Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on October 19, 1922 · Page 12
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · Page 12

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1922
Page 12
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I. 1 TWELVE THE SP1UNGFIELD DAILY LEADEK. THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 19, 1922. PRISONER IN STATE PEN PAINTS TO AID Ws WIDOWED MOTHER 7" r I f - I 1 Shut in by Tour Walls, Vaclav Krejci Depicts Outdoor Somes. JEFFERSON CITT. Mo., Oct. IS (By The - Associated Press. lWlth four stone wall cutting off hli Ion of the outsMo world, Vaclav Krejci. an In mat of the state peril tantlary here, palnta pictures of landscape of running; brook and of areen meadow and through the aal of hi work of art he. help to support hi widowed mother and widowed sister and the tatter's two children who lire In Prague, Csecho Bi o rak la. Krejef, Is an artist of no little promise. Ha was graduated from the Academr of Fin Arts at PraaTie and from Prague University and traveled throughout Europe to pro pare himself for Ms life's work. Tie exhibited his work at Paris and won a recognition, he says. Then he came to the United mate, where, he says, ha found a lack of apprtcl. tion for art. He became an Interior decorator and worked In various ptrtt of the country, always wrltinir home to tell the family of his rood fiMune and to send money tr. Ma ir.rl'ner and 'Mrr vro wero wtd - w ed by the worid ar. A little less than two year airo Krejci wai In St and while In nn Intoxicated eondltlm le raid he rrtered a euren and - took a moilrrt picture machine. Ton years In the state penitcntlurr was the pnnbli bent meted nut to him. In the penitentiary ho w.n pu? to Tors in tho psln; shop and durln hie spare moment be followed Ms penchant for nrt wirk. Ills paint Ira's aold well and although ho does . not nave a treat deal of lime to do - vote to hia own work, he managed to earn an average of 113 a month, all of which goes to his relatives in ' Prague. The allowance given by the atata keeps him in tobacco and t - takes care of his small needs. : Mia daya of wandering are erd - ed for eight more yeara. Hie family doesn't know he's In the penlten - ; tlary and doesn't quite understand. They want lo know what he Is do - " Ing and why he has remained In Jefferson City so long since he has i always been a wanderer. But he doesn't answer their questions. His 1 mother Is old and he's afraid well, the knowledge lhat hereon la a eon vlct might be too hard a fall dur - 1... Ing her advanced age. So he ha t them address his letters to the post. f. office box used by the prison so they won't know thst he Is a prisoner In Missouri's state penitentiary. r Krejci says he has a longing to ' return home before his mother pae - . I aes on. hut he has eight years to ' S . wait and right years is a long 5 time without seeing his mother. 1 So he devotes all his spare moments to trying to mske money to support " S her and lives In hopes she never 1 ; - will learn of his condition. l.c . . ' ; : P I Mustapha Kemal Pasha Entertains t - : STANDARDIZED PLAN i . OF EDUCATION NOW URGED BY - STEINMETI American School System Somewhat Crude, Noted Scientist Declares. SCHENECTADY, N. Y., Oct. 21 National supervision of America's school system Is advocated by Dr Charles P. Stelnrneis, ielbratert cnnsultant engineer, or the General Klectrlo Co. Such centralisation, ho believes. would raise educational standards far beyond what they are today and make possible & thorough education for every child. "In basic principles." said he, "It la my opinion that American educational institutions are operatlnK along the rfKht linen. Hut they are crude in their methods. This Is per haps because they are now only a generation or possibly two generations old." Dr. Hteinmetx is well qualified to criticise schools. HI'S parents endowed him with an extensive education. Ills education in Ormun scho6ls And collides was, as a mat ter of fact, his only asset when he arrived In New York as un immi grant In 1RS9. NtadleH School n. Here In Schenectady, a city of nearly 140,000, he has several times served on the school bourd. Ills nat - Ameiican history because that gives him one credit. He choses ancient history because that gives him another credit. As a result he learns nothing of history between the fall of Kome and the landing of the IMIgrlma. Yet he ond his parents nd teachers are satisfied because he has acquired two credits. Kvsry - body seems to forget that education, rather than credits. Is the real rea - 'son for going to school," The widely heralded "play element" In education Is not wholly approved by Br. Stetnmets. Although favoring snpthlng that will develop and hold the Interest of pu - pllK. he says: "When we first get the public school products at the Cieijeral Klec - trlc works, we often And that tt takes two or three ytars for them to acquire concentration and Indus trioiinness If they acquire it at all, Children educated to do everything by play would have a hard time adapting themselves tn hard work. "The important thing o kep slKht of In that schools primarily are run to supply education nd not to enable student t - 5 (;ct rredltn. Centralization under federal con tnl would make Amerlmn schools what they should b tho best In the world." THE WAY TO PREVENT STOPPED - UP PLUMBING HOSPITAL PATIENTS SLEEPING ON FLOOR This exclusive plctura shows Mustapha Kemal Pasha, Turkish Nationalist leader, entertaining; at banquet In Angora, hia capital. Left to right:. Claude Feralre, French Journalist; Mustapha Kemal Pasha; jKanild Bey, Turkish official at Constantinople.' Kemal In civilian clothes looks shy and self - effacing contrast to most of hia pictures taken in warlike military harness. - - - 'Shu ai riit iniii ht - rsr - ts i si T 'ii. "r.",. ' rwr . n rtn . xtr It' divenlned farming In order that T each section of the nation could pro. 2 due Its entire food supply nnd pre - - .'. rnt dependence iipon railroads i ' ' when trsnsoortatinn facilities break down through strikes and other causes, was urged hy W. K. Ward.) food Inspector of Ilrookllnr. Mass.. In an address here today before the food and drug section nf the American PuMIc Health association. Mr. Ward also urged fedcrsl supervision over Interstate ahlpments of milk and other dairy products and advised the usa of refrigerator cars for the transportation of milk, cream and supplies for those cities which receive vpeir product from distant points and suggested trying out coosssssewf .ng of con - aumera. The speaker deolared that education of the public through the puh - lie schools and health officials in r matters of food . economics would bav a great public health value. Prohibition has more than doubled the work of Inspection of soda fountains and soft drink manufacturing plants declared James P. Kll - : course, chief of the bureau of food inspection, of the Chicago department of health. "Six yeara ago there were 3 manufactured of soft drinks In Chica go. Today there are 138. The rapid expansion of the business has resulted In a great deal of carelessness." Mr. Kllcourse said. "In April 195J. Dr. Bundeson, commissioner of health, ordered a drive on all soft . drink establishments which resulted in a general cleanup, white washing. scrubbing, cleaning and painting. "Several llcenrea were revoked because the manufacturers persisted tn using bottles and siphons of other dealers, thus making It Impossible to check the responsibility for un sanitary condltlona" if, A BERT S. LEE IS NAMED GRAND MASTER Bvrt S. Lee, prominent local Mason, was yesterday elected grand master of th grand lodge of An elent Free and Accepted Masons at the annual meeting of the grand lodge now lit session at' St. lunula, accord I ?ig to Information received hero last night. The election of officers was held yesterday afternoon. The grand lodge will clone its session late this afternoon. The local delegates will return la the "rnllg. ffudgo O. O. Lucas, present grand master. Is presiding at the session Approximately 700 delegates are In Attendance. Other officers etected were: Jo seph H. Mclntyre of Be trout, rtop Hty grand master; Orestes Mitchell, Mr. Joseph, grand senior warden; . V, Martin. Doniphan, grand ju nlor warden; William A. Hall. Kt I.ouls. grand treasure, and Frank It. Jesse, Bt. Tenuis, grand