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The New York Age from New York, New York • Page 4

The New York Agei
New York, New York
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Saturday. January 24, 1912. To Appear In Recital At Carnegie Hall.Revise Program 'In Home Economics Education To Meet Needs Of National Defense By Way Of Mention ''vl! THE NEW YORK AGE HYACINTHS TWENTY THIRD FORMAL: The best news of the New Year reached the office this eek in the form of a bid to the Hyacinths' Club, twenty third anaual reception, which this season will be held at the Renaissance Casino on Friday evening, January 30. In Harlem's "blue tfcis affair is held in the highest esteem as one of the ultra smart functions tendered during the entire social season. 1 Each year we write in the same vein and say that beauteous damsels, lavishly gowned, and debonair escorts are just half of the evenmg's attraction, while the marvelous scenery dictates the other half.

The club officers are Roy Stanley, president; Mrs. James Hogtms, vice president; Mrs. G. Torres Colon, secretary; Francis S. Grant, treasurer; M.

Roland Finger, chairman oh entertainment committee; Mesdames Edward LeeRoy StanleyWilliam Debnam, and James H. Hogans and Walter C. Dandridge constitute the board of directors. MEDICOS BANQUET: The annual banquet of the Manhattan Central Medical will, be held Saturday evening, January 31, in the auditorium of the 137th street branch YWCA. Toastmaster for the occasion will be Dr.

Norman Pritch ard and guest speakers will be Judge William Hastie, civilian aide to the Secretary of War; Dr. Walter Gray Crump and Rev. Adam C. Powell City Councilman. 8TATEN ISLAND WOMEN'S CLUB HAS ANNUAL SERMON: The annual sermon and installation of the Helping Hand Society of Jjtaten Island, was held at the Shvloh AME Zion Church, the Rev.

E. A. Carroll, pastor, last Sunday afternoon. A history of the society, which was organized in 1909 by Mrs. Maude Dellart, was read.

Musical selections were rendered by Mrs. Mattie Morris, Miss Alice Robinson, Charles Perry, Fred Kittrell, John Hyter and Charles Chambers. Presentations were made the pastor and organist, Mrs. Maude Carroll, by Mrs. Truax.

The entire collection was presented to the trustees of the church Officers installed were Mesdames Augusta Jones, president; Cozan Trulax, vice president; Drusilla Poole, secretary; Jennie Herring, treasurer, and Mary Riddick, chaplain. ATTENDED ESQUIRE'S DANCE: Although Malcolm Davis' week days are busily taken up with the grammatical theories of the English language at Princess Anne College, his weekends are. generally devoted to his "first love" socializing. Generally he migrates back to New York as the houscguest of John Borican, of 29 Hamilton terrace. While here last weekend he attended the Esquire's dance at the Savoy on Friday evening.

FRIENDS TENDER BABY SHOWER: Mesdames Dorothy Turner and Estelle Anderson tendered a surprise baby shower in honor of Mrs. George Gregory, Monday evening at her home, 596 Edgecombe avenue, at which time some of Harlem's' prominent matron were on hand to contribute 'something to the expectant heir who is due to arrive around the. latter part of the month at Sloan Hospital, Medical Center. Those who were unable to be present but sent gifts were Mesdames and Misses Betty Turner, Bessie Williams, Fannie Robinson, MenU Turret, Dublii Maude Turner, Jean Westmoreland. Among those in attendance were Mesdames Ruth Allen, Theon, Anita Caffey, Rae.Olley Mills, Lucille Palezieux, Ruth Steber, Vinetta Thompson, Jessie Atkins Wood, Percy Cheney, Billy Rivers, Florence Cook Dixon, Edith Jones, Ethel Harris Tate, Grace Cook, Mrs.

Gregory's mother Grace Kellogg, Iris Kryger, Alone ita Flood, Birnie Austin, Madeline ATttridge, Beatrite Thompson, Margaret Caver, Lelia Howard, Alroy Long, Frances Anderson and Peggy Willis ton Cooper. QUENTIN HAND JR. CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY: Quentin R. Hand the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.

