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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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TODAY'S. Sunrise 7.41 a.m. Kurort 4.23 p.m. WEDNESDAY; DECEMBER 23, 1950. The Ottawa Journal WCHRISTMASf JEWEUtY I Make it, West Still Split As Summit Nears By AUTHia OAvauuM.

ment of his partners to go on n'lfht. PARIS, Dec. 23. In trying, even if the first session' She was returning from a the wake of the Western sum- results slight. berry-pickmg expedition with mit and NATO talks ii Paris, A Stopgap Berlin Deal: Eise.ii- i her foster-sister Georgianne jnajorWestern allies are howef and Macmillan Barnabe on a "very warm, dry still far from unified on four although they do not say so out 'Summer major issues 'they must ncgov loud, that this offers the best I The girls were walking, handlist with the Soviet Union, chance of a firm agreement at in-hand, in fairly tall grass on And disunity continues over the summit.

Thev are ready to the side of the narrow rqad, the military policy of the At- renew an offer the West made when a car passed raising a lantic alliance itself. in 1958 Geneva foreign cloud of dust. The Western Big Four set a ministers' conference, which in-1 "After it said pattern for negotiation wilh, eluded a ceiling on armed-Georgianne, "Claire (dropped the Russians that might go on forces in the divided city and hands and) took three steps for years. But their decision a ban on hostile propaganda. Di onto the road, is dearly only the beginning Gaulle and Adenauer disagree.

said 'Claire get off the of a beginning. Disarmament: Fisen r. road' the witness continued. Presidents Eisenhower and Macmillan and to a lesser ex-1 Claire turned at the warning de Gaulle, Prime Minister Mac tent de Gaulle, believe this and was hit by the second car millan and Chancellor Ade- could be a fruitful field of nego which appeared out of the nauer either failed or did not nation over a long -period, settling dust, even try resolve their own Adenauer does not rate "The ruts carried me Into differences on basifc Issues they, intend to discuss, with Nikita There is no agreement on the Khrushchev. I program to offer Khrushchev.

Instead, they ordered their East-West Relations: Allied experts tot go to work on build, experts still have to- agree on ing a eopimon front for the(what the four Western govern-proposed, April 27 encounter ment chiefs meant in- offering with the Soviet Premier. Lead- i this blanket item for summit Ing diplomats confidently ex- discussion. Strictly speaking 't plain that (he experts have four-wight allow raising the matter months to resolve the conflicts, of Red China and other topics But It took them J3. months of dickering to get together on tne matter of the East- West summit meeting. A balancel sheet, of the Paris'! exchanges, based on what high officials themselves have ie-! vealed, shows: i Summit Meetings After i960-'soil, Eisenhower, de Gaulle and Adenauer regard the suggested April meeting as" largely a probing exercise to establish whether Khrushchev is ready to give as well as take.

But Macmillan believes he has' won the agree- Warm Weir rime Continued irom rage une. On hU return last night, the i 69-year-old President looked this North African capital, the less weary than many of thei President, winding up a aides and reoortera who had ac-'rnfe goodwill tour, promised I companied him. As he walked down the ramp of his military jet airliner, Mrs. Eisenhower who remained behind during the Journey rushed up and gave him a hearty embrace and kiss. She then embraced her son and daughter-in-law.

Major and Mrs. John Elsenhower, who accompanied the chief executive. In his brief speech, Eisenhower said he wanted to thank those who came but "on this cold night" to greet him. The temperature "was In the low 20's, coldest day here so far this Winter, The President reminded those present that he had breakfast in Madrid, lunch in Casablanca and reached Washington at an hour "which by our getting up time Is six o'clock (In the He referred to the time differential. From the airoort the Presi-1 dent rode directly to the nf ti i force i A pwer ine innr "ouw ered across the street in Lafay-' ette Park.

ine naroy wcii-wisnns. stamping their feet to keep warm, waved lighted yard-long snsrklers when Eisenhower drove by shortly after midnight Obviously pleased by tne un- usual torchlight reception, Eisenhower doffed his hom-. burg and waved from the win- dow of his limousine to the cheering throng. Two of the spectators were treated on the scene for minor burns from the sparklers, use of which had been authorized by city officiate despite a protest from the National Fire Protection Association. As soon as the Eisenhowers' i emered the White House, part 943 Uvilt Road of the crowd crossed Pennsyl- 0(tawa nd Schce, window vania avenue, pressed against ud of Arnprior the seven-foot iron fence sur- Th.

wr t(atcJ Mr rounding the WhKe House burner concu5Son a grounds anrl serenaded the bfoken 8nd 0(lTer m. President and his wife with the accident. Christmas carols. They, dis- Hf seeks 745 jrt specjaI persed in about 15 minutes. for pain and U.S.

