan. DYNAMIC, PERSONABLE But,, as reports the respected onicago TTlDune and other leading publications La Donegan amases as much with her facial contor tions as she does with her talented fingers. Her medley of musical moods runs the emotional amut from dead pan alpha to violent omega. For as Donegan feels so Donegan plays, the most reserved of her listeners soon abandoning all reticence and shrugging their snouiaers, u oniy memauy, to tne cadence of the barbaric rhythm. Chicago had her eyes on the swing prodigy as far back as 1935 wnen her piano interludes between classes, at Wendell Phillips high school were amazing her peda gogues. Only a freshman, Dorothy nevertheless had then been play ing for, seven years. EARLY BEGINNING It was at the tender are of 17 that Dotty made her professional debut. Holdine down the piano spot with the Bob Tinsley band, the Donegan "coming out" was far from Impressive. The nitery which boasted her services closing within weeks. But her stay was enough to win the attention of starmaker Phil Shelley who started her on the scintillating path way to arter - miamgnt glory. Dates at such swanky brighteries as Cos - tello's, the Bar O' Music, Three Deuces as well as Elmer's fol lowed. The Panther Room, the swanky Pump Room of the Ambassador East Hotel and finally historic Orchestra Hall have all succumbed to Dotty's pianistic wiles. vv : Band Booker Writes Tune NEW YORK. Mar. 11 Reese DuPree, veteran band' booker, who haa taken every name colored band in the country on various tours of the South, expressed another talent here last week. Best remembered along Tin Pan Alley for his "Shortnin' Bread," the veteran promoter haa placed "Friendless Blues," his latest composition, with Clarence Williams for publication. DuPree is also the composer of - Norfolk Blues" with Louis Jordan and "One More Rounder Gone." I . . - v Les nite Quits For Duration LOS ANGELES, Mar. 11 Rather than compete with Uncle Sam for manpower, Les Hite officially announced the disbanding of his band for the duration. Since Pearl Harbor, Hite has lost 17 of his men to the nation's armed forces, the latest two to answer the call were Allen Dur ham, . trombone player, - and Rodger Hurd, saxaphone play er. Hite plans to take a much - needed rest on his ' nearby ranch before returning to any musical activities. w . $18.75 now - 10 yeais S25.00 in the Windy City back in 1940 at the Savoy Ballroom. Her leav ing the aggregation came as a surprise to the bandsters with whom the slender vocalist had become a great favorite. Hitting Chicago for a one nighter on the Western leg of a cross country theatre tour. Hines is current ly hitting his musical peak, his present aggregation surpassing any On record as ohe of the finest vocal combinations in the musical world, the "Sweetheart" combo composed of lovely Madeline Green and dapper Billy Eckstein of the Earl Hines aggregation. Cootie - f,''v. : - - r1 , ',, " - r'' . e ' )' - ."v. - '....':' - f - . .fo 5y - g40 SVfol&j; - ' sj': ;r ' - ')jH?l'fc The PitiiStri ACTOR - SINGER PLAYS HEROIC - ROLE IN M - O M FUCKER Fmicshaiiher 2 - WhM she rtnrt a Broadway Main? Street drurflpre, she isakeyqO think yoit are mnktcg ChaxapifP& m - if 1 the MaiaSMfflt. - v , - v 1 AW REAL MCCOY sodaifrft 'y v i r v ,. t Dynamic, pcraonabla, wing - jiden Dorothy Donrn,; 8nsa - tional Chicago girl piaalat, ha ben hailed naUonafty aa' "an - "her Hazel Scott." X vary big compllmtnt indeed. Bat - not for dv - namic Dot Modestly, but confidently, the young lady said to the astonishment of celtbrated iving critics, "You mean a Dot Donsan No. I!" Those who have heard the deep, tvlisms of the Windv City piano and vocal prodigy hail br as no carbon copy, no iac - limils at all but ""the real Mo - i. 1, "'r5 "a' - ft - ' Br IQLLY EOWE (Theatrical Editor) NEW YORK. Mar. 11 Unleaa hi nhvaipal rrmHition i worse than his verv fine music. John Kirhv lmu1r of M - Wltuuf B MJKKWb UU4e UH11U. Will DB. TOIie W1U1 Ulfl ' mm ww W - wut comes May. f - Tha main coar in a swinsinr wheel of a slx - plece combination, Klrby and his crew have harried vary Important band front In the country, playing spots that never oerora zeaiurea a colored Dana. Twice married, once to subtle swingster, Maxine . Sullivan, and currently