secretary. FRISCO CO MM (TOIl H.I.. George L Itlce, Frisco ronduo - tnr, of Monett, who was Injured when passena - er train No. 10, en route from Oklahoma City to Ht. louts, was wrecked one mile west of Chandler. Ok la., on the afternoon f October 1. la still confined to his borne. Although Mr. Rice did not racrlve serious Injuries, he expert - wired a severe nervous shock which will make it Impossible for him to raaame his dalles for several week. . Want Ad readers and sera ar people wk make Uh mtJ - me aCT ehaacea. FRASER WAS FORMERLY STATIONED AT RANGER J. If. Fraser, recently elected as sistant manager of the St. Louis - San Francisco Railroad company with offices here, was formerly vice pres. idem and general manager of the Wichita Fulls, Ranger & Fort Worth railroad. fe whs 'located nt Ranger. The Wh liitu Falls, Ranger & Fort Worth railroad is commonly known as the Jake Ramon line and was u n d v r the d i rec t Ion of M r. Frase r for about three years. HOT IS KIM.KO. MONRO K CITY. Wo., Oct. 19. Louis ! Tuly, t, was kilttni; lun cousin. How art! j Tulfy, and Hnmuel li. Hower wrn rnrl - ' ouy Iniiirfii. Into ynifrtlA V uflrrniMin ! when a Itiirilngton DaMcnRpr train strtirk t HII nil lliVrV frilfaf rlrivn hv llna - r s. mit t of herr. Hower ( in a lionnltal J leae Hanntbit ml In m, L - rillrAl rnn.lltlnn Tho two bora atlem) rnhnol fn Monro City but live on farms, anil Jtower hail riven them a "lift" on their way iionie niter fiiooi HT. Lot'IH, Oct. 19. Nelson Cun - llff, director cf rublie welfar, speaking in favor of a $10,000,000 for hospital purpoaeK In a proposed Cl Vic bond I ft ll htvfnm On aMas. ural keen Interest In cducatlona 1 maiilo romn.it iw - it - Hiriit - rfM - affalrs has been given a neraonal rlnrrt ihM - - inn nnia... - ' trend hy the school experiences of Ing on tho floors of the city sanlta - li in iwu nftt'ltliiiliurfii. j ritjni loitlffllt. The doctor has n - vcr married, hut IDrcrtor Cunltff added that dur - he has an adopted son. The Kim lg the lant year, l.oth at the nnl - grew up. married, and It 1h with th.. larlnin and the city hoKpltol. pa - son's family that lr. Slrlnnicts ' t'ents and employes nutnhertng f.00 makes his home. j liavi len forced to nleep In Im - "Anierlcan schools nhould all he ( Province ouarters due to cmwded placed under national control," con - j rondltlns and that 100 narcotic ad - tinued the doctor, as he leaned I nf honpltal treatment across the desk In his library, j I Jinnnt cared for. "even though they be paid for lo - k enllv. Then fichnnl In HW'OXI) RARf IIOUIV W TAIL would be on a par with those in I - 'Hl.U;i. Oct. 19 Mrs. Rose SI another. Oradualion from any high J mon f motn. - c of her seenn - 1 ' school would admit a student to col - "taxlcah baby " She was oh Ihe way without rfnard to credits or ; hospital lat night when th' i the necessity for entrance cxarni nsthms. "Consider the subject' of as an example. A pupil history select child, a Rlrl. was torn In - the can On October 3 "1S1I. while being tak - en to a ho5pttnl in a t ub. Mrs Simon became the mother of a boy. The Want Ad Is a tH - rsonal ad - D!'.1 ,,vo ". " I,ow'r hl" ,,,, ,,, T'm i isiven uiem a - jin on tnelr way ii vantage to you. Ltilize it. Uft - r n - iiool. . 1 the M (D)M IKaimg 'fir "S ljf) : ll nStiomS A jg 1 rrfi i 1 I Special Features of New Year .'Round Oil Range L Cooking speed of the giant gas burner in the Giant 8UPERKEX Burner. Cooking speed of the standsrd aa burner in ths standard - sis SUPKRKKX Burner. 2. Clean, odorless cooking heat. 1 Aosoluta reliability, greater convenience. Handsome, sturdy, long - lived stove with roomy porcelain enameled cooking top and extra - strong bass r shell for utensils. i. New Perfection quality standard the world over. : Look for tha beautiful Cray Enamel Finiah on all Superfex Burner la Your Coal Pile Going Fast? Use a Handy PERFECTION OIL HEATER Wherever extra beat is needed. Keep Warm and Keep WeUl f&ii a.B a? - l Gooks With the Speed and Satisfaction of Gas THIS is the oil range that gives you the cooking speed and year Iround satisfactory service of a gas tove. In addition, it cooks for less than gas at 85 cents per thousand and much cheaper than