Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1957
Page 14
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.PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE andLLOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER !W, 1WT Toastmasters Note Birthday At Dinner • •/ : The 33rd birthday 4 of Toastmasters Internatonal will be celebrat- ' .ed locally and throughout the land during Ms last week 'of October, according to Wellington C. Holmes, retiring president of the Logansport Toastmasters Club. . Holmes explained- that the . local Toastmas- i-ens Club will observe this anni- 'versary by a dinner party at the West Dining Room of the Ben Hur, Monday evening. -A number of prominent local couples have been'.invited to help, celebrate the event. • . . Today, Dr. Smedley, the founder, is witnessing the burgeoning of that, idea of Toastmasteiing.'into a great*, organisation of more than 2500 Toaetma&ters Clubs, with more' than 73,000 • members. New clubs have joined the organization at the rate of one a day during .the past three years.' Clubs are found throughout' the English speaMng world. Among 1 service 'groups. Toastmasters is the fourth in the.number of clubs. . '. Started In 1924 • Organization of Smedley' No. 1 Toasbmtsters Club an Santa Ana', Wednesday,-October 22, 1924 was designed-to aid its members' in thinking-and talking on bheor feet before audiences, large or-small. To- help achieve that purpose Dr. Smedley "evolved the procedure'of ' having the members criticize ~ one another's speeches. "Evaluation" it is called now by Toastmasters. That, basic plan is- still the'founda- tion of Tosastmasters "procedure. - From the ; original conception-of "public speaking", .has evolved ; the general ,progr.am of training in all aspects of effective corhinunica- tioin. Chairmanship, conference leadership and participation, tech niques of communication for the business executive, bhese and many other facets; of modern needs • are studid and practiced by the members. ' Each club is limited'to 30 members, so that virtually ..all of them participate in the speaking . 'discussions of their two hour meetings. ...... "The 'world.at.laiige regards Toastmasters International as a school .of speech, buf it is far more than that,".explains.Earl R. Palmer, executive vice-president of local club 621-11. "Learning to speak and evaluate the. speech of •others, and your own, is like practicing- scales before playing in. a isympibonie concert. If., a man can evaluate life and learn to be ar" itaculate, he oan become a much (more valuable 'citizen." The great appeal of Toastmasters is ithe training in impromptu and prepared speaking, in learning- to handle parliamentary. procedure and the conduct of meetings, .so that the;member can (handle himself' ably in any situa-, tion. . .= .. .-.,..-,,. " Proof of Toastmasters appeal is. furnished by the array of prom inent executives and leaders wh< have been drawn to its ranks. I has helpsd them to- become bi, businss names, and for the per sonal satisfaction that comes frorr being able to-speak articulately* Present .Officers Preseni; officers of the loca Toastmiatfiters Club are president Wellington C. Holmes, Representa tive International Tailoring Com paiiy, and gentleman farmer; ed ucational; vice-president • —• the Rev. Justus J. • Saalwaechter former pastor of West Broadway Presbyterian Church; ' executiv. vice-president — EarlR. Palmer attorney at law; secretary-treas urer—WaLfcer A. ;Gammel, Sri, pro ject engineer, R-B-M- Division, Es sex Wire Corporaition; sergeant at-arms . — Robert--"; "Dewey 1 Schmidt, Schmidt Coal; Corinpanj and state representative. • On Monday evening, October 28, the Logansport Toastmasters then-, guests, and..wives of .both the ToastmasteriS and guests, wil attend -a 5:59 p.m. banquet." Foui past, presidents will. be. honored: the Hon.. 