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The New York Age from New York, New York • Page 2

The New York Age from New York, New York • Page 2

The New York Agei
New York, New York
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THE JTTO YOIJK AGE Saromay, oepxcmperzTt 1333 1 i 1 mill PAGE TWO Manhattan Personals JraRotf flettopecsrhas returned to Berkley, VL' r.T Mrs." Ettelle Peterson. 1 West 133rd street, i sick. R. B. Robinson visited hit mother in Boston last week.

George Colvin spent day in Louisville, Ky, recently. Miss Minnie Stevenson spent two weeks in Berkley, Va. Mrs. John Payne of Guthrie, is visiting in New York. Miss Corinne Bingham spent a weekend in Washington.

Mrs. Mabel Wright of Ithaca spent a week in the city. Norwood Williamson is visiting hi family in Norfolk. Va. Miss Alverta Harper has returned from a visit to Berkley, Va, Mrs.

Sara Newsom Fraction spent two weeks in New York City. Mrs. Minnie Franklin Moore visited relatives at Laurens, S. C. Mrs.

Sarah Dozier of Berkley, Va spent the summer in New York. Miss Garissa Carter of Richmond, spent the summer inTTew York. Mrs. Nannie Davis and son, Willie, are visiting in Laurens, S. Mrs.

Edna Smith has been, visiting Mrs. I. W. Penn, Berkley, Va. Alberto R.

Senior jr, has been visiting his father at Meadow, Va. Miss Blanche Holte has returned to her school duties in Norfolk, Va. James 'A Garner, an employee of the Chase Bank, visited Petersburg, Va. Edward Jones of St Matthews, S. spent his vacation in New York City.

Mrs. Hester Smock spent a few 'days at her former home. Red Bank, Jf. J. Mius Daisy Smith of Norfolk, Va, 4ias' been visiting her mother in New 1 York.

Miss Eleanor William of Berkley, Va, spent four weeks in New York. Miss Ellen Waddjll of Berkley, Va, (pent the sumtnej in New York. Thomas Scott and family were the guests in Richmond, Va, of Ekm Scott Miss Berenice Owens of Chicago is visiting her sister. Miss Bertha Owens. Mrs.

Blanche Baker has returned to the city after visit to Portsmouth, Va. Miss Mathilda Blair returned to Atlanta, last week after a visit in the city. Miss Beulah Whittaker of Berk ley, Va, is spending some time in Miss Gladys Bradley of Green wood; S.G; spent the summer in New York. Mrs. Martha Carr Nash spent several weeks with relatives in Portsmouth.

Va. Mrs. Pinkev Braeey of Berkley, Va, is visiting her niece, Mrs. Emma Stevens. Freeman Vaughn has returned to Berkley, Va, after a summer in New York.

Miss Valeria Mow of Louisville, Ky, spent a part of her vacation in New York. David Walker hat returned to the city with his father after visiting in Virginia. Mrs. Thomas H. AJlen of Qriea go is the guest of Mrs.

Emmett Pitigerald. Mrs. Ruth Hanson, 163 West 143rd street is confined to her bed with rheumatism. Alberto R. Senior fr, has return ed home after a delightful trip to Richmond, Va.

Miss Mary Hicks, a teacher in Louisville, Ky, was a recent visitor in New York. Walter Shepard has returned to his Norfolk, Va, home after visit tag New York. Mrs. Bessie Nickson was called to Berkley, va, to attend funeral of ker brother. Miss Nina Hill has resumed her work in the Van de Vyver School, Richmond, Va.

Mrs. Nannie Grevin is back in the city after spending the weekend in Philadelphia. Pa. Andrew Neal of Norfolk, Va, spent the summer in New York, has returned hoe. Mr.

and Mrs. Tucker Mallett spent a tew days with Mrs. Mai Rett's grandparents, Rev. and Mrs, Jones. Andrews, S.

Nlfht Calli SSN Giiifflu tun COUNSELLORS AT LAW 117 tAST U1M ST EST mw Tom city FhoM 1204 Htrta OICA 0 At RETT AJtTHUst MADISON Dr. Vernon A. Ayer Announces the removal of his office 221 WEST 135th STREET Hours: 24 p. m. 64 p.

