The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1943 · Page 11
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1943
Page 11
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TUEDAY, JANUARY 30, 1943 The Pittsburgh Courier PAGE ELEVEN oiitli rNext 9 FEMALE WORKERS OF NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION, INC. "KEEP 'EM FLYINGT Martha Manley, "Bill" Jones Marry At Home Ux List Ut.;C3rQops? - ro To Start TSV bfl! OPAS 1W i ' : - 4 . Rationed WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 28 Housewives and moth mho have wondered how rationing of canned and proe Ictfd foods win anecL uie aviuiauie amuuni 01 strainea and (nnea luuuo . - uvt au auovvci lut - """ director of rnratement issued. last weekfr ? Fods Rationing Program. Of - jce of m.c ..ov FOODS as canned milk, SUC.5 mUk formulas, and canned ? rereals are not Included e?B,x:t. ..d foods ration - tT"ll nd mav be boueht aa jjjf pro:'""' ... v , strained or SToodi made of fruits, vege - or meats ana puv cans or jars will be in - Ended under me ""; system used for other Kied fruits and vegetables pt?e?..l'l foods under the - inciuu ii ,. t - z oning program," earn mr. kioninZ eu nu' - ndir.ff these foods un , n - neram. said Mi E bo t necessarily an indication ,?.t supplies are short, tionta thtm is rather designed xp 2Sd applies for the purpose for rtich they were mienae EL foods were not rationed, they KS,t h boiiEht extensively as a r:i..if,itA for rauoneu "";u Wrclv into available supplies and r . , ji.wtita nnrmal mar - Muia siion uiu. - ' . foods prepared Lpeciallv for infant and child use that are to be rationed are sold Kuur as "strained" foods or as fchorped or "junior" foods. They Include strainea veseiaui". ouv... Is carrots and strong beans, for Example, as well as .vegetables and fcomato soup and a numuei eeetable comhinations. !trninpH fruits include separate fruits such as prunes and peaches. For example, and fruit combinations such as apricots and apples. Iir near An d nineannle. Strained the other ilue win be contained in xiauon boojc jvo. 2. Th t - h stamps will be tised for the pur - vuue ui mrai wnen it is rationed. The blue stamps will be used first to purcnase canned goods. Each stamp contains a letter and a numher. The' letter shows when the stamp mav be used and tv numoer snows its value. The Jetters run from A through Z, except for letters I and O, whSh are omitted. Each letter appears on four stamps. Thus, there are four A stamps,, four B stamps and so On. Since - each letter on lour Bxamos ana incn thru letters may be used during - each ration period, a total of 12 stamps xar epsni ounng tnat ration period. The stamps will be used In three letters groups, such as A, B and C, then D, E and F and so on. The point value of various ra Lionea Items Will h Mnnnni during the week sales on rationed rooas are suspended. Abundant oods will be assigned lpqr vain. in points; scarce roods will be ar signed greater value in points. : vv KNOXVILLE COLLEGE GRAD5 MARRY FORT GAINES. Ga., Jan. 2S - In quiet ceremonv hr rrnfiv Miss Arela Maxwell, ri Air. ana Airs. (J. .1. Mxwll nr Wabbaseka, Arkansas, became the Dnae 01 u. 1G. xokeley. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. f. isoozeT, 01 sort Gaines. 1 VnlralAtt 1 3 L . Fruits are also 'Prepared I as fruit Knoxvil,e colleee Knone, Ten. fiesserts. consisting Pltr of frir t s nessee, and is Jeanes supervisor of In which suear has rpen aauea, in. budding, pineapple and rice or cus - yokeiev of Et R - m - t - j I8 - . . tucky. He is also a Knoxvilla ml - n - 'hU'Se." Gained !t e and is - mb.r of br infant fading are also, to be "' - ir ey OWlle ...J 1 Th. in'liiHa'1 iii.t College. vv 1 tatloned. These include such bods as vegetables comoinea with ither href or lamn, beer broth th barley, and vegetables with peon. Chopppd or. "junior' foods that to be rationed are somewhat sre limited in variety. Creamed topped vegetables