The New York Age from New York, New York on April 28, 1934 · Page 12
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 12

New York, New York
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Saturday, April 28, 1934
Page 12
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i m - TT A. n II Best Edited IrAU BraoUya - OScM 1X ir r 'V - 379 Sa&ner Avensg - V' i Best Known PhonaJlEcatax 2 - 2513 ERIC (Von) WILKINSON, Editor PAGE TWELVE THE NEW YORK AGE .. x Satntday, April 28, 1934 JJ BROO YN EFFWT mm TO t r f1 GALLIVANTING ABOIT BROOKLYN By ERIC (von) WILKINSON SEASONED TO THE READER'S. TASTE , - Aden strenuous efforts cn their part trying to mum their.irliqiuda - tiom., has drifted to this, department's desk that a very : prominent uptown couple are no - longer spending heavenly ays and nitcs together in their cozy little cha.tcau....a third party - was involved but the tiling tha,t itches me under the skin and keeps me scratching is the "don't care" method - she used in petting her man ......A certain something which happened two weeks ago resulted into a lot of unnecessary waste of time It just goes to show that some people Can't Take It.... Scribble something good about them and they'll grin from car to ear.... They "11 hoof from one newsstand r. nvt r.i,rhi - :w pr.oiiL - h twiners to distribute among their trienils....I!ut just mention something jokingly in your column ina :lowning way and the sane person . who was flashing pearly teeth ;hc week before with a grin this wide will try his level best to stir up a lot of trouble .... Those are the type of people that we :olumnisU try to avoid mentioning in our weekly pillar.. ..The three :harming Melody Sorority pretty maidens - were seen wanning their lootsies at the Savov dancing place the other Sabbath sunse - t? A number of peoP'c re under the impression that the Tuxedo Four Hundred Club's Inter - scholastic Prom'', is a formal affair owing to the name of the club.... Don't be contused as long as you look presentable.... Last week the storks were kept busy flying to and f ro .... According to reports the long - billed long - legged birdie made 932 trips 243 more than the week previously Ckude Seymour is keeping Jerry Cooper's dwelling highly perfumed.... Claude has been sending the little lady roses, sweet peas, chrysanthemums, and Loft's tasty chocolates.... The Ruth Simmons - George August sizzling romance i hotter than last August .... LeRoy (Moses) Smith is sporting a Slave bracelet with Mildred Jordan's monicker engraved on h. Louise Paramore and William Simon are incoherent.... William Whiteficld is Elizabeth Duuson's latest cyclone.. . .Cecil Hursi will Mam here that Kstcll Nurse and Cramnvcr Newton are having a rhapsody in lovc....Ak James Howerton about Gracie Williams.... Wonder if Allen (what a) I'ile is aware of the fact that Willie Sim - onds is taking Parthcnia places. ...What gets me sors and leaves full of goose - pimples is to hear a member of a certain organization which has about ten dollars in the club's treasury if that much constantly casting slurring remarks about another orginiV.ioa who is far superior in years cxptience and finance.. ..He is the type of , a fellow who will erect, you with a firm friendly handshake and a broad grin on his pan. ...but the . ins minu couiunt ie printed in tins space. ...1 do certainly nope that he reads this.. . .William (Tieah) Stew - art and Ella Mae Perry ..' are looking fr a preacher. Is it true arc planning a shindig....! hat was the Melody Boys and the Melody '.Sorority you saw in their tricky black and white outfits atthe Meteor' affair.... I had to chuckle when Jimmy Payne told me that one of the guests present came up and asked him - for some cracked ice because he was wearing a mess jarket.... Among theother clubs present were the Rainbow Joymakcrs, Tuxedo 400, La, Vcni - ta Girls, ' llantc Carlo and Royal Ten. A WRIGLEY WRICKETY WRACK . 