'Clifford 0. Wild, judge o. Cass circuit court; 'the. Hon. Rob ert S. Justice, attorney and state senator fex>m Cass-Fulon counties Ralph P. Todd, . owner-manage Todd's; and'Holmes. All.are active members. Two recent Toastmast era •.will present speeches. ' They are Joseph A. Keirans, engineering section" :head, R-B^M, and -Thomas A. Cr/owe;. special representative Farm Bureau ..Insurance. The neia officers Cif the'Logansport Toast masters will be. announced at the meeting. Reports On Service Men MIAMI, Fla. — Marine Cpl James E. Conn, son of Mr. anc Mrs. Edward D. Conn of 731 Eighteenth st., Logansport, Ind while serving with Headquarters .and Maintenance , Squadron-31 took part in ceremonies at the Marine Corps Air Station, Miami, Fla., during the latter part of September, honoring the squad- ronls all-time low aviation safety record -.for the period July 19o6 to June 1957. ATTEND GAME Jayne Mehraffie, of 3219 Broadway, and Align Becker, 2300 Broadway, both students at the University of Colorado, at Boulder, Colo., were among a group of students to attend the Oklahoma- Colorado, game Saturday at Norman, Okla. Miss • Mehaffie is -a sophomore and Becker a freshman. DRYER GfoeijMfflStfeie tt!0k ' 10* ^ CORRfCT . <• for iofc drying of all fabrics IN.A.DOOR UN! TRAP 10' roiy rrmoval of lint DRUM STOPS whrn doOf is opcnt-d CONDITIONFlJ AIR PRINCIPH for extra-fail 100 CU H Of AIR pott thru clofhe* evrry founder's Day Program Today At Peru Church King Sdud Takes Lead In Role of Peacemaker MEMBER FOR'69 YEARS — Reverend Gary AUbritten, (left) pastor of the Peru First Baptist church, pins a corsage on Mrs. Harry-West, 184 W. Sixth, who holds th e distinction of having the longest-period of membership in the First Baptist church. Her husband has been a member 61 years. (Press Photo Engraving) A LITTLE MORE — Miss Edith Sine, (far right) who wrote and directed the skit "Echoes of the Past'," adjusts the bustle on the costume worn by Mrs. Walter Wackerle. The skit will be presented this afternon at the Peru First Baptist church's Founders Day. Other Cast members shown are: Vicky Guyer, seated in front; Michael Amburgy and John Allbritten, seated on the second row of steps; Mary Jane Guyer, Mrs. Phil Zipperian, Mrs; John Knight; back row; Mrs. Harry Brownlee, Jr., and Rev. Gary Allbritten, on the left side. • . ' ' ' Forty members of the congregation wUl be honored :tqday at the Founders Day program. The forty have been members for at least 50 years. Many of those to be honored are direct descendants of the 15 Charter members of the church. Rev. Gary Allbritten will present them with corsages and certificates. A basket dinner will be served in the church diniPast." The cast will wear old style costumes worn ng hall at .12:15 p.m. followed by "Echoes of the!895. in 1870; The present church was dedicated Nov. 24, (Press .Photo Engraving) Errol Flynn to Portray life of John Barrymore >.95 1.95 Gat Mcd.l ilighlly Wghtf From the standpoint of built-in quality and performance, tbtre is no finer dryer on tbt nMrket! Yet, look at.that low price! Truly sensational! If you're thinking about ending your'No. 1 household drudgery, here is your big chance to get the bett dryer for the least money. Come in and see it, . V V DAVID'S Jl6-1« I. Broadway Phone 3167 HOLLYWOOD (OP) — Errol Flynn, currently portraying John Jarrymore in a new inovie, says ie doesn't know .whether to be rappy. or outraged when people ell him, '"You're perfect for the •art." . The flamboyant actor agrees he and the famed profile had a ;reat deal .in common. "We both- had boats,',' Flynn aughed, "and we both made a lot if headlines.' Our marriages made news, too. •.. '• "But I 'can't agree, that, Jack Banrymore's:life.and my own are imilar-in any other respects..He was unlucky ah -his emotional life and destroyed 'himself,-I had a Title better luck. -'.'