Sundays: 2 to 3 p. m. Tkhon Bradharat 024. Dr. U.

Conrad Vincent li Maw Locata At 209 West 135th Street (His form OSca) For the General Practice of Hedidae and Surgery OIU4 How i II a. a. ta I a. m. a.

8 a. Edfecorabe 5221 Mrs. Ruth Sampson of Richmond. Va, spent a week in New York and New Haven, Conn. Mrs.

Louise Thomas and son, Samuel Brown, have returned from a visit to Berkley, Va. Miss Belle Shoulders, visiting Berkley. Va, was a dinner guest of Mrs. A. B.

Spratley. William Keeler has returned from a visit to his sisjer, Mrs. Meddie Carson, Berkley, Va. Rev. S.

N. Griffiths left the dry for his home in Edenton, N. after a delightful visit. William Holmes spent his vacation at the home of Mrs. Annie Anderson, Red Bank, N.

J. Miss Sadie Wilson has returned to her home in Richmond. Va, after a summer in New York. Mrs. Mary Louise Marshall is sick at the home of Mrs.

Carrie Snyder, 123 West 133rd street Mrs. Carolyn Enei Lopez has returned to the city after spending sometime in Pittsburgh. Mrs. Bessie Mickson is back in the city after attending the funeral of her brother in Virginia. Mrs.

Maggie Richardson Scott visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Suber at Columbia, S. Mrs.

E. A. Gark and son, Daniel, visited her daughter, Mrs. Russell Scott in Cleveland. Ohio.

Mrs. Alice Barksdale and daughter spent two weeks in Richmond, Va, as guests of friends. Pancho CaWeron of Washington spent the weekend in New York with his mother and family. Mrs. Alice Waddleton Lee has returned to Washinfi9 after visiting New York and other points.

Mrs. Eliza F. Morse has returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Denny, Norfolk, Va.

Mrs. Alberta Brown was the recipient of many social honors while visiting in Cincinnati, Ohio. Miss Alka Steel has returned from Minneapolis. Minn, after a visit there as guest of her sister. Mrs.

Bessie Ashby has. returned home after spending a few days in Berkley. visiting relatives. Mrs. Edward Shamon and Miss Helen McCullough hive returned to New York from Chester, S.

Miss Ethel Campbell left the city last week for Chicago, III, after spending her vacation in the city. After spending the summer in the city Miss Ruth E. Dozier has returnd to her home in Berkley, Va. Miss Agnes V. Beard has returned to Richmond.

after visiting to New York City and other points. Mrs. Pearl Kittrell of St. Louis. Mo, made a short visit to New York, Washington and Philadelphia.

Mrs. Levert Matthews and Mrs. Helen Biggs were house guests of Mrs. Ada Barkley, Portsmouth, Va. Misses Ella Hudson and Eugertha Johnson after spending two weeks in the city have returned to Richmond, Va.

Miss Hazel Ogle of the senior nurse training class at Harlem Hospital spent her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Alice Manning Ogle, Washington. Rev. A. Corprew and sister are back in the city after attending their grandmother's funeral in Campostel la.

Va, Muter Waher Baker has returned from spending the summer with his aunt and grandparents in Norfolk, Va. Miss Gaynell Clanton of Berkley, who did social work in New York during the summer has returned home. Mrs. Hattie N. F.

Walker of Richmond. Va, accompanied by Walker H. Queries, is visiting relatives in New York. Miss Essie CKeefe returned to her home in Norfolk, Va, after a visit in New York, in time for opening of school. Mrs.

William Graves, who was visiting relatives and friends in the city, has returned to her home in Richmond. Va. Mrs. Corinne Miller has been on a tour through 'Virginia in interest cf the M. A.

Stores and Housewives' League. Mrs. Ida Majsenburg, who was the guest of Mrs. Mary F. Bellman in this city, has returned to her home in Norfolk.

Va. Mr. and Mrs. Wi if. McGhee have returned to their home at Aiken, after visiting New York and Philadelphia.

Miss Y'olet Robinson of Red Bank, spent a few days in New York with her sister, Mrs. Whanetta Mrs. Kate Jordan and little Miss Mabel Jones have been house guests of Mrs. Jordan's cousin, Mrs. Nonie Gale, Phoebys, Va.