1 , Club Charmante and its members gay, invite you and your friend to come dance and flay at their Wrigley Wnckety Wrack. In the ol' town shack...... Yes sir, my friends when you receive your invitation with the above poem scribbled on it you'll know then and there that it's from that gorgeous flock of turtle doves tagged Club Charmante.... And folks I warn you don't miss this affair. i.U you do you'll be sorry.... Then there's that popular group of lads, the Rainbow Joymakers who are offering the public two former Cotton Club attractions at their forthcoming "Wonder Bar" for less than two bits.... The club world is wondering how they can do it.... But you' . must also remember that this organization is five years old.... and they haven't been idle during that spa:e of time. AINT IT THE TRUTH Calvin riiillips escorted what cute little Quincy street maiden home last Friday dawning.... A certain rcportah would do most any thing for the same lassie.. ...No doubt you all know by this time made up. ...Wonder who Mas the Harlem Queen' Rupert (New York News) liath was whispering words soft and soothing to at - the Meteors Four Star Prom ??..,. The George Vera Dotsons looked hke ttf love - birds winding it abut the ballroom floor the other nite '....Joseph O'Carroll can't help from loving Cordcllia Watson t'he way he docs. ...and neither can Vincent Dottins....01ga Parris wants ti be kissed by Sonny (Claver Boys) llo wen until it tingles.... Just lor F.lla E.'s information.... she'll learn here that she doesn't stand or sit a ghost of a chance with Sonny whn Olive or his other leading lady is around.... Robert (Dunbar A. C.) Knight was overheard telling it to Catherine Ford via the dumb - waiter.... S. D. says that Bob (Les Jeuncsc) Ross should polish up on his Bill Robinson steps before hoofjing out in public. ..The black - eyed susan - browns inform me that I should tell Dudley Long that be iil have to lcajrn to ankle bettah than he docs before he'll be abb to hold a molten mama I suaeest that before anv KemD to warm her tootaie bei man, Senor Alfred Curtis.... Wa that Norm. p;u. " potted buying a sweet - tasting pie for Betty Fletcher?. What I turtle dove. is still yearning for her lost lover Benn. OWr Vi",.""4.1!1?1 i10 j A'm (,Alma River) jouj vmne sorrow; jones new arrival is about four weeks old.... It wasn't printed before because I didn't think of it until now... Was that Laura Parker, one of my henchmen, spotted going places with her former heart - ache Because her latest rZtm?n Mn't sef,hcr 0n Sunday? - - - - rra only asking??.... That was Mamie Vermong you saw in a clinch the other nite ......Is Carlyl Thornhill trying to get Williemae Faison to listen to reason??.... Of 'coupe, it's no longer news that Joe ( yf!ru RKt - ad.Lf Loa:h are back together again ... Harold F.lh might be interested to know that his former lambic - chopsie Connie Mayo is back in circulation again.. . iZu !ike 0r hira.t0 ,,eP ,n for 'ew minutes GWO Wlliatmf ?' "ePpinK with Grace AriKO Mildred Kcczcd and Rudv Shaw ibout each other... oui. Dogsctt over at Julia Kcnncr's lodgings the some ..... A chap by the name . .... .,1 w jaw uiiung n coomb with Flora. r - w "V VV " ivmm "acn is so mad v n We w - ; :n, - :uc K,s cr" "enchman rrrrvx - , 'v:..: r "t said far - w, ' Reiser - , new admirer.. ..but sar. MiHi,.? aho Tudolp'l SK. , Ruth Jerome and Baron I'.rcwJter denies that thev care foe Vrh other....One of my readers' idea of a perfec? , tl f between Cecil Edward, and Eugene BurgTT." 