are oh the ra ta list, as well as tomato and k and vegetables combined with hen. beef, lamb or liver, and Men lamb and liver stew. Afore rationing begins, the sale I canned goods and other items a be rationed will be frozen for wm. Some time during this t every consumer win nave to (filter for Ration Book No. 2. Bation Book No. 1 will still be d for buying coffee and sugar. iwo seis or stamps one red and 1 CHOICE - of millions has made St. Joseph Aipirin the world's largest seller at 104. It's first thought of millions at Srrt warning of simple headache or cold' painful miseries. No aspirin can do more for you. Why pay more? Then too, you make even greater aviogi on the larger sixes, 36 tab - itt 201. 100 tablets, only 35L always be a ore you demand genuine "Discouragement, not time, Is a woman's enemy." : s rj , a" m Ar w - v t I irf?o A'Vtx 1h . li w;4 - J'JLf 43 L p'4 - sd AW 'iw Ui ,g - w , ' V "' l. sr , , f 1 1 lTiiai1t'iSriinri1fr r'aiiiMi'a 1 1f nil in i ml ' When thousands of men were called into the armed forces of this country leaving vacant places on the assembly line or a war production plant, women immediately rolled up their sleeves and stepped into those vacancies and are doing an A - l job. Here are scenes at the - North American Aviation. Inc.. of Kansas. which hires hundreds of Negro and - white women to do jobs formerly held by men. Top row, left to right: Sebon Gray, riveter and Bernice Mans field, bucker. are at work on rib assembly of a B - 25 medium bomber. It takes such teams on the home front to keep 'em fighting on the battle fronts. Margaret Cole, mother of two children, was a housewife before she took a course at a radio assembly school. Now she is qualified to do a number of jobs, including that of counter - sinking fairings on a drill press, the task she is doing here in the second photo. Note shield to protect her eyes. Everything is done to safeguard health of workers. In third photo, former school teachar, Martha Lolles, left, and Iris1 A. 'Mahone install a de - icer boot on the wing of a B - 25. Extreme right: Eula D. Smith and ' Alice L. Jones are shown doing precision finishing work with air screw hammers on a sub - assembly of a B - 25. Bottom row, left: Evelyn ! T. Gray, riveter, and Pearlyne Smiley, bucker, complete ajob on the center section of a bem ber. A study in preoccupation is the next photo of Margaret Cole as she stripes the edge of a de - icer ooot m order to seal the trailing edge of a wing flap which will soon be part of a fighting mac nine masting the enemy somewnere on a war front. Hortense Cornell and Grace Tucker are two of the many skilled women at the North American Aviation plant in Kansas. This is another riveter - bucker team working on the "skin" of a bomber. At extreme right: Geraldine Jones is shown using pneumatic SOLDIER; SOCIALITE WED IN NEW ORLEANS FREE COURSE IN HAIR CULTURE Consisting of Marcelling rtngerwaving Shampoo Tormula Includiut TTTIT AM A BY MAIL Writ Taim Cl'RA V rncllCTT - rr Dept. 5315. Y Chimin III. nvy 3 'Bh - imam? 111 '; - Y tMs?& d i m I P nil fi S? 1 - . 1,1 ofZ' - ' ' - ''Vii ijv: i I Secrets 'Bonl1 Gooci Thing t To Eat By BESSIE AL GANT Bess Interviews A Hollywood Author Who Likes Good Food DEAR READERS: Last week I interviewed Mr. Dan Totherok, author and playwright. Mr. Totherok, who wrote "Deep Valley," was inspired to write this story while at his mountain home in Carmel, California. He has written s - averal novels and plays. Perhaps CHILDLESS Pictured above are participants in the beautiful Le Blanc - Boutee wedding which was solemnized at the Corpus Chris ti Catholic Church, New Orleans, last week; Reading from left to right, they are: Lytell Bertrand,' groomsman; Miss Josephine Neatt, maid of honor; Edward Le Blanc, father of the bride; Mrs. Gloria Le Blanc Boutee, the bride; Technical Sergeant George Bouttee, groom; Miss Cladia Le Blanc, bridesmaid; Oscar Goins, groomsman. The wedding of