Miss Dorothy Harper, teacher in Ridgewoor public school. Columbia, S. C. spent four weeks in New York and Philadelphia. Miss.

Almira Whiting of Phoebus, Va, teacher Union School, Hampton, has returned to work after i vacation New York. Mrs. Madelyn heopard Hurst visited her old home, Richmond, Va, enroute from Harpers Ferry. W. Va, back to New York.

Prof. Rayford W. Logan of the Department of Romance Languages, Virginia Union University, passed several days visiting friends in Harlem last week. He was enroute to Harvard University, Cambridge. Mass, where he will study this fall and winter for tits doctor's degree.

Edgecombe 4085 Rcsta Hi SCHOOL OF FRENCH Art of French Pronoun elation and Diction Special Course In Conversation Individual and Class Instruction For taiarmatioa Mrs. BOUTTE kr mUtnu 2301 Ssveath Avenue zUritUM at SrjnW a. Mrs. Nellye W. Davis after spending a pleassnt time in the city has returned to her home in Atlanta.

Ga. The Popular Pals gave a farewell party for Miss Em man Landry and Raymond Galmore last Thursday eve ing. Mrs. Ethel Williams Spencer has returned to the city after a delightful trip to Norfolk, Newport News, Buckroe and Suffolk, Mrs. G.

B. Johnson has returned to New York, after an extended visit with her J. Peek at Anderson, S. Miss Jessie Smith of Norfolk, Va, who motored to New York in her sports roadster, returned home in time for opening of. school.

Mrs. Arau.Lawtoa Bullard and baby, Beulah Louise of Charleston, a. are spending a. month in New York with husband and father. Mrs.

Lelia Banks and daughter, Mrs. Ruby Croft after spending some time in the city, have returned to their homes in Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Nellie L. Tayale who was the guest in the city of her sister in law, Mrs.

Ludie Alexander, has returned to Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Pride, wife of Dr. William 1. Pride, 213 West 111th street spent her vacation at Riverton, N.

the guest of Mrs. S. P. Cuff. Miss Josephine Gray has returned to her home in Richmond.

Va after a visit with her sister, Miss Elizabeth Gray and brother, Willie Gray. Miss Dorothella Cottman 870 St Nicholas avenue, has accepted a position as teacher of music in the public schools of Winston Salem, N. Mrs. A. J.

Cousins and son, Arthur, of Norfolk, Va. who were guests in the city of Mr. and Mrs. James Skeller, have returned home. Mrs.

Carolyn Enes Lopez, who has been recuperating from illness at the home of her sister. Mrs. Charlotte Mitchell, Pittsburgh, has returned home. The Misses Ella A Hudso.i and Eugertha B. Johnson, have returned to their home.

Richmond, Va, after a trip to New York and other points. Mr. and Mrs. R. E.

Brown, newly weds, are st home at 1421 Kemper street Richmond, after honeymooning in New York and other points. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Settles visited their sister, Mr Vertley V. Watts.

Portsmouth, Va, pd Mrs. Settles sister. Mrs. Eliza Vaughn in Suffolk. Mrs.

Joseph S. Hall, after spending several weeks in the city as the guest of her cousin, Mrs. E. V. Hunt, has returned to her home in Norfolk.

Va. Mrs. Louise Welton has returned to Birmingham. Ala, after apending the summer in the city with her son in law and Mr. and Mr.

Theodore Hilt Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Christian and Mr. and Mrs.

Colf were guests in Norfolk, Va, of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Jordan and Mr. and Mrs.

J. Preston Jones. Mrs. James L. Stephenson of Louisville, Ky, visited her son and daughter in law, Mr.

and Mrs. Jas. L. Stephenson jr, who are now living in New York. Mrs.

Katie Creecy of Elizabeth City. N. has returned home after several months' visit with her daughters. Mrs. Nannie Peoples and Mrs.

Rosetta Mauley. Miss Susan Curtis of Norfolk, Va, who visited New York after closing of summer school at Union University, Richmond, has returned to Union for the fall session. Mrs. Florence Le wii Gordon wife of the Rev. Dr.

Tohn D. Gordon of Los Angeles. Calif, is in New York City, the guest of Mrs. Barnet, 75 St Nicholas place. Mrs.