'n, Too?sie Peterson is frying hard for a comeback.. ..NOTICE - IW forle to turn your timepiece an hour ahead on the ,28th.... Will see you 2 church an hour earlier Sunday. . ' u n SAT. !?r.28 Tuxedo400Club ' ,' WtSEHr AN - iNTERSCHOLASTlC - PROM" UY CLARK MISSOURIANS At SONIA BALLROOM TICKETS tin Advance) myer at door . - ' n ctrrs r5(P. ... oentra kk4 theausk Jimaiy tuni . ' MTTfUOAai H. NeMru, SJO lUiMf an a. WiISIimm SJt UfayMU Ave. VVBBMBBaSBBaiSHBMMSMM ft things that are running through that the Sophisticated C Y. Lassies one of vM .vi. ..u I with vnn Mr.. k.. I " - .. y . wvw ... vviisuar SICE I looking for a landing place at Willoughbys....The news of the was wanning the pariah sofah other dajktiine....1 Hart ith the ell of Henr lt.n.i - i. T. - .. . rCATURINQ X??row' ,eft nht: Wylder, P. Sandford, E. Wilson, W. WUldnt. L. Simpson, B. Winiann. Middle row: B. Saunders, M. Ward, O. Morgan, E. Bevy, M. Taggart, h Walker, E. McNarr. Front row: W. Calhoun, L. Glover, V. Harper. M.. Moore, Mme. L. Roberts (proprietor), D. Rawlins. M. Jackson, G. Thompson, L. Newton and C. StanciL Photo by BIBBINS. Mme. Lucille Roberts' Beauty School Has Colorful Exercises Over 400 friends and patrons of Mme. Lucille Roberts, and her students attended the schoris first annual graduation exercises and dance last Thursday evening at the elaborately decorated Sonia. Ballroom. The program which consisted of dancing, entertainment and the graduation exercises were well arranged and brought considerable Comments frrn the hundreds of guests at the close of the affair. The twenty - three graduates loic - ed stunning in their oranee oreandv dresses with black satin sashes and sarn slippers which matched, their dresses. Mme. Lucille Roberts, founder of the LtRobcrt! Modernistic School of Beauty Cufture is a graduate of Mme. Anderson's College on Seventh avenue. New York City. She was graduated with the class of "29. Mme Roberts started her Beauty Scho i in 1932 in her apart ment and with her ability as a beautician has achieved highest laurels as a Beauty culturest Not only js Mme. Roberts an expert hairdresser and runs one of the largest schools tn Brooklyn, but is an experienced modiste as well, The sisted entertainment program con ot several talented artists. with Eric von Wilkinson, Brooklyn 'p "c new lorn rvge snar ing the Honors as master of cere monies. Gwendolyn Phillips and Percy Graham, started off with the tango which was followed by Walter Keys, tenor, assisted at the piano by Wiley Evans, composer. Beatrice Gay and Gewge (Shorty) Stogen, avoy Lindy Hon and Shim Sham king and queen did their bit. R .and Jackson, popular baritone sang two popular numbers. Inn wag fol lowed by a beauty parade and Con tet. Three prizes were awarded to the winners. Lillian Ware was lawaraca nrst prize, a silver roving . . - , p,,I?m. ger ve$ done by Ber' t'1 Williams. Eleanor Wilson was presented with a beautiful table lamp for second prize for a marcel vave done by GeraMine Thompson inira prize Honorable mention was awarded to Viola Taylor of the W hoopee Girls f - r curls. Miss Tav - lor represented Daisy Rollins Shop - pe. J he diplomas were distributed bv Carlotta Lamy instead of Gwandolyn Phillips as scheduled. The receiving diplomas were: Ella May Kerry. Willie May Calhoun Bttv Dudley, Lillian Glover, Vernice Har - per, Mildred F. Jackson, Otel it Morgan, Mary . Moore. Ethel Mc - Neir. Lottie Newton. Daisv L. Rol lins', Pauline Stanford, Billy Saunders. Carrie Alma Standi. "Lucille Mmpson, Mary 1 swart. Gerald ne,1 Thompson, Isahelle Walker, Kfamie u ward, tnzaoetn Wilder, Willis Wilkins, Bertha Williams, Eleanor Wilson. The LaRoberts Modernistic School is located at 322 Macon street . Dance, music was furnished by Milt Robinson's Paradise Orchestra under the direction of the popular waiter nare. o Tnicdo 