Quentin R. Hand 145 West 119th street, entertained over a dozen children Sunday afternoon at his fifth birthday party, which was held between one and four o'clock. The tiny tots present were Karen and Sandra Day, Jane Mosely, Kent Drake, Fern Walker, Julie Anne Cooper, Cecil and Yolanda Mtrquez, Diana and Wanda Caffey, Pa trica Thompson, Tony Johnson. and Norma George and the honoree's younger brother, John. The kiddies were served the customary party delicacies after whirh they indulged in playing games.

As you know gifts were presented Quentin Jr. MUSIC CLUB HOLDS SOCIAL: The Philharmonic Music Club held their first monthly social of the New Year Saturday evening, January 17th, at the residence of Miss Yertley Leigh on Nostrand avenue near Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn. Those who participated in the festivity were Misses Vert ley' Pearl Lee, WHlie Mae Rena Williams, Christine Lee, Ruth Lewis, president; Frances Roberts, Emily Jackson, and Mesdames Helen McDonald, Tecora Lee, secretary Luckfe Benjamin, Prof. W. Adams, director.

The in libers who sent tokens were Mrs. Rosa E. Watson, Hisses Hf.iie Johnson, Mary Olive Simuel, Mrs. Emily CI. and Walter NesbiU sees METHCpIST CHURCHMAN VISITS HARLEM; Dr.j..W, Jewett, of Philadelphia, and district superintendent 'of the Philadrlnhia Divtrirt th Cnnirr.

fence of the Methodist Church, was a vliitor in Harlem last Satuny in connection with his duties. Dr. Jewell former she pastorate at Montdair and Atlantic Citv. N. be lid' at one time district superintendent of the Dover, ind Districts of the Delaware.

Conference IIC ARCH LQPOB CELEBRATES 35th BIRTHDAY: 7 ue latter part of January seems to hold much favor with many. social ajid fraternal chibi which are spon' their winter class es. The most familiar date on sal appears to be January 30th, wh. three of the borough's 4 organizations wjJ step out anil treat their patrons to a I Jt of fun and folly. of then is Monarch Lodge, No.

1 5, B. a EJU of It Wotkl, 4 ciretrng its thirty fifth OaPl. rv Far from empty has been that hand. In it have been tickets to all sorts of amusements, social affaire, all totally free ot charge. Mrs.

Buchanan, wife of the manager of the Savoy Ballroom, has been made chairman of a committee to bring theatrical entertainment, stage and screen stars to entertain the men at the Harlem Defense Recreation Center on each Tuesday night of the week. Already she has enlisted the services of such famous folk as Sister Thorpe, Bon Bon and others. Not to be outdone in showing the servicemen the red carpet of welcome, the Hotel Theresa, Old Colony Inn, Smalls, Dick Wheatons and other restaurants and clubs have been regularly dining a number of service men each week. The Savoy ha3 been particularly gen erous in issuing 175 passes to their dance hall each week. There have been free passes to the Y.

M. C. A. Physical Department and also Saturday night dances for the servicemen in their Little Theatre. The Nicheithes have given over forty chicken dinners and Friendship House has invited the boys over too.

Mrs. Margaret McRobinson is sponsoring a house party and the Lambda Chapter of the A. K. A. has prom ised to entertain a group of the boys.

The Entertainers Club is giving a dance in honor of the boys in service at the Witoka at which a quartette of servicemen will On last Saturday night the Mys crettes Pokens Girls lavishly en tertained the boys at the Harlem Center with a spaghetti supper. The members ot this generous group are; Helen Kellar, president; Llonora Abernathy, secretary; Juanita Andrews, treasurer; May me Robinson, Louise Slmms, Alberta Greer, Evelyn Sloan, Mary Rochester, Ethel Penney and Agnes Evans. Really the community has done itself proud in adopting the ser vicemen and the directors of the center are quite pleased with the quantity and quality of the diver An Old Favorite By Frtntti Let forte TVESSCRTS may come I desserts msy go. but hdi of Ue old favorites still get more and la a a lunr soar luniirai 07 cooks who demand something delicious as well a lutrltioas. Of course the recipe has beta changed to make ue aoosen eveu more dsllckras thu the oae grandmother served but It's still that "old favorite." Caramel Tspleca 4 tablespoons quick eooktof tapioca; 4 tablespoons sigar; teaspoon salt; cups boiling water; cup auger; cup bolllog water; cup cream, whipped; cup walnut moats, brokea; Va toaspooa taallla.