Louise Jackson of 13l West 145th street underwent a third operation on her foot last Wrednes day at the Harlem Hospital. She stuck a needle to. her foot recently. Little Thelma Gunther, who spent the summer at Ridge Spring, S. with her grandmother, Mrs.

W. B. Hazzard, made the trip back to her parents in New York unaccompanied Mrs. S. B.

Williams and daughter, Miss Lillian M. have returned to their home in Houston, Texas, after, spending the summer in New York with Mrs. Williams' three sons. Mr. John ant ley who has been visiting relatives in Virginia has returned to the city.

She was accompanied on the return trip by her sister. Mrs. James Bryant and daughter, Otelia. Are You Lonely? Then Join the Washington Social Letter Club! Receive lots of letters from interesting men and women DONT GROW OLD AIL ALONE Write for information today Pott Office, Box Washington, D. C.

THE ST. II 125 7 WEST Dr. Farrow R. Allen Physician and Surgeon' Announces the removal of his office FROM 220 West 139th Street to 337 WEST 138th STREET Cor. ST.

NICHOLAS AVE. A. 3c Hoars 910 a. m. 24 p.

m. A a m. Phone Edgecombe S217 H. Hackley of Newport, R. spent the weekend here.

Albert Leslie spent a brief vaca tion in New Bedford. Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Louis B.

Brown and Mrs. John J. Anderson jr, of Richmond, motored to New York. Thev were guests of Mrs. Henry Johnson and Miss Bessie Woolton Montclair.

N. 1. Mrs. Hattie N. Walker and daughter.

Laura, have returned" to their home in Richmond. Va, after pena hir vaofion in the aty st guet of their sister and aunt, Mrs. Mattie Wiggins. Mrs. Alta Douglass of 409 Edgecombe avenue spent two months in Nuhville.

Tenn, where her artist hnthaivi. Aaron, was doing the mu rat decoration for the new library at Fisk University. Mrs. A. Tudor, while in.

Portland, Ore, was the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Turner. Mrs. Tudor was in Portland for the dedication of the new temple of Rose City Lodge, Daughter Elks, Columbus Fulcher spent last week in Norfolk, Va, as the guest of his daughter.

He was accompanied back to the city fey his grandson. Calvin Brown, who has been visiting in the city for 6 weeks. Miss Mildred Brown, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. A.

Brown of Petersburg, Va, has returned to her duties a a member of the faculty of Virginia State College after attending Columbia summer school. Mrs. Clarence Ivey and daughter. Farmy, of Portland. Ore, are at home after a trip that included Augusta and Llneolnton, Ga, New York aty.

Atlanta City and many other points in the East "and South. Dr. Marshall E. Ross, with Captain Broncho. Assistant Pilot Trank Inhnton and shio's cook.

William mHh to Newoort for the yacht races on the Mry Ellis last week. They report an enjoyable trip. Thm fies Ruth and Eleanor Plianmer of Portsmouth. Va, who attended summer school at Columbia. havi returned home.

They were ac companied by their mother and sis ter. Mr. Mary t. and Miss Beatrice Plummer. On his return to New Orleans from a visit to New York, the Rev.

E. A. Abbott, pastor of Petty Me tropolitan A. M. Zion Church.

was given a surprise reception wttw parsonage in honor oi ms mrjnaaj as well as hts return. Mrs. Thomas H. Redd and daugh ter, Rosa Belle Redd, of Richmond, Va, has returned Home atter visaing with their ister and aunt, Mrs. James E.

Gray of Seventh avenue. The visitor were recipient of many social courtesies during their stay. Mr. Sarah A. Clark, district grand wArthv rrrorder of the District Grand Household of Ruth.

No. 7. State of New York, has returned from Atlantic City, where she atter: ed the'B. M. of the Grand Unitr ed Order of Odd Fellows.

She Vas elected grand prelate of the House hold of Ruth oi America. Mr. Alice Coachman of 5405 South Wabash avenue, Chicago, I1L, wa a caller at The Age office on Thursday. Seotember 18. She left Thursday niaht after spending 5 days in the city as the guest of Mrs.