4CX) Gab Awaits Throsg At Initial Dance Next Saturday nite all roads will lead to the beautiful Sonia Bait - room where the Tuxedo 400 will make their debut with an Inter - scholastic Prom. Hi - Clark and his MisMuriani have been engaged to tt the tempos for the occasion. As reoorted here reservation fiiv I been sold out completely. A mem the clubs wh - will be introduced will be the Merry Strut ters of rtarem, also the Yadrutis (rl .rooklynjs own. The very charming Club Charmante. . anjl lovely maidens ni the Doric Society Girls will be the hostess's. The winner of the Inter - scholastic con - Jul Jsii Jifi Mfloufice4. GRADUATES OF LA ROB ERTS BEAUTY Paul White Admitted To v Practice In U. S. Court Paul W. White, counsellor - at - law, was admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Eastern District c( New York, on muii 10. rus sponsor was Hoq BROOKLYN CLUBS By ERIC (Voo) WILUNMN One of the stylish events of the season wis th. Celebral U pre - imcu d vine jueioav tiovi u Krl. day evening at the Rose Ballroom. Soft music floated dreamily over the cozy ballroom. Fascinating debs in the latest style gowns and frocks glided over the mirror - waxed floor With lads in evening annarel. TI. .... - ' ' I ine aieioay U3y who have been! ""vi hi me, psi iwo years were handsqmely garbbed, and ooked natty in their white mess v.rv. .r..(..l I .u. . ..... SSrSS? tcr dub were iform.ydssed !l!(h.UlP;ohns6n ."l uui9 i masicr oi ceremonies. Be - frrre intmHnrimr h. their hostesses they both marched ' u y ?Vn,n Inviu around the hall .mil aljl ' e their Wo - Mowers were pinned n the boysifh! iJ , c.e to U ixnred on by the sorority while the m. c con - Le.. ?h J M"f Siia Ballroom tinned talking about the members CTltTu hf Red of both organizations. Mac BoyceU.Pi!r !?d P .May .Hi,,y. and his boys were on the syncopa ti'W end. - THK META ADELPHAN DELTA Held their election April 18, at the residence of Walter Jones, 271 Decatur street Officers are: Walter jones, president ; Cecil Gloster, vice - president; Gilbert Johnson, trea - surer; Lloyd Greenidge, secretary; Cyrus McNeil, business manager. METRO DEBS Met Wednesday evening at the residence of Anna Plans are progressing rapidly for their forthcoming .Wamoa Bnlm early in May. GATETTE SOCIAL CLUB Met at the home of 1lie Wmn 433 Troop avenue, last Thursday evening. Officers installed are; Nel lie Wynne, pres.; Daisy Rouse vice - , uiiiiic uarrwooa, secretary; president: Daisy Rouse, vire n - eti. dent; Lucille Gatewood, secretary; Mattie Overton, business manager; and Minnie Gray, treasurer THE SOPHISTICATED FIVE Held - their last meeting h residence of iu secretary, Ruth Herbert, 101 Rogers avenue. They are naving a apring rroiic at bhswod - land. on the 28th. Hewlitt Tavtnr and his ambassadors will play for them. ' MONASCHS SEPIA TAN DANCE - CKAWS CROWD An unusually larae Catherine at tended the Monarch's Sepia Fan Dance given at the Shadowland last Saturday evening. Maud Wilson Louie DoRgette, Leon Herbert and Luther Mitchell served on the entertainment program. KKTJSADIKS S. 4 A. CLUB Met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Watford, 234 Greene avenue, last Thursday evening. After the meet - ing the hostess served a delicious CLUB GARDENIA. Held their regular meeting at the home of Nettie" Douglass, 1586 Pacific street - All communications should be mailed to Evelyn Benn, 375 Putnam avenue. Guests of the evening were: IVed Burger, and Theodore Moe. . LAXOMPANIA SOCIETY GISLS Held thtr meeting at the home of, Mildred Atkins, 1096 Fultm street) Guests were members from the Paragon Boys, Cub Entente, and Colony Boys. Mrs. Earline Smith was made a new member of the club A delightful collation wi served by the hostess.: . . HEART BREAElftC GIBLS Held