Quit Morocco. suffering and $10,000 for per-CASABLANCA. o. manenl partial disability. The Dec.

23. (Reuters) President writ was filed by the law firm Eisenhower eased one of the of Lafleur, Aubin and Beaulne. Canada Sharing Disarmament Jask Canada Is going to bear' "a 'aboard art RCAF Comet Jetliner heavy responsibility" in cornice, TutaJr i He told reporters he does not lion with the International dis-(orse. anywchag. Canada cussions On disarmSmcnt, Ex-'commitment as a NATO partner tern).

Affairs Minister Howard In Europe. Neither Is there any Green 'said Tuesday. thought that this country's rtilli- He made the statement in dis- "7 Wmmitment, In Europe be i he said, closing that thel five Western Mf GrKn ufmi members of the 10-member. com-1 a(ter his 11-hour trip, said NATO on aisarnianicni oriiain, France, the U.S.. Canada and Italy will form a working group to prepare disarmament propos- als to be discussed at the East- west summit meeting expected i to be held April J7.

I Western countries will meet in rations, smnnp NATO partners. Washington Jan. Id to prepare during his visit lo" Paris and Lon-for the "first working group meet- don in October. But there had xg Jan. 25.

Mr. Green arrived In Ottawa chance of success too high that could generate more heat than light. i Atlantic Alliance Affairs: De i Gaulle is still playing odd man nut. Despite personal pleas by Eisenhower and Macmillan, he refuses to accept American- nuclear roc nets on nn to ut French forces into the NATO pool, or to ac- cept new military commit-. commit-1 mems.

ror meir pan, tisen-; hower and Macmillan retuse to give way to de Gaulle's demand for a greater share giooai policy-making. i points of tension between United Statei and Morocco oeiore leauug nere iot niunc py plane last nignt. uuring nis seven nours in that U.S. forces will quit! Morocco by the end of 1963. It already had been agreed in principle wai airmen and bombers would be of cuated from the five nsioio which the United States.

wasuueu- granted by France when Mo- Was Swimming. rocco still was a French pro- Franklin Grubb said he had tectorate. 'been swimming with a friend. naming a date and, pledging that base wtlfanver or ine nrsc car war be handed back Morocco by next March Eisenhower con soridated the Topulir success! feet" to (he Wynan he achieved here on his brief Ssaid Grubb, who admitted ftei visit. hadn't seen the car after fol- Tk.

liv. Kh Port Sidi D.U., c.i. Dan r.n.rir r. h-in- oared in SDain to receive U.S.iroad... that he could see 200 strategic bombers Th.

C' 'March is a svmbolic ....1 rm mnA urill nn ty.u here. The base, outside Casa- nancll areadv Is in virtual 'disuse by the Air Force. I 0 1 "7 I ACkC J) I I tX For Accident I a kiaq 1 1 1 "53 Lucien Lymburner. 72. of 242 Lyon street, seeks damages totalling 121,745 for injuries suffered when he was hit by a car -at the intersection of Albert and Lyon street's June 15.

Damages were claimed in a uril filiut St thn KmtcA n.rniwi neM excellent discussions in pre naratioh for the summit meet tng. He said the most Important feature for Canada was the se tion lakenjn getting disarma- ment negotiations under way. Mr. Green said Canada had hern no lack of consultations at the NATO conference.

1 Car Driver Continued from Pag On. Claire Larahie took three fatal steps to her death. tb coroner's Jury wai told at tn inquest held at the Court House her, said rranklln Grubb. "I saw this figure come out on the road (about 13 feet ahead of hlrnX and I immediately hit the brakes and the horn. She was turning around when 1 hit her She Just walked out of the dust bom tht grass onto the road The body was thrown at least 39 feet from the point impact, said investigating Cerii Lawrence Sullivan of Gloucester Nepean Police.

"She was knocked nut of one shoe" wtych lay on the road 39 feet from the body. 26-Foot Skid. 'There was a dent running going the road lie' f'om 'he 'eft headlight to the hood or tne car said the con-. il; year-o car stopped 14 tee 4. 1 I nm man u's anniir raat lie i a.i ai'i wide where the accident occur- reu.

it was a oeiecuve roaa, wi omy v- would bog down the gullies onJ fn road constable tell it would not be safe to drive over it at nuur Grubb said he was eoine. "Not t.v 1 thought anything of the Ivan Wyman, 18. of Edwards, raised the dust on Hall road. -tW. lowing it for one-and a ouarter miles dow the road.

l.ruhh Said f.t was rnvf line in the cer.tre of he fad when the first car feet ahead of him on the right fom 'he car smothered -the hand side but only 100 feet! girls that they "were on the left hand side where thechoking so much they came 8rl was struck. onto the road to get WinU WHS HlOWIHr IfOm the ne Mid' "on, the rkA where the pedestrian were It was because of Traftic Director Thnr Nielsen announced that the Alia Vista-Queensway. and Alta Vista tntercnange will he partly opened to traffic tomorrow after the period. The effect will be to Yi L-Jt naiMArr-" iitomumW in. JLjJLm-mmmmmmmmm Police confiscated nine barrels of homemade wine and innumerable other jugs in a raid last night at 551 Somerset street west.