Belle Johnson Pitcairn, 1980 Sev enth avenue. Mrs. Coachman came to the city Mond night from Baltimore, Md, where she was elected president of the National League of Community Churches in their annual session. Ordtr Your Cod Now 448 41S9 TT2I 130th STREET rrv i ss I AVJ avi LT WCjI is4 Organizations desiring nice, dean, light, large and airy meeting rooms, can make reservations now. Seating Capacity 250 and Up The Auditorium can be secured for receptions, weddings, mass meetings, and etc.

Private office to lease. Reasonable rates, monthly or quarterly basis. Office Now Open for Booking THE ST. LUKE CLUB DINING ROOM ra DiIIar Manager; Mrs. D.

Morgan, Cashier; Mr. Dennis Orice, Ea Offido. Quality and Service is the Motto of the Fourteen Courteous Employees Wa eater focjmafl print parties dinners and Dr. E. Callahan of N.

spent a few days in Manhat 'i tan this week, After spending the summer here William Moore has returned to Indianapolis, Ind. Lorenio Graham will sail soon for Haiti, where biwill insftigata so. cial conditions. Mrs. Irene King and Mrs.

Mble Belt spent last week in Evans ton, J1L, at guest of friends. Revella Hughes, who Is starring In "Hot was slightly til a few days this Mrs. Mary Madden Webster visit ed friends in Washington. D. ana Alexandria, last week.

Mrs. Alyce R. Nelson has returned to the city after spending some time visiting her parents in Atlanta, Ga. Miss Lela Williams of Providence. R.

1, was the gt in the city re cently of Mrs. Smith ana Mrs. xoung, Mr Harriett Clark was guest of her Sister, Mrs. Grace Manuel in Cambridge, Mass, for the put two weeks. Miss Vyna Wyngood of Boston, Mass, spent the weekend here as the guest of her cousin, Mr.

Tnyra White. Mit Helen William pent last week in Newberry. S. visiting her father and mother. Rev.

and Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Ophelia Dodd who waa guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Summon in the city during her hat, returned to) Atlanta. Ga. After apending three week fa New York aty and Brooklyn. Mis Haiel Matthews ha returned to Cambridge, Mats. Wn Beatrice Bone has returned home sfter spending two week as guest of her ister, Mr.

Kooen jones, in Haverhill, Mass. Mrs. Frances Garvin and Mi Rl.nelv. Williams who oent the sum mer in the city left last week for their homes in Q. Mrs.

Bessie Nurse, wife of Dr. Godfrey Nurse, has returned to Washington. D. to resume teaching in Armstrong Hjgh School. Mis Mildred Gaines who was guest in the city of Mesdames H.

A. Henderson and Whitlock Fobbs, has re turned to her home Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. "Marion Robinson of Washington, D. who called to the city on account of the illness of her sis ter.

Miss Geneva Russeu. nas re turned home. Miss Blanche Williams has left the city after spending the rummer here as guest of Mrs. rlorence uar nier. 5ne retttrnea to ner noma in Washington, D.

Miss Den ice McClellan and Miss Arnita Green, niece of Junius M. Green, motored to Philadelphia, Pa, accompanied by Mr. Green, where they spent several days. Mn. D.

Howard Tarter, and Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor and chil dren of Providence. R. 1, spent last week in the city as guests of Mrs.

Etta PhOifis and daughters. Mrs. Ethel Rattley who ha been spending the put six week here a guest of her cousin, Mrs. Rhetta Clifford, left the eitv last week for her home in Washington, D. Mrs.

John H. D. Raynor, Mr. Isadora Adams and Mr. Pereival B.

Smith spent the weekend in the city as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charle W. Steed and Mr. and Mrs.

Hilton Bradford. After a visit here as guest of John Quander, assistant cashier of pun bar National Bank, Mrs. H. B. Quan der and daughter, Miss Susie Quander, have returned home in Washington, D.

Mrs. Martha Watson Scott of the Washington public schools came to New York from Clark University summer school. Worcester. Mm, with her on, Paul jr, and wa Joined here by her husband before re turning home. Mr.

and Mrs. C. Fhanklin Taylor of 160 West 136th street have re turned home after attending the funeral of Mr. Taylor mother. Mrs.