their regular meeting Wednesday evtning at the home of Pauline Bartley, vice president Af - tSl &t SBUU 1 tlfUqpJW tasj SCHOOL' i Henry Ward Beer, president of the Federal Bar Association of New roric iscw jersey and Connecticut. Mr. White who maintains offices at 858 Dean street. Brooklyn, is a junior member of the Brooklyn Bar As sociation. .. - ,, Read CARRYING THE TORCH on page 7 A weeklv fatnn stj on stylet of the day. Page 7. I was served.' CHAJUESTONIAHS ORCHIS - TRA - CIUB At we anair sponsored by the lhna iffn.L . - v..s B.uuj j - ccenuy two prues were given away. The raffle prize ;" y ouster r erguson. A silver loving cup was awarded to rlorence Marcial of h c r - .ri. uujiojing ot tne most tickets, I ALTON ASEOv r Plans . 7.7.; JLj j: : - - - - - - " - - - vwii ft? - ."! tedorX by the above ffi r - AIlfB0w mrmr... if ? . Met t their club house. 506 Grand - . - a - - - - . w4vsi x( nrave ior - merly of the Cotton Club. Their advertisement - will appear on this rt ei .weeK. THE GAY SElfOSITAS a. i iSew rLecord Sundar ewning. "cn ov Mi people packed the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, 1072 Dean street. Mu - ?i? ..wa fJ?rni$hed bX A. C Prince. w J ''am Steward of the Tigers So - .iuo aciea as Dusiness advisor. Send c sumunicatiom to Ella Mae rcrry, secretary, i Myrtle avenue. LA TOURS S. ft A. CLUB Held their meet in r h of F. .Parker. 47S il All preparatijns have been mH. theur dance which will be given soon. After the meeting the club spent t very delightful evenine with the Melody Boys. THE IDEAL Wfiva f. Held their open club meeting on Sunday, April 22, at the residence of LeroyMcCIammy, 316' Tomp - kins aveaue. The clubs present were: Let Jeunes, Lei Amies. Renaissance Girls, Sleepy Time Co eds K. C A. Girls and Savoy Social. JACK O'HEAKTS , Mtt at the residence of Harry Vaughn, 428 Franklin avenue, last Monday evening. Flowing the session the boys participated . in a whist tournament Th prixe was awarded to Lewis Edwards. JOXQUIL GIBLS Regular meeting was held at the rfi'J ,?f Clad Washington, 158 Duffield street. Plans - ara be - kig made for their forthcoming dance. m CLUB CHAKMAHTK In keeping with their usual course of 'original entertainment mnA thmir slogan "When unique ' affairs are sponsored Club Cnarmante will give them," the above group of hi - br pvo babydolls with their strons? cVmnect - tions are planning an affair labelled "A Wrigley Wrkkety Wrack." Hundreds of sticks of gum will be erven sway with their compliments. Keep your xrbs focussed on tjiij page for their advertisement , MOTHER'S DAY PIANO RECITAL rMHf cunci 0. ATWEU . naaio rsMnrr . Aad His ! MH ganiar (U( Sdaj,;!, 1934 I10WLAND STUDIO 1M rHmm Si - SMbla White People Making,' Effort To Save The Nazarene Cong. Ch. White friends are makinir every effort to save the Nazarene Congrr - gatinjnal Church, Lefferts place and Grand avenue, which is'fadng for closure proceedings. , The ' church was made famous by the tate Rev. Dr. Henry Proctor, who increased its membership to 1.500. Dr. Proc tor died in May, 1933 leaving the murcii without a regular pastor. in the twooertv was our chased for $117,500 from the Uni versalist Church of Our Father, The first mortgage was for five years ending January. 