Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1957
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER ZT, 199? A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Power Tools Aid Farmer Say Experts The American farmer today is meeting many of the daily problems of/ equipment and building maintenance with power tools, says a farm expert. '."The day of digging post holes wheels by hand is passing rapidly," declares Neil C. Hurley Jr., founder of the Thor Research Center for Better 'Farm Living. The Farm Research Center at Huntley, 111., is a "farm shop laboratory" analyzing farm maintenance problems. This is done Brick Fireplace Wall Needs Solid Support through intensive study of new equipment and methods that can improve existing tools and speed repair routines. " Director of the center is Donald R. Burrowbridge, a specialist in the problems of farm and ranch equipment. He advises farmers to leave ma- .Jor repairs of heavy machinery to experts in implement dealers' service shops but points out that the sizable dollar savings accumulate from "making those many QUESTIONS IN THIS WEEK' mailbag show there's -ho slacken ing in the zeal of the do-it-yoursel man around the house. Their activities, and subsequent ly their problems, range from floor tiles to brick fireplace con struction. Pop - out nail head also are mentioned in this column ist's incoming do-it-yourself mail. From Roslyii Heights, N. Y. J. B. writes-; IS THERE A PROBLEM OF EXTRA FLOOR WEIGHT IF YOU WANT TO SUBSTITUTE BRICK WALLING FOR REGULAR WALL SAY, A FIREPPLACE jobs that farm." are ever-present on a 'And for such repairs, lie notes, power tools are the answer. *• "A farmer today should no sooner think of handling these repair jobs with outmoded hand tools than he would consider planting or threshing by hand," says Burrow- hridge. BUILDING MATERIAL SPECIALS! Beautiful genuine selected Mahogany Panelling i n large sheets, grooved like plank, easy to apply. . . . $7.04 Rugged contractor fype aluminum 1 storm door, complete with all hardware ... Standard Sizes A factory-finished Red Oak Flooring that's easy to lay. Enough to cover a 10'xl2' $49.60 Check for our Bargains Every day. Free delivery SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 ING ON, WALL? Yes, if you wish to replace the entire fireplace wall with 'brick masonry. A masonry wall adds a lot of weight and almost all build ing regulations forbid the supporting of a brick wall with wood. If 'there is a foundation ledge however; under the fireplace wal now in your home or if your house is of slab construction, 'you have no support problem. Without such a ledge, it will be necessary for you to cut out the floor under that portion of the wall and install an angle iron support or a piece of steel to support the bricks. This is a big job, and not one to be undertaken lightly. There is an alternative, though. A number of new products" are. on the'market which may be suitable for your project. Some < are masonry' products, and some are imitation products. Brick facing, as thin as % of an inch, are available. Light weight plastic materials also are on the market. These materials can be properly supported by a wooden base. Imitation brick can be used as facing and fixed directly on' the old waH by the use of adhesives. Other facing materials come with a thin flange and can be nailed on The nails will not show when th job is finished. Your lumber deale and hardware or paint stores ca help you • in selecting 'the materia best suited .to your needs. Other questions: HOW CAN YOU DISGUISE THE SEME IN DRY-WALL CON STRUCTION SO THAT TH DON'T SHOW THROUGH THE PAINT? There's a handy item on the market for. this purpose. It's per forated tape, about 2 inches wide which binds and seals the seam and generally, is made of heav; paper and fiber. Strip the tape over the seams then spread a coat of. spackle over the tape, feathering the spackle ou beyond the edges of the tape'. Allow the spackle to dry thor oughly, then use a fine grade o sandpaper to smooth any smal ridges. Then apply a coat o. thinned shellac'over the shackled areas. After the shellac dries, the dry wall and seams are ready for painting. CAN YOU GUARD AGAINST NAILS SWELLING THROUGH A DRY WALL AND SHOWING UP UNDER THE PAINT? Be sure, first of all, that dry wall? nails are used in putting up he walls.