Harriet Taylor, who passed away at her home in Buffalo, N. on Saturday, September 13, 1930. Roscoe Conkling Bruce, resident manager of the uunpar uaroen Apartments, will be the principal sneaker at the Salem Lyceum of Salem M. E. Church Sunday after noon, September 6.

miss Anna Arnold, membership secretary of the 137th St: Y. W. will also speak. Frank Johnson tt president of the Lyceum. Saturday Mrs.

G. M. Lowe entertained at a very enjoya ble bridge (sr. Mr. B.

F. Harvey, of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga. Sixteen guest were present Three table played bridge and" one whist Mrs. G. M.

Lowe won first prise he presented to Mrs. Harvey. Mrs. Thomas won second prize and Jenkins third. Mrs.

B. Johnson won the whist prire. A delightful repast was served by the hostess. Mrs. Harver left the city Sunday for her home after spending three weeks here with her mother and friends; The Friendly By Sldtsonta of Y.

Business) Academy New students for the week The Misse Viola V. Ashby and Josephine G. Swann of Staunton. Ver as Fall ftmmit ud Reunion Extraordinary Given for Benefit of RUSH MEMORIAL A. M.

E. ZION CHURCH at the ADumbra Ballroom THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 2, 1930 Spedal Attraction CONNIE'S REVUE GXNEXAL ADMISSION Box 3M Tha Mr Tart i iwl SMi SrwL 70, Mri ROSA L. BLOCKER 1 1 3 i i trelle Hollowav. Dorothy Bracking ton, Constance Webb. Roberta Ray mond.

Maude Gary, tneev ers. Hester Collins. Daisy B. Screven. Paulina Smith and Myrtle.

Anderson Henry Creamer and Miss Adele Steede. Rutherford, N. J. Miss Maude Gam recently return ed from; Chicago, having spent three years in! the Windy City. She has returned; to the Academy to finish the course which was started just hafcr Utt' for Oiicaco.

Mitt Carrie Jones a graduate of the has returned lor spe rial amrb in our eveninff CUSSCS. Mist Frances Brooks, graduate of June 1930. has returned to the city fter a two months vacation at her home in Staunton. Va. She began an intensive course Monday evening in advanced work in bookkeeping and speed work in typewriting ana snort hand.

Miss Hilgred Godwin began her fall term Monday evening. She is glad to be back in dass snd reports that she spent a most enjoyable vacation. Henry Creamer, also began his fall term Monday morning, having soent two month camping in the nvynntaini. Student Yeiistered for: special courses Garland Lamb and Julius W. Small entered our Civil Service classes thi week.

Joseph Croomer has entered for general preparatory course, i nomas rencinscm Asbury Park, N. registered tor our real estate and insurance course Walter Smith for an intensive type writing course and Jay Smith has registered for a course in bookkeeping and accounting. Miss Eleanor Schriner and Miss Adele Steede have been added to the office staff of the Academy, and be ean their duties this week. Miss Minnette Tillman, a student at the Academy, is the Academy's entrant for the 1930 popularity con test sponsored by the Inter State Tattler; Svdner lustke. father of our di rector, arrived in New York City last week from Washington.

D. to visit his sons and daughters. Miss Florence Potter. R. and at present nurse in charge of New lork Baby Health Station, has been added to the staff of instructors of the Academy, and.

will conduct class es in nurse' assistant, a Civil Ser vice position. Joseph Steber, director of the Har lem Bridge School, which is ses skm every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 'the Academy, began in struction this week. Many persons registered for the first lesson, and Mr. Steber expects a large number this week, judging from the number of inquiries and the popularity of bridge today. Mrs.

Bessie Ewing Is Injured By Automobile Mrs. Bessie Ewitur of 119 West 132nd street, wife of John Ewing, the well known Harlemtte, who is employed br the Whitnets. was in. jured when struck by an automobile on Tuesday night 16. as she was crossing the street in front of 102 West 132nd street She suf fered severe contusions of the fore.

heard, and was treated at home by ur. a. c. rauiit, chief surgeon at the French Hospital. and her fam ily Physician, Dr.

