Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 15, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1957
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, June 15, 1957. . LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRAE — Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seven NOW IS THE TIME! LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES Cost of Air Conditioning Home Varies A storage rack to keep the papers neatly in place will solve the problem. Rope placed under the papers before they are stacked will make it easier to tie the bundles. The rack shown is 40 inches high, but the CLEVELAND, Ohio—If you have been considering the purchase of summer air conditioning for your home and have been toying, with the question "How much will it cost to operate it?" the air conditioning industry has an answer all ready for you. They are going to tell you that the cost of operating your air conditioning system is going to depend in great degree on you—youi: individual cooling comfort needs—and your method of operating the equipment. Because they have found that costs of operating residential air conditioning are currently very much subject to human factors. Ralph A. Gonzalez, director of technical services, of the Airlemp division of the Chrysler Corporation, addressing the second annual technical conference of the National Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning association in Cleveland described findings in surveys conducted for the purpose of securing actual costs of operating residential air conditioning in various sections of the nation. These surveys have demonstrated that ". . . there are wide variations in power usage! .' .. for residential purposes," he said. f ° r P" r P° ses <> thc <- than a ' r condl HERE'S HOW... MAKE A NEWSPAPER STORAGE RACK Newspaper collections can be profitable for the "young businessman" but a storage problem for the home owner. height can be .varied so that when the rack is full it can be raised to clear the papers without hitting the ceiling. The rack is made of 1 by 4- inch lumber. Cut square ends on all pieces. Assemble the rack with either nails or wood screws. Round all sharp edges and sand. Materials Needed 4 pea. 1 x 4 In. x 8 ft. (1 PC, for cnch corner) 3 pea. 1 z 4 In. x fi ft. (1 pc. for each frnme) B-ponny common nnd Un- ishtnv nmlla "20: National Lumber Mimufacturaro Gonzalez cited a survey made in an air conditioned housing development in Kansas City as demonstrative o£ these wide variations in power usages for air conditioning by home owners. In homos equipped with the same size central air conditioning units-—:) horsepower— individual home owner's power consumption varied from to 1,520 kilowatts for an summer's cooling needs, ence in individual cooling tempera- servation that owners of residential air conditioning practically never complain of operating costs. In other words, Mr. Home Owner, when you want comfort on that tioning. Consumers using the greatest amount of power during the months when air conditioning is not required are not always the ones who use Ihe greatest amount of sctUng\nciraTr7ondiUoning'equ!p.|= osl . s ? ou , l ° have your air^ ment lo provide an operating lem-\\}°™ n £ im L p ™ V . l ^ y ™™l meets their own IU.1 VY1IU USU UIU ^luclLC^L cuiluulll. I'll * power for air conditioning. (S)! 00 . 1 ' mil Sgy, humid day next Aug. any .home owners are currently | ust - y° u won ' care now . much ' l peratures normally maintained by the occupants of these houses varied from 70 to 81 degree. Yet, the homes in which the lowest temperatures were maintained were not necessarily the homes of highest power consumption. Additional cost studies described by Gonzalez were those made in New Jersey, Texas and Oklahoma. Jn each study, groups of homes having the same heat gain characteristics and identical cooling equipment was selected. The houses of each group also had the same basic mechanical equipment with reference to cooking and hot water facilities. ', "These studies clearly show that; wide variations in power consump- j lion for air conditioning do occur even, when all differences of heat gain and equipment performances are eliminated or reduced to a minimum," said Gonzalez. He also indicated that these studies indicate: (1) There are wide variations in power used for air conditioning just as there are variations in the amount of residential power used for other purposes in identical houses. Those who used the least amount of power for air conditioning purposes used less than one- half as much as those who usedj the most amount of power for air] conditioning. Yet, they were living; in identical houses. (2) There is no I definite relationship between the, amount- of electrical power used for air conditioning purposes