-UUiu MC in It-tri on. 200 feet no one side and only 100 on the tilher. Th(( accldeni hanpenea arouni) pm Mrs. Barnahc said she heard "hano" Orlti fhon her rloitnhtor Mommy turt, ShA trthnnaA-1nr nnli anA at Grubb suggestion, an am- ouiance. me gin was aead wnen.

cons. arrived she said Dr. Desmond Magner, from "a skull fracture and a brain Mrs. Barrtahe. who was fnsfr motherrpr Claire for 10 months id id road and the first car whien; seemed going very last tl laid' i i Miss Mary, Stephens, repre-l rh hiMfMl.

Sdcl the had bnj ln eye-or ear defect that could have pre- i i I her from hearing or see- she was a member of the ln8 an approaching car. iHoliness Movement. Franklin Grubb's father. she is survived by five lu not true" that the girls had went by. He suggested dust uwiihi.iiiic ucmcu imi.

one aid had been picking hnrrimu in fitrf farfh-r iwiv berries in a field farther away that the dust raised by the I BARRELS OF BOOTLEG BOOZE. QUEENSf A AHA VISTA INTERCHANGE PARTLY DPENSTOMORROW. form a direct link between Hurdman'i Bridge Shown with some of the bootleg booze are Morality Sergeant Ken Spratt and Morality Officer Andy ilanna. Phntn by Wfl I car didn't prevent them from breathine. 1 Assistant Crown Attorney DouEias Forrest, in his summa ljon esed Franklin Grubb iva "trvino roo much lo follow A KI" oedestnans on lixc litile-used road n-u.

A Coroner was Df Roger Rou. ieau of F.astview. Miss Isobel Way Retired Nurse Dies Miss Isobel Way, 172 Fifth died hos. Fire Calls Tuesday. 2.15 p.m.

30 Ardmore, de- IPC! lVt-miI HfiarP hPallr. 2.23 pm. 78 Fleet. over- oil space heater. i .14 11 m.

4fl Union HrV hopper. .4.31 p.m. 218 Maclaren, leaking refrigerator, i 5.38 p.m. Slater-L von. smoke from fresh fire mistaken.

social peace and international Dr. Rodys attended St. Hya-for chimney fire. I peace. clnthe's puai luesoay.

ne was or. alarm Born and educalcd at otttr', 7.39 Lake Way had mup ini, 'iviiss wiv naa 7 nu and New She retired In; io45: I sisters, mrs. tram tewn, Winnipeg, Mrs. Pamscy, Ste- pnenson. run wiinam, mu.

Nellie Hamilton. Stoney Miss Margaret Way, and Miss Elizabeth Way, both of Ottawa. The body is at the Hulse and Playfair funeral URUnj sucri, runr.n, iv will be in the chapel Thursday nt II am ronrfurfpH hv Rv at 11 a.m.. conducted by 6.1R p.m. No.

8 Temporary nunaing, caning I il p.m. 445 St, Patrick, on space nearer. wevourn, renect on irom pen turnace aoor mistaKen 'or fire in basement. Zl 9.58 p.m. 1,215 Gladstone, ",7 mu27 Wel inBton 5" Wellington, "IJZ.T weonesoay.

.12 37 a 448 Cloverdate, cnic.ic 12.40 a.m. 273 Crkhton,,,iii,i. ummm(. 1.47 a.m. 547 Lisgar.

mat- tress fire. a.m. A. J. rreiman Rideau street, overheated electric motor, 8.15 a m.

78a Fleet, chim- 9.24 a.m. 78a Fleet, steam as part of a Colombian air water mistaken for fireiliner that disappeared Decern- from water mistaken for fire.lin-r that riicnnivflred Decern- W. A. McMillan. morning rush not be ready 1 progressed 'from previous fire Drive.