electricity. The amazing speed and economy ofits newly - invented Superfex Burners its clean, odorless heat its substantial construction and handsome appearance - - and its ample cooking space are making this remarkable new oil range popular for use in city and suburban as well as farm homes. A demonstration will show you why Good Housekeeping Institute, after actual kitchen tests, has placed its seal of approval on this latest and greatest New Perfection. See your dealer now. THE CLEVELAND METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY ' Mo Makers of ALADDIN V ten tilt and PERFECTION Oil Healera UNION AVENUE AND SANTA FE STREET KANSAS CITY, MO. " FECTJ0N OilRange FLKrLA Burners !ss. - 4Si. isw.1 V')' - T'.S'.'iyg.jt, 7. ' jsi iw tea sii ii si wi 11 n 1 1 , uji 1 La aj . , . . - - .A - - - ar.jiw .i - ,... , I 4 A Simple Method Every House . , if e Shou Id Know Makes Pipes Run Freely Saves Plumbers' Bills. Hero la a household hint that will aave much plumbing trouble. When the kitchen sink, aewer drains, refrigerator drain, water closets or waste pipes show sIkiis of cloBglnir. dissolve two or thrco table - spoonsful of Merry Wr I.ye In a little water nnd pour directly down tho opi'nlnir. , Uso only enough water to thoroughly dls - aolve the lye. Itepeat thu process If. necessary. Clmrged pipe will usually open quickly and should then be Hushed thoroughly with hot wster. The wise wsy la to pour the lyo solution down all drain pipes frequently, say once a "wecRTaa It w!inirflVonr - tlio - T - cumulatlon of greaae and other waste matter. Merry War Powdered Ly la also a wonderful cleaner and purifier for use about tho homo you will find niany valuable recipes on tho label such as how to make oap for less than two cents a pound, how to niuko lyo hominy, how to aoften water, how to make clnthea washing ensy. how lo brighten cooking utonslla and kitchen ware, how to clean and purify refrlgcratora, fiarbago cans, etc Worry tVar I.ye comes In a convenient can with revolving altllng - top that cannot come off, cannot get lost, reclosca tlirhtly and pre - servea contents. Ask your dealer for "Merry War" the lyo that haa made jrood for 33 years. It la economical to buy and easy to use. IF IT'S INSURANCE, Call HAROLD COX (11.1 - 14 Woodruff Building rhone ' ODORLKSS "DKY CLKAXKKS SOFT WATKK LAl'NDl - REUS Prices Lower Quality Better Mom's Suit, - cli'iitii'il nml prcssi'il. .............. .$1.25 - . Liulifs' Suits, i - li - iiiii'il iiihI 'prcssi'il . . . . .$150 Up You hic' wrlconii! lo visit our plant end sec liou - your dol'ies' un; i'lcnnil. I 'hone 4IN Springfield Laundry Co. "Where l.liii - ns l.nst' Boonville at Nichols I'hone li. - l(j ATTENTION Have your ln'iitini; pliiiit inspccli'd iiikI put in nrilrr. - It will soon In1 colli Wc Imvc repairs fur iuiy uuikc f iiriiti" 25 yciirs i'Xn'ricln'c. . Pinkerton Tin 5c Furnace Co. 200 Mill Street Phone 2021 Edgewood Park Addition Why not drive out New street and look over the BEAUTIFtui' KDOEWOOD PARK ADDITON that aa recently opened. 'oau - tlful shade; city conveniences. School and churches cijse at hand. . . Lots $500 $50 Down $12.50 Per Month No Interest a Acre Tracts $6C0 $60 Down $15 Per Month No Interest STATE SAVINGS TRUST CO. ,u;:xts Phonos 2357 - 2358 155 Public Square).. feed fbv Winter JEggs Now, v - .'rTf.iniiwnw miAa. WINTER egg slumps usu ally start in mid - summer when hens improperly fed, begin to moult too soon. They draw on their bodies for feathers. The moult drags into winter with the hens in run down condition, unable to lay. Late Moulters Pay Best V.. wok i t.icki yuui hens in summer and expect a heavy egg yield next winter.. Make your hens moult quickly and naturally by feeding Purina Poultry Chows. Get eggs when other hens stop laying. MORE EGGS OR MONEY BACK 1 Buy It By the Ton. VpurinaW 5 CHICKEN SCHOWDER H SpubinaKpSK! y 'N CHtCHtRBQAM I CHECKERBOARD CROW STORE Phone 660 Cor. Market and Convention. H. C. CROSBY. Manaffer. Purina Chovs for salt - hy till leading ftrociirics, Promot dllv - ery to all parts of the city. Pay cash and pay. less. LEADER SUPERIOR WANT ADS WILL DO IT IF IT CAN BE DONE 1

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