to the former Margaret Cloud.' Klrby is ah alumnus of Fletcher Henderson's greatest band. a oass XKMuer or note, na .nas won mts on many au - American bands, is own crew is noted for its orisr - inal brand of music and is best loved by - , habitues of places like the Waldorf - Astoria, the Pump Room of the Ambassador in Chi cago and the Copley Plaza in Bos - ton, tnree oi tne oetter Known places hehas played. Due to existing contracts, the bass plucking leader haa been deferred by his local draft board to allow mm to complete contracts already signed. Among: them are two which call for a two weeks session in Canada and a one week stand here at Loew's State on Broadway... With several other bookings beyond the State engagement it is believed that Klrby will oe signed to a duration and .six six months contract by Uncle Sam around mid - May. Who win take over fee combination after ' he leaves, or whether it will be dis banded has not been discussed. THE GIRLS AT SMALL'S ! . . . NEXT VEEK ! Beauty ! Glamour ! Charm ! lend their personalities for an EXCLUSIVE PICTURE FEATURE From the Lens of CAMERAMAN BILLY R6WE 1 f VI 1 I X cZL 1 I Second Hazel Scott? Not Me' Says Dorotljy Donegan "Jmt Myself ," Opinion of Chicago' 19 - Year - OId Wonder, Following Meteoric Rise to Fame Hollywood May Beckon Soon Critics Say Film s Not Anti - Negro LOS ANGELES, Mar. 11 Followine a private press Mowing Friday at the Lincoln theatre of M - G - M's much pligned "Tennessee Johnson," it was the, concensus of a number of newsmen present that the picture should not be utrued as beln anti - Negro, v rote Dora Moore, Los Angeles , . . . ,m p - m tinel reviewer: "The picture as whole furnished splendid enter - Uittment with some of the most wautiful and picturesque scenes I v ever witnessed. As for the Ewy itself, I saw nothing ofzen w to the Nin o race." L Lawrence LaMar, veteran Frro cress bureau chief: "This IjTiter viewed the picture last Fri - EJv afternoon at the Lincoln Theatre where it was previewed forj a select Invited group. Far from beinir offensive to the Negro, P critics have charged, nothing i"M seen m the picture save tnat wnicn it was made, gooer en - 'rtainment. Although ,the subject f?ur deals with oVoblems of fvry and the political historical K,viU precedinr and after the t,ril War. the Negro is related to i mm story only casually. vv C .1 - t oweetneans raw Crowds SAN AXTONin. T Mar. 11 pe famous Inte in ational Sweet - rw of Rhythm played here this "1U"UHUU1. land. hooked by Ferguson fy in t'r.p larct aTmr - 4a all fYi - ums an.i coliseums in many of! ;'Ker cities. In Kansas City raTu 'iseuml in Wichita, Ke Vl Rose Room; in Joplin, )tL, Mernoial Hall; in Omaha. 5?ind Ballroom; in St. Louis, in. u e Bal!'oom and in Louia - W.' - w - m" ,h Armory. From there ta - . n !K.turn 8uth. playing At - t u.?.., h!"' uditorium on East - A 5 1 An MAUbtb ; 4 - jy t f X. S - r v,;. ::''":' - ...:.::': ' ' f Kyi f't - rj; . t jr ; - i n adeline Out As atha" Hits Top Femme Chirper With Hines Quits in Chicago for Try Under Own Colors BY THE STROLLER CHICAGO, March 11 Swingdom's most famed "sweet heart team" was no more this week as melodic Madeline Green, for almost three years femme chirper with the Earl Hines musical steamroller, left the Fatha's fold in Chicago striking out along the glittering patnway to alter miamgnt iame and fortune under her own awing - istical banner. Madeline, who with Billy Eck stein, formed the sweetheart combination which later proved an integral part of Hines' present suc cess, coincidentally joined the band he had led durine the glorious years of. his swingistical domination. Drawing a record of 5,600 to the Savoy only weeks ago, Earl heads now for the Adams Theatre in Newark, returning to Chicago in June for a loop theatre date. Planning a three - week rest in the Windy City before returning to the Bright Lights she loves so well,1 Madeline has no definite plans for the future and only smiles when you remind her of the many loop conferences she is currenUy having with big time bookers known to be seeking sepia talent for radio appearances and for recording dates now that the end of the waxen war is in sight. "SWEETHEART" COMBO BROKEN re:: - x - x - AjWsoiK" - I siv! &l?y itfO fti sfv , s