Mr. Nielsen said that until well on into next year when further to, iha'easL Pope John Continued from Page One. The presence ot these ob stacles can be noted, in- "the propaganda immorality, in social injustice. In forced unemployment, in wretchedness contrasted with privilege of whoever can indulge in dissipation, in the fearfil lack of proportion between the technical progress and the moral progress of nations, in the unchecked armaments race without there yet being a glimpst of a serious possibility of arriving at a solution of the problem of The Pope paid homage to the "goodwill- of the many guides and proclaimers of peace in the world: Statesmen, experienced diplomats, influential Obviously referring to President Eisenhower's three-continent mission of peace, as well as to other recent international events, he continued: "The most recent events have created an atmosphere of I disengagement which; Dr, Witold Rodys dlstin-has. caused hopes to blossom iguished professor of.

political anew in many minds, after science and international law at life has been lived' for so long the University of Ottawa, died. In a state of pretended peace, Tuesday Hit hospital in a situation of very great brief illness. He was 70. Instability, that more than pnee A naljve of poIan(li has been threatened with a Dr Rody the complete Tupture. (Universities of St.

Petersburg The Pontiff had blessed the President's mission when he received Eisenhower in sn audience December 6, at the outset of the President's'tour. The Pope said that the basis of international peace "is. above all. truth, for in interna- tional relations also the Chris-. tian saving is valid: The truth will make you free' (John 32).

"No said the "will have soli-foundations i unless there is nourished ip 1 the hearts the sentiment of brotherhood, which ought to exist among all who have a mwA all ed to the same destiny." The Pontiff divided his i words on peace into three gen- eral sections: Peace of heart, In an obvious criticism of the Communist way of lite, although he did not mention communism by name, the Pope said that social peace "is solidly baled on; the mutual and reciprocal respect for the personal dignity of man things and institutions the state are primarily for. man; not man for them." "The disturbances which unsettled the internal peace of nations trace 'their origins chiefly to this source, that man has been treated almost exclusively as a machine, a piece merchandise, a worth less cog in some great machine, a mere productive unit." FIND AIRUNRR WHEEL. PANAMA 'Panami, Dec. An aircraft tire and wheel found floating in the; Caribbean has been Identified ber 8 with 46 persons aboard, -j he complete' Interchange will Queensway construction has its') DR. WITOLD RODYS.

Dr. Witold Rodys Of Ottawa Dies at Age 70 and Berlilv He came to Canada in 1947 and at that time entered the Department of Justice and Joined the staff of the Univer sity of Ottawa. Dr. Rodys was the author of 1 number of books on Canadian Gilmour street, both world wars he served as a general staff officer w'h the' Polish army, He was president in Ottawa of the Polish-Canadian Society vice-president of the Polish Institute ol Arts and Scjpnre- nd' belonged to several law OfOH II tSt jnill A son of the late Mr. arid Mrs.

Juliusz Rodys. he married the former Maria Mordasewics in Poland in, 1922. She survivesv Surviving besides his wife are two step-sons, Manisiaw and Zygmunt Mnrdasewicz, both ol Ottawa, a sister Jane in and one grandson. The body Is at Racine and Robert funeralrhomev 260 Bes serer, street, where a prayer service will be held this evening at 8.15. Funeral will be held Thura.

'day from Racine, and Robert At S.40 a.m. for requiem high mass In St. Hyacihthe'a Church 10 a.m. Interment will be in Notre Dame cemetery. Averts Hull Continued from Page He had suffered first degree burns to his entire face area.

His hands had been protected by heavy gloves. Swathed in heavy bandages mi him knm in nl. at his home in Carletn PI last night. Stearns told T'e 'Journal he figured he w4 I "lucky my eves weren't Stearns said it wns the first time in his five years as a prn-; pane delivery man that he hr.d witnessed such a thing. "I had read about similar things, but a guy never flinrrs it will happen to he sn'd.

"The flame tame from no- where Just boom! It must' have been fumes in the air, because nothing else was bunting." Best guess seemed to be that the nozzle of the hose had struck a stone, causing a spark which ignited the fumes. Emile Falardeau, 164 Notre street, an employe of 'Blair Equipment was passing by. in. his truck, warned the nearby ffre station while Steams was moving his truck away from the flames. The gas delivery man was treated for his burns at Sacrfd Heart' Hospital and released i chnrtlv arter Heavy The frame exterior of the house at 158 Montcalm war severely damaged.

The house at" 160 Montcalm sustained slight damage to the roof, Interior damage was mainly due to water. Firemen stations one and two. tinder chief Giroux, gained control of tit situation in snout one noiir, Families in both homes expect to he bark in their houses by Christmas. They are Mr. andMr.

Benojt Boucher, and their, three children, Jacqueline, MnrifV Therese and Gerard. lfiO and Mr. and Mrs. DamietV Raymond, and their four, chlr dren, Ronalds Richard. Paul aitd Carole; 158, Montcalm.

MI liAFnCDEATHS. TORONTO. Dec 23-CP)l-Ugo Glrtlano. 51, was fault injured Tuesday when slrue); by a truck. Hit death, the cet-ond traffic fatality here In tp hours, brought, Mfj-opolitaji lonjnioi name, ucam vi int, year to compared to 124V at the same time last year,.

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