•- "I'found Pat (Wymore), a woman" I loved, and who loved me. So my story has a happy ending. Pat never tries to reform me." ; Flynn, sitting in his dressing, room at Warner Brothers, .toyed with the putty, on 'the end of 'his nose—a gimmick that acids ~% of an inch- to his own schnozz. It helps create « likeness of , the famed Barrymore profile. • "I knew- Jack well,", the actor went on. "But I was just'a toy scout compared .to. the;olympians he -used to.call "his'buddies. : You might 'say»I'was on the fringes of the gang.'— and "sometimes I almost needed ; a pass to. get into their parties. , \ • "Once, though, Jack stopped by my house for :an evening oi drinking and stayed'three weeks. His fa-write mame. for me was 'Navarre.' .1 never understood why." ' • '•-'.-."•-Flynn stars with-Dorothy Ma lone in "Too Much, Too 'Soon," the controversial" autobiography by Barrymore's daughter, "Diana "I'm ^trying to portray Barry more without imitating him," said Flynn. "It's " not easy. 'He burlesqued, himself so much in his later' 'years •_ people could .never tell when he was clowning. "The. book and the script are an" accurate portrait of Jack as-I knew him. Our movie shows his trouble's with women .and creditors.' . ; ''. "He had a wonderfully intellec- AMBULANCE PHONE 3608 Complete First Aid and Oxygen Equipment Ph. Day or Night FISHER FUNERAL HOME ronicle Print! QUALITY PRINTING Pkone 4362 .» i.m-i- i-wrie- n.ic»iA/tr » I llUllt "T«JW*. iaK^JJJIsiMal Metea School Plans Hallowe'en Carnival The students,-patrons and teach ers of Metea school are making plans- for .the annual Halloween Carnival to.be heid on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the school. The following activities .have -been planned: Supper, beginning • at 5 p. m., masquerading, bingo, a fish pond, fortunes telling, movies, candy sale, white elephant sale, basketball throw, cake walk and:'many other', features.; • . .Many .valuable and worthwhile items of merchandise have been contributed by merchants. -'.-•"-. tual mind: .IJe 'never ceased to amaze,' me:/with. his. .knowledge about.-all;, kinds of .subjects'.. -. "I'm trying. to : play/this/role the way I think-Jack wo.uld like it played, When people say I'm a natural for. the part all'I can say is', 'Thanks a lot.' / "But I think they're wrong. I'm the shy,, retiring type myself," he laughed. WE FIT TRUSSES, TOO not as many by^prescrip- r tion, of course, because surgery is now THE recognized treatment for hernia ... but ; we know that for , . so many of you, your own personal, individual- tfolu- tion-reitner-temporarily or throughout the foreseeable future4-is a comfortable, well-"fitting, sure holding TRUSS. We know that, and'we're equipped to take care of your need—skill-' fully,'expertly. Leiiqne of our trained technicians seleict'and fit an OTC PROFESSIONAL • TRUSS that willhold yavc hernia: surely, safely, ' comfortably.' BUSJAHN'S DRUG STORE 308 Fourth St. '/. & ^ >i The Turkish-Syrian tension has. strengthened King Saiid's position as the chief moderating influence dn the Arab'world. ' • From the beginning o: the dangerous situation which developed when Syria, charged Turkey with plotting' aggression, the . Saudi Arabian monarch .has worked untiringly to prevent an explosion. Saud has •-conferred with fche leaders of Turkey and of Arab countries, . • v -.' • Finally, he offered personally to act as mediator between _Turkey and Syria.. •. . 'The big-contribution of Egyptian President 'Gamal. Abdel- Nasser, who likes to fancy himself as the No. 1 Arab leader, was ...to send Egyptian troops' and warships -to Syria at the most serious stage 'of the dispute. •'•-.. Offered To Fight All , Syria's pnnRussian leaders have breathed fire and offered'to take on ail comers — presumably. including .-the Unied States, which was supposed to be in. the alleged .plot—in event of war.:, , The pitiful record .of both- £he Syrian and the Egyptian 'armies in the Arab-Israeli war, and in last year's Israeli .invasion .of Egyipt, did not seem to niake a fight'to the death likely against Turk-ey'-s powerful, tough-army of 500,000 men. 