this popular couple was one of the most impressive events of the peafc - hohdayseason in the Crescent City. his best known dramas are, "Wild I Birds," starring Beulah Bondl, andl "Distant Drums." Mr. Totherok has written scripts! for numerous persons. Included! are scripts for "Dawn Patrol,' "Count of Monte Cristo." "Yellow Jack" and "All That Money Can Buy." His hobby is walking in the hills of Carmel. He loves good. wholesome food, so I dedicate myl column to him. Mr. Totherok isj leaving soon for New York to make training films for the gov ernment. PLAIN MUFFINS 2 cups flour 4 tbsp. baking powder Ji tsp. salt 2 tbsp. melted butter (or mar garine) 3 tbsp. sugar 1 cup milk Mix and sift dry ingredients. t ' (Mem IWIVES SORORITY REVIEWS babies I JEAK S FJRUUJKilJVl Doctor's Information SENT FREE! S - NEW ORLEANS, La., Jan. 28 im ...i k fc. I Sorors 01 tne ii,psnon oipna tnap - "lit n ""' hisetlemi ter, Sigma uamma rtno sororuy, YOU D kaV Stes tiaSii tni M? t their regular monthly meeting stNT for this free information, held this week reviewed the 'rlfll (, . ac m.ihal':r Z complishments of the Kroup dur - Jti it i v,arneh CO.. 406 W. Lata St, in the past. year. A unanimous M - opinion among all of . the members LADY! "SRE THEY SAYIHG 0UT VOU BEHIND YOUR BACK? fl.'ir - - - ;i ., iv - revealed that great achievements were noted in tne years program Further discussion was held on the proposed program for the year 1943 - 1944, and a tentative program was outlined. All sorors presen Died red to work for greater ser vice and greater progress during 1943 ii. nn ., ine IOUOWing onicerB wcie ncn led for the ensuing year: Eleanor M - Jinpss if atm uiel Parker Bell, Basileus; ula Mae pnTr. lonceiwd ty aiLee. Anu - Sastieus: Kosanna juo run, .wi nu Off 1 t5Tj to h exptlonaU)r : a.dffl t'iil FURLOUGH WEDDING - - ui not stain or Mil. '! nM rrquirinK medicaJ ; '"'Ung comfortably r - from possible embarrass - , CAMP CARRABELLE, Fla.,Jan 28 StrL Havward P. Dunlao, son "h;d MTtSm O' Mrs. Laura S. Dunlap, Pee Dee, '' - d tddrpss when pot - N. C and Mias Ruby WiiKins, . .r:am box marked - per - 1416 East 4th street, Winston - Sa - posuse. If yoa sendMm wr recentlv wed while Sfirt, w p.iaP. order today: Dunap was n a furlough in the " st.. Dept. 4. New Yael latter city. EM HAIR THE Secret of LONGER ;u can haet Beautiful Hair, tM. Just fallaw iMtrKtiMS "'"i my Kpeaaaoia nair Hiarirww mm. x wm 'to 2 for Hair that Is Unruly. Dry, Burnt. r SMrt frwa brcaklos . as - f t ally far Stubbam Cases. Makes Hair Loxuriaus, Suit ana easier to kaadla. nd SI. 00 far csmplctt Treatise w 30 - Day Trial. Be eamlsces. H S. COBB, P.O. Bax 161 CEPT. PC. PHILADELPHIA. PA. (Prlat aara and address alalary) Enclosed nd $1.00. Send eae yaur Special Hair Balm Farmulas Na. 1 awl No 2 en 30 - Day Trial. Alsa Valuable Facts I shauld knew abaot tba Scalp and Hi,r Grewth. mutt ba pleased ar aay depaslt will be returned la lull. NAME ADDRESS (........I CITY ! STATE wards, Grammateus; Elvira Freeman, Anti - Grammateus; Thelma Sutton, Tamichous; Anita L. Johnson, Epistoleus; Pearl Barnes, Parliamentarian. New Orleans. Club To Present Opera eAida' .yavir r - - assk. . . :v.uc sr . )mr. TOTHEROK screw driver to remove an inspection plate from vertical stabilizer. The bombers these women work on have seen action on all the war fronts of the world. Official N.A.A. Photos. GRANDMA HANDED DOWN THE COLD FACTS in muscles OF TODAY oi cnest and back, and to reduce local conges tion pioneer Grandma out faith in home medicated mutton suet and hot flannel. Today mothers use Penetro the excellent modern medication with the mutton suet base. Rubbed on chest and throat it works fast, for Penetro never fails to function 2 ways. Aromatic vapors sweep inside through cold - stuffed nose and throat, while Penetro does its outside work like a soothing, comforting plaster on the skin. It's also good for minor burns and chafed skin irritation the year around. Try Penetro; Compare it Convince your - elf. 