and 5,040 downj comfort necds at a specjf . c mo _ A ^• I f[' re ; men ' rather than selecting a pre- r " determined temperature and permitting the equipment to operate at that temperature setting constantly. "There is no evidence that these usage variations are motivated by reasons of economy any more than by reason of personal preference," he said. ."If economy were the major consideration it would seem reasonable to expect the power consumed for air conditioning to bear a closer relationship to the power consumed for other purposes." Gonzalez concluded with the ob- concli- with return the thermo- stat down ' slt back ' atld slgh Oh ' brother! Aint this wonderful!" MAKE IT TALL OR LONG When planning to redecorate a room that seems too low, you can "raise" the ceiling by installing boards running vertically. This gives a feeling of increased height, just as installing panel boards horizontally in a room' gives a feeling of greater width. You can get either Douglas fir or west coast hemlock in a variety of panel patterns for bolh vertical and horizontal use. Front Porch Bows to Patio Patios, the scene of many hours of relaxed outdoor enjoyment, are replacing the front porch of grandmother's era in^ the style-wise homes .of today, and designers are going one step farther in the trend towards ."open living" by making the patio a closely integrated part of the home. Patios now frequently open off popular living areas such as com bination living-dining rooms and these indoor-outdoor , areas are separated by siding glass doors instead of an opaque wall. In fine weather the doors slide back easily to let in a flood of fresh air, and the patio automatically becomes an "outside sitting room" only a step away. The indoor living area seems to extend' outside to the patio, affording a feeling of added spaciousness. When the weather is unpleasant the doors can be closed to shut out the elements without stopping the light. The indoor rooms are not cut off from the patio, thus maintaining the feeling of "openness." The beauty of the changfng seasons is added as a living mural which can be enjoyed to the fullest from the comfort of the living room. In sections of the country where pleasant weather prevails, polished plate glass rates high in popularity. Where the weather lends to become seasonally more severe, •homeowners choose lliermopane for its insulating value against heal loss in the winter and excessive heat gain in Ihe summer. Indict Tapci Rioters TAIPEI (UP)—Nationalist China has indicted 41 persons, including five former Communists, for inciting the anti-American riots that wrecked the U.S. embassy here May 24, Premier O.K. Yui an r nounced today. Ceiling Needs No Care If Made of Laminated 2x4s How would you like to have ceilings in your home that would Bathtub Available To Fit All Sizes How can a [all person relax In a shorl bathtub? Or a small person stay afloat in a long tub? Home owners have been plagued by this ever since Paul Bunyan need no upkeep for 25 years? Van Evra Bailey, a Portland, Oregon, architect, member of Am- ifled to bathe , n the Great Lakes _ erican -Institute of Architects, who workable imagination, has Port- that nas a been designing homes for land residents with just thought in mind. The Bailey - designed homes are open area style residences, and the ceilings are made of laminated 2x4s which form nol only the ceiling but the roof deck of the home. The Bailey laminaled roof-ceil- good • New Floor Styling Features Polished Oak Always a fnvorite with homemakeri, polished onk floors nrc the center at attraction in many of the most Hatefully decorated new homcK these dnyn. Leading designers are advocating thu display of oak'n matchleftft natural beauty, set oil with rich area rugs. The plan honitts practical as well as aesthetic values inasmuch ns floors of otik are ousy to keep glistening. In the average home they remain glamorous when cleaned and waxnil only two or three times a year. Occasional polishing hetweeii waxings helps them look their gleaming best. Easy-to-apply wax huse preparations, rather than soup, and-water scmhhing, arc recommended for cleaning. Daily sweeping with an untreated dust mop further "guarantees" oak's sparkle. Shade Tree Needs Care Insects attacking shade trees can be separated into two groups: those attacking weakened or dying limbs and those atlacking healthy, foliage and limbs, according to the National Arborist Association. Pruning out dead limbs controls the former, while proven- lalive sprays keep healthy branches and foliage in slrong condition. In pruning all trees, it is wiser mat property owner. to leave the stronger "U" crotches and prune out "V" crotches. The lalter are weaker, lend to split much more easily, says Ihe National Arborist Association. In cases where an