i., fMiA.'Mt'. .r will no longer be heard as a team, according to a recent .announcement that Miss Green will invade . the field as a single. Above is the former team, thrillers of many muste lovers. Williams To Reintroduce Song NEW YORK CITY, Mar. 11 Duke Ellington's latest tune, which ia another one of those "oldies" with a new lipstick and frock will be introduced by cootie wiiuams, the man whom it was written for in the first place. Originally titled "Concerto For Cootie," the tune was written ana nieved many years ago, out it Mvr had anv words. Since that Mm Cootie haa branched out and is fronting a band of his own. Re - titled "Do Nothinjr.'Til You Hear From Me," the music now possesses a set of lyrics done by Bob Russell, who did the same thing with another of Ellington's hits and turned out a eonx which - ia beine sunsr evervwhere v today. "TVin't flt Arnunst 1ite K AttvU Crashing through as the first Negro soldier to reach the silver screen in a heroio role, actor - concert singer Kenneth Spencer is shown as Private' Wesley Eeps, one of a band of valiant fighting men who give their lives In defense of democracy in the Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer film "Ba - taan." Robert Taylor, Thomas Mitchell. Lloyd Nolan, and 4 IX EM, It Was 'Hard Luck" Week Bess" for "Porgy and in Detroit. DETROIT, Mich., Mar. 11 If it wasn't one thing it was another, and when they all got together they added - up to hard lrJck week for the cast of Porgy and Bess appearing at the Cass Theatre here last week. Todd Duncan was out of the show because of illness. J. Rosa mond Johnsbn had the flu, Clar ence Jacobseu's wife was nospi - talized with a recurrence or pneumonia, and - Gorgette Harvey had to return to New York due to her sister's death. .As if tnat wasm enough, one member of the cast was cut .byj flying glass on the trip from Chicago, when a stone broke a window in the coach in which they were traveling.' Notwithstanding that so many of the principals were out of the! show, understudies did their best and the box - office managed to still do a land - office, business. vv I TRUMMIE YOUNG LEAVES UJNCEFORD mw . toIse' crrr: Mexi ii - Trummto Yieuag the trombonist who became famous ess s vocalist of in oririmal sort with Jimmie left tbe baad : after vaaay yesrs. Aeeeromg u cae f ormer all - Americaai nnslcsasw be Is tired of traveling and will rest up here. Beyond tnat no plans have been ngorod oat for . the sBoure. more." . introduce tbfe new sonx during hU With his fingers crossed and his (current atarid t the Svoy .BaU - neart in hia trumpet. Cootie will room here. - "S. Geo! - George 5 " KiktdiMsiMt a . x - v.',v. s - . - . - a;o: - . - : v.1 - .". w. - aw - - . - a - : o: - .onotiv. w - Ty g f - i vufs Va - : Murphy star in the picture which was directed by ,Tay Garpett. ' produced by Irving Starr. Up And At 'Em . . . goes 240 pounds of muscle, brawn and steel, .in the person of Kenneth Spencer who comes menacingly outj of his fox hole to engage in hand - to - hand fighting with the enemy. man, "Information Please" expert acting as master of ceremonies. The concert will be a benefit for the Ambijan Committee for Emer gency Aid to the Soviet Union, whose members ( are concentrating on eettinar wrist ' watches for tne Red Army officers, soldiers, doctors and nurses at the fighting fronts. featured in the concert .are AT WAR' HUH - Kenneth Spencer Assumes Hero Role in M - G - M Screen! Epic By PHIL CARTER HOLLYWOOD, Mar. 11 The greatest war pictures usually come after the peace as did "What Price Glory" and "All Quiet on theWestern Frontf following World War X. When , they werh$wn, the men whose experiences they - f ' symbolised, were back at the peace Trouble In Gobs time pursuits and viewed them selves in retrospect. But these days, with represents tlves of the motion picture industry actually on the scene of battle, filming operations both for home consumption and - training purposes, the . recounting of the tales of heroism do not have to depend on the sometimes ' hasy recollec tions of returning soldiers to tell the folks at home.' In the last post - war period no film or play documented the exploits of Negro boys who charged over the top at Chateau Thierry or who slashed through the Argonne