'nranrlma viii ricrht!" Vmir druggist guarantees money back: ifi aot satisfied. 25c, double supply 35c DURHAM, N. C, Jan. 28 Announcement was - made last week by Mn and Mrs. Leei Manley of 818 Kent street of the marriage of their daughter, Martha - Odessa to Mr. William Henrjr ("BUT) Jones. The event, which took - place orivately at the home of - the Uride, was attended only by immediate relatives and - friends. Mr. Jones, a graduate of A. T. college, - is proprietor Tof the fash ionable College inn. He has traveled a great deal and is known in all sections of the country. Sinco his - graduation trom the Greensboro institution he has built up a business, which affords employment for many high, school and college youths. The newlyweds are residing at . 1204 Fayettevllle street. , vv . MUTTON TALLOW Would you have beauty at no cost at all? ' Then just remember when next you roast a lesr of lamb - to save the tallow, add a drop or two or your ravonte penume. ana behold you have one or tne nnesi skin foods that can be made. Just use this - preparation regularly for a few - weeks and note tne nne nrm texture of your skin. Also note the lessening of fine wrinkles around your Tpyes and brows. You will be delighted with the magic of it. RHEUr. ATIC PAIfJ Soreness and StUfaaaa You need " o rub on a powerfully soothing "( OUNTHH - IKRITAVr' like Musterole t quickly relieve neuritis, rheumstie itches and pains. Better than an old - ashioned mustard plaster to help break jppainfullocalcongesuon! :4.l st; - AND MADE ATTACHMENTS NEW STYLES OF WIGS OF HUMAN HAIR sfrnti ffir. film to HARLEM Hi IR MOSES, Incorporated 74 W. 1 3TH STRUT, 0CPT. 9 m w york, . y. )" n un am ill u 13 in ru in m v. Estelle Riddle Joins Nat9! Nmrsiiig Council NEW YORK, Jan. 28 (ANP) The National Nursing Council for War Service announces the appointment to its staff of Mrs. Estelle Massey Riddle, well known nursing VdJt la educator, formerly director of nursing ana or tne scnooi 01 i,rinr at the 800 - bed Homer It. s PhUlirm hoanital. St. Louis. Mrs. Riddle began her work at council headauarters. 1790 Broadway, rew NEW ORLEANS, La., Jan. 28 In accordance with its traditional practice of presenting a program of cultural interest during the annual Mardi Gras festival in quaint old New Orleans, members of the B Sharp Music Club, a local i cultural development organization them add tne sugar ana water. Add STadually milk, egg well beat en and butter. Bake in munin tins for 25 minutes. JELLIED APPLES 5 apples 1 cup sugar Vt cups water Pare and core 5 tart apples. To York City, on January 11 The National Nursing Council for War Service co - ordinates the war activities of the various na - rinnal nursinr omnizations. it represents the National Associa tion of Colored Graduate Nurses. the American Nurses' association the National League of Nursing Education, the Association of Col lesriate Schools or iMursme, tne American Red Cross and the fed eral nursing services. Mrs. Riddle is servinr as con sultant and resource executive in relation to Negro nursing and the war effort. Included in ner duties will be the recruitment of student nurses for schools of nursing, as sistance to schools in securing and usinsr federal funds for nursing education, and the recruitment oi graduate nurses for military and civilian services. A varied and Interesting experi ence in social welfare as well as nursing and education has pre pared Mrs. Biddle for her present post. She began her carer as a public school teacher in Texas and later became a social explorer with the Julius Rosenwald foundation.' She has served as instruct or of nurses in the Central School for Nurses, Kansas City, Mo.; Har lem and Lincoln schools, New York; Freedmen's hospital. Wash ington. She is a graduate of Columbia university with the degree of master of arts in nursing education. VV Charlotta Bass, First Negro On Grand Jury In Los Angeles' History