Combine tapioca, 4 tablospooaa agar, salt, and cups boUlng water ta aaocepaa. Bring mixture qukkly to a full bell over direct heat, atlrrtag eonetaaUy. Remove from Ire, (Mixture wfH bo this. Do Mt otiereeok.) Place cup sugar la heavy skillet over low game, ftlr coastaatly as augur melts aad becomes golieu brewa. Add very slowly 44 cup boUluc water aad stir until dissolved; bott 1 mlMte.

Add to Uptoea ssJx tere. ChtlL Fold la wkippof cream, lata, aad vanilla. Torres i v. I RUTH LIPSCOMB, young West Virginia, pianist and graduate the Institute of Musical Art et JuUllard, wUl five ber lint New York recital on SunUy afternoon, February 1, at Carneie Chamber Music Hall. lS4i West 57th street.

Tboufh Miss Lipscomb has achieved notable success as a pianist in her home state. It was not until recently that the consented to a New York recital, and only then after the urttnf ot friends and her teacher, James Friskin of the JulUiard faculty. Dick CampbeU, well known to Harlemites, Is handling arrangements. Real Southern Hospitality Being Extended Negro Soldiers And Sailors By Harlemites! Harlem may be a far cry from the South, but its hospitality to servicemen cannot be beat in any clime. In the best southern style the hand of welcome has been extended to the soldiers and sailors.

sion offered. Still more invitations, suppers, parties, are not to be discouraged. There are ap proximately 3,000 colored soldiers stationed in New York. The Idea is to provide whole some, healthy, recreation ior ine boys, and though the community is doing a fine job, the center will certainly welcome additional offers. Mrs.

John W. Horyck Dies Here In 80th Year; Of Old Family On January iti, Mrs. Rose o. Moryck, widow of the late John W. Moryck, prominent business nan, active in politics of Newark, during Gov.

Franklin Murphy's rc her eightieth year. Mrs. Moryck was Ine former Rose S. Ray, daughter of the late Adam Bennett Ray, life time resident of Newark for eighty nine years, and well known as Justice of the Peace, treasurer of St Phillip's Church and life trustee of St. Barnabas' Hospital, a descendant of the distinguished Ray family, one of ttc first tree Negro families In this country.

Mrs. Moryck was one of the first colored teachers in New Jersey and rose to a principalship before her marriage. During a life time spent in Newark, Mrs. Moryck was active in civic and philanthorpic work, being for ten years a member of the Board of Directors of the Y. W.

a member of the Women's Committee of the New Jersey Urban League and on the Board of Directors of the Phyllis Wheatley Home. In church work, Mrs. Moryck was a leader, being Sunday School teacher, president of St. Elizabeth's Guild and the DorcM Societies of St. Phillips' Church, this City, for many years.

She is survived by a son, Chauncey Ray Moryck; a daughter, Mrs. Brenda Ray Moryck Francke, of 35 West 110th street; a son in law; Robert Beale Francke, of London, and one grandchild, Betty Osborne Francke. Funeral Services were held at the undertaking establishment of Mrs. Louise B. Hart, 22S2 Seventh avenue.

Harlem Women In Response To Plea Of hesjaoosevelt Responding to the call of President Roosevelt to the women ot America in the nation's hour of need, Harlem's women are mobilizing their skill and energy for Mr vice under the leadership of Major Anita Reed. Reorganizing the Ambulance and Motor Corps of the last World War, under the name of the Home Defense Women's Ambulance and Motor Corps, Post No. 1, this volunteer group consists ot ambulance and motor car operators, trained nurses and first aid workers, all trained in military discipline. Military training is under the efficient supervision of Lieutenant Frederick L. Mitchell, who is also a Morse Code instructor and expert in map reading and telephone switch board operations.