Forest to share In the victory. ' To assure the presentation, of a stalwart Negroj hero, among the many wno now are cutting a swain across the' silver screen. Meiro - Goldwyn - Mayer cast Kenneth Spencer in the role of Private Wesley Eeps. in their epic of the : Phili - pine campaign titled, "Bateau." . A composite of the Negro soldier from New York's Harlem, the steel mills of I - Birmingham or from Meharry's MedtaaL College. Jthe role of Eeps may be as long rer m ember ed as Sergeant Quirt - and Captain Flagg. J The picture, now completed and in the cuttinc stare, stars - Robert Taylor, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd jMOtaa. ana ueorse Murahx. ana has in great supporting roles, other inan spencer, jjes? Jtrnax .ls Bowman, Barry Nelson and - Phillip xerryv du;(b euj:;gto:i wmmm . mm mm NEW - ' TORK. - Mar. U Mhtn lDuke ETlinston takeef his amoua orcneetrai back to Broadway axtar an abaeaee - OLmore than six Years. it will Je the trtdls cog ta - ;an - ieo tertainmsnt wheel, - featuring an all - white show, at the Hurricane. - . The - Dook wiU be the first big - ; name Colored band javer featured broadcast .six times a, .week i via a hatloaal (hook - up S4d. has been set for aji'eitended rdn.1 " Whlchit one mty of Ullingvou abojat the exciteraent which lnaTurncT ttirt imbirSughUy - - X)aBferoua.M; ; AN The. titte is tn iinderttataBei.T riewM - G - Mcctnedy sxie4 - e - t with excitement t ' ; f ". - - 'l it - - rTohert Young starts off as Lara's Boss but ends up arms after suffering from a beating heart and an eyeful of streamlined beauty ! . " ,.;; - . ' In this "rags to minks" story of a smaQ town girl with great big ideas you get a gale of laughter and a breezy romance that's going; to send your spirit soaring! You 11 go for Lana in a gingham uniform. ':r - w r' . . YouTl eep on going for her when thi puts on silks and sables! . - , v - ,. Lana is feve!iAess - - rersonined! V ; ' - A - 'v r;:v ,: - - . This M - G - M picture also - includes Walter Brennan, - DameMay WBitty, Eurene Pallette and Alan Mowbray is its casCJ;,;:. : . ';. ; . .It - - - ''. ; ' , - "Aod It&ected by 'ytiA ey "RuggleU , I's dnctkibBM siniplet ' They just say "gor See you t the pictures. Movies Build Morale. Cafe Society To Preseht Second Carnegie Goncdrt NEW YORK CITY. Mar. 11 From swing to Shostakovich will be the theme of the"econd Cafe Society Carnejrie Hall concert to be presented at the venerable hall on Sunday evening, April 11, with the musicians, vocalists and dancers from both the Up and Downtown Cafe Societies, popular New York night spots, and Clifton Fadi - artists who have not only been performing Jn Barney Jossphsoh'a two - edition night chib "but have sus well . distinguished themselves on staae. screen and radio since the first concert - .two years ago. These include Hazel Scott, the Golden - . Gate Quartet, Teddy Wlleoa'e band, Kenneth - Spencer, Albert Am mona and Pete - Johnson. Among r.he newcomers are Beatrice - and Evelyne Kraft, The Revuers and EUis Larkin's Trio. - .,; Hezel Scott will include .Shosta kovich's 'Polka? in her part of the concert; Teddy ' Wilson, - one of America's greatest - hot - jass plan lsts, will play some Prokofief f in - his: the spiritual - swinging Golden Gate Quartet will sing theurialready famous "Stalin "wasn't StaUtn" plus one folk ,aonsr ; in Russian: Kenneth Spencer's Red Army, son gs and so on throughout. ; J CO - ED INTERCOLLEGIATE - DANCE RECORDS sse CACn ism n. wznt . 101 - A - ' - Wr - tl BMM idMr," UcfceJ kr 102 - C nmt (M rm?' ftasW ay 'MeTM McCartiv." ' 103 - B "Wt'S BeiM JSaaa! with War . Broil ssi Stamas. l4 - t2"Sfi Wr SHtlHeaaV Pasa." kedos? Lraf Seas SaaaaMaBi lecaaSaaV 'Sliakaaat Orttr S Racwet awtaBtS. SCWftlU RUtHOTT HCC CO. STATION It SSX 4 - RCW YORK tlTV Wl WitUSW THI StJf CHOSA1 AStAKOUiT "sr. mu s mgups: ; Sak9C9 SaarV, yPmJT?44 saTWfiNWsasa . fvOw U MANOY UOrWS MUSIC C0 - v mm mu. mm i ri ntm Tloa.: lUiej 901 a jMacrs uucnts - , Engage's Nasnia' Bsjid;"'; For date and tecma. write or istet' FiaiGliSON BROTHERS SHItlSeilTiL man ii. " 'nk : - rr sat tmmmmmmmmmmmm, m set Ti tie v; cskariari MM ttOMt - as - mi 'kaNtiaf : ti ' e sun jaiwiAS nuu - .as!m.V BY 4 'i'f .V. m 12 H ?, II

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