Walter Styles. The' automobile, was heinr ririvM bv its owner. Julius Gilliard of 222 west UJrd street Ewing is one of the best known fraternal women in the city, belonging to a number of fraternal and benevolent orjtanitsvijpns. She was kept at home for several day. Wiztcniui is Guest Sound Beach, Mrj.

Gladys 9t Henrv Grn. block on T.striet, Washington, D. was the guest of her eousin, TdtU. P. Williams, Rockland placej the weekend of September Mr.

William, drove her on Sun aay to see Wert Point and returned by way of Camp Smith. PeeViViit for the review of the 369th by. Governor Franklin D. KooeveJt. on "Harlem Sunday." Mrv.

Smith visited alo another cousin, Romeo Dougherty, in Jamaica Long N. Y. ONE DOLT.AP Lofes Soattag 6 $uo Tt inHL atMM AwL MM if CLUB AND MWM ACTIVITIES Daughter Blocker Honored On Becticn Elks Temples throughout. the East are busy celebrating the triumph of Daughter Rosa Blocker at the recent convention at Detroit, when she was elected Grand Assistant Daughter Ruler I.B.P.O.E, of signal victory, of Daughter. Blocker, a member of Invincible Temple No.

77, when she was chosen from a field of five candidates, is considered a great honor to the eastern states. Daughter Blocker has been a resi dent of New York for more thai. thirty years. During this time she has become well and favorably known in fraternal and political circles. She was born in Augusta, and is a graduate, of Walkr Baptist Institute.

She is a member of many fraternities, among which are the Eastern Star, Household of Ruth, Court of Calanthe. the Moose and the Foresters. Membership on the building committee of Monarch Lodge is one of the many local offices which she now holds. Daughter Blocker is also an ar dent and succesifut' political worker. She js a member of the Central Republican Club and chairman of the Women's Auxiliary of the lth District Daughter Blocker was given a wonderful ovation and reception upon being welcomed intoi her Temple Monday being showered with flowers and gifts.

Among the gifts were a beautiful. Egyptian jade lavalier ring from Daughter Ollie F. Pierre: red ripper book, Deputy BeJe Phillips'; Gold Purse, Daughter A. R. McLeyeign; beautiful flowers.

Deputy Bertha. A. Harris, all Manhattan Temple, No. 93. Linen shower, Daughters Lucille Moore.

Glennie Polk. Invincible Temple: Alice Raynor, beautiful silk handkerchief case. Beautiful flowers, Daughters Lucille Burleigh, Daisy P. Harris, Amanda Smith, Margie Penn, Maggie Blake, Nellie Belt, Campaign Club; Greenbill shower bouquef from Daughter Mary Lyons Daughter Lottie Bynett, Eureka Temple. No.

22; purse. Daughter Sadie Blanehard, Invincible Temple, No. 77. HARMONY EXCLUSIVE CLUB The Harmony Exclusive Club held its regular meeting on Sunday, September 21, at the home of Thomas Morrison, president. The Harmonians, a branch of Harmony Exclusive, are making elaborate plans for a bridge and whisf party to.

be iveh October the Almas, 2011, Seventh ave POPULAR PALS SOCIAL CLUB The Popular Pals Social Club held its regular meeting last week at the home of Miss Edith Green. Plans were completed for the dance, to be given by thi club in the near future. At the meeting just previous to this one the following officers were installed: Theodore Johnson, president; Violet Forbes, vice president; George Bass, financial secretary; Irene Pride, recording secretary; Raymond Galmore, business secretary; Emma Landry, treasurer; Marcella Davis, chaplain; Simeon Fritz, sergeant at arms; Charles Ragland, Dal ten Standard, Ida Warren and Joseph RADIO SERVICE Any make serviced right in your home for $1.50. A phone call will bring an expert. Bradhurst 9078.

Kt Catortd attchtaici. bmjrt they art a ciatbU tad cowrttaui lay mechanics la world. S. De KALB Co. Carpenters, Palners, and Paraquet Floors SOI WEST IJStfe ST.