'Soviet Russia, of course, was a prime contributor to the tension and helped build it up stage by stage with'threats agains Turkey. King Saud was not able to do anythbig as regards Russia. What he did do was to work with Middle Eastern countries themselves, as an Arab and as ajellow Moslem with the Turks. Saud Sides With Syria As the situation developed, Saud promised to side with Syria, one of its colleagues in the Arab League, against, any "aggressor. ' Saud knew that -neither- Turkey nor the United States had-any intension 1 of attacking Syria', Under'-pressure, Saud also found it advisable-to say that 'he never •had formally' accepted the Eisenhower Doctrine against Communist aggression in -the Middle East. That was true. 3ut Saud:had accepted the doctrine in fact because with him Communism ranks beside Israel as an enemy. : The Syrian-Turkish 'situation has been simmering down for some days, despite Russia's attempt to keep it boiling. . 'Saud"seems, iriUhe process, to have. made, it clear-that'.he, not Nasser, is the leading, figure among die Arabs. . New Books At Local Library McCallum, That Kelly Family. •Anderson, How to Draw with the Light Touch. Carlson, Guide to Landscape Painting. • 'Todd, Cadet .Gray,. Bridgman, Complete Guide to Drawing From* Life. . Priolo; Designs—and .How to Use Them. Frankel, Giant Book of Games. Hewlett, The Esseries and Christianity. White, Fire in the Ashes. Bible, The Revised, Standard Version of, the Old Testament. ' Collier,' Riches Within Your Reach. Giblin, How . to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People.' .' , Smith, Biography of .the Bulls. Gervis, Naked They Pray. Aaronson, As High as My Heart. Steunle, Are You Looking for God? Pome&>y, In Search of the Golden- West.' 'i '.'.-,• '. McNeese, Engineering and Technical Handbook; . Reinfeld, Complete Book of Chess Openings. • , . : Arbuthnqt, ChUdren and Books. Sann, The Lawless Decade. There are about 2,500,000 motor trucks on American" farms. NEW CLASSES NOVEMBER 4 Day and Evening Offics positions pay high salaries for ihoie qualified.- Excellent' oppor- tunitiei for advancement. You can qualify with MONTHS. Ask for day or evening Bulletin, Free Placement Service for graduates. Approved foi Veterans INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE 501 Barnet Office Bldg. Logansport Ph. 4276 SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK MHR-DEL ICE CREAM VANILIJUCE CREAM An "Appreciation Days Special Offer" > MAPLE WALNUT KRISP M tSl«9c. Full of Fall Flavor Appeal EBERTS'DRUG STORE 1830 East Broadway " Phone 3854 QUALITY JFQ to GoIon^'C Rep. Bray Back From His Tour WASHINGTON ffl - Rep, William G. Bray (R-Ind) headed for his Martinsville, Ind.,. home Saturday night after completing a 70- day around-the-world inspection of allied military training operations. A member, of the House Armed ; Services .Committee,. Bray-'said progress is being made in reducing expenses without imparing results, of programs under which !U. S. military;' experts train and .'equip armed forces ,of friendly nations. Bray toured Korea,' Formosa, Iran and Turkey,. where such programs are underway. ' The Indiana Republican said Sputnik was a morale builder for Russia: He said it doesn't "make sense to stick our head in the sand and believe it didn't happen." He expressed confidence Jn. America's 'long range supremacy.. ' /CAN'T HIKE, STOLE CAR IWDIANAPOLIS: W— City police, trying to halt teen-agers ,from hitchhiking' home 'from" school, began ordering. them-:...into, traffic court recently. S a tur d ay .they found a stolen, car .with-this note . on the windshield:-"! had to do it. We can't hitchhike."': .:: ; •••:•'.' -SPICIAt- . I I I I MONARCH I 'pUKEVEGETAiBlE I SHORTENING J I FREE Pkg- Pillsbury Pancake With Each Purchase of Our Pure Pork Sausage 2 » 98c I I I I I I I I I I I SWEET CIDER I 3>69c TRFCK OR TREAT DELICIOUS I i Gal. 39c INDIANA i ; POTATOES; 29t I CARRnr-O'UT-BEBR I -AIL BRANDS-^- • ! KRAUT'S ! * 21 8-E. Market St. I Phone 41 56 -41 57 | Logansport Lumber Co. DON'T WAIT TILL WINTER COMES! 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