- These nails have a lot of iclding power but they must go nto a solid piece of\- wood for maximum security. After the nail is driven in to a point where the head is even #ith the dry wall, tap the nail once more with the hammer. This will eave the head of the nail slightly epressed' below the face of the vail. Fill the depression with packle, let it dry, then sand it ightly to make sure the surface CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 I I w Ml If! 111 For Real Savings & Service in LUMBER AND BUIIDING MATERIALS COME TO SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO: NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE FOR COLD WEATHER AHEAD SPECIAL! Alum mum Storm & Screen Door Complete Reg. $45.00 Value $31.95 INSIMTI YOUR ATTIC For cpmfoit and fuel savings. Batt, Pouring or Blanket .Types. Pouring Type Per Bag ....,..., CEILING TILE Cover cracked ceilings with low cost insulated tile. You can do it yourself and save. 12x12, While Only Per Sq. Ft. PAINT CLEARANCE SAVE IIP TO 50% ON MAW INSIDE COLORS PLASTER BOARD Easily painted or wall papered. Big, easy to apply 4x8 sheets, %" thick orify $1.68 Calking Guns $1.55 -Tub Calking 40c COMPLETE TOOL RENTAL South Side Lumber Co. 811 Burlington Ave. Your Two Big Numbers for lumber 2319—4747 Layaway for Christmas Now! Ping Pong Tables Train Bases Tools for Dad's Workshop HERBS HOW. MAKE A PICNIC HAMPER Carrying food and utensils ' for a picnic can be much easier if all the items are placed in one container. The hamper shown: is basic and can be modified with separators and/ or compartments. . Make the hamper using 1 by 112-inch lumber with 1 by 4-inch lumber for/the top. Use a miter .box for the angle cuts and to [help cut square ends. When assembling the project, 'fasten the sides and end pieces on the outside edge of the bottom with glue and-No. 10 wood screws,'2 inches long. The top is assembled with glue and No. 9 screws 3 inches long. The screening is attached to the upper side'of the frame. Use a piano hinge, to attach the top to^the box. Add carrying handles- and a lock and hasp to secure the top when closed. Sand smooth and paint or stain and varnish. Wives Demanding More Privacy, Home Quality NttlomJ Lumber Muirficturtn AisocliUoo s smooth. A coat of thinned shel- ac over the spackle and the wallfe are ready for painting. - CAN YOU LAY NEW ASPHALT TIDE OVER OLD TILE? Most manufacturers and floor ile installation men recommend hat all' old floor coverings be emoved before new tile is in- tailed. • This is the best insurance for a good job. If the old tile floor was prop- :rly installed,'however, and is moofch, even and solid underfoot here should be no real problem n laying new tile over it.,The old ile, though, must be completely ree of all oil, dirt, wax or other urface preparations. If this is the case, proceed with the new tile as you would on top of sub flooring'. Spread the adhesive on top of the old -file and carefully place the new tile, working .only on a small area at a time. ' . . . A felt underlining also could be placed first on top of the old tile. This would add. resiliency to the new flooring. But remember that the felt underlining and the new tile are going to add considerable height to the flooring when placed over old tile flooring. You may send your home repair and housing inquiries to John 0. B. Wallace in care of this newspaper and he will answer those of general interest in this column. He cannot, however, undertake individual correspondence on such inquiries. ALWAYS THIN SHELLAC Shellac is a basic, natural commodity which has a wide variety of uses. It's also easy to apply But many persons needlessly- invite, trouble by-'applying it full strength. You're wasting money and creating 'problems for yourself by doing this. For virtually all work, shellac should be thinned with a high quality denatured alcohol. Don't use anti-freeze as a thinner. Kitchen Now Glamour Spot Research, by many "fact-finding organizations • has helped make modern kitchens the most efficient ever known, says Fawcett Home," issue. Researchers the .new publication. "Today's in its Fall and Winter have spent thousands', of hours diligently studying the housewife's various work activities aid have developed scientific formulas-,'for locating appliances and facilities which enable her to perform routine tasks with maximum speed and minimum steps, the-publication says. "The kitchen is the glamour room in today's home." it de: clares. "New products, new-ways