1st, 1933. It was made at the time of purchase after half the price had been paid in cash. The cash payment was made ptsssble by a loan of $20,000 from the Congregational Church Build ing, holder of a second mortgage for that amount . : The action is for the payment of $58750 and interest amounting to $1,46875.. Since the death of Dr. Proctor it is said that th mem bership has fallen to 500L SOoam Pres. Cburch To Gire Minstrel and Night Oab Rem At Central Y. By Chester R. Thomas Hear Ye I Hear Ye Yes 'tis true Brooklyn hath awakened it will present its first and I don't know maybe its last "Night Club Review and Minstrel on Thursday evening, May 10 at the Central Y. M, C. A. 55 Hansen place, near Fort Greene place. The revue and minstrel will be given for the benefit of Siloam Pres byterian Church under the personal direction of Gertrude Leora Martin and its cast is composed of many of Brooklyn's most popular shebai and sheiks. The three dances which they expect to knock the audience dead with are: the Fan dance done by the Unknown Lady (her name shall be revealed in this space next week so watch for it folks what's that you want to know whether she is an active church worker (that's none of your bees - wax) ; the Banana Dance (1 11 have to leave this to your imagination) : and last but not least the Jungle. Dance which is a com' hination of the rbumba and the Shim Sham Shimmy put together. As Jim - mie Durante would say its tremen Ixis. sensational and collossaL However I'm terrible sorry to re port that you lads who are contemplating ocdugvying a first row seat will be S. O. L Leslie Hunt got three and Eric Von .Wilkinson the rest if Madam Queen Wilkin son doesnt make him sell them Believe it or not folks its the talk of the town. Century Of Progress Fair Cczes To Successful End At Bridge Street Church Miss Rosetta Hazard, grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward roy of 537 . Frankun avenue won the first prize in the contest among the young ladies of Bridge Street Church, which was conducted dur ing the "Century of Progress Fair" which came to a close on rriday night April 27. John A. Charles, a steward of the cburch, won the popularity contest .that . was con ducted among the men of th? church. The prize won by Miss Hazard was a handsome hope chest Miss Vivian Deas won second prize which was a bathing outfit Miss Catherine Jefftries won third prize . . , W' wnicn was a traveling ait. raisies Geraldine Jackson and Doris Woodford each received a gift in appre ciation of their wonderful efforts. Mrs. Ida T. Mattis. vice - chairman of the fair committee sponsored the contest i Mr. Charles' award'was a ton of coal. He had a close call for first place, for Hery S. Robinon, sr. the popular church clerk and member the Steward's Board, was defeated by only. a few votes. Hi orize was a smoking stand. H does not smoke and reports are that young Henry S jr, will most like - ly use it S. Augustus Walker, chairman of the jr. steward's board. was third. Others in the contest were class leaders Ellas IL Smith and John F. Taylor.. The Boy Scouts of the church won the bugle, yi The scouts trm Berean Baptist thurch won a nrt aid kit and Spencer Burton won s bathing suit in the Other contests. The fair was a success in every mm . . m .f..n way. 1 ne Dooms were Dcamiui decorated and were my nniqutty constrncttd. Li Roberts Kcdercstic Bwriy Parlor tzi Scbol ava wxnrr hautt cM.Tvmrra A fa tt saj tar awtf - . usfaytu s - aire 3 DAYS SPECIAL l Jeffersoa . Itaacocfe. t r. KEEPING UP WITH OUR BROOKLYN YOUNGSTERS ;y LESLIE CLUB SPOTLIGHTS ' ( . First we start with our charming young group of cuties thaft . tagged themselves with the name of 'La Roberts Beauticians,'' that t seem to have full swing with the boys about town, and they ain't so bad on .the eyes if you ask me about them," for I am a close d - rnircr of this speciajl group. ...Next the one and only Club Charmante that a certain popular Brooklyn columnist is justlikethis with r and - 1 don't blame mm, 'caufe they are not so bad when you are feeling low.... Then here are those Entente Girls that. are bout to., spring a thing or two on the others. I overheard that they will pull this surprise very sopn ajnd it will be the talk of .the town. The Rainbow