Bradhum N44 Z6t, j4Q Radios, Victrolaa and Pianos Repaired Bought, Sold and Exchanged Cash ar Credit, aa RtttaaaU Ttrau BATTERIES IECHAROEO ALL WORK OOARANTEEO CU DUNBAR RADIO CO. 151 Smath Ave. Brsdhum Sill be Norman, directors. club are Fannie Hill, Alice Pride, 'Frf Foster, Fred Marshall. Sam lett, Athea Edith GreV Sidney Davis, Harold Streets? Oscar Johnson, John Lane, TW a Jordan, Herman Reid, Msris Waxwood, Hattie Jenkins' cille White.

Address all uiimorc, reieirj, vve unu $treL aMftmant Ift AND CHARITY The National Grand der of Love and. Ine', 0f the New York Jurisdiction closed 9ULCC9MUI session ai mi. Vernon N. Friday. September 19 many past officers anj visitors in At the Friday morning session i plea was made foe the Santo Do.

mingo sufferers by Mrs. Elizabeth Mayfield. The result was a con. tribution of $50 for relief work. Much, joy was expressed because they were able to do thia and 0th.

cr tilings. Moses w. Jonei, wormy superior; uora Un jrees, worthy financial secretary. AYLWYNS The Aylwyns have been missing sometime from the columns of this paper but would like their friendi to know that taey are stliraror. gamzed group and very mud I alive.

The next dance of the club wil take nlace in the near future. Of. ftcers of the club are I. Dudler Mossop, president; Philip Wit liams, vice president; Ernest. Smith, secretary; Carton E.

Gordon, assistant secretary; Thomu L. Rogers, treasurer; Geralds Guirty, business manager. CLIO CENTER NOTES A group of officers of the dial Welfare and Community Centrt 278 West 127tb Itreet, together with a group of ladiefc were hotu and hostesses to the residents of the block in which the Centre is located on Sunday afternoon, September 7, from 4 to clock. Mesdames H. Lawrence Freeman, Ida Ramejr, I Barbara Henry.

Elva A. tdwardi, Zeathea Armstro and H. Slaughter poured tea and sentd light progria was in charge of Mrs. Alice Brows who presented W. O.

Smyers as the principal speaker, with Mrs. Jut I Green as soloist An organization to be knows ul the Block Improvement Club was or ganized. Officers of this new dob are: Mrs. H. Lawrence Freemin, president: Mrs.

Ida Ramey. Vice president; Zeathea secretary; Mrs. Laura Henry, treat 1 urer and Mrs. Barbara Durant, iff geant at arms. The club will meet a 9 p.

m. each Wednesday at the Centre. Miss Jorgenson, instructor in draw 1 ing and carpentry has orrinn ed an experimental club in dranuncsl for juniors. DEATHS Mrs. Hattie H.

MeCoIlouih, whs lived at' 200 Bradhurst ayenue, died Tuesday at the Metropolitan hV oitaL The body was shipped to Rflxkrj, for burisL Hart's and Embalming Co, had charfe oi the funeral. Rev. Weslev Scott. 24 V't 99th street, died Thursday at the Knickerbocker Fuae, tl services were held Monday at Hjrti Undertaking Establishment. Henry Bowser, who lived at West 130th street, died Thursday tt the St.

Luke Hospital. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Turner's Undertaldn Parlors. Body was shipped to Norti Carolina for burial. He is survived by a wife, sistef and ether relatives. Miss Isadore Clark died Wednesday at her late home, i East Jm street The body was shipped to Charles ton.

S. C. fcr burial. Miss 'is survived parents. The funeral services of the Mrs.

Sarah Sidney were held Sua" day at EstwicVs Undertaking far lors. Mrs. Sidney Used with her cW dren at 303 West 145th street She is survived by two sens a daughter. The Season's Smartest Affair THE ALHAMBRA Announce Their IN AU QURAL BALL Masque Gostume Civic Coinic Saturday, September 27 At the ALHAMBRA BALLROOM Seventh Avenue and 126th Street Grand Parade at MicbVfht Music by CHICK WEBB and His Chkkr ADMISSION $1.00 RESERVED. BOXES $4 ALHAMBRA BALLROOM: SEVENTH AVENUE AND 12flth STREET Every Club Should Inquire About the Great Money Saving Rental on the New and Beautiful Alhambra Ballroom DONT PORGET TO BOOK YOUR CLUB DATES NOW Open Every Sunday and Holidays Matinee and Eveaiax BAjroa i rxcxuDiNO chick web.

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