Captain J. Smith, is instructor of aviation. All activities pertaining to needs are part of the program ot each drill night. Major Reed's personnel consists ot Captain Irene Burchell, Serg eant Adjutant Reva Harrison; Sec ond Adjutant Lieutenant Constance Williams, First Lieutenant Mamie Jones. Second Lieutenants Alice F.

McCoy, Brunette Morris, Lula Singleton, also Sergeants Violet Moore, Beatrice Ferrer, Helen Jones, Emma Undly, Beatrice Duncan, Juanita Clark and Corporals Margarite Kanzaki, Emma Smfth, Esme Smith, Emma Norwood and India Reubcl. Official roster of the corps includes Dr. James Thornton, chairman of the Executive Board; Robert T. Bess, chairman. Advisory Board; the Rev.

A. F. Coles, chaplain; Lieutenant Reva Harrison, Chairman, Delinquent Members; Sgt Edna S. Waller, Chairman, uniforms; Sgt. Emma Undly, Chairman, Commissaries; Corporal Emma Smith, Chairman, recreation; Second Lieutenant Constance Williams, Chairman, license renewals; Corporal Alice McCoy, Chairman, trained nurses division and First Lieutenant Mamie Jones, chairman new members driving division.

Temporary headquarters of the group are at 115 West 116th St. Hilda Grayson Drums Up Interest In National Negro History Observance Hilda V. Grayson, recently ap pointed field agent of the Association of the Study ot Negro Life and History, Inc, has been doing some splendid work in the area east of the M.ssissippi River in helping the expansion of the in stitution's work. A native of South Carolina, Miss Grayson Is a protege of the association which financed her educa tion for the work in which Is now engaged Working last sum mer among the 'teachers in South Car61ina, this ambitious young wo man was able to secure contribu tions and subscriptions to the Ne gro History Bulletn. the Associa tion publication, from nearly 800 individuals.

Some of her most energetic ef forts have been concentrated In North Carolina and Virginia where Miss Grayson is cooperat ing with Dr. P. Jackson of Roa noke. Roanoke people have re cently manifested great Interest and have come so far as to organ' ize a local branch of the Association under sponsorship of leaders like Dr. A.

James and Dr. Ell wood IX Downing. Prior to that Miss Grayson had made signal accomplishments in Pittsburgh. People of that city have lined up behind the Rev. J.

King, James Miller and Rev. H. R. Tolliver in forming a citywids organization to interest churches, fraternal organizations and. social groups In a celebration of Negro History Wet.

Demand for literature for he observation has been very great. it was announced. It may be ob tained at 1538 Kirjfe street N.W, mia.i.k..l MUM mi I ii i ii mtf "Salute To Victory" By American Women's Voluntary Services The American Women's Voluntary Services (12th and 16th Divisions) will jointly sponsor a public meeting, entitled, "Salute To Victory," Monday evening, January 26th, at the Harlem Boys' Center, 28 West 134th street, a which time Dr. Chaning H. Tobjas, senior sec retary for Colored Work.

National Council YMCA, and member of the National Advtisiry Committee on Selective Service, will preside. Miss Frances H. WillUins, Special Group Consultant, Consumer Division, Office ot Price Administration, Washington, D. C. will speak from the subject," Woman's Place in National Defense." T.

Arnold Hill will address the gathering on the accomplishments of both divisions. The photoplay, "Biittania Is A Woman," which depicts the nart played by the women of England in defense cf their country, wiit be shown. The musical portion will be taken care ot by Henrietta Lovelace, Will'un Lawrence, pianist; Mercedos Jordan will render AWVS Mirchinrf On," which she composed, and Bill Robinson w'il tap dance. The committee making preparations for the "Salute To Victory. consists of Mrs.

T. Arnold Hill, chairman; Mrs. James S. Watsw and Mrs. Henry K.

Craft, co chairmen; Mrs. igii N. Parks, advisor: Mrs. Bessye J. Bearden, publicity; also Mesdames Ruby B.

xearwood, The first of the series will be held on Friday, January 23rd, at 8:30 p. m. Harry Wilson, an authority on colonial problems, address the forum on "Colonial Problems and the War." After the lecture, an opportunity will be given to the audience to submit questions and to participate in the discussion. All are welcome to at tend and admission is free. The Interracial Club was formed during the recent campaign direct ed against the Harlem community, according to a statement released by Mr.