infestation of an insect or disease occurs over a fairly wide area, it is much more economically sound to institute coritrol measures for the whole area, according to the National Arborist Associalion. Area control is nol only more effective butj obviously cheaper for the Individ- 1 But manufacturers have solved the problem. They produce bathlubs that range in length from 38 inches to 72 inches—suitable sizes for everybody. .Then, too, square tubs now ar» available. These provide bathing areas up to 62 inches long yet fit into a limited space. They averaga only -19 inches wide. The balhing area is diagonal and mg is four inches deep, has good nas a x ^ i; , onc or i, 0 t n corners. insulation value, keeping the | Uierohy letting the user sit while house cool in summer and warm i bathing himself. in winter, and the shingles can be nailed There directly lo [lie top side, is no framing necessary. The very lowest grade of either Douglas fir or west coast hemlock 2x4s can be used. When nailed together one against the other they have excellent structural strength. But, it is in the beauty and low upkeep field that Bailey reaily likes his laminated roof. He prefers rough sawn 2X'ls, for the rough texture of the narrow edge of the exposed wood creates a wonderfully interesting ceiling which needs only a single coat of soft sandstone stain. Some time in the far distant future you may wish to change the color scheme but the upkeep is nil. Read the Classified Ads JELLED MAGIC DripJess Wall Paint ' Needs No Stirring HYMAMS' STORE HOME OF L10NOIL Paint, Wallpaper, Radio, TV 530 N. Cicott 'Phoar.4423 or 21883 FUEL OIL TANK SALE New 275 Gal. Oil Tank only $26.50 CA .3U Installed Complete with Accessories And 1 Year Oil Contract ALDER COAL & FUEL OIL CO. 1403 Woodlawn Phone 4422 Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Ave. Peru Ind. LOGANSPORT'S COMPLETE AWNING CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 2218 Get Ready For Summer GALVANIZED SCREEN WIIRE ALUMINUM SCKQEN WIRE FIBER GLASS SCREEN WIRE COPPER SCREEN WrWE KAISER SHADE SCREEN Combination Door Specials ALUMINUM . . $31.95 WOOD .... $19.95 Complete with Hardware m IP f verUeen HOUSE PAINT $6.60 Gal. NOW $5.69 Gal. Loqansport Lumber Co. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 PEP UP LAWNS NOW! Use Fast Acting Liquid DONT HAVE MIDSUMMER BROWN OUT LIQUID IS LOW COST LAWN-GIN* LIQUID F E R T111 Z E R A N D A P P LI1DATO R While the. lawn is looking good from spring feeding and heavy showers, you should not assume that it will continue to look that way all summer unless it is properly fertilized. A good feeding at this time will give your lawn the necessary plant food to carry through the summer. TRY FAST ACTING LAWN-GRO Applicators For Sale and Rent. SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ave. Phone 4747 Nourfe time to MODERNIZE! STOP WASTING FUH. ..." BRING YOUR HEATING PLANT UP-TO-DATE WITH AN "EXTRA VALUE" WEIL-flic LAIN OIL BOILER Weil-McLain Oil Boilers are designed specifically to burn oil with greatest economy . . . •with large capacity engineered into compact, space-saving units. Back and forth fire travel through deep-finned flues prevents heat waste up the chimney . . . cast iron construction assures years of dependable operation. .Enclosed in handsome, easily cleaned jackets. Available in sizes for homes, apartments, commercial and industrial buildings. PHONE TODAY No obligation in finding out how reasonably yon can have modern, automatic W'CJJ'McLaui oil heating. CALL YOUR HEATING CONTRACTOR FREE HEATING SURVEY Your hooting contractor w,l .urv.y horn', and rocom-mmd th. nd of hading .quipm.nt which w.» rno.t .conomically !«"•» -" ""^ EASY Baker Specialty & Supply Co.. Inc. DISTRIBUTORS 701 Erie Ave. Logansport, Ind, HOUSE PAINT Proven... Tested ... MORE ECONOMICAL! The very finest of raw materials are used in the manufacture of HIGRADE paints. It's coverage and wearing ahility cannot be excelled — So truly, it's your most economical paint. Better quality always results in better satisfaction. Ask About the 2-COAT Plan! II-GM0' -i ^immw"" m • teed Paira 81 OUTSIDE WHITE Decorate Now— Pay Later! less In B-Gallon Cora See Us for Details. plus white. 24 colors—16 ranch house colors, LOGANSPORT PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 322 Broadway Dial 3637 SPECIAL CASH PRICES ONE WEEK ONLY 1/2-4x8 C. D. Shooting Plywood Square Foot y»-4x8 C. D. Sheeting Plywood Square Foot 14!/2C 16V&C '/<-4x8 A. D. S. I. S. Square Foot 25/32 Sheeting 2x8 Square Foot Vi—Underlayment 4x8 Sheet Square Foot 3/0x6/8 — 8 Ft. Combination Door 16x16 Armstrong Coiling Tile [while stock lasts) Square Foot lie lOc $17.50 ..... lOc FARM BUREAU CO-OP. 108 East Ottawa Street Dial 3141

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