LOS ANGELES. Cal., Jan. 28 Although five of the eleven fam ilies that founded the "Pueblo De Los Angreles" on Sept. 4, 1781, were of Negro blood, r.o Negro has ever will present for public apprecia - 1 Cook, - turning frequently, till action this year a streamline radio Iples arei - tender. Remove from the version of the ever popular opera, syrup. Then cook tne syrup untu "Aida" it will jell when cold. Take from This year's artist recital will be Are, pour over the apples and set presented in the new Booker T. I asiae to cooi. raisins may oe aaa - Washington auditorium on Sun - jed to syrup if desired. Serve with day, March 7. 1943. Featured in meat cburse or with whipped the Dendins offM - intr nf "Aiia" cream as a dessert. SALMON CRUMB LOAF 1 large can of salmon Vi cup of bread crumbs 4 eggs 4 tablespoons melted butter 1 teaspoon salt H teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon chopped parsley Drain salmon, remove fine bones will be the renown radio announc er, "Jack." Effort will be made to duplicate a real broadcastina stumo so that the local artists will have a true atmosphere to exert tneir best efforts. Local artists who will be fea tured in the "Aida" presentation are Dr. Herbert C. - RinnU whn recently returned from a success - and flak it with a fork. Add bread rut tour of the north Atlantic! crumDS, yoiK pi eggs, wen oeaten, states, in the role of Radamea I butter, salt, pepper ana parsiey. and Misses Gladys Jones, former! Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. "Wings Over Jordan" soloist, Mari - I Shape ito a loaf, put into but - on Duplessis and Lillian Oliver tered pan and bake hour in m tne. roles of Amneris. th Hi eh medium hot oven, x - riestess ana Aida, respectively. Other narts will V inne ho I flHW AASRP HFan Amonasro andl HERFS oimmons, as tne "'T I s hi sanaaiisasa The choral background will & I THI 1 1." DIITACIIF17 supplied by student! of the Choral I lalaftWUItb ClUb, McDonOZh No. 35 Hieh Tn luln tinM n(T nliUnnlinir ivnin1. SChoOl. I vinAnAA ..a t.ovs4 .L - in ni.U - vu Buiniaiauw 1 lim 9JJ WU1UUUT' ,1 v.. r . . . i - . fining weatner. use Diacc ana vvnite Grand Jury until 1943. That first I Vanishing Cream. It holds powder on one to serve will ba Mrs. r?harlnrtl vour face like a "anard." Bftforn rpfjr - uass, editor and publisher of Thel mg, cleanse face with Black and White TO DO! DON'T MISS THIS SPECIAL OFFER! NOTHING TO WRITE! AND YOU NEED HO CASH 1 California Eagle. W WISE SAYINGS Men who have moat tn aav use lewest words. Cleansing1 Cream. Apply Black and White Cold Cream, leave on all nizht. Black and White Beauty Creams, 25. served on the Los Angeles County! sibility, others only swell.' - Some people jrrow under respon - ' lTMVtfwrV C$ bilitv. other onlv ' 'WBsAdJaiiLia Think how many times you wanted a batter set just like this . . . how useful It would be! The bowl ' holds two full quarts, and im grand for mixing batters and salads! The big, twenty - two ounce luft is fine for milk or cream! And both are - finished in a handsome chestnut glaze, over an em bossed spiral leaf decoration! , . - Most amazing of all it it's free! All you do is Use Octagon Bar Soap, oc creamy white Octagon Toilet Soap. Both bring you Octagon Premium Coo - - pons on every wrapper an extra bonus. Coupons pile up fast, and you hare your batter act quick as a wink! - You can get jug and mixing bowl to gether for 80 coupons. Or you can get them separately 49 coupons eacn. so hurry! Change to Octagon today! . Sorry, no mail orders accepted! JO WORK rftakei ef HMNSjf fret gifts! Ask Your Grocer Fer Address) of OCTAGON PREMIUM t)isTRiEUTo , ; ; In Your Town. ; - . TH MLf WUJft 0CilS8MTMI7 2r" t9mmm I"' ... 8esi33F sSftssse9f LsMBs eJSs5srBssJs4s muij u i a vm, p Hall I pi In ,h,M tmj ia i Ii aa t mUt mt 9ty 0 slUaNvaalNskwaai' - V - I 1 1 . ! If - Mia . - . - I It :i 1ST - mm Mm 5 ir n n

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