to use. kitcheitTspace more efficiently, new ideas about. what it should be and how it should work —these factors- all help to make :oday's" kitchen an attractive efficient woman's workshop. "Not iong ago, the usual kitchen equipment — the refrigerator, range, cupboards, countertop and sink— was so - unattractive that lome owners preferred" to keep it Behind walls and doors, hidden from sight. Now these-appliances can be things of beauty. The kitchen itself has become a bright, colorful, easy-to-cleari place which housewives no longer hide from guests. It has come out into the open. And this big-change is the biggest news of this and many another year." The magazine says that "today's dtchen is as much a part of fam- ly life..as the 'family kitchen' of fifty and more years ago. Even small ones with : barely enough space for the necessary appliances have open, walls leading to the dining.room or family room, where youngsters'play, watch television, or study,,under the mother's supervision.". American housewives' have call ed for an. about-face to many o today's homebuilding ideas. They want' more privacy anc quality than many new home:: give. Most of all, they want ser vice to meet their individual nee.dr —even if it costs extra money And. they want personalized bath rooms. The women, one hundred'in all representing nearly every state met October 9 through 11 in Wash ington, D, C., at the Second'Worn en's Housing Congress. Their'meet ing was sponsored jointly by mem bers of the building industry and McCALL'S magazine. The women were divided into 1( discussion groups, then askec "why" questions about every part of their homes. They jumped a the chance to be heard, to express their views and'problems. And the building industry sat up and took notice. Everyone had ideas. And dele gates weren't at all reluctant to express .them, reports the Plumbing Fixture' Manufacturers Association). "Two small bathrooms are far better than one large one," the women say. "Large, compartmented bathrooms with extra fixtures are fine—but only if there's a small extra bathroom or two for the rest of the family." Why? "Privacy," they argue. "I want 'togetherness' in every part of the home but the bathroom," was the way one discussion leader summed it up. "With six children," a Tennessee delegate explained,., "how .in the world can I relax unless I have at least two bathrooms?" "The bathroom's not the only place at home to relax. But it's one of the most important," argues a woman from Indiana. "And you sure can't do it with your children rattling the door- knob. Two bathrooms for every home!" Bath Privacy f'We insist on bathroom privacy," says another Mid-westerner. "Only one bathroom is a problem during the morning rush hour." And they want different styles of plumbing' fixtures,"Bathroom floor plans' hardly ever are good," Mrs. John S. Par- Is your furnace circulating More Dirt than Heat? If your warm-air heating system hasn't been cleaned lately, it is depositing dust all .over your house — every time the heat comes on! Furnace niters cannot trap more than'50% of this dust—and that's why it pays to have your heating pipes cleaned by Holland's SANI-VAC SERVICE once a year. For healthier, happier dust- free home life, far less cleaning work and expense, plus greater heating comfort, have your heating system cleaned thoroughly by the famous Holland SANI-VAC SERVICE right now.^Quick. Muss-free. Can be done even in cold weather. Can today!' HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 5th and Market Phone 3887 LOOK before you build a Commercial, Industrial or Community Building BUILDINGS ARK HEAL BARGAINS Well show you nearby Butler buildings— introduce you to owners. It's the lowest cost way to build well I Fauber Metal Bldgs., Inc. P. O. Box 496 Phone 2-0676 Lafayette, Ind. ons 'of Waterville, Maine, com- -.ents. Mrs. Riki Levinson of Elmont, :Jew York, goes on'to say new lome buyers should be^ consulted )y ,the builder. Tihey should be giv- )n a choice of '.1'iat bathroom fix- ures go into tht home. She wants igger tubs. "Why don't tubs have lower front aprons?" asks Mrs. Jerome C. ^aldwell of PhUadelphia, Penna. "It would make bathing children 10 much easier!" A number of discussion groups showed interest in lavatories with single control faucet handles; that, with one turn 1 , provide hot, <cold, or warm water. In the kitchen, the women call for more two-basin