Joymakers will soon be a top notch for they are planning an affair that will simply mak: your head sway with joy, that's why they call themselves the joymakers.... Now, we will soon hear. about the Alton Arrows and their coming affair that will be another head - liner.... The Melody Boys and the Melody Sororities act more like . a love affair to me, than a sister and brother club... ..Then. there. is. our Tuxedo 400, that is present at every dance held in JBrooklyn. ... Mateors Club that just gave their Flour Star Prom at the Renny,.4 . Paramounts that are sponsoring their Spring Dansante at the Labor . Lyceum the end of this month,... The Axinv Athletic Club that is pre - . senting A Night of Dreams it sounds kinda good, don't it.. ..The Monarch Social that just held their Sepia Fan Dance at the Shadow , land, and did the boys flock to see the fan vanish from .around the young lady's thighs. was a solemn sender...... Here .we have - those cute and sociable Jonquil flirts that are planning something, new to surprise us Brooklyn folks,... Twenty - Nines anniversary dance - will be the talk of the town at the Saratoga. ...Monte Carlos Boys that are now rehearsing their coming affair.,.. Aldolian's who are; putting on the ritz, at the Young Folks Democratic Clpb...Arrsco - Girls who just held their Tea at the Rosebud Tearoom.. - .Royal Ten irt planning another dance at the Elks Grill Room... .The Variety Co - eds will soon bring forth something that will ke:p you all guessing for a couple of weeks .... Tea Timers will be amongst the head - liners for this month.... Utopian Tennis Club garden festival which is still the rav of the boys and girls. - .Well I'll be back with some, more headliners soon. - . . - .. .; As you know that everything that was published last week, war written by none other than The Mystery Woman, and now it is niy time to show her up, so here goes everything.... As we all know or as you will soon know, Old Man Stork has wished a beautiful eight and three - quarter pound babe at the Bryant home; on Putnam, firnue and is thc Pate' Troud about it. ...It is rumored - " that he Willi; J. is still tied to his mother's apron "string, and even gets V spanking every once and a while.... Someone sajrs that if Ruth J. coesn t leave Cleo alone, she will soon have to wear "smoke glasses" so that no one will notice her eyes.... Lawrence Linton is singing the blues because he can't ge some girl to call him "dear".... Zeb Nunn doesnt ecm to be satisfied with one girl. . Did you evtr meet a dream walking? No? Well I Midland" that dream was none other than a cute little damsel that jasf came - to town, and she inviUd - iae - up 4o see her sometimes... .iShariasoeuj other than Rita Rauk.... Myrtle Jones is on a diet .because her boy friend Joe Lee stonoed comin? nn tn e er t i.,. .l.. i already lost 'five pounds.,.. Drapie vw.,.iuuS iui ne oeiicvea mat every gin should call hdm her own. out what he doesnt know is that thou dm' i;l - it c n .JTIM !" een' out garghna; "" i,""". ram ine Henry (Lnmk) Barber and rocks. ...I overheard that ' F.lworul by storm and his mother had, to send him back to Washington. D. C., so that he wouldnt have a relapse. ...Is Francis Ball tryina to Vvt i.c un . ,.9P,W .1 .... 1 nt, stork was kinds busv in v sif in ihf IoH f,,r;'Ti baby boy; andTo ffsfX SrSX'ti, 3 SSI aRJSwvX1 Of gooi,.. jxl Brooklyn Society A surprise birthday nartv was given to Bertha Williams at her residence last Tuesday evening, 587 Putnam avenue. The auests includ - ed : Coneli Jackson. Isabel Walker. Elia Mackey, Ella Berrv. Daisv Rol - ins, Mrs. L. Roberts, Pauline Sand - ford, Otelia Morgan, Anna Murphy, Rlanrhe Anrlreur Fl!. U, :M.. I .. ....... . V IIUVI, cille Simps m, Howard McDaniel, veraim Kcrjman, Bessie Williams, Mamie Ward. Gwen Phillies. Lillie Jefferson, Josh Mackie, Blanche Bal lard, tarne and Harry Standi, William Gregory, Lillian Ware, Dan Harris, Mr. and Mrs. T. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. McKeever, Mrs. A. Redman, Messrs S. Brown, C Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Weng. Mrs. V. Whitt. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Mattie Myers, Anna Hayes, Frances Smallwood. Minnie Boj'd, Sarretta Warren. Mrs. Henrietta Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph imaiiwood, miss Hanett urcne and Granville White. Simeon M. Blanks rif 69 Jefferson avenue, superintendent of Zion Baptist Church on Washington svende of which the Rev. Mr. B. Lsrw ry is pastor, was given a surprise birthday party last Monday evening by the officers and teachers of the Zion Baptist Church School. Among those present were Rev. and Mrs. B. J. Lowry, the Rev. and Mrs. P. D. Wright, the Rev. S M Williams, also JUabel . Cargill, J. D.wning, Mamie Barnes, Carnelia Banner, Jannfe Montree, Charlie Barnett, Rosa Dabney, - Margaret Maxwell, Mabel Dabney, Eleanor and Muriel Blanks, Samuel W. Jordan, and Mrs. S. M. Blanks. Last Thursday evening, the Amity Girls entertained the Monarch Cub at Cora Robinson's residence, 339a Bainhndge street Bridge, whist and dancing were the pastime of the evening. The Cnspus Attacks Community Council will celebrate its first anni versary at a public mass tneetln CIL Phone DScntar tX&X .. . CARIBBEAN SEA WEST lliOLES SEUVICE Repreaenting FUKNESS WITHY ft CO, Ltd, aad - otW , . . Steaatahi LSoea , . . Office: 379 Swaner Avenue, BnKekljn. N. J. Stcmib llitU ScU it Orice lHa" We famish and fill oat Re - entry permit form We. also ill oat forma for British' Passport FRS sad nlake no cfaargi for my inlormatioo given ta tzaveni , - . - - ' WE JbO CIlATlNG'wAND SHIPpiliG '" " ' ior amptnrvt 9 HUNT (Monarch) Gilbert is so self - xvearney....;ust a inendly nip."... Lillian Hunt. Hirri. ..i.. D . - competition... nor is it just a rumor.? Brnnklvn - ... - t.. .a. .L - "j' "'' - nourer in the auditorium of Public tjihoel No, 35, Decatur Street near Lewis avenue on Thursday evening, April 26. A musical program will be rendered by Pereival Harris, vio hnist; Mrs. Nina Robinson, soloist and Archibald Bellamy, reader. The Utopian Tennis Cluo heH their annual dance at thrSonfti Ballroom on Friday evenint, April 29 The club members ' were nattily dressed in sport attire The large number of guests danced to the music of Milt Robinson - and bis Paradise Orchestra. The Paramount Whist Club if its regular meeting held lat the home of George HofTler, Cedar Manor, elected the following officers v Wil - nam Howard. nrerfn. PnKw Stephens, vice president: William Johnson, secretary, and John Winters, treasurer. Herbert McDonald as master of ceremonies installed the new officers and was:thui afforded an opportunity to exhibit his ora - tortcal gift. Ex - president. Walter Douglas thtn recounted the successful achievements of the club during his tenure of office. hope that the spirit of gd fellow - ship and co - operation - would remain in the future what it has been in the past A tasty collation prepared by Mri George Hoffler . was heartily enjoyed, the boys not foregetting to toast thesuccess of . their . newly elected officers. The Monday Night Bridge Club met at the home of Mrs Gertie Campbell, 470 Jefferson svenue. J. ? ?Tetnt wre Lennie Jensen, Mabel Pogjie, Hattie Barre. Jean - ette Ferguson, Gladys Kemp Theresa irnie, Blanche Wright, - Margie Werner, Daisy Ramey, Florabelle Pogue. HaCird: - TIMtirDTllrVfM 4l Franklin Ava. Brook) Phone FRotpeet t - OSM EXPRESS COJnc. ooaasasL te. Of West XaOen, 7 1

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