Davidson, "to combat the forces who aim to prevent the Negro people from achieving complete democratic rights. The pur Twourj HAIR TONIC WOMEN, here 2 ivay relief! Month after month, some women go oa suffering from periodic functional pain and discomfort Then they learn the help of CARDUC Probably that is because CAR DUI increases appetite end the flow of gastric Juice; so aids digestion, and helps build up stxArh, energy, physical resist ance for many. That's on way It may relieve periodic paid only to functional causes. But it may also help relieve periodic distress if you start taking it by directions three days before "your time." Remember, modem facts and 81 years of popularity Invite jour confldenca in CAKDUL i ORANGEBURG, S. A revised senior students live program in home economics educa and aet practical tion to meet the needs of National South Carolina State A.andM.

College which involves the use of facilities already at the college ud additional facilities requested for 1942 43. A special phase ot the revised program is the practical experience and instruction offered majors in home economics in the well appointed home management house on the campus. Under a supervisor, groups of Acanal Home Making Meet At Bennett; March 16 22 GREENSBORO. N. C.

Prelim inary arrangements are being made at Bennett College this week for the sixteenth annual Home making Institute which the college will sponsor March 1622 The Institute, in which families from the surrounding community as well as home economics teachers and students, participate, is one of the most famous features of the Bennett program. "The Home and Civilian De fense will be the theme of the Institute this year, and a program of unusual timeliness and interest is being arranged by a series of committees under general direction ot Dr. A. B. Turner, head of the Bennett Home Economics Department Chairmen of the various committees are as follows: program.

Miss Virginia Simmons; exhib.t, Mrs. Mclba Dennis; publicity. Miss Lois Albert N. Taylor; family Miss Myrtle Thompson; clothing institute, Mrs. Naomi Jeter; food Vt rtus Vf i cm DarKup X17 etm HAnfaf.

Harriet Cesteros, Madeline L. A2 Cnce of home economics teachers, I Interracial Club Announces Forum The Interracial Club, whose headquarters are located at 360 West 125th street, announced through its secretary, Jonathan T. Davidson, that preparations for a series of forums have been com pleted. pose of this organization is to mob ilize all serious progressive per sons, regardless ot color, in an all out militant fight against every phase of Jim Crow ism." home making and in the house experience in home manage went. For a definite period, each group of seniors in home economics becomes acquainted with the prob I I i i i tenia vl uuiuv uicuiiiig uirougtli s.

I the "activities carried in nome management house, gains practical experience in solving the problems of good home management. They are exposed to almost every activity of home making. Scenes above are in the Home Management House, where majors in Home economics serve their apprenticeship. (1). Upper left, Kitchen and pantry where the Manager of a group is preparing a meal.

(2) Upper right. Handicraft hour, one ot the activities of the revised home economics (3) Lower left, A group manager serving as hostess at a supper prepared by her. Hostess sits at head of table. (4) Lower right. Bedroom of students, who are preparing discussion assignments.

For Equality 1 1 National Defense II 33rd NAACP i hospitality.1 T1 .1 1 11 II tfy Ball UUUUAUY 11 SAVOY BALLROOOM ii (General Admission 73c I II Terrace Boxes S.U II Tickets at SS Fifth Avenae.j I I 1 1 au i wji er at west iuid bi i I MWMXMW I I UGLY lK (BLACKHEADS) MIC dip causa unsightly skin appearance Black and WbiU Ointment may promptly easer tnc soreness and itching of axteraaUr caused Bumps (EWk heads), Acna Pimplea. Us only as directed. Easily applied as a dressing, ita healing aid to Nature comes from a apecial antiseptic ingredient; itching is relieved, thus scratching discouraged. Get Black and White Ointment today. C7 Highly recommended for daily ltig of surface dirt is Buld soper fatted Black and White Skin Soap.

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