sinks. Some suggest a lower partition between to allow-easier use of each section. They want deeper sinks. Mrs. Levinson sums up the idea of' a vanity lavatory in the bedroom to relieve bathroom con'ges ; tion, "I'd love it. A powder room near the back door would help, too." Air conditioning is "needed above any other luxury." AVhough few have it at present, many call it a necessity. They want quieter units. As far as heating, most kinds are liked. But almost without exception, they want it cheaper. Solar heating appeals to them. Although opinions differ on many subjects, the delegates agree home ownership is the best possible investment. "It's worth sacrificing any number of things for." Select Home Site Other things considered important when selecting a home are privacy and low maintenance. Nearness of schools, ^cultural centers, and public transportation are also high-ranking factors. But the women don't want to be too close to shopping centers. Personalized homes made from more durable building materials are called for. "Builders don't realize people will pay for durability," is one delegate's complaint. For contrast in the home, the women like a combination.of brick, stone and natural finished wood. One group unanimously demands an open-beanied, high-ceilinged living room. They prefer extra storage space to a garage, if they must make a choice. Some would convert their garage into,a family room, then put the car in a carport. Others'would use their carport as a patio. Movable partitions are endorsed to . facilitate "rearranging" their homes from time •- to time. Other "likes" are sliding doors, glass, walls that open 1 : for ventilation, deep .wall-to-wall carping, and ceiling lights. • Chief annoyances are .inadequate sound-proofing, poor insulation, and flat, treeless;lots. The first Women's Housing Congress last year was sponsored by the Housing and Home "Finance Agency. As opposing this year's "why" questions, the 1956 Congress established: such things as what size homes should be. The 1957 Women's Housing Congress is a part of McCALL'S three, day Congress on Better Living. Over Seven Million Toilet Seats Produced A total of 7,616,428 toilet seats of all types with a value of $29,000,000 at the manufacturer level were produced in 1956, according to'the Bureau of the Census. This compares with a total of 4,700,000 water closet bowls made in the same year. The fact that the number of toilet seats produced and sold far exceeds the number of bowls indicates that about three million seats were.used to replace old seats,- say the 'Plumbing and Heating industries Bureau. There are many advantages In the replacement of obsolete seats with new models. The seat is-the most intimate fixture in the- bathroom. It should.be in a completely sanitary condition. A new seat improves the appearance of a bathroom or powder room. A • breakdown on the various types of seats produced in 1856 is as follows:' spray, molded, or wood, 5,236,831; sheet covered, molded or wood, 678,070; plastic, solid and cored,''including hard rubber, 1,460,935; and all' others, 240,592. LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone (High testing in calcium «nd magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVING CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 ONLY WOLF GIVES YOU BLUE HEAT Premium Fuel Oil Additive thflt anuret clearur, more efficient heat, at savings up to 20% — PtUS ~ REP STAMPS ;ON CASH PURCHASES) For the same price as ordinary fuel oil. WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 314 Heath Phone.3990 luxurious with SERViSOFT WATER Feel delightfully clean «nd refreshed . . . keep your complexion looking lovelier. No skin-irritating herd water ingredient* here. We provide 'round the clock soft water service for every Household need. Phone Today for Details DeFord's Servisoft Soft Water Service) ; Phone 40493 To Complete the picture Ornamental railings add a "finishing touch" of distinction to your home . Choose from many graceful designs. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna St. Dial 5157 Liberal Trade-in Allowance -, *" For Your Old Storm Windows Or Doors On the Purchase V of These New SELF STORING ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS FREE